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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Sweet Revenge

 — She gets revenge on her cheating man. by bella2605/13/023.56

Sweet Revenge

 — Ever wanted revenge on someone from your past? by Midnight Hour06/12/05

Sweet Revenge

 — Woman learns that you can't escape your past. by Rtrishk207/14/074.02

Sweet Revenge

 — A tale of turning tables and changing lives. by desertkat07/31/074.20

Sweet Revenge

 — He pays for his undeserved victory. by Bakeboss02/18/103.48

Sweet Revenge

 — It's true, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. by luv2flirtamswf3411/04/043.94

Sweet Revenge

 — He sets out to get revenge from his enemy. by haremgirl04/18/064.59HOT

Sweet Revenge

 — He cheated on her, she gets even. by toniclisa05/07/073.41

Sweet Revenge

 — Dragged into the club by Becki, Briana relives a past horror. by hopscotchqueen02/24/083.75

Sweet Revenge

 — A doctor gets his own back. by volescamper03/02/134.20

Sweet Revenge Ch. 01

 — Bitchy office colleague is taught a lesson. by KalaLund02/21/053.79

Sweet Revenge Ch. 01

 — Kevin finds Bri too tempting to pass up. by Bethicus1810/04/084.11

Sweet Revenge Ch. 01

 — He just wants to help improve her grade. by xxxArtemisDawnxxx12/11/123.98

Sweet Revenge Ch. 02

 — Richard sets his plan for revenge in motion by haremgirl04/19/064.69HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 02

 — Kevin has Bri, but will things go as he planned? by Bethicus1806/01/103.95

Sweet Revenge Ch. 02

 — He gets his payback on Emily. by xxxArtemisDawnxxx12/16/123.86

Sweet Revenge Ch. 02

 — The doctor's continual humiliation of Helena. by volescamper10/08/144.41

Sweet Revenge Ch. 03

 — Conclusion. Jonathan gets sent to jail. by xxxArtemisDawnxxx03/17/133.49

Sweet Revenge Ch. 03

 — Helena's walk in town. by volescamper10/21/144.33

Sweet Revenge Ch. 04

 — Helena's surprise assignment. by volescamper10/30/144.27

Sweet Revenge Ch. 05

 — Helena in the limelight. by volescamper11/17/144.46

Sweet Revenge Pt. 01

 — Vivian finally gets what's been coming to her. by collegefantasis02/05/154.16

Sweet Revenge Pt. 02

 — Vivian's abuse and humiliation continues. by collegefantasis02/10/154.23

Sweet Revenge: The Next Chapter

 — Her revenge backfires. by bella2608/27/024.09

Sweet Sara

 — Joe can't resist a Sara, a BBW bartender. by kellydollbbw05/06/064.07

Sweet Sister-In-Law

 — He fucks his brother's wife. by lalilolly03/24/174.05

Sweet Submission

 — Blackmail mixed with bondage leads to perfect pleasure. by greeneyelove04/26/044.69HOT

Sweet Submission

 — She might be feisty, but she always submits in the end. by slutty_princess198008/16/123.94

Sweet Submissive

 — Two Alpha hybrids unknowingly mate an Omega. by silverangel62105/24/144.53HOT

Sweet Submissive Ch. 02

 — Two Alpha hybrids unknowingly mate an Omega. by silverangel62105/27/144.66HOT

Sweet Success

 — Brothers check out sister. by JOCA04/30/023.97

Sweet Surrender Ch. 01

 — Josilyn is invited to the keep. by BlueFluff03/07/044.13

Sweet Tastin Torture

 — He finds himself caught in a spell. by KinkyJypsy08/11/033.44

Sweet Temptation at the Workplace

 — Taken man can't resist when dream girl suddenly wants him by TheLustWriter04/13/144.64HOT

Sweet Torture Ch. 01

 — I find myself begging to be taken by the masked man. by KaySoFullOfTrav02/03/093.95

Sweet Torture Ch. 02

 — I get the fuck of my life from a complete stranger. by KaySoFullOfTrav02/25/093.93

Sweet, Sweet Revenge

 — An angry ex gets back. by naughteekittee03/22/133.89


 — A woman abuser gets a change for the better. by whole4U05/29/104.14

Sweetie Ch. 02

 — His changes really begin. by whole4U05/30/104.39

Sweetie Ch. 03

 — Sweetie gets taken by Melissa & Rachael. by whole4U06/02/104.32

Sweetie Ch. 04

 — Sweetie settles into a routine. by whole4U06/04/104.52HOT

Sweetie Ch. 05

 — Sweetie takes a man. by whole4U06/06/104.47

Sweetie Ch. 06

 — Sweetie's development continues. by whole4U06/08/104.30

Sweetie Ch. 07

 — Sweetie goes to a gay bar. by whole4U06/10/104.47

Sweetie Ch. 08

 — Christa comes to visit. by whole4U06/12/104.47

Sweetie Ch. 09

 — More fun with Christa. by whole4U06/16/104.59HOT

Sweetie Ch. 10

 — The 4W's, & going out to dinner. by whole4U06/21/104.56HOT

Sweetie Ch. 11

 — The party...the initiation. by whole4U06/22/104.53HOT

Sweetie Ch. 12

 — Fun at the beach. by whole4U08/16/104.57HOT

Swift Justice

 — Drunken bar patron is dealt with by 2 policemen by Erotic Author07/24/034.04

Swim Team Practice

 — The team takes laps then plunges in. by alan5510/16/083.99

Swimmer Taken Ch. 01

 — Swimmer is taken by man who has always wanted her. by Elisabeth_Pace02/03/074.15

Swimmer Taken Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of a swimmer's night at the gym. by Elisabeth_Pace02/20/074.33

Swimming at the Dam

 — She wanted a swim but had to evict intruders. by Ashson12/29/164.19

Swimming Nude

 — She gets caught when she skinny dips. by Ashson03/07/154.14

Swimming Siren

 — Her strange sexual power lures him into watery trap. by bultacorider11/07/073.31

Swimming with Brother's Friends

 — Siblings are forced to have sex. by MemberX06/02/114.15

Swinging into Danger

 — A night of adventure and new experiences goes too far. by Zero_Infinite03/30/164.35


 — Young woman finds herself with the wrong man. by Ashson05/05/144.10

Switched, Reversed, & Conquered

 — A reverse rape story by SexyJennaInk07/06/033.35

Sword of Anzul Ch. 01

 — A legendary sword permits the princess' most unusual torture. by WFEATHER01/05/053.73

Sword of Anzul Ch. 02

 — The princess' experience continues. by WFEATHER03/08/054.00

Sybian Tryout - with a Twist

 — Self bondage, a Sybian and unexpected company. by AlexaWriter12/31/164.45

Sybil of the Sands Ch. 01-02

 — She finds out she has a 'gift'. by peaches0702/20/194.50HOT

Sybil of the Sands Ch. 03-04

 — She meets the king; a price is paid. by peaches0702/23/194.62HOT

Sybil of the Sands Ch. 05-06

 — Palace life; another prophecy. by peaches0703/02/194.67HOT

Sydney's New Year's Bang

 — Snobby execu gets a New Year's surprise. by PAS01/03/024.41

Sympathetic Ear, Hard Cock

 — Husband's friend listens to her concerns. by littleroundhead08/07/074.28

Sympathetic Magic Ch. 01-02

 — Teen finds a book on magic, puts it to good use. by kisinurkitty05/09/154.52HOT

Sympathetic Magic Ch. 05-06

 — More fun with magic. by kisinurkitty05/12/154.68HOT

Synergy in the Office: Lynn

 — Zach fantasizes about the secretary, a woman twice his age. by DamnedDirtyLies04/02/13

Syrinx Debauched

 — An actress is attacked by a madman at a private rehearsal. by JamesCiriaco05/11/093.35


 — Athlete receives help through a mental training program. by CND07/26/023.84

T.O.Y. Wife

 — Proper wife blackmailed into public masturbation. by deserted109/30/104.28

T.O.Y. Wife Ch. 02

 — Proper wife blackmailed into public masturbation. by deserted110/05/104.19

Tab Again

 — Brothers and friends get satisfaction. by JOCA09/05/014.18

Tab: The Beginning

 — Brothers get revenge by JOCA08/21/013.79

Tabatha's Prison Ch. 01

 — She is sent to a harsh prison. by DominicaPotestas11/17/073.67

Tabatha's Prison Ch. 02

 — Tabatha learns more about her new prison life. by DominicaPotestas01/26/093.57

Tabby After The Beach Party

 — Tabby gets a surprise after drinking too much. by Tabby18lover10/28/044.05

Tabby Alone at the Party

 — Tabby gets shared at a party. by Tabby18lover02/25/024.10

Tabby and Her Brothers at Home

 — She gets taken by her brothers and their friends. by Tabby18lover08/18/023.99

Tabby Gets Taken

 — She's taken by three thugs. by Tabby18lover01/28/034.06

Tabby Gets Used

 — Mr Taylor has his way with Tabby. by Tabby18lover05/08/054.31

Tabby Kat Ch. 01

 — Eighteen year old girl is taken captive. by DOMann195901/11/184.29

Tabby on the Couch

 — Ricky teaches his sister a lesson. by Tabby18lover07/17/023.87

Tabby's Surprise

 — A night of romance goes horribly wrong. by Tabby18lover07/25/054.25

Tabitha Takes a Chance

 — A girl and her sister discover their submissive tendencies. by callmQ6707/23/084.48

Table for Three

 — Cheating wife gets punished by husband. by tempben09/01/153.40

Table Stakes

 — A gambler will risk anything. by Ashson03/08/164.46

Tables Turned

 — Dominant wife gets the tables turned on her for a change. by PAS10/28/084.33

Tables Turned

 — Wife gets angry after husband takes a girl home. by Crazion11/04/123.45

Tables Turned

 — Mother in law needs help. by Scot123405/29/154.43

Tables Turned Ch. 02

 — Mother and daughter go shopping. by Scot123406/05/154.54HOT

Tables Turned Ch. 03

 — Mother in law is used by her own daughter. by Scot123406/11/154.54HOT

Tables Turned Ch. 04

 — The final saga. by Scot123406/16/154.65HOT

Tables Turned Ch. 05

 — A new face enters their home. by Scot123411/01/154.58HOT

Taboo Ch. 02

 — Joe's Story: Joe takes his wife's best friend, whether she likes it or not. by NancyAllbright12/13/143.81

Tack Room

 — This tale is about revenge, humiliation, male rape, a little. by oralguy8211/05/123.99

Tack Room Ch. 02

 — Revenge, humiliation, male rape, a little bdsm. by oralguy8211/19/124.09

Tag Along

 — My sister followed me all my life. It almost cost her. by Scorpio44a12/29/104.36

Tailhook Katie

 — She gets molested at the Tailhook party in Vegas. by MrMsScrewloose04/19/174.16


 — I follow you home. by TheGreyKnight06/27/084.15

Take by the Pirate

 — There's nowhere left to run. by auraya10/10/164.35

Take Me Ch. 01

 — An intruder breaks in, results in new arousal for victim. by BasNoirs06/04/113.78

Take Me Ch. 02

 — "Suck my dick," he demanded, icily. by BasNoirs06/07/113.87

Take Me Please

 — A torrid love affair. by mstrendytresses06/16/074.26

Take My Mom

 — How teasing lead to a rape. by varun09/17/012.63

Take One for the Squad

 — Mercenary needs help extracting her squadmates from trouble. by drandolph01/17/173.94

Take Only as Directed Ch. 01

 — Young woman becomes a chemical concubine to pay her debts. by penfrock02/04/124.24

Take Only as Directed Ch. 02

 — Young woman becomes a chemical concubine to pay her debts. by penfrock02/09/124.26

Take Only as Directed Ch. 03

 — She becomes a chemical concubine to pay her debts. by penfrock02/16/124.25

Take Only as Directed Ch. 04

 — Her training as a chemical concubine continues. by penfrock02/28/124.44

Take Only as Directed Ch. 05

 — Janie gets sampled by a prospective Master. by penfrock03/11/124.19

Take Only as Directed Ch. 06

 — Janie has a lesbian dalliance before leaving on a jet plane. by penfrock03/21/124.38

Take Only as Directed Ch. 07

 — Janie explores her new Master's luxurious home. by penfrock03/28/124.43

Take Only as Directed Ch. 08

 — Janie the modern concubine meets her new Master. by penfrock04/05/124.59HOT

Take Only as Directed Ch. 09

 — Janie gets better acquainted with her new Master. by penfrock04/18/124.48

Take Only as Directed Ch. 10

 — Janie the concubine takes it to a new level. by penfrock05/29/124.41

Take Only as Directed Ch. 11

 — Janie attends a bath. by penfrock06/06/124.53HOT

Take that Jogger

 — A tasty female jogger is aprehended. by Johan2212/10/023.95

Take the Pussy - Megan's Mixer

 — One part alcohol, two parts friends. by urbanlove07/19/063.27

Take the Pussy - Pearla's Purse

 — Payment can be painful. by urbanlove07/19/063.63

Take What U Want Ch. 01

 — Housewife begs for it...and gets it. by Dom_man7606/03/084.35

Take What U Want Ch. 02

 — Housewife gets a second dose. by Dom_man7606/27/084.30

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

 — April saves her daddy's job. by Baxter7202/13/073.83


 — Gail finds out she owes a good fuck to a bad friend. by fairylover06/02/113.80


 — Nineteen-year-old virgin is broken. by S. Smithe11/13/002.96


 — Kidnapping turns good. by shanier08/15/023.38


 — She finds herself at hands of mysterious man. by BgMma03/01/033.80


 — Boss pushes one employee too far. by HairTrigger06/18/044.18


 — She awakes naked, bound and blindfolded. by bunny bondage11/04/043.82


 — She's surprised in her apartment by two men. by tabber01/30/054.27


 — She gets more than she bargained for on the way home. by angelx60208/19/054.50HOT


 — Sexy walker gets raped. by WickedVampire07/19/023.39


 — She's taken on journey to ecstasy by a stranger. by swordstone04/11/064.41


 — Kim is forced to perform for her boss. by netmuse12/15/064.44


 — Wife gets a surprise birthday present. by DevilishTexan12/11/034.55HOT


 — Cynthia has a visitor. by champagne198203/20/04


 — A woman is kidnapped and wakes up to find herself enslaved. by gidgetmidget10/06/094.29


 — Gail is purchased as a toy. by Mr James01/23/054.18


 — She is surprised, in more ways than one. by curlygirly3210/18/054.06


 — He takes whatever he wants. by unforgetable8608/30/113.95


 — Lia's morning routine is disrupted by a strange man. by Tiger_Butterfly08/31/123.67


 — The home invaders take us all. by DBarclay03/02/094.22


 — Kidnapped, bound, and found wanting. by secretsxywriter10/17/124.73HOT


 — A wrong turn... by Nagrek01/23/133.26


 — Her Master watches as she is taken against her will. by Azuldrgon04/05/134.12


 — A woman taken against her will submits to her desires. by kitten06/25/134.13


 — A visitor to Chicago is taken captive by two beautiful women. by johnnyd6012/31/123.91


 — Taken... against my will, but not against my desire? by LizzySub01/29/153.69


 — Man abducted for unsavory purposes. by Providence201610/09/164.39


 — Taken and owned. by gentle50408/28/173.85


 — Sarah has her kidnap/sex slave fantasies fulfilled. by fewella06/22/184.59HOT

Taken & Subjugated

 — Young mother is kidnapped & shown a new world. by Rupa11/28/014.08

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