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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Private Campground Ch. o2

 — A sexy forest ranger joins the fun. by Typer09/22/044.61HOT

Private Class Ch. 02

 — College teacher is forced to submit to black student. by SScorpio12/04/104.19

Private Dancer

 — Savage boyfriend forces stripper to suck. by geronimo_appleby02/22/054.36

Private Fantasy

 — A fantasy is fulfilled. by LadyLee01/24/064.36

Private School Ch. 05

 — Heather's last day at school. by Schlank08/19/144.36

Private Schooling 01: The New Girls

 — Young women taken to become sluts. by craigool10/19/16

Private Schooling Ch. 01: The New Girls

 — Young women taken to become sluts. by craigool11/22/163.72

Private Shop

 — She shoplifts from a sex-shop and pays the price. by Force_Me_Please05/23/084.07

Private Tent

 — Girl gets molested and used after too much bourbon. by Wet14U09/19/114.26

Probation Officer Ch. 01

 — Probation officer finds illegal materials in house. by MidnightAle06/30/093.70

Probation Officer Ch. 02

 — Probationer receives punishment from officer. by MidnightAle07/01/093.51

Problems at School Pt. 01

 — A meeting with the principal goes in an unexpected direction. by SavannahXXX06/20/174.18

Problems in the Office

 — Boss acts as guide to pretty wife of new employee. by shaunreagh08/06/104.54HOT

Problems with Rudeness

 — Young lady is rude to a stranger. by Ashson12/24/154.12

Procrastinating Sub

 — Master comes home early from work to find a lazy sub. by Dominus_Lucius04/04/144.02

Proctor and Gamble

 — A woman is kidnapped by the proctor at her exam. by Nodgette03/13/153.91

Professional Development

 — I mentor a new employee. by darkdesires5105/18/164.46

Professor Cross

 — See you after class? What for? by SlyKitten05/01/054.02

Professor Dearest

 — A little revenge goes a long way. by BitterSweetRoses10/23/063.55

Professor Goes to Town on Student

 — Student learns the consequence of cheating. by acacia2503/22/174.18

Professor Hot One: The Term Paper

 — Tired student makes mistake on term paper. by Tastytress05/16/154.59HOT

Professor Is Further Degraded

 — Kirsten further educates the professor to her whims. by pinkpony207/03/044.55HOT

Professor Pain's Evil Conquest

 — Intrepid female reporter falls into clutches of mad genius. by LitRiter07/03/094.09

Professor Schooled By Coed

 — His first lesson in female student's control. by pinkpony212/27/034.40

Professor Sin

 — When students don't pay attention in class. by juliebear82304/10/154.21

Professor's Degradation

 — Co-ed makes professor hers. by pinkpony212/28/034.64HOT

Professor's First Lesson

 — Prof pays penalty for disobedience. by pinkpony201/02/044.33

Professor's Office Hours

 — Truant coed is caught by her professor. by sxs158204/15/023.87

Professor's Training Continues

 — Professor revealed once by a co-ed. by pinkpony203/07/044.49

Program Ep. 01

 — A space cop captured by bad guys ... by justtheone09/28/174.28

Program Ep. 02

 — An eerie initiation ritual. by justtheone09/29/174.08

Program Ep. 03

 — A much needed bath. by justtheone09/30/174.44

Program Ep. 04

 — Good slaves must keep fit. by justtheone10/01/174.58HOT

Program Ep. 05

 — Given to monsters... by justtheone10/02/174.03

Program Ep. 06

 — The villain most responsible for all she's endured... by justtheone10/03/174.37

Program Ep. 07

 — The conclusion. by justtheone10/04/173.83

Program Ep. 08

 — Another ending, if you thought the other too bleak. by justtheone10/05/174.43

Prologue/Chapter One: The Beginning

 — Molly learns she's a submissive and starts her search. by mollydadolly07/10/124.21

Prom for Mom

 — A mom chaperoning the prom gets the ride of her life. by CurareSugar04/13/163.40

Prom Night

 — Abby learns a lesson she'll never forget. by NaughtyNarcisist06/10/043.54

Prom Night

 — A young woman's prom night goes wrong. by toepicdic02/26/133.44

Prom Night

 — A tornado on prom night changes everything. by HuckPilgrim01/20/174.73HOT

Promised Land Ch. 1

 — Woman is taken by three men. by Ukin06/05/024.15


 — Wife's brother-in-law takes her. by Winchester1912/10/154.23

Promises to Keep

 — Captured by my co-worker. by ZTVFemdomtales09/25/173.57


 — Peter earns his new responsibilities. by Mr James11/16/033.81

Proper Housewife to Slut in One Day

 — Cindi has a afternoon she will live to regret. by whiteslutwife04/04/104.18

Proper Housewife to Slut in One Day Ch. 02

 — Cindi finds out her fate. by whiteslutwife04/05/104.30

Proper Housewife to Slut in One Day Ch. 03

 — Cindi falls deeper into her new life. by whiteslutwife04/10/104.30

Proper Place

 — He takes her for his enjoyment.. by LilyMelb05/13/034.37


 — They become the property of a dominant couple. by Brutalhawk04/14/154.10

Property of Julian

 — Julian takes Kate. by unknooown08/12/093.84

Property of Matt Ch. 01

 — A man has his needs. by ssvt113807/19/083.87

Property Values

 — Lady realtor's dilemma in a high value deal. by walterio10/14/064.43

Property Values Ch. 02

 — Furniture saleswoman and interior decorator join the fun. by walterio11/28/064.65HOT

Property Values Ch. 03

 — Bonnie, Carol and Linda before the closing. by walterio09/01/074.64HOT

Prophecy Ch. 06

 — A traitor revealed. by eyecandyrayce12/25/074.43


 — A public prosecutor gets taken hard by the defendant. by eb_jones03/25/153.95

Protected Area

 — She trespassed into a protected area in the nature reserve. by Ashson01/03/184.13


 — A clinic with an unusual way to encourage use of condoms. by edrider7304/26/143.64


 — Young woman has a flat tire and unexpected assistance. by Ashson05/20/154.05

Protector Betrayal

 — She let her guard down around him, he finally took advantage by Lessetti05/26/163.99


 — Protesters find themselves in an awkward situation, by Ashson02/13/134.25


 — An act of a depraved person. by tail_teller11/06/03

Psychic Marcos

 — Fraudster leads lady of the manor to her bedroom by tryanythingtwice02/02/034.54HOT

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 06

 — Forcing himself, Wade has his way with the twins. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/13/073.92


 — Two desperate teens will do anything to get laid. by itscalledhazing07/23/114.04

Psycho Killer

 — Be careful how you take your revenge. by velvetpie01/24/053.82

Psychological Payback Pt. 02

 — The bookie wants her body to pay for husband's losing bets. by The Big Bopper07/17/094.40

Public Access Ch. 01

 — He plays with the guests. by Magna1201/04/074.08

Public Access Ch. 02

 — Caught and punished by the ladies. by Magna1201/05/073.63

Public Access Ch. 03

 — His punishment won't stop. by Magna1201/09/073.81

Public Bathroom

 — She's taken in by another woman. by GoddessP02/04/034.05

Public in Private

 — Brandi is left alone at a public pool with a stranger. by Harper_nolack106/24/103.79

Public Justice

 — Jenny breaks the law, and is publicly punished. by claymodel05/19/134.35

Public Performance

 — Young woman taken at the beach. by Ashson02/21/143.62

Public Service: Tumble Down Ch. 01

 — A young woman finds herself going to extremes to survive. by LizisReady01/24/173.75

Public Slut Ch. 01

 — Petty thief is subjected to public prostitution. by PetalBane05/13/174.26

Public Slut Ch. 02

 — Petty thief is assigned to work the morning train. by PetalBane03/10/184.29

Puff Ch. 01

 — Puff is molested. by Taunus10/21/153.20

Puff Ch. 02

 — Puff is forced to satisfy Mr. Jolt the billionaire. by Taunus10/22/153.62

Puff Ch. 03

 — Puff is forced to satisfy Mr. Jolt the billionaire. by Taunus10/23/153.69

Puff Ch. 04

 — Puff is forced to satisfy Mr. Jolt the billionaire. by Taunus10/25/153.35

Puleeease Take Me

 — Layla is bound and begs to be pleased, but by whom? by storytyme02/05/144.24

Pull a Pig

 — They go clubbing and pull the ugliest person there. by ickric11/29/063.56

Pulled Over

 — Cop wants to give her more than a ticket. by YvonneMars12/14/074.05

Pulled Over

 — An officer decides to have his way with a female speeder... by daddyduckett04/15/133.40

Pulling Out Sucks

 — She asked me to pull out, but what if I didn't? by pinkysurprise10/22/163.96

Punish Me No More

 — Robin finds an unlikely ally... by Bad_Mazza03/13/144.23

Punished and Watched

 — Caught stealing, I get spanked and fucked by two older guys. by EroticDiscovery09/12/164.03

Punished for Teasing

 — She learns not to tease her boyfriend's best friend. by berlyann02/11/123.91

Punished for Teasing Ch. 02

 — Sam humiliates her and makes her beg for orgasm. by berlyann02/15/124.00

Punished for Teasing Ch. 03

 — Jack discovers the affair and helps Sam punish her. by berlyann02/29/124.16

Punished in the Courtyard

 — A mother and daughter are punished for indiscretion. by guest602/09/134.13

Punished in the Third World

 — My mother and sister are punished at foreign airport. by bondmaster02/28/183.99

Punished On Cam

 — Amanda pays the price for cheating. by sweet_bytchy07/11/034.21

Punishing a Good Girl

 — She takes her punishment like a good girl. by heidismaster01/05/123.93

Punishing Chantal

 — A scorned lover takes his ex before her dream wedding. by watersc4003/24/103.75

Punishing Perversions

 — A Sex Mage punishes her boyfriend's little brother. by Salamando_Flames03/24/184.19

Punishing Staci

 — A houseguest is punished when she is caught stealing. by sphinx55603/06/114.14

Punishing the Maid

 — A maid gets caught playing with a customer's things. by PantyhoseFan02/17/093.79


 — King takes revenge upon uncle's goddaughter. by ladyraeharrison01/03/023.28


 — She wasn't really smuggling. by barbarianqueen03/01/043.94


 — Tommy and his gang take an old follower's wife. by TheReadingMan06/06/153.91

Punishment 2015

 — A young man is sent for punishment. by jane marwood12/17/094.54HOT

Punishment Detail Pt. 01

 — Brian takes control of his step-daughter. by MisterUnusual05/12/174.16

Punishment Detail Pt. 02

 — Anna is forced to orgasm for her step-father. by MisterUnusual05/13/174.44

Punishment fits the crime

 — Girlfriend gets fucking of her life after cheating. by Puppygirl11/01/054.01

Punishment Fitting The Crime

 — Vicious lesbians humiliated. by AStropirate04/30/114.35

Punishment for Being a Slut

 — 18-year-old girl is punished by her principal. by robinson12312/25/054.06

Punishment in Mr. Ito's Class

 — Mr. Ito catches her masturbating and has a punishment for her. by SexyGeek11/06/153.96

Punishment of a Blond

 — A blond is punished by dominant coworker and his submissive. by LostRooster12/26/113.73

Punishment of a Cheater

 — He gets revenge on his cheating girlfriend. by opels08/05/054.28

Punishment of an Indian Wife

 — The punishment of an Indian housewife. by storytellerjai06/15/173.82

Punita's Conversion

 — Young woman is force fucked & loves it. by LADYGAGGAG02/19/103.89

Punjabi Apple Green Silk

 — Young blonde newlywed on an Indian train. by shaunreagh12/22/104.51HOT

Punked Out At A Punk Show

 — Straight guy is raped in the crowd. by altar boy11/04/044.46

Puppet Master

 — Jimimy is humiliated and gains a desire for revenge. by TheRedHammer09/12/113.79

Puppy Girl: The Stray

 — A broken man, an innocent injured girl, a time for healing. by Tx Tall Tales09/07/154.56HOT

Purchase in Taipei

 — Overseas buyer exacts compensation from junior staff. by shaunreagh11/09/074.51HOT

Purchasing Suzanne

 — Buying the woman of his dreams. by Isferr02/11/064.28

Purchasing Suzanne Ch. 02

 — Suzanne continues to used and abused for money. by Isferr05/28/064.38

Purchasing Suzanne Ch. 03

 — A woman uses and abuses Suzanne for money. by Isferr12/21/064.44

Pure Bliss Ch. 07

 — Nathan arrives. by tinytot2406/23/113.00

Pure Bliss Ch. 08

 — Nathan and Sam. by tinytot2406/27/113.42

Pure Bliss Ch. 09

 — Shane shows his dominant side. by tinytot2407/01/113.22

Purse Snatch

 — A purse snatching goes seriously wrong. by Decayed Angel10/24/062.97

Pursuing the Dark Damsel Ch. 03

 — Anaxandros Blackmails her into his service. by BlackDarwin03/16/014.13

Pushing Limits

 — Todd teaches Chelsea that she craves humiliation & abuse. by dirtylittlejo10/19/114.30

Pushing the Limit Ch. 01

 — Unremarkable day turns exciting. by Lusty Redhead11/02/044.10

Pushing the Limit Ch. 02

 — She's pushed to where pain & pleasure merge. by Lusty Redhead02/04/054.44

Pussy Patrol

 — Two Latin Women are stalked, but who is stalking whom? by bigdaddysmooth07/04/114.30


 — Confessions of an adulterer. by Dirtybitch606/05/044.38

Pussywhipped Again

 — An ex-girlfriend steals me away from the love of my life. by noteye08/26/124.23

Put in Bay Honeymoon Ch. 01

 — She's taken by force on her second honeymoon. by robertpenn08/05/054.35

Put in Bay Honeymoon Ch. 02

 — She is forced to submit to him again. by robertpenn08/13/054.28

Putting A Bitch In Her Place

 — A tale of love, betrayal, and vengeance. by JackTheCrackAttack10/12/144.45

Putting It Behind Her

 — A frightened virgin makes an unusual request. by Shroud2102/20/124.10

Quarter 'Til

 — The perfect crime. by MechaBlade03/26/043.71


 — Femdom vignettes. by ZTVFemdomtales10/13/163.75

Qucikies Vol. 02

 — A second collection of femdom vignettes. by ZTVFemdomtales11/18/164.43

Qucikies Vol. 03

 — A third collection of femdom vignettes. by ZTVFemdomtales10/28/174.44

Que Cerie, Cerie

 — A teacher's hobby gets her in trouble. by RallyWeasel06/27/14

Queen Bee

 — The Queen Bee is serviced by the drones. by Ashson01/26/154.20

Queen Enslaved

 — The Queen is taken captive then repurposed. by init4u4002/07/184.05

Queen Kiera

 — Freeloading cousin takes over my house and life. by PeterOmez10/23/113.42

Queen Kiera Ch. 03

 — Know your place in Kiera's pecking order. by PeterOmez11/03/114.15

Queen Madder's Escape

 — A young Queen gives into her guardian to get what she wants. by Honeymagnet11/04/113.59

Queen of Pain and Pleasure

 — A barbarian takes the queen in front of her husband. by Sanialus01/18/154.12

Queen of Pain and Pleasure Ch. 02

 — The queen is punished by her husband. by Sanialus01/20/154.12

Queen Of Sorrows Ch. 01

 — Sofia's first day as Queen is also her last. by soflabbwlvr02/21/184.52HOT

Queen Of Sorrows Ch. 02

 — Sofia learns the price of disobedience. by soflabbwlvr04/21/184.72HOTNEW

Querella's Smile

 — Man takes away a dancer's power. by Flagg11/12/002.28

Question, Questions, Questions

 — So much for the virgin bride. by kayce 6903/25/044.34


 — I ask some questions of my neighbour. by Ashson01/08/154.05

Questions, Answers & Consequences

 — What happens when you cross the mob. by Bazzza04/18/054.29

Quetzalcoatl's Kiss

 — Rachel runs into someone she can't handle. by Kukulkans_slave02/18/084.03


 — A short and to the point rape fantasy. by fitkur05/24/123.33

Quick Hit

 — He follows waitress home to trailer. by Jake Lost12/27/004.09

Quid Pro Quo

 — A man is forced into debauchery to help his mother. by Bakeboss09/26/093.72

Quid Pro Quo = SSBBW

 — Blackmailed by his BBW boss into a sexual encounter. by mondotoken04/20/134.24

Quiet in the Library

 — Amy meets a seductive stranger in the stacks. by Ryan28307/13/104.63HOT

Quiet in the Library

 — Librarian gets more than she signed up for. by OptimusCrime05/31/123.23

Quiet, Please

 — Some people will do anything for a bit of peace and quiet. by Ashson01/16/144.09


 — Young woman tries to scare a raccoon. by Ashson06/03/154.37

Race for the Cure

 — Remote village's cheaters face terrifying ancient ritual. by edrider7312/05/133.36

Race Relations

 — Helen is forced to pay sexually for her Mistake. by Minxly03/09/053.83


 — Let the good times roll. Snap pics for the scrapbook. by Sass0frass08/09/173.65


 — A girl gets noticed by all but one. by Zachmarius07/06/103.84

Rachael's Birthday Treat

 — She treats herself to a new kind of fun. by L.A. Wicker04/23/074.37

Rachel Become A Cum Dump

 — Can a hardcore video sate her slut lust? by TheDarkCloud10/26/054.41

Rachel Lets It Happen

 — Rachel discovers she cannot say 'no'. by Shadowcatcher07/15/024.37

Rachel on Her Own

 — Rachel is taken outside the dance club. by Shadowcatcher07/14/024.30

Rachel's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Rachel can't get out of the frat house. by czar102405/16/053.58

Rachel's Game: Tanya vs. Mitchell

 — Tanya and Mitchell are forced to play an embarrassing game. by embarrassednakedmale02/13/164.18

Rachel's Revenge

 — Rachel find out how to get her own back. by Capt. Chaos01/22/034.09

Rachel's Rump

 — Man gets revenge on a woman who gets him the sack. by Lion2465503/04/104.33

Rachel's Story

 — Young girl finds trouble at work... by paris192211/28/013.96

Rachelle's Midnight Treatment Pt. 01

 — A blond submissive mistakenly visits a loony hospital. by ArtOfSilence07/04/174.31

Rachelle's Midnight Treatment Pt. 02

 — Rachelle puts up with wierdo pervs in a wigged-out hospital. by ArtOfSilence07/10/174.22

Rachelle's Midnight Treatment Pt. 03

 — Poor Rachelle visits a whacked-out psych festival. by ArtOfSilence07/12/174.71HOT

Racial Profiling Ch. 01

 — Blackmailed businesswoman gets extra thorough airport search by UrsaMajor6905/07/134.25


 — Raegyn finds herself in the possession of an aristocrat. by firefaery07/10/144.04


 — Anything to survive. by mgord3008/03/093.98

Raid on Thornton Hall

 — Female doctor and nurse are forced to have sex. by AStropirate06/25/114.12

Raiders of the Last Jungle Ch. 01

 — Jungle Girl vs trespassing fascist explorers. by justtheone02/04/184.18

Raiders of the Last Jungle Ch. 02

 — Now in the clutches of the Ape Tribe! (Conclusion). by justtheone02/05/184.16


 — Marie enters, with fanfare. by TheGreyKnight08/14/084.35

Rainbow Party

 — A Sex Mage suck-fest! by Salamando_Flames02/26/183.51

Rainforest Ordeal

 — He is gang-fucked by the women of the tribe. by Araw03/01/174.09

Rancher's Daughter

 — Rancher's daughter meets an upset nester. by Ashson09/13/164.26


 — A non consent story. by clarissaj198206/16/173.34

Randy's Ordeal

 — Randy loves his wife so much, but is she going too far? by krs377311/29/173.63


 — Kailee fights for her independence. by AmandaSarah04/16/144.46

Ransom Ch. 02

 — Kailee stirs up more trouble for herself. by AmandaSarah08/16/144.59HOT

Ransom Ch. 03

 — Games and consequences. by AmandaSarah09/18/144.68HOT

Ransom Ch. 04

 — Maintaining control. by AmandaSarah10/30/144.72HOT

Ransom Ch. 05

 — Kailee makes a run for it. by AmandaSarah02/18/154.75HOT

Ransom Ch. 06

 — The Grandeur Ball. by AmandaSarah01/16/164.79HOT

Ransom Ch. 07

 — Conclusions. by AmandaSarah01/31/184.68HOT

Ransom Ch. 08

 — Epilogue. by AmandaSarah02/02/184.81HOT

Ransom Demand

 — Hope is forced to have girl sex by Powerone02/16/034.62HOT

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