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Romance Stories

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Love's Infatuation Ch. 2

 — Jay finds out that his perfection is tainted. by shadowfires8910/04/012.17

Love's Recovery

 — She helps him recover. by theGatsby06/28/034.00

Love's Requiem

 — Man & woman fall in Love in different time periods. by Luckie_Duckie04/04/064.65HOT

Love's Song Ch. 01

 — A teacher is drawn to a blind student who plays the piano. by Jenni122803/29/094.49

Love's Temptation

 — First date exceeds their wildest dreams. by Melanie12/15/003.72

Love, Actually

 — Wedding nights are always fun. by Wisshmassterr06/17/063.93

Love, Bullets, and Badges Ch. 01

 — What happens when a cop has a date. by JimBob4407/31/134.71HOT

Love, Bullets, and Badges Ch. 02

 — What happens when a cop falls in love. by JimBob4408/03/134.79HOT

Love, I Miss You

 — His voice leads her to self-pleasure. by ForeverHisLady01/13/024.21

Love, Lust, and Chicken Soup

 — Girl meets mysterious man for series of "firsts". by MysteryMaiden01/24/054.42


 — A non-linear story of romance, hurt and more. by dsoul10/12/103.79


 — Fighting for the truth of love - or just sex? by rings-n-things07/21/073.50

Lovely Ms Erryn

 — A young lovely is a reminder of youth gone by. by Liplovinman10/20/134.12

Lover's Cabin

 — Aaron made love to his lover in the glow of candlelight. by MinxetteUk08/20/064.60HOT

Lover's Flight Ch. 02

 — Couple makes steamy love after first meeting. by YourAngelOfChaos09/18/103.67

Lover's Play

 — Couple explore the early stages in creative sex. by victors_angel04/16/023.61


 — They enjoy sheer pleasure in a secret rendezvous. by Amadeus02/12/014.26

Lovers Again

 — You have the house to yourself. by adams511912/13/024.08

Lovers of War

 — 2 enemies come together. by sexygirl7606/16/083.86

Loves Dream

 — Sometime Our Lover is just beyond our reach. by Viperoticus03/07/024.00


 — A short tale of their final night together. by scspawn10/04/083.57

Loving Adrian Ch. 1

 — Helen meets her future fiancé. by Just-Legal11/18/013.96

Loving Adrian Ch. 2

 — Will the sexual tension overcome the friends? by Just-Legal11/19/014.20

Loving Char

 — He gives her a priceless moment. by gentlelady12/10/023.79

Loving Cole

 — Kate's night out with the girls changes her life. by lovelykate04/10/014.59HOT

Loving Embrace

 — Two people, long apart, find each other in body and soul. by uh-oh04/02/094.48

Loving Images

 — Romantic snippets between lovers. by WFEATHER02/06/054.69HOT

Loving Las Vegas

 — Escort of dreams. by Shadownight_Keeper09/17/043.65

Loving My Neighbor

 — Love grows into intimacy. by songster103/11/034.44

Loving My Wife

 — He gives her the TLC she needs. by HammerEd08/31/023.93

Loving Neighbor

 — Hot sex between two horny neighbors. by Lustywritergurl08/18/113.21

Loving Rowie Knightly

 — Keri falls for her boss, with unexpected results. by mattwatt4308/27/114.32

Loving the Mother To Be

 — A pregnant woman gets her confidence back. by sara_isabella07/20/034.47


 — What happens when you meet an old friend. by The Wanderer07/09/064.72HOT

Lucifer's Library

 — A humorous play that spoofs romance. by Krenna Smart05/20/095.00

Luck Ch. 01

 — She has a series of bad luck; he's starting over. by redwitch01/17/074.58HOT

Luck Ch. 02

 — Bad luck lives across the hall. by redwitch04/18/074.70HOT

Luck Ch. 03

 — Is their luck changing? by redwitch07/02/074.79HOT

Luck Ch. 04

 — Never push your luck too far. by redwitch08/04/074.78HOT

Luck Ch. 05

 — Out of luck. by redwitch09/24/074.82HOT

Luck Ch. 06

 — Luck is dead! by redwitch03/02/084.81HOT

Luck Ch. 07

 — Luck? by redwitch03/21/084.75HOT

Luck Ch. 08

 — A lucky man? by redwitch04/08/084.76HOT

Luck Ch. 09

 — Love, luck and death. by redwitch04/14/084.79HOT

Luck Ch. 10

 — The lawyer fix. by redwitch08/05/084.83HOT

Luck Ch. 11

 — The end; the lucky ones. by redwitch08/17/084.82HOT

Luck Happens Ch. 01

 — Sometimes good things happen unexpectedly. by oldhippie194902/07/144.42

Lucky Alex Ch. 01

 — How lucky can one man be? by sandy_rock10/05/064.71HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 02

 — He makes time with Lorraine. by sandy_rock10/06/064.54HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 03

 — He makes her so horny. by sandy_rock10/07/064.51HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 04

 — Lorraine worries about Chrissy. by sandy_rock10/08/064.51HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 05

 — Chrissy needs a rescue. by sandy_rock10/09/064.41

Lucky Alex Ch. 06

 — Lorraine wants him to sleep with Chrissy. by sandy_rock10/10/064.44

Lucky Alex Ch. 07

 — It's a date. by sandy_rock10/11/064.51HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 08

 — Chrissy is reintroduced to normal life. by sandy_rock10/12/064.51HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 09

 — Chrissy does more than flirt with him. by sandy_rock10/13/064.67HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 10

 — Lorriane does some thinking. by sandy_rock10/14/064.54HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 11

 — Lorraine, Alex, and Chrissy. by sandy_rock10/15/064.79HOT

Lucky Alex Ch. 12

 — He must have died and gone to heaven. by sandy_rock10/16/064.68HOT

Lucky First Time

 — A guy makes all the right moves on his first time. by jmac890006/18/083.67

Lucky Strike

 — High school sweethearts find a new chance. by ladysylkie07/25/034.64HOT

Lucky, Lucky Luke

 — A guy loses his job with an amazing outcome. by EgmontGrigor201112/11/114.59HOT

Lucy's Lucky Break

 — David's sexual education; Lucy's journey to love. by GWBosh10/12/074.60HOT

Luke Takes a Wife

 — Girl finds first love. by Kimmi_kis01/07/084.61HOT

Luke Takes a Wife Ch. 02

 — She struggles with feelings. by Kimmi_kis01/13/084.54HOT

Luke Takes a Wife Ch. 03

 — Gotta run, gotta hide. by Kimmi_kis01/19/084.58HOT

Luke Takes a Wife Ch. 04

 — ...interrupted. by Kimmi_kis02/02/084.62HOT

Luke Takes a Wife Ch. 05

 — He knows. by Kimmi_kis02/17/084.64HOT

Luke Takes a Wife Ch. 06

 — Is it enough? by Kimmi_kis03/07/084.65HOT

Luke's Flame

 — Does the fire go out? by _Lynn_03/22/084.68HOT

Luke's Flame Ch. 02

 — Things heat up for Luke and Sophie. by _Lynn_04/04/084.65HOT

Lunar Ch. 01

 — Special Op. spying on occultists runs into dream woman. by Medieval-Man08/30/034.23

Lunar Eclipse

 — Lust distracts a lunar eclipse. by Carnal Syn11/10/043.55

Lunch Break

 — Time for a break on the job. by shavenswimmer07/27/063.48

Lunch Break

 — Internet chatting with an unexpected twist. by ZZ_Todd10/09/063.56

Lunch Break at The Office

 — Alison gets more than she is paid for at the office when her by EsmeraudeCamus02/09/143.31

Lunch Date Love

 — He falls in love with his friend from work. by thepiratequeen07/22/144.64HOT

Lunch Meeting

 — An erotic tribute of appreciation. by D Ray04/02/034.55HOT

Lunch Time

 — He gets oral in the office. by PeepShow08/02/013.93

Lundi Gras

 — Girl meets boy during Mardi Gras. by adrianalalaurie09/18/084.54HOT

Lupin the 3rd

 — Redhead gets a hand on Jigens' other Magnum. by sugarlump06/15/073.70

Lupine Mountainside

 — Two loves find each other on a mountainside. by Cathleen05/30/044.52HOT

Lust Conquers Love

 — Prim proper gal is stolen by badboy lover. by Tombone04/26/094.52HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 03

 — Long and bumpy flight turns out well. by DITF03/02/104.52HOT

Lust in the Forest

 — A young lady experiences lust at first sight by floridaexpat05/09/124.00

Lust? In an Elevator

 — A simple mistake changes one delivery guy's life forever. by mushthecooler01/31/104.60HOT

Lusted Oil

 — A man treating his women with deep love and savage lust. by Steven_Starc06/04/143.50

Lustful Demitri

 — Love finds itself at her door and in her heart. by Lady_Wonders_How10/07/013.36

Lustful Thinga!

 — Two lonely women, get their dreams fulfilled. by L.A. Wicker08/11/084.65HOT

Lusty Love Story

 — Saturday morning starts off with a bang. by Niecie402/05/024.10

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