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Romance Stories

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Out For A Drive

 — Couple making love on their car by SweetcheeksSt08/03/044.60HOT

Out of Control

 — A meeting in a dance club leads to a hot night. by Universalmuse09/27/074.14

Out of Gas

 — Running out of gas was the best thing to happen. by scoverfun02/14/122.46

Out of His League

 — Chubby guy gets the girl of his dreams. by NCGuy8507/09/074.22

Out of the Blue

 — A strawberry blond explains how she views her life. by PTBzzzz01/06/124.45

Out of the Burlap Ch. 00-01

 — Plagued with tension, Joe finds relief in new lovers. by maxicue05/01/134.80HOT

Out of the Burlap Ch. 02

 — Maya finds a more dangerous relaxant for Joe. by maxicue05/11/134.59HOT

Out of the Burlap Ch. 03

 — Many pleasant suprises for Joe. by maxicue05/15/134.79HOT

Out of the Burlap Ch. 04 & Conclusion

 — A new woman brings resolution to his tension. by maxicue05/22/134.76HOT

Out of the Cold

 — Spicy encounter heats up a winter night. by chocolatecherry11/15/074.08

Out of the Darkness

 — A romantic encounter between a man and his wife. by TLion6306/17/134.48

Out of the Frying Pan

 — Geoff trades in one sister for the other. by Cromagnonman06/18/094.63HOT

Out of the Jungle

 — Does life imitate opera by Cromagnonman12/24/114.72HOT

Out Of The Lion's Mouth

 — She returns to ancient Rome to confront her past. by MaxSebastian02/21/024.61HOTEditor's Pick

Out of the Mist

 — Grantley's long journey to recovery. by Cromagnonman12/14/114.72HOT

Out of the Shadows Ch. 01

 — Darius Granger: can he find redemption? by Iread2relax07/10/124.60HOT

Out of the Shadows Ch. 02

 — Meet the team. by Iread2relax07/13/124.70HOT

Out of the Shadows Ch. 03

 — Spending time, getting to know each other. by Iread2relax07/16/124.70HOT

Out of the Shadows Ch. 04

 — The aftermath. by Iread2relax07/23/124.69HOT

Out of the Shadows Ch. 05

 — Well all good things must end. by Iread2relax07/28/124.73HOT

Out of the Shower

 — As I walked out of the shower, he was sitting on my bed... by shyvirgingirlnextdoor08/30/143.94

Out of Time & Space

 — A romantic tale of love & passion. by gossamer06/20/034.56HOT

Out There Ch. 02

 — She discovers the truth and ignites the power within her. by Domdomain03/06/154.30

Outback Nights Ch. 01

 — Two lovers bound by love and lust in the Outback. by obelisk66610/09/034.15

Outback Nights Ch. 04

 — After the pain comes the pleasure, for both of them, by obelisk66612/24/034.45

Outrunning One Storm For Another

 — Clara finds herself drenched even coming in out of the rain. by Tzah09/15/074.58HOT

Outwitting Micki's Father

 — Guy finds a great pussy, and fights to keep access. by Egmont Grigor03/22/094.67HOT

Over a Piece of Pie

 — Love is served with a sweet dessert. by Chiara2301/25/124.68HOT

Over The Rainbow

 — Ross falls for his friend's sister. by DG Hear11/29/094.71HOT


 — Man is tossed off the ship, and into a wild adventure. by Ludo10/20/004.25


 — A tragic accident leads to a new start. by coaster205/29/114.77HOT


 — A romantic backseat rendezvous. by Melaphyre08/23/134.00

Overlooked Bride Ch. 01

 — Jilted and fired, Bianca returns to her roots. by Egmont Grigor10/30/064.55HOT

Overlooked Bride Ch. 02

 — Bianca's business takes off & she dates a client. by Egmont Grigor10/31/064.60HOT

Overlooked Bride Ch. 03

 — Intimacy begins to develop between Bianca & Marty. by Egmont Grigor11/01/064.68HOT

Overlooked Bride Ch. 04

 — Bianca wonders why client is buying Harvey Wallbangers. by Egmont Grigor11/02/064.68HOT

Overlooked Bride Ch. 05

 — Bianca approaches her finest hour; Marty gets sexy. by Egmont Grigor11/03/064.61HOT

Overlooked Bride Ch. 06

 — Biance's mom arrives to help Marty win her daughter. by Egmont Grigor11/04/064.79HOT

Overlooked Bride Ch. 07

 — Overlooked Bride finally makes it to the altar. by Egmont Grigor11/24/064.67HOT

P is for Paint

 — Paul paints the portrait of a lifetime. by Many Feathers06/15/054.70HOT

Pacific Wind

 — They find romance & lust. by Im_A_Dickens06/08/043.94

Paddlin' Madelyne Home Ch. 01

 — Our hero is harrassed by an unruly woman who wants his help. by Stultus12/18/094.58HOT

Paddlin' Madelyne Home Ch. 02

 — Maddie causes all sorts of trouble for our patient hero. by Stultus12/19/094.65HOT

Paddlin' Madelyne Home Ch. 03

 — Her family suggests a means of keeping her tamed! by Stultus12/20/094.57HOT

Paean to L & S: or a Love Supreme

 — A celebration of L & S words: love, sex, sensual. by Sappholovers05/28/044.71HOT

Pages of a Day Ch. 01

 — Jilted, Sandra and Marshall turn to each other. by NassauHall07/24/034.77HOT

Pages of a Day Ch. 02

 — Car buffs Marshall & Sandra decide to "fill 'er up." by NassauHall08/23/034.76HOT

Paige Pockets Arnie

 — There's at least one female interested in every guy. by Egmont Grigor05/21/054.65HOT


 — Girlfriend helps get rid of pain. by guitargotmilf05/12/124.12

Painted Touch

 — She dips her fingertip into the paint. by FallenAngel7502/16/093.80

Painter's Passion

 — She finds man upon whom to release her passion. by frankies9007/11/034.30


 — She knows just how to please her Scottish pirate. by Queen of Kink03/19/054.54HOT

Painting with Lydia

 — A lively Aussie house painter captivates Lady Lydia. by EgmontGrigor201103/30/114.62HOT

Palomino Ch. 01

 — A city gal returns to her country home after a long absense. by LadyRoscoe06/13/124.54HOT

Palomino Ch. 02

 — Lacey gets to know the ranch, and hard work! by LadyRoscoe07/16/124.70HOT

Palomino Ch. 03

 — Lacey attends her first rodeo. by LadyRoscoe11/28/124.68HOT

Palomino Ch. 04

 — A low-down Hoe-Down. by LadyRoscoe11/29/124.69HOT

Palomino Ch. 05

 — A room mix-up; Lacey and Wesley get intimate. by LadyRoscoe11/30/124.81HOT

Palomino Ch. 06

 — Dreams, and a new love. by LadyRoscoe11/30/124.77HOT

Palomino Ch. 07

 — Lance and Wesley fight over Lacey leaving. by LadyRoscoe12/02/124.80HOT

Palomino Ch. 08

 — Lacey goes home. by LadyRoscoe12/09/124.66HOT

Palomino Ch. 09

 — Back at "home". by LadyRoscoe12/16/124.59HOT

Palomino Ch. 10

 — Lacey returns. by LadyRoscoe12/23/124.73HOT

Palomino Ch. 11

 — Fences are on the mend. by LadyRoscoe12/30/124.78HOT

Palomino Ch. 12

 — Another dream - Anne's Story. by LadyRoscoe01/06/134.76HOT

Palomino Ch. 13

 — The next morning, when Wesley woke up... by LadyRoscoe01/13/134.67HOT

Palomino Ch. 14

 — Lacey thinks about getting her own horse. by LadyRoscoe01/20/134.65HOT

Palomino Ch. 15

 — Lacey's got a secret. by LadyRoscoe01/27/134.67HOT

Palomino Ch. 16

 — Lacey's First Race. by LadyRoscoe02/15/134.79HOT

Palomino Ch. 17

 — Lance's Past Unveiled. by LadyRoscoe02/17/134.69HOT

Palomino Ch. 18

 — The End. by LadyRoscoe02/24/134.70HOT

Pam and Thomas's Erotic Journey

 — A choose-your-own-adventure story. by oneofthetwelve04/14/084.20

Pam's Kind of Guy

 — Tall girl is saved by tall man. by Softly10/10/004.59HOT

Pampered Pleasures

 — He takes her away for weekend of pleasure. by wildcat1971_200002/13/044.53HOT

Pancake's Batter Ch. 01

 — A young man seeks true love. by Axle_the_Beast11/21/123.47


 — Love, loss, and living. by shawnsgrl2202/20/104.47


 — One last night alone together on the beach. by Indy10/11/004.32


 — Stranded couple rediscovers intimacy, & each other. by Katherine English 212/13/004.36

Paradise Found

 — An escape becomes much more. by cuninglinguist6108/14/114.56HOT

Paradise on a Deckchair

 — She's ready for her new life to begin. by Egmont Grigor11/04/064.68HOT

Pardon My French Kiss

 — Exec learns language of love in night school. by Astoria Time10/20/004.31

Parent Teacher Conference Ch. 01

 — Alex finds his old love again in high school. by Lechone11/27/104.51HOT

Parent Teacher Conference Ch. 02

 — Alex and Colette get even closer then they are. by Lechone12/01/104.54HOT

Parent Teacher Conference Ch. 03

 — Alex and Colette have fun in Italy. by Lechone02/18/114.40

Pari & Hitesh

 — Inter-religious Love Ch. 01 by 8inchesofsalaami09/29/114.00


 — Spring in the city of Love. by Anais_N07/29/09

Paris: The City of Light & Lust

 — Passions are alive in WWII Paris. by nitengale04/14/014.35Editor's Pick

Parisian Nights

 — La grande seduction in la Ville-Lumière. by Miss_Elizabeth12/09/144.51HOT

Park Chase - Claire

 — Claire's flight of passion. by Dualduet12/25/075.00

Park Chase - James

 — James' impassioned pursuit. by Dualduet12/25/073.40


 — She deals with her sexual block creatively. by LadyTigeress09/25/054.45


 — Cars were never meant to do this. by Basia09/22/034.23


 — You help a woman stranded on the side of the road. by wishfulldreamer08/19/103.76

Parking Lot Ch. 01

 — Wonderful night with a stranger & the couch. by BioJeremy06/22/054.27

Part 01: Lance - Matters of the Heart

 — A band forms; a love begins. by carollynn2672604/05/084.47

Part 02: Billy - The Hidden Truth

 — Drama ensues. by carollynn2672604/06/084.44

Part 03: Devon - Fallen Touch

 — Forbidden. by carollynn2672612/08/084.00


 — Two lawyers who discover lust & love. by qadishtu07/14/074.45

Party Early

 — Love found while getting ready for a Halloween party. by TxRad10/02/144.66HOT

Party Time Ch. 02

 — A little taste of paradise. by Ray Morgan11/08/054.40

Party Time Ch. 03

 — Hot and cold. by Ray Morgan11/17/054.50

Party Time Ch. 04

 — The final chapter. by Ray Morgan12/09/054.36

Party to Consummation

 — Are we there yet? by Recidiva07/25/074.48

Pas de Deux

 — That irritating girl from my youth comes back into my life. by Kezza6705/09/134.81HOT

Pasha on the Playa Pt. 01

 — The librarians seduced him! by SierraSprite11/11/144.71HOT


 — Middle-aged couple struggles for renewal. by AutumnWriter04/15/064.71HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 01

 — The music of the night. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/05/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 02

 — The music of the night, Pt II. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/07/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 03

 — The music of the night, Pt III. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/11/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 04

 — The music of the night, Pt IV by Adrian Leverkuhn05/13/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 05

 — The music of the night, Pt V by Adrian Leverkuhn05/15/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 06

 — The music of the night, Pt VI. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/17/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 07

 — The music of the night, Pt VII by Adrian Leverkuhn05/19/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 08

 — The music of the night, Pt VIII. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/22/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 09

 — The music of the night, Pt IX. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/25/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 10

 — The music of the night, Pt X. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/29/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 11

 — The music of the night, Pt XI of XIV. by Adrian Leverkuhn06/02/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 12

 — The music of the night, Pt XII of XIV. by Adrian Leverkuhn06/06/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 13

 — The music of the night, Pt XIII of XIV. by Adrian Leverkuhn06/16/08HOT

Passegiatta Pt. 14

 — The music of the night, Pt XIV. by Adrian Leverkuhn07/14/08HOT

Passing Grade

 — Student's crush on his teacher is rekindled. by every_horizon05/02/054.72HOT

Passing The Laws

 — Young lawyer struggles with ethics in law firm. by brunorivera07/23/044.11


 — This is their new beginning. by Nortidazzer11/06/053.93

Passion After a Long Day

 — Husband comes home to relieve wife's stressful day. by electrik10/13/044.12

Passion and devotion

 — Rick romances Trish into uncontrollable sex. by realme45403/21/013.64

Passion at the Playground

 — Man & his boss has share fun at the local playground. by crazymale05/16/084.12

Passion By Candlelight

 — Long day ends beautifully. by Niecie402/05/024.00

Passion for Him

 — Their first night together. by masterskitty12/25/103.80

Passion in Silk

 — Patrick writes a story for his friend Sara. by Patrick-Donovan11/17/044.70HOT

Passion On the Water

 — A trip to the river becomes a sexual adventure. by MrKnowitall11/29/074.85HOT

Passion Storm

 — A storm is coming in the night... by cheshirewatcher01/03/024.56

Passionate Love

 — A steamy night in a hotel suite. by LittleLambsEatIvy04/01/133.53

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