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Surrender Ch. 10

 — Exploring the 69. by Ada Stuart07/31/074.73HOT

Surrender Ch. 11

 — Captured by the rebels. by Ada Stuart08/07/074.78HOT

Surrender Ch. 12

 — The final surrender. by Ada Stuart08/08/074.76HOT

Surviving the Horde Ch. 02

 — Jack and Lei, face new problems as new girl arrives. by hornyzombie02/19/144.21


 — Space Pirates bring down a spaceship and wish they hadn't. by Storm6211/26/144.63HOT

Survivor: Military Edition

 — What if Survivor had military units competing instead? by La_Reina10/19/124.67HOT

Sutters Hollow Ch. 01 - Introduction

 — A little Slice of DickGirl Paradise. by BlackMadonna11/10/184.20

Sutters Hollow Ch. 02

 — Bobbi-Jo meets CeeCee and it's love at first fat dicked fuck. by BlackMadonna11/13/184.27

Suula's Flower

 — A high elf and a dark elf make love for the first time. by DireLilith04/30/11

Swallowver's Travels

 — A journey into unlimited cum. by turbocs3703/11/103.84

Swann's Light Ch. 01

 — Angelic thieves and demonic secretaries. by Thornerose12/31/114.73HOT

Swapping Love

 — Two bracelets make a heart to heart transformational. by mistyfdfa07/06/174.49

Sweet Android

 — Jack's lonely deep-space post includes delicious company... by Alizzia03/16/194.68HOT

Sweet Android Ch. 02

 — Jack finds her android crewmate grows ever sweeter... by Alizzia06/20/194.82HOT

Sweet Android Ch. 03

 — An SOS lures Sam into a den of android ravishment... by Alizzia06/21/194.75HOT

Sweet Eternal Torment Ch. 01-02

 — People bred for immortality are treated like test subjects by ChaosRaven11/06/134.14

Sweet Eternal Torment Ch. 03-04

 — People bred for immortality are treated like test subjects. by ChaosRaven11/26/134.50HOT

Sweet Eternal Torment Ch. 05

 — Light is shone on a dark past in a centre that force-breeds. by ChaosRaven11/08/144.55HOT

Sweet Midnight 01

 — A fantasy with one man and many beautiful creatures. by Gum_Bunny08/03/144.12

Sweet Sensations

 — Baked goods lead to something more after Veighn shows up. by 2alay206/03/124.09

Sweet Surrender

 — Sequel to "Lust Thy Enemy". by Lady_Blackhawk11/17/064.38

Sweet Voodoo

 — He had to play with dolls. by Hypoxia10/31/154.09

Sweeter Than Wine

 — A maenad and her satyr have a sensual evening. by Sannion08/22/034.33

Switch Hitting

 — Unspoken desires intertwine and a couple's dynamic changes. by mistyfdfa08/11/164.12


 — A tale of experiencing the other side. by drscar07/02/064.67HOT

Switching Sexes?

 — Couple gets a taste of the other side. by Laddy3803/23/134.23


 — Her Master is displeased with her effort. by fieryjen02/16/064.17

Sylvan Seduction

 — What happened on Sylvan stays on Sylvan. by voluptuary_manque08/04/164.50HOT

Sylvia's Request

 — She needs his help. by Lucreace06/17/104.39


 — Southwest hostel offers much more than cheap lodging. by medjay05/14/023.72

Sympathetic Magic

 — A potion's-maker has to deal with her half-sister. by eliseolisbos10/23/094.59HOT


 — Robots learn to love. by Anabasis08/23/164.25

T3SS4 M84U (Mile High Club)

 — An air stewardess is discovered to be a modified sexbot. by DZiegler08/21/194.76HOT

T: Temple

 — An unusual encounter in the A2Z saga. by intriguess10/09/024.32

Table & Bed

 — Gallantry is rewarded. by Alex De Kok04/06/044.65HOT

Taeris' Downfall

 — High Elf priestess succumbs to the Prince of Chaos. by Onoz07/08/104.50HOT


 — Eric and Sasha make love, with more than one appendage. by Qadira05/24/094.12

Tail Sting Ch. 01: Initiation

 — A Half-Elf wanders into a bar. A gangbang ensues. by AoDes21611/06/184.19

Tail Sting Ch. 02: Orientation

 — A Half-Elf gets some ink. by AoDes21611/16/184.33

Tail Sting Ch. 03: First Day

 — A Half-Elf gets frustrated. by AoDes21612/31/184.17

Tail Sting Ch. 04: Prisoners

 — A Half-Elf meets a witch. by AoDes21609/12/194.00

Tail(s) From the Other Side

 — One guy, three women - A walk in the woods turns into a head trip. by Jon Smiff04/09/034.20

Tak'Lon's Wager Ch. 01

 — Aliens wager over the results of giving a teen a special ray. by PaladinInBlack07/28/164.50HOT

Tak'Lon's Wager Ch. 01b

 — Daniel takes Neko, Trixie, and his sisters to the club. by PaladinInBlack06/12/144.56HOT

Tak'Lon's Wager Ch. 01c

 — Daniel wrestles as the aliens try to keep score by PaladinInBlack06/15/144.75HOT

Tak'Lon's Wager Ch. 01d

 — This adventure by the alien duo wraps up by PaladinInBlack06/16/144.49

Take Him Back

 — She rescues her boy-toy from slavers. by PulpWyatt12/31/144.24

Take Me Away Ch. 01

 — Arilee deals with the taxman, and basks in young love. by Darkniciad10/26/064.72HOT

Take Me Away Ch. 02

 — Paying the tax bill foils Mazzar's plan, for now. by Darkniciad11/02/064.84HOT

Take Me Away Ch. 03

 — Amos' visit is cut short and Mazzar's hopes are dashed again. by Darkniciad11/05/064.76HOT

Take Me Away Ch. 04

 — Mazzar's final ploy, bad news, and Ari's journey. by Darkniciad11/20/064.81HOT

Take Me To Your Leader

 — Set in 1948, Ruby becomes the ambassador of humanity. by WJCraft09/25/113.71


 — A fae princess is kidnapped and sold as a slave. by Tray702/08/094.20

Taken and Changed

 — A fantasy becomes reality. by dpcarpenter03/13/143.41

Taken in the Night

 — Is it a dream or something worse? by Bakeboss05/22/103.26

Taken Up North

 — A proud warrior becomes the slave of a female soldier. by PulpWyatt03/19/143.83


 — Did the aliens experiment on him? by dirtyjoe6907/12/063.82

Taking Her Mate

 — A feline-like woman chooses her mate. by SykoSara10/12/054.37

Taking Her on a Date

 — Woman turns herself into a Sex Art Piece for a date. by baubleheadz07/30/184.63HOT

Taking Lots of Falls

 — Learning to live at the bottom of a well. by Limentina05/25/184.80HOT

Takk-la the Human Fucker

 — A female orc has a fetish for... humans! by SubbyHubby4408/12/164.45

Tale of Elves & Robbers

 — The story of a swashbuckler gone bad. by LordArthur03/17/024.50HOT

Tale of The Sumptous Mouth

 — A mouth is given as a gift. by normique01/07/094.10

Tales after Dusk 02

 — 2. Beau and the Beast. by AfterDusk10/01/184.81HOT

Tales after Dusk 05

 — 5. Sleeping Briar. by AfterDusk11/04/184.96HOT

Tales from Ibn Punacious - Artaxus

 — Non-erotic. Tale from Skyra. by TJSkywind06/14/164.30

Tales from the Black Sun: The Twins

 — The Black Sun promises pleasure for all who seek it. by Vermillionkiss02/10/174.04

Tales from the Ethereal Space Ch. 01

 — Adventures of a supersoldier from earth and his alien crew. by RockmeHard123407/28/174.24

Tales from the Ethereal Space Ch. 02

 — Adventures of a supersoldier from earth and his alien crew. by RockmeHard123407/29/174.43

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 01

 — An Homage to the late, beloved Sir Terry Pratchett. by voluptuary_manque10/18/174.80HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 02

 — The deadlier of the species . . . by voluptuary_manque10/20/174.82HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 03

 — Resolution. by voluptuary_manque10/23/174.76HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 04

 — Another Guild, another tale. by voluptuary_manque11/15/174.68HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 05

 — Storm Clouds Gather. by voluptuary_manque02/10/184.75HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 06

 — They call themselves (ahem!) Seamstresses by voluptuary_manque03/07/184.76HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 07

 — Wizards, Witches and Allied Trades. by voluptuary_manque03/27/184.79HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 09

 — Triumph of the Orc. by voluptuary_manque05/23/184.78HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 10

 — So here's to you, Mrs. Whitlow . . . by voluptuary_manque06/06/184.70HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 11

 — Don't mess with Ankh-Morpork. by voluptuary_manque06/22/184.84HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 12

 — A theological dilemma. by voluptuary_manque06/26/184.65HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 13

 — The Most Dreaded Man in Ankh-Morpork. by voluptuary_manque08/02/184.81HOT

Tales from the Guilds Ch. 14

 — A Look to the Future. by voluptuary_manque11/02/184.90HOT

Tales From The Psych Ward 03: Mind of a Witness

 — This witness will NEVER be called to testify in court. by The_Technician11/22/124.37

Tales From The Psych Ward 07 - Again a Witness

 — Nutbag helps to catch a deranged criminal. by The_Technician01/21/134.55HOT

Tales From The Space Force Pt. 02

 — A story about a man, a female Cyborg, and a galactic war. by 65rebel05/15/194.82HOT

Tales From The Space Force Pt. 1

 — A story about a man, a female Cyborg, and a galactic war. by 65rebel05/08/194.70HOT

Tales from Wellsprings Ch. 01

 — Erizabetta "Yuki" Westwood is an aspiring monster breeder. by Msunderland08/17/194.68HOT

Tales of a Teenage Vampire Ch. 01

 — A teenage vampire must control a once caged beast. by AvisPrototype04/18/104.15

Tales of a Teenage Vampire Ch. 02

 — The vampire is on the tale of his next prey. by AvisPrototype04/19/104.41

Tales of Asarna Pt. 01

 — Polyandrous Supreme Matriarch reminisces her life. by drelord210208/25/154.47

Tales of Asarna Pt. 02

 — Impending crisis changes the Queen's nightly routine. by drelord210208/27/154.33

Tales of Reluctance: Tale 04

 — His new PA is a little different. by braindump11/22/164.59HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 00

 — Prologue - Our heroine saves a ship in distress. by Qeda_Charlemaigne05/08/114.80HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 01

 — Captain Quillan to the rescue. by Qeda_Charlemaigne05/18/114.83HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 02

 — Alice has issues. by Qeda_Charlemaigne06/01/114.81HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 03

 — A captain's job is never done. by Qeda_Charlemaigne06/06/114.82HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 04

 — Almost ready to move out. by Qeda_Charlemaigne06/25/114.83HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 05

 — This might be difficult... by Qeda_Charlemaigne07/06/114.80HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 06

 — What can go wrong? Mr Murphy and his Law arrive. by Qeda_Charlemaigne07/27/114.83HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 07

 — What is to become of Alice? by Qeda_Charlemaigne08/22/114.84HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 08

 — Hostile Takeover. by Qeda_Charlemaigne10/03/114.84HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 09

 — Smoke and Mirrors. by Qeda_Charlemaigne11/01/114.76HOT

Tales of the "Pink Mist" Ch. 10

 — Do we REALLY wanna do this? by Qeda_Charlemaigne01/27/124.84HOT

Tales of the Change

 — Origin - Hanna and Mike. by Fot123407/05/154.54HOT

Tales of the Change Ch. 02

 — Demons and Dickvires and Doublecock! Oh my! (Hanna and Mike) by Fot123410/01/154.77HOT

Tales of the Seven Kingdoms Ch. 01

 — Odyssey of turbulent and salacious vagaries of 7 kingdoms. by JaegerMD06/02/174.19

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 01

 — I become a White Witch. by sexynursechef05/31/164.45

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 03

 — Isolde leaves her home. by sexynursechef06/17/164.46

Tales of the Soiled Dove Ch. 01

 — How Princess Jeanette serviced a ship's entire crew. by OrcDominion02/21/154.51HOT

Tales of the Soiled Dove Ch. 02

 — The Princess works at a Duke's sex party. by OrcDominion04/16/154.51HOT

Tales of the Soiled Dove Ch. 03

 — The party at the Duke's manor continues. by OrcDominion10/25/154.43

Tales of the Soiled Dove Ch. 04

 — The Princess' activities are discovered. by OrcDominion05/01/164.56HOT

Tales of the Spirit: The Legend of Maras Pt. 01

 — Friends get more than a fun weekend. by Witheld06/14/094.00

Tales of the Spirit: The Legend of Maras Pt. 02

 — The awakening. by Witheld08/13/094.10

Tales of the Valkyries Ch. 01 Pt. 01

 — Female space marines battle unspeakable alien creatures. by FantasyX02/11/134.11

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 01

 — Zhair'lo's Test. by xtorch03/09/124.74HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 02

 — Sealed Virgins in their Dorm. by xtorch04/09/124.69HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 03

 — Zhair'lo to break the Seal. by xtorch04/10/124.77HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 04

 — Beshenna's Conspiracy, Talla and Illya. by xtorch04/21/124.77HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 05

 — Illya carries a message to Zhair'lo. by xtorch05/15/124.82HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 06

 — Building a conspiracy; establishing trust. by xtorch06/05/124.83HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 07

 — The women of Facial are an odd lot. by xtorch07/24/124.73HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 08

 — Zhair'lo and Zoe, Plus Appendices! by xtorch09/11/124.73HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 09

 — Talla tests Zoe's loyalty to the conspiracy. by xtorch10/28/124.82HOTContest Winner

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 10

 — Sedition and Alliance. by xtorch01/17/134.76HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 11

 — V'shika may hold the key; Shen redeemed. by xtorch03/08/134.87HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 12

 — Confessions, Facials and Timid Virgins. by xtorch03/28/134.80HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 13

 — V'Shika comes on board. by xtorch04/29/134.82HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 14

 — Archery and giant blue explosions. by xtorch06/21/134.85HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 15

 — With Zhair'lo, fixing a memory. by xtorch08/02/134.87HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 16

 — Sonja tracks a missing girl, Talla meets Marek. by xtorch10/28/134.80HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 17

 — V'shika brings something to the pool. by xtorch12/02/134.82HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 18

 — The Queens of Form and their Troubles. by xtorch01/02/144.77HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 19

 — Return of the Shen and violent tendencies by xtorch03/26/144.85HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 20

 — Talla's Bo and Zhair'lo last virgin. by xtorch05/07/144.81HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 21

 — Zhair'lo to the Barracks. by xtorch08/06/144.79HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 22

 — Zhair'lo in Training; Talla finding a way. by xtorch09/23/144.82HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 23

 — Talla in the sewers. Zhair'lo meets the enemy. by xtorch10/22/144.82HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 24

 — Talla exploring with Yua. by xtorch11/27/144.83HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 25

 — We Meet The Mighty Barbarians. by xtorch01/24/154.79HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 26

 — In which failures are recounted. by xtorch04/20/154.79HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 27

 — The Recruits Graduate; A Great Idea Comes Forth. by xtorch06/19/154.90HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 28

 — The bell tolls. by xtorch11/06/154.87HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 29

 — The harrowing march to Beshenna begins. by xtorch01/19/164.84HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 30

 — The army marches to Beshenna. by xtorch04/11/164.82HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 31

 — The Battle of Beshenna. by xtorch08/12/164.86HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 32

 — The Epilogue: Where Some Things Are Resolved. by xtorch09/29/164.86HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 01

 — A girl begins life in service to the Temple. by xtorch03/16/104.38

Talla's Temple Ch. 02

 — Mysterious sensations and etiquette lessons. by xtorch03/27/104.57HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 03

 — She faces the Temple's Rite of Initiation. by xtorch04/11/104.57HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 04

 — Secrets, Exploration and Preparation for her Upgrade. by xtorch04/25/104.69HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 05

 — Talla's first upgrade. by xtorch05/07/104.74HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 06

 — She recovers from Overload. He is examined. by xtorch05/24/104.74HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 07

 — Talla makes her Virgin's Choice. by xtorch06/21/104.85HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 08

 — Inevitable Comparisons and a History Lesson. by xtorch07/18/104.81HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 09

 — Talla the Primer, Zhair'lo the Seal Breaker. by xtorch08/14/104.80HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 10

 — Talla: frustrated, angry and far from the boys. by xtorch09/27/104.84HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 11

 — Talla experiences a dark and stormy day. by xtorch10/15/104.76HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 12

 — Shanata's physical, Talla's second night of Service. by xtorch11/07/104.70HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 13

 — Nadine's desperate plea. by xtorch12/07/104.78HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 14

 — Talla relieves her guilt while the boys scratch their heads. by xtorch01/20/114.79HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 15

 — Talla's "Extraordinary", Zhair'lo's daytime visit. by xtorch01/28/114.79HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 16

 — A tenuous link and an aborted Upgrade. by xtorch02/19/114.76HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 17

 — The link strengthens, drawing them together. by xtorch03/09/114.79HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 18

 — His orgasm ... her mind. by xtorch03/21/114.80HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 19

 — Extraordinary upgrade, awkward research. by xtorch04/07/114.80HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 20

 — The attempted Awakening, Maksa's decision. by xtorch04/22/114.83HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 21

 — An episode we've been waiting for. by xtorch05/23/114.81HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 22

 — In which things are forbidden in an ominous way. by xtorch06/29/114.79HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 23

 — Zhair'lo's new trick and a confused Mesh. by xtorch08/04/114.81HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 24

 — A panicked meeting, trapped in a mesh. by xtorch09/30/114.79HOT

Talla's Temple Ch. 25

 — Apprehended, End of Book 1. by xtorch10/01/114.90HOTContest Winner


 — Full moon's rising, and a young werewolf can't do it alone. by zoemiller12/01/184.47

Taming a Witch

 — A knight needs to tame a witch to save his kingdom. by Need_Too_Much12/03/174.22

Taming Satie Pt. 01

 — A scientist and his love bot tame a lovely but wild girl. by VelvetGentleman03/05/194.50HOT

Taming Satie Pt. 02

 — A scientist and his love bot tame a lovely but wild girl. by VelvetGentleman03/07/194.58HOT

Taming Satie Pt. 03

 — A scientist and his love bot tame a lovely but wild girl. by VelvetGentleman03/14/194.57HOT

Taming Satie Pt. 04

 — The story goes on take Satie on her first mission! by VelvetGentleman03/30/194.68HOT

Taming Satie Pt. 05

 — The story goes on to take Satie on her first mission! by VelvetGentleman04/12/194.84HOT

Taming Satie Pt. 06

 — One last thing to do before Satie's first mission! by VelvetGentleman05/21/194.89

Taming the Tiger

 — The beginning. by bahbrooksie12/12/103.96

Taming the Tiger Ch. 02

 — Kaiya is restless. by bahbrooksie06/06/114.06

Tammy's New Toy

 — A girl orders a new toy online without realizing it. by RibaldWriter02/09/174.17


 — Curse of the vampire, or vampire of the curse? by humminbean10/11/114.32


 — Alien watcher shares Earth's pain. by Nigel Debonnaire02/03/11

Tangea Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the story. by thabeast9608/01/114.31

Tangea Ch. 02

 — The flight from Earth. by thabeast9608/10/114.24

Tangled Up In Capes

 — A society gal sets her sights on a superhero. by empty_coffee_cup04/04/104.59HOT

Tannah The Warrior Pt. 01

 — Tannah schemes while pleasing her captor. by yembrose06/07/184.47

Tannah The Warrior Pt. 02

 — Tannah helps a young warrior discover his passion. by yembrose06/25/184.49

Tannah The Warrior Pt. 03

 — Tannah finds an opportunity for her young lover. by yembrose07/28/184.58HOT

Tannah The Warrior Pt. 04

 — Tannah decides to take revenge after being humiliated. by yembrose08/19/184.80HOT

Tannah The Warrior Pt. 05

 — Tannah discovers something new about herself. by yembrose10/01/184.62HOT

Tannah The Whore Pt. 01

 — After months in a brothel Tannah departs on a new adventure. by yembrose01/22/194.53HOT

Tannah The Whore Pt. 02

 — Tannah must fight, and fuck, on the road to the old temple. by yembrose03/16/194.63HOT

Tannah The Whore Pt. 03

 — To enter the dungeon Tannah must please her two guides. by yembrose06/13/194.57


 — A story following the travels of a warrior and her slave. by nikipinz10/27/094.33

Tara Ch. 04

 — A battle and a beating. by nikipinz03/11/104.00

Tara Ch. 05

 — Tara faces consequences. by nikipinz12/18/104.55HOT

Tara in Space Book 01: Kidnapped

 — They took her from her world for the pleasures of another. by Tarainspace12/12/114.56HOT

Tara, Queen of the Space Pirates

 — Tara dresses as a sex dancer to stop a Martian invasion. by bobrobertson09/23/124.04

Tarial's Spark

 — A young girl's spark takes her to a Rakkdos pleasure house. by MTGLOVER03/10/163.21

Tasmin and the Djinn

 — She finds a bottle - and with it, a djinn. by gypsygrrl10/06/074.60HOT

Tasty Snack for a Heggu

 — Marina has a fetish for being devoured alive. by Mitora08/17/023.19

Tavern Dance

 — A waitress dances for tavern patrons. by Schaede06/14/184.23

Tavern on the Cliff

 — A thief finds more than he expected from a secret. by Eyeslikestars02/04/174.35

Tavern Tales: Cabin of Mist

 — A story of three victims of a sinister lounge. by GigglingGoblin10/30/164.48

Tavern Tales: The Fiddler's Pride

 — A visiting friend shares the tale of a corruptive fiddle. by GigglingGoblin09/16/164.16

Tavern Tales: The Queen's Lesson

 — Sen tells a tale of a haughty fey queen and a wizard's wand. by GigglingGoblin09/12/164.34

Tavern Tales: The Riddling Sprite

 — The barmaid tells a story of an arrogant witch's downfall. by GigglingGoblin07/16/164.46

Tea Party

 — An elven thief is transformed by a seductive lamia. by BacchanaliaoftheRedWolf08/11/194.20


 — Army Medic thrown back in time finds love and prosperity. by SW_MO_Hermit05/26/154.74HOT

Teaching Death About Love

 — Can Death teach her about love? by CosmicDreams07/09/072.35


 — A noblewoman discovers the life of a prostitute. by Gelephor06/04/064.19

Tear's Desire

 — Be wary of wishes just lying around. by Blind_Justice08/24/154.65HOT

Tears For The Dragon Ch. 01

 — A mage with a past gets a job that's too good to be true. by Mr_Shoggoth09/11/174.88HOT

Tears For The Dragon Ch. 02

 — I love it when a plan comes together. (Cue The A-Team Theme) by Mr_Shoggoth10/23/174.83HOT

Tease the Dragon Ch. 01

 — Anya is found out in the middle of a heist. by RedMonkeyButt01/29/134.48

Tease the Dragon Ch. 02

 — The group leaves the planet and a romance starts. by RedMonkeyButt05/26/134.61HOT

Teasing a Bull Ch. 01

 — BDSM - Paranormal Romance Thriller. by BangButton06/19/154.22

Techno Tanya

 — Futuristic troubled girl looks for alternative sex solutions. by LWulf07/07/184.45

Technological Liaisons

 — Our clock only flashed twelve, twelve, twelve... by Decayed Angel11/11/063.64

Ted Online Pt. 01

 — Introducing Ted and the world. by Magicwrtr09/01/164.74HOT

Ted Online Pt. 02

 — Chapters 6-15. by Magicwrtr09/02/164.85HOT

Ted Online Pt. 03

 — Chapters 16 - 24. by Magicwrtr09/06/164.88HOT

Ted Online Pt. 04

 — Chapters 25 - Epilogue. by Magicwrtr09/07/164.90HOT

Ted Online Pt. 05

 — Second book chapter 1 - 8. by Magicwrtr09/11/164.85HOT

Ted Online Pt. 06

 — Second book Ch. 9 - 16. by Magicwrtr09/14/164.83HOT

Ted Online Pt. 07

 — Book 2 Ch. 17 - 25. by Magicwrtr09/15/164.86HOT

Ted Online Pt. 08

 — Book Two Finale. by Magicwrtr09/18/164.87HOT

Ted Online Pt. 09

 — Book three Ch. 1-11. by Magicwrtr09/29/164.85HOT

Ted Online Pt. 10

 — Book three Ch. 12-20 by Magicwrtr10/05/164.85HOT

Ted Online Pt. 11

 — Book three Ch. 21 - Epilogue. by Magicwrtr10/11/164.85HOT

Ted's Condition - an Origin Story

 — Ted's visit to the PT results in a new condition. by TedStv02/01/144.34

Teedla's Faery Tales Ch. 01

 — Teedla’s ordeal with a swamp creature. by Banshee707/25/054.38

Teedla's Faery Tales Ch. 02

 — Teedla's sister enchants a mortal for entertainment. by Banshee708/10/054.47

Teenage Succubus

 — Girl finally meets her mother, who's the Queen Succubus. by AceSpartiate04/28/114.44

Teenage Succubus Ch. 02

 — Daughter of the Succubus Queen meets family. by AceSpartiate05/10/114.57HOT

Tel Staw Ch. 01

 — John and Jane settle in Tel Staw. by Tarbut12/17/081.80

Tel Staw Ch. 02

 — Trials and elections in Tel Staw. by Tarbut12/30/08

Tell Me a Story

 — Fairy tale loosely based on Brothers Grimm characters. by wolfstorm12/01/094.36

Telling of the Dragon's Game Ch. 01

 — Getting the girl with a naughty tale. by Mr. MMel06/10/054.39

Temperature Warning

 — Android AX-93 asks what edging feels like. by BacchanaliaoftheRedWolf08/21/194.00

Temple of Lum

 — Seed donation, and a priestess who wasn't frigid. by ellynei08/13/08HOT

Temple Rites

 — The rituals of a religion where women have authority. by blk__tambourine07/26/13

Temple Slave of Zeboim Ch. 01

 — Priestesses use his semen for divination. by crazyhominin02/03/144.22

Temporal Trouble

 — A young researcher gets a crash course in time travel. by DieselJester04/01/154.17

Temporary Cock Pt. 01

 — Trish takes a pill, grows a cock, and cums on Liv's tits. by pinkysurprise07/08/184.59HOT

Temporary Cock Pt. 02

 — Liv gives Trish a hand in the backseat of an Uber. by pinkysurprise07/14/184.67HOT

Temporary Cock Pt. 03

 — Liv helps Trish after she gets overstimulated in the lobby. by pinkysurprise07/19/184.68HOT

Temporary Cock Pt. 04

 — Liv and Trish admit their feelings and sleep together. by pinkysurprise07/26/184.75HOT

Tempus Frangit Ch. 01

 — A little nonsensical fun based on 1950s Sc-Fi. by The Wanderer09/08/134.41

Tempus Frangit Ch. 02

 — A little nonsensical fun based on 1950s Sc-Fi. by The Wanderer09/09/134.49

Tempus Frangit Ch. 03

 — A little nonsensical fun based on 1950's Sc-Fi. by The Wanderer09/10/134.49

Tempus Frangit Ch. 04

 — A little nonsensical fun based on 1950's Sci-Fi. by The Wanderer09/11/134.57HOT

Tempus Frangit Ch. 05

 — A little nonsensical fun based on 1950s Sci-Fi. by The Wanderer09/12/134.58HOT

Tempus Frangit Ch. 06

 — A little nonsensical fun based on 1950s Sci-Fi. by The Wanderer09/13/134.60HOT

Tempus Fugit

 — Mingling of sex, love and dreams. by SummerMorning01/10/044.40

Tempus Fugit

 — Exiled in time, a soldier must make a new life in the past. by ReggieWanker01/08/184.59HOT

Tempus Fugit Ch. 02

 — Demmus's good deed is rewarded by ReggieWanker01/12/184.63HOT


 — 300 years in the future, military sex is a way of life. by grdean21601/19/164.67HOT

Tensorian Escape

 — Three humans steal an oddly controlled space ship. by earthskull10/21/134.46

Tent Sex

 — What happens when you find out teacher is a futanari? by gabrielleprevot09/01/184.56HOT

Tentacle Boy Love

 — A tentacle monster makes love to a human man. by KindOfASexyLady09/13/164.30

Tentacle Breeding

 — Young Ava saves an endangered species by carrying their eggs. by lush_2009/03/194.15

Tentacle Relocation

 — A young biologist must relocate some tentacle creatures. by lush_2009/03/194.05

Tentacle Rest Stop

 — A young girl, ready for an adventure she never imagined... by EmmaJB199606/13/174.15

Terra Byte

 — An interesting look at a computer interface of tomorrow. by The_Technician08/20/174.41

Terra Solaris: Unrequited Lust

 — The year 3005, magic and it's creatures have returned. by Blue.Rock.Girl01/19/064.50HOT

Terra's Dream... A Reality

 — When Terra's dream man becomes reality, orgasms follow. by 2alay205/23/123.67

Terra-33 Ep. 00

 — The body armor hugged her hard curves like a second skin. by Objurgation03/23/154.41

Terra-33 Ep. 01

 — Remi stumbles into a shocking situation at Harris Polytronic. by Objurgation03/26/154.15

Terra-33 Ep. 02

 — Remi makes a hard decision, much to Trix's satisfaction. by Objurgation03/30/154.45

Terra-33 Ep. 03

 — Remi remembers, Trix shows her soft side. by Objurgation04/15/154.57HOT

Terra-33 Ep. 04

 — New Id(a)entity, mercenary work and threesomes. by Objurgation04/17/154.67HOT

Terra-33 Ep. 05

 — Change of perspective, violence and teasing. by Objurgation05/29/154.73HOT

Terra-33 Ep. 06

 — Trix gets stuffed, eats food and confronts Thor. by Objurgation06/16/154.79HOT

Terra-33 Ep. 07

 — Trix makes a friend and a lot of enemies. by Objurgation10/07/154.85HOT

Terra-33 Ep. 08

 — The companions are forced into a violent discovery. by Objurgation07/12/164.74HOT

Terra-33 Ep. 09

 — Explorations, Explosions, and Communication Arrays. by Objurgation07/22/164.75HOT

Terror of the Zombimbos

 — A mad scientist holds off a horde of mindless sluts! by dreadknots05/16/194.10


 — She finds gods with differences. by Camara04/17/033.06

Tessa And Tom, Two Of A Kind Ch. 01

 — Tom buys a prostitute, little did he know she's a succubus. by SirFapsAlot06/19/134.14

Tessa Gets Pollinated

 — Tessa is transformed into a plantgirl and pollinated by bees. by TessatheBold09/12/194.48

Test Subject

 — Creating a new breed. by homealone_44703/07/174.52HOT

Test Subject Slut V. 02

 — Michael gets to try out a new product, all by himself. by GirlyCumslutBoy05/04/08


 — A battle between good and evil and a meeting in the middle. by 36med05/23/113.25

Testing Grounds Ch. 01

 — A woman is held captive and used as a test subject. by Lycandope01/06/144.60HOT

Thanks for the Memories

 — He's been younger than her for years; now, that's changed. by Spinneret09/24/104.53HOT

Tharsis Conspiracy

 — Invasion Earth, power sex greed and Martian-human sexuality. by Hotswimmer07/26/194.11

That Damn Imp Ch. 00

 — Prologue: a fae is determined to woo, and win a demon. by cultofstrawberry03/18/164.61HOT

That Damn Imp Ch. 01

 — Puck develops a plan, and is rewarded for his efforts. by cultofstrawberry03/22/164.60HOT

That Special Taste

 — Human woman has sex with two lovely elf girls. by TrishaMonks09/11/054.47

That Time I Died

 — Life after death is a lot better than I expected! by DragoTime04/11/174.38

That Which Burns

 — He will go to any length to break her warrior's soul. by Traditionalevolution05/23/044.00

The "B" Side of Reality

 — He could not have her here. But what about there? by dr13bone07/30/124.08

The 144th Ep. 01

 — Chosen, but not special. by Kalumkala03/07/174.35

The 144th Ep. 02

 — Education. by Kalumkala03/13/174.38

The 144th Ep. 03

 — Treatment. by Kalumkala03/19/174.47

The 144th Ep. 04

 — Getting Horny! by Kalumkala04/11/174.62HOT

The 144th Ep. 05

 — Settling in. by Kalumkala04/26/174.38

The 144th Ep. 06

 — Everyday Problems. by Kalumkala11/24/174.56HOT

The 144th Ep. 07

 — Sex is in the air! by Kalumkala12/11/174.62HOT

The 50 Foot Woman

 — He uses his whole body to please her. by samslam01/24/074.36

The 8th Clone

 — This book is the origin of Space Futa Pirate Women! by JSBloodwine02/03/174.73HOT

The Abduction

 — No one heard it arrive. by mollycactus09/11/194.54HOT

The Abductors of Euskera Ch. 01

 — The Taking of Vanessa - Alien abductions of women to produce offspring. by stormymoans10/19/184.36

The Ability to Tilt at Windmills

 — A mathematician is introduced to theory made real. by gauchecritic07/07/073.73

The Accidental Roommate Ch. 01

 — Tyler's got a new roommate who brought along a magic book. by Ragnarok38511/15/154.44

The Accidental Roommate Ch. 02

 — Sam fixes things as Tyler's date ended early. by Ragnarok38511/17/154.64HOT

The Accidental Roommate Ch. 03

 — Sam finds out Tyler has a skill she never expected. by Ragnarok38502/10/164.69HOT

The Accidental Roommate Ch. 04

 — Tyler wakes up on the first day of the reality shifting game. by Ragnarok38508/02/164.21

The Acedemy Ch. 01

 — Hundred year-old teenager gets into "Gifted," Academy. by poopydoo0006/27/104.58HOT

The Addict

 — Such a delicious species . . . by voluptuary_manque08/29/104.28

The Additive

 — A testing failure at the FDA leads to major consequences. by optimizer88811/12/144.49

The Addon Arena

 — Welcome to the Arena. by DanteofSparda10/12/144.44

The Addon Arena Ch. 02

 — Round Two. by DanteofSparda01/19/154.62HOT

The Adventure

 — Elf enchants a black mage. by reddiamond03/07/044.40

The Adventure Series Pt. 01: A Rogue's Misstep

 — A female rogue attempts to steal a big score from a notorious gang. by JenniferBellCollins03/06/154.26

The Adventures of a Virgin Incubus

 — The things one does for friends... by FlyingDutchman711/17/174.76HOT

The Adventures of a Virgin Incubus Ch. 02

 — A morning of poor decision making... by FlyingDutchman712/15/184.83HOT

The Adventures of Bard Ch. 01

 — A thief finds a busty surprise during a robbery. by Sad_Magic03/04/154.52HOT

The Adventures of Bard Ch. 02

 — The thief encounters something unexpected in the woods. by Sad_Magic03/09/154.70HOT

The Adventures of Bard Ch. 03

 — The thief is not alone in the woods after all. by Sad_Magic03/26/154.83HOT

The Adventures of Bethany Ch. 01

 — Rather dirty antics of far future girl. by nova246902/12/034.07

The Adventures of Bethany Ch. 02

 — Bethany visits Mars. by nova246902/16/034.35

The Adventures of Bethany Ch. 03

 — Bethany meets the Xithor. by nova246902/25/034.32

The Adventures of Bethany Ch. 04

 — Bethany finally reaches her destination. by nova246902/27/034.40

The Adventures of Bethany Ch. 05

 — Bethany meets up with some lesbian space pirates! by nova246902/27/034.44

The Adventures of Cain

 — Cain's first entry. by lemaSierra07/07/144.59HOT

The Adventures of Cain Ch. 02

 — Cain leaves Stone Springs. by lemaSierra09/01/144.47

The Adventures of Eros Ch. 01

 — A high school senior gets a naughty blessing from Aphrodite. by Sazaria05/16/184.44

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 01

 — An archaeologist gains superpowers, and a new appendage. by sajukno07/16/134.46

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 02

 — A different kind of superhero. by sajukno07/23/134.55HOT

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 03

 — Futa-Girl battles her first supervillain. by sajukno08/14/134.46

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 04

 — Futa-Girl battles the mesmerizing Lady Hypnotica! by sajukno08/30/134.57HOT

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 05

 — Can Futa-Girl overcome her one true weakness? by sajukno10/07/134.62HOT

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 06

 — Dr. Heinous returns! by sajukno11/22/134.65HOT

The Adventures of Lita Pt. 01

 — A half-elf paladin starts her adventuring career. by Persephone_kore06/20/194.25

The Adventures of Lita Pt. 02

 — A half elf paladin rescues a dashing rogue. by Persephone_kore08/22/194.20

The Adventures of Mega Girl Ch. 01

 — Mega Girl's weaknesses are exposed! by ChaosBreakerX07/03/183.79

The Adventures of Mega-Girl Ch. 01

 — All-new! Collector's item first chapter! by frozenhero102/17/164.24

The Adventures of Psyche Ch. 01

 — The sexy adventures of a superheroine. by KromeDragon12/20/094.26

The Adventures of Sage Tumbleweed Ch. 01

 — The continuing adventures of Agent Sage Tumbleweed... by RandyGonzalez04/19/193.57

The Adventures of Sir John

 — Rescuing a princess from an evil sorceress. by diaperluv04/29/193.28

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 01

 — Margaret becomes a habitué of Leverton. by Pgup06/12/104.38

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 02

 — Maggie sees The people of Leverton especially Jesse. by Pgup06/18/104.10

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 03

 — Maggie meets another of the aliens and gets a lesson. by Pgup06/19/104.21

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 04

 — Her experiences in Leverton are broadened. by Pgup06/28/104.04

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 05

 — Maggie gets her tail. by Pgup06/29/104.23

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 06

 — Margaret discovers the true nature of Jesse. by Pgup06/29/104.23

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 07

 — Maggie is told the truth about herself. by Pgup07/11/104.36

The Adventures of Tai-Kho Ch. 01

 — Dark-haired heroine Tai-Kho goes on an orgasmic odyssey. by RumFella11/16/174.45

The Adventures Of The Head

 — Samdu, the Head, meets Allison. by velvetpie06/27/044.28

The Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 01

 — Maggie is kidnapped by lunatics, but her journey begins. by NaughtyIrishGirl01/09/134.32

The Adventures of UltraPussy

 — An 18 year old girl turns into superhero with pussy powers. by Brittni4u04/11/174.46

The Adventures of Zeke Jordan

 — They told me things would change, I didn't believe them. by TNWTBOD07/11/134.73HOT

The Adventures of Zeke Jordan Ch. 02

 — The next couple days of Zeke's life unfold. by TNWTBOD02/03/144.76HOT

The Age Machine Ch. 01

 — He prepares to give his wife the greatest gift of all. by SMTRandretti03/09/113.15

The Age Machine Ch. 02

 — Rex and Donna share a moment. by SMTRandretti03/22/113.23

The Agent of Xyanwer

 — In a city of nightmares, exchanges are made. by Scorpio_Six10/05/184.55HOT

The Alcumist

 — Orc shemale healer uses cum to make some addicktive potions! by dreadknots02/08/194.31

The Alien Insemination Ch. 01

 — College girls abducted by aliens in Clovis, New Mexico. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/01/063.32

The Alien Insemination Ch. 02

 — Charley is invaded by the alien with 2 appendages. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/26/063.39

The Alien Inside

 — A ship's crew discovers the alien within them all by crypticravings08/14/033.93

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 02

 — Fannie and Zarcoff, first experience. by Seawolf773911/07/124.37

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 03

 — Mary and Zarcoff. by Seawolf773911/11/124.32

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 04-06

 — When you seek Aliens you find them. by Seawolf773911/19/124.29

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 07-09

 — Zarcoff half-heartedly tried to establish... by Seawolf773911/24/124.24

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 10-11

 — Redemption and Betrayal. by Seawolf773911/28/124.32

The Alien Invasion Two The Spawn Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by Seawolf773912/15/124.00

The Alien Invasion Two The Spawn Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 New Beginnings. by Seawolf773912/21/123.96

The Alien Invasion Two The Spawn Ch. 03

 — The next morning Mary got up, showered and dressed. by Seawolf773912/22/124.33

The Alien Ship Ch. 01

 — Kyle finds a buried space ship while hiking. by scorpionicus4504/12/094.47

The Alien Ship Ch. 02

 — Kyle's adventures on the alien ship continue. by scorpionicus4504/15/094.47

The Alien Ship Ch. 03

 — Kyle adventures on the ship continue. by scorpionicus4504/18/094.51HOT

The Alien Ship Ch. 04

 — Kyle's aventures on the ship continue. by scorpionicus4504/22/094.46

The Alien Ship Ch. 05

 — Kyle's adventures on the ship continue. by scorpionicus4504/27/094.54HOT

The Alien Ship Ch. 06

 — Kyle's adventures on the ship continue. by scorpionicus4505/01/094.53HOT

The Alien Ship Ch. 07

 — Kyle's adventures on the alien ship continue. by scorpionicus4506/03/094.58HOT

The Alien Ship Ch. 08

 — Kyle visits Mars. by scorpionicus4502/21/104.57HOT

The Alien Ship Ch. 09

 — Inside the crashed shuttle on Mars. by scorpionicus4503/20/104.55HOT

The Alien Ship Ch. 10

 — The ship has left Mars, on to the next planet. by scorpionicus4504/06/104.63HOT

The Alien Zoo Ch. 01

 — Meet the girls at the zoo. by John_uk_3207/28/093.95

The Alien, Report 001-002

 — An alien crashes on earth. by Seawolf773912/29/124.08

The Alien, Report 003-004

 — Learning about Earth Women. by Seawolf773912/30/124.25

The Alien, Report 005-006

 — Earth women are an enigma. by Seawolf773901/01/134.37

The Alien, Report 007-008

 — Offer Accepted. by Seawolf773901/02/134.43

The Alien, Report 009-010

 — Hormones are a bitch. by Seawolf773901/04/134.22

The Alien, Report 011-012

 — A new order of things. by Seawolf773901/05/134.22

The Alien, Report 013-014

 — The Benefits of the New Order. by Seawolf773901/08/134.24

The Alien, Report 015-016

 — No good deed goes unpunished. by Seawolf773901/10/134.31

The Alien, Report 017-018

 — One must suffer to make amends. by Seawolf773901/12/134.24

The Alien, Report 019-020

 — One has to protect one’s self no matter what. by Seawolf773901/14/134.20

The Alien, Report 021-022

 — The Power Behind the Throne. by Seawolf773901/17/134.24

The Alien, Report 023-024

 — Falsehoods and the Punishment they lead to... by Seawolf773901/19/134.29

The Alien, Report 025-26

 — Nightmares May Come True. by Seawolf773901/23/134.18

The Alien, Report 027

 — Not All Ends Well. by Seawolf773901/25/133.88

The Aliens' Sextoy

 — In space, no-one can hear you orgasm. by Susan Strict01/26/063.39

The All New Chris

 — How far would you go for love? by Spam_Happy06/18/064.47

The Alpha and Her Five Mates Ch. 01

 — Bella is a new alpha with five mates to satisfy. by _switch_11/13/164.38

The Alpha Males Ch. 00

 — How it all begain. by fucklord2108/18/13

The Alpha Males Ch. 01

 — It returns and it wants to fuck. by fucklord2101/22/14

The Amazon Angel: A Christmas Story

 — Making a cheating victim enjoy Christmas again. by jhymesba12/04/184.55HOT

The Amazon Ch. 01

 — Meet the 4 Main characters: Nekane, Kat, Bailey and Lauren. by Nekane04/29/163.33

The Amazon's Pledge Ch. 01

 — A beautiful amazon pledges her sword and body to a sorcerer. by SarahHawke07/29/174.78HOT

The Amazon's Pledge Ch. 02

 — Jorem and his Amazon bodyguard explore their magical bond. by SarahHawke08/20/174.79HOT

The Amazon's Pledge Ch. 03

 — Jorem and Kaseya continue exploring their magical bond. by SarahHawke02/19/194.83HOT

The Amazon's Pledge Ch. 04

 — Jorem and Kaseya have an intimate moment in the forest. by SarahHawke05/21/194.77HOT

The Amazon's Pledge Ch. 05

 — Jorem and Kaseya confront a Senosi Huntress. by SarahHawke06/08/194.81HOT

The Amberdown Rebellion

 — An Elfin fantasy based on the cast of Beth's Summer Break. by BarracudaSwordfish07/05/174.82HOT

The Ancient Eternal

 — An immortal witch's obsession. by Morgana the Fey10/28/034.46

The Ancient Graveyard Ep. 01

 — A curvy grocer becomes a captive of a strange graveyard. by Lord_Bokrug06/12/194.23

The Ancient Graveyard Ep. 02

 — A famed sculptor has been claimed by the Ancient Graveyard. by Lord_Bokrug06/22/194.33

The Ancient Graveyard Ep. 03

 — A busty otaku is claimed by the Ancient Graveyard. by Lord_Bokrug07/19/194.15

The Ancient Prophecy Ch. 01

 — A demon and a virgin meet. by Viper11/15/004.21Editor's Pick

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