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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Blowjob Brothers

 — Siblings take brotherly love to a new level. by ThomX09/17/014.32

Blowjob Brothers Ch. 2

 — Incestuous brothers add Dad to the mix. by ThomX09/20/014.41

Blown in the Bathroom

 — He stumbles upon sister in the head and gets head. by americanslugger07/28/084.14

Blue-Dark Bayou

 — A Southern porno-gothic vignette. by MlledeLaPlumeBleu06/19/034.62HOT

Blue-Dark Bayou Ch. 02

 — More a' that, I reckon. by MlledeLaPlumeBleu07/02/034.78HOT


 — An innovative use of technology brings couples together. by adam applebiter08/07/064.62HOT

Blurred Image

 — Halloween heats up for a man, his sister and his best friend. by rubyinnature10/23/094.25

Blurred Lines

 — She dances to a hit song, her father becomes a predator. by mooboo2u02/03/144.39


 — What was she waiting for? by princessjennie04/28/094.57HOT

Boat Fuck

 — I fucked my son's female friend. by wakedad811/15/094.41

Boat Ho Ch. 09

 — While on leave Alex has sex with her brother and her father. by rckplsky06/12/103.58

Boat Ho Ch. 18

 — Skyler comes to San Diego. by rckplsky08/23/103.96

Boat Ho Ch. 24

 — Alex kicks Skyler out. by rckplsky01/17/113.80

Boat Ho Ch. 30

 — Alex meets a Mormon and fucks her brother. by rckplsky07/18/123.65

Boat Ride with Mom

 — With a sexual emergency, son is willing to help! by HeyAll03/08/154.34

Boat Trip

 — Fishing is not all about fishing with Danni. by alcopop05/17/123.61

Bob & Nikki's Story

 — Big brother finds little sister too tempting. by Jerrycurious05/06/104.14

Bob & Nikki's Story - Ch. 02

 — Big brother finds little sister too tempting. by Jerrycurious06/01/104.35

Bob & Nikki's Story - Ch. 03

 — Big brother finds little sister too tempting. by Jerrycurious06/07/104.40

Bob and Becky Ch. 07

 — Becky gets more "hands on". by lurkingdirk02/18/074.64HOT

Bob and Becky Ch. 08

 — Siblings spy while their parents get it on. by lurkingdirk03/08/074.30

Bob and Becky Ch. 09

 — Bob and Becky have oral on the beach. by lurkingdirk03/14/074.73HOT

Bob and Becky Ch. 10

 — Plans for party and for sex. by lurkingdirk04/25/074.64HOT

Bob and Becky Ch. 11

 — Bob gets both his girlfriend and his sister. by lurkingdirk08/06/074.63HOT

Bob And Becky Get Comfortable Again

 — Sheryl stays the night. by lurkingdirk01/25/074.51HOT

Bob And Becky Watch Each Other

 — Brother and Sister do mutual masturbation. by lurkingdirk02/04/074.53HOT

Bob Discusses Things with His Sister

 — College-bound twins get things in the open. by lurkingdirk01/13/074.29

Bob Sees His Sister's Body...

 — He brings up the issue, and is shot down. by lurkingdirk12/26/064.02

Bob, Brenda, and Sister Joan

 — enticement into incest. by barbdru12405/13/063.90

Bobbi, Unexpected Ch. 01

 — Sometimes, serendipity comes . . . by SSobotkaJr05/08/114.48

Bobbi, Unexpected Ch. 02

 — . . . And then, the favor is returned. by SSobotkaJr09/02/114.54HOT

Bobbi, Unexpected Ch. 03

 — What happens next! by SSobotkaJr01/23/124.56HOT


 — Huge breasted cousin fucks. by broox11/18/064.08

Bobbie's Lesson

 — Little brother gets his education. by PacoFear06/07/094.70HOT

Bobby & Gabby

 — Intro; "Gabby? Are you alright?" by Loversdesires11/14/123.39

Bobby & Grandpa

 — Bobby gets special gift from Grandpa. by ThomX11/04/013.99

Bobby & Tina

 — Bobby gets oral lessons from sexy Aunt. by ran carew03/14/014.25

Bobby and Lindsay

 — Two rich kids get up to no good when Mom and Dad are gone. by TromeoQue08/13/103.65

Bobby Returns to Daisy

 — Dasiy finds love in her sister’s hubby’s arms. by honeydew07/30/014.15

Bobby's Business

 — She explains why it wasn't really sex. by willywilly1900809/23/034.29

Bobby's Graduation Party

 — A great end to another great school year. by zaxxon08/25/044.51HOT

Bobby's Hairy Mom

 — Unshaved Mom catches Bobby masturbating. by atomicwarpig10/16/024.47

Bobby's Home Cumming

 — Teenager's discovery about his mother pays off big time. by walterio05/01/134.31

Bobby's Mom Ch. 1

 — A Day in the Park by Bobby T08/25/024.68HOT

Bobby's Surprise

 — What does she want? by mannytheman04/07/064.03

Body Chemistry

 — What is it about personal chemistry? by MrFalkirk11/18/064.37

Body Language

 — Allan's body said things he couldn't say himself. by Taverner06/25/104.66HOT

Body Snatch Ch. 3

 — Scientist seeks out family support. by MagicWand01/18/024.49

Boiling Point

 — Siblings let their passions erupt. by SoraRabbit12/06/124.40

Bon-Bon and Boo Ch. 01

 — Sometimes true love can be found closer than you think. by bjmichaels05/20/134.41

Bonding With Baby Gurl

 — A father and daughter grow close. by JMiller6912/17/084.31

Bonding with Our New Brother

 — A panty-sniffing stepbrother is found out and fucked. by Graf_Severin01/07/104.11

Boned By My Brother

 — A night alone together leads to one wild time. by BadLilSis11/01/014.34

Boning Emma

 — Amish boy learns the ways of the woman by smut_princess02/09/034.19

Bonking at the Bluff

 — All-in-the-family good times in the Hamptons. by sr71plt12/01/144.05

Bonnie Ch. 01

 — Daughter's half sister meets Dad. by TimSteel09/24/124.25

Bonnie Ch. 02

 — Jessie joins the fun. by TimSteel09/27/124.48

Bonnie's Obsession Ch. 2

 — Horny mom and son head for mountain getaway. by jack_straw08/07/024.59HOT

Bonnie's Obsession Ch. 3

 — Mother and son party hearty with sexy young thing. by jack_straw08/19/024.64HOT

Bonnie's Obsession Ch. 4

 — Horny mother and son spend hot day with new friend. by jack_straw10/18/024.68HOT

Bonnie's Obsession Ch. 5

 — Mother and son seek out long-lost dad for lusty climax. by jack_straw11/04/024.48

Bonnie's Obsession Ch.1

 — Road trip ignites simmering lust between mother and son by jack_straw07/26/024.62HOT

Boo's Tattoo

 — Dad finds out desire is mutual. by niemand199408/05/134.61HOT

Boo, My Grown Up Daughter

 — Father helps daughter grow up. by Rayforehead07/20/024.04

Boobs n Boners

 — The tale of a very horny sonn, and an equally horny mom. by klrxo07/04/104.68HOT

Boogie Nights

 — Son discovers that mom's still got it. by Gonzo09907/08/014.10

Book Room Encounter

 — Father and Daughter read a book. by standingstones06/09/094.17

Book Store Stories No. 01

 — Married man deals with his bisexuality. by KawGuy05/03/094.48

Book Store Stories No. 02

 — The next day after being discovered at the book store. by KawGuy05/21/094.53HOT

Book Store Stories No. 03

 — Dad & daughter make their second trip to the adult store. by KawGuy06/12/094.49

Book Store Stories No. 04

 — Candy & Daddy go back to the Adult Book Store. by KawGuy06/24/094.44

Book Store Stories No. 05

 — Daddy and Candy enjoy glory holes. by KawGuy07/04/094.43

Book Store Stories No. 06

 — Candy and her daddy have a threeway. by KawGuy07/16/094.49

Book Store Stories No. 07

 — Candy and her father attend Hedonism III. by KawGuy08/14/094.30

Book Store Stories No. 08

 — Daddy and daughter discover sex room. by KawGuy10/03/094.51HOT

Book Store Stories No. 09

 — Daddy and Candy are watched. by KawGuy10/25/094.52HOT

Boondocks Summer #00: Prelude

 — A summer on the family ranch gets steamy by kkrew11/11/134.21

Booty Club

 — Young man finds out he was conceived in a Booty Club. by BlackSnake05/25/064.02


 — Twins experience each other for the first time. by LittleP09/03/014.62HOT

Borders' Delight

 — Daddy busts his 'little girl' flirting at Borders'. by alioops11/23/063.73

Bored and Horny

 — Big brother looks out for his semi-blind sister. by Xarth04/12/144.47

Bored Stiff

 — Sis decides to relive stress Brother decides to help by PenanceS01/20/034.16

Born Beautiful

 — Young model/actress & her desire for power over all men. by MagicWand08/15/083.52

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #01

 — A woman without rights living in Munich, Germany in 1860. by SusanJillParker10/25/123.67

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #02

 — Bavarian Alps and beer, change is in the air and everywhere. by SusanJillParker10/26/123.61

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #03

 — Olga leans respect & obedience while having sex with her son. by SusanJillParker10/28/123.96

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #04

 — Man against machine, machine wins, & Olga loses in the barn. by SusanJillParker11/01/124.05

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #05

 — Hugo punishes Olga before Karl has his way with his mother. by SusanJillParker11/03/124.19

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #06

 — Hugo threatens to take Rachel to the barn for discipline. by SusanJillParker11/08/123.87

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #07

 — Karl controls his mother by having sex with her. by SusanJillParker11/15/124.06

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #08

 — Son forcing mother to have sex with him. by SusanJillParker11/23/124.04

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #09

 — Brunette, green-eyed, busty, & beautiful, introducing Rachel. by SusanJillParker12/03/123.67

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #10

 — The scream, her mother's scream, was coming from the barn. by SusanJillParker12/14/123.39

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #11

 — Complete with Monsters, the Horror Hidden in the Barn. by SusanJillParker12/23/123.73

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #12

 — Olga confesses that she enjoys making love to her son. by SusanJillParker12/29/123.89

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #13

 — Rachel pays for Hugo's rage against social changes. by SusanJillParker01/10/133.67

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #14

 — Women take back control from men by sucking their cocks. by SusanJillParker01/25/134.08

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #15

 — Karl has sex with his mother while his sister, Rachel, watches. by SusanJillParker01/26/133.89

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #16

 — Brother Karl peeps sister Rachel stroking & sucking father. by SusanJillParker02/13/134.13

Born to Love

 — Twins discover love with one another. by Mistress_of_Passion05/21/123.89

Born to Love Ch. 02

 — Confessions of love between the twins. by Mistress_of_Passion05/22/124.43

Born to Love Ch. 03

 — Rachel finally understands why her grandmother is calm. by Mistress_of_Passion08/01/124.44

Born to Love Ch. 04

 — Michael shows Rachel that their love can't be denied. by Mistress_of_Passion08/07/124.58HOT

Born to Love Ch. 05

 — Rachel's grandmother reveals a life altering possibility. by Mistress_of_Passion08/11/124.42

Born to Love Ch. 06

 — Rachel tells Michael. by Mistress_of_Passion08/15/124.61HOT

Born to Suck Ch. 12

 — Sven fucks Aunt Claire, Joey does his oral clean-up duties. by rmdexter10/13/104.67HOT

Born To Tease Ch. 2

 — Sexy girl shows off for Daddy. by J07/18/004.35

Born Under Aries

 — Ricky and Elaine were made for each other! by auntirotickle01/30/113.95

Borromean Rings

 — Unconventional mnage-a-trois, if there is such a thing. by Scaramouche12305/03/114.56HOT

Borrowing Money

 — Sister has special way of paying for a loan from her brother. by Giveandgetoral06/05/144.43

Boss Lady & Daughter

 — Ecstasy by proxy. by DuggerPlus04/20/104.42

Boss Lady's Daughter

 — The past, the present, but is there a future? by DuggerPlus04/07/104.35

Both Mothers Got It

 — Two beautiful women, two determined boys. by qualitywheat03/30/134.18

Bottom Training School

 — Dad sends his son on journey of humiliation. by amy pussy03/17/034.08

Bottoms Up Yet Again

 — The family gets closer still amid more coupling. by SEVERUSMAX03/26/154.00NEW

Bound For My Daddy

 — Lusting father takes advantage of his daughter's situation. by lovecraft6809/07/124.68HOT

Bound to Happen

 — Sister's teasing leads to great sex. by V-Trucker07/10/013.46

Bound to Happen Again

 — Daddy discovers her basic instinct. by Whisky7up10/06/054.47

Bound to Pleasure

 — Regina discovers satisfaction is always nearby. by baron_holmes05/05/014.34

Bound: Late One Night Pt. 02, 2011

 — Linsey and her father go to the lake, and for a swim. by Sumddy09/23/114.65HOT

Bound: Late One Night, 2010

 — Father finds his daughter, self-tied up in her bedroom. by Sumddy08/01/114.65HOT

Boundaries Ch. 01

 — Mom finds out about daughter's bi-curiosity. by _mal_03/18/114.46

Boundaries Ch. 02

 — Daughter finds a girlfriend, but is that all? by _mal_08/07/114.62HOT

Boundaries Ch. 03

 — Sex talk or sexy talk with daughter? by _mal_10/09/114.55HOT

Boundaries Ch. 04

 — Lesbian lust-fueled teasing spills over... by _mal_01/21/124.77HOT

Boundaries Ch. 05

 — Mother and daughter continue to open up and explore... by _mal_04/08/134.68HOT

Bowled Over By Sis Ch. 01

 — Sis asks bro to join her unusual bowling league, sparks fly by dezurtdawg01/06/144.73HOT

Bowled Over By Sis Ch. 02

 — Things heat up between the bowling siblings. by dezurtdawg01/13/144.63HOT

Boy of My Dreams

 — College girl falls for younger brother. by MatthewMarcus209905/04/064.24

Boy Takes Cousin's Virginity

 — Boy and girl cousins reunite. by Anonymous Author09/28/004.34

Boy Turns into a Man

 — Guy loses his virginity to his mom. by football_stud03/24/073.75

Boys in the Band

 — Kickin' it up a notch while the music plays on. by BadLilSis11/30/014.17

Boys will be Boys

 — Divorced mom & 18-year-old son bury the hatchet. by johnnys12309/11/064.13

Boys Will Be Boys

 — She knew what her Uncle wanted. by autoerotism03/30/044.36

Bra Shopping With Daddy

 — Monica gets some new assets. by kimberlykitten07/06/044.03

Brad & Sylvie

 — A revelation. by Jena12108/04/084.17

Brad and Amy Ch. 01

 — A shopping trip sparks desire between brother and sister. by dustybeard01/28/094.32

Brad and Amy Ch. 02

 — The fun begins between brother and sister. by dustybeard01/31/094.48

Brad and Amy Ch. 03

 — Getting hot for each other. by dustybeard02/05/094.55HOT

Brad and Amy Ch. 04

 — Playing the waiting game. by dustybeard02/09/094.51HOT

Brad and Amy Ch. 05

 — The weekend at last. by dustybeard02/21/094.67HOT

Brad and Marsha Ch. 02

 — Adoption; kids at school; a helping hand. by mark_867530912/21/064.49

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