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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Turning the Tables

 — Student blackmails her teacher for plagiarism. by Tigress04/28/054.35

Turning The Tables

 — Ex tries to force her, but she turns the turns the tables. by Big Gunz04/18/084.13

TV News Babe in Jail

 — TV journalist goes to jail to earn ratings points. by Joe_Doe_Stories03/03/062.68

Twelfth Floor

 — Carrie gets a job promotion offer she can't refuse. by prbeach110/20/044.59HOT

Twenty First Birthday Surprise

 — What will happen to Kylie on her birthday beach weekend by Sebella2205/05/133.48

Twice Each Month

 — They share an unusual relationship. by GasPedalJoe08/10/054.53HOT

Twin Mom

 — He can't resist the young woman any longer. by eroslit04/05/044.40

Twin Trouble

 — A sexy reporter is the main event at a twin's convention. by GACumSlut11/19/103.62

Twin Venture

 — Starting up a new family venture can be hard. by KCMary12/05/103.58

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 11

 — Beth is attacked & stripped naked. by regularguy1308/22/084.31

Twins: Sports, Sex & Trouble Ch. 08

 — Jane's dreamy boyfriend becomes Trouble with a capital T. by regularguy1307/11/144.31

Twisted Cinders Ch. 01

 — Elise can sense something coming. by GoodLittleRoses05/02/094.25

Twisted Cinders Ch. 02

 — She is noticed. by GoodLittleRoses05/07/094.16

Twisted Cinders Ch. 03

 — Elise's dreams are rudely interrupted. by GoodLittleRoses05/08/094.21

Twisted Cinders Ch. 04

 — She escapes, but to what? by GoodLittleRoses04/01/104.33

Twisted Desire

 — Be careful what you ask your wife for. by edrider7302/03/143.39

Twisted Fairy Tale Ch. 01

 — Rescued maiden becomes prey for her cousin and his friends by TotesProfessional12/05/134.48

Twisted Fantasy

 — A walk she'll never forget. by loann_sub12/10/083.24

Twisted Games

 — A twisted game between two coworkers. by BlueEyedNick09/23/153.14

Twisted Little Sister

 — Older sibling is blackmailed and sexually humiliated. by TheDarkCloud03/03/104.12

Twisted Love Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the rest of her life. by darkknight030701/05/094.27

Twisted Payback

 — A wife wants payback for her husband's cheating. by graymangazer03/08/133.82

Twisted Payback Ch. 02

 — A wife wants payback for her husbands cheating. by graymangazer11/04/133.79

Twisted Payback Ch. 03

 — A woman wants payback for her husbands cheating. by graymangazer01/09/143.86

Twisted Payback Ch. 04

 — A woman wants revenge for her husbands cheating by graymangazer01/26/143.51

Two Against One Slave

 — Alicia attends modeling school. by mistressveronicalove09/15/053.64

Two BBW's Connect

 — BBW Domme finds BBW sex slave. by NYCbbwSUB02/25/084.27

Two Bits

 — Carole's school years. by oldauthor06/24/093.38

Two Bridesmaids

 — Man dominates the daughter of one of the bridesmaids. by HuckPilgrim08/29/144.30

Two Captives

 — Indian massacre leads to captives. by BlewWater6910/26/064.11

Two Do Ron-Ron

 — Hippie dancer likes it rough. by HippieSlut01/25/084.38

Two Do Ron-Ron Ch. 02

 — A big birthday, and she's the present. by HippieSlut02/10/084.52HOT

Two Do Ron-Ron Ch. 03

 — Can't buy me love, can buy me her. by HippieSlut03/08/084.60HOT

Two Do Ron-Ron: The Prequel

 — Her first time, by force...and second, and third, and... by HippieSlut03/20/094.32

Two Girl Workout Predicament Ch. 01

 — Two hot girls bound in work out equipment, forced to orgasm. by Aspire2Provide07/10/124.29

Two Girl Workout Predicament Ch. 02

 — Two girls bound in gym and resisting forced orgasms. by Aspire2Provide10/11/124.45

Two Old Friends

 — Getting an old girlfriend back. by hakawati07/20/073.53

Two Participants

 — A man and woman find themselves bonded in erotic torture. by randymcmuffin01/22/144.56HOT

Two Perspectives Ch. 01

 — An sexual liaison as seen from both him and her. by The_Rat_in_the_Hat09/08/133.24

Two Spies Ch. 01

 — A sudden encounter leads to an unwanted reunion. by sugar_green11/22/114.32

Two Spies Ch. 02

 — Bethany remembers the beginning. by sugar_green11/26/114.68HOT

Two Spies Ch. 03

 — Sasha makes his terms clear to Bethany. by sugar_green11/30/114.48

Two Spies Ch. 04

 — Sasha shows Bethany his apartment. by sugar_green12/03/114.50HOT

Two Teachers Ch. 01

 — Adele and Sylvia are caught out. by StoryTeller0703/01/124.37

Two Teachers Ch. 02

 — Adele is surprised in class. by StoryTeller0704/08/124.48

Two Treats for Halloween

 — He doesn't expect this. by kittygopurr10/11/023.45

Two Worlds Collide

 — Young driver hits the wrong car & pays the price. by gryyswydyr05/10/013.81

Two Wrongs Don’t Make It

 — (Thriller) Phil and Phyl Collide. by Allan_Arbinger11/15/103.90

Two-Family House: Melanie Returns

 — Part 3 of Two-Family House series. by littlegypsy08/10/064.36

Two-Family House: Michael & Friend

 — Part 4 and conclusion to Two-Family House Series. by littlegypsy08/13/064.31

Two-Story House: The College Boy

 — He makes a suprise visit. by littlegypsy08/08/064.00

TxQ - Helpless Hannah

 — Tied, helpless, discovered, used hard. by Tx Tall Tales11/27/124.49

TxQ - Pamela's Potion

 — Plan to improve his love-life through chemistry goes wrong! by Tx Tall Tales11/26/124.32

Tygra Ch. 1

 — Young female thieves are caught and assaulted by cops. by Multi-zine11/13/002.57

Tygra Ch. 2

 — Young Tygra is given a lesson in discipline. by Multi-zine11/13/002.86

Tygra Ch. 3

 — Sexy young Tygra is forced to become a sex slave. by Multi-zine11/13/002.31

Tying Knots

 — Knots instructor learns something new. by sinera04/23/094.17

Tyrone's Revenge

 — A wife forced to fuck a man to save her husband. by westcoastjohn09/26/123.27


 — It was New Year's Eve and Mitch Hargrove was hard at work. by Middleagepoet01/01/102.98

Ultimate Humiliation

 — She's made a slave to her coworker. by taken1306/11/043.90

Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 02

 — She's made a slave to her coworker. by taken1306/17/044.08

Ultimate Submission

 — CD visits a black man he met online. by Barbwire08/07/014.00


 — She was taken in her fantasy. by wildtiger6006/10/054.11


 — Compulsively led to a delusional end. by JacobEmet04/24/154.08


 — An unstoppable mistress meets an immovable slave. by TheDougler8002/02/134.38

Uncle Alan Comes Calling

 — Niece finds another side to her uncle. by quinn rogan11/07/084.10

Uncle Charles' Proposal

 — Elena's uncle proposes slavery to solve her problems by Wifetheif06/15/144.27

Uncle Charles' Proposal Ch. 02

 — Elena's story continues. by Wifetheif06/20/144.32

Uncle Charles' Proposal Ch. 03

 — Elena's first full day as a slave Is she weakening? by Wifetheif06/26/144.40

Uncle Charles' Proposal Ch. 04

 — Elena begins to settle in. by Wifetheif07/19/144.41

Uncle Charles' Proposal Ch. 05

 — Elena makes a decision. by Wifetheif07/30/144.42

Uncle Charles' Proposal Ch. 06

 — After a moment of waekness Elena turns the tables by Wifetheif08/03/144.38

Uncle Fucks Drunk Niece Ch. 02

 — Uncle continues taking his niece. by KEVGOW05/21/084.26

Uncle Tommy Takes Charge

 — Family friend takes Virgin. by Cornponed11/25/133.94

Uncle Unleashed

 — He takes his neice by force. by sxybibbw03/25/074.21

Uncle's Unfinished Business Ch. 01

 — College-bound teen submits to blackmail. by timmys2809/05/103.96


 — You had no control of your body, not anymore. by CordeAmare07/08/144.13


 — She gets her first taste of being out of control. by sunshineonastick12/04/053.89

Uncontrollable Need

 — A proper newlywed taken as a slave finds her dark side. by RobertKing01/10/154.34

Unconventional Surprise

 — Man fulfills promise whether she likes it or not. by JaxDawg7907/31/093.93

Under Control

 — He takes control. by RhinoTx09/11/053.85

Under Her Absolute Control

 — She takes over his life & reduces him to slavery. by Yorkshiredale09/26/044.04

Under His Spell Ch. 01

 — Was she drugged? by jamax12/07/054.41

Under His Spell Ch. 02

 — She gets new undies and a hot phone call. by jamax12/19/054.36

Under His Spell Ch. 03

 — Will Margie keep her date on Friday? by jamax01/01/064.34

Under His Spell Ch. 04

 — Margie learns a few lessons. by jamax01/14/064.55HOT

Under His Spell Ch. 05

 — It's party time! by jamax01/28/064.43

Under His Thumb

 — Nubile, brainy executive reduced to a whore. by Nikita_writer10/10/054.24

Under His Thumb Ch. 02

 — Nubile exec is kidnapped for slave training by the Sanspeur. by Nikita_writer11/25/054.14

Under His Thumb Ch. 03

 — Nubile exec is pierced and begins sex slave training. by Nikita_writer02/27/064.13

Under His Wing

 — New employee is used by older male boss. by Secret Sparkle06/21/063.54

Under His Wing Ch. 02

 — He takes his anger out on the secretary. by Secret Sparkle07/06/063.92

Under My Thumb

 — A story about lost and love found again. by beagle969004/06/094.54HOT

Under the Flag Ch. 6

 — Jahon & Kelly take Tammy in her home. by Stardog Champion02/22/014.23

Under the Flag Ch. 7

 — Tammy's husband Carl comes home. by Stardog Champion02/23/013.77

Under the Sea

 — Spring break takes a strange turn. by LilSkoolGirl02/27/043.78

Under the Table

 — She takes advantage of him in a public place. by Frimbles05/12/094.35

Under the Table Ch. 02

 — She makes the walk home a hard affair. by Frimbles05/27/094.28


 — A female cop goes undercover as an escort. by Undercover40907/07/094.37

Undercover Ch. 1

 — Woman cop gets in bad situation. by English Bob10/07/004.42

Undercover Gang Bang

 — Amber is betrayed by a fellow officer. by PAS04/05/064.16

Undercover Lover Ch. 03

 — Jill's Life. by StoryCrafter06/25/114.28

Undercover Lover Ch. 04

 — The Avengers Return. by StoryCrafter06/29/114.21

Undercover Nurse Ch. 01

 — Young female detective's humiliating first assignment. by deputy duffy03/17/023.99

Undercover Nurse Ch. 02

 — Lady detective's humiliating assignment. continues. by deputy duffy03/29/024.30

Undercover Nurse Ch. 03

 — Detective's shower incident. by deputy duffy03/31/024.36

Undercover Nurse Ch. 04

 — Young female detective's humiliation continues. by deputy duffy05/31/024.14

Undercover Nurse Ch. 05

 — A little test for Fran, our undercover detective. by deputy duffy09/09/034.14

Undercover Nurse Ch. 6

 — Fran heads back to class. by deputy duffy09/11/034.38


 — Clare repays a favor. by Sandra121903/12/083.39

Unexpected Alone Time

 — He enjoys unexpected alone time with Stepdaughter. by rainbowdraco07/06/104.31

Unexpected Camping Encounter

 — Wife is given to strangers. by Freddy196202/08/103.77

Unexpected Double P

 — She gets unexpected attention while on a business trip. by LovesNipples10/20/154.08

Unexpected Evening

 — Meeting with a past lover turned out more than expected... by JeffJared03/21/154.35

Unexpected Events Ch. 01

 — I was not expecting these events to occur. by kelsbabie1208/01/153.60

Unexpected Events Ch. 02

 — I was not expecting these events to occur. by kelsbabie1208/04/153.73

Unexpected Events Ch. 03

 — I was not expecting these events to happen. by kelsbabie1208/19/154.23

Unexpected Events Ch. 04

 — Once again I fell Victim to an unexpected event. by kelsbabie1209/09/154.00

Unexpected Events Ch. 05

 — One night at my boyfriend's house turned out strange. by kelsbabie1210/07/154.18

Unexpected Home Movies

 — Family are forced to make a movie by intruders. by Kadric11/21/014.25

Unexpected Home Movies Ch. 02

 — The family fun continues with Jo and Rachael. by perspicacity61108/19/114.23

Unexpected Love Ch. 02

 — Rendezvous for Mom, Unexpected Love. by Fog_Horn01/02/103.63

Unexpected Night

 — He comes into her bedroom while she's sleeping. by Lilywiththorns08/02/024.13

Unexpected Outcomes

 — Young woman is aggressively taken by boss and security guard. by UndeniablyDesirable06/16/153.91

Unexpected Recovery

 — Post op procedure turns for him. by forplay12/07/034.15

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