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Interracial Love Stories

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Damion's Release Ch. 02

 — Fay explores her sexuality with Black cop stud. by pengoddess11/02/044.43

Damn Ch. 01

 — The interview. by fightfirewithwater01/01/094.46

Damn Ch. 02

 — The interview continues - and drama ensues. by fightfirewithwater01/16/094.59HOT

Damn Ch. 03

 — Arguments and new beginnings. by fightfirewithwater03/12/094.63HOT

Damn Ch. 04

 — Having a boss can be so fun. by fightfirewithwater02/12/104.62HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 01

 — Passionate tale w/ young blk woman & white Navy Seal. by soular07/18/084.64HOTContest Winner

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 02

 — Brandon and Sienna's relationship crosses the line. by soular07/25/084.72HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 03

 — Brandon and Sienna realize love is never easy. by soular07/28/084.73HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 04

 — More stormy days for Brandon, Sienna and Jackson. by soular08/02/084.79HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 05

 — Brandon and Sienna face the unexpected. by soular08/12/084.81HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 06

 — Brandon's revenge and Sienna's little secret. by soular08/20/084.79HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 07

 — Best of times, and worst of times, for Brandon & Sienna. by soular08/31/084.83HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 08

 — Things fall apart and tend to shatter... by soular09/09/084.81HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 09

 — Brandon & Sienna learn that time can heal all wounds. by soular09/26/084.83HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 10

 — The conclusion. by soular10/27/084.88HOTContest Winner

Damon Lord Part [1:2]

 — Damon gets his revenge using man's White wife. by eeric07/03/024.21

Damon Lord Part [2:2]

 — Damon continues to have way with married white women. by eeric07/05/024.37

Dana's Leak

 — Black woman gets a repair from a white handyman. by justboycrazy04/28/103.73

Dance with the Devil

 — She had no idea what her brother's debt would cost her. by Peachyrome11/19/084.30

Dance with the Devil Ch. 02

 — Darien backs out of the deal. by Peachyrome11/21/084.44

Dance with the Devil Ch. 03

 — Darien & Marcellus take a sensual plane ride. by Peachyrome11/24/084.56HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 04

 — Darien forgets her place. by Peachyrome11/24/084.64HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 05

 — They learn that there's no control between them. by Peachyrome11/26/084.64HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 06

 — Marcellus stakes his claims. by Peachyrome11/29/084.69HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 07

 — The truth comes out. by Peachyrome12/11/084.69HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 08

 — Can they make this work? by Peachyrome12/20/084.76HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 09

 — Lets get married. by Peachyrome03/10/094.71HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 10

 — The conclusion. by Peachyrome07/15/094.63HOT


 — He falls for beautiful black dancer. by bmeupscot5005/21/074.29

Dancing in Ethiopia

 — Spending my Winter Holiday with Aster. by RubenR11/28/164.66HOT

Dancing to His Commands

 — I submit to my husband and become a slut to black cock. by CheriSM07/15/114.51HOT

Dandelion Wishes

 — A 'love' story. by LilMami0710/18/094.60HOT

Dangerous Places

 — An erotic political thriller. by physique01/20/044.55HOT

Danielle and David

 — They meet. by vickivale11/23/124.44

Danielle and David Ch. 02

 — What did happen. by vickivale12/04/124.26

Danielle and David Ch. 03

 — What really happened. by vickivale01/03/134.62HOT

Danielle and David Ch. 04

 — A Close Call. by vickivale02/24/134.48

Danielle and the Black Cock Factory

 — How I became a black cock addict. by JohnBlack11301/16/163.91

Danielle and the Black Cock Factory Ch. 02

 — A young pretty redhead learns a black cock lesson. by JohnBlack11307/08/174.25

Danielle's Life Ch. 01

 — Her husband wants to see her with a black man. by chasingDan04/25/074.51HOT

Danielle's Life Ch. 02

 — She meets a black stranger. by chasingDan04/25/074.53HOT

Danielle's Life Ch. 03

 — Interracial romance continues. by chasingDan04/28/074.37

Danielle's Life Ch. 04

 — A flashback to earlier times. by chasingDan05/08/074.44

Danielle's Life Ch. 05

 — Two friends go on a date. by chasingDan05/30/074.62HOT

Danielle's Life Ch. 06

 — Not quite yet.. by chasingDan06/10/074.56HOT

Danielle's Life Ch. 07

 — Melanie has news for Derek. by chasingDan06/20/074.26

Danielle's Life Ch. 08

 — The baby arrives. by chasingDan06/22/073.93

Danielle's Life Ch. 09

 — The Final Saga. by chasingDan07/16/074.16

Daph Goes Tailgating

 — My wife gets a BBC gangbang at the football game. by fatdaddio05/30/184.05

Dark and Stormy Night

 — On a dark rainy night a married couple get blacked. by voyuerman04/03/174.52HOT

Dark as Night

 — It was just as he liked it. by MungoParkIII02/23/073.65

Dark Bred

 — Snooty lawyer is bred by her husband's employee. by vargas11110/15/054.13

Dark Chocolate

 — Unexpected interracial attraction sizzles at the office. by SxRx01/05/074.35

Dark Chocolate

 — Anna may never go back... by leannaharrow10/17/134.05

Dark Chocolate

 — Three first experiences for a teen girl. by roddymac9908/03/154.67HOT

Dark Danger

 — Donna thought she could be trusted... by dumluk2100011/03/014.12

Dark Delivery

 — A wife feels her first black experience while hubby watches. by Del_Negro12/06/094.41

Dark Delivery Ch. 02

 — Another experience in real package delivery. by Del_Negro03/04/104.44

Dark Descent Ch. 01

 — She takes a black man as her lover, with husband's approval. by SWUKCouple02/07/124.48

Dark Descent Ch. 02

 — A wife finally fulfills her fantasy. by SWUKCouple05/09/154.76HOT

Dark Desires

 — A pretty blonde wife has 'Dark Desires'. by jmcox26109/22/074.35

Dark Dimension

 — He's studied her from afar. Now, time for his 'experiments.' by SiriusDivine05/20/16HOT

Dark Eyes

 — Bloody fuckin' Sunday. by curiouskatty06/18/134.23

Dark Horizons Ch. 01

 — Maggie finds a new lover in Marcus. by LeMondial04/03/104.20

Dark Horizons Ch. 02

 — Maggie and Jack reach an understanding about her needs. by LeMondial04/04/104.20

Dark Horizons Ch. 03

 — Maggie and Marcus intensify. by LeMondial04/08/104.48

Dark Horizons Ch. 04

 — Maggie submits over and over as Jack watches. by LeMondial04/11/104.40

Dark Horizons Ch. 05

 — Jack witnesses Marcus' s ultimate domination of Maggie. by LeMondial04/13/104.33

Dark Horizons Ch. 06

 — Maggie is pregnant. Jack discovers his daughter's diary. by LeMondial12/03/104.34

Dark Horizons Ch. 07

 — Jack descends deeper into cukoldry. by LeMondial07/31/114.45

Dark Horizons Ch. 08

 — Marcus takes Jennifer and makes her his. by LeMondial08/07/114.35

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 01

 — A young married woman becomes her boss's woman. by LeMondial12/27/114.48

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 02

 — With Mark's permission, Laura has her first sex with Ray. by LeMondial01/05/124.62HOT

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 03

 — Laura's Awakening continues. Her relationship deepens. by LeMondial01/21/124.50HOT

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 04

 — Laura and Mark reflect on the moring after. by LeMondial03/19/124.44

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 05

 — Tanya begins Mark's transformation. by LeMondial03/20/124.50HOT

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 06

 — Laura returns to work. Mark goes shopping. by LeMondial03/21/124.57HOT

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 07

 — Tanya and Laura meet for the first time. by LeMondial03/22/124.53HOT

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 08

 — Laura is frustrated by Ray's absence and the changes in Mark. by LeMondial07/17/124.59HOT

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 09

 — Laura discovers she is pregnant. by LeMondial11/02/124.33

Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 10

 — Laura falls for Hank and fights to save herself. by LeMondial02/14/134.48

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 01

 — Married mom with issues gets hot Latin lover. by IlizaDanil06/03/133.75

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 02

 — Married mom with issues gets hot Latin lover. by IlizaDanil06/04/134.04

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 03

 — Married mom with issues gets hot Latin lover. by IlizaDanil06/05/134.16

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 04

 — Married mom's Latin lover screws her over. by IlizaDanil06/08/134.00

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 05

 — Married mom's Latin lover shows up again. by IlizaDanil06/09/134.35

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 06

 — Married mom's Latin lover shows up again by IlizaDanil06/10/134.26

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 07

 — Married mom's Latin lover shows her the ropes. by IlizaDanil06/11/134.03

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 08

 — Married mom's Latin lover goes for broke. by IlizaDanil06/12/134.37

Dark Maggie #04

 — My Dark Lady demands my ass. by kneeler113802/18/114.11

Dark Pussy

 — White man finds sexual fulfilment with a black woman. by hohound07/10/093.97

Dark Pussy Ch. 02

 — Gets in touch with her inner slut; is fucked in the kitchen. by hohound09/04/094.08

Dark Pussy Ch. 03

 — Friend walks in on our couple and is later spanked. by hohound01/30/104.41

Dark Pussy Ch. 04

 — Judith turns the tables and straps on. by hohound04/28/104.10

Dark Pussy Ch. 05

 — Our couple deals with premature ejaculation and has some fun. by hohound12/31/104.03

Dark Secret

 — Neglected wife cheats. by DukeDakota11/08/044.06

Dark Secret Ch. 02

 — Scared, tied, & excited. by DukeDakota11/13/044.30

Dark Sensations

 — He gets his first piece of chocolate Candy. by darkheart6909/23/03

Dark Serenity Ch. 02

 — A special dinner guest. by Queen_Vicki09/06/114.71HOT

Dark Serenity Ch. 03

 — Kissing the enemy? by Queen_Vicki09/28/114.63HOT

Dark Side Of The Persian Queen

 — Haitian student discovers Persian lady's dark side. by Samuelx10/18/153.00

Dark Siren

 — He has a fantasy of you. by CaptCarey06/27/074.17

DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey

 — Couple live out bisexual fantasies with dominant BLACK teens. by silkstockingslover08/02/134.77HOT

Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 03

 — He agrees to her intimate offer... by Brass_ankle02/02/174.12

Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 04

 — The Landlady wants more... by Brass_ankle02/16/174.05

Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 06

 — He challenges his landlady's BF to a contest winner gets her. by Brass_ankle02/09/183.94

Darla's First Date

 — Darla's date with a captivating Black man. by TheGlobalSoul05/30/034.25

Darren...Soo Convenient!

 — Young black man satisfies Victoria's cum craving regularly. by victoriap09/30/104.23

Date Night

 — Wife tells how she got pregnant with a black baby. by Karenkay01/16/113.98

Date Number 3

 — Natasha and Justin meet up after years apart. by JayValentine08/15/064.43

Dating in North Dallas

 — Divorced black man tried to pick up the pieces. by MrDeep02/28/143.76

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 01

 — White wife begins dating their black neighbor. by Karenkay11/17/074.37

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Darla returns home tells Matt about her date. by Karenkay01/23/084.40

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 03

 — White wife dates black neighbor. by Karenkay03/09/084.48

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 04

 — White Wife decides she should date a lonely neighbor. by Karenkay04/05/084.40

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 05

 — White wife begins dating their black neighbor. by Karenkay04/23/084.40

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 06

 — Husban allows his wife to date their black neighbor. by Karenkay05/26/084.50HOT

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 07

 — Wive decides to date a single black man living next door. by Karenkay06/12/084.48

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 08

 — Wife decides to date their lonely black neighbor. by Karenkay07/17/084.50HOT

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 09

 — A white wife dates a black guy as hubby encourages. by Karenkay09/21/084.26

Dating our Neighbor Ch. 10

 — Darla returns from a date with Rex. by Karenkay08/19/134.03

Daughter And Mother In Control

 — Daughter and mother control white neighbours. by mosten10/24/113.95

Daughter Darkens Our World

 — Divorced daughter goes black, takes others with her. by SubHubHelper05/28/114.25

Daughter Darkens Our World Ch. 02

 — Dad learns awful truth about daughter, is okay with it. by SubHubHelper12/26/114.38

Daughter Goes Black

 — He watches his daughter experience a black shaft. by oaklandstud05/02/054.42

Daughter Goes Black Ch. 02

 — Jay has another voyeuristic experience with his daughter. by oaklandstud05/08/054.25

Daughter Goes Black Ch. 03

 — Jay's night takes an unbelievable turn. by oaklandstud08/15/054.35

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover

 — Mom has an interesting guest. by wantwhitewomen11/07/054.40

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 02

 — Mother goes home, but daughter stays. by wantwhitewomen11/21/054.42

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 03

 — The daughter has her black lover. by wantwhitewomen11/23/054.46

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 04

 — The start of an Oreo cookie for young white woman. by wantwhitewomen11/27/054.41

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 05

 — Jerome makes Ida's daughter a whore. by wantwhitewomen12/01/054.31

Daughter of the Pastor

 — Shy teen watches the gardener from her bedroom. by Madabouthair01/06/144.52HOT

Daughter of the Pastor: Mother

 — After catching the gardener with her kid mom wanted some too. by Madabouthair01/15/144.47

Daughter of the Pastor: Pastor

 — The gardener and the preacher's wife get discovered. by Madabouthair01/20/144.38

Daughter's First Lover

 — A father helps his daughter get deflowered. by trainman_d08/04/044.01

Daughter's First Lover Ch. 02

 — Rick and Deb meet a swinging Black couple. by trainman_d08/10/044.54HOT

Daughter's First Lover Ch. 03

 — Angela sees live salt & pepper action. by trainman_d08/14/044.40

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