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Interracial Love Stories

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Amy's Story Ch. 02

 — Amy yields to James as he becomes her black master. by venturer1505/15/064.53HOT

Amy's Story Ch. 03

 — Amy acknowledges her love for her Black Master. by venturer1506/26/064.56HOT

Amy's Story Ch. 04

 — Amy decides to have her nipples pierced for her black lover. by venturer1507/25/064.46

Amy's Story Ch. 05

 — In this continued true story, Amy gives up her ass. by venturer1509/30/064.50HOT

Amy's Story Ch. 06

 — Amy’s Ménage à trois by venturer1504/27/074.44

Amy's Story Ch. 07

 — Amy introduces a white friend to black sex. by venturer1506/06/074.50HOT

Amy's Story Ch. 08

 — Amy’s slide into black debauchery continues. by venturer1507/24/074.46

Amy's Story Ch. 09

 — Amy goes to Atlantic City with her black lover. by venturer1503/02/084.42

Amy's Story Ch. 10

 — Amy entertains at a bachelor party. by venturer1510/04/084.40

Amy's Story Ch. 11

 — Amy finds a new black master. by venturer1501/23/104.49

Amy's Story Ch. 12

 — Amy gets herself pregnant. by venturer1501/28/104.21

An Aboriginal Wife's Sweet Revenge

 — Aboriginal wife cuckolds Black husband with Brazil stud by Samuelx08/15/153.25

An accident

 — She is in for a ride. by Italnguyzgirl03/28/032.85

An Accidental Fall

 — A good woman makes a costume mistake on Halloween. by Valleyvixin7406/17/164.28

An Accidental Fall Ch. 02

 — Housewife to hotwife with a little help from her neighbors. by Valleyvixin7406/28/164.38

An Act of Erotic Kindness

 — WWII Housewife finds love in arms of injured Black man. by Ksee197107/17/014.41Editor's Pick

An Act of Kindness

 — Pregnant woman gets help from black couple. by Jake Lost12/27/004.42

An Affair of Another Color

 — An interracial affair. by michie09/29/124.28

An Affair of Another Color Ch. 02

 — Detailing the end of my affair. by michie10/01/124.20

An African Boss

 — Domination and exploitation of white family. by author on Africa05/13/054.44

An African Misadventure Ch. 02

 — Mrs Petherington is reacquainted with Prince Toikat. by MarkCane01/24/174.37

An African Seduction Ch. 01

 — The seduction of a white wife in Africa. by author on Africa06/09/054.56HOT

An African Seduction Ch. 02

 — An African businessman profits from war. by author on Africa08/04/054.47

An African Seduction Ch. 03

 — Angel discovers love, and its black thick, and long. by author on Africa09/29/054.54HOT

An Afternoon to Remember Ch. 02

 — Darrin revisits Tommy for a threesome adventure. by JamesLacy02/10/064.31

An American Gigolo in Japan Ch. 01

 — Rob finds tail in Okinawa...with strange results! by mike023108/24/104.61HOT

An American Gigolo in Japan Ch. 02

 — Rob with two beauties. Bad news. A new option. by mike023101/23/114.63HOT

An American Gigolo in Japan Ch. 03

 — Rob's first date. by mike023101/24/114.76HOT

An American Gigolo in Japan Ch. 04

 — A night of worsts and first for Rob. by mike023103/12/124.62HOT

An Anniversary to Remember

 — A fantasy comes true in Las Vegas. by jtinman12/29/074.38

An Asian Slut Fantasy Fulfilled

 — She fulfills his fantasy of a nasty Asian slut girl. by BostonBadGirl42002/08/044.25

An Ebony Babe

 — A Black woman makes him feel ohh soo good. by chocoate12308/09/084.20

An Egoist's Tale Ch. 01

 — A nun's first time. by trainman_d10/17/044.32

An Egoist's Tale Ch. 02

 — Sex in the mall storeroom. by trainman_d11/02/044.47

An Egoist's Tale Ch. 03

 — Interracial sex with two women. by trainman_d12/11/044.20

An Eighteen Wheeler Experience

 — Secrets devulged. by snowbunny197812/16/074.48

An EMT's Work is Never Done

 — Married EMT lusts for sexy Black man. by Texasgrl696909/01/084.28

An Encounter

 — Wife admits her adultery to husband. by ali1bali10/20/133.63

An Erotic Encounter

 — Famous Asian mercenary commander on R&R found sex. by TRIAX06/19/084.12

An Erotic Life Ch. 01

 — The erotic life of one man. by simplyme09/03/073.55

An Escape to Love

 — Sally gets a life. by auntirotickle03/08/114.10

An Escort in Paris

 — Lebanese girl and the dark world she inhabits. by Scheherazade8806/02/143.63

An Evening With David Ch. 01

 — She & David at a nightclub. by SxySonghai03/20/044.47

An Evening With David Ch. 02

 — My evening with David continues at home. by SxySonghai03/21/044.48

An Evening with Edward

 — White business woman meets young black stud half her age. by victoriap10/29/084.31

An Exercise in Perspective - Hers

 — My wife secretly wanted it too. by HerLittlePiggy03/28/184.40

An Exercise in Perspective - Mine

 — My wife fulfills my fantasy of seeing her with a bbc. by HerLittlePiggy03/27/184.32

An Exercise in Perspective, Preface

 — What really happened to awaken my wife's BBC craving. by HerLittlePiggy03/29/184.34

An Extraordinary Woman

 — The beautiful JuLee finally says "Fuck me". by MacDuke12/10/054.71HOT

An Eye Opener Ch. 01

 — In the 1930's, Jennifer happens to see something very taboo. by eeric11/14/024.34

An Eye Opener Ch. 02

 — Jennifer learns something nasty about her best friend Amy. by eeric01/20/034.40

An Eye Opener Ch. 03

 — Jennifer learns another secret about her parents. by eeric01/21/034.38

An Eye Opener Ch. 04

 — Jennifer & Amy go to colored boy's house. by eeric02/14/044.50HOT

An Eye Opener Ch. 05

 — She hs a talk with mom about colored men. by eeric02/29/044.46

An Illusion of Control

 — A cultural competition (Asian). by Hatsuda01/16/104.56HOT

An Improper Position

 — D.C. socialite risks scandal at highbrow gala. by ladytellmemore03/11/114.20

An Inch and a Mile Pt. 01

 — The gardener has an eye on the rich, snobby wife. by The Avenger11/29/054.04

An Inch and a Mile Pt. 02

 — Mischief and traps. by The Avenger11/30/053.97

An Indian Couple Fuck Me

 — Threesome with bi Indians. by Labial08/27/123.97

An Interracial BBC Threesome

 — Detailed account of a long sinful night of sex. by SexCapaids10/20/064.41

An Intro To A Glory Hole

 — Hubby introduces her to a glory hole. by VirginiaS02/10/123.94

An Israeli-Palestinian Orgy for Peace

 — Arab mechanic ravages his Israeli lover. by Mycke04/15/014.02

An Office Affair

 — A sexy supervisor lusts after a tech in her office and takes. by LadyAkiraRose05/15/104.16

An Office Affair

 — A lawyer finds passion with a young black paralegel. by melanieatplay07/16/154.60HOT

An Office Affair: Coffee Break

 — Mo has a short coffee break with Vikki. by J_beezy02/08/194.21

An Office Fling...

 — After months of flirting an office hook up occurs. by afolabi7008/23/143.42

An Office Refugee Ch. 01

 — The cleaner takes a lover. by Spectre1707/31/144.32

An Office Refugee Ch. 02

 — Making time for Proper sex. by Spectre1708/03/144.48

An Office Refugee Ch. 03

 — A Sunday morning 'fark'. by Spectre1708/04/144.53HOT

An Old Friend

 — Spring break. by sarahsmith198907/12/144.10

An Old Head Ch. 25

 — Reggie and Bea, Jeff and Denice. by Colintall07/12/164.48

An Old Head Ch. 26

 — Brandon and Stella and Jack. by Colintall07/13/164.44

An Old High School Friend

 — Impromptu party leads to interracial sex. by gracesnowpaw09/14/144.34

An Open Relationship

 — Tina and Kevin want to try an open relationship. by guzzo08/19/163.85

An Uncommon Love Ch. 01

 — The hired help becomes much more. by PolyLvr11/24/104.52HOT

An Uncommon Love Ch. 02

 — The hired help becomes much more. by PolyLvr12/09/104.65HOT

An Uncooperative Elevator

 — Broke elevator leads to more. by secret_liyah09/22/084.26

An Unforeseen Moment

 — A surprising encounter. by MarieWriter07/28/124.42

An Unwilling Affair Ch. 1

 — Great, uninhibited sex once again. by G-Vegas_Cal05/28/023.35

An Uppity Black Sorority 'Sista'

 — White guy tricks black sorority chick to fuck him. by Frenchman02/01/134.24

An Upside-down “Y”

 — Will teenage fantasies turn into adult reality? by A_Satori11/26/094.69HOT

Anal At Last Ch. 21

 — Our first full-blown orgy. by scottishmeat12/31/094.69HOT

And For Breakfast? Paybacks, Over Easy.

 — Cheated, she responds with a small gangbang. by carmen_has3609/05/103.93

And His Sister Was Pretty Too

 — A friend's little sister proves impossible to resist. by starbelliedboy04/23/094.03

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 01

 — The calling. by The Avenger07/05/073.67

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 02

 — And he sought a Jezebel to turn out. by The Avenger07/06/073.91

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 03

 — And with his black rod he split the dripping pink sea. by The Avenger07/07/073.98

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 04

 — He didn't spare the rod, but still spoiled the child. by The Avenger07/08/073.98

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 06

 — And he had visions of a brave new world. by The Avenger07/11/073.78

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 07

 — And he went out to conquer. by The Avenger07/12/073.57

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 08

 — So it was said and so Jericho fell. by The Avenger07/13/073.67

And Then He Kissed Me

 — Amanda starts work for a new boss. by Mag5808/21/064.43

And Then There Was Laurie

 — Soon-to-be-ex-husband gets his revenge on snobby wife. by gobula01/13/074.34

And Then There Was Laurie Ch. 02

 — His ex's interracial lust goes beyond control. by gobula01/29/073.92


 — She is his submissive little slut. by writer726906/13/084.10

Andre Pt. 02

 — Adventures with Andre continue. by writer726906/26/084.21

Andre Pt. 03

 — Andre takes her ass. by writer726907/22/083.97

Andre Pt. 04

 — Cum party in Vegas. by writer726908/20/084.19

Andrew Meets Jane

 — White single girl, meets sexy Black man. by DarkInvader07/17/123.99

Angel and Dominic: Welcome Home

 — Black Wife welcome her husband home after long day. by GoodGirlBlue04/23/084.30

Angel Breaks Her Vows

 — Interracial infidelity in Africa. by author on Africa04/11/064.58HOT

Angel Ch. 01

 — Angelica has never met a man she wanted more in her life. by thechrysalids07/07/174.58HOT

Angel Ch. 02

 — Angelica has doubts and apparently, Ivan has a heart. by thechrysalids10/03/174.56HOT

Angel My Teen Hooker

 — A hot night with an 18-year-old Asian hooker. by cunnydiver10/12/074.22

Angel of Mercy

 — Even Black prisoners in the Deep South get a taste of Mercy. by Shabobo11/01/124.44

Angel: The Prequel

 — They meet Jack, & Angel gets a job. by Ally_boy06/27/034.42


 — Frank finds love with sexy El Salvador roommate. by Frank10/08/004.15

Angela's Influence

 — High-flying Indian academic explores sex. by hunter_gatherer07/20/174.65HOT

Angela's Wonder

 — Angela is on the cusp of change. by AmyClarkBerand11/23/183.63

Angela’s Choice

 — Black man takes a willing white wife. by hunter_gatherer01/16/16

Angelina Pt. 01

 — A mysterious woman is revealed. by ratracer04/16/144.07

Anger Made My Wife a Slut

 — Reparations Dinner. Husbands View. by Splatouey10/15/173.54

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Again

 — Reparations Dinner. Wife's View. by Splatouey10/16/173.92

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 06

 — Another Trip to the Hotel. by Splatouey02/04/183.95

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Yet Again

 — Stripping for Darby. by Splatouey12/09/174.24

Anger Management

 — White guy anger fucks black GF in a public relations firm. by Bruson03/12/104.28

Angie and Gio

 — A young engineer becomes interested in a sexy felon. by MissKittyT01/04/154.41

Angie and Gio Ch. 02

 — Angie and Gio meet up again. by MissKittyT01/15/154.75HOT

Angie and Gio Ch. 03

 — Their first date leads to something more. by MissKittyT02/01/154.78HOT

Angie and Gio Ch. 04

 — The sexy pair pick up where they left off. by MissKittyT07/29/174.69HOT

Angie and the Coach

 — Neglected white wife gets consoled by black coach. by BlackDixson09/11/104.44

Angie's BBC Adventure

 — Angie fulfills her dream with a young black stud. by maryjade06/11/164.48

Angry Black Woman Syndrome

 — Black man finds solace with calm, respectful white girl. by Samuelx10/25/112.19

Anika Shaji of Orleans, Ontario

 — Black man marries Indian woman in Orleans, Ontario. by Samuelx01/28/18

Anika Shaji: Indian Cuckoldress

 — Indian wife cuckolds Black hubby with white guy. by Samuelx01/31/18

Anika: An African Goddess

 — NYC designer "consults" with client's beautiful black wife. by gapster712/01/064.68HOT

Anika: An African Goddess Ch. 02

 — Marcus has intense meeting with his beautiful black client. by gapster701/09/074.71HOT

Animal Instinct Ch. 01

 — Miss White. by riverboy02/11/154.29

Animal Instinct Ch. 03

 — Nurse Gardener ties up two black men. by riverboy02/18/154.66HOT

Anita (Her Mothers Diary)

 — Story of a young woman's awakening. by Xamphos03/19/083.95

Anjali Bhatnagar of California

 — Indian porn actress meets a Black stud. by Samuelx08/09/173.69

Ankita Shaji of Kerala

 — Tall Black man meets short Indian gal in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/14/192.07

Anklet Adventure Pt. 01

 — Wife discovers anklet and cuckolds with bbc. by dometoo09/19/184.49

Anklet Adventure Pt. 02

 — Cuckold goes full blown sissy. by dometoo10/19/184.17

Anklet Adventure Pt. 03

 — The whole family pulled into BBC worship. by dometoo10/28/184.29

Anklet Adventure Pt. 04

 — Whole family is corrupted, whoring themselves for bbc. by dometoo11/23/183.99

Ann Ch. 02

 — Ann continues sucking off black doctor. by 99_percent_oral06/24/094.38

Ann Lives her Fantasy

 — She learns her biggest fear is what she wants most. by Bakeboss08/21/093.97

Ann Makes Me a Cuckold

 — Wife takes me from husband to cuckold. by drdick6908/07/183.61

Ann's Story

 — Ann's lies lead to love. by auntirotickle08/01/114.32

Anna and Thomas

 — Thomas does Lady Annabelle's bidding. by Ha27507/29/163.09

Anna Goes Home

 — Childhood friends share a lot more than memories. by LaLaLady08/31/064.65HOT

Anna Loses Control

 — Sports anchor's story on black athlete backfires. by walterio10/20/084.34

Anna Loses Control Ch. 02

 — Anna's debachery changes her life forever. by walterio11/15/084.14

Anna Takes a Lover

 — Wife Anna needs more than husband Jack can give. by trappedinside01/05/173.47

Annabelle Ch. 01

 — Naive Irish girl's new job changes her life forever. by interqueen06/22/144.28

Annabelle Ch. 02

 — Our heroine descends into delicious depravity. by interqueen06/23/144.15

Annabelle Ch. 03

 — Our heroine prepares for the Hard side. by interqueen06/25/144.19

Annabelle Gets Caught Ch. 01

 — On business trip, he finds out his wife is a slut. by Just Plain Bob03/19/074.29

Annapolis 2, Article 134

 — "No fraternizing" between officers and enlisted men. by SparkApCider03/29/114.29

Anne Gets It Good

 —  by deadrabbit031506/26/143.61

Annette Is Desperate For Black Cock

 — Annette needs a big black cock and hubby doesn't mind. by fantasyboy10/21/124.36


 — White wife and Black laborer come to together. by hammertime05/08/094.52HOT

Annie and Charlie

 — Historical Interracial Erotica. by Bardot199008/22/184.65HOT

Annie and the Mandingos

 — Celibate widow for of one year visits a Mandingo Club by MaryAnn67809/09/133.95


 — Jeannie remembers her 11 previous anniversaries—vividly. by MarciaR11/18/043.74


 — Happy 10th anniversary, sweetheart.. by Quietmahoganystorm10/16/114.54HOT

Anniversary in Vegas

 — Wife has something outrageous planned while in Vegas. by Karenkay08/01/083.95

Anniversary Present

 — Brad gives Jerri a special Anniversary Present. by darkknight0108/01/084.30

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