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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Dr. Reynolds?

 — Julia has doubts about her doctor. by hugh207502/20/093.62

Dr. Wu

 — A man does whatever he has to do to keep his job. by Joe_Dink10/31/014.06


 — A doctor finds a way to enjoy work. by prevacker07/06/133.67


 — To appease the dragon, a sacrifice. by Ashson03/27/134.10

Dragon Training

 — How not to train your dragon... by AmethystMare11/04/174.53HOT

Dragon's Blood

 — Female captures her prey but he's not what he seems. by Just_Jezebel11/22/134.52HOT

Dragon's Blood Pt. 02

 — Female captures her prey but he's not what he seems. by Just_Jezebel11/22/144.77HOT

Drama Adventure

 — The red-haired bitch gets a fuck. by The Celt12/06/042.59

Drama Behind the Curtain

 — Assistant Director learns to take stage directions. by ellahydew07/05/083.92


 — He's taken by force. by rapemeplease05/29/043.83

Dream A Twisted Little Dream

 — Dispute over bill turns kinky. by Jack_Elation12/18/073.85

Dream Boat

 — Sexy romp on the high seas. by purrs4u12/17/074.13

Dream Ch. 3

 — You find fun at the cinema. by Night-time02/06/024.00

Dream Come True

 — All day bondage with a twist at the end. by icey_hearted07/20/094.08

Dream Cottage Ch. 01

 — The story of a young wife's naivety. by Victoriajohn01/24/124.57HOT

Dream Cottage Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of a young wife's naivety. by Victoriajohn03/02/124.63HOT

Dream Cottage Ch. 03

 — The final part of the story of a young wife's naivety. by Victoriajohn03/19/124.64HOT

Dream Cum True, Reluctantly

 — She says no, but her body says yes. by blkays03/16/063.94

Dream Diary Entry 01

 — A tale from my subconscious mind. by freeofrestraint11/25/114.28

Dream Land

 — The dream invades her daytime thoughts. by burmohini12/08/054.22

Dream of Domination

 — Stephanie dreams she is Cindy, and taken by a stanger. by kinkybusman04/04/054.14

Dream or Nightmare

 — Was it a dream to escape or a nightmare of being captured? by Shadow_Kyss08/12/053.42

Dream Request

 — Sometimes an idle daydream can come true. by Pramalot11/09/073.78

Dream Weaver

 — Dreams are nightmares weaved from somewhere. by My Erotic Tale02/22/053.50

Dream Woman

 — She haunts our dreams and leaves us craving more. by StarInShadows04/02/054.08


 — Morgan dreams of her mysterious captor. by ravaging rhiannon10/10/053.88

Dreaming of Me

 — Can you give a girl an orgasm while she's asleep? by Mr. Unsexy11/14/044.12

Dreaming Turns To Reality Ch. 1

 — It was more than she wanted to happen. by DayDreamWF04/07/024.29

Dreaming Turns To Reality Ch. 2

 — He taught her lessons she'll never forget. by DayDreamWF04/18/024.29

Dreaming Turns To Reality Ch. 3

 — He tells her it is time to meet his Wife. by DayDreamWF04/20/024.51HOT


 — They tell you what can happen. by Ashson12/31/134.37

Dress Code

 — FBI agent violates the dress code and pays for it. by Frederick__Edmund03/10/173.65

Dress to Impress

 — Schoolgirl is taken by horny couple. by silverroses01/17/023.37

Dressed to Tease

 — Her clothes were an invitation to disaster. by Ashson05/08/184.23

Dressing Room

 — Linda uses the men's dressing room, but not alone. by LOLLYPOP6902/23/013.78

Drill Sergeant

 — A recruit gets a different kind of training. by bigmikey35706/29/164.67HOT

Drilled By the Dentist

 — Rachel gets her teeth and other body parts drilled. by lauzh12/21/143.50

Drilling Miss Daisy

 — Daisy shows up at the wrong house and pays the price. by Erlikkhan02/10/094.49

Drinking and Driving

 — Doing almost anything to get out of an arrest. by chimera852111/04/093.98


 — He is assaulted by a coworker. by attero03/09/124.11

Drinks with Friends Goes Bad

 — Ashley gets more than she expected from a night with friends. by Sprocket_300607/04/153.79

Drive Shaft Ch. 02

 — Jessie continues Mike's lesson. by Kaena02/05/084.32

Drive Thru Desire

 — He wants more than what's on the menu by PAS01/31/034.27

Drug Bust

 — Innocent wife gets caught in a deal gone sour. by indiajones05/23/063.93

Drug Bust

 — The choice was to live - or to die. by magmaman01/06/094.46

Drug Trial Ch. 01

 — She's kidnapped and drugged. by HandsInTheDark04/10/124.66HOT

Drug Trial Ch. 02

 — Becoming something new. by HandsInTheDark04/19/124.73HOT


 — Girlfriend consents to drugged cheating. by Scarcrow09/24/013.97

Drugged and Blackmailed!

 — He is drugged and escapes, but is blackmailed into coming back. by BigAndy92201/26/124.44

Drugged and Ravished Ch. 01

 — Two college students find themselves helpless to a couple. by rockbohunk12/28/073.91

Drugged and Ravished Ch. 02

 — Two college students find themselves helpless to a couple. by rockbohunk01/03/084.17

Drugged and Tied Up

 — He is drugged at a party and wakes up in tight bondage. by BigAndy92201/26/123.99

Drugging His Sister Ch. 1

 — Brother & his girlfriend drug & seduce sister. by morgainefairy11/19/014.18

Drugging My Sister For Them

 — His bullies want his sister. by kara_love12/19/124.05

Drunk and Horny

 — Drunk man goes home to fuck his young slutty college boy. by Konokoz1004/04/173.71

Drunk at Christmas

 — Office flirt is taken over her desk. by Ug10/31/034.20

Drunk College Girl Kidnapped

 — Young girl drugged, used, and humiliated by a room of guys. by DaddysDirtyPrincess02/21/143.47

Drunk Driving Ch. 01

 — Angry father punishes daughter's drunk-driving friend. by The Freek10/07/064.13

Drunk Driving Ch. 02

 — Daughter's friend learns a lesson about driving drunk. by The Freek10/08/064.08

Drunk Driving Ch. 04

 — Taking the daughter's friend on the patio. by The Freek11/11/064.41

Drunk Jane Taken Pt. 01

 — Jane gets tied up and taken advantage of at a party. by pleasemistress04/02/154.25

Drunk Jane Taken Pt. 02

 — This begins where Jane's previous story left off. by pleasemistress04/07/154.41

Drunk Jane Taken Pt. 03

 — Drugged college girl Jane gets taken again. by pleasemistress05/31/154.37

Drunk Roommate Forgets Everything

 — She forgets kinky night in the morning. by MichaelG7402/24/074.45

Drunk Teacher

 — Former student scores. by drake98707/27/17

Drunken Friend's Sister

 — She's groped and taken. by varun05/30/043.73

Drunken Heather

 — His payment for taking care of her drunk ass, again. by SexualMuse09/22/054.10

Drunken Revenge

 — A young man can't resist a drunk, passed out girl. by __Jackal__08/28/133.99

Drunken Roomates

 — Guy fucks his friends sister. by bob_the_muse12/12/063.74

Drunken Wife Is Used By A Stranger

 — Husband watches while guy uses his unconscious wife. by markodynamo07/10/114.23

Dual Submissions

 — Arrogant wife gets sexually abused for her actions. by The_Mercyslayer11/21/104.33

Dual Submissions Ch. 02

 — Arrogant wife gets sexually abused for her actions. by The_Mercyslayer11/25/104.39

Dual Submissions Ch. 03

 — Conclusion: arrogant wife gets abused. by The_Mercyslayer11/29/104.01

Dubious Consent

 — Her mind says no, but her body says yes. by MeanderSlander08/23/134.50HOT

Duct Tape

 — Buglers video tape couple's humiliation. by jonnydog2106/18/023.89

Duct Tape Avenger Ch. 01

 — 1,001 uses for duct tape. Here is a new one. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/12/074.06

Duct Tape Avenger Ch. 02

 — 1,001 uses for duct tape. Here is a new one. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/13/074.09

Dude Ranch

 — Yong woman wins a free holiday. by Ashson09/15/144.30

Dugout Ch. 1

 — Trish discovers the effects of teasing. by JOCA02/11/024.13

Dugout Ch. 2

 — Sophisticated older sister gets hers. by JOCA06/15/024.25

DUI Arrest

 — A girl gets forced by her arresting officer. by neruda01/21/164.22

Dumped at Sea

 — Boat trip solves a relationship problem. by Jim Dogget02/26/064.04

Dungeon Desires

 — Sadie comes to terms with her abduction and her desires. by MissDXX05/10/153.91

Dungeon Desires Ch. 02

 — Does Sadie come to terms of her new life? by MissDXX05/12/154.33

Dungeon Desires Ch. 03

 — Sadie finds ways of coping and moving on. by MissDXX05/13/154.18

Dungeon Master Ch. 01

 — Toy112 wonders how her weekend will end. by J_L_Gravian02/05/11

Dungeon Pleasure

 — A little wax, a little ice, a little slap... by Purple Dragonfly03/22/084.04

Dungeon Slave

 — A serial kidnapper and rapist takes Denise to his dungeon. by snuffalupicus07/28/033.98

Dungeon Slave Ch. 02

 — Released Denise has become a strong dangerous woman. by snuffalupicus12/22/083.77

Duped by Niece's Husband Ch. 01

 — I watch helplessly as wife and niece are taken by thugs. by eroticweaver08/26/083.73

Duplicity Ch. 01

 — Who was Lady Evelyn? by wws_wws11/20/134.59HOT

Duplicity Ch. 02

 — Where Lady Evelyn is revealed... maybe. by wws_wws12/01/134.71HOT

Duplicity Ch. 03

 — What is next for Lady Evelyn. by wws_wws12/18/134.75HOT

Duplicity Ch. 04

 — Where Lady Evelyn is in peril! by wws_wws03/01/144.80HOT

Duplicity Ch. 05

 — Where Lady Evelyn falls ever deeper. by wws_wws08/01/144.80HOT

Duplicity Ch. 06

 — All the pieces are lined up on the chess board. by wws_wws10/22/144.79HOT

Dyamond Ch. 01

 — Shauna loses her teammate. by breezybree06/10/154.07

Dyamond Ch. 02

 — Shauna meets one of Giovanni's old connections. by breezybree06/16/153.75

Dyamond Ch. 03

 — The two men have their way with Shauna on the way to The Cave. by breezybree07/29/153.76

Dyamond Ch. 04

 — Cash divulges a bit about himself. by breezybree02/13/164.50HOT


 — Conversation between two close friends. by Sion Sierra08/25/023.91

E-Slut Domination

 — I take dominating my slut from the internet into reality. by TheTeaHermit08/29/144.07

E-Slut Domination Day 02

 — My slut learns a lesson the hard way. by TheTeaHermit09/17/144.13

E.R. Abduction Ch. 1

 — He's abducted by sexy doctor and nurse. by Guitman6903/12/013.84

Earl's Ch. 1

 — Naive runaway goes to work for restaurant/bar owner. by bospup06/14/02

Earl's Ch. 2

 — Cherry gets fucked. by bospup07/13/02

Early Morning Visitor

 — She meets her new neighbor by Lotusangel04/01/073.83

Early Morning Wake Up

 — You're opening up your shop when the morning takes a turn... by Pinkman27912/08/143.87

Earn Your Rent

 — Britney is late on rent and learns she must pay another way. by storytyme09/24/144.27

Earning Her Scholarship Ch. 01

 — Time for the annual auction! Will Sarah earn enough? by sexystudent3307/22/144.23

Earning the Grade

 — Student does what she needs to graduate. by Proftales12/17/154.03

East Meets West

 — An American cowboy and an Chinese woman in the Old West. by Ling0007/21/123.98

Easter Surprise

 — Easter dinner takes a nightmarish turn. by PAS04/26/024.40

Easy Entry

 — Beautiful woman is delightfully tormented by intruder. by Deputy Donut12/06/014.07

Easy Money Ch. 01

 — Lara's desperate for cash & turns to prostitution. by Londoner24702/28/064.05

Easy Money Ch. 02

 — Lara's second customer isn't so easy. by Londoner24703/14/064.09

Easy Target

 — A sexy girl exploits her power. by hobrigef01/04/132.84

Eat My Pussy Bitch!

 — What happens when Lacey steals another woman's man. by DaddysGirlLacey01/08/153.75

Eat the Cum Cracker Game

 — College game reluctantly leads to extravagant humiliation. by billyrobey08/30/093.93

Eating Candi Ch. 02

 — My roomates join the feast. by realfunguy07/24/104.17

Eating the Ex-Wife

 — Amazon uses legs to make ex eat her nasty creampie. by kandor08/18/024.03

Ebony Starr, working title

 — A challenge to beat her at the game. by SkarlittFeenicks03/20/073.42

Eclipse of the Moon

 — A ghost story is no longer just a story for Angel... by WildSong07/18/154.23

Eclipse of the Moon Ch. 02

 — He shows her that demons really do exist... by WildSong07/20/154.70HOT

Eclipse of the Moon Ch. 03

 — When the family is away, the demon will play... by WildSong07/30/154.67HOT

Eclipse of the Moon Ch. 04

 — Her torment continues... by WildSong08/06/154.73HOT

Eclipse of the Moon Ch. 05

 — The limits are tested and broken... by WildSong09/11/154.55HOT

Eclipse of the Moon Ch. 06

 — Sleeping or awake... there is no escape... by WildSong12/22/154.76HOT

Economy–Awkwardness Of Zero Inches

 — An encounter sends him into a downward spiral of pain meds by cowboy10907/01/143.88

Ed & Andrew

 — Edwina and Andrew are victims of home invasion. by the Troubador07/02/034.38

Ed's Forced Feminisation Ch. 01

 — Ed begins along a journey into forced feminisation. by lustinlace08/27/144.17

Eddie Takes Charge

 — Father-in-law takes his son's wife. by marco20808/13/114.30

Eddie Takes Charge Ch. 02

 — Father-in-law continues to control his son's wife. by marco20808/18/114.45

Educating Maria

 — Maria is gang banged and filmed by Costume08/16/073.83

Educating Mary Ch. 01

 — Man engages the services of a dominatrix to train his wife. by Myrmidon6906/29/174.68HOT

Educating Mary Ch. 02

 — Mary's training continues with great success. by Myrmidon6907/13/174.57HOT

Educating Mary Ch. 03

 — It's time for Mary to show Jeff what she's learned. by Myrmidon6903/09/184.67HOT

Educating Shannon

 — A chance to get even with his first love. by Rehnquist12/22/084.72HOT

Educating the Teacher

 — Mafia boss takes revenge on teacher who accused him of rape. by furrybert10/07/074.58HOT

Educational Challenges 01

 — A hot Female teacher teaches two bad girls their lessons. by JimBob4402/03/164.22

Educational Challenges 02

 — The hottest male teacher teaches two girls their lessons. by JimBob4402/04/163.90

Educational Hazard

 — The trials & tribulations of motivating certain students. by ozerotika01/30/023.81

Effie 01: The Awakening

 — Poor Effie gets the punishment she needs. by water_side01/06/094.06

Ego Boost

 — Virginia gains confidence from her Rapist. by binder38us02/09/044.20

Egyptian Holiday

 — You're abducted & gang-banged for Sultan's pleasure. by Puppygirl11/12/054.11

Egyptian Tale

 — She's forced into slavery. by nilequeen2603/20/014.40

Eighteen Months

 — A young lady finds a novel way to pay for college. by Christie05278001/11/164.41


 — She is sold to pay for her guardian's mistake. by meg104/15/084.39

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