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Erotic Couplings Stories

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 — Betrothed princess flees in search of true love. by lovergirl2105/23/013.97

Runner's High

 — Running buddies add sex to routine. by ainu205/01/084.42

Runners Unite

 — Young man in coffee shop gives a favor & is rewarded. by trappings09/11/074.34


 — Jogging is not a substitute for sex. by Ashson01/16/154.12

Running Down a Dream

 — Diane's persistance leads to the sex she always wanted. by SexySoxFan03/23/083.34

Running Late

 — I get pulled over and get a good fucking. by scruffynerfherder04/09/103.67

Running out of Tea

 — It's not easy when a relationship ends by ComelyWench02/28/034.39

Running Partner

 — This is how to get in shape! by lmnop32112/13/084.39

Running Partners

 — Eve does some sexy exercise with her neighbour. by PrincessErin08/10/123.85

Running With Desires

 — They end up giving into their desires in a public bathroom. by KymmieQuinnell02/07/124.32

Rush Hour: An Erotic Tale

 — A horny women spies a sexy man while stuck in traffic. by A.Z. Spanker12/17/014.11

Rushing the Passer

 — The best plays happen during halftime. by Vampladydi10/12/074.35

Russian Bride

 — An unconventional romance. by sxwriter4212/06/084.69HOT

Russian Roulette Ch. 01

 — A short police story with new info on our new friends. by WifeWatchman08/09/134.54HOT

Ruth Ch. 1

 — She knows what she wants: her next door neighbor. by Patrick09/24/004.43

Ruth's Weekend

 — Ruth got the weekend of her dreams. by RedVixon01/12/124.28

Ruth, My First

 — Wife next door taught young man everything. by Merob12/10/024.36

RV Travel Companion Ch. 01

 — RV'er finds a compatible travel companion. by Alex_Ho03/26/154.55HOTNEW

RX For Pleasure

 — Lucky guy gets hot physical from sexy nurse. by JMiller6903/11/094.29

Ryan and Lara

 — Drummer meets a fan he's been talking to online for a while. by DLAAuthor01/27/154.00

Ryan's Story Pt. 01

 — Ryan looks for fun at a dance club. by ryansstory01/24/144.04

Ryan's Surprise

 — A long hard day ends with an erotic surprise. by CowboyzLady05/20/143.67

S Is For Sea Food

 — Her writing brings back a sailor's love. by velvetpie06/21/044.17

S is for Slippery

 — Patricia sat inside the tub. by Many Feathers06/29/054.49

S is for Slut, Submission, Semen Ch. 02

 — Part fantasy, part reality episode in the life of Chantelle. by chanstevens09/27/064.12

S&P: Interrogation Ch. 01

 — Pops investigate possible gay-bashing murder. by Captain Midnight05/11/054.71HOT

S-I-L and I

 — Sister in law and I get together after a surprise. by bakersboy08/17/124.48


 — Mysterious new job keeps young redhead on her toes. by kimbelina04/19/084.30

S.H.I.P. of Fools Ch. 01

 — On smoke break, Lech gets more than bargained for. by Keyboard Jockey09/18/054.25


 — One wet and rainy night… by secretsxywriter04/25/124.68HOT

Sabrina On Her Own

 — A wife decides not to resist a very tempting offer. by Sojournalist05/29/124.50HOT

Sabrina's Induction

 — Working life just picked up for Andy. by AMG197905/07/064.20

Sacramento Connection

 — Phone chat leads to hot times. by bowtie4u02/10/053.95

Sacramento Connection Ch. 02

 — Phone connection. by bowtie4u02/20/054.29

Sacramento: Flight to Heaven

 — Flight attendant spills sauce on lucky passenger. by JamesLacy06/21/024.42


 — Exploring the beauty - and the profane. by Hedonistique05/28/08

Sacred Slave

 — Horny wife has sex with College Professor. by CamLion03/27/094.11

Sacred Stones

 — An erotic fertility rite. by love24x05/18/124.38


 — She gives a little love back to her God. by Gentle_Mistress08/06/064.46

Sad Julie, Bad Julie

 — How will Billy cheer up a sad Julie? by SexyJennaInk07/09/033.84

Sadie and Marco

 — A coffee shop fantasy on a beautiful dancer and her lover. by gapster705/08/074.69HOT

Sadie's Necklace

 — An ice queen melts; a playboy finds his match. by HeartShapedAss08/04/074.46

Sadistic Throater

 — Aurora has a mystery to unravel. by Grayeyedsub210/15/094.14

Sadistic Throater Ch. 02

 — Aurora gets surprised. by Grayeyedsub212/07/104.18

Sadistic Throater Ch. 03

 — Aurora visits a Club. by Grayeyedsub212/08/103.64

Safari Explorations

 — Hot oils and hot nights. by Ondine3109/26/112.25


 — I know. by Lucy1970Harker10/14/123.70

Safe At Home

 — Hoping to pleasure himself in peace, he gets a surprise. by manboytoy02/09/144.26

Safe House

 — A bodyguard with a dark secret. by darkdharma11/11/054.03

Safety Net

 — Damned if you do and damned if you don't. by My I02/15/103.58

Safety Officers

 — Two safety officers get together. by neutrona03/16/114.07

Saffron the Saturday Girl

 — Working on Saturday leads to fantasies fulfilled. by wyrdrune03/17/074.20


 — She wants to find out if what she read is true... by CaliforniaKing10/07/143.95


 — A pilot makes out in the deep desert. by SaharaGuy03/19/094.05

Said the Spider to the Fly

 — Paris spins her web for a new man. by captivate01/15/054.12

Sail on, Sailor

 — Sailors have more fun. by navydoc9108/06/113.73

Sailing Into Love

 — Pleasant day's sailing leads to more. by Norfolk Boy05/14/044.66HOT

Sailing into the Wilderness

 — She leaves into the wild and meets a stranger along the way. by tmitrue11/06/094.68HOT

Sailing Sex

 — Karli and Martin get it on while sailing. by KarliCain11/08/093.55

Sailing Vacation

 — A friend joins him for a lusty sail, and seduces a waitress. by Bluegray06/03/094.38

Sailing With Friends

 — John and Susie help a couple in distress. by Mandyxxx4211/26/124.27

Sakura Clothed in Dragonfly Wings

 — Shibari training. by LeopoldNicholas03/20/14

Sakura Finds Joy in Kigarumi

 — Kitten pet play. by LeopoldNicholas04/12/14

Sakura Tastes the Shrimp

 — Shibari training. by LeopoldNicholas03/22/14

Sakura Understands Reality Ch. 04

 — Sakura Floats atop the Lilly Pond by LeopoldNicholas08/03/14

Salacious New Friend

 — She reveals hidden lust. by IsaacAssimov06/01/144.43


 — I was hungry for a salad. by kiaman05/15/104.25

Salenna Ch. 03

 — Her friends arrive for a learning experience. by westaussie01/19/044.53HOT

Salenna Ch. 04

 — The boys and girls bond with each other by westaussie02/05/044.38

Salenna Ch. 06

 — The 8 team enters the porn industry. by westaussie02/28/044.50HOT

Salenna Ch. 07

 — Nathan gets material for the web site. by westaussie03/05/044.46

Salenna part 8

 — The twins Mickey and Brianna. by westaussie03/10/044.43

Sales and Opportunity

 — Company rep seals the deal with her best asset. by gotwood4903/21/064.61HOT

Sales Call

 — Her sales technique is a winner. by MOGUY04/12/023.48

Sales Call

 — Sealing the deal the right way. by ThrobbinHood6911/21/024.21

Sales Call

 — Visiting a client but servicing the receptionist. by shaft5007/04/134.07

Sales Gain

 — Competition heats for complete customer satisfaction. by FireBird909/13/053.38

Sales Promotion

 — A sales woman comes to the door selling kitchen utensils. by Torg07/11/044.28

Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 05

 — Exotic goddess enters the picture. by milerdan202/18/154.75HOT

Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 06

 — One last sexcursion with Sara. by milerdan202/19/154.65HOT

Sally & The Dead Concert

 — She avails herself of a guy after Grateful Dead show by Hornyman69WithU04/17/073.82

Sally Becomes a Screamer

 — An email spurs on Sally's imagination. by SallyLee02/02/083.23

Sally Ch. 04

 — Ambar has a baby. by Rosko Busby 200508/15/145.00

Sally Ch. 1

 — Sexy lady meets fellow Literotica fan. by anonymoose6906/11/013.73

Sally Does a Senior Citizen

 — Sally, as a senior herself, has sex with a more senior man. by twistedgraygoat12/20/144.30

Sally Does an Accountant

 — Sally has sex with the leader of her MBA study group. by twistedgraygoat10/10/144.27

Sally Gets 20 Minutes

 — Sally is challenged to write what she wants in 20 minutes. by SallyLee02/11/083.73

Sally Gets It From a Stranger

 — Sally goes for a walk and gets taken by a stranger. by BobbyDazzler6912/10/094.45

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 07

 — Tina loses her anal virginity. by mseaking09/21/034.35

Sally Myers - Attorney at Law

 — The only way to kick start a career. by oddjobber05/21/124.34

Sally Red Dress

 — Sally takes pictures in her favorite red dress for her lover. by SallyLee01/27/084.36

Sally That Girl Ch. 01

 — Sally heads west, and meets a policeman. by paleprincess06/08/054.21

Sally's Fantasy

 — A woman's sexual reverie nears reality. by pandsal08/31/054.15

Sally's Interview

 — Sally has fantasies come true at job interview. by SallyLee01/31/084.14

Sally's Morning Wakeup

 — Sally's husband wakes her up to a sexual surprise. by SallyLee02/01/083.79

Sally's Road Trip

 — A couple challenges archaic laws. by SkyBubble10/08/063.46

Sally's Seduction

 — Sally find herself captive to her desires. by Plato5v07/11/143.85

Sally's Supermarket Trip

 — Sally does the grocery shopping & gets a bargain. by geronimo_appleby01/28/054.30

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 01

 — Sally hooks up with an old friend after graduation. by Susie_O07/29/094.00

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 03

 — Sally's new swimsuit attracts a guy at the beach. by Susie_O08/25/094.40

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 05

 — Sally picks a guy to help her get over her humiliation. by Susie_O11/13/104.32

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 09

 — Sally spends the night with her friend's stepfather. by Susie_O01/06/114.55HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 10

 — Sally hooks up with a widower at waterpark. by Susie_O01/21/114.53HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 11

 — Sally meets widower for lunch & they go to a hotel. by Susie_O02/04/114.56HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 12

 — Sally and Kyle spend the morning in the Hotel Room. by Susie_O02/21/114.62HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 14

 — Sally has sex in the VIP room at a strip club. by Susie_O01/27/124.35

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 22

 — Sally sends Neal to cheer Sarah up. by Susie_O02/22/154.50HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 23

 — Neal's car is blocked and he up in bed with Sarah's mother. by Susie_O03/10/154.21

Sallys Tattoo

 — The girl with the attraction more than skin deep. by Shenthus05/22/064.29

Salma and Shobina

 — Fantasy about an Indian girl her friend and her first love. by Jamito05/08/094.62

Salon X: The Cupid Package

 — Gina experiences a sensual Valentine's Day massage. by SouthernPeaches01/23/154.58HOT

Salsa Dancing

 — Hot quick sex in car. by litguy10002/11/074.02

Salt, Tequila, Lime and Erica

 — After three tequila solos she returns to me. by Decayed Angel08/14/063.86

Salting The Wounds

 — A sequel to 'Will He Catch Us?' by KKHowling12/27/112.97

Salty Jim's

 — Getting her to suck cock for the first time. by Naughtydude11/21/104.41

Salvaging A Bad Date

 — Don't try this at home: make sure you're in a bar. by scarfaccio06/06/024.54HOT


 — Girl lusts a guy and one drunken night, she gets him. by rachelbagel06709/24/064.00

Sam & Teach Ch. 01

 — A high-school senior and her teacher begin an illicit affair. by ElizaMix05/23/144.56HOT

Sam & Teach Ch. 02

 — A student and her teacher take their affair to new heights. by ElizaMix05/30/144.68HOT

Sam & Teach Ch. 03

 — A student and her teacher's affair becomes something more. by ElizaMix06/13/144.76HOT

Sam and Celine Ch. 01

 — Carpenter/musician connects with beautiful French MILF. by gapster703/05/074.70HOT

Sam and Celine Ch. 02

 — Jeremy gets intimate with Celine, the French nanny. by gapster703/06/074.77HOT

Sam and Celine Ch. 03

 — Jeremy gets entangled in their web of deceit and desire. by gapster703/07/074.79HOT

Sam and Jackie

 — Construction worker gets busy with sexy flag girl. by ImpossibleFind01/18/014.20

Sam and Jess

 — Two emos meet. Please answer the question afterwards. by DavidFun11/29/093.83

Sam Ch. 01

 — Two hot co-workers meet & a fire is started. by andrealarkin04/08/064.32

Sam Ch. 02

 — He sends a short, sexy email. by andrealarkin08/11/064.33

Sam I Am

 — Opposites attract? He was an historian--she a pianist. by OutdoorMore10/27/064.12

Sam I Am Ch. 02

 — Bi-interest in the neighbor? by OutdoorMore10/28/064.20

Sam's Infatuation Ch. 01

 — Sam walks in on Stacy, his brother's girlfriend. by Durex04/03/084.04

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