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A Fantasy - by Silkyheat
A kiss electric - by WriterDom
A Lover - by Savannah Skye
A Loving Wife - by Fanta C
A Pentacostal Interlude
- by Endlessly
A Slippery Tongue - by WriterDom
A Taste of You - by Silkyheat
A Tickle of Tchaikovsky - by WriterDom
A Tribute to Amy - by Tinman
a treasure waits - by WriterDom
A Wizard of Love - by Solar Dragon
A Woman's Dreams - by Silkyheat
Acidie Isca
- by Basforte
Again - by David B.
Again - by Silkyheat
Alive - by Silkyheat
All Night - by Romeo Blue
Allure - by Lara H.
An Angel In The Dark - by Jool
An Ocean Story - by Isabella Thorne
An Ode to Strawberries & Cream - by Silkyheat
Annapolis By Tryst - by BluesmanII
Answer - by Yoni-Lingam
Antiquities Pleasure - by Lara H.
anything - by Jennifer O. Kinney
Audrey - by Indy Dark
Autumn Slips In - by WriterDom
Bad Girl - by Savage Kitten
Bald Plains - by J Monty
Be With Me - by Silkyheat
Bliss - by Silkyheat
Blow the House Down - by Carvaleo
Bondage - by WriterDom
Border Town - by writer34
Bound - by Silkyheat
Breasts - by Silkyheat
Breathless - by Lara H.
Breathless - by Silkyheat
breathless bliss - by WriterDom
Brown Eyes - by Rebeca Turro
Bulimic Ballet - by writer34
- by Romeo Blue
Canto - by Basforte
Catching An Angel - by Magic Man
Chocolate Syrup & Handcuffs
- by Endlessly
Circle of Kisses
- by WriterDom
Cock - by Silkyheat
Come Here Woman
- by erOTic
Contentment - by Roughyhead
Cum - by Roughyhead
Curves of a Woman
- by Savannah Skye
Cream Carpet - by WriterDom
Crescendoes of Love - by Jan M.
Cyberotica - by BluesmanII
Danse du Ventre - by Lord Wolf
Daydreams - by Dave HTT
Dear Lee - by Dwebb
Derby Day - by Havocman AUDIO
Desire - by Silkyheat
- by Lisa A. Rose
Digital Desire - by Island Girl
Do It Now - by Otzchiim
Do You?
- by Silkyheat
Do You Know I'm Watching? - by J Monty
Delicious Indulgence - by MadKing
Dream Lover - by Otzchiim
Dream Lover - by Fanta C
Dreaming - by Hecate. AUDIO
Dreaming... of you - by Dwebb
Drip Words - by WriterDom
Droplets Upon My Lips
- by Intoxyc8me
- by Romeo Blue
Earth Goddess - by Solar Dragon PIC
Ecstasy - by Savannah Skye
Elements: Earth - by Silkyheat
Elements: Fire
- by Silkyheat
Elements: Water - by Silkyheat
Elements: Wind
- by Silkyheat
Embers of Passion - by Intoxyc8me
- by Savannah Skye
Erotic - by Savannah Skye
Erotic Rhapsody - by Intoxyc8me
Erotic Trip
- by Savannah Skye
E/S Love - by EbonVoice
Essence of My Mind - by Intoxyc8me AUDIO
Eyes in Rain - by James Cody AUDIO
Fade Away Minx - by Lara H.
Falling - by Silkyheat
Feeling You - by Rhiannon
Fine Sand - by WriterDom
- by Silkyheat
Fire - by Silkyheat
Flight of the Eagle - by CRaZy
For a Dancing Lady - by Otzchiim
For My Favorite Man - by Otzchiim
Frenzied Offerings
- by Jennifer O. Kinney
Friends - by Silkyheat
- by Jennifer O. Kinney
Futile Desire - by Carvaleo
Gin and Tonic - by Samiel Dracul
Goddess - by Lara H.
Good Morning Smile - by Silkyheat
Great Spirit - by The Poet
Hangover - by Lord Wolf
Her Beauty - by Solar Dragon
Her Radiant Horizon - by Steele414
Her Touch - by Tru Poet
Hers - by Silkyheat
Him - by Dakota
His - by Silkyheat
How Do - by The Poet
Hungry Bitch - by Silkyheat
I Am With Her - by Solar Dragon PIC
I Have Come to Rescue You! - by Indy Dark
I Pretend That - by Carvaleo
I Want - by Silkyheat
I Want to Be Alone -- With You - by Otzchiim
I Want Love Chocolate Sex
- by Savannah Skye
I Want You - by Savannah Skye
I'm Ready - by Romeo Blue
I'll Have You - by Carvaleo
Icon - by anothername_9
If I Only Had The Words - by Firesprite
Images 2 - by RisiaSkye
Imagine This - by LUVNTHOTS
Impatient - by Otzchiim
In A Haze - by Mia Love
In Ecstasy We Meet - by Hope
In Grateful and Loving Tribute To My Husband - by Latina
In My Lover's Bed - by James Cody AUDIO
In Raptures Entwine - by Hope
Indecision - by Otzchiim
Innocence, am I?
- by Lara H.
Into the Domain - by WriterDon
Intoxicating Mist - by MadKing
Is This Real - by lil_one
Just a Taste - by Richard Haldeman
justsuck.cock...enter - by writer34
Kicking L.S.D. (Love's sweet destruction) - by Endlessly
Kissed - by Solar Dragon
Kissing You - by WriterDom
- by Romeo Blue
Lavender-sweet - by Endlessly
Leave the Light On - by anothername_9
Lily - by ANiceGuy
- by Azreal Darkchyld
Literotica For Her - by Whispersecret
Little Princess
- by Romeo Blue
Lonesome Soul - by LUVNTHOTS
Love Game - by lil_one
Love in the City! - by Instantaneous
Love Is... Love Just Is...
- by Savannah Skye
Love's Manacles - by Eve's Demise
Lover Lost - by MadKing
Lovers of the Unreal - by Savannah Skye
Lust - by RisiaSkye
Lust and Rage - by Roughyhead
Man Alone - by James Cody. AUDIO
Me, You - by Silkyheat
Men Like You - by Lybbe AUDIO
Menage - by Romeo Blue
Mine? - by Guy Atbar
Mirror - by Basforte
Miss August 1966 - by Lord Wolf
Miss Payes - by Otzchiim
My Fingers Quiver - by J Monty
My Heart Cried - by Anonnemouse
My Obsession - by Melissa Mohn
My Vision For You - by Indy Dark
Mystical Bliss - by Tasha Kornhauser

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