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Romance Stories

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Online Christmas Wishes

 — Some Christmas wishes really do come true. by U4ea11/23/044.06

Online Crush

 — It's been 8 years, what will change if we meet? by kurchian12/12/052.89

Online Encounters Chapter 1

 — Divorced lady finds true passion from an unlikely source. by lateniter5112/19/134.14

Online Fling Turns Real

 — After months of flirting online, two people finally meet up. by HarVDent10/14/153.83

Online Friend Ch. 01

 — Teasing Alana meets her match in Greg. by 22_blue_rose2205/03/084.15

Online Love Ch. 01

 — She finally meets her online lover. by mollyisme05/11/034.25

Online Love Ch. 02

 — Molly wants Mike to feel the same way she did. by mollyisme09/19/034.20

Online Lovers Meet

 — Two online friends/lovers meet for the first time. by TheJadedFox02/23/024.33

Only a Touch

 — Drawn together by chance, they meet by choice. by Scheherazade08/04/014.20

Only In My Dreams

 — A man recounts his lost love. by Mac01/19/024.43

Only Innocent Fun

 — Long distance relationship reunion. by CTrei09/21/043.83

Only On Paper

 — Husband finds his wife's diary. by Lilone07/30/023.84

Only Red Ch. 01

 — Arnie must do something daring to win Jazz. by Egmont Grigor12/12/064.74HOT

Only Red Ch. 02

 — Arnie astounds Jazz by opening an 'only red' boutique. by Egmont Grigor12/13/064.64HOT

Only Time Will Tell

 — Fate reunites couple in a fiery explosion of passion. by Angelofsweetness10/28/014.00

Only Us

 — A perfect night of pleasuring the woman I love. by senseunusual01/28/114.08

Only When It Rains

 — Two broken hearts heal one another. by MoogPlayer08/01/094.81HOT

Only Yours

 — Sometimes your soulmate is your best friend. by DKAspie07/08/154.88HOT

Onsen Research Project

 — While working on my next book on Japan's hot spring resorts. by Paniolo Boy03/22/174.54HOT

Oooh... Ch. 02

 — The master of the mansion gets intimate. by sexycharlene04/18/124.34

Open Hearted

 — A guy and a girl in love have sex for the first time. by InnocentSoul06/15/174.43

Open Sores

 — She struggles with wounds left by a cheating beau. by Penelope Street07/30/054.77HOT

Opened and (Dis)Played Ch. 01

 — Man teachers jaded young widow to enjoy. by nipplesandlace04/14/074.69HOT

Opened and (Dis)Played Ch. 02

 — Carlos gives the jaded young widow more pleasure. by nipplesandlace04/17/074.69HOT

Opened and (Dis)Played Ch. 03

 — The romance between Carlos and Alex heats up. by nipplesandlace05/21/074.77HOT

Opening Portals

 — Gus looks to head into his future with a worthy woman by Egmont Grigor02/04/084.59HOT

Operation: Final Fantasy

 — Is Ryan just another client? by Spartan2205/12/124.72HOT

Operation: Final Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Secrets from his past are slowly revealed. by Spartan2205/29/124.80HOT

Operation: Final Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Hawaiian trip comes to an end. by Spartan2206/07/124.80HOT

Operation: Final Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Aftermath - Where do we go from here? by Spartan2206/25/124.79HOT

Operation: Final Fantasy Ch. 06

 — All good things must come to an end. by Spartan2207/13/124.89HOT


 — A 20 year old guy starts to wonder how to meet new people. by Iamqwerty04/09/144.00

Opposite Attractions

 — Trying to put things both ways with erotic wordplay. by Otzchiim05/15/012.69

Opposites Attract

 — Addison hated Ash Taylor ever since they had been neighbors, by pleasurable_4u200701/10/073.66

Opposites Attract Ch. 01

 — Joey becomes the man of her dreams. by spikysex08/23/064.45

Optical Illusion

 — Appearances can be... by fgmntfmgnshn10/08/124.65HOT

Oral Examination

 — Kyle falls hard for lovely older teacher. by erotic_pen02/26/024.39

Ordinary Guy

 — Actress looks for a regular man to satisfy her needs. by MaxSebastian02/07/014.66HOTEditor's Pick

Ordinary Heroes

 — Story of a pilot and a nurse. by RDRocket02/28/144.83HOT

Oregon Coast

 — A rewrite & expansion of my first effort. by Thucydides12/16/094.83HOT

Oregon Coast Ch. 02

 — More than just another rich smartass... by Thucydides01/27/104.87HOT

Oregon Coast Ch. 03

 — Geek Love! by Thucydides11/16/104.82HOT

Oregon Coast Ch. 04

 — A troubled veteran gets some help. by Thucydides09/21/114.86HOT

Oregon Coast Ch. 05

 — Manny gets his girl. by Thucydides12/14/114.84HOT

Oregon Winter

 — She's looking for a guy, married or not. by bbillotte07/17/073.05

Organic Food and Fertile Women

 — She was every fantasy I could imagine and more. by RockHerWorld01/05/184.44

Original Sin Ch. 01

 — Damon punishes Catherine for his brother's death. by Karolina09/13/054.54HOT

Original Sin Ch. 02

 — Cathy is captured. by Karolina10/06/054.64HOT

Original Sin Ch. 03

 — Cathy is helpless before Damon. by Karolina11/02/054.75HOT

Original Sin Ch. 04

 — Cathy finds out the truth. by Karolina01/07/064.81HOT

Original Sin Ch. 05

 — Cathy makes a decision and gets into a fight. by Karolina02/11/074.74HOT

Oshen's Kiss

 — He can only surrender his innocence to one. by LevanaHyll02/28/124.19

Ostracism Pt. 01

 — A Catholic girl helps a guy shunned by everyone. by ReedRichards10/06/174.45

Ostracism Pt. 02

 — Chances missed. by ReedRichards10/16/174.63HOT

Ostracism Pt. 03

 — Will Danny finally man up and make a move? by ReedRichards11/02/174.34

Ostracism Pt. 04

 — The knock on the door. by ReedRichards11/16/174.65HOT

Ostracism Pt. 05

 — Choices to be made. by ReedRichards11/21/174.36

Ostracism Pt. 06

 — Can she take a decision? by ReedRichards11/24/174.62HOT

Other Sides of Glass

 — Can David meet her from the other side of the glass? by victoriawhita11/10/034.63HOT

Our Shopping Fantasy

 — Two lovers shop at the ultimate store. by captivate06/01/014.26

Our Bedroom Boardgame

 — A game designed to try anything once. by JayNDee209/18/034.48

Our Beginning Ch. 01

 — His teasing finally ends in her satisfaction. by readerofcourse12/16/094.50HOT

Our Beginning Ch. 01

 — Single dad and nanny grow closer. by SuAmor10/29/113.75

Our Beginning Ch. 02

 — Satisfaction for both of us. by readerofcourse12/27/094.31

Our Beginning Ch. 03

 — Joined by another. by readerofcourse01/08/102.00

Our Cabin Experience

 — A fantasy trip. by TLion6306/16/134.10

Our Dream Weekend

 — We finally get away as a family. by silverace110/26/043.76

Our First Christmas Together

 — Lovers celebrate their first holiday season. by hafnium1012/25/124.09

Our First Dinner Together

 — You share a meal & more. by sweetie_sultry_sub07/05/034.42

Our First Encounter

 — She meets him for the very first time. by The_story_writer200302/02/054.22

Our First Fuck

 — She makes love to you for the first time. by Naythalique01/20/014.18

Our First Kiss

 — The emotions she feels when her true love kisses her. by Loretta05/24/014.35

Our First Meeting

 — You and him share passion in a hotel room. by Stump10/20/004.17

Our First Meeting

 — You meet for the first time. by KinkyKev11/09/024.14

Our first meeting

 — A sudden inspiration of my meeting with you. by Lady_Moonlight07/24/084.14

Our First Meeting

 — Two Lit Members meet for the first time. by HardandFrustrated02/27/174.53HOT

Our First Morning

 — Tale of the morning after our first night together. by Thoughts07/24/124.00

Our First Night Away

 — 8 Times in 16 Hours. by Backseatbitch07/19/113.97

Our First Snowfall

 — Horny couple has sex in the snow. by DeliciousVixenTx03/30/083.93

Our First Swinging, House Party Ch. 03

 — Skip & Yvonne meet Bill & Sue at the swingers' house party. by MADMADMADMAXine04/21/164.22

Our First Swinging, House Party Ch. 04

 — Skip has sex with Sue while Yvonne has sex with Bill. by MADMADMADMAXine04/23/16HOT

Our First Time

 — Two lovers share passion for the first time. by T_R07/27/013.91

Our First Time

 — A couple make love for the first time. by SexySecretary09/01/013.40

Our First Time

 — Dreaming what it will be like the first time with you. by Executive Gent05/08/054.74HOT

Our First Time

 — The couples first time together. by pervalette12/12/063.53

Our First Time

 — Meeting a beautiful woman, and slowly making her yours. by Twizzler3208/23/064.25

Our First Time

 — Some feelings never change. by marchant8705/24/174.14

Our First Time Together

 — If I could have you this is how I want it to go. by candygirl978203/09/163.62

Our First Time...

 — A replay of a hot date. by SpankMeDaddy03/05/064.65HOT

Our Future

 — Our happy life. by creamypeaches4u07/15/064.45

Our Game of Life

 — Tracing the lives of an ordinary girl and her hero. by isobelgal10/13/104.33

Our House - Our Home

 — Marquis and Wanda's new home. by fameahsky12/18/104.21

Our Night

 — The first night together for he & I. by H'venlee05/24/024.31

Our Night Alone

 — The two of you savor each other. by The_story_writer200311/02/044.41

Our Own Private Eden

 — Man & woman share fantasies on the road. by HrdKoreJW11/30/014.14

Our Passionate Play

 — Husband and wife's romantic New Year's Eve. by JackAdams01/04/144.21

Our Perfect Storm

 — Jack meets Laura; can they survive the storm? by WickedScribbler04/28/064.63HOT

Our Reunion

 — Anticipation builds and they finally meet after many years. by katerpillar02/13/134.38

Our Romantic Italian Vacation

 — Your Italian vacation is passionate beyond your dreams. by RomanticD81310/09/013.36

Our Romantic Weekend

 — Mark and Beth decided to have a romantic weekend away together by sexybabe42J05/04/124.14

Our Second Meeting

 — You meet at a local bar. by marriedvixen12/21/064.31

Our Secret Love Affair

 — Net lovers begin a long affair. by angels fire06/17/043.96

Our Special Day

 — The perfect ending to our wedding day. by Lauren2403/29/094.61HOT

Our Story

 — They meet on an adult site. by Sir Joey05/31/022.96

Our Story

 — Can true love transcend time? by GoldenGrace03/01/094.45

Our Story

 — First encounter after talking online. by elphaba6905/23/123.80

Our Story

 — A story of true love. by justme128901/18/152.86

Our Stroll to Leather Heaven Ch. 02

 — A New Day - It's the first Monday, and Mike and Amy start their new life. by leatsub06/18/174.33

Our Tango Ch. 01

 — College student teaches his friend how to Tango. by theGreenMM01/04/044.33

Our Time

 — Two lovers plan a get away. by KeKaneAnoi10/26/054.11

Our Time of Year

 — A tale of Christmas hope. by restrained12/15/024.61HOT

Our Wedding Night

 — A story of true love and true passion. by debbie971005/06/114.12

Our Weekend

 — An overdue romantic weekend lets you indulge your lover. by irishcurse06/17/104.81HOT

Our Weekend Away

 — This is my idyllic weekend away with my guy. by katybaby0909/06/094.79HOT

Our Weekend Ch. 02

 — An overdue romantic weekend...continued. by irishcurse08/15/104.50HOT

Our Weekend Ch. 03

 — Our weekend- continued. by irishcurse08/23/104.64HOT

Our Weekend Getaway Ch. 01

 — Two lovers steal away for private time. by Loveratnight08/22/054.73HOT

Our Weekend Getaway Ch. 02

 — Lovers' romantic weekend away continues. by Loveratnight08/23/054.75

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