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The Awakening of Jennifer Ch. 02

 — Jennifer's awakening continues. by tm186310/28/034.56HOT

The Awakening of Jennifer Ch. 03

 — She's consumed with a new desire. by tm186311/15/034.76HOT

The Awkward Moment

 — Tim gets to kiss the Pastor's wife and receives a surprise. by mattwatt4308/16/104.63HOT

The Bachelorette Party

 — Kate goes to Las Vegas for her Bachelorette Party. by K.K.02/14/054.59HOT

The Bachelorette Party Ch. 02

 — Continuation of 'The Bachleorette Party'. by K.K.02/26/054.50HOT

The Backside of Nowhere

 — A badass biker meets his match and then some. by TxRad08/30/124.57HOT

The Bad Boy

 — Brandon finally gets rid of his high school nickname. by PrincessErin11/29/124.14

The Bad Week

 — Laura has had a bad week, can Aidan make it better? by chaosgroupie08/19/154.43

The Balcony

 — Making love to one while teasing another. by azaggie03/18/083.86

The Baller and The Nurse

 — A basketball player, a nurse, two automobiles, and a maid. by soflabbwlvr06/30/124.37

The Band

 — About a gal and her band. by emap04/24/134.11

The Band: On Tour

 — Three bands, band sluts, and a fourth band forming. by emap04/12/143.53

The Bank Job

 — A delivery girl gets caught in the crossfire of a robbery. by karaline04/19/144.48

The Bank Job 02

 — Having sex is a really really bad idea right? by karaline04/27/144.71HOT

The Bank Job 03

 — Jason takes Rebecca home. by karaline05/27/144.76HOT

The Bank Job 04: Final

 — A final chapter. by karaline10/01/144.78HOT

The Banquet

 — Elsabeth finds suitor. by literalwife01/17/114.37

The Bar

 — A typical shift at Syds'. by Maximus~the~great07/16/014.12

The Bar

 — You two are loving every minute of it. by Miss.Savannah10/22/013.88

The Bar

 — A night to remember. by katxmeowx09/23/094.22

The Bar Ch. 01

 — A young lawyer gets his first real case. by Corvecoupe12/03/124.44

The Bar Ch. 02

 — The case unfolds, feelings grow, and pseudo phone sex ensues. by Corvecoupe12/13/124.57HOT

The Barmaid

 — Romanic western erotica. by nanerkong10/26/064.43

The Barn

 — Lovers seek shelter from sudden storm. by Raven Beaumont10/21/003.20

The Barstow Girls

 — The choices we all make in life. by DG Hear08/23/074.75HOT

The Bastien of Winter

 — Come with me... by vampwrrr01/12/134.78HOTContest Winner

The Bath

 — Mike helps Sue unwind after rough day. by SpecialK10/11/004.42

The Bath

 — Fun in the bath tub. by matthais10/23/034.23

The Bath

 — Husband spoils wife with a fantastic bath. by n_sue08/25/054.24

The Bath

 — She helps you find relaxation after a hard week. by Elysiane04/03/08

The Bath

 — When a long soak in the bath leads to more than relaxing... by blueeyedsurfer01/29/15

The Bathroom

 — There's nothing like making love in the shower. by cemmaes05/05/064.52HOT

The Battle Of A Lifetime Ch. 1

 — Gladiators find love in most unlikely place. by Ariakan06/08/024.39

The Beach

 — You have a romantic glimpse of the beach. by Metrix03/21/04

The Beach

 — A guy's dreams come true with a vision from the sea. by petersimsathome11/04/024.48

The Beach

 — Couple discover each other on moonlit beach. by Shadows002/14/054.50HOT

The Beach

 — A tale of Viking passion. by Jack T. Ladd06/06/034.00

The Beach

 — They enjoy a sunny, wet day together by Morgana324503/28/064.38

The Beach

 — Short and sweet. by Karien347412/29/034.25

The Beach

 — You spend a hot day at the beach. by Paul4407/01/043.89

The Beach

 — She gives you a sunset beach blow job. by ericasparkles02/07/074.45

The Beach at Night

 — Your romance and passion in the warm sands. by southerncaptain11/06/034.20

The Beach Birthday

 — A young woman's birthday at the beach. by McLovin2202/05/08

The Beach Ch. 01

 — Your escape to an island paradise begins. by silverace107/27/054.46

The Beach Ch. 01

 — You meet a strange man on a secluded beach. by PregnantGoldfish03/13/123.84

The Beach Ch. 02

 — You meet him on the beach again. by PregnantGoldfish03/14/124.00

The Beach Getaway

 — Sarah finds passion on a Maine beach. by EroticaSeanStyle07/05/034.44

The Beach House

 — She falls in love with a guy she meets on the beach. by bunny337402/06/084.33

The Beach House

 — The memory of our first encounter. by thecurious105/24/164.19

The Beast Falls in Love

 — The beast falls in love with the beauty. by Phils0803/09/174.09

The Beast in The Boss

 — A story I wrote to make my girlfriend wet ;) by PjOhPj04/25/154.35

The Beast of Dacia

 — Alina's journey from slavegirl to her rightful place. by Honeysuckle_Vixen08/18/114.10

The Beautiful Game 01

 — A soccer star finds love on the field. by JayDavid01/15/134.65HOT

The Beautiful Game 02

 — Things heat up on and off the field. by JayDavid01/22/134.85HOT

The Beautiful Game 03

 — Triumphs and pain on and off the field by JayDavid01/29/134.76HOT

The Beauty and Her Beastie-Boy

 — A dynamic advertising duo find love when least expected. by ElderDirt03/16/174.61HOT

The Beauty with the Mona Lisa Smile

 — A beautiful romance of 2 star crossed lovers in a bygone era. by SensualBeauty08/08/154.33

The Bed Behind

 — The bed behind the woman is not the focal point. by doloresdivine05/14/103.00

The Bed of Roses: DGH

 — Lady of the evening befriends a young man. by DG Hear11/06/064.77HOT

The Bedroom Ch. 01

 — Couple plays out their fantasies in their bedroom. by jessicawilde02/16/073.53

The Beginning

 — Ride home leads to romance for two college students. by freaky.tales11/22/014.38

The Beginning

 — Young couple discover sex for the first time. by kbaer12/31/014.57HOT

The Beginning

 — Lovemaking moves to new level of intimacy. by ForeverHisLady07/04/024.41

The Beginning and the End

 — A recounting of a few choice events. by silentblackwater01/03/103.78

The Beginning Ch. 01

 — He meets his love for the first time. by silverace106/21/054.74HOT

The Beginning Ch. 02

 — They become better acquainted and lovers. by silverace106/25/054.57HOT

The Beginning of Forever

 — Your first afternoon together changes everything. by LoreLai06/11/084.48

The Beginning of My Story Ch. 01

 — Life changes. by Meliana202107/10/124.42

The Beginning of My Story Ch. 02

 — Liana decides to be spontaneous. by Meliana202102/05/134.61HOT

The Beginning of My Story Ch. 03

 — Welcome home daddy. by Meliana202104/19/133.89

The Beginning Of Our Affair

 — How it began and perhaps an explanation. by LexiRoseLexi04/25/123.55

The Beginning to a Great Afternoon

 — Oral sex on the stairs. by ictrealtor10/08/103.75

The Bell

 — A society lady has a gift of her butler in 1930s Britain. by lipstickandligature03/25/163.90

The Belle Of Coeur D'Alene

 — Can there be love for a girl after a night of shame? by JakeRivers06/19/064.70HOTEditor's Pick

The Bend in the Road

 — Sally turned Patrick's life upside down. by Starlight08/01/014.19

The Benefits of Biking

 — Biking leads to more than just exercise. by mulehead6109/08/094.37

The Benefits of Boring

 — She meets her dream man. by Jenna Grey12/01/004.66HOT

The Best and Worst Birthday

 — Two strangers make a crumby evening into a spectacular one. by thepiratequeen12/10/144.78HOT

The Best Christmas Ever

 — Single mother finds love at Christmas. by ronde11/26/034.83HOTContest Winner

The Best Friends Ch. 01

 — Chandra gets carried away, literally. by TxRad03/26/084.57HOT

The Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Curiousity gets the better of Madison. by TxRad03/31/084.75HOT

The Best Halloween

 — Playing with dolphins brings a happy day. by bighoney10/26/024.18

The Best Job I've Ever Had

 — It was the best job he ever had until he got a better one. by woodmanone01/28/104.70HOT

The Best of Friends

 — Can one-night-stand between friends be the real thing? by deepemerald08/18/054.39

The Best of Friends Ch. 01

 — Will their friendship survive love and betrayal? by Cocoa Sashimi10/30/054.51HOT

The Best of Friends Ch. 02

 — Keely comes to a decision. by Cocoa Sashimi02/07/064.68HOT

The Best of Friends Ch. 03

 — Keely's friendship with Craig is renewed. by Cocoa Sashimi02/12/064.66HOT

The Best of Friends Ch. 04

 — Keely and Craig realize their feelings...or do they? by Cocoa Sashimi02/13/064.69HOT

The Best of Friends Ch. 05

 — Craig, Keely, and Cat - a love triangle? by Cocoa Sashimi03/14/064.41

The Best of Us is Not All of Us Ch. 01

 — Geek Girl gets jock into D&D. And her pants. by JennyLoser05/12/184.70HOT

The Best Valentine in the World

 — Widower meets new love. by Grey Eagle 28602/10/064.77HOT

The Best Valentine in the World Ch. 02

 — New lovers think about the same Valentine. by Grey Eagle 28602/14/064.72HOT

The Best Walk Ever

 — A man is invited into the house by a housewife. by treygarza06/05/134.26

The Best Way to Wake Up

 — I stretched my arms and rolled over. by KansasKisses11/29/094.16

The Bet

 — A fun bet goes different than he expected. by storygem12/04/123.35

The Bet

 — Classroom discussion ends with a life changing bet. by SW_MO_Hermit01/08/164.80HOT

The Big 1-8

 — Best friends, Justin and Desiree become a bit more intimate. by fakeinnocence09/05/124.30

The Big Brother Hole Ch. 05

 — Finally free - but can he get her back? by Androgynousother12/04/154.89HOT

The Big Day Ch. 01

 — Two teenagers finally do it. by patnutt01/08/144.21

The Big Day Ch. 02

 — The Story continues. by patnutt01/09/144.31

The Big Day Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by patnutt01/10/143.98

The Big Day Ch. 04

 — The Story Continues. by patnutt01/11/144.34

The Big Day Ch. 05

 — The story continues. by patnutt01/12/144.38

The Big Girl

 — Bright, funny, sexy... and chubby. Can this work? by plainjim12/24/074.47

The Big Girl Moves Awway

 — His bright, funny, sexy, chubby lady is moving. What to do? by plainjim12/26/074.53HOT

The Big Limousine Disappeared!

 — Missed and found. by Denham_Forrest12/19/134.61HOT

The Big O2

 — Jack starts out just to give her some advice. by Ice_Phoenix09/04/034.83HOTEditor's Pick

The Billionaire Sheikh Ch. 01

 — A woman goes to work in a Gulf Emirate. by RubiaLaFaye02/04/184.50HOT

The Binding Potion

 — You never know when the past will sink its teeth into now. by 49greg01/23/144.56HOT

The Bingo Man

 — She's the big winner! 1st Prize...Love. by sister_nancy11/05/064.33

The Birthday Kiss Ch. 01

 — An innocent kiss. by Seagirl6506/19/154.06

The Birthday Present

 — Middle-aged man has the chance to be young again. by Kristi Seaton12/01/014.37

The Birthday Present

 — I give you the best birthday present you've ever received ;) by sheilagreene02/10/163.67

The Birthday Weekend Getaway

 — A couple goes away for a weekend. by bunny337403/19/094.54HOT

The Bitch and the Jerk

 — Two disdained coworkers must travel together. by Bingain08/11/054.78HOTContest Winner

The Black Kite

 — Joanna finds her satisfaction in an unexpected way. by Starlight10/02/014.10

The Black Men You Don't Know

 — Educated Haitian man's life in modern-day Boston. by Samuelx07/24/152.83

The Black Rose

 — A tribute to two important women, in the story and to me. by darkstone5709/24/104.58HOT

The Blank Page

 — Searching for something to write in a diary. by Cromagnonman06/16/084.57HOT

The Blind Date

 — Two lost souls come together with amazing results. by BANJAR12/11/054.65HOT

The Blind Date

 — Jennifer gets a very special night out. by Blckflamz07/05/044.12

The Blind Date

 — Woman falls in love with her blind date. by bunny337408/12/074.24

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 01

 — An unconventional romance from out of the dark. by Ian5611/14/174.62HOT

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 02

 — A relationship begins. by Ian5611/18/174.66HOT

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 03

 — Seeing with the Colors of Her Mind. by Ian5611/22/174.82HOT

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 04

 — To find and catch a Mermaid. by Ian5612/04/174.86HOT

The Blind Girl in the Snow Pt. 01

 — Follow up to Blind Girl in the Rain (Read first) by Ian5601/03/184.73HOT

The Blind Girl in the Snow Pt. 02

 — Follow up to Blind Girl in the Rain - read first. by Ian5601/14/184.76HOT

The Blind Girl in the Snow Pt. 03

 — Follow up to Blind Girl in the Rain (Read First). by Ian5601/31/184.82HOT

The Blind Girl in the Snow Pt. 04

 — Final part of the Blind Girl Snow/Rain series. by Ian5602/08/184.88HOT

The Blindest Date

 — We all jump to conclusions once in a while. by leapyearguy10/19/064.50HOT

The Bloodwood Table

 — The art of furniture making. by OneSilky11/22/104.51HOT

The Blow-up Doll

 — She tries to spice things up by being his blow-up doll. by zoeyz11/26/153.15

The Blue Dress

 — A husband and wife find passion during every day life. by Emerson56040606/30/164.67HOT

The Blue Dress Pt. 02

 — Becca's Revenge. by Emerson56040607/17/164.59HOT

The Blue Guitar

 — A modern telling of the Orpheus-Eurydice legend. by peacekeeper2501/24/164.73HOT

The Blue Roan

 — A young woman travels west to claim her family ranch. by Harddaysknight11/23/174.78HOT

The Blues Club

 — Some sexy blues music puts her in the mood. by cleos_double09/29/024.36

The Board

 — Did Ellie call up her own lover, or was it chance? by Starlight12/23/024.60HOT

The Boat

 — Two lonely people find each other in a boat. by TxRad11/09/124.67HOT

The Bodyguard

 — Bodyguard provides more than a shoulder to lean on. by ladyraeharrison12/30/013.55

The Bond

 — A man's word is his bond, not matter the cost. by Myhands31603/29/184.60HOT

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