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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Daddy and Baby Girl

 — 18-year-old daughter helps lonely father - and herself. by MistressMerry10/20/074.06

Daddy And Daughter at the Mall

 — Fun at the mall. by TheFamilyGuy10/08/073.64

Daddy and Daughter Dreaming

 — Daddy pretends to sleep to watch daughter play. by aRandom111/09/174.50HOT

Daddy and Daughter Fuck

 — Daughter joins a sleeping daddy to make a good bedtime story. by aRandom111/17/174.38

Daddy and Daughter Reconnect

 — While on a road trip, you find a new way to love your girl. by Shelybly11/06/153.98

Daddy and Daughter Reconnect Ch. 02

 — I wonder how the trip home will go? by Shelybly12/24/153.90

Daddy and Daughter's Perspectives Ch. 01

 — An 18 year old and her father's views on why incest. by Kellymay211/07/124.15

Daddy and Daughter's Perspectives Ch. 02

 — The dad opens up. by Kellymay211/08/124.40

Daddy and Daughter's Perspectives Ch. 03

 — An 18 year old and her father slowly move towards incest. by Kellymay211/12/124.25

Daddy and Daughter's Perspectives Ch. 04

 — An 18 year old and her father’s views on their incest. by Kellymay211/21/124.18

Daddy and Dave

 — Daddy shows me how to please two men at once. by SweetlilMallory07/20/084.03

Daddy and Dawn

 — Daddy decides to warm things up. by DracnKitten12/15/084.45

Daddy and His Brothers Ch. 01

 — Daddy shares with his brothers. by MILFPKae01/10/123.86

Daddy And His Girl Caught!

 — Daughter loves exactly what mom hates. by gna197004/18/064.26

Daddy And His Girl Caught! Ch. 02

 — What happened next? by gna197005/01/064.31

Daddy And His Girl Caught! Ch. 03

 — The morning after. by gna197005/10/064.39

Daddy And His Girl Caught! Ch. 04

 — The encounter with mom. by gna197005/18/064.14

Daddy And His Girl Caught! Ch. 05

 — Did she pass his test? by gna197010/04/094.26

Daddy and His Hoe

 — Alana comes home slightly drunk one night. by Mylovelyfantasies06/06/144.30

Daddy and I

 — I'm daddy's little girl and I get what I want. by peigirl10/06/154.13

Daddy and James Partner Up

 — Dad and son find out they both want 18 year old daughter. by EmmyLou9303/31/164.28

Daddy and James Partner Up Ch. 02

 — Daddy and James get what they want from little Aubrey. by EmmyLou9304/06/164.52HOT

Daddy and Jenna

 — Jenna and her father reunite. by Phil6005/24/054.18

Daddy and Krystle

 — Their relationship grows into something beautiful. by ProperFatherlyLove03/27/134.37

Daddy and Marie

 — Five years separation brings an amazing reaction. by Lady_Fiona11/28/083.97

Daddy and Me

 — My daddy comes home from the army, and proves he loves me. by jessicarabbit2405/02/104.27

Daddy and Me

 — A story about a daughter's first time with her daddy. by naughty_nice2207/27/154.35

Daddy and Pat

 — A loving daughter takes control over her father. by joefelton09/20/173.85

Daddy and the Elevator

 — Daddy& daughter are caught in an elevator. by jara_jacobus03/21/074.18

Daddy and the Office

 — Mara comes home to a Daddy in the punishing mood. by jara_jacobus02/03/104.21

Daddy and Virgin

 — 18-year-old virgin daughter wants to make daddy happy. by WisdomousOne10/28/054.27

Daddy Answers The Hard Questions

 — Dad helps Andie discover her womanhood. by loveseeker7903/10/024.57HOT

Daddy Becomes a Teacher

 — Bride-to-be Mel spends 2 weeks with Daddy. by Amyfriend04/23/064.61HOT

Daddy Blue Pt. 03

 — Charlie confronts his dad. by Ford202010/19/164.77HOT

Daddy Brings Home A Friend

 — Dad, daughter, and friend roleplay. by Sharlann10/07/004.08

Daddy Came in My Room

 — First time daddy touched baby girl. by Appleofdaddyseye8608/16/174.19

Daddy Can't Resist

 — Daddy's desire for his daughter gets too much! by ButterflyAngel12/08/134.07

Daddy Can't Resist Ch. 02

 — Daddy wakes up to his little girl's lips. by ButterflyAngel12/15/134.15

Daddy Can't Resist My Huge Tits

 — Busty daughter seduces father on her 18th birthday. by breastysadie08/15/144.36

Daddy Can't Resist My Tight Ass

 — Busty daughter takes Daddy's huge cock up her ass. by breastysadie08/29/144.24

Daddy Can, Too

 — A sequel to "Daddy's Little Self-Licker". by Krraaazzzzyyyyy08/24/054.55HOT

Daddy Caught by Daughter

 — Daughter catches her dad dressed like a Sissy! by Urtoy2be07/14/154.39

Daddy Caught by Daughter Pt. 02

 — Alicia takes more control of her Daddy along with her cousin. by Urtoy2be07/26/154.64HOT

Daddy Caught by Daughter Pt. 03

 — Alicia is out of town but Niki is not. by Urtoy2be07/31/154.57HOT

Daddy Caught by Daughter Pt. 04

 — Alicia and Crys come home. by Urtoy2be02/16/164.44

Daddy Caught Me

 — Daddy catches little girl playing... by daddyswhore6909/13/174.17

Daddy Caught Me Masturbating

 — Was daddy watching the whole time?? by NeneDee05/29/133.98

Daddy Caught One Handed

 — Daughter catches daddy masturbating with her underwear. by Emporer212/25/093.74

Daddy Ch. 02

 — Daddy teaches his coed daughter a hard lesson. by Beautifullittlebaby08/18/063.98

Daddy Comes Home Drunk

 — She gets shocking news from her father. by standingstones12/12/144.17

Daddy Complex Ch. 01: Giving It Up

 — A strange request leads to one unforgettable night. by Fit_for_a_Fuck02/03/164.47

Daddy Cop and Daughter

 — Daughter comes to visit after 13 yrs. by Lydie5408/19/144.21

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 02

 — Cuming together again. by Lydie5408/21/144.35

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 03

 — Trying to stop isn't easy to do. by Lydie5408/24/144.54HOT

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 04

 — Baby rewards Daddy after a rough case. by Lydie5408/26/144.54HOT

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 05

 — Mac is on his way. by Lydie5408/31/144.57HOT

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 06

 — Mac comes home. by Lydie5409/03/144.55HOT

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 07

 — A three way and a brand new twosome. by Lydie5409/09/144.15

Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 08

 — Morning after Mac comes Jena. by Lydie5409/14/144.46

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 1

 — Bad dad rips off employer & flees with unsuspecting daughter. by TheScribe08/18/013.61

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 3

 — He has inappropriate fantasies. by TheScribe08/20/014.14

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 4

 — Dad & daughter venture out on trip. by TheScribe08/21/014.11

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 5

 — Father and daughter dance. by TheScribe08/22/014.42Editor's Pick

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 6

 — A father-daughter dance with feeling. by TheScribe08/23/014.69HOT

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 7

 — A second bite of forbidden fruit. by TheScribe08/25/014.66HOT

Daddy Darren

 — Years of lust spill over one summer afternoon. by moistmomma01/31/064.59HOT

Daddy Daughter Awakening

 — Father and daughter succumb to their feelings. by StevenMonel40012/17/154.16

Daddy Daughter Day

 — Daughter pushes daddy. by mrbadkitty35707/17/164.11

Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 01

 — A father and daughter with a special bond. by HornyKip07/26/164.27

Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 02

 — More with father and daughter. by HornyKip07/27/164.31

Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 02

 — Blackmail and lust as another is added. by mrbadkitty35707/22/164.00

Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 03

 — The final installment... for now. by HornyKip07/29/164.39

Daddy Daughter Dynamic

 — Father and daughter entice each other into a sex frenzy. by Mysinisterhalf10/17/143.76

Daddy Daughter Love

 — Daddy and daughter fall mutually in love. by ForbidLust08/06/164.39

Daddy Dearest

 — A father & daughter connect in a brand new way. by martyl4006/10/014.34

Daddy Dearest

 — Torrid daughter comes home unsatisfied. by Histarter05/31/064.02

Daddy Dearest

 — She can find no man to equal her father in bed. by midnightfalcon07/22/094.38

Daddy Dearest

 — A fantasy of control. by kaleb2208/11/09

Daddy Dearest Ch. 01

 — In which a screwed up girl screws her father in various ways. by NotTooTerriblyShy10/08/173.71

Daddy Dearest Ch. 02

 — Charlene talks with her father. by Histarter06/21/064.43

Daddy Dearest Ch. 03

 — Plainly wrapped for sex. by Histarter08/25/064.33

Daddy Discovers I'm a Sissy Ch. 01

 — My sissy secret isn't a secret anymore, and that's okay. by sissyboininetytwo02/13/173.92

Daddy Does Daphne

 — Dad loves having a sexually active daughter. by Amsterdick02/12/054.35

Daddy Does His Slutty Daughter

 — Ty finds his daughter taking advantage of him while he sleep. by cleanly_shaven04/19/144.31

Daddy Does It

 — She's there for her Daddy. by Mackie200602/14/074.49

Daddy Does Me in the Bathroom

 — Daddy isn't too happy after work and gets really rough. by MollyRedTape106/08/164.01

Daddy Does Me In The Woods

 — Dad makes me squirt in the woods for the first time! by MollyRedTape07/04/124.17

Daddy Doesn't Know

 — Mom becomes my whore. by flashgordon56200608/26/174.16

Daddy Don't

 — She's punished for being late. by desired_tempest11/30/054.10

Daddy Don't Ch. 02

 — Daddy finds someone new. by desired_tempest04/28/084.21

Daddy Explores Jessica

 — Daddy takes advantage of drunk daughter. by milleniumman03/07/174.09

Daddy Falls For Katie

 — Jilted daughter seeks comfort with father. by ForbiddenDesires09/02/054.04

Daddy Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Daddy continues taking what is now his. by ladyphoenix11/26/014.36

Daddy Finally Does Step Daughter

 — A True Story of Lust by badtobadone11/26/093.96

Daddy Finally Does Step Daughter Ch. 02

 — The night continues. by badtobadone12/09/094.39

Daddy Finally Does Step Daughter Ch. 03

 — The concluding chapter. by badtobadone12/24/094.40

Daddy Finally Takes His Turn

 — Know that she knows her role, Daddy takes his turn. by bittykitty86901/05/154.22

Daddy Finds a Daughter

 — Daddy places an ad for a daughter. by Naughtydad46912/21/104.43

Daddy for Dessert

 — He takes her to dinner, she has something better for dessert. by mirrorball03/19/084.14

Daddy Found me Showering

 — Daddy his daughter in the shower. by Sexy_kitten805/31/173.49

Daddy Gets a Late Visitor

 — Daughter looks for a place to stay. by Amyfriend04/15/064.24

Daddy Gets A Surprise

 — Daughter finds out that daddy wants more. by honeydew05/24/013.78

Daddy Gets Caught

 — He gets caught masturbating by wife and daughter. by tinman69s03/04/044.51HOT

Daddy Gives Step Mom a Turn

 — She helped him fuck their daughter, now it's her turn to cum. by bittykitty86901/06/154.03

Daddy Helps Daughter Jody

 — She needs to insert suppositories, will daddy do it? by milleniumman07/31/064.34

Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 02

 — Another day, another suppository, the same bottom. by milleniumman08/10/064.51HOT

Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 03

 — The story from Jody's perspective. by milleniumman08/28/064.34

Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 04

 — Jody's story continues. by milleniumman09/06/064.49

Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 05

 — Part 5 of the continuing saga of Jody and her daddy. by milleniumman02/13/184.36

Daddy Helps Mari

 — Mari gets more than a shoulder to lean on. by Spankx05/29/024.10

Daddy Horsecock Ch. 01

 — Daddy meets his bitchy, busty stepdaughter. by dannyboy11104/07/184.34

Daddy Horsecock Ch. 02

 — Daddy needs to discipline his bitchy stepdaughter. by dannyboy11104/08/184.56HOT

Daddy Horsecock Ch. 03

 — Mom is blind to what I'm up to with my stepdaughter. by dannyboy11104/13/184.50HOT

Daddy I Saw You Looking

 — Vicky's dad starts to notice the 19-year-old body. by Mangochow04/25/084.28

Daddy I'm Scared

 — Birthday trip turns into honeymoon. by bassbelly03/02/094.31

Daddy is the Best Teacher

 — Dad teaches his little girl about sex. by johnnymindcrime07/21/044.24

Daddy Isn't Sleeping

 — BF sneeks over and Daddy decides to join. by snfl_grl01/23/054.08

Daddy Issues

 — Therese teases a reluctant father figure. by Shannahjade12/23/00

Daddy Issues

 — A Father finds reuniting with his daughter very exciting. by KnottLynnHardey09/23/124.66HOT

Daddy Issues

 — I know it's wrong. by sweetsubmissive_8801/10/154.48

Daddy It's Too Much!

 — The burning need between father and adult daughter. by tigerinthenight04/02/153.74

Daddy It's Too Much! Ch. 02

 — The burning need continues. by tigerinthenight04/07/153.59

Daddy Knows Best

 — An erotic experience between daddy and daughter. by Violalionn05/03/133.82

Daddy Knows Best Ch. 01

 — Daughter finds out just how much daddy knows. by GypsyLennon03/04/084.12

Daddy Knows Best Ch. 02

 — Daughter submits to Daddy. by GypsyLennon03/18/084.17

Daddy Knows What I Need

 — Family menage a trois. by Sharlann10/07/004.15

Daddy Lets Me Be Her Tonight

 — Loving daughter plays a role for her daddy. by littlemissnaughtygal03/20/034.34

Daddy Lets Me Be Her Tonight Ch. 02

 — He gets a wonderful surprise. by littlemissnaughtygal04/02/034.46

Daddy Likes it Rough, and So Do I!

 — Melanie's Daddy shows her how good being bad can be. by lovecraft6803/22/134.55HOT

Daddy Loses Control

 — Daddy can't control himself around his little girl. by shady908/09/174.02

Daddy Loses Control Ch. 02

 — Daddy wants his little girl... again. by shady908/12/174.23

Daddy Loves Alana

 — Alana finds true love at home. by Lydie5406/03/144.23

Daddy Loves Shiloh Ch. 01

 — Her father wants her and he always gets what he wants. by egirl121207/27/094.16

Daddy Made Me, 2011

 — Father stops insolent daughter leaving the house. by Sumddy08/01/114.53HOT

Daddy Makes Amanda Feel Good

 — First Time Incest Between Father and Daughter. by KindaTwisted02/15/154.41

Daddy Makes It Better

 — 18-year-old virgin discovers who she loves most. by tmt04/21/024.43

Daddy Makes Shawna Work For It

 — Daddy teaches daughter to be a responsible whore. by beguiled99907/06/134.32

Daddy Missed

 — A father is called back after a nasty divorce. by 100willie04/11/114.14

Daddy Needs a Libido Boost

 — Daughter does her best to provide it. by Marilynmwf02/07/064.49

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 01

 — My busty wife explains her Daddy issues. by dannyboy11106/04/134.38

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 02

 — My busty stepdaughter likes to watch her mother blow me. by dannyboy11106/09/134.52HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 03

 — Stepdaughter teases me while her mom sucks cock. by dannyboy11106/21/134.63HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 04

 — Stepdaughter gives a fashion show while mom jacks me off. by dannyboy11106/26/134.63HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 05

 — Busty mom doesn't care if daughter watches her suck Daddy. by dannyboy11107/01/134.73HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 06

 — Busty stepdaughter needs to be taught a lesson. by dannyboy11107/07/134.57HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 07

 — Mom and Daddy roleplay about busty stepdaughter. by dannyboy11107/12/134.74HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 08

 — My busty stepdaughter seeks fatherly advice. by dannyboy11107/18/134.71HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 09

 — Daddy dances with busty mom and stepdaughter together. by dannyboy11107/22/134.70HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 10

 — Busty mom and stepdaughter cuddle with Daddy on the couch. by dannyboy11107/26/134.69HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 11

 — Busty stepdaughter and I shower together. by dannyboy11107/30/134.68HOT

Daddy Needs His Blowjob Ch. 12

 — Daddy has busty mom and stepdaughter together at last. by dannyboy11108/07/134.76HOT

Daddy No!

 — Daughter reunites with daddy after six years. by gutterbunnie03/07/024.07

Daddy Owns Me

 — Daughter becomes Daddy's sex toy. by jadep100708/25/153.85

Daddy Plants His Seed

 — Dad and Angie get overheated on a tropical beach. by James_Steele01/05/184.63HOT

Daddy Plaything Ch. 01

 — Daddy meets daughter for the first time. by trashcan4401/28/104.23

Daddy Plaything Ch. 02

 — We get to know each other better. by trashcan4402/05/103.86

Daddy Please

 — Rebellious daughter gets fucked by her dad. by al_Ussa09/10/094.15

Daddy Please Don't Leave

 — Lactating daughter stops Daddy from leaving. by Amyfriend01/17/074.36

Daddy Punishes Beth

 — Daddy knows what she did with her uncles and he's mad. by bittykitty86901/01/153.96

Daddy Satisfies

 — Daughter satisfies daddy as she learns the fine art of bj. by Merlinswand06/30/154.51HOT

Daddy Satisfies Ch. 02

 — This is the second installment in an ongoing story. by Merlinswand07/09/154.64HOT

Daddy Satisfies Ch. 03

 — Daddy satisfies again and mom pitches in to help. by Merlinswand07/10/154.59HOT

Daddy Satisfies Ch. 04

 — Daddy satisfies everyone including new neighbors. by Merlinswand07/16/154.63HOT

Daddy Satisfies Ch. 05: Final

 — Daddy satisfies the neighbors as well as family. by Merlinswand07/25/154.62HOT

Daddy Saw

 — Dad saw videos she made with her husband... by Agnol08/21/154.61HOT

Daddy Saw Ch. 02

 — Daddy got his, now it's time for mother. by Agnol09/06/154.56HOT

Daddy Saw His Chance

 — Daddy's good girl does trust him. by goodwetgirl12/07/144.34

Daddy Saw His Chance Pt. 02

 — Daddy expects submission from his good girl. by goodwetgirl12/09/144.32

Daddy Saw His Chance Pt. 03

 — Daddy answers his good girl's questions. by goodwetgirl12/17/144.34

Daddy Saw His Chance Pt. 04

 — Daddy gives his good girl a spanking. by goodwetgirl12/22/144.23

Daddy Says No Ch. 01

 — A forbidden desire between Daddy and his babygirl. by theninjamime05/13/173.77

Daddy Seeded Me

 — Daughter gets broken in. by standingstones12/09/164.24

Daddy Seeded Me for Good

 — Daughter gets seeded by Dad with results. by standingstones03/02/174.30

Daddy Sells Jessica

 — Jessica masturbates for her father's friend in the backseat. by bushybaby12/26/084.20

Daddy Sells Jessica Ch. 02

 — Daddy suggests selling her to old, hairy wealthy men. by bushybaby01/04/094.24

Daddy Sells Jessica Ch. 03

 — Daddy has a jack off party with Jessica. by bushybaby01/05/094.53HOT

Daddy Servicing Me in the Stables

 — Dad services his little sonny in the family stables. by Ndferns199203/14/183.82

Daddy Shoots Deep

 — Daughter seduces daddy into taking her virginity. by goolovergirl10/20/104.44

Daddy Should Knock

 — A case of mistaken indentity and opportunity. by 100willie04/11/114.25

Daddy Spanked Me

 — My last spanking story. It's about Daddy spanking me. by quagmires08/27/093.84

Daddy Spanks Roni

 — Mommy watches as Daddy spanks a naughty Roni. by Exporoni01/21/104.19

Daddy Spies Amy

 — Dad catches daughter pleasing lover. by RainbowBrite01/13/02HOT

Daddy Stays Naked For Nude Day

 — Dad uses Nude Day to expose himself to family and friends. by andtheend06/24/104.40

Daddy Surprises Daughter

 — Daddy walks in on her and they're both surprised. by Teddybearsubmissive03/27/074.14

Daddy Surprises Her

 — She surprises daddy, when he comes home. by lickablenipsddd05/05/054.08

Daddy Takes Ari

 — Daddy takes his foster daughter on a BDSM journey. by MrVern10/31/034.25

Daddy Takes Ari Ch. 02

 — Your training as a sub/slut continues. by MrVern11/10/034.33

Daddy Takes His Baby Girl

 — Daddy notices his little girl is not so little any more. by daddy_is_here02/02/124.13

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