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Deleted Scenes: Spiderman 2 #2

 — Second Deleted scene from Spiderman 2. by MasterOkime07/29/043.18

Demi and Joe: Home Alone

 — Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have the house to themselves. by kcgc06/22/114.62HOT

Demi Moore Ch. 01

 — Demi stars in her first adult movie. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat08/02/044.50HOT

Demi Moore Ch. 02

 — Demi shows her oral skills. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat08/05/044.51HOT

Demi Moore Ch. 03

 — Demi does anal after gentle persuasion. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat08/10/044.36

Demi Moore Ch. 04

 — Demi brings cock from her ass to her mouth. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat08/13/044.58HOT

Demi Moore Ch. 05

 — Demi is under anal submission before reaching zenith. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat08/22/044.42

DeNiro At Night

 — Even near sixty, the legend's still working. by Tom Mandy07/12/024.80

Denise Dreams Of Jenna!

 — Denise Richards dreams of a night with Jenna Jameson. by The Legend01/18/043.70

Denise Experiences Lucy Liu

 — She gets nasty with the Asian superstar. by Dirtydenise12/20/034.18

Denise Plays w/Jennifer Love-Hewitt

 — Denise meets sexpot. by Dirtydenise10/13/004.23

Denise Richards

 — Student and teacher are reunited in the outside world. by Primer_Cord07/09/074.72HOT

Denise Richards: Superslut

 — Lucky extra gets nasty during filming. by spurt-reynolds03/19/024.39

Denise Van Outen: Dominatrix

 — Blonde UK TV presenter takes his ass. by TheDarkCloud06/21/074.21

Desert Angel

 — Roadside encounter with Eva Mendes. by AchtungNight08/23/06

Desert Flower

 — Jasmine longs for Aladdin, but settles for guard. by Alphonzo12/25/024.08

Designer Guys Ch. 01

 — Designer Guys Steven & Chris meet for the first time. by pingky03/28/054.33


 — Ardeth & Angelina series #1. by Ariane11/13/044.80

Desiring Desirae

 — Desirae Spencer meets the cockpit captain. by adoration10/22/054.13

Desiring Desirae Ch. 02

 — Desirae Spencer takes the captain flying. by adoration10/28/053.95

Desiring Desirae Ch. 03

 — Desirae & model friend take captain to new heights. by adoration11/03/054.35

Desperate Demi

 — Demi would do anything to be with Selena. by MTL1706/28/164.58HOT

Desperate Demi Ch. 02

 — Selena and Taylor officially make Demi their bitch. by MTL1708/11/164.48

Desperate Demi Ch. 03

 — Selena tops Taylor for the first time while Demi watches. by MTL1703/29/17NEW

Desperate Fever

 — The Heat gets to Mark. by Smith101209/10/063.18

Desperately Seeking Britney Ch. 02

 — Deb fulfills her fantasy by being Britney's whore. by Erlikkhan01/04/134.68HOT

Destiny Discovered

 — Beyonce and Kelly become more than friends. by tight_thong06/20/053.94

Dexter - The Right Ending

 — The TV series ends the way it should have. by komrad115601/29/164.25

Dharma & Greg Ch. 2

 — Greg and Abbey become close. by J.C.07/29/014.31

Dharma & Greg Ch. 3

 — Greg and Jane get nasty. by J.C.07/31/013.84

Dharma & Greg Ch. 4

 — Old friend of Dharma's pays a visit. by J.C.03/25/024.27

Dharma & Kitty

 — Dharma gets to know her mother-in-law. by J.C.07/27/014.37

Dhueing Laurie Dhue

 — Laurie Dhue seduces intern Greg. by Foxfan6901/02/034.16

Dia Zerva Strapons Brian Pumper

 — Brian Pumper rides blonde dominatrix strapon! by Samuelx02/05/122.76


 — Gamers play in the world of old-school Diablo. by nisaea11/22/024.38

Diagnosis Murder Ch. 01

 — Jesse is hit by a car, Steve is not happy. by Pelaam10/02/064.77HOT

Diagnosis Murder Ch. 02

 — A psychopath is after Jesse; can Steve save him? by Pelaam01/14/074.81HOT

Diagnosis Murder Ch. 03

 — Someone causes problems in Steve aand Jesse's life. by Pelaam08/07/074.60HOT


 — Marty calls to talk to John McBain, but gets Todd instead. by ImmortalRomance09/04/113.75

Diana Does Diplomacy

 — Wonder Woman has a long, hard day ahead of her... by Zev9509/03/154.50HOT

Diane Poppos vs Baroness Fudgepacker

 — Diane loves a good bumfuck. by Nastilatinabitch03/05/044.38

Diane's Anal Adventure #1

 — She has anal fun in the ladies restroom. by Nastilatinabitch03/05/044.28

Diary of a Punk Rock Band

 — A look into Avril Lavigne's first time. by Darksider10/10/024.32

Diary Of An Alien

 — Alien becomes avid fan of X-Files. by Rockwell09/11/044.33

Dick Tracy,Tess and Breathless

 — A Better Kinky Ending. by Dazzle103/03/133.00

Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 5

 — Wild interracial orgy comes to an end. by Stardog Champion02/28/014.53HOT

Did I Just Kiss Ariana Grande?

 — Bi-curious Avery finds herself lip locked with a big celeb. by fflover5801/04/154.39

Did you know I met Kaley Cuoco?

 — Kaley Cuoco finds an author in an airport and becomes a muse. by MeanBlackjack05/04/124.61HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 01

 — She goes to New Orleans for her birthday. by Gwen08/30/024.43

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Was last night a dream? by Gwen08/31/024.53HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 03

 — They start things off with a shower. by Gwen09/01/024.52HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 04

 — Vin has a surprise trip planned. by Gwen09/07/024.56HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 05

 — He finally tells her where they are. by Gwen09/08/024.58HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 06

 — A storm comes in. by Gwen09/14/024.50HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 07

 — Nature at it's best. by Gwen09/16/024.66HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 08

 — Heading home. by Gwen09/16/024.48

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 09

 — Seen and heard. by Gwen10/05/024.55HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 10

 — Vin meets Melkor. by Gwen10/06/024.48

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 11

 — Sun and sea. by Gwen10/08/024.50HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 12

 — Body shots. by Gwen10/09/024.67HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 13

 — The Gang. by Gwen10/10/024.18

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 14

 — Candlelight sets the mood. by Gwen10/11/024.50HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 15

 — Red nails. by Gwen10/11/024.40

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 16

 — Happy birthday, Vin. by Gwen10/12/024.50HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 17

 — More cake? by Gwen10/13/024.57HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 18

 — Life goes on. by Gwen10/15/024.61HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 19

 — The accident. by Gwen10/21/024.67HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 20

 — Making plans. by Gwen10/22/024.50HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 21

 — Packing up. by Gwen10/23/024.60HOT

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 22

 — A kiss at sunset. by Gwen10/25/024.63HOT

Diner Delight

 — Lorelai and Luke play in the diner after rush hour. by Jade101701/29/144.17

Dinner with the NCIS Director

 — Tony's recollection of a dinner with Jenny NCIS Director. by Richard96306/22/093.92

Diplomat's Sex Life - Kate Upton

 — SI sex kitten gives very warm welcome to British agent. by StandingStone12/24/124.23

Diplomat's Sex Life - Kate Upton Ch. 02

 — Kate continues giving diplomat and driver time of their life. by StandingStone02/09/134.36

Directors Cut: Under Siege 2

 — Sarah Ryback experiences some dark territory of her own. by the pornographer03/02/04

Dirk and Summer

 — A brother and sister take timeoff from a summer job. by elnovelista04/11/104.37

Dirty Deeds Ch. 01

 — Lady Sylvanas and her ranger visit the other Horde leaders. by ItsJessy02/08/114.35

Dirty Deeds Ch. 02

 — Lady Sylvanas and Clea pass the time on the Zeppelin. by ItsJessy02/09/114.55HOT

Dirty Deeds Ch. 03

 — Lady Sylvanas and Clea arrive in Orgrimmar. Garwal acts. by ItsJessy02/10/114.59HOT

Dirty Deeds Ch. 04

 — Sylvanas Windrunner and Garrosh Hellscream go at it. by ItsJessy08/25/114.56HOT

Dirty Deeds Ch. 05

 — Sylvanas makes a deal with Gallywix by ItsJessy04/25/124.42

Dirty Deeds Ch. 06

 — Lady Sylvanas and Clea are confronted by raiders. by ItsJessy06/13/134.58HOT

Dirty Deeds Ch. 07

 — Sylvanas and Clea are visited by Baine Bloodhoof. by ItsJessy03/06/154.62HOT

Dirty Denise Does Gillian Anderson

 — Girl meets TV star. by Dirtydenise10/13/004.29

Dirty Movies Uncut: Scat Barbecue

 — A Hollywood party unlike anyone has ever seen. by metron1805/24/124.53HOT

Dirty Movies: AOTS Ch. 01

 — An episode of Attack of the Show! that you wish you'd seen. by metron1806/06/124.43

Dirty Movies: Country Music Stars

 — With Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Jewel, and Shania Twain by metron1805/24/124.44

Dirty Movies: Megan Fox

 — She shows how raunchy and extreme she is. by metron1804/04/124.45

Dirty Movies: Megan Fox's Honeymoon

 — Part 1 of how Megan celebrated her nuptials. by metron1803/01/134.34

Dirty Movies: Miley, Demi, & Selena

 — They show they're not princesses anymore. by metron1804/15/124.37

Dirty Movies: Olivia Wilde

 — The gorgeous actress shoots her latest film. by metron1803/16/124.56HOT

Dirty Movies: The Simpson Sisters

 — Just how close are Jessica and Ashlee to their family? by metron1804/23/124.43

Dirty Movies: X-Rated Commercials

 — With Kate Upton, Carly Foulkes, and Victoria Justice. by metron1805/03/124.33

Dirty Scrubs

 — Finding private time in a hospital isn't easy. by rboxer04/15/064.55HOT

Dirty Scrubs Ch. 02

 — Carla and Eliot have a plan for Turk and JD. by rboxer06/19/064.04

Dirty X Men

 — Why fight when you can fuck? by cybersexbomber03/06/053.12

Dirty, Pretty Things

 — Will Paul take his girlfriend to the show? by SexyJennaInk07/25/033.56

Disciplinary Action

 — Natasha and Pepper enjoy some role-play. by MTL1701/26/144.64HOT

Discoveries at the 12th

 — Alexis Castle makes an interesting discovery at the 12th by SDLRob02/14/144.51HOT

Discoveries at the 12th Ch. 02

 — The night's events after Alexis went home with Lanie. by SDLRob02/21/144.54HOT

Discoveries at the 12th Ch. 03: The Prequel

 — The first threesome Castle/Kate/Lanie. by SDLRob06/19/144.76HOT

Disharmony: Revamped

 — What if Cordy hadn't found out? by irishkenny197406/12/124.72HOT


 — Trey Songz has been having an affair... by Roleplay_LouiseUk07/09/143.57


 — DS9 story featuring Jadzia Dax and Seska and distratctions.. by Mandymomma05/17/134.40

Disturbed for Life Ch. 01

 — Birthday vacation gets off to a "Disturbing" start. by LadyMoonShadow0902/13/054.78

Disturbed for Life Ch. 02

 — Birthday weekend continues as things get hotter. by LadyMoonShadow0905/11/055.00

Disturbed for Life Ch. 03

 — It's concert night, & someone wants to join in. by LadyMoonShadow0907/22/055.00

Disturbed for Life Ch. 04

 — A little teasing never hurt anyone. by LadyMoonShadow0908/11/055.00

Disturbed for Life Ch. 05

 — Emotions are high as birthday fling turns into more. by LadyMoonShadow0905/15/095.00

Divas Spellbound Ch. 01

 — After a pay-per-view, A.J's life changes forever. by TheArcticWolf08/17/123.19

Divers Do Her Deeper

 — Shannen Doherty takes on Hawaii. by ZippyWonderchimp04/18/053.97

Diving with Jessica

 — You meet the starlet on a dive-trip at Australia's coast. by Sammycolto07/06/124.74HOT

Diving with Jessica Ch. 02

 — Your adventures with Jessica Alba continue during the trip. by Sammycolto08/06/124.81HOT

Diving with Jessica Ch. 03

 — The finale of Jessica Alba's diving trip! by Sammycolto11/27/144.90HOT

DJ & Jay Ch. 01-02

 — She gets DJ Qualls & Jason Mewes for her b-day. by helena_snow_renn07/21/034.75

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