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 — My contribution to saving women from the perils of alcohol. by Middleagepoet03/30/094.14


 — This writing surface is 5'3" tall. by AndiAnders01/05/034.23


 — The ultimate temptation by the definitive tempter. by Spencerfiction05/21/184.00

Ten Things Everyone Should Know

 — A revised do's and don'ts manual about sex. by misterechik02/17/074.59HOT

Tender Afternoon

 — After five fails with men, Evie reaches out for tenderness. by GQquietguy09/28/163.73

Teresa Scalia Gets Her Revenge

 — Terri and Barbara clash at a Renaissance Fair. by obo03/17/034.41

Teresa Scalia Strikes Back!

 — Terri and Barbara have another confrontation. by obo03/06/034.20

Teresa Scalia/Poolside Pandemonium

 — Suburban moms "disdressed" at swim meet. by obo11/13/044.52HOT

Teresa Scalia: Barbara and the Prin

 — Barbara and the new middle school principal disagree. by obo07/22/124.47

Teresa Scalia: Halloween Havoc

 — Chaos erupts at a Halloween Ball. by obo05/21/034.39

Teresa Scalia: Magical Mystery Tour

 — Teresa and a "magician's assistant" put on a show. by obo03/24/154.00

Teresa Scalia: Main St. Mechanical Malfunctions

 — School principal plays a cruel joke and suffers payback. by obo01/13/164.33

Teresa Scalia: Riot in the Ring

 — Two upscale soccer moms get into a catfight with 2 strippers. by obo09/27/084.09

Teresa Scalia: Showdown at the Hoedown

 — Teresa and Michelle connive to get revenge on Barbara. by obo10/24/124.66HOT

Teresa Scalia: Showdown in the Powder Room

 — Barbara and Terri attend a ball. by obo04/27/034.05Editor's Pick

Teresa Scalia: Slip Sliding Away

 — Teresa and Barbara conflict at a public oil wrestling show. by obo02/23/174.62HOT

Terrible Company Ch. 10

 — A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Meet Our Client pt 2. by AwkwardMD11/19/164.86HOT

Terrible Company Ch. 15

 — M. Night Shyamalan's Wet Dream. by AwkwardMD02/23/184.60HOT

Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 01

 — An Iowa farm family fights off an alien invasion... by Rob_mDear03/09/114.07

Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 05

 — An Iowa farm family fights off an alien invasion. by Rob_mDear03/20/114.57HOT

Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 06 Nasty

 — An Iowa farm family fights off an alien invasion. by Rob_mDear03/20/114.65HOT

Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 06 Nice

 — An Iowa farm family fights off an alien invasion. by Rob_mDear03/22/114.71HOT

Thanksgiving on Squalor Mountain

 — An unusual get-together. by oneiria10/29/004.16

Thanksgiving Talk

 — Things that are said only at Thanksgiving. by DG Hear11/18/064.40

That 69s Show Ch. 01

 — A cheesy rewrite of a popular TV show. by DDDDave10/22/124.43

That Damn Imp Ch. 03

 — After his success, Puck is determined to savor his victory. by cultofstrawberry05/03/164.77HOT

That'll Teach You!

 — Man gets roundabout revenge on cheating wife. by jacks4u06/26/093.88

That's Not Right

 — Sexy game on the shock jock show. by SexyGeek06/23/154.24

The "Really" Hot Summer Ch. 01

 — Enter the world of Snyder Danielson. by boblamonta06/26/102.80

The 'Cock-Up' Story

 — Life model has a bad experience. by Decadent Switch05/23/013.52

The (Fictional) Basis of "This Guy"

 — Sometimes it's fun to make up stuff. by janevalenz12/28/034.63HOT

The Adventure of Fizzer

 — Meet a superhero with a 'unique' super power. by HeroFizzer02/20/183.90

The Adventures Of Wonderboy

 — College guy hides his super powers. by ManusNigrumPoet07/22/022.92

The Adventures Of Bubba

 — A kinky romp in the Southern backwoods. by Bubba Blues02/28/014.62

The Adventures of Joe the Pirate

 — Joe fucks a lot in many genre fitting ways (satire). by Noira01/29/114.63HOT

The Almighty Cock Offering

 — The incredible cock - women only please! by peppermintpatty200608/30/063.96

The Appointment

 — Respectable lady has a secret. by LongJoe04/01/073.97

The Appraisal Show

 — Thankfully, It was not another day like any other day. by Brighton08/10/034.27

The Art of Charm

 — A young man finds that small talk is not his forte... by trevorm02/17/123.86

The Art of Cock Sucking Lesson 01

 — A whore's view on blowjobs. by masterhead6901/03/174.45

The Asian Hooker Who Ate Out My Ass

 — He seeks satisfaction on a hot summer night. by newamba10/15/10

The Attack of the Uni-Tits

 — large breasts on unicycles invade a small town by sack12/02/044.45

The Authorised Auto-biography of Me

 — The real story of God, setting the record straight. by Cromagnonman06/12/134.40

The Bad Apples

 — The world's worst heroes must prove themselves to the boss. by Mabthorn06/05/123.57

The Bagel Sandwich Bang!

 — A lonely loser discovers his bagel sandwich gives good head. by Oliver_Clozov03/15/163.37

The Banker Cull

 — Parsifal pays the price for the financial crisis by ElaineCarbonek01/22/144.36

The Bar

 — Just the usual characters hanging out and having drinks. by Seurat12/18/103.66

The Baubling of Bethy's Bits

 — My moment of insanity. by Bethyboo02/04/113.95

The Beat Meet

 — This is the way it used to be. by DavidShaw02/06/054.86HOT

The Beaunies Tragedy Ch. 01

 — Intro to a sordid tale of murder and twisted relationships. by TOOL_BOY09/02/134.03

The Beauty and Pageantry of Testosterone

 — A short essay about male hormones. by plumes03/22/134.82HOT

The Beginning According To Dahngar

 — Another somewhat un-warm view on creation. by Pokey41101/17/033.27

The Belle of Catawba Street

 — Three bungling Klan wannabe's are no match for one dog. by Rumple Foreskin12/01/054.60HOT

The Best Handjob in Iowa

 — The title really says it all. by LingerieRobot04/19/114.34

The Bet

 — A most interesting wager. by LadyTigeress08/03/054.48

The Bet (Does She or Doesn't She)?

 — Does she have a tattoo. by Justtoold06/08/143.62

The Bet Ch. 01

 — She makes a bet but lose big time. by MivannaRai02/13/184.05

The Big 'O' Ltd Corp Group

 — Just a bit of fun, written to raise a smile not your heart beat. by arkwrights0612/06/163.25

The Big Blonde...Pinkie Invasion

 — Big schlonged Max, his big blonde wife, and pink aliens. by PrevertOne06/30/114.03

The Big Build-Up

 — Carnal carny meets his match in busty, blonde Bunny LaFever. by randyeverhard06/08/014.37

The Big One

 — She got tired of his bragging. by IraBumblefield08/14/153.93

The Birthday Present

 — Her sexy birthday present goes crazy. by Beejayne07/07/114.24

The Bitter Pill Ch. 01

 — Bitter Pills are best when served with cold water. by eightballbum04/08/104.13

The Bitter Pill Ch. 02

 — DeeDee Straitner takes the stand in defense. by eightballbum04/18/103.92

The BJ Olympics

 — Oral sex at a Food Truck Festival. by tango091903/11/143.33

The Blanket Hornpipe

 — Dolly and Joe: the kitchen table serves up more than food, by Fluggs10/01/13

The Blind Man's Buff

 — His wife greets him with a blindfold... by PMDlite03/04/174.18

The Bogsworth Gospel

 — Professor is preyed on by his teacher's pet. by GaryAlanByron07/31/073.69Editor's Pick

The Bokor and the 25-Shot Jackoff

 — He finds a novel way to save his girlfriend from TV. by EdwardMidweston06/25/124.30

The Boobily Narration of Boobiness

 — Kiki is better at narrating than David Attenborough (soz D). by MamaK01/24/183.50

The Book of Gloria

 — Religious, Sexual Humor, Satire. by Poorimpulsecontrol06/08/174.71

The Book Review

 — Any similarity to an author living or dead is pure intention. by Jenny_Jackson11/13/094.20

The Bosses Lunch Hour

 — The bosses lunch hour. by fanfare03/28/143.16

The Bra Salesman

 — A man is mistaken for a lingerie salesman by a busty woman. by bobrobertson10/12/124.63HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 02

 — What will happen when our busty babe finds him again? by bobrobertson11/19/124.68HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 03

 — The exercises continue, but will his lies catch up to him? by bobrobertson12/10/124.72HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 04

 — Co-worker Dave is invited, but will he ruin everything? by bobrobertson12/25/124.65HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 05

 — Dave's great idea threatens to unravel everything. by bobrobertson01/28/134.50HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 06

 — Something is wrong if only he can figure out what it is. by bobrobertson02/10/134.71HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 07

 — It's time for him to confess everything.... if he can. by bobrobertson03/17/134.64HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 08

 — The further adventures of a fake bra salesman and busty girl. by bobrobertson04/21/134.30

The Bra Salesman Ch. 09

 — The further adventures of a fake bra salesman and busty girl. by bobrobertson05/26/134.21

The Bra Salesman Ch. 10

 — The further adventures of a fake bra salesman and busty girl. by bobrobertson06/17/134.59HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 11

 — Further adventures of a fake bra salesman and busty girl. by bobrobertson06/25/134.71HOT

The Bra Salesman Ch. 12

 — The end of a fake bra salesman and busty girl. by bobrobertson07/08/134.69HOT

The Bra Salesman Epilogue

 — The story comes to a close. by bobrobertson07/09/134.72HOT

The Bride and the Imposter

 — Princess & handmaid in a kinky S&M fairy tale. by Lady Malachite11/08/054.46

The Bride Goes Trolling

 — Mrs. Frankenstein seeks a lover. by Rusher10/26/024.42

The Bride's Exhibition

 — An unforgettable wedding ceremony. by RManara08/15/17

The Bright Side

 — Stacey learns there's a first time for everything... by Master_and_Sex_Kitten05/02/154.32

The Broadcast

 — She did what!!! by julybear708/08/104.29

The Broncha Theory!

 — Believe what you read on the internet. by jocku09/29/073.31

The Bruises

 — A week of pure panic. by Dj_Maximus08/13/023.70

The Burden of Dreams

 — A tale of sexual legendry---plus a zeppelin scene. by Soul Janitor06/07/024.52HOT

The Burning Couple: Scared Straight

 — Brief dating between 2 couples, women sexting. by NellieMae02/02/183.00

The Busty Heiress

 — A busty rich girl is not very smart. by ret12312/16/154.32

The Casbah

 — Casablanca inspired, a man gets kidnapped. by oggbashan10/20/024.62HOT

The Case of Dixie's Christmas

 — PI helps elderly woman on Christmas Eve. by ronde11/24/034.70HOT

The Case of the Curious Clitoris

 — Carlotta hires a private dick to solve the mystery. by Amanda_Jilling05/07/133.96

The Case of the Family Jewels

 — There's been a heist, but Harry Dick is on the case. by Jenny_Jackson09/08/064.39

The Case of the Missing Boyfriend

 — A phantasmal deductive lesbian loving operatic story. by GratefulFred01/22/084.20

The Chain Letter

 — Here's a very different kind of chain. by Cat508/22/033.93

The Chat Room

 — Two people discover themselves online. by Shady_Lady04/29/044.38

The Chicken Nugget Conspiracy

 — XXX-Files gets whacked. by GratefulFred07/28/043.92

The Christmas Carole Affair

 — A humorous tale of Christmas Noire and Humbuggery! by Stultus12/05/164.51HOT

The Christmas Curse

 — The Merry Misadventures of the Christmas Cursed. by Todd17208/06/174.70HOT

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

 — Bad things are happening at the North Pole this year. by Jenny_Jackson11/12/064.29

The Christmas Wish

 — Santa's helpers are there to fulfill your Christmas Wish. by Banditinoz12/29/014.04

The Chuck Lutkus Story

 — Chuck Lutkus talks about his entry into organized crime. by Sydney_Smart11/26/103.91

The Cloyless Cock

 — Coed meets Mr. All-American Quarterback. by allison_george07/03/04

The Cock Whisperer

 — Rehabilitating the most aberrant & obnoxious, mindless tools. by MungoParkIII10/26/073.50

The Collision

 — A fender-bender leads to unexpected passion. by CAP81112/24/064.64HOT

The Coma Girl Brain Transplant

 — Girlfriend in a coma, oh no, oh no, it's serious... by Cara_Elaine03/15/174.37

The Coma Patient in Room 319

 — Hospital nurses try to treat a man with permanent erection. by RonDen10/14/113.83

The Comedian

 — A funny thing happened... by Shawtay102/21/173.40

The Comma

 — Fun with punctuation.... by LaineyTales01/11/183.96

The Commodore's Wife

 — Naval sex. by TxRad08/24/064.39

The Contest Ch. 01

 — College roommates set eyes on hot freshman Veronique. by cheetah8302/21/063.29

The Crap Shoot

 — A hole is meant to be filled... by tango091906/12/114.24

The Cream of Sheba

 — A familiar name to anyone who frequents Internet sex sites. by bradley_stoke09/29/073.57

The Curse of Preg Site

 — The funny story of how one couple conceives their children. by wife2hotblk08/06/093.93

The Cyclops and the Drow

 — He's a funny lad, one eyed wonder weasel & all. by DireLilith03/31/07

The Daily Grind: Bull Market

 — Grab your finances by the horns. by will_smut07/31/153.83

The Dangers of Social Networking

 — Cassandra joins a Social Networking Site. by king_wesley12/23/093.41

The Dangers of Thinking

 — Which head do you leave to do the thinking? by RemiMarselis10/29/123.92

The Day Elvis Came To Our House

 — Black dresses and blue shoes. by MILFSauce12/24/133.45

The Day The Orgasm Stood Still

 — Planet Earth receives an important warning. by Many Feathers05/14/084.21

The Debt

 — Gayle has to 'pay up' as promised. by *Snatch11/13/014.42

The Dedicated Eroticist

 — Margaret writes in her mind with an oblivious eye. by sr71plt07/07/134.27

The Devil's Number

 — Demon Pi Part One. by ZackOShea08/18/114.80HOT

The Diary Of A Male Nursing Student

 — Richard Wang is a 21 year old virgin. by asian_sensation04/12/042.72

The Dirty Weekend

 — Husband and wife try to get away from the kids. by EmeliaBell07/28/064.33

The Disappearance of Kevin Edwards

 — A spoof detective story with sexy incidents. by Happy Satyr12/15/044.25

The Discovery

 — Young woman loves an older man. by StrangeSounds200303/03/073.89

The Donkey Cock Man

 — The kookaburra laughed as he listened to the two crows. by exquisitelifetime07/14/113.63

The Double D's Play D&D

 — Two busty cheerleaders are taught the rules. by GeorgeTasker01/12/044.72HOT

The Downsized Merchant

 — Ever screwed a fairy? by Old Greebo10/26/033.96

The Dream that Wasn't

 — A humorous end to the night. by cuddlemonkey10/08/163.18

The Dreams of Men

 — Loser gets more than expected on long-awaited third date. by DariusWilde01/12/113.33

The Drunken Cat

 — A little chit-chat before dying. by rdmaddog04/13/094.57

The Dubious Dictionary: Cd-Cz

 — Arcane and underappreciated words. by MathGirl01/26/04

The Dubious Dictionary: Aa-Ad

 — Arcane & under-appreciated words. by MathGirl12/26/034.29

The Dubious Dictionary: Ad-Ag

 — Arcane & under-appreciated words. by MathGirl12/27/034.38

The Dubious Dictionary: Ag-Al

 — Arcane and underappreciated words. by MathGirl12/30/03

The Dubious Dictionary: Al-An

 — Arcane & underappreciated words. by MathGirl01/04/04

The Dubious Dictionary: An-Az

 — Arcane & underappreciated words. by MathGirl01/10/04

The Dubious Dictionary: Ba-Bl

 — Arcane and underappreciated words. by MathGirl01/13/04

The Dubious Dictionary: Bl-Bz

 — Arcane and underappreciated words by MathGirl01/18/04

The Dubious Dictionary: Ca-Cd

 — Arcane & underappreciated words. by MathGirl01/24/04

The Editor

 — Editing the sexy way. by DreamCloud09/20/144.71HOT

The Emperor's New Clothes

 — The adventures of Hermione (includes witches). by gauchecritic07/03/044.31

The Empress's New Bikini

 — An overbearing girl learns what naked humiliation is about. by Jayne Austin04/02/034.15

The End of the Rainbow

 — Leprechauns are such dicks. by Sean Renaud11/03/094.35

The Erotic Writers...

 — Bernice's real life is as hot as her stories. by *Snatch12/09/014.43

The Eroticon Pt. 01

 — A sexual satire - first instalment. by goldenass11/07/094.00

The Experiment

 — Sean & Maureen test "Lascivious Thoughts Hypothesis". by Moondrift02/13/044.52HOT

The Family That Surfs Together

 — The Kloz Family Christmas--not a usual gathering. by AndyLuvder12/03/033.72

The Fan Club

 — Welsh lawyer discovers his popularity with female staff. by SEVERUSMAX09/11/054.43

The Fetish Chronicles Ch. 01

 — The adventures of a man seeking perversion. by Paul4406/21/053.75

The Fifth Force

 — Mammarial science marches on... by NotReallySure06/26/104.36

The Fifty Ways

 — What happens when songwriters get really tired. by story_time04/09/014.19

The Fire Red Arrows

 — Cupid's arrows put a new spin on office romance. by walkerlong01/28/144.49

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