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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Getting Mom Ch. 1

 — Son schemes to bed his mother. by MotherIncest11/24/003.84

Getting Mom Ch. 2

 — John continues mother's seduction. by MotherIncest11/27/004.12

Getting Mom Interested Ch. 01

 — Son catches Mom watching him and wants more. by bob0356711/08/114.73HOT

Getting Mom Interested Ch. 02

 — The parents get involved. by bob0356712/21/114.72HOT

Getting Mom Interested Ch. 03

 — Son watches his father screw his girlfriend. by bob0356705/14/124.76HOT

Getting Mom Naked

 — At 18 I get to see my first woman naked, and it's my own mom. by DavyDee8812/28/163.34

Getting my Brother Laid

 — My brother has a small dick. by jdlvyeah09/09/164.06

Getting My Son-In-Law Hooked

 — I have some fun with my daughter's husband when they become. by Getherhot09/19/154.40

Getting Out of My Room

 — A sister brings out the best in her brother. by MrGary10/11/014.32

Getting Over an Affair Ch. 01

 — Cheated on Catherine gets comfort from her son. by Celeste Jolie06/24/064.37

Getting Over Dad

 — Dad leaves and son fills the void. by FeverDreamer04/24/104.34

Getting Pleasures

 — Gentle pleasures between a father and daughter. by Eroticwriter8309/28/174.17

Getting Punked

 — A cuckolding prank transforms dad, daughter and her husband. by ajtemmens02/19/154.36

Getting Ready for a Change

 — Chrissy Crawford gets ready to become a woman. by Setanta8405/11/134.05

Getting Ready for a Change Ch. 02

 — Chrissy cockblocks and then beds her brother. by Setanta8405/20/134.26

Getting Ready on Valentines Day 01

 — Lesbian romance kept in the family. by lordchilworth02/16/094.14

Getting Ryan

 — Hannah finally seduces her brother. by Angel Dangerous07/28/014.37

Getting Shelly

 — Adam aches for his Stepmom. by StonyClover12/08/094.31

Getting Sister Back

 — Hayley submits to her sister to restore their relationship. by darktigerroar06/20/153.92

Getting Spoiled

 — Nicole gets just what she wants. by SweetestThing11/14/104.74HOT

Getting The Ball Rolling

 — Toni's in on dad's plan to live an incestuous life. by ShinySee07/09/084.64HOT

Getting the Very Best of Mom

 — What's a son to do when he catches his mom on video? by Anal_King07/08/084.15

Getting to Joan Ch. 04

 — It was becoming a family affair. by The Hungry Eye07/11/034.38

Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 01

 — The hot union of a father and the daughter he never knew. by James_Steele01/16/184.52HOT

Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 02

 — Riley and Dad take their love to the next level. by James_Steele01/19/184.63HOT

Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 03

 — Arnie and his daughter, Alana, discuss plans in the jacuzzi. by James_Steele01/24/184.62HOT

Getting to Know Daddy Ch. 04

 — Chance and Riley's love grows deeper than ever. by James_Steele02/07/184.71HOT

Getting To Know Father Better

 — A father and son relationship takes an unexpected turn. by DonnyDickson05/03/104.49

Getting To Know Mom

 — Dean comes home from college to divorced Mom. by SexyBeast07/03/024.42

Getting to Know Mom

 — The other part of the relationship. by Mikelh03/19/084.59HOT

Getting to Know Mom

 — Mom and wife get to know each other better. by momsb710/25/104.26

Getting to Know Mom Ch. 02

 — Things get a little more exciting. How far will it go? by momsb710/30/104.47

Getting to Know Mom Ch. 03

 — Could the night possibly get any better? by momsb711/02/104.63HOT

Getting to Know My Cousin

 — Friendly cousins get to know each other better. by AngryWhiteSemen06/14/093.93

Getting to Know My Neighbor Ch. 06

 — Isabella and her brother come over for a lesson. by archilochus10/16/104.16

Getting to Know the Daughter in Law

 — She didn't like the girl, but son married her anyway. by Just Plain Bob05/24/064.00

Getting To Know the In-Laws Ch. 01

 — Swinger couple moves home, finds more fun than expected. by maalstrom02/19/084.32

Getting to Know the Neighbours

 — A horse-hung teenager fucks his neighbors. by BigTimmy02/22/114.27

Getting to know the Truth

 — I never noticed how great family could be. by WildChuck1305/23/104.11

Getting To Know You

 — She helps her grown son deal with his incest fantasies. by rbuchanan11/12/034.39

Getting To Know You Ch. 02

 — Mother helps son with his incest fantasy. by rbuchanan09/06/044.44

Getting To the Bottom of It

 — Revelations about Patty, Ginger, and strangers. by SEVERUSMAX06/10/164.07

Getting Tricked Turns Out Fine

 — Dad is tricked by his ex-wife and daughter. by easygoinguy03/18/064.41

Getting Turned On By Daddy

 — Tony & Eve find sex is the answer. by honeydew06/09/013.87

Getting Well Ch. 1

 — Aunt cares for nephew after car accident by Redd12/12/004.15

Getting Well Ch. 2

 — Mother catches aunt 'caring' for injured son. by Redd01/05/014.03

Getting Well Ch. 3

 — Aunt Beth starts the healing. by Redd02/21/014.20

Getting What She Wants

 — A mother and daughter fall on hard times. by Woffen12/25/064.56HOT

Ghar Main Chudai_Mummy Ki Ch. 02

 — Apna lund dikha kar kiya seduce mummy ko..tadpaya. by seemawithravi03/04/09

Gia and Gerald

 — He's an accidental actor in an erotic thriller starring mom! by tw_holt10/25/164.63HOT

Gia's Birthday Present

 — Daughter fulfills her wish. by LovelyXx06/25/124.13

Gift for Robert Ch. 01

 — Robert has no game, maybe his mom and sister can help. by Templar_Writer03/04/164.33

Gift for Robert Ch. 02

 — Robert grows closer to his mom and sister. by Templar_Writer03/09/164.47

Gift of a Glory Hole

 — For my birthday, daddy takes me to a glory hole. by JosephBarnosky02/26/123.96

Gift of the Gab Ch. 02

 — Tilly moves out. by bouncingboobs06/24/173.30

Gift of the Gab Ch. 03

 — In conclusion. by bouncingboobs06/26/173.17

Giggles and Moans: A Sister's Whim

 — Sister drunkenly teases her brother with whipped topping. by Vielle03/02/094.32


 — He likes her stories. by jessy1908/21/044.00

Gigi and Ginger Pt. 01

 — Big brother returns home to the twins. by spamspameggsandspam02/13/154.34

Gigi and Ginger Pt. 02

 — Breakfast and dinner with the twins. by spamspameggsandspam02/20/154.20

Gigolo Ch. 01

 — No job but opportunity knocks with mum & daughter. by dass445007/04/034.50HOT

Gigolo Ch. 08

 — Mother sets up a date and all is revealed at last. by dass445010/02/034.60HOT

Gil Loves His Mom...Naughty Boy

 — Gil enjoys a summer tryst with mom, & the neighbor boy. by genderbender02/21/014.34


 — Uncle falls for knock-out niece. by Hoop7710/09/003.96

Gina & Her Daughters

 — Daughter joins mom & friends. by jt12304/18/034.68HOT

Gina & Robin

 — Man finds love with mother and daughter. by Vulture11/03/013.78

Gina Interrupted

 — Daddy interrupts Gina's plans for the beach. by youbadboy06/30/064.47

Gina Seduces Her Daddy

 — She has the hots for him and nobody else, so she acts. by Boxlicker10102/26/114.31

Gina the Tease

 — Teasing sister pays the price. by Dracoscotsdragon03/04/143.90

Gina's 18th Birthday!

 — I help Gina celebrate her birthday. by pjmichael12/10/144.23

Ginger & Her Daddy Become Friends

 — Daddy finds his long lost girl. by gonzi205/13/044.06

Ginger & Her Daddy Become Friends Ch. 02

 — Ginger and her Daddy get closer. by gonzi205/19/044.41

Ginger & Her Daddy Become Friends Ch. 03

 — They can't get any closer. by gonzi205/21/044.35

Ginger Snaps Does the Farm

 — On the farm, anything can happen - & often does. by angelfeathers09/25/054.53HOT

Ginger Spice

 — Daddy finds comfort in the arms of Ginger. by -Sadie26-05/30/044.39

Ginger Spice Ch. 02

 — Ginger comes home to Daddy. by -Sadie26-06/05/044.44


 — John & Greta stumble across a cottage in the woods. by MichelleLovesTo11/03/054.44

Ginny and Amanda

 — Daughter watches porno with Dad. by NewAnon09/24/004.09

Ginny is a Sinner

 — Watching a step-sister's intimate massage from dad. by AngelBell01/19/134.46

Ginny Weds

 — One father's as good as another. by jay.palin02/14/044.61HOT

Ginny's 3rd Auction Pt. 01

 — Ginny puts herself up for auction again with unusual results. by Gln151708/11/174.59HOT

Ginny's a Bad Girl

 — And brother is just the man to punish her. by keyj01/09/032.83

Ginny's Dilemma

 — Ginny's submissive experiences continue. by Gln151707/28/174.61HOT

Ginny's Last Auction Pt. 02

 — Ginny's last adventure as an auctioned sex slave. by Gln151709/29/174.59HOT

Ginny's Wicked Resolve

 — She redefines "family values." by jay.palin12/05/044.47

Girija My Innocent Mom

 — Hungry Indian son takes his mother. by hunter-dude09/12/033.97

Girija My Innocent Mom Ch. 02

 — Can't help myself from fucking mom again. by hunter-dude10/08/034.34

Girl In Snapshot

 — He sees her, & can't let go. by Bob Clark Jr.11/19/024.67HOT

Girl Talk

 — Party leads to discovery of sibling 'love'. by Songbirdie01/29/034.01

Girl Talk Ch. 02

 — Things get heated... by Songbirdie03/06/034.30

Girl Talk Ch. 03

 — It gets even hotter. by Songbirdie10/28/044.20

Girl's Night Out Ch. 1

 — He's their living dress-up doll. by Karnal01/03/024.10

Girl's Night Out Ch. 2

 — More 'dressing-up' fun... by Karnal03/31/024.45

Girlfriend becomes Sister

 — His mom marries gf's dad. by Grillytilly10/22/164.16

Girlfriend Ch. 07

 — Zeta takes her good stuff home to daddy. by BlackSnake05/02/064.35

Girlfriend Fiancé Lover Partner

 — An addition to the family. by julia611/21/133.73

Girlfriend Wears My Sister's Panties

 — My girlfriend borrowed a pair of my sister's panties... by EricBanner05/04/164.48

Girlfriend's First Woman - My Cuz.

 — My girlfriend and I have a threesome with my female cousin. by taraross12/07/064.01

Girlfriend's Hot Daughter

 — Boyfriend gets girlfriend's daughter & more for birthday gift. by racergirl01407/01/114.51HOT

Girlfriend's Hot Daughter Ch. 02

 — Boyfriend gets girlfriends daughter & more continued. by racergirl01408/07/114.65HOT

Girlfriend's Plotting

 — His girlfriend fulfills fantasy of having his sister. by gorgonian06/30/074.47

Girls Can Wrestle Too

 — Twin sister athletes let off steam together. by IMRIOTSTAR06/08/014.12

Girls Knight Out

 — Sister uses brothers home for girls night out; fun ensues. by clinton0912/14/104.18

Girls Watching Guys Ch. 01

 — Stacey spies on her brother. by AceStroker07/02/064.44

Girls Watching Guys Ch. 02

 — Her brother shows off for her. by AceStroker07/03/064.31

Girls Who Like Girls

 — Daddy didn't know his little girl had a taste for pussy. by deepemerald01/17/064.45

Girls' Night Out

 — Mom meets a lusty roommate when she visits her daughter. by lilbihornydevil08/17/064.63HOT

Girly Daddy

 — Sissy dad supports masculine son in every sense. by andibob6909/15/164.07

Give a Name... Ch. 01

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/05/103.78

Give a Name... Ch. 02

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/09/103.62

Give a Name... Ch. 03

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/10/103.67

Give a Name... Ch. 04

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/11/104.03

Give a Name... Ch. 05

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/12/104.10

Give a Name... Ch. 06

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/13/103.93

Give a Name... Ch. 07

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/14/104.10

Give a Name... Ch. 08

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/15/104.12

Give a Name... Ch. 09

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/16/104.28

Give a Name... Ch. 10

 — Whenever Sam calls Dean's name, Dean wants his brother. by Peccato04/17/104.33

Give in to Me

 — Uncle Dillon needs to fuck his niece, will she let him? by bi_cherrypie12/03/064.26

Give It to Your Aunt

 — My uncle helps me lose my virginity. by Sucker4Boobies09/20/164.32

Give Me a Hand

 — When sis needs a brother, and he's already got two on the go. by JohnnyMax06/25/124.61HOT

Give Me Some Sugah, Daddy

 — Mya discovers Daddy's secret fantasies (and her own!) by HexingGirl12/21/124.41

Give Me Some Sugah, Daddy Ch. 02

 — Ember gets caught up in Mya and her Daddy's relationship. by HexingGirl03/02/144.52HOT

Give Me, Another, Hand

 — The next generation of nude livers. by JohnnyMax10/21/154.20

Giving Away Virginia Holton

 — Mother gives away her shemale son to her lover. by JonathanStone09/08/084.16

Giving Grandma A Lift

 — Grandson gives grandma a lift in more ways than one. by ubslim05/25/064.40

Giving In

 — She's his sister - but that's why it's so hard not to... by LedgeEndDairy06/02/174.42

Giving In Ch. 05

 — Martha watches as her best friend submits to her son. by linkznut09/26/034.58HOT

Giving In Ch. 07

 — Ted's mom completes her journey into submission. by linkznut10/01/034.60HOT

Giving in for Charity

 — What can he do? He have such big heart. by abelarde11/27/174.31

Giving It Away To The Bride

 — In her special ceremony, everyone has a role. by CuriousThroat210/23/133.73

Giving Mom a Hand

 — Mom needs son to help her bathe, dress and love. by clinton0910/15/104.18

Giving Mom a Peek

 — He finally figures out a way to lure Mommy into the bedroom. by the_aubergine05/11/104.13

Giving Mom a Peek Ch. 02

 — Mommy comes right back at him with another night of firsts. by the_aubergine09/26/124.41

Giving Mom a Peek Ch. 03

 — Mom and Son seal the deal in this incredible conclusion. by the_aubergine10/03/124.39

Giving Mom A Tattoo

 — A simple tattoo peaks moms interest. by Sid_Silver12/28/114.34

Giving Mom My Love

 — Staying at Mom's takes an unexpected incestuous turn. by Great_Pharaoh08/07/144.16

Giving More Than Advice

 — Sister-in-law needs a help with more than her business. by ronbo80112/14/084.51HOT

Giving More Than Advice Ch. 02

 — Now what? by ronbo80101/07/094.56HOT

Giving Mum a Hand

 — When I visit Mum I find that I'm needed. by Chris7sw11/11/174.62HOT

Giving Mum a Hand Ch. 02

 — Helping Auntie Sam. by Chris7sw12/05/174.62HOT

Giving My Little Sister a Massage

 — Little sister is worried about her body, and she seeks help. by addieQ05/31/114.52HOT

Giving Myself to My Husband's Boss and His Wife Pt. 03

 — Kevin takes Monifa on a trip. Nancy meets Don's sons. by PO46911/05/174.23

Glamour and Temptation

 — Alexis talks daddy into a private modeling session. by Braindard03/03/164.75HOT

Glamour Shots

 — Incest between uncle & neice. by CorsetCutie6902/02/064.35


 — His mother-in-law gets what she deserves. by MrFalkirk05/25/044.27

Glenda Ch. 02

 — Mother gets in on the action. by MrFalkirk06/01/044.46

Glenda Ch. 03

 — Mother-in-law throws him unforgettable birthday party. by MrFalkirk06/11/044.53HOT

Glenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife

 — His wife and her family beg him to have sex with Glenda. by enriquespappa09/19/074.45

Glenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by enriquespappa10/09/074.48

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