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Android Oral

 — First-timer receives a mind-blowing blow job. by partyfairy01/29/074.03

Androids Ch. 01

 — He has fun in future. by punkdoggy6902/26/033.45

Andromeda 01

 — An alien encounter creates a most interesting gift. by ufpe03/04/134.43

Andromeda 02

 — Continuing saga of a man with his alien gift. by ufpe03/11/134.40

Andromeda 03

 — Final Chapter in the Andromeda Saga. by ufpe03/12/134.38

Angel Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Alternative to Heaven's Hellion, and much better. by TheRavensCall11/18/124.33

Angel Chronicles Ch. 02

 — April is about to jump, does someone catch her? by TheRavensCall11/19/124.41

Angel Lust 01

 — Chapter One: Abduction by NamnRox07/30/123.83

Angel Lust 02

 — Chapter Two: Introductions by NamnRox07/31/124.18

Angel Lust 03

 — Losing Rank. by NamnRox08/02/124.14

Angel Lust 04

 — Chapter Four: New Toys/Connections. by NamnRox08/03/124.09

Angel Lust 05

 — Chapter Five: The Decision. by NamnRox08/06/124.18

Angel Lust 06

 — Chapter Six: The Mission/Celebration. by NamnRox08/13/124.32

Angel Lust 07

 — Departure. by NamnRox10/05/124.77HOT

Angel Lust 08

 — The Attack. by NamnRox03/12/134.56

Angel of Mercy

 — An automobile accident changes his life forever. by Many Feathers05/02/074.60HOT

Angel of Retribution Ch. 00-05

 — Book three Alpha Angels; Remi and Rowie's story. by LevanaHyll06/18/124.72HOT

Angel of Retribution Ch. 06-11

 — Mama, I'm cumming home-Fyre. by LevanaHyll06/18/124.84HOT

Angel of Retribution Ch. 12-16

 — Time of darkness. by LevanaHyll06/23/124.87HOT

Angel of Retribution Ch. 17-Epilogue

 — Revelations and new beginnings. by LevanaHyll07/01/124.89HOT

Angel of Seduction

 — Her prince of darkness cums for me. by baccgirl06/27/074.00

Angel Savior

 — Two angels finally meet with runaway from hell... by eros77705/19/163.23

Angel versus Demon

 — The war of the rebel angels continues. by Samuelx07/14/082.58

Angel's Invention

 — A sexy tech genius spices up her webcam show with her new in by Uniracer10/09/134.49

Angel: Fallen

 — The devil in disguise, or not so? by dutchrain06/17/134.00

Angelic Demise

 — A normal city turns corrupt after the arrival of newcomers. by Futa_Contractor01/16/134.25

Angelic Sex?

 — College guy has sex with an angel. by BlueEyed5ftAngel02/11/033.88

Angels and Demons Ch. 01

 — Demon Chloe must find a job or else be sold as a slave! by Chickenchowmein12/14/154.65HOT

Angels and Demons Ch. 02

 — The day of her new job Chloe makes a very rash agreement. by Chickenchowmein12/19/154.82HOT

Angels and Demons Ch. 03

 — Can Chloe make it all day long without disobeying her Miss K? by Chickenchowmein01/06/164.64HOT

Angels and Demons Ch. 04

 — What will Ms. K think of Chloe's new friend? by Chickenchowmein02/16/164.62HOT

Angels Can't Fall in Love Pt. 01

 — Can an elite team of young women protect the Earth? by ParabellumPress04/26/164.42

Angels Can't Fall in Love Pt. 02

 — Can an elite team of young women protect the Earth? by ParabellumPress05/05/164.38

Angels Can't Fall in Love Pt. 03

 — About half way through the story. by ParabellumPress05/19/164.27

Angels Ch. 01-02

 — Arri thought it was just a bizarre dream. by bunny_ears10/19/104.00


 — Once a toy, is not always a toy (cont. of Toymaker). by HandsInTheDark01/22/134.55HOT

AngelWatch Ch. 02

 — Belief and Action. by HandsInTheDark01/29/134.62HOT

AngelWatch Ch. 03

 — Love and Need. by HandsInTheDark01/30/134.56HOT

AngelWatch Ch. 04

 — My new dating technique. by HandsInTheDark01/31/134.53HOT

AngelWatch Ch. 05

 — Symbols. by HandsInTheDark02/03/134.54HOT

Animal Attraction

 — A man with animal magnetism finds the tables turned. by Pussyrider03/27/084.64HOT

Animal Lust

 — Werewolf satisfies his and her lust. by MajickMysteryWoman10/04/054.47


 — Anise has a ghostly gift she's about to discover. by Rebekahangel12/26/014.10

Anna Ch. 01

 — Anna begins a whole new life. by Carizabeth02/28/084.61HOT

Anna Ch. 02

 — Auctioning her off. by Carizabeth03/07/084.57HOT

Anna Ch. 03

 — Pleasuring her first client. by Carizabeth03/13/084.71HOT

Anna Ch. 04

 — He takes her outta this world. by Carizabeth03/24/084.76HOT

Anna Ch. 05

 — The dance lesson takes a twist. by Carizabeth04/12/084.64HOT

Anna Ch. 06

 — Preparing for the next night out. by Carizabeth05/07/084.76HOT

Anna Ch. 07

 — A series of curious encounters. by Carizabeth07/16/084.69HOT

Anna Ch. 08

 — New friends and old faces. by Carizabeth09/05/084.80HOT

Anna Ch. 09

 — The final chapter, sweet resolution. by Carizabeth10/18/084.88HOT

Annie & Her Tentacles

 — Lily finds out the truth about Annie and enjoys it. by TentaclesFTW12/29/114.39

Annie & Her Tentacles Ch. 02

 — Lily learns about Annie's intentions. by TentaclesFTW01/15/124.49

Annie & Her Tentacles Ch. 03

 — Cleo drops by for a visit. by TentaclesFTW02/19/124.48

Annie & Her Tentacles Ch. 04

 — Cleo is caught. by TentaclesFTW04/25/124.29

Annie & Her Tentacles The Final

 — Lily and Cleo are sent 'home.' by TentaclesFTW02/20/134.51HOT

Annie and Roxana

 — Did they meet someone at a non-existent lake? by Oswald016702/06/032.44

Another Sex Game Ch. 01

 — A man turned into a women in this future competition. by fuckworshipper03/02/134.14

Another Time

 — I open my eyes to a new world. by B5900110/14/144.05

Another Time Ch. 02

 — The Journey of Discovery continues. by B5900109/29/154.33

Another World

 — Sometimes when one runs, another chases after. by MINKX01/13/064.41

Another World Ch. 01

 — Grace goes to an alien planet. by dragontatto03/03/064.53HOT

Another World Ch. 01

 — An innocent girl is sent to a parallel world. by Thring07/27/084.27

Another World Ch. 02

 — Grace is seduced at work. by dragontatto03/14/064.57HOT

Another World Ch. 02

 — Mate...or die. Is this the end? by MINKX05/17/064.52HOT

Another World Ch. 03

 — Grace tries to adapt to her new world. by dragontatto01/08/074.68HOT

Another Zombie Story

 — A survivor finds another.. and so much more. by not_so_penniless06/11/124.39

Another Zombie Story Ch. 02

 — A well-thought-out plan goes very wrong. by not_so_penniless08/10/123.68

Antha's Turn

 — Christian seeks revenge four years after defeat. by Ivarra2003/09/054.75HOT

Antihero: Riding Dirty

 — The life and times of a bad superhero. by Samuelx07/22/082.14

Antius and Thelma

 — A Quark from a dsitant galaxy and a Yorkshire Tart (spoof). by angiefuch11/25/084.44

Anya Surprised

 — Novella. Deciding to have a second child was the easy part. by TJSkywind11/30/144.69HOT

Anya's Raven Ch. 01

 — Anya recalls the bond between her and Raven. by JennaVee05/15/064.39

Anya's Raven Ch. 02

 — Anya has a disturbing dream about Raven. by JennaVee05/18/064.37

Anya's Raven Ch. 03

 — Further memories of her surrender to Raven. by JennaVee05/22/064.59HOT

Anya's Raven Ch. 04

 — Ritual to break the bond brings unexpected results. by JennaVee05/24/064.61HOT

Anya's Raven Ch. 05

 — Raven sets out to find Anya. by JennaVee06/07/064.76HOT


 — Angel of Destruction;new version Fallen Angel. by LevanaHyll04/26/134.75HOT

AOD Ch. 02

 — New version Fallen Angel. by LevanaHyll05/02/134.90HOT

AOD Ch. 03

 — Newer version Fallen Angel. by LevanaHyll05/11/134.84HOT

AOD Ch. 04

 — Heaven and Hell. by LevanaHyll08/11/134.83HOT

AOD Ch. 05

 — Final chapter. by LevanaHyll08/12/134.78HOT


 — She seeks a missing man and finds more. by Kaereni06/10/064.53HOT

Aphrodisia Ch. 08

 — Something wicked has finally found its prey. by Lien_Geller05/29/114.84HOT

Aphrodite's Angels

 — Helping fulfill people's inner most desires. by Insatiable_Little_Devil_200301/29/164.39

Aphrodite's Blessing

 — From ugly duckling to heavy breasted sex goddess. by jgamrox2701/13/154.09

Aphrodite's Forbidden Love

 — Aphrodite goes behind Zeus's back to find her love and lover. by PrincessOfSex01/24/113.47

Aphrodite's Labyrinth

 — A goddess is lured in a trap. by markydaysaid05/12/164.19

Aphrodite's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Goddess calls slave girl to her service. by bessmertni05/15/044.78HOT

Aphrodite's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Kaia is inducted into the Order of Aphrodite. by bessmertni05/19/044.67HOT

Aphrodite's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Kaia begans her journey to Athens. by bessmertni05/23/044.40

Aphrodite's Revenge Ch. 04

 — Kaia encounters centaurs, satyrs and nymphs. by bessmertni06/01/044.76HOT

Aphrodite's Revenge Ch. 05

 — Kaia begins the seduction of Athens. by bessmertni06/02/044.62HOT

Aphrodite's Revenge Ch. 06

 — Kaia fulfills her calling. by bessmertni06/03/044.68HOT

Aphrodite's Reward Ch. 01

 — Dying for love is better than dying for nothing. by bashfullyshameless09/14/134.80HOT

Aphrodite's Reward Ch. 02

 — Much better than fame and fortune. by bashfullyshameless09/14/134.83HOT

Aphrodite's Reward Ch. 03

 — The gifts of the goddess don't fix everything. by bashfullyshameless09/22/134.88HOTContest Winner

Apocalypse Quickie

 — She follows his hints, and they get freaky in the woods. by cliterotica___08/03/153.80

Apothecary of Venus Ch. 01

 — Sex therapist wakes up early. by tultek11/23/044.26

Apothecary of Venus Ch. 02

 — Busy day for sex therapist. by tultek01/14/054.40

Apothecary of Venus: Intro

 — Sex/health therapist on a multi-race/species planet. by tultek11/19/044.24

Arabella's Dilemma

 — The fair maiden is cursed. by Pippac08/01/073.91

Arabian Days

 — A paladin goes looking for a harem in Agrabah. by AdmiralSquish03/27/154.50HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 01

 — He prepares to leave the forest. by Thor9908/11/154.51HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 02

 — He learns a startling truth from Narlissa. by Thor9908/14/154.68HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 03

 — He encounters a fairy. by Thor9908/16/154.52HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 04

 — He meets his first human. by Thor9908/19/154.64HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 05

 — Selling the fairy dust. by Thor9908/20/154.74HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 06

 — New places lead to new friends... by Thor9908/22/154.69HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 07

 — He continues exploring the city. by Thor9908/23/154.75HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 08

 — His plan to sneak out goes awry. by Thor9908/25/154.80HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 09

 — Help arrives in the smallest of forms. by Thor9908/26/154.77HOT

Aramil and the Journey Ch. 10

 — His adventure comes to a sexy conclusion. by Thor9908/27/154.89HOT

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 01

 — A young elf is given a task. by Thor9911/01/124.36

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 02

 — He gets another helping hand. by Thor9911/05/124.51HOT

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 03

 — Bowstrings and strange acquaintances. by Thor9911/06/124.58HOT

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 04

 — He encounters a warrior. by Thor9911/08/124.56HOT

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 05

 — The final challenge and a worthy reward. by Thor9911/12/124.67HOT

Arcadian Nights

 — Passionate nights in the wilderness of Arcadia by Ellebeth07/03/094.64HOT

Arch of Love, Sex and Battle

 — An archangel struggle on earth when god turn on him. by Rashawn2507/06/131.55

Archangel: It's My Life

 — Archangel explains Heavenly politics to mankind. by Samuelx09/05/082.57

Archeologist in Heat

 — Female archeologist meets wolf with charisma for sexy fun. by AeternaLee05/13/084.35

Archeologist in Heat Ch. 02

 — Ms. Wilder has a son and erotic dreams of her wolf lover. by AeternaLee07/04/084.31

Archeologist in Heat Ch. 03

 — Destiny Fulfilled. by AeternaLee10/08/084.48

Are They Out There? Helping?

 — It was only a Fortune Telling machine. by onemoreguy110/15/044.27

Arena Slut

 — In the future, a slave is bought for entertainment. by zaxxon12/19/024.23

Arguments and Alterations Ch. 01

 — Discover your hidden desires in this unique board game. by Ragnarok38510/03/154.27

Arguments and Alterations Ch. 02

 — How to improve on a transformation game? An expansion pack! by Ragnarok38510/07/154.62HOT

Arguments and Alterations Ch. 03

 — Same board game, different rules when twins are involved. by Ragnarok38510/07/154.73HOT


 — Surpise encounter brings new perspectives. by Nigel Debonnaire02/13/09


 — Sequel to "Pasiphae" -- princess, labyrinth, and Minotaur by Sabledrake07/22/034.70HOT

Ariadne and The Chair

 — A woman in a futuristic world enjoys a fucking machine. by LaChatteNoire04/05/124.23


 — A brief story about how anyone can love. by Rouquie03/29/083.50


 — An unusual friendship may change the world. by WFEATHER04/15/054.32

Arky & the Brutal Buccaneer

 — They came from outer space with big dicks. by brok01/10/044.09

Arky's Alien Rapist

 — Galactic hitchhiker trades sex for transport. by brok05/31/034.61HOT

Arky's Alien Threesome

 — Arky's girlfriend is seduced by an alien. by brok09/19/034.43

Arky's Android Orgy

 — Eight foot tall & horny as hell. by brok01/03/044.23

Arky's Voyeur Threesome

 — Well-meaning matchmaking leads to night of depravity. by brok03/04/064.64HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 01

 — She shows him the pleasures of the sea. by TheWanderingCat02/13/144.42

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 02

 — Ronav finds a lead to his sea mistress. by TheWanderingCat02/18/144.69HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 03

 — Ronav's next move is planned and a journey begins. by TheWanderingCat02/28/144.62HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 04

 — A night in the woods and a strange girl. by TheWanderingCat03/16/144.64HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 05

 — Ronav talks, Vyla stalks and the girl watches all. by TheWanderingCat03/28/144.64HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 06

 — Their arrival in the Fold sparks a new hunt. by TheWanderingCat06/13/144.57HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 07

 — Vyla's new friend takes command of the situation. by TheWanderingCat06/29/144.70HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 08

 — "It's nice to see my prey squabbling before the meal." by TheWanderingCat07/19/144.74HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 09

 — New journeys, new meetings, new hunts. by TheWanderingCat08/16/144.76HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 10

 — Their friend returns, but with what in tow? by TheWanderingCat09/30/144.65HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 11

 — Another tour of the inside of a dungeon. by TheWanderingCat11/04/144.77HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 12

 — At last the truth comes out. by TheWanderingCat12/06/144.78HOT

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 13

 — The final battle. by TheWanderingCat01/03/154.86HOT


 — Thick, muscular woman is seduced by a hybrid creature. by corbendallas12/15/103.48

Arnemagne's Revival

 — No longer shall youth be wasted on the young. by rexfelis05/18/044.05

As a Song, Forever Together Pt. 01

 — Fembots with artificial uterus through an ignorant's POV. by oatzab06/30/153.82

As Pleases My General

 — A raunchy kitchen table fable, an erotic fantasy romance. by NaokoSmith07/15/124.50HOT

Asexual Reproduction

 — Co-eds on a distant planet learn about their role in nature. by GeauxMama05/14/074.28

Asexual Reproduction (1st Person)

 — Coeds on distant planet learn about unique native flora. by GeauxMama05/25/074.27

Asexual Reproduction Ch. 02

 — Co-eds on a distant planet learn about their role in nature. by GeauxMama11/15/093.61

Asherah Poles Ch. 01

 — Ancient gods look for new vessels. by ancientviking06/25/124.32

Asherah Poles Ch. 02

 — Ancient god takes his vessel. by ancientviking04/05/134.38

Asherah Poles Ch. 03

 — A new convert. by ancientviking04/29/134.31

Asherah Poles Ch. 04

 — More worship and the rise of a foreign deity. by ancientviking05/14/134.42

Ashgard's Exile

 — Ash is exiled to the Elf Lands. by Vandren06/19/05

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 01

 — Chapters 1-4 by Magicwrtr10/22/144.78HOT

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 02

 — Chapters 5-8 by Magicwrtr10/29/144.79HOT

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 03

 — Chapters 9-12 by Magicwrtr10/30/144.82HOT

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 04

 — Chapter 13 - 16. by Magicwrtr11/08/144.86HOT

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 05

 — Chapters 17 - 20. by Magicwrtr11/11/144.90HOT

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 06

 — Final Chapters. by Magicwrtr11/12/144.90HOT

Ashley's Tale 01

 — Meet Ashley! by Magicwrtr12/15/134.71HOT

Ashley's Tale 02

 — Trouble with Sam. New love interest. by Magicwrtr12/18/134.77HOT

Ashley's Tale 03

 — Discoveries, more time with Bonnie. by Magicwrtr12/19/134.75HOT

Ashley's Tale 04

 — Takedown, New friend... by Magicwrtr12/22/134.77HOT

Ashley's Tale 05

 — Jail, breakthrough, what now? by Magicwrtr12/29/134.80HOT

Ashley's Tale 06

 — Chapters 19-21. by Magicwrtr04/09/144.80HOT

Ashley's Tale 07

 — Chapters 22-24 by Magicwrtr10/09/144.72HOT

Ashley's Tale 08

 — Chapters 25-33 Finale for book one. by Magicwrtr10/12/144.88HOT


 — Alien woman looks for a good time in otherworld bar. by Mordsith_Berdine10/09/054.35

Ashton Revised

 — Sexy telepath seeks sex in rundown outworld bar. by Mordsith_Berdine10/22/054.45

Ask Alice Ch. 03

 — Extreme sex helps Japanese girl escape. by lostindavoid07/30/144.41

Ask Alice Ch. 04

 — Alice, stuck in the future... now what? by lostindavoid01/17/154.56HOT

Ask Alice Ch. 05

 — Japanese girl snared in future intrigue. by lostindavoid03/03/154.58HOT

Ask Alice Ch. 06

 — Stay or go? Japanese girl lost in another dimension. by lostindavoid05/25/165.00NEW

Ask Dr. Vargas

 — Sex Advice in an alternative universe. by vargas11107/27/043.86

Ass Queen's Court

 — The Queen of the World deals with horny subject, humorous. by Asmodeous6904/21/124.25

Assassin's Game

 — Femme fatale gets carried away. by Rhyxivar01/05/024.24

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