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A Magic Castle Ch. 01

 — A magic castle, a borrowed wand, and the right man. by Justmyimagination10/15/074.04

A Magic Castle Ch. 02

 — The special meal they share is each other. by Justmyimagination11/06/074.09

A Magic Shop

 — Body transformed by magic, must be good? by Rolemeover10/10/164.30

A Man In the Crew

 — A privateer vessel with an all female crew finds a "breeder". by EdwardianFantasy07/14/164.53HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 01

 — Her land is conquered and so is she. by KillerRomance09/30/084.36

A Marq's Woman Ch. 02

 — Escape. by KillerRomance10/04/084.52HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 03

 — Visions and nightmares. by KillerRomance10/14/084.61HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 04

 — Acceptance. by KillerRomance10/17/084.65HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 05

 — The road to war. by KillerRomance11/12/084.68HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 06

 — An impending wedding. by KillerRomance11/28/084.72HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 07

 — A turn of events. by KillerRomance12/21/084.68HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 08

 — New land, new people, new feelings. by KillerRomance12/26/084.80HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 09

 — Complications. Drats! by KillerRomance01/07/094.80HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 10

 — A new life. by KillerRomance01/12/094.81HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 11

 — Just a tiny chink in the stone of her heart? by KillerRomance02/05/09

A Marq's Woman Ch. 12

 — Rejection. by KillerRomance02/18/094.78HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 13

 — A clean slate. by KillerRomance03/10/094.80HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 14

 — Time, and a rebirth of love, heal old wounds. by KillerRomance03/17/094.79HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 15

 — Rebirth. by KillerRomance05/06/094.83HOT

A Master of the Night

 — Female bodyguard meets handsome black vampire. by Samuelx04/20/063.38

A Matter of Honour

 — He gave her his honour - & would now claim hers. by DireLilith07/01/07

A Matter of Time Ch. 01

 — They go back in time and meet their younger selves. by absoluteid01/08/124.09

A Medieval Epic Ch. 02

 — Ogre Bandits defile the Wood Elves. by BBC02/04/034.07

A Merry Ho Ho Ho

 — Santa delivers more than toys this year. by sexygirl7612/16/094.41

A Mirror

 — Every woman's dream comes true. by litdave10/18/024.23

A Modern Werewolf Chronicle

 — A bisexual werewolf's life & loves in America. by Samuelx01/12/083.30

A Moment of Clarity

 — He helped a stranger, and received the gift of clarity. by dr13bone11/05/123.98

A Momentary Lapse of Ethics 01

 — An erotic superhero story about the price of life. by FinalStand07/26/124.55HOT

A Momentary Lapse of Ethics 02

 — The struggle for the Tri-Cities begins. by FinalStand07/31/124.60HOT

A Mysterious Object

 — What will the stone box do to Knox and Misty? by emmajordan9012/06/103.84

A Nerd's Genie

 — Proverbial Nerd/Reject finds a mysterious object.... by skyink9312/16/144.11

A New Age

 — Aliens, alien technology and time travel. by hacked_soul07/01/154.45

A New Age Ch. 02

 — A Virgin No More. by hacked_soul03/06/164.33

A New Beginning

 — A world who's sun has been lost. by Chicklet11/19/024.15

A New Beginning

 — Sexy janitor by day, hero bar maid by night. by ArthurianMorgaine04/06/044.37

A New Beginning Ch. 01

 — The dream begins. by BADSAM68911/02/084.47

A New Beginning Ch. 02

 — A hole in space. by BADSAM68911/10/084.62HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 03

 — Nothing. by BADSAM68911/18/084.56HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 04

 — Division. by BADSAM68911/26/084.58HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 05

 — Near Earth Orbit. by BADSAM68912/05/084.60HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 06

 — Dinosaur Watching. by BADSAM68912/18/084.56HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 07

 — Home Again. by BADSAM68912/29/084.64HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 08

 — Shangri La. by BADSAM68901/07/094.71HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 09

 — Establishing ourselves. by BADSAM68901/17/094.69HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 10

 — Dinosaur Hunting. by BADSAM68901/28/094.61HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 11

 — Genesis One. by BADSAM68902/12/094.67HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 12

 — A new dawn. by BADSAM68903/01/094.72HOT

A New Beginning Ch. 13

 — A Brighter Future. by BADSAM68903/18/094.69HOT

A New Bow for Cupid

 — He changes her life, and sends her into love. by Akireon01/26/084.51HOT

A New Earth Ch. 01: The Choosing

 — Fictional breeding & erotic repopulation story. by janedoe1lit01/07/174.41

A New Earth Ch. 02: The Scientists

 — The doctors end their celibacy. by janedoe1lit01/24/174.42

A New Earth Ch. 03: Liberation

 — Another chooses his first mate & gains freedom from his past. by janedoe1lit01/28/174.54HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 04

 — Man discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. by DMaster_1404/02/134.70HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 05

 — He discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. by DMaster_1403/19/144.73HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 06

 — He discovers his cat is more than just a house cat. by DMaster_1403/28/154.81HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 07

 — Captain Mina implements Omega Four. by DMaster_1407/28/164.76HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 08

 — Kevin works to protect Mina from Omega 4. by DMaster_1402/03/174.75HOT

A New Infection

 — Scientists fight a virus that turns women into bimbos by vargas11107/12/044.01

A New Life

 — A strange erotic fantasy on a motorcycle trip. by HarryJobs04/04/094.54HOT

A New Life

 — Making a life on alternate earth. by SW_MO_Hermit03/07/154.70HOT

A New Life

 — Her life ends, only to bring forth a new eternity. by Goddess_Meridia02/13/163.73

A New Life Ch. 01

 — A lonely husband returns to his wife. by miladygrimm11/30/074.12

A New Meaning to Mother Son Bonding Ch. 01

 — Mother and son bond. by tastycandy06/16/153.81

A New Meaning to Mother Son Bonding Ch. 02

 — Mother and son bond. by tastycandy06/17/154.41

A New Meaning to Mother Son Bonding Ch. 03

 — Mother and son bond. by tastycandy06/18/154.26

A New Pet

 — A pair of elves stumble upon a petshop in a new city. by Wistykitty06/21/084.20

A New Reality

 — She shrinks her husband and uses him for pleasure. by mugs10111/03/113.90

A New Species of Man Ch. 01

 — Freak accident turns Black student into monster. by Samuelx11/29/123.54

A New Toy

 — A woman plays with her new, extremely lifelike, toy. by empty_coffee_cup11/11/094.59HOT

A New World

 — Safety device causes unintentional harm. by ~hellbaby~06/18/05HOT

A New World Order

 — A new, sexually active, world! by CynRyder10/20/153.47

A Night at Bugman's

 — An elf is gambled! by Indigo_Incognito03/31/123.94

A Night at The Bannered Mare

 — Leonore spends her first night in Whiterun after many years. by Anuriel03/31/164.12

A Night at the Dancing Dog Inn Ch. 01

 — A curvy barmaid seduces a tall, Amazonian woman. by ollraigth06/22/164.64HOT

A Night at the Dancing Dog Inn Ch. 02

 — Several months later, one of Vasha's kinfolk come to the Inn. by ollraigth06/23/164.40

A Night at the Dancing Dog Inn Ch. 03

 — Kvana and Ferri get to know each other. by ollraigth06/25/164.49

A Night In

 — Sexy little fic with some spanking good sex. by KarmaMoonfairy03/02/164.00

A Night In Breinden Swamp

 — A half-elf, a halfling and a very aroused ogre. by FantasyX03/01/084.65HOT

A Night in Heaven and Hell

 — Two brothers die, one goes up, one goes down. by sexygirl7603/18/083.87

A Night in the Sun

 — What woman could possibly be hotter? by penguinlust12/14/073.58

A Night in Vesuvias

 — He saved her life- she owed him, didn't she? by DireLilith04/06/07

A Night of Arcane Ch. 01

 — Raven gives his love Nnaysea a night she will never forget. by TheArcanist12/30/154.00

A Night of Darkness

 — Who knows what lurks in the darkness? by navatalin09/03/054.17

A Night Out & Spooning

 — Sword-dancers practice women love. by Uillceal05/24/094.21

A Night To Remember

 — A relaxing weekend turns into anything but. by Many Feathers05/02/074.55HOT

A Night to Remember

 — Roles reversed for a night. by icey_hearted07/12/124.00

A Night To Remember (Reversed)

 — From another point of view. by icey_hearted10/01/124.08

A Night with the King

 — Julianna makes a hard decision with a lovely twist. by Aratoamin06/22/164.43

A Packet of Trouble

 — Why was his wife with The Jerk? by IraBumblefield10/25/154.13

A Pact With Dawn

 — Sex with an Angel doesn't come free. by KewlBlueTiger03/30/064.41

A Paga Girl on Gor

 — Beast 13 is graded and learns her fate. by Mischiana08/02/144.12

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 02

 — A paga girl meets her Mistress and her Overseer. by Mischiana08/16/144.20

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 03

 — A girl is put to work and meets a colleague. by Mischiana08/21/144.33

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 04

 — A girl makes her debut in the alcoves. by Mischiana09/20/144.37

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 05

 — A girl gets new living quarters and meets a new room mate. by Mischiana10/12/144.17

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 06

 — A girl is given a new Role in the Tavern. by Mischiana10/29/144.56HOT

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 07

 — A girl finds herself involved in a wager. by Mischiana12/18/144.47

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 08

 — A girl is placed on public display. by Mischiana01/23/154.43

A Paga Girl on Gor Ch. 09

 — A girl's fate is determined. by Mischiana02/03/154.40

A Pairing of Consorts

 — Young man captured by Amazons to preserve their race. by goldenmyst04/29/164.08

A Paladin's Training

 — Aran learns what a Paladin of Aros really does... by Antidarius10/07/124.63HOT

A Paladin's Training Ch. 02

 — Elaina helps Aran explore his new power. by Antidarius11/19/124.61HOT

A Paladin's Training Ch. 03

 — Aran meets Jeira's husband. by Antidarius03/18/134.57HOT

A Paladin's Training Ch. 04

 — Aran encounters an elf in trouble... by Antidarius07/08/164.76HOT

A Paladin's Training Ch. 05

 — Aran meets Master Smythe, and Elaina meets Aran in a dream... by Antidarius03/18/174.70HOT

A Paladin's Training Ch. 06

 — Half-Demons, more training, sex, sex, sex... by Antidarius03/24/174.54HOTNEW

A Paladin's Training Ch. 07

 — Aran completes his training with Smythe, Shenla gets busy. by Antidarius03/28/174.70HOTNEW

A Party of Thrice

 — Three companions satisfy mutual needs with manipulation. by KewlBlueTiger05/03/064.47

A Penny For Your Thought Ch. 01

 — How did we get here? by happevaf01/04/124.51HOT

A Penny For Your Thought Ch. 02

 — What happened last night. by happevaf01/25/124.79HOT

A Penny For Your Thought Ch. 03

 — When Nick met Cassie. by happevaf03/28/124.67HOT

A Perfect Christmas Gift.

 — Judy receives the best gift she could hope for. by Master_Vassago12/13/024.60HOT

A Perfect Cleansing

 — Azertia is disgusted with humanity. by Dusk__Writer08/12/093.21

A Person in Every Way

 — Paul discovers that a virtual woman is more than a plaything. by crogersaz03/19/134.73HOT

A Phantasmal Affair

 — An erotic ghost story. by gingerwilliams01/21/174.17

A Pirate's Tale

 — A tale of hatred and lust on the high seas. by Celeste Jolie06/09/053.63

A Priestess of Isis Ch. 01

 — Divinity student Wil meets a seductress. by MissPrim04/02/154.41

A Priestess of Isis Ch. 02

 — Mary shows Wil the meaning of passion. by MissPrim05/20/154.44

A Priestess of Isis Ch. 03: Respect

 — The seductress continues with Wil's lessons. by MissPrim09/03/154.25

A Prince of Earth Ch. 01

 — Genetically enhanced people rule the future. by Samuelx04/08/053.24

A Prince of Earth Ch. 02

 — Genetically engineered man rules the future. by Samuelx08/31/073.37

A Prince of Earth Ch. 03

 — Genetically engineered man becomes a God. by Samuelx09/08/072.43

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 01

 — Princess has nasty encounter with a well-endowed troll. by ZotDragon11/02/073.92

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 02

 — Romina and Dev celebrate their betrothal at the tower. by ZotDragon11/03/074.31

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 03

 — The orgy is over, time for smaller groups. by ZotDragon11/06/074.37

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 04

 — Romina's depravity accelerates. by ZotDragon11/07/074.35

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 05

 — Romina's condition is discovered; Lucy approves. by ZotDragon11/08/074.35

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 06

 — Back at the palace, the princess joins a secret society. by ZotDragon11/09/074.34

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 07

 — Romina finds the benefits of being in a secret society. by ZotDragon11/14/074.31

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 08

 — Romina uses her giant dildo & has a realistic fantasy. by ZotDragon11/17/074.25

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 09

 — Who knew childbirth was so painful? by ZotDragon11/18/073.97

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 10

 — Romina is taken to an unexpected meeting. by ZotDragon11/25/074.21

A Prince, A Trollop, A Troll Ch. 11

 — Romina finds a new life with the trolls. by ZotDragon11/26/074.24

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