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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Brendi Lyn Ch. 06

 — Master reprimands Sylvie; Brendi finds she likes pain. by dark suenos02/16/063.82

Brendi Lyn Ch. 07

 — Still recovering. by dark suenos02/17/063.89

Brendi Lyn Ch. 08

 — Her training continues. by dark suenos02/17/064.07

Brenna & Coral Ch. 01

 — Lady bank tellers are forced to pleasure each other. by TheKupster03/03/064.10

Brennus and Victoria

 — He wins his princess as a prize, but then must win her heart. by reluctantromance08/27/113.91

Brennus and Victoria Ch. 03

 — He won his princess and her heart. by reluctantromance09/12/114.23

Brett Finds Me Home Alone

 — Brett needs to see and touch my whole body. by deepthroatfan42012/11/153.60

Bri's Next Chance

 — He tells her what she'll do next. by CyrusMann01/26/044.09

Brian Was Bad

 — He cheated, she got even. by Just Plain Bob11/20/062.82

Bribery and Seduction

 — Inspired by the evil mind of Prim. by Mediastar04/01/154.00

Bride to Be

 — Plump maiden meets the family. by lyrica11/28/063.39


 — Play time turns rough. by LaJan02/03/024.10

Bridge with the Stauntons Ch. 02

 — What do you do when the boss wants a rematch? by shaunreagh10/21/074.38

Bridge with the Stauntons Ch. 03

 — Husband's boss, with ideas on how to play bridge. by shaunreagh11/11/074.61HOT

Bridget: The Wife

 — She pays for her husband's indiscretions. by papa31902/14/174.29

Brie's Ride

 — A young woman is forced into DP and loves it. by ChessireGrin04/27/104.23

Brief Encounters Ch. 01

 — A woman is teased on a train. by EcstaticPeace08/16/104.06

Bright Lights

 — A boutique owner gets to fulfill a customer's desire. by AnonymousOne09/26/074.02

Briseis Ch. 01

 — A Roman slave girl struggles with unrequited love. by digital_bath11/22/164.46

Briseis Ch. 02

 — A Roman slave girl struggles. by digital_bath11/23/164.43

Briseis Ch. 03

 — A Roman slave girl struggles with her feelings. by digital_bath12/10/164.57HOT

Briseis Ch. 04

 — A Roman slave girl finds herself fucked like a common whore. by digital_bath12/27/164.43

Briseis Ch. 05

 — A Roman slave girl takes a bath. by digital_bath11/09/174.54HOT

Britney Gets Surprised on Walk

 — She's taken forcefully by a man in the park. by sexy_J08/04/072.64

Britney Tries to get Brad Back

 — Britney gets Brad back but it backfires on her. by sexy_J08/04/072.79

Brittany Makes A Bargain

 — A student must make a quick decision to save her grade. by Bold_beauty01/14/144.14

Brittany's Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Carl turns the tables on Brittany's manipulative ways. by erossmantic05/07/164.39

Brittany's Screen Debut

 — Young neighbor girl caught in sex video and pays price. by JRob07/01/144.26

Brittney's Obsession

 — A young woman enjoys being forced by doctor_devon07/03/094.25


 — Destitute young man is sexually challenged, and prevails. by STR8Male02/01/093.60


 — A broke teacher is tricked. by dominalexus06/22/164.30


 — She's ravished, but by whom? by creamscream05/27/063.25


 — He takes her to breaking point & then just a little further. by lost_girl_09/02/123.92


 — A man is forced to watch his wife being destroyed. by CleoRa01/06/153.90

Broken Angel

 — Dark Angel is caught breaking in. by Doc Redfield09/01/014.41

Broken Car Leading to Gangbang

 — Christy's car breaks down and she goes looking for help. by Notathrowaway159806/14/163.79

Broken Ch. 01

 — A woman is abducted into the world of sex slavery. by DarkFantasy5607/16/144.01

Broken Ch. 01

 — Alex discovers the new girl's secret talent. by socifolk37902/16/184.56HOT

Broken Ch. 02

 — Sarah is prepared for her new life as a slave. by DarkFantasy5608/05/144.44

Broken Ch. 02

 — Some female perspective and a plan of action from Genevieve. by socifolk37903/02/184.68HOT

Broken Ch. 03

 — Sarah is sold to a new master. by DarkFantasy5608/24/144.24

Broken Ch. 03

 — Meet the boss: William Alder. by socifolk37903/21/184.80HOT

Broken Ch. 04

 — Linda (Sarah) Begins her Life as a Slave. by DarkFantasy5603/10/154.33

Broken Ch. 04

 — Something snaps. by socifolk37904/14/184.65HOT

Broken Ch. 04: Jackie's Story

 — Jackie & David are very different from Sarah & Ben. by DarkFantasy5605/23/154.33

Broken Ch. 05

 — Sarah cont. to learn about her new master & how to escape. by DarkFantasy5603/26/154.35

Broken Ch. 05: Jackie's Story

 — David begins to train his feisty slave, Jennifer (Jackie). by DarkFantasy5606/06/154.35

Broken Ch. 06

 — Linda begins to plan as Ben enjoys his new slave. by DarkFantasy5604/07/154.42

Broken Ch. 07

 — Ben Begins Linda's Training. by DarkFantasy5604/22/154.51HOT

Broken Ch. 08

 — Linda plots her escape while Ben enjoys his new slave. by DarkFantasy5605/13/154.46

Broken Ch. 09

 — Ben discovers that Linda has escaped. by DarkFantasy5606/23/154.31

Broken Down on the Road

 — Two MILFs must pay for a ride. by Thecsm01/15/154.30

Broken Down, Built Back Up Ch. 01

 — Breaking her to become the perfect slut. by Zephyr_thentis02/03/093.95

Broken Fantasy

 — A husband's wife sharing fantasy takes a dark turn. by darkoverlord605/18/183.83

Broken Gate

 — Dark things happen to a disabled young girl after The Fall. by ColdHeartedOrb07/11/143.40

Broken In by Black Cock

 — Gina is taken and broken by a black stranger in a nightclub. by Mirbeau02/11/164.37

Broken Vow

 — Tied to a chair, he is forced into lust. by dustyfog3203/16/074.14

Broken Vows

 — A mob couple gets a nasty surprise on their honeymoon. by thisisnotme10/30/07

Broken Vows Ch. 1

 — The seduction of a convent girl by the Father. by SteamyChik02/27/014.48

Broken Vows Ch. 2

 — The continued seduction of a convent girl. by SteamyChik02/28/014.50HOTContest Winner

Broken Vows Ch. 4

 — Sister Purity explains things to young charge Mary. by SteamyChik03/14/014.47

Broken Vows Ch. 5

 — Uncle makes an offer the Father can't refuse. by SteamyChik03/15/014.25

Brooke Ch. 01

 — She meets a mysterious stranger in the night. by FrostedBlade01/08/054.12

Brooke Ch. 02

 — Brooke messes the wrong person. by StoryTeller0712/01/094.28

Brooke Claims Her Prize Pt. 04

 — Brooke completes her conquest. by vinylzog11/07/174.19

Brooke Cleans House

 — She expects to work for a family friend. He has other ideas. by Boxlicker10112/22/124.07

Brooke Gets Blackmailed

 — Blackmailed into all kinds of trouble! by donutLover09/05/103.93

Brooke Gets Her Aunt a Job

 — Submissive slut given to the new employer. by BigMeanie02/16/103.92

Brooke Gets Taught a Lesson

 — Story written for a fan starring her. by anallover2908/02/094.37

Brooke Learns a Lesson

 — Brooke gets punished for masturbating in the library. by loremstories05/10/154.15

Brooke Takes Down Wendy

 — Brooke tricks Wendy into an embarrassing situation. by Sarahlovesto6904/03/184.23

Brooke's Debt

 — Bitch owes more than she can cover. by JackandJilldo02/16/123.62

Brooke's Fantasy

 — Woman with freaky sexual appetite meets her match. by foxxc02/03/104.58HOT

Brooke's New Car

 — Girl goes to get new car and gets a whole lot more. by bluknight02/20/113.99

Brooke's New Car Ch. 02

 — Linda gives Brooke a better deal. by bluknight06/14/114.21

Brooke's Story

 — Bad stepdaughter is taught a lesson. by 0131aj06/20/093.97

Brooke's Surprise

 — Brooke gets a surprise at the office. by CountryBill08/13/113.54


 — We all make compromises. by MeredithEighty802/01/184.20

Brother and Sister Kidnapped

 — Baby sister is helpless when it comes to their captor. by MissVixenn12/12/103.90

Brother Comes Home Ch. 01

 — A brother comes home from college. by GoddessOfErotics08/11/15

Brother Froced To Work Naked

 — Evil step sister take advantage of brother. by daeron01/17/134.45

Brother's Birthday Party

 — Brother's fiancée taken against her will. by countryman704/04/044.01

Brother's Slut

 — Why you should never make me drive your drunk ass home. by Jizaz_Jester10/30/03


 — She gets a surprise from older sister's man. by Christie05278006/28/034.38

Brothers And Sisters

 — Twins find there is a different side of each to be found. by fantasywriter07/03/073.73

Brothers Royally Screwed

 — Revenge against two brothers in small town. by Stormysailor01/20/173.60

Brought to Her Knees for Guard

 — Strip search leads to her sucking the guard off. by FeelsADeepHunger11/20/113.76

Brownmailed Ch. 01

 — James is blackmailed by his ex into becoming her ass slave. by Rimcrim10/23/17

Browser History Ch. 01

 — Babysitter caught looking at porn strikes a deal. by stlgoddessfreya04/30/144.34

Browser History Ch. 02

 — Sitter caught, gets much more than she bargained for. by stlgoddessfreya05/03/144.63HOT

Bruises So Blue Ch. 03

 — He wanted her mouth and he was going to have it. by DireLilith01/09/09

Bruises So Blue Ch. 04

 — She couldn't handle two of them on a good day. by DireLilith01/10/09

Brutal Force

 — She's forced to submit to a stranger. by sweetceltic12/23/034.42

Brute vs. Hero

 — Young lady sunbathing is accosted by a man. by Ashson05/15/153.87

Bryant's Torment

 — Bryant is kidnapped and trained as a pleasure slave. by Emmint06/27/173.73

Bryce Connor's Humiliating Payback

 — He watched. He whacked. He paid a huge price. by milfleglover11/11/154.01

Bubbles In The Bathroom

 — Cunt gets taken on the bathroom countertop. by InsatiableIsabella07/31/083.58

Bucking the Law

 — Driving home alone leads to a wild night. by LindaW06/29/064.36

Budgie Smugglers

 — A tale of Speedos, CFNM, embarrassment, and more. by weftandwarp03/01/184.19

Buggering the Burglar

 — I'm not entirely proud of what I did, but... by al_Ussa08/08/104.28

Builders Revenge

 — A snobby wife is taught some manners. by Dreamweaver3202/11/044.23

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 01

 — Jessica unknowingly begins down a road to depravity. by DeeperDown11/03/083.85

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 02

 — Jessica is taken to be cleaned up. by DeeperDown11/07/084.25

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 03

 — Jessica is appraised and prepared. by DeeperDown11/16/084.39

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 04

 — Jessica begins her education. by DeeperDown02/10/094.34

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 05

 — Jessica takes another step in her transformation. by DeeperDown05/20/104.42

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 06

 — Jessica is transformed and added to the catalog. by DeeperDown06/18/114.41

Building a Pet

 — How I take a girlfriend and make her a pet. by poisonpencil02/17/154.18

Building a Pet Pt. 02

 — Drawing her closer into my control. by poisonpencil02/24/154.44

Building a Pet Pt. 03

 — It just keeps getting better and weirder. by poisonpencil03/03/154.29

Building a Pet Pt. 04

 — My pet develops and shows a loyalty to me. by poisonpencil04/25/153.81

Bukkake Revenge

 — Lover gets back at woman by having a bukkake party. by needastrongman09/22/063.24

Bullies Raped Me and My Boyfriend

 — Bullies' revenge on not just me but my boyfriend too. by maanmathan_playboy03/15/173.43


 — Home invasion turns pleasurable. by Ada Stuart10/27/054.30

Bully Advice

 — Seniors bully freshmen in college. by 09/18/152.20

Bully Ch. 01

 — He tricks a mom out of her clothes. by StoryTeller0702/03/174.35

Bully Ch. 02

 — Teaching a mom to obey. by StoryTeller0702/28/174.47

Bully Ch. 03

 — A mom is humiliated. by StoryTeller0703/10/174.49

Bully Ch. 04

 — A mother submits. by StoryTeller0704/01/174.33

Bully Ch. 05

 — The mom becomes a giggly bimbo. by StoryTeller0705/05/174.43

Bully Ch. 06

 — The mom gives in. by StoryTeller0705/10/174.55HOT

Bully Ch. 07

 — In charge of Mrs Lucas. by StoryTeller0706/11/174.41

Bully Ch. 08

 — A week with her bully. by StoryTeller0707/13/174.49

Bully Ch. 09

 — Alicia is trapped. by StoryTeller0707/26/174.49

Bully Ch. 10

 — Forced to obey. by StoryTeller0709/12/174.44

Bully Ch. 11

 — Taken away from her husband. by StoryTeller0710/01/174.23

Bully Ch. 12

 — Ownership Tattoo. by StoryTeller0710/27/174.54HOT

Bully Ch. 13

 — A new victim. by StoryTeller0711/15/174.53HOT

Bully Gets Fucked

 — A bully gets fucked by his victim. by Sucker2403/13/143.67

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother Ch. 01

 — A mother is forced by her son's bully to accept her nature. by Psiberdreaming05/21/124.06

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother Ch. 02

 — The bully establishes a relationship with Tim's mom. by Psiberdreaming05/31/124.00

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother Ch. 03

 — Olivia seeks help to overcome her dark yearnings. by Psiberdreaming06/27/123.51

Bully Learns Her Lesson

 — He picks up his middle school bully at a bar. by BacchusLives11/08/134.00

Bully Takes His Prey's Mum

 — Bully forces a mother to give him what he wants. by Queenvcourtney05/14/143.62

Bump in the Night

 — A mystery visitor pounces on her in the dark. by Southern_Sir10/16/153.64

Bumpy Bus Ride

 — Girl sits in disabled seating. Takes beating from old man. by ThatTallDude05/11/183.47

Bunny Girl Ch. 01

 — Shop assistant surprises Meg whilst trying on Bunny outfit. by MikeyXB12/02/104.10

Bunny Girl Ch. 02

 — Meg's party night takes an unexpected turn. by MikeyXB05/11/114.22


 — He hadn't planned to take much... by ellynei10/26/093.96


 — Burglar finds someone inconveniently at home. by Ashson01/23/154.51HOT

Burglar Surprise

 — Two burglars catch a housewife home alone. by ErotickWriter04/24/134.48

Burglar's Punishment Ch. 1

 — Burglar gets what she deserves; and likes it. by Humpagoalie11/08/014.25

Burning Desire

 — Unable to deny the burning heat between them. by ChromeCollar07/16/034.37

Burning Desires, Secret Pleasures

 — Tantalizing story of love, desire, bondage, and domination. by Cherelleanna08/18/09

Burning Desires, Secret Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Continuation of the first part. by Cherelleanna08/21/09

Bus Ride

 — You should always pay your fare. by Ashson06/24/134.33

Bus Ride Home

 — Jilted woman has interesting ride home. by cygand5908/03/173.90

Bus Rider

 — A ride on bus. by xXgwenaninieXx11/17/154.28

Bus Stop Surprise

 — You are a young girl waiting for a bus. by IWantToFuckYou12/12/063.83

Bus Trip

 — My wife & friend reluctantly are pleasured on a bus trip. by maxmaypo01/31/124.14


 — A man gets forced to have sex while out camping. by rosebud_606/03/094.27

Business and Pleasure

 — Desperate economic times call for desperate sexual measures. by Big Gunz03/06/134.12

Business Begins: Jill's Turn

 — Jill enjoys forcing Katie: to breath or not to breath. by RedHairedandFriendly05/29/064.03

Business of Corporate Whores Ch. 01

 — New worker gets shown the ropes. by Roy Jones02/14/053.97

Business Perk

 — Wife becomes a business perk. by vitesse10/16/064.09

Business Ravishment

 — She's ravished by her business partner after meeting. by shamboozle09/23/063.25

Business Trip

 — Ellie gets surprised by mysterious businessman. by BoundForYourPleasure03/19/173.30

Business Trip Ch. 01

 — Intern Claire is taken advantage of by her boss. by SuitAndTie02/21/154.42

Business Woman

 — Bound and punished in her own home. by quimmaster12/12/024.33

Busload of Cheerleaders

 — 18-year-old cheerleaders are kidnapped, seduced & bred. by bus boarder05/11/051.64


 — Moonlighting stripper caught by coworkers at regular job. by lustfuldesires01/18/123.88

Busted Ch. 01

 — An MP catches a naked Korean woman. by mysterymanva05/02/074.14

Busted Ch. 01

 — Carole & Deej busted by cops. by oldauthor07/31/094.08

Busted Ch. 02

 — Busted again: MP uses the phone number he collected. by mysterymanva05/03/074.31


 — Wife is drawn in the long cock of the law. by No Panty Girl07/19/06

But I'm Innocent

 — Accused of Rape by Wife. by Farmers_Son05/16/183.54

But is it Immoral? Ch. 01

 — Sequel to, "It's Against the Law." by laptopwriter07/05/134.41

But is it Immoral? Ch. 02

 — Sequel to "It's Against the Law." by laptopwriter07/06/134.62HOT

Butter Her Up

 — Peanut butter can go a long way. by Kirbyman0109/21/16


 — Young virgin's crush gets a response, by cherryontop197311/18/083.69


 — Childhood crush culminates in naughty adult encounter. by AlysPayne05/19/124.26

Buying & Selling

 — Deal goes wrong for young woman. by Pagon09/01/054.29

Buying Love Ch. 04

 — Olivia wakes to find her self a sexual magnet. by gmikeisbad09/14/154.28

By A Stranger

 — She makes a mistake and a stranger catches her. by Ashson04/13/144.29

By Accident

 — She is coaxed into allowing herself to enjoy sex. by demure10102/12/124.16

By Design

 — Josephine is curious about the contents of an old trailer. by crialia11/08/114.45

By Teaching Shall You Learn Pt. 01

 — A swimming coach has a tryst with her student. by BeastMan6902/01/174.50HOT

By Teaching Shall You Learn Pt. 02

 — Teacher fulfills her promise to Amar regarding Akansha. by BeastMan6904/15/174.72HOT

By The Balls

 — Daphne the secretary blackmails her boss. by PerilEyes10/28/104.28

By The Balls Ch. 02

 — Daphne's conniving ways continue. by PerilEyes05/15/114.05

By the River

 — Just relaxing and gets a surprise. by Ashson06/22/164.15

Cab Driver and Horny Girl

 — Cab driver picks up a horny drunk woman. by foxy510/30/073.57

Cabbage Tree

 — Don't camp under the cabbage trees. by Ashson03/28/144.39


 — Taxi Driver seduces a passenger. by Ashson10/30/144.03

Cabin 5032

 — Women on a cruise have unexpected guests. by eroslit02/04/034.04

Cabin Encounter

 — Man traps wifes friend in a secluded cabin. by TaoJones12/30/024.06

Cabin John

 — You make me so very happy... by Rodwarrior02/15/103.68

Cabin Pressure

 — 3: ...I'm so glad... by Rodwarrior02/28/104.02

Cable Man

 — House call leads to an installation. by Onyxthrust10/27/124.21

Caesar's Wife

 — Ancient Rome: Antony takes Caesar's wife. by Sulpicia08/24/064.29

Cafeteria Worker Ch. 01

 — Working College student kidnapped on her way home. by Marked1211/01/163.65

Cafeteria Worker Ch. 02

 — Cam loses her virginity to her 4 new Doms. by Marked1212/02/163.98


 — She learns that human pets don't get to choose. by violent intimacy07/31/054.38

Cage 11 Pt. 01

 — She wakes up in a cage and is forced into training. by lyrias907/31/164.43

Cage 11 Pt. 02

 — Her training continues and her body starts to betray her. by lyrias908/10/164.57HOT

Cage 11 Pt. 03

 — She wakes up in Stage 2, and she's not alone. by lyrias906/21/174.56HOT

Caging Cadence

 — Coercive BDSM between a college freshman and her mom's bf. by writingwhilewet11/18/164.68HOT

Caging Cadence Ch. 02

 — A brief reprieve, then things get much worse - for Cadence. by writingwhilewet12/17/164.71HOT

Caging Cadence Ch. 03

 — Cadence tries to escape - and suffers the consequences. by writingwhilewet02/06/174.78HOT

Caging Cadence Ch. 04

 — David pushes Cadence further - but then, an interruption. by writingwhilewet08/01/174.76HOT


 — Revenge on Cailee. by hugh47810/18/062.75

Caitlin's Cabin

 — Caitlin finds unexpected "wood" in the woods. by knottydoggy09/20/093.98

Caitlin's Fantasy Comes True

 — She told me her darkest fantasy. by Hubee01/21/094.15

Cake Wench

 — Boss gives her a birthday to remember. by Mistress Drusilla08/27/053.98

Calculated Moves

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52606/20/153.80

Calculated Moves Ch. 02-03

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52606/24/154.21

Calculated Moves Ch. 04

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52606/28/154.47

Calculated Moves Ch. 05

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52607/01/154.28

Calculated Moves Ch. 06

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52607/01/154.30

Calculated Moves Ch. 07-08

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52607/04/154.36

Calculated Moves Ch. 09

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52607/20/154.57HOT

Calculated Moves Ch. 10

 — An innocent gets a life changing internship. by Niki52611/08/154.55HOT

Calculus Help Needed Ch. 01

 — A college freshman does anything for calculus help. by extasybliss10/11/094.22

Caleb's Slave

 — The beginning. by Sexkitten9109/18/144.38

Calgon, Take Me Away

 — A very imaginative rapist visits. by subdreams05/07/053.93

Cali's Revenge

 — She blackmails the guy who gave her hell. by Good Burger06/22/064.34

Cali's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Amanda joins in on the fun. by Good Burger02/01/074.27

Caliphate Assault

 — After battle the Caliphate punishes female soldiers. by xannatharr05/28/153.84

Call Girl

 — An escort suffers sexual torment because of a client. by KnottLynnHardey08/29/134.54HOT

Call Girl Faces Gang Party

 — Can call-girl Lacey handle all the men at this gang party? by SloanJD08/22/153.27

Call It Even Some Day

 — Sister-in-law pays for her arrogance. by urban_legend55504/11/104.19

Call Me

 — Military officer's wife is forced into supporting the troops. by Yogakay08/19/154.08

Call Me Kath

 — Is it blackmail when she enjoys it? by HonestJoe11/08/144.17

Call Me Sir Ch. 01

 — A woman gets a taste of her daydreams. by ZinaHeaven06/25/134.14

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