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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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NWMD!: Marnie's Trip Cums to an End

 — Wife and friend enjoy a fantasy camp. by spunknwagnels11/24/024.26


 — The police have an odd method of punishing a serial murderer/ rapist. by Glenn Beuhring04/27/013.49

O O Calcutta Ch. 01

 — Mother and son find are trapped in a dystopian Calcutta by kaypee08/18/144.20

Oakdale Grove: Upper Management

 — Michelle must find some way to hold onto her job. by SirZeeks12/29/134.20


 — A foreigner in a desert city must submit to a noblewoman. by The_Balvenie04/01/143.88

Oasis Ch. 02

 — Foreigner's punishment continues. by The_Balvenie04/09/143.88


 — A teacher requires a little more obedience from his pupil. by Arec07/15/133.79

Object of Desire

 — John forces his big-titted secretary into submission. by Big Gunz12/21/054.21


 — Dealing with the Queen Bee. by CamScorp08/26/114.41

Obsessed Beyond Death?

 — Paranormal investigators possessed for sex, but why? by drknowone06/01/113.57

Obsessed with Ember

 — Ember's past wants a future. by black_maestra12/30/124.42

Obsessed with Ember Ch. 02

 — Ember's past catches up with her. by black_maestra02/05/144.55HOT

Obsessed with Ember Ch. 03

 — Kidnapped, Ember is forced into her new life. by black_maestra10/11/144.59HOT

Obsessed with Ember Ch. 04

 — Vincent's plans for Ember proceed. by black_maestra06/23/154.40


 — Jon loves Amanda and she well love him even if it kills her. by dark_kitty12/29/053.94


 — She was completely his for the taking. by ponyfitness06/14/084.17


 — College boy's obsession with a helping neighbor. by baitingimagination1106/09/152.83

Obsession Ch. 01

 — He becomes obsessed with turning a friend into a slut. by NeverWinterNite08/15/114.23

Obsession Ch. 02

 — Melissa's sexual journey continues. by NeverWinterNite08/25/114.27

Obsession: A Love Story

 — Obsession leads to abduction. by dreamalittledream11/15/104.26

Obsession: A Love Story Ch. 02

 — Christian teaches Amelie a hard lesson. by dreamalittledream11/18/114.50HOT

Obsession: A Love Story Ch. 03

 — Christian's desires darken as the plan unfolds... by dreamalittledream11/19/114.11

Obsession: A Love Story Ch. 04

 — Natalia attempts to escape the island. by dreamalittledream11/24/114.32

Obsessive Neighbor

 — Nathan has an unhealthy obsession with his neighbor Zoey. by NudeDreams02/26/144.10

Obtained for His Pleasure

 — Awoken, transported, abused. by alibay06/20/093.49

October Assault

 — College freshface gets taken quickly. by Blue_shoes198007/23/104.11

Odd Jobs

 — Cleaning a garage leads to an afternoon of art. by TheHof04/03/104.41

Odette Ch. 01

 — Helping neighbour's pretty daughter at audition. by shaunreagh08/01/134.12

Odette Ch. 02

 — Helping neighbour’s pretty daughter at audition. by shaunreagh08/02/134.50HOT

Of Hunters and Their Prey

 — A young woman ensnares her blackmail victim. by Horhay_J06/13/124.27

Of Hunters and Their Prey 02

 — A brief scene of Miss. Danni's control over me. by Horhay_J08/22/123.70

Off Limits

 — She surprises him, and then he surprises her. by Dr_O05/06/114.30

Off The Track

 — When hiking, stay on the marked trails. by Ashson07/14/134.19

Office Adventures

 — Her boss wants the mail. by Varazdat07/03/063.91

Office Affair

 — Emma has fun, Ken doesn't. by hobrigef03/10/122.88

Office Affairs

 — Everyone knows it's the secretaries that get a bad rap. by theilluminaughty12/30/143.98

Office Betrayal

 — Office slut competes with wife of boss for a promotion. by DarkBetrayal07/05/074.17

Office Captives

 — Burglar interrupts worker's Saturday. by PAS05/23/014.42

Office Cock Tease Finally Gets It

 — Fran the office cocktease finally gets the fucking she needs. by huxley2609/22/134.02

Office Cock Tease Finally Gets It Pt. 02

 — Fran the cock tease is back for more. by huxley2607/07/154.11

Office Fantasy to Reality

 — Tasty subordinate for my pleasure. by mtnman200303/14/044.08

Office Fantasy to Reality Ch. 02

 — Willing to share a subordinate for new contract. by mtnman200302/11/054.48

Office Fantasy to Reality Ch. 03

 — Anal sex is tossed in the mix. by mtnman200303/16/054.48

Office Fun

 — Cheating wife caught by depraved boss. by alwaysDEC05/25/093.95

Office Fun Ch. 02

 — The humiliation continues. by alwaysDEC05/31/094.12

Office Girls Ch. 01

 — Katrina gets found out. by StoryTeller0709/15/084.31

Office Girls Ch. 02

 — All four women are taken. by StoryTeller0710/03/084.38

Office Girls Ch. 03

 — The four innocent women submit. by StoryTeller0701/07/094.37

Office Girls Ch. 04

 — The four women rebel against their blackmailer. by StoryTeller0703/20/094.36

Office Hotty

 — She makes up for her error in the ofice. by Boxlicker10110/10/064.13

Office Hours

 — A college cutie gets caught. by Never-more09/07/024.10

Office Hours

 — A student checks her grade with her professor. by ana26806/14/084.27

Office Hours

 — A meeting with a professor does not go entirely as planned. by Avian_Obscurities02/10/134.30

Office Hours

 — A student forcibly takes his sexy professor after class. by Patrick706/09/133.79

Office Naughtiness Ch. 01

 — Sexual harrassment in the workplace. by GeorgeTasker01/31/104.08

Office Naughtiness Ch. 02

 — Misbehaving at workplace drinks. by GeorgeTasker02/06/104.34

Office Naughtiness Ch. 03

 — Blackmail and double dealing in the office. by GeorgeTasker02/16/104.37

Office Party

 — An office party with a surprise. by Ashson12/17/154.15

Office Play Ch. 01

 — Attracted to her boss, Diane gets a surprise. by Goldeniangel01/16/054.25

Office Play Ch. 02

 — In which it really starts going. by Goldeniangel01/17/054.45

Office Policy

 — Mean Janine crosses the line once too often. by illusory_transitory05/10/082.29

Office Politics

 — She finds out that her boss isn't easy to fool. by tilly160402/23/143.84

Office Politics

 — Boss needs to discipline sassy co-worker. by Herne_Hunter04/17/164.04

Office Shenanigans

 — He gave me permission to come once on Tuesday. by naki_taoreru10/03/114.09

Office Slave

 — She finds herself in an awkward situation. by The_story_writer200304/16/053.94

Office Slut

 — Employee is punished for watching porn. by nolimits08/30/053.83

Office Slut

 — She is helpless, humiliated, and dominated in the office. by erosandpsyche04/21/134.05

Office Slut Ch. 1

 — Her descent into slutdom begins. by A Cracker Slut08/05/024.33

Office Slut Ch. 2

 — Linda gets some new clothes. by A Cracker Slut08/20/024.42

Office Slut Ch. 3

 — Linda entertains the guests. by A Cracker Slut08/26/024.53HOT

Office Slut: Ch. 04

 — Linda returns to work. by A Cracker Slut06/06/034.53HOT

Office Space

 — She thought she was getting laid-OFF. by ubertroll06/12/054.18

Office Staff Ch. 1

 — Helen & Judith are caught stealing in the office. by lynm3507/06/024.23

Office Staff Ch. 2

 — James starts Helen's and Judith's repayment. by lynm3507/07/024.44

Office Staff Ch. 3

 — Stakes go up as James introduces business partners. by lynm3507/08/024.42

Office Star to Office Slave Ch. 01

 — Bitchy sales rep gets humiliated and taken by coworkers. by Jarvisprobe07/29/114.34

Office Star to Office Slave Ch. 02

 — Stacy returns the next day thinking it was a one day affair. by Jarvisprobe07/30/114.43

Office Subordination

 — Two office ladies are taught a quick lesson. by andromon03/18/132.93

Office Sweetheart

 — Supervisor finally gets what he wants from the sexy new girl. by CuriosityKilledKitty10/26/083.64

Office Tag

 — Two against one is never fair. by Ms Black05/21/044.12

Office Tease

 — Fran pays for all her teasing. by elphaba6910/11/123.45

Officer Amanda Skills

 — This speeder gives her more than she expected. by daddyduckett09/22/113.92

Officer Amanda Skills; Revenge Ch. 01

 — She's suspended and goes looking for the two men. by daddyduckett09/29/113.92

Officer Amanda Skills; Revenge Ch. 02

 — Amanda finds the second attacker and with a twist... by daddyduckett12/18/114.11

Officer Down

 — Officer Annie gets gang banged in the theater. by PAS11/22/044.38

Officer Howell Looking For Fun

 — Sexy policewoman gets more than she bargained for. by HandcuffGirl05/11/063.99

Officer of the Law

 — He takes justice into his own hands. by guildmage4207/25/104.02

Officer, Sir

 — She opens doors to a policeman and a lot more. by Igypt12/08/044.20

Officers Down (On Their Knees)

 — Routine call goes amiss. by kreyten02/23/084.09

Officially About Diana Ch. 01

 — What's It Worth? Her twin brother's blog. by Odif10/22/073.93

Offline Realities

 — An offline meeting leads to more than she bargained for. by simply_cyn08/11/044.36

OffShore Ch. 01

 — Zhanet is taken to be a sex slave. by RavenSSS03/01/114.36

OffShore Ch. 02

 — The women must perform oral sex on other women. by RavenSSS03/02/114.29

OffShore Ch. 03

 — The women come to grips with lesbian sex. by RavenSSS03/03/114.50HOT

Oh Doctor! Stage 01

 — Lena joins a medical study without reading the contract. by misstkn1109/09/114.25

Oh God Father Jonathan!

 — Hot young priest needs a fuck. by lilamisakh01/31/094.19

Oh Holy Hot Tub

 — Wife is molested by older black man with husband nearby. by zipp211/27/074.40

Oh No, It's The Cops!

 — Couple leaves party tipsy, pays the price. by JRob02/01/114.21

Oh Sweet Megan

 — Cole's plan for his cheating wife. by cutting44110/02/053.94

Oh Those Pirates, Ooh Those Pirates!

 — Island love is interrupted by evil pirates. by PeterR10/11/002.65

Oh What a Night Ch 02

 — Round two with her new lover. by TripleXSexzKitty12/15/024.38

Oh What A Night Ch. 01

 — She gets the man she's wanted and really big surprise. by TripleXSexzKitty12/06/024.56HOT

Old Barns

 — No trespassing. by jmanteau11/05/124.28

Old Dan's Daughter

 — They have a plan for Bets to earn her father's lost wages. by blade2307/07/113.92

Old Fashioned Love

 — Forceful seduction of a modern woman. by mikey2much02/28/074.20

Old Friend Brings Friends

 — Girl gets take by an old friend... and friends. by incegator10/07/124.28

Old Ladies, Thongs & Hotel Hot Tubs

 — He's pursued by three brazen, aggressive older women. by TheTalkMan01/21/164.71HOT

Old Mr Harris Takes Control

 — Dirty old man makes an offer she wants to refuse. by Veronica809/06/074.46

Old Times' Sake

 — Sometimes old acquaintance SHOULD be forgot. by YDB9510/01/123.89

Olive's Anal Ordeal

 — Sweet Vicar's wifey blackmailed by choirmaster. by bubblearseman02/26/15

Olive's Oral Ordeal

 — Vicar's wife forced to suck cock. by bubblearseman02/19/15

Olivia Ch. 01

 — A rich bitch arrives. by StoryTeller0711/05/104.13

Olivia Ch. 02

 — The rich bitch is taken. by StoryTeller0711/06/104.08

Olivia Ch. 03

 — Her booty is sold on the street. by StoryTeller0711/08/104.28

Olivia Ch. 04

 — The bitch blows daddies employees. by StoryTeller0711/11/104.38

Olivia Ch. 05

 — The gang slut is sold on. by StoryTeller0701/12/124.38

Olivia's Downtown Adventure

 — An 18-year-old uptown girl gets taken at a sleazy sex shop. by DynamiteXXX05/30/094.43

Olivia's Ordeal

 — A young woman goes to prison. by Exakta6606/04/093.95

Omaha Pt. 01

 — Strong, independent woman turned into a submissive slut. by brandedbrain05/09/144.30

Omaha Pt. 02

 — Sara gets degraded by a rival co-worker. by brandedbrain05/19/144.40

On Her Knees

 — Sara's visit to the priest brings more than prayer. by amanda3012/28/054.19

On Holiday

 — Young woman learns about tropical plants. by Ashson04/01/143.79

On My Couch

 — An early night is interrupted. by Ashson07/07/134.34

On the Beach

 — She learns definition of 'consensual' the hard way. by HungryGuy12/10/024.07

On the Dancefloor

 — You're whisked away to somewhere you weren't expecting. by bazzag200107/15/093.87

On The Edge

 — Her boyfriend made me use her for my first time bi. by Allyourbase06/10/114.37

On the Edge...

 — You keep coming back. Because you keep cumming. by Rough Idea03/15/124.20

On the Fence

 — She just wanted to watch the football. by Ashson04/14/154.36

On The Green Line

 — Two salarymen take woman on crowded train. by gorgeousmika03/28/034.02

On the Horns of The Bull Ch. 01

 — Falsely accused Stephen faces an uncertain future. by Gwen_Nikki_Lee08/10/104.12

On the Road Again

 — More adventures for Ken at home & on the road. by netsfan_4411/06/044.29

On The Run Ch. 01

 — Eric escapes from prison. by MistressMerry10/11/074.37

On the Second Date

 — They went farther than she planned. by Bruno102701/26/064.45

On the Subway

 — You shouldn't have taken the subway. by The_story_writer200310/27/044.07

On The Trail

 — A lone female hiker encounters two men. by Librarylover01/08/083.69

On The Train

 — When the train is delayed, you have to fill in the time. by Ashson02/26/134.33

On The Way Home

 — She's stopped by a cop. by SexyBarbie06/26/034.04

On the Wrong Road

 — They made a bad choice. by LucOuarm04/28/034.05

On Three

 — Two cops get into a sticky situation when they're tied up. by Cold_Eyes02/16/104.33

On Tour

 — Bandmates fuck but it wasn't how she hoped it would be. by unknooown02/03/133.94

On Your Knees, Bitch!

 — Woman asks to be dominated by two eager men. by sadistic_strutta09/22/063.33

Once a Slut

 — She said she'd changed; they had different ideas. by mpqm196801/02/074.47

Once Again It's On

 — There were six left. by seven_again_so_what10/25/023.76

Once Too Often!

 — Come home drunk once too often. by ForkedBeard01/31/143.78

Once Upon a Hotel Room

 — Buisness woman is taken and forced by hotel staff. by rubyrubble07/31/133.83

Once Upon a Time - Snow Fell

 — Snow White is captured by some mercenaries. by Aydrian11/12/113.84

Once Upon a Time in Singapore

 — A lonely man meets the submissive wife of his colleague. by doitright10/12/144.33

Once Upon A Time...

 — And they lived happily ever after. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/05/073.44

Once, and Always

 — John walked a delicate line quashing his natural impulses. by Middleagepoet11/20/093.83

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