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Summer Heat

 — Your lover knows how to cool you off. by boaslad02/25/032.75

Summer Heat

 — A claim of innocence leads to love. by _Lynn_08/31/124.57HOT

Summer Heat

 — A flooded living room leads to even more steamy things. by TxRad08/26/134.72HOT

Summer Heat

 — Hollie and Danny have the summer of a lifetime... by emiliarose05/15/124.43

Summer Island Romance Ch. 01

 — Continuing romance between island lady & a nobleman. by Summer10303/19/074.50

Summer Job

 — Jilted college student finds love on the rebound. by Swilly08/28/154.72HOT

Summer Love

 — They never met before. by ElmoMan08/20/034.27

Summer Night Gets Hotter

 — Josh and Dominique have some fun. by YumaMccall703/23/174.15

Summer Nights

 — Julie & Jeff have fun in the rain. by Camacie12/16/003.78

Summer Nights

 — A musical romance in a nudist camp. by sagacious2109/12/114.55HOT

Summer of 2007

 — The best summer of my life. Summer of 2007. by Mac9807/25/094.35

Summer of Love

 — Three high school grads discover peace, music, & free love. by GypsyLennon12/28/074.19

Summer on the Tightrope

 — Emily walks a sexual tightrope of want at the circus. by 4glory608/22/164.50HOT

Summer Paradise Ch. 01

 — Arriving at the beach. by joga123407/16/143.87

Summer Paradise Ch. 02

 — Drama at the beach. by joga123407/20/143.76

Summer Rain

 — Just one taste of this forbidden pleasure. by Alissa03/02/034.67HOT

Summer Rain

 — Chemistry at its unstoppable best. by Darsy08/21/113.58

Summer Rain

 — A binman and a 18-year-old papergirl meet in the rain. by Storm6211/30/114.75HOT

Summer Rain

 — Warm rain on warm skin. by Wyld_Karde02/25/084.51HOT

Summer Rain

 — Do you like to kiss in the rain? by EmelieDragon09/06/164.50HOT

Summer Revelations

 — Lonely small-town outcast finds solace in friendly face. by Heltevir03/17/024.48

Summer Romance Never Forgotten #01

 — Not meant to be, man meets the love of his life & loses her. by SusanJillParker08/26/154.10

Summer Romance Never Forgotten #02

 — Unable to let her go, loved & lost, Robert remembers Emma. by SusanJillParker08/27/154.12

Summer Romance Never Forgotten #03

 — Robert recalls his first time with Emma forty years ago. by SusanJillParker08/27/154.14

Summer Romance Never Forgotten #04

 — The memory of a first kiss that lasted forty years. by SusanJillParker08/31/154.17

Summer Romance Never Forgotten #05

 — We all have a love lost and think about what may have been. by SusanJillParker09/09/15HOT

Summer Romance Never Forgotten #06

 — Looking into the past, Robert finds the future...and Emma. by SusanJillParker09/14/15HOT

Summer School

 — A summer at college isn't always a bad thing. by TexacoKitten07/01/074.45

Summer Seduction

 — Text messages are an invaluable foreplay technique. by moonlitclover08/28/094.50HOT

Summer Sex and Summer Love

 — A summer fling with the wrong girl. by Dinsmore02/28/074.62HOT

Summer Solstice

 — Kitty gets more than cycling shoes at her sendoff party. by trigudis06/30/174.28

Summer Stock

 — A sexy actress awakens a young man's passions. by Gary Chambers11/27/034.57HOT

Summer Stream Awakening

 — Turn-of-the-century woman discovers her sexuality. by ronde09/25/024.67HOT

Summer Thunder

 — Biker seduces a local girl. by KarenAM03/11/044.47

Summer Wind

 — Jerry gets dumped by his fiancée but finds love in paradise. by JakeRivers08/12/154.32

Summer with Nora

 — Sometimes they sway into your life and never leave. by NotWithoutMyShoes09/13/104.84HOT

Summer's Day

 — Dezerae creates more sizzling heat on summer's day. by Katerina Val-Kyrie01/10/014.34

Summer's Deadly Secret

 — Elisa has a secret. Will Todd Lukins lean of it this summer? by Kissamee09/04/113.44

Summer's Storm

 — In the dead of winter he remembers a Summer storm. by firefighter0212/14/024.29

Summer, My Sister's Best Friend

 — The love of his life is his big sister's best friend, Summer. by SusanJillParker09/05/134.31

Summers at Silver Lake

 — Over a number of summers, two friends become much more. by BrettJ09/07/144.55HOT

Summertime Love

 — Couple rediscovers each other when the kids are away. by bourbonslut01/13/074.65HOT

Summertime Sadness

 — A Story of Summer Romance, of Sadness and of a Lost Love. by ChloeTzang08/21/174.70HOT

Summoning the Succubi Pt. 07

 — Nathan goes to class. by EroticKappa11/20/154.46

Sun After The Storm

 — Her car broke down. It turned to be a blessing in disguise. by Aduriz01/03/183.73


 — Korean woman & Japanese-American man find true love. by Paniolo Boy06/05/064.64HOT


 — Hot sex under the summer sun. by Redbeard10/20/004.07

Sunday Love Songs 01

 — Nicola, now he sees her, now he doesn't. by Alwaysraining01/15/144.69HOT

Sunday Love Songs 02

 — He couldn't catch her, then he could, but would he? by Alwaysraining01/17/144.79HOT

Sunday Morning

 — Showers can be enjoyed by everyone. by drivigwithnobreaks09/18/124.00

Sunday Morning

 — A morning daydream. by Kitdawson09/18/104.50

Sunday Morning Delight

 — Accustomed to boring sex, you find excitement. by Shane Grey11/28/014.38

Sunday Morning Going Down

 — I had something sweeter than pancakes for breakfast. by tthecat199906/14/094.30

Sunday Morning Interlude

 — A snapshot: A couple in love, a rainy day, and breakfast. by LilyTigress04/27/064.71HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 01

 — Teenage Romance by fadedgiant06/01/164.48

Sunday Morning Pt. 02

 — Young Love Grows. by fadedgiant07/03/164.57HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 03

 — David and Abbie out themselves to their families. by fadedgiant07/23/164.59HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 04

 — The college years begin for David and Abbie. by fadedgiant08/18/164.42

Sunday Morning Pt. 05

 — Abbie and David get a weekend together. by fadedgiant02/21/174.61HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 06

 — A disaster strikes. by fadedgiant03/07/174.76HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 07

 — Abbie and David life continues to evolve. by fadedgiant05/14/174.62HOT

Sunday Morning: 11am

 — They lay in bed in the morning. by geronimo_appleby07/01/094.20


 — I knew she liked the way these felt on her skin. by TypeLikeRabbits03/29/184.45


 — A couple tries to survive an impending apocalypse. by rwsteward10/23/114.68HOT


 — Lover takes her on a relaxing getaway. by Jess10/21/004.33

Sunny, The Final Chapter

 — Sunny gives him a final BJ. by JerseyCop01/22/064.75HOT


 — Looking for me. by sunnydayzwithu06/21/08

Sunrise at the Park

 — They enjoy themselves at the park. by Lotus_Maiden10/21/143.80

Sunset at the Pink Water Cafe Ch. 01

 — Nobody does it better, or, the spy who fucked me. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/18/17

Sunset at the Pink Water Cafe Ch. 02

 — What was once old is new again. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/20/17

Sunset at the Pink Water Cafe Ch. 04

 — I love a Gershwin tune, how about you? by Adrian Leverkuhn03/24/17

Sunset Kiss Ch. 01

 — Wyatt meets Sarah. by Mistress_Sabrina06/25/134.21

Sunset Kiss Ch. 02

 — Wyatt and Sarah find each other. by Mistress_Sabrina06/26/134.32

Sunset Kiss Ch. 03

 — Wyatt and Sarah go the next step. by Mistress_Sabrina06/28/134.24

Sunset on the Nile

 — Is she a dream, or is she real? by D_K_Moon02/01/08


 — She remembers sunsets and loving over many years. by jfremont08/07/164.80HOT

Sunsets and Sex

 — I stare out the window. by girliegirl020603/30/103.33

Sunshine & Moonlight

 — Gabriel is out for a drive and finds a car broken down. by darkgoddess247801/30/054.49

Sunshine After the Rain

 — A storm brings a new love. by Otazel07/28/064.72HOT


 — It was a wonderful day with only a few clouds in the sky. by MungoParkIII07/05/074.13

Support from a Friend

 — Kenny finds solace in the arms of his best friend Taylor. by JohnLocke403/22/184.52HOT

Surpressed Passion

 — Broken dream of marriage ignites passion. by Lilin Penn03/12/054.64HOT


 — Hunky Chinese college guy gets some in his dorm. by Mikechina02/24/062.44


 — There is life after divorce. by TxRad03/17/164.58HOT

Surprise Chance for Love Ch. 01

 — Two people meet purely by accident. by BlewWater6901/05/164.61HOT

Surprise Chance for Love Ch. 02: Saturday

 — Jack agrees to spend Saturday with Elly and the boys. by BlewWater6901/27/164.77HOT

Surprise Chance for Love Ch. 03: Sunday

 — Sunday and Jack heads back to Chicago. by BlewWater6902/08/164.61HOT

Surprise Chance for Love Ch. 04: Monday

 — Tough work week leads to great weekend fun. by BlewWater6902/26/164.80HOT

Surprise Chance for Love Ch. 05: Wednesday

 — This time Jack invites her to the city. by BlewWater6903/04/164.83HOT

Surprise Chance for Love Ch. 06

 — Jack makes the big move and Elly is happy! by BlewWater6904/21/164.77HOT

Surprise from My Girlfriend

 — I get a nice surprise when I come home. by dresden9212/09/144.18

Surprise Guest

 — A exciting way to spice up sex with your partner. by sugarsback03/30/013.54

Surprise Guest Ch. 1

 — She drops by to seduce you. by Lady4u2nite04/04/024.06

Surprise Guest Ch. 2

 — Another visitor has arrived. by Lady4u2nite06/05/024.30

Surprise Island Dessert

 — A surprise from your lover in an island paradise by ViXxXNKisses05/11/054.30

Surprise Love Pt. 01

 — June find a Yankee soldier in the snow. by Goldenanal10/29/173.62

Surprise Of A Lifetime

 — He searched five years to find her. by failte40210/09/034.42

Surprise Package

 — Cassie bitterly plans to spend Valentine's Day alone. by JoAnn11102/03/084.40

Surprise Visit

 — Sexy girl surprises her guy. by forlackofabettername06/13/044.40

Surprise Visitor

 — You show up at her door for a night of passion. by fyzzlestyx09/25/054.40

Surprised By Love

 — Woman meets love of her life on business trip. by evenstar01/07/024.24

Surrender Ch. 2

 — You and he enjoy a snack. by Dartagnan10/20/004.62

Surrender Ch. 3

 — You begin to rediscover yourself with His help. by Dartagnan10/20/004.86

Surrender Ch. 4

 — He dresses you up. by Dartagnan10/20/004.08

Surrender Ch. 5

 — He asks you an important question. by Dartagnan10/20/004.71HOT

Surviving Tragedy

 — How a man and his sister-in-law overcome tragedy. by madengineer305/29/094.34

Susan's Saturday Night Sex Ch. 11

 — Steven and Steven, it's all about the two Stevens...finally. by SusanJillParker04/07/144.29

Susie Ch. 03

 — She is in love with Corey and tells her parents she's having sex. by Susie_O09/25/074.55HOT

Susie Ch. 11

 — Howard gets together with Colleen & does nude gymnastics. by Susie_O01/02/084.37

Susie Ch. 14

 — Susie and Corey are betrothed and celebrate with sex. by Susie_O02/05/084.65HOT

Susie Ch. 16

 — Colleen mets Howard's parents. by Susie_O02/27/084.67HOT

Susie Ch. 17

 — Colleen shows her abilities at the airfield and in bed. by Susie_O03/07/084.65HOT

Susie Ch. 18

 — Susie becomes school newspaper advice columnist. by Susie_O03/17/084.60HOT

Susie Ch. 20

 — Susie and Corey Celebrate her birthday. by Susie_O04/07/084.61HOT

Susie Ch. 34

 — Susie's jealousy brings her back to Corey. by Susie_O10/04/084.55HOT

Susie Ch. 35

 — Susie and Corey celebrate thier engagement. by Susie_O10/19/084.66HOT

Susie Ch. 36

 — The sexual initation of Susie's apartment. by Susie_O11/05/084.59HOT

Susie In The Midnight Sun

 — Susie goes to Norway & falls for a local. by SEVERUSMAX08/27/043.65

Suspension of Disbelief Ch. 01

 — I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. by Whyte_Horse05/17/114.49

Suspension of Disbelief Ch. 02

 — She couldn't keep her hands off me. by Whyte_Horse10/25/114.47

Suzanna and Adam Ch. 01

 — A teacher/student relationship starts. by mysterious1601/16/123.52


 — Valentine's Day aboard a ship. by D_K_Moon02/06/14


 — She was more than a painter. by SierraSprite05/19/154.38

Svetlana in Olive Drab

 — He saw her struggling not to cry. He knew how it felt. by TaLtos602/22/144.78HOT


 — Shy girl loses her virginity. by Alex De Kok09/10/104.59HOT

Swans Ch. 1

 — Yvette talks to Cassidy, and meets her boss's son. by *Eve*09/01/004.33

Swans Ch. 2

 — Cassidy's story. by *Eve*09/01/004.12

Swati Ch. 01

 — Daughter of freedom fighters, by indian_exec200009/15/074.54HOT

Swati Ch. 02

 — They meet again. by indian_exec200009/29/074.52HOT

Swati Ch. 03

 — Swati visits Mumbai. by indian_exec200010/10/074.55HOT

Swati Ch. 04

 — Swati & Sameer have a tryst at a wedding. by indian_exec200010/18/074.56HOT

Sweat Dreams

 — A romantic interlude between husband and wife. by UnknownAuthor04/15/114.58HOT


 — Best friends, discovering a secret. by Philharmonic06/16/104.00

Sweet Caroline

 — He uses her love to survive. by Cromagnonman11/18/114.66HOT

Sweet Dreams

 — A tryst among the clouds. by Sapphire_Satire910306/29/044.67

Sweet Dreams

 — Dreams do cum true! by TheSensualist6511/10/154.74HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 03

 — A father's day of sorts, learning more about the girlfriends. by Innuendos02/17/124.57HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 04

 — Taking advice from strangers and dirty dancing. by Innuendos02/20/124.56HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 05

 — A visit from family sets things straight. by Innuendos02/23/124.62HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 06

 — Every step you take, someone's watching. by Innuendos02/28/124.66HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 07

 — Powerlessness and reconciliation. by Innuendos02/29/124.57HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 08

 — Vacation time with Jenny and Fiona changes Jahn's life. by Innuendos03/02/124.63HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 09

 — Jahn gets some insight into relationships, past and present. by Innuendos03/08/124.67HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 10

 — Family planning takes a tumble for Jahn, Fiona, and Jen. by Innuendos03/09/124.70HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 11

 — A future awaits Jahn, Fiona, and Jen. Dreams or nightmares? by Innuendos03/10/124.49

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 12

 — Finale: What the future brings for Jahn, Jen, and Fiona. by Innuendos03/11/124.63HOT

Sweet Dreams Ch. 01

 — A cynic finds herself falling for her GM. by Jenna_In_Dreamland12/12/044.39

Sweet Dreams Ch. 02

 — Phoenix faces her demons. by Jenna_In_Dreamland02/08/054.38

Sweet Dreams Ch. 03

 — Memories lead to realizations. by Jenna_In_Dreamland04/15/054.47

Sweet Dreams Ch. 04

 — Phoenix opens up to Dillon about her past. by Jenna_In_Dreamland07/19/054.33

Sweet Dreams Ch. 05

 — Phoenix goes back to the past. by Jenna_In_Dreamland10/02/054.39

Sweet Dreams Ch. 06

 — The past becomes the present. by Jenna_In_Dreamland11/18/054.27

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