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Romance Stories

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 — Exec falls for lovely call girl. by Wodita10/21/004.33

Tasha Pt. 02

 — He's home... by whatsosticky10/01/153.56

TasteThe Honey

 — She loved to taste her own cum on his swollen cock. by emilyrose03/05/064.45

Tattletale: The Aftermath

 — After the confrontation between cheated on and cheaters. by SW_MO_Hermit03/21/144.58HOT

Tattoos of the Soul

 — Divorced woman finds herself at a tattoo parlor. by ronde03/07/044.81HOT

Taxi Ride

 — The hottest ride ever. by Tsemih06/12/173.63

Te Amo

 — An unbreakable friendship turns into love. by kinkybiitchx10/17/133.97

Teach Me to Paint...

 — A painting lesson goes very differently than expected. by Damage9511/03/164.21

Teacher Holds Tightly

 — Recent widow finds comfort with help from teacher. by shybutzesty03/04/023.43

Teacher's Pet

 — Naughty fun at night with the professor. by lilloulou07/11/113.96

Teacher's Pet

 — Student crush on teacher. by jackjill811/10/164.04

Teachers Love

 — A teacher loves his student with a passion. by SammixForever02/26/094.07

Teaching Sophie

 — He never dreamed she'd repay his hard work this way. by knobbieknobbs04/09/054.52HOT

Tears and Healing

 — I didn't know what I was taking on. by catchercradle05/22/144.32

Tears in a Dry Land Ch. 01

 — Pregnant slave girl is found by a kindly Master. by Ygraine11/28/084.58HOT

Tears in a Dry Land Ch. 02

 — The flight to Yunan's stronghold. by Ygraine12/01/084.52HOT

Tears in a Dry Land Ch. 03

 — Sophia meets her Master's other women. by Ygraine12/02/084.67HOT

Tears in a Dry Land Ch. 07

 — Sophia and Yunan reach an understanding. by Ygraine12/21/084.59HOT

Tears in a Dry Land Ch. 08

 — Sophia and Yunan find pleasure with each other. by Ygraine01/18/094.66HOT

Tears of an Angel

 — A man's second chance with the girl he loves. by CTcat42005/20/063.62

Tears of Love

 — They reenact their memories of her first time. by WFEATHER10/11/044.67HOT

Tears of the Moon

 — Love is forever. by DuPain09/13/054.69HOT

Tears On My Face

 — After night of wild sex, he loses her. by Cat502/06/054.77HOT

Tears on the Beach

 — A ghostly lover saves his beloved from herself. by Ygraine06/20/074.69HOT


 — You just thought you were coming for dinner. by inthered05/04/094.33


 — She seduces an accountant and teases him. by xtcnymphette01/10/114.54HOT

Teasing Blonde

 — A hot and sexy blonde teases her boyfriend. by Tarone_Lover05/15/113.84

Teasing Rene

 — A tale about teasing without any actual sex. by Mastajim10/04/104.40

Technically You are Still a Virgin...

 — How Shari kept her vow of chastity...sort of... by ElderDirt11/03/174.46

Techno Vibes Love Story

 — Technician and Programmer Fall Romantically in Love. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter01/07/183.79

Tecumseh Valley

 — Caroline learns of life and love in Tecumseh Valley. by Scorpius194508/20/143.90

Ted & Emily

 — Teenage bride welcomes her "Daddy" home. by AnAmericanDarling03/31/104.06

Teddy Bears and Chocolates

 — A passionate story of two people in love. by MsHustleBunny02/21/094.17

Teenage Dream

 — An intricate story of young love making. by fnightq701/12/114.04

Tell Me A Story: Wife Wants Another

 — This one is special. by Dylan800B09/08/034.18

Tell Me I Can Hope

 — Young lovers get back together. by Alex De Kok08/23/024.73HOT

Tempest in a Touch

 — Relaxing bath leads to a storm of desire. by ukcatsfan04/15/054.40

Tempestuous Ch. 01

 — The Baptism. by redwitch03/19/104.63HOT

Tempestuous Ch. 02

 — The diabolic doll. by redwitch01/12/114.57HOT

Tempestuous Ch. 03

 — Thank heaven for little girls. by redwitch01/17/114.73HOT

Tempestuous Ch. 04

 — Sunday dinner and the accident. by redwitch01/20/114.65HOT

Tempestuous Ch. 05

 — The accident. by redwitch01/23/114.69HOT

Temporary Romance

 — They work as temps but hope their love will be permanent. by Boxlicker10101/25/094.53HOT

Temporary Romance Becomes Permanent

 — They went from roommates to hot and heavy lovers. by Boxlicker10110/06/094.43


 — Natalie wants him back. by jerseyblue01/17/134.19

Temptation's Kiss

 — He wants her; she wants him. by LovelyLittleLies09/23/104.37

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 02

 — Date night! by LovelyLittleLies09/29/104.40

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 03

 — You're a Yankee's fan? by LovelyLittleLies10/05/104.58HOT

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 04

 — Pizza night! by LovelyLittleLies10/17/104.54HOT

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 05

 — Tonight. by LovelyLittleLies11/07/104.66HOT

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 06

 — Woah... by LovelyLittleLies11/14/104.58HOT

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 07

 — Disaster. by LovelyLittleLies12/21/104.57HOT

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 08

 — Keeping strong. by LovelyLittleLies01/28/114.59HOT

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 09

 — Welcome Home. by LovelyLittleLies04/03/114.66HOT

Temptation's Path

 — Temptation resisted is the measure of a person's character. by blueswolf08/08/174.06


 — Who would have ever dreamed where it would end up? by magmaman08/01/124.62HOT

Tempting Tracks

 — The journey is more fun than the destination. by jamisonh21309/09/163.79

Ten Minutes to Midnight

 — Meeting an online love in a faraway place. by Liar03/17/064.74HOT

Ten Words To Spare

 — His "assignment" is to write a fantasy. by thecurious108/20/044.67HOT

Ten Years

 — A young woman's fantasy comes true. by sdwpthwlkr04/23/134.39

Ten Years to Heaven

 — A demon comes home to his angel. by darkstone5704/03/084.54HOT

Tenant Rachel Wins Daughter's Man

 — The mother gets the man away from daughter. by hotjohn432105/23/104.45

Tender Ch. 01

 — Genevieve and Morgan confess sins and more. by PrincessPumpkinhead04/15/154.44

Tender Love in Tennessee

 — A man and his women in the mountains. by tobigtofail201310/01/143.71

Tender Loving Care

 — Nurse finds staying overtime pays off. by crimsonserotic07/29/054.57HOT

Tense... Ch. 01

 — He wants her to relax. by Steppenwolf1705/12/034.62


 — A young man finds more than an education at collage by Starbug36002/20/134.53HOT


 — A bottle, a lime, and a vision, what is one to do? by relandlove06/29/113.60

Tequila Romance

 — Two co-wrkers meet up accidentally. by zipyduda09/06/054.27

Tequila Surprise

 — Charlene makes the most of a boring company Xmas party. by Addicted2Writing11/18/134.29

Teresa's Christmas Party

 — Unintentional office romance blossoms. by camel jockey12/26/043.95

Terminal Love

 — Can temporary be good enough? by Storyteller4U03/26/134.56HOT

Terrible, Horrible, Brilliant Boy

 — Her college sweetheart's leaving her...sort of. by Epmd60705/17/08

Terror in the Snowstorm Ch. 02

 — Aftermath: what happens after Tara & Seth escape their captors. by wantsomefun195105/15/094.77HOT

Terror in the Snowstorm Ch. 03

 — Resolution: Tara and Seth move forward. by wantsomefun195105/23/094.82HOT

Terror in the Snowstorm Ch. 04

 — Tara and Seth, in love. by wantsomefun195105/26/094.85HOT

Terry and David

 — Trashy sisters who wanted to play - with him. by Dinsmore10/24/064.82HOT

Tess and Josh

 — Wild girl finds true love. by ozland23401/05/074.52HOT


 — A story of 2 Londoners swapping bodies. by Fuckwit66607/22/173.13

Testing Theories - Her

 — She can't resist him forever. by ingarlm08/29/094.71HOT

Testing Theories - Him

 — He was glad to be proved right. by ingarlm08/29/094.74HOT

Tete a Tete

 — Susan has a good time visiting her internet lover. by bitterandtwisted8002/26/074.00


 — A trip to the Tetons. by bs69609/14/024.57HOT

Texas Flower

 — A lonely lady in 1840's Texas meets her soulmate. by Rose7005/13/014.27

Texas Holiday

 — Biker seeks his true love. by snowman10/21/004.17

Texas Jack Ch. 01-03

 — A hold up yields more than gold. by Arogue08/04/034.59HOT

Thank God Roth Chose America

 — Descendant shares founding father's sex drive. by Egmont Grigor04/27/084.35

Thank You

 — A lucky girl finds love. by boredbody0803/07/093.85

Thank You For Coming

 — My one time only afternoon with my best friend. by TeeMia04/28/114.24

Thank You Pt. 01

 — Dealing with a breakup is hell, but one thing could help. by storytyme12/03/174.35

Thank You Pt. 02

 — Alison shocks Blake with a splendid surprise. by storytyme12/04/174.59HOT

Thank You, Matt Brady

 — Matt picks a convict to be his wrangler. by Softly09/26/024.49

Thank You, Owen Addams

 — The history of his town; the mystery of her heart. by M.A.Thompson01/13/034.44

Thanks Be

 — A maiden restores her rescuer. by Nakod Apa11/09/104.59HOT

Thanks, Giving, Love

 — New love blossoms. by KeKaneAnoi11/18/054.53HOT

Thanks, That Was Fun...

 — When it all went wrong for Jane. by RenegadeBelle10/12/094.45

Thanks, That Was Fun... Ch. 02

 — Mr. Wright. by RenegadeBelle10/16/094.70HOT

Thanks, That Was Fun... Ch. 03

 — Hello, again. by RenegadeBelle10/24/094.77HOT

Thanks, That Was Fun... Ch. 04

 — Take Two. by RenegadeBelle11/06/094.78HOT

Thanksgiving Ch. 1

 — Gathering of family & friends yields new beginnings. by frankies9011/09/014.31

Thanksgiving Day

 — Against all odds they come together by Solitary_Thinker03/26/034.54HOT

Thanksgiving Feast

 — She gets the dessert she's longed for by sweeteuphoria11/13/074.74HOT

Thanksgiving Get-away

 — A couple from the city go camping over Rhanksgiving. by ElementalWood03/28/104.14

Thanksgiving Love Ch. 02

 — Jay & Nicki continue. by KeKaneAnoi01/13/064.69HOT

Thanksgiving with Abigail

 — I finally fuck Abigail at a Thanksgiving party. by fellatiokeys12/05/164.19

That Damn Imp Ch. 07

 — Puck recalls the very first time he laid eyes upon Koshka. by cultofstrawberry05/26/174.60HOT

That Damn Imp Ch. 10

 — Puck faces the truth... and it's not pretty. by cultofstrawberry12/02/174.91HOT

That Damn Imp Ch. 11

 — Puck and Venjanca have a heart to heart. by cultofstrawberry05/26/184.60HOTNEW

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