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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Mom Fulfills Son's Desires Ch. 04

 — Tim gets mom at last. by NakdSalr03/31/044.71HOT

Mom Fulfills Son's Desires Ch. 05

 — Son finally gets it all. by NakdSalr11/09/054.71HOT

Mom Gets a Surprise Ch. 2

 — Marion and Mom meet in the hall. by jerryl5009/07/024.49

Mom Gets Brave

 — Mom with low self confidence becomes brave thanks to her son. by sotosasotos09/30/174.26

Mom Gets Frisky Ch. 01

 — Mom helps boost John's confidence. by need_for_mommys_dick10/07/064.27

Mom Gets Frisky Ch. 02

 — Mom has fun with her dildo. by need_for_mommys_dick10/20/064.25

Mom Gets Horny

 — Mother gets randy with the house help. by chhavi6511/19/013.50

Mom Gets In Trouble

 — It's her son, and he wants too much. by stevie362410/22/084.43

Mom Gets Naughty

 — A letter from son's friend about his mothers sexcapade. by chhavi6509/29/023.72

Mom Gets Randy With House Help Ch. 2

 — Mom helps the house help while son watches. by chhavi6512/14/014.07

Mom Gets Some Long Awaited Loving

 — Story about love in the family. by josephdm01/16/114.50HOT

Mom Gets Strip Searched

 — Innocent mom gets forced in public. by George VI12/21/034.22

Mom Gets Strip Searched Pt. 02

 — He watches cops abuse mom. by George VI12/23/034.54HOT

Mom Gets The Wrong Room

 — Father and son switch hotel rooms. by NakdSalr01/17/014.59HOT

Mom Gives Head

 — Mother and son comfort each other. by standingstones06/22/164.39

Mom Gives In

 — Mother looks to son for pleasure. by standingstones08/01/154.26

Mom Gives Son Advice

 — A night of sex for Mom and Son. by Vic505/21/034.10

Mom Gives Son Pleasure of Lifetime

 — This is a fictional story of a mom seducing her son. by TheSandwarrior12/05/173.28

Mom Gives the Best Pleasure

 — Lonely Indian Mom plans slow seduction. by domjoly09/23/034.16

Mom Gives the Best Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Son desperately wants to return the favor. by domjoly10/06/034.33

Mom Goes Clubbing

 — He watches mom fuck a black guy, then takes sloppy seconds. by bayisle6608/20/034.42

Mom Goes Down

 — Mom and Son are forced into sex by intruders. by Splunge_Splash06/26/034.24

Mom Goes Down Ch. 02

 — Mommy pleases son and daughter. by Splunge_Splash07/01/034.44

Mom Goes Down Ch. 03

 — Mom does Walt and Ronnie. by Splunge_Splash07/02/034.48

Mom Goes Down Ch. 04

 — Dad gets in on the action. by Splunge_Splash07/04/034.48

Mom Goes Down Ch. 05

 — Julie humiliates her mom. by Splunge_Splash07/17/034.41

Mom Got Me Started

 — A sexual encounter with my 53-year old hot mom. by carmenl07/07/094.39

Mom Got Me Started Ch. 02

 — Mom gets me thinking about other things. by carmenl07/11/09

Mom Got Me Started Ch. 03

 — The Date. by carmenl07/15/094.58HOT

Mom Grandpa & My Friends

 — A trip down to memory lane. by incest_indian10/24/014.41

Mom Grandpa & My Friends Ch. 2

 — Family takes a shower. by incest_indian10/25/014.25

Mom Had a Little Too Much

 — Son gets playful with sleeping Mom. by tabinma11/07/064.08

Mom Had a Little Too Much, Again!

 — He puts his mother to bed. by tabinma11/15/064.20

Mom Had To Be Right

 — A mom and son tale. by Momstheboss10/08/144.20

Mom Has a Secret

 — Elder sister tells a past secret of mom. by arrow_poison10/07/094.50HOT

Mom Has Her Ups and Downs

 — A mother struggles with her son's advances. by Mikelh08/09/084.53HOT

Mom Has Needs Too

 — Son comforts his divorced mom after she has a bad date. by MrHenry04/19/174.38

Mom Has New Humiliations for Alex

 — Alex's nasty mom humiliates him with her farts and asshole. by blacklaceguy12/03/143.94

Mom has Sex with Pierre & Big John

 — Son catches Mom masturbating naked with vibrator & dildo. by LadyofErotica02/25/164.32

Mom Has The Answer

 — Mom has the answer because she is the answer. by mufflerex01/27/104.53HOT

Mom Helps

 — Mom and son end up married. by DaktoRto02/07/114.46

Mom Helps Her Son Wake Up

 — Mom and son enjoy a special wake up time together. by AZMotherLover04/17/144.55HOT

Mom Helps Hurt Son Take A Shower

 — Son needs a helping hand that leads to much more. by floridaguy200101/11/034.56HOT

Mom Helps In Turning Me Around

 — David's mom helps him in 'difficult' situation. by Paradiso1102/09/024.28

Mom Helps Me Find True Love

 — A mother-daughter, sister-brother love story. by Chrestomathist06/07/064.62HOT

Mom Helps Me Get Over Dad

 — Mom and daughter roleplay a father-daughter scene. by Chrestomathist02/15/064.50HOT

Mom Helps Me Make Up with Sis

 — Sex between sisters improves when they share mom. by Chrestomathist12/26/054.43

Mom Helps Me Use Her Sex Toys

 — Bi-curious girl catches Mom playing, joins in. by Chrestomathist11/12/054.61HOT

Mom Humiliates Me

 — Alex is made to submit to the needs of his Aunt Jean. by blacklaceguy05/19/094.04

Mom I Love You

 — College son confesses his desire. by vishmech03/06/043.85

Mom I Wanna Fuck You

 — Angry son has sex with mom. by vishmech06/24/043.82

Mom in the Jacuzzi

 — Son watches Mom skinny dip. by Getlostub10/16/004.24

Mom in the Movies

 — Using CCTV I get naughty movies of Mom and fuck her. by LorenzoAbajos09/14/144.06

Mom Invites Brother For Sex Party

 — Mom invited her brother, his wife and son over for sex. by MelissaRoberts02/22/124.03

Mom is a Porno Queen

 — He finds a porno tape of his mother. by Tattletale08/03/024.37

Mom is a Whore Ch. 1

 — Home from the Army, he gets a surprise. by Tattletale09/01/014.53HOT

Mom is a Whore Ch. 2

 — He goes first in gang-bang for her wealthiest customers. by Tattletale09/02/014.47

Mom is a Whore Ch. 3

 — He and his mother party with two brothers. by Tattletale09/07/014.54HOT

Mom is a Whore Ch. 4

 — He & Mom swing with a wealthy family. by Tattletale01/15/024.59HOT

Mom is an Incestuous Slut Ch. 01

 — Totally honest and open, Susan tells all about her past. by SusanJillParker02/26/134.21

Mom is an Incestuous Slut Ch. 02

 — Product of incest, Susan now knows why she is the way she is. by SusanJillParker02/27/134.27

Mom is an Incestuous Slut Ch. 03

 — Susan witnesses her mother being gangbanged by her four sons. by SusanJillParker03/11/134.22

Mom Is an Internet Slut

 — Son exchanges filthy E Mails with his own mother. by mayfairgirl01/28/104.36

Mom is Away Ch. 01

 — Sister & aunt join the man of the house. by gen_man6910/24/074.29

Mom is Away Ch. 02

 — Sam ends up getting his aunt all alone on a Saturday. by gen_man6911/05/074.51HOT

Mom is Away Ch. 03

 — Third story in the serious. My sister gets into it with mom. by gen_man6901/04/084.35

Mom is Away Ch. 04

 — Mom's hot friend and her daughter all get in on the action. by gen_man6901/05/084.48

Mom Is Bound To Please

 — Anna's bondage fantasies are fulfilled, by her son. by lovecraft6804/29/144.77HOT

Mom is Dominant, Mom is Submissive

 — Son joins Mom and Dad in their BDSM fun, with a twist. by Ahabscribe12/15/074.58HOT

Mom is Hypnotized

 — He has sex with his hipnotized mother. by Tattletale09/08/024.45

Mom is Lonely

 — A mother & Son story. by Momstheboss05/14/124.00

Mom Is My First

 — Under the Dinner Table things taste Great. by writerofstories10/05/154.55HOT

Mom Is My First Pt. 02

 — Aunt Mindy & cousin Ashley come over to work on their tans. by writerofstories11/06/154.64HOT

Mom Is My First Pt. 03

 — Terry finally fucks his cousin Ashley. by writerofstories06/08/164.61HOT

Mom Is Taken at the Lakeside

 — Indian son watches mom with two men. by milflover12/13/023.09

Mom Knocks

 — Mom sees me climax and so begins a bedroom journey. by ArjenRoan06/11/173.82

Mom Knows Best

 — Mother of two gets coverage for her teens. by jt303/05/044.56HOT

Mom Knows Best

 — A school party degenerates. by dan5701/29/083.97

Mom Knows Best Ch. 02

 — John enjoys his two favorite women again. by jt303/12/044.65HOT

Mom Knows Best Ch. 02

 — Sabrina and John enjoy marital life. by dan5702/14/084.09

Mom Knows Best Ch. 03

 — A cousin threatens to reveal Sabrina's incest. by dan5705/18/083.92

Mom Knows Best Ch. 03

 — Josh gets his. by jt303/15/044.58HOT

Mom Knows Best Ch. 04

 — Josh does Mom. by jt303/26/044.55HOT

Mom Knows Best Ch. 05

 — Jessica gets her wish. by jt304/02/044.58HOT

Mom Knows Best Ch. 06

 — Jessica's website & John's surprise. by jt304/16/044.46

Mom Knows How To Motivate!

 — Mom motivates son to pass his classes her own special way. by Ahabscribe04/23/084.71HOT

Mom Lakhsmi's Morning Sperm

 — Mother sees her son masturbating in the morning. by indianmotherfucker02/21/083.99

Mom Learns a Lesson

 — Fantasies should stay fantasies. by soncurious09/05/083.85

Mom Leaves for the Weekend

 — Time alone for dad and son. by AlexDances09/19/174.23

Mom Lends a Hand

 — Mother seeks solutions to her son's problem. by stevie362405/15/074.70HOT

Mom Lets Loose

 — Mother and son discover each other. by MsHoudini01/22/154.01

Mom Lets Me In

 — He finally gets what he wants. by standingstones03/19/154.10

Mom Lights Up

 — Mother shares a smoke - and more. by orchidspray08/14/044.47

Mom Lights Up Ch. 02

 — Mother & son continue getting high. by orchidspray08/29/044.55HOT

Mom Lights Up Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by orchidspray09/17/044.47

Mom Likes it Rough

 — And fortunately for Sarah... so does her son. by mt4405/19/184.68HOT

Mom Likes Porn Too!

 — Joey loves mother son porn... and so does his mother! by lovecraft6807/24/154.55HOT

Mom Likes Syrup

 — Mom teased & then taken by son and daughter. by just4kix05/19/043.92

Mom Likes Syrup Ch. 02

 — Daughter gets revenge on Mother. by just4kix06/09/044.53HOT

Mom Likes to Watch

 — There's nothing like jacking off while Mom watches. by TheRhymer09/19/103.99

Mom Looks After Jeffery Ch. 01

 — A mom and son tale. by Momstheboss04/13/154.40

Mom Loves To Suck

 — Sean's girlfriend won't do it, but his mother will! by lovecraft6812/10/144.78HOT

Mom Lusts for Son

 — Young hot mom spies on hung son. by dankind4112/19/154.54HOT

Mom Makes a Lap Dance for Her Son

 — A dance a little sexy done as a joke turns into pure sex. by Robilas02/09/184.04

Mom Makes the Call

 — Mom calls for her son to stay the weekend. by cricketx07/29/174.32

Mom Makes Things Right

 — Son seduces Mom on overnight trip. by jayrandolf03/04/083.99

Mom Math

 — Frustration + Rejection = Satisfaction by Ernest Hemingsex07/06/144.51HOT

Mom Meets Darrell Ch. 01

 — A mom/son tale. by Momstheboss07/27/134.01

Mom Meets Darrell Ch. 02

 — A mom and son tale. by Momstheboss08/02/134.29

Mom Moves In

 — Mom and son explore their sexual fantasies. by MOUTHCOVERER07/23/094.05

Mom Moves In Ch. 02

 — They cross over into new & uncharted territory. by MOUTHCOVERER09/04/094.14

Mom Must Have Known The Inevitable

 — A mother and son story. by Momstheboss05/26/134.53HOT

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 02

 — Mom agrees to be 21st birthday date for her son. by PegasusRyder09/29/164.18

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 03

 — Barbie's date with son continues. by PegasusRyder09/30/164.40

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 04

 — Mom toys with the taboo line between mother and son. by PegasusRyder10/04/164.45

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 05

 — Holiday dinner and mother consoles son. by PegasusRyder10/05/164.47

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 06

 — Mother and son forced to sleep in same bed. by PegasusRyder10/07/164.50HOT

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 07

 — The transformation into Barbie begins. by PegasusRyder10/08/164.46

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 08

 — Barbie makes her appearance in his mom's apartment. by PegasusRyder10/09/164.55HOT

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 09

 — Barbie and Jay consummate their relationship. by PegasusRyder10/11/164.63HOT

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 10

 — Mom must confess sexual sins to her son. by PegasusRyder10/12/164.32

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 11

 — Mom has drunk self-pity sex with stranger. by PegasusRyder10/13/164.35

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 12

 — Mom becomes sexy Barbie, permanently. by PegasusRyder10/14/164.41

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 13

 — Mother and son go shopping for wild party. by PegasusRyder10/15/164.48

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 14

 — Mother and son go to the wild party. by PegasusRyder10/18/164.48

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 15

 — Son puts mom in her place. by PegasusRyder10/19/164.43

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 16

 — The party gets really, really wild for Barbie. by PegasusRyder10/20/164.26

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 17

 — Son discusses mom's slut activities at the party with her. by PegasusRyder10/21/164.19

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 18

 — Discussing a change in the dynamics between mother and son. by PegasusRyder10/23/164.30

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 19

 — Mom agrees to be son's sub, client from party visits Barbie. by PegasusRyder10/24/164.30

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 20

 — Probationary period ends, client stops by to see Debbie. by PegasusRyder10/25/164.38

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 21

 — Office girls set a trap to catch Barbie with mystery man. by PegasusRyder10/26/164.30

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 22

 — Mom agrees to be son's slave. by PegasusRyder10/27/164.48

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 23

 — Dinner with swingers at Valentine's party. by PegasusRyder10/28/164.50HOT

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 24

 — The Valentine's party gets underway. by PegasusRyder10/29/164.48

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 25

 — Slut has best birthday ever; story concludes, or does it? by PegasusRyder10/30/164.62HOT

Mom Needs Her Son

 — Sexually frustrated mother seeks son’s help. by SunTzu0908/19/124.35

Mom Needs Her Son's Hot Cream

 — Mother pleads for cum. by standingstones07/17/164.14

Mom Needs It

 — She knows her son can do better than his girlfriend. by someslacker06/27/074.57HOT

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