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Romance Stories

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Matchmaker's Folly

 — She makes a mistake - & now has to put it right. by youdonwannaknow03/06/084.35

Mate Ch. 01

 — I'll save you and you save me. by risgrynsfisk12/23/154.84HOT

Mate Ch. 02

 — New feelings, such as hope. by risgrynsfisk12/24/154.85HOT

Mate Ch. 03

 — Going normal. Merry Christmas. by risgrynsfisk12/30/154.85HOT

Mate Ch. 04

 — Smarmy goddamn happy end. by risgrynsfisk01/05/164.86HOT

Mathel Hated Change

 — And yet that is all her life seemed to be now. by jthserra04/14/044.17

Matt's Adventures

 — Matt hits the road to find his life. by Egmont040910/04/094.61HOT

Matter of Choice

 — Always ours to make. by magmaman09/18/054.68HOT

Matters of the Heart

 — Both running from something can they find love in each other. by Garoozis01/02/154.07


 — A guy and gal begin to see their life beyond the bed. by egmontgrigor201012/08/104.51HOT

Maud Comes for Valentine

 — A Victorian romance - will Maud find love? by NaokoSmith01/21/164.48

Max and Megan

 — Max comes home from the Army and surprises Megan. by CambriaRose06/17/134.49

Max and Megan Ch. 02

 — Max comes home and learns a secret. by CambriaRose06/18/134.27

Max and Megan Ch. 03

 — History repeats itself. by CambriaRose06/22/134.03

Max and Megan Ch. 04

 — Tragedy strikes and feelings are realized. by CambriaRose11/06/134.48

Max and Megan Ch. 05

 — Will Megan survive? by CambriaRose11/17/134.58HOT

Max and Megan Go Camping

 — Max and Megan go camping. by CambriaRose06/10/124.36

Max and Rosie

 — A devoted husband desires their beautiful live-in nurse. by peacekeeper2501/21/164.79HOT

Max's Lake

 — She goes to a secluded cabin and meets a man. by Mistress Kalpana07/03/054.07

Maxwell and Janet

 — Two friends put the flirting aside and have great sex. by jmac890004/11/083.43

May Today Become The Day

 — A hopeless morning leads to a blissful night. by Swanheart12/17/054.56HOT

Maybe Just One Good Man?

 — A modern military romance. by peachesmelba05/24/114.79HOT

Maybe Just One Good Man? Ch. 02

 — Johnny cums home again. by peachesmelba01/04/124.73HOT

Maybe Just One Good Man? Ch. 03

 — John and Dee rock the night away. by peachesmelba12/28/124.69HOT

Maybe, Never, Forever

 — Someone hopes while thinking of an unrequited love. by PhoenixAkimichi06/24/073.86

MC-125 Ch. 01-11

 — Mind control with a dash of romance. by LordRaven11/07/034.85HOT

MC-125 Ch. 12

 — Samantha comes home after a hectic day. by LordRaven11/11/034.79HOT

MC-125 Ch. 13

 — He moves into the new facilities. by LordRaven11/14/034.80HOT

MC-125 Ch. 14

 — Samantha's secret revealed. by LordRaven05/02/044.84HOT

Me and Shubi

 — Loving Co workers. by maverick201012/19/103.91

Me and Shubi Ch. 02

 — Loving co-workers. by maverick201003/02/114.22

Me and Shubi Ch. 03

 — Loving coworkers. by maverick201002/15/134.00

Me and Shubi Ch. 04

 — My saga with Shubhi continues. by maverick201003/14/144.23

Me and Shubi Ch. 05

 — Welcoming Sneha after a long break for another threesome by maverick201003/30/144.22

Me and the Porn Star

 — Cab driver and Porn Star get together. by Cromagnonman09/14/094.62HOT

Meanie Pie

 — A real hard ass finds love and lust. by JimBob4407/04/094.69HOT

Meant to Be

 — England 1944. by jerseyblue04/01/134.49

Meant To Be Ch. 01

 — Lifelong friends discover love after college. by bethanie15502/23/144.83HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 01

 — Encounter by foolish_hobgoblin06/04/144.77HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 02

 — Aaron talks to Vicki. by jerseyblue04/04/134.60HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 02

 — Kelsey and Nathan continue to test the waters... by bethanie15502/27/144.77HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 02

 — Bliss by foolish_hobgoblin06/05/144.84HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 03

 — Vicki begins to fall. by jerseyblue04/07/134.76HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 03

 — Is their love enough to make Kelsey stay? by bethanie15503/09/144.75HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 03

 — Perception and Awareness by foolish_hobgoblin06/06/144.84HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 04

 — Aaron makes a decision, so does Vicki. by jerseyblue04/09/134.76HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 04

 — Kelsey is forced to choose... by bethanie15503/28/144.81HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 04

 — Heartbreak and Insight by foolish_hobgoblin06/07/144.80HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 05

 — A three day pass to London. by jerseyblue04/12/134.80HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 05

 — Jumbled by foolish_hobgoblin06/08/144.85HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 06

 — Aaron and Vicki continue in London. by jerseyblue04/13/134.73HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 06

 — Reuniting by foolish_hobgoblin06/09/144.86HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 07

 — The good luck runs out. by jerseyblue04/16/134.79HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 07

 — Stress and Joy by foolish_hobgoblin06/10/144.82HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 08

 — Aaron and Vicki come to a crossroads. by jerseyblue04/20/134.82HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 08

 — Ordeal. by foolish_hobgoblin06/11/144.76HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 09

 — Aaron almost loses it all. by jerseyblue04/25/134.69HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 09

 — Recovery by foolish_hobgoblin06/12/144.81HOT

Meant to Be Ch. 10

 — The war ends and Vicki comes to America. by jerseyblue04/29/134.84HOT

Meant To Be Ch. 10

 — Happily Ever After. by foolish_hobgoblin06/13/144.90HOT

Meant to Happen Ch. 02

 — A new day, a new way. by vividlyyours09/24/144.67HOT

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

 — A struggling author gets an unexpected visit. by HansTrimble02/22/134.56HOT


 — Uncertainties and the use of oils. by demure10103/18/124.72HOT

Medbh Ch. 02

 — Some wishes come true. by demure10105/18/124.90HOT


 — She saves my life then makes it worh living. by jjcole02/20/134.66HOT

Medieval Passions

 — A few passionate trysts for the Lady of the house. by Tirant lo Blanc12/09/024.57HOT

Mediterranean Passion

 — Your first date with a Spanish lover... by karibe12/09/024.22

Meet Me Halfway

 — Lovers reunite for weekend of passion. by janiexx01/25/104.48

Meet Me in The Library

 — A couple is almost caught naked on a library table. by EroticRomanticMan02/10/034.50HOT

Meet Me in the Men's Room

 — A long distance fantasy becomes reality. by SelfishMe04/18/114.12

Meet Savannah Casey

 — Friends with a benefit. by FoxMWonderful01/20/083.88

Meet Your Sexy Daughter

 — Transormation of young woman nobody likes. by Egmont Grigor04/09/054.30


 — A romantic meeting between first time on line lovers. by heryankee12/03/034.00

Meeting a Friend

 — Cyberlovers thought they knew each other, but... by RjThoughts05/09/014.12

Meeting Becca Ch. 01

 — What do you say to an old flame? by Jarhead1401/19/104.60HOT

Meeting Becca Ch. 02

 — What do you say to a new flame? by Jarhead1402/15/104.74HOT

Meeting Bree

 — After six years of online chatting, they meet. by Metronome3708/28/094.81HOT

Meeting Bree Ch. 02

 — The saga of Vic and Bree continues. by Metronome3709/08/094.60HOT

Meeting Bree Ch. 03

 — Vic and Bree saga continues. by Metronome3709/12/094.75

Meeting By The Sea

 — You find her wet from the sea. by Pippac02/17/094.69HOT

Meeting Cameron

 — Abigail takes a chance on love. by captivate10/13/024.52HOT

Meeting Chris

 — Birthday ends with a steamy encounter. by TheSubstitute04/06/044.59HOT

Meeting Chris Ch. 02

 — Late night call gets steamy. by TheSubstitute11/05/044.55HOT

Meeting Clive

 — Clarice meets Clive. by Miss_Clarice08/27/063.55

Meeting David

 — She meets you online and in the shower. by African Nights01/11/034.57HOT

Meeting Dr. Georgia

 — Diane meets a new lover. Her doctor. by MathGirl12/05/024.47

Meeting for the First Time

 — Lusting for a stranger. by Hottotty09/04/053.80

Meeting in a Bar

 — The two of you meet for the first time. by rose4umfh12/10/054.13

Meeting in Oz

 — Two cyber friends finally meet in Australia. by gedda9803/31/013.86

Meeting in Rome

 — Tryst in a foreign city. by raiderh01/27/123.90

Meeting James Ch. 02

 — James and Melanie spend their first day together. by melanieatplay01/04/154.76HOT

Meeting James Ch. 1

 — She only knows him as a voice with a picture. by BeautifulPrincess09/02/014.00

Meeting James Ch. 2

 — They become tangled in a weekend of lust. by BeautifulPrincess09/03/013.90

Meeting Kaiser

 — She meets enigmatic stranger for second time. by Sulpicia08/07/064.00

Meeting Katherine

 — Early 30's guy finds spunky lady to light up his life by milwaukiedave09/22/034.15

Meeting My Husband

 — The story of how I met my Mister. by Christie05278007/13/114.34

Meeting My Match

 — Their first time, at a hotel. by kallie18210/28/033.90

Meeting Ryan Daley

 — An introvert's fantasy of meeting her favorite author. by TerraLisa09/03/154.69HOT

Meeting the Friends

 — Roger takes Julia to meet his friends. by TazDeVille05/05/093.51

Meeting the Parents

 — You only get one chance; don't screw it up. by Dinsmore05/24/064.80HOT


 — Hero saves her from a bad date. by Alex De Kok10/15/004.60HOT

Meg's Uniform

 — Career-driven couple discover love on the Oregon Coast. by ProfessorR11/04/044.68HOT


 — Sometimes, all it takes is a smile. by onehitwanda03/03/154.85HOTContest Winner

Megan and Her Young Marine

 — Marine lieutenant finds his one true love. by Dinsmore06/14/054.61HOT

Megan Ch. 02

 — James meets Megan, a nun for a week at the ocean. by Paris Waterman11/15/134.60HOT

Megan's Story: The Healing

 — Wife in pain needs healing only husband can provide. by cdhawkeye96a07/10/064.21

Megan, The Special One

 — A man finds her but she is already married by TexasFarmBoy05/13/134.70HOT

Mei Lei

 — An outline for a novel. by H20wader01/13/104.58HOT

Melanie Ch. 01

 — Meeing of novelist and poet at a Paris conference. by Scotsman6909/09/084.54HOT


 — A spontaneous act of lovemaking, on the first date! by Showtorious10/14/103.15


 — You can't help who you love. by MoogPlayer05/11/11HOT


 — He has an unexpected sexual encounter at school. by milordrevan02/29/124.12

Melody's Bad Day Fairy

 — Late night knock at door results in sensual encounter. by markyoni04/08/014.61HOT

Melody's Voice

 — Horrific dreams will lead to horrible mornings. by LovelyDarkLullaby03/21/094.12

Melting the Ice Ch. 01

 — University student has chance meeting with hockey goalie. by MugsyB04/04/104.83HOT

Melting the Ice Ch. 02

 — Will Natalie and Hayden get past the misunderstandings? by MugsyB04/07/104.81HOT

Melting the Ice Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of Natalie and Hayden's story. by MugsyB04/09/104.83HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 01

 — Emily has a crush on her church youth director. by FunWhileItLasted12/17/15

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 02

 — Emily and Ted start flirting. by FunWhileItLasted12/27/15HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 03

 — A fantasy and a text conversation. by FunWhileItLasted01/06/16

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 04

 — Emily sends Ted a risqué picture. by FunWhileItLasted01/15/16

Memorable Night

 — Husband treats her to a bubble bath. by TwilightEmbrace01/05/074.41


 — Memories of that one night long ago. by Cromagnonman07/09/084.51HOT


 — A powerful memory can do the most amazing things. by SilverShadows06/17/143.72

Memories Aren't Forgotten

 — Josie is rescued from a stampede by handsome Adam. by dylan_J12/09/084.12

Memories Aren't Forgotten Ch. 02

 — Jessie is that fever Adam can't sweat out. by dylan_J12/15/08

Memories Aren't Forgotten Ch. 03

 — Jessie's interest in the stranger grows. by dylan_J01/13/093.84

Memories From Moving Out

 — Photos brings back memories of romantic night. by Silent_Quill06/01/054.60HOT

Memories In Three-Quarter Time

 — A beautiful love story with a twist. by fantac6407/08/044.60HOT

Memories In Time

 — She cherishes the memories of love. by VixenLaFlamme03/07/103.50

Memories of a Past

 — Meeting an old lover, remembering the past. by paperbakwrytr08/08/024.32

Memories of Halloween Past

 — Young lovers, and a tragic Halloween experience. by Lekov10/07/014.76HOT

Memories of Rain on a Tin Roof

 — A sudden rain storm, an old hay barn, fun memories. by TxRad08/15/124.67HOT

Memory Lane

 — First love revisited. by sddcfreak11/25/074.05

Mending a Broken Heart

 — Ron shares a secret with his neighbor. by nitengale01/31/014.33

Mending A Broken Heart

 — Love Revisited. by HDTopper04/30/074.67HOT

Mending the Rend

 — The tale of a women looking for love. by Lil Vixen06/07/064.50HOT

Mending the Rend Ch. 02

 — He finds the house where love is built. by Lil Vixen06/24/064.64HOT

Mental Patience Ch. 02

 — Metaphors. (Ch 01 is optional.) by PayDay05/03/124.33

Mental Patience Ch. 03

 — The Ends, but not the ending? by PayDay08/07/124.00

Mentoring My Trainee Ch. 01

 — Married professor is infatuated with married student. by geekcock07/14/133.25

Mentum, Corpus, e Espiritus

 — He's a real latin lover. by StraightRazor10/11/004.80


 — A long time friendship develops into something more. by jjsharshaw04/06/044.60HOT

Mercy Date

 — Mom decides Kylie's prom date. by fgmntfmgnshn04/02/134.59HOT


 — Merging companies should always be this fun. by HaydenBraeburn08/02/104.55HOT

Meriweather Way Secrets

 — Gorgeous rogue encounters the housewife. by Kissmesweet07/24/124.46


 — A woman's fantasy comes true. by Banditinoz12/29/014.00

Merry Christmas, Baby

 — A Christmas love story. by D.C. Roi12/30/034.63HOT

Merry Christmas, My Love

 — Christmas Eve seemed hopeless until Tom arrived. by gentle_man12/21/014.68HOT

Merry Christmas, Santa & Our BBW

 — It started out as a Miserable Christmas Eve. by Xesevoli12/03/034.27

Merry F-ing Christmas

 — Toy shop for repair of broken hearts & dreams? by smy3th11/11/064.75HOT

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