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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Twice Again

 — Sequel to 'First Orgasm'. by rachelbagel06711/13/074.44

Twice Forbidden Ch. 01

 — Two encounters in college, one with my cousins. by JayLikestoRead04/24/154.08

Twice Forbidden Ch. 02

 — Dating your students is bad. This makes it worse. by JayLikestoRead04/27/154.18

Twice Forbidden Ch. 03

 — The morning after our first night together. by JayLikestoRead04/28/154.00

Twice Forbidden Ch. 04

 — My uncle tells me more about my mother ... and my father. by JayLikestoRead04/30/154.46

Twice the Fun Ch. 2

 — Twin sisters learn about the joy of toys. by Georgemike11/03/024.38

Twilight of Siblings Love

 — A brother consummates his longing with his married sister. by laimun12/26/124.16

Twin Beds

 — An overnight stay in a motel finds new relations. by Bob_612/11/144.41

Twin Changing Rooms

 — Uncle takes twin nieces lingerie shopping. by Jon Smiff04/18/033.94

Twin Cousins

 — Steve becomes attracted to his younger cousins. by Dexxa07/08/094.47

Twin Feelings

 — One twin feels for her sister. by PDumbledore06/14/044.48

Twin Frenzy

 — A man recounts about the time he and his twin sister fucked. by Heisemborg11/15/163.82

Twin Minds

 — Twins share more than just genes. by hentaijack01/03/114.29

Twin Minds Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by hentaijack01/07/114.51HOT

Twin Nieces

 — The Gospel of induced lactation spreads across the clan. by Tarbut11/28/074.06

Twin Peaks

 — Siblings get naughty when no one's watching. by -Sadie26-06/01/064.08

Twin Seduction Ch. 01

 — AJ must seduce his twin sister. by Loki846706/13/084.03

Twin Seduction Ch. 04

 — Lindsey and Kim watch Brent and his stepmother. by TheSparkZone10/13/024.45

Twin Set

 — Fraternal in more ways than one. by angstypleasure12/27/114.50HOT

Twin Set Ch. 02

 — A visit to his sister's house with his girlfriend. by angstypleasure01/25/124.47

Twin Sex

 — Brother and sister begin to explore each other. by Deisel5006/30/084.25

Twin Share Ch. 01

 — A favor leads to love. by sunburycd06/18/174.43

Twin Share Ch. 02

 — Weekend at the cabin. by sunburycd06/22/174.53HOT

Twin Share Ch. 03

 — The twins explore further. by sunburycd06/24/174.52HOT

Twin Sister

 — The half that makes me whole. by fadedgiant09/21/144.06

Twin Sister Asking For It

 — Guy punishes horny sister who won't do her chores. by thason07/06/123.84

Twin Sister Love

 — Twin sister needs to be cheered up. by teen_rookie10/13/023.91

Twin Sister That Have Sex Together

 — My sister and I are sluts. by Mysteria2704/23/143.63

Twin Sisters

 — Siblings discover the joys of female sex. by Edwina09/06/013.83

Twin Sisters

 — Couple has threesome with wife's identical twin. by Tattletale03/24/024.33

Twin Sisters

 — A story of incest & intrigue. by mountainboy07/04/034.24

Twin Sisters Ch. 02

 — Kirk, Kimberly, & Krista are virgins no longer. by mountainboy07/05/034.48

Twin Sisters Ch. 03

 — The twins deep throat. by mountainboy07/07/034.46

Twin Sisters Ch. 04

 — Kirk learns about Mom and Dad. by mountainboy07/09/034.45

Twin Sisters Ch. 05

 — Linda Reynolds deepthroats by mountainboy07/09/034.51HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 06

 — Kirk, Kim, & Krista play before parents return. by mountainboy07/11/034.51HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 07

 — Kirk, Kim, & Krista watch Mom & Dad. by mountainboy07/12/034.63HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 08

 — Kimberly, Krista & Kirk play with Mom. by mountainboy07/13/034.66HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 09

 — Who are Grace & Natalie Timmons? by mountainboy07/13/034.49

Twin Sisters Ch. 10

 — Mom gets a second dose of the kids. by mountainboy07/14/034.57HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 11

 — Grace visits Debbie and her tender body. by mountainboy07/15/034.51HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 12

 — Natalie loses control. by mountainboy07/18/034.60HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 13

 — The kids watch Grace and Debbie pee. by mountainboy07/20/034.51HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 14

 — A surprise at the Reynolds house by mountainboy07/20/034.58HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 15

 — They very kinky. by mountainboy07/22/034.45

Twin Sisters Ch. 16

 — Natalie tells all. by mountainboy07/22/034.46

Twin Sisters Ch. 17

 — The kids play while watching Deb and Grace by mountainboy07/23/034.63HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 18

 — Kirk takes the twin's ass. by mountainboy07/25/034.58HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 19

 — Debbie receives a call. by mountainboy07/26/034.59HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 20

 — The kids play with their Mom and Maria. by mountainboy07/27/034.64HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 21

 — Debbie gets ready for her date. The kids tease Grace by mountainboy07/28/034.58HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 22

 — Debbie meets her husband and Grace is in agony by mountainboy07/30/034.49

Twin Sisters Ch. 23

 — A surprise at the country club. by mountainboy07/31/034.54HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 24

 — The kids drive Maria crazy. Debbie gets help sort of. by mountainboy07/31/034.54HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 25

 — Tongues drives Debbie over the edge. by mountainboy08/03/034.52HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 26

 — The last sex for the Timmons brothers. by mountainboy08/09/034.57HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 27

 — Debbie starts home; Kirk learns about Maria. by mountainboy08/17/034.66HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 28

 — The twins play. Poor Debbie gets it again. by mountainboy08/17/034.63HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 29

 — The kids play with Mom. by mountainboy09/19/034.63HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 30

 — The Twins suck and Debbie's going crazy. by mountainboy09/21/034.63HOT

Twin Sisters Ch. 31

 — The Twins get dad and everybody else. by mountainboy09/22/034.75HOT

Twin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 03

 — Double the pleasure. by badmanmoose07/14/064.18

Twin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 04

 — Deep inside the twins. by badmanmoose06/29/073.79

Twin Streams

 — Laci and Staci continue their love affair, with wet results. by blissfulltales11/08/184.29

Twin Summer Ch. 05

 — Samantha meets Mr Dick. by jane700bond09/06/084.63HOT

Twin Summer Ch. 06

 — A Sister's Revenge - a very short chapter. by jane700bond04/10/094.50HOT

Twin Times Ch. 01

 — Twin siblings give in to their desires. by geronimo_appleby02/11/054.62HOT

Twin Times Ch. 02

 — Sexy aunt gets in on the act. by geronimo_appleby02/26/054.58HOT

Twin Times Ch. 03

 — Sister joins in. by geronimo_appleby03/02/054.64HOT

Twin Tonic

 — One twin transforms and both help dad cope. by Selbryth12/10/09

Twin Union Pt. 01

 — Twin brother and sister get reacquainted during the holiday. by Vitavie05/25/174.18

Twin Union Pt. 02

 — Eve shows Paul what it is to be a woman. by Vitavie07/11/174.08

Twin Virgins

 — Twins find love within their strict upbringing. by genealguy03/25/104.50HOT

Twin-Time Ch. 01

 — She & her twin brother - well, things just happened. by Selbryth10/30/06HOT

Twin-Time Ch. 02

 — Things continue to happen between twin coed siblings. by Selbryth10/31/06HOT


 — Matthew and Melinda share all of themselves. by miss_madeleine01/10/104.35

Twincest: My Sister and I Ch. 01

 — My sister and I's first time. by DiamondzDick01/29/124.07


 — A telepathic twin can't help but spy on private moments... by Cphucker09/14/144.75HOT


 — A boy and his twin give into their primal desires. by GooeyBoooooy01/27/172.19


 — Caitlin and Connor become closer than twins should be. by Kizurial11/20/184.45


 — He pays back teacher by seducing his twin daughters. by WaltFlannegan10/27/014.04


 — Twins find a way to play. by TryAnything01/15/034.71HOT


 — When he gets divorced, his brother comforts him. by PenanceS08/24/033.24


 — Incest is a fantasy that most everyone has at some point. by KY ridgerunner09/28/044.39


 — Fraternal twins deepen their bond. by LiamBryant10/14/064.54HOT


 — Twins married to twins get blackmailed into group sex party. by Mikro12/11/114.49


 — You're a girl and you get picked up by twins at a bar. by dthrnd08/17/134.65HOT


 — These twin sisters were close. Curiosity brought them closer. by Djanarchy09/12/144.27


 — Story of shared sexual feelings between twins. by Adanaliyik08/14/173.51

Twins & Their Brother

 — He gets his sexy sexy sisters. by vinnyfromthepeg05/26/044.16

Twins Abroad with Mother Ch. 01

 — Twin boys discover each other on holiday with mum. by WilliamBabcock08/18/184.29

Twins Abroad with Mother Ch. 02

 — Lindsay and her twin boys meet a beautiful gay Spanish guy. by WilliamBabcock08/19/184.37

Twins Abroad with Mother Ch. 03

 — Gay twin brothers share lover, with help from mum. by WilliamBabcock08/20/184.55HOT

Twins Abroad with Mother Ch. 04

 — The twins, Emilio and their mother cross new boundaries. by WilliamBabcock08/24/184.70HOT

Twins alone, late night

 — Late night drinking turns into a game of outdoor play. by GratefulDudeX10003/31/144.59HOT

Twins and Lovers

 — Who better to turn to than your twin? by SimonSays111/06/064.61HOT

Twins Celebrate Their Birthday

 — Penny gets a birthday dream come true. by Larkfield6105/03/174.58HOT

Twins Celebrate Their Birthday Ch. 02

 — The prodigal son returns and Penny seizes an opportunity. by Larkfield6105/22/174.54HOT

Twins Celebrate Their Birthday Ch. 03

 — Mother joins the party. by Larkfield6106/08/174.52HOT

Twins Ch. 01

 — Sexy female twins learn about sex together. by memmac08/12/054.15

Twins Ch. 02

 — 2 moms + 3 daughters = fun by slitlicker6904/19/114.66HOT

Twins Ch. 6

 — Ex-virgin's twin sister joins in the fun. by IndyMSpankU07/11/014.33

Twins Connect

 — A hot sister and her twin brother start their relationship. by lucnat508/19/11

Twins Connect Ch. 02

 — Natalie and Lucas's relationship continues to bud, by lucnat511/10/11

Twins Cum Best with Twins

 — The Parker twins discover relief in each other's arms. by machiavelliwriter006/22/114.32

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 03

 — Annie relives her first time with Ewan. by machiavelliwriter007/11/114.52HOT

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 04

 — Dreams, Fantasies, and Hallie's awakened desire. by machiavelliwriter008/17/114.42

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 05

 — Sisterly love. Confession time. by machiavelliwriter010/06/114.41

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 06

 — Would you let your brother fuck your girlfriend? by machiavelliwriter011/10/114.22

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 10

 — Waking moments. by machiavelliwriter003/22/124.48

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 11

 — It is the end of the weekend, the beginning of something new. by machiavelliwriter005/02/174.47

Twins Discover Each Other

 — Sarah and Peter descend into debauchery. by the_new_guy_23404/18/094.35

Twins Fall Hard

 — Brother and sister finally do something together. by Dylan51406/08/074.15

Twins Find a Special Love

 — Twin sisters discover they're different. by Kalador11/01/024.47

Twins Find Each Other

 — Twins forced apart by life discover each other by Pappageno08/11/044.59HOT

Twins Find Sexual Consequences.

 — Sex with her twin makes Karen very giving to others. by MichaelPeterson03/27/164.51HOT

Twins for Billie

 — Woman shopping finds two for one. by foxxc01/28/103.84

Twins Forever

 — Hot teen twins get horny. by hot.lesbian.chick02/26/024.02

Twins Galore

 — Three sexy sets of twins share more than just physical looks. by BrettJ03/23/164.46

Twins Get What They Want

 — Twins satisfy their mutual desires. by 12Wintersun3404/20/134.26

Twins in College Ch. 01

 — Fraternal twins move to the Bay Area for college. by WFEATHER08/22/054.47

Twins in College Ch. 02

 — First morning alone includes an unusual discussion. by WFEATHER08/24/054.39

Twins in College Ch. 03

 — First paycheck is spent on something different. by WFEATHER08/30/054.56HOT

Twins in College Ch. 04

 — Has a neighbor discovered the illicit relationship? by WFEATHER09/10/054.61HOT

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