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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Julie's Forceful Seduction

 — Young wife forced by a black Jamaican and loves it. by rich052408/22/094.29

Julie's Gift

 — Marty gets Julie a gift she will never forget. by tommcgee10/17/084.20

Julie's Just Desserts

 — An American cocktease in Mexico. by TheDarkCloud09/29/084.10

Julie's Just Desserts Ch. 02

 — An American slut in a Mexican jail cell. by TheDarkCloud11/26/084.02

Julie's Just Desserts Ch. 03

 — The Interview. by TheDarkCloud06/28/094.00

Julie's Just Desserts Ch. 04

 — American blonde in a Mexican jail. by TheDarkCloud04/28/114.21

Julie's Mistake Ch. 01

 — Young lawyer pays for her mistake. by GrantLee01/01/034.40

Julie's Mistake Ch. 02

 — Young lawyer begins correcting error by GrantLee01/04/034.45

Julie's Mistake Ch. 03

 — Young lawyer meets with Hall again by GrantLee01/19/034.52HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 04

 — Lawyer is surprised by Hall's expectations. by GrantLee01/29/034.58HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 05

 — Lawyer tries to make it home. by GrantLee07/09/034.54HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 06

 — The wedding day arrives. by GrantLee07/11/034.53HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 07

 — Hall calls again. by GrantLee02/11/044.53HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 08

 — A complication arises. by GrantLee08/05/044.70HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 09

 — Jackson calls again. by GrantLee09/23/044.67HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 10

 — Jackson's wife pays a price. by GrantLee11/07/044.66HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 11

 — Roger returns. by GrantLee01/02/054.66HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 12

 — An old man's dream. by GrantLee02/04/054.51HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 13

 — Pamela Jackson helps Hall. by GrantLee03/01/054.64HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 14

 — Pamela is left alone with Hall. by GrantLee04/03/054.53HOTContest Winner

Julie's Mistake Ch. 15

 — A surprise awaits the young lawyer. by GrantLee07/10/054.66HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 16

 — Julie works her way back towards shore. by GrantLee08/10/054.64HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 17

 — Two sailors have their way with the young lawyer. by GrantLee12/30/054.61HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 18

 — Julie is in Trouble. by GrantLee05/13/064.59HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 19

 — Julie has a plan. by GrantLee07/14/064.62HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 20

 — Laura gets involved. by GrantLee12/17/064.69HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 21

 — Laura's saga continues. by GrantLee02/16/074.66HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 22

 — A shocking discovery. by GrantLee06/25/074.67HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 23

 — Laura's night continues. by GrantLee11/20/074.66HOT

Julie's Mistake Ch. 24

 — The final chapter. by GrantLee01/06/084.59HOT

Julie's New Years Bang

 — Julie's son arranges a return visit for mom. by PAS12/29/104.44

Julie's Torment

 — Her embezzling career is replaced by submission by Gulliver02/26/034.20

Julie's Wedding

 — Bride gets fucked on her wedding day, but not by the groom! by DandyMan6512/29/144.02

Julie’s Predicament

 — Shy female is manipulated to a shattering climax by neighbor. by N_Deavours03/11/154.52HOT


 — A lonely young woman snatches a young maid's innocence by kittie12301/23/143.03

June Returns For More Training

 — June comes back and has her limits pushed further. by 14Kink02/23/124.13

Jungle Commando

 — Kira is abducted in Paramaribo. by dan5704/23/083.85

Jungle Fever

 — Two young men hunt a wild woman - or is she hunting them? by ZTV2507/15/163.52

Jungle Fever: First Infection

 — A jungle woman is born. by ZTV2507/22/163.06

Jungle Man

 — He finds her... by mermaid_girl04/06/084.19

Junior Takes a Bride

 — Census taker unexpectedly drops in on her own wedding. by johnwadd03/05/023.70

Just a Blurb

 — I just wrote. It's part of something but I am not sure what. by AriaByron10/15/144.09

Just a Country Girl

 — Tracy seeks revenge for an assault. by Cromagnonman06/22/104.58HOT

Just A Cup Of Tea...

 — New nanny in London gets more tea. by Christie05278005/15/024.00

Just a Dream of Pixie

 — An old boyfriend says goodbye with cuffs. by Master_do_Bombom10/13/07

Just a Fantasy - Maybe

 — She knew being a tease would come back to her. by oneobedientslv01/21/092.91

Just a Friend

 — Son brings a friend home. by Ashson05/29/154.35

Just a Fucktoy Ch. 01

 — First, the abduction... by black_widow8203/07/144.22

Just a Jog in the Park

 — Two joggers go head to head. by poison_alice08/28/123.90

Just a Little Fishing Trip

 — Wife becomes lonely fishermen's entertainment. by coops18107/03/084.26

Just a Little Fishing Trip Ch. 02

 — Fishermen continue to help themselves to guest's wife. by coops18107/07/084.60HOT

Just a Little Fishing Trip Ch. 03

 — Rebecca's coercion continues - while hubby watches! by coops18110/25/084.57HOT

Just A Quickie

 — Now her arse was mine. by Mikro09/15/043.97

Just A Quickie Ch. 02

 — She does anything and anyone he tells her. by Mikro04/22/054.46

Just A Quickie Ch. 03

 — Not only a paid whore but now a lesbian. by Mikro05/11/054.40

Just A Tease

 — She gets what she deserves. by lonny3705/13/033.24

Just a Tease

 — A 40 y/o divorcee finds out it isn't nice to tease frat boys. by TheProfessorX05/31/113.81

Just A Tease.

 — She gets what she deserves. by lonny3705/13/032.83

Just a Walk in the Park

 — She knew today would be different. by upallnightops08/17/023.63

Just a Walk In the Park

 — She goes down the wrong path. by CTrei02/29/044.14

Just Another Day

 — How do we got ourselves into these situations. by libbycoltrane08/04/063.67

Just Another Day at the Office

 — Michelle gets a surprise in the elevator. by FaustsSubbie05/22/064.04

Just Another Normal Day

 — A deeply personal and painful reminiscence. by a_dani36501/28/124.14

Just another Sweet Transvestite

 — Stepfather turns tranny son's trick to his treat. by trisha_ann_glynn10/20/103.91

Just Another Warm Evening

 — She's taken against her will. by DrasticCharge11/13/093.74

Just Bad Luck Ch. 01

 — Paula visits her prison guard dad on the wrong day. by Goldeniangel03/03/084.18

Just Bad Luck Ch. 02

 — The abuse of Paula continues. by Goldeniangel03/04/084.35

Just Bad Luck Ch. 03

 — The inmates satiate themselves with Paula. by Goldeniangel03/05/084.40

Just Being Neighborly

 — He's asked in for coffee and gets something different. by DrunknBarbarian03/25/104.23

Just Being Neighbourly

 — Ben proves how much he's grown. by Sterling06/21/063.71

Just Business

 — Tina's new client teaches her a lesson. by lonelyforyou04/26/054.45

Just Deserts

 — Holly has a choice - divorce or the Finishing School. by ColleenD02/23/153.96

Just Facebook Friends

 — How Obama's stimulus and Facebook ended my marriage. by edmead07/13/092.84

Just Friends Ch. 01

 — An Internet love affair. by CuriousFantasyWriter05/27/123.94

Just Great!

 — She and her family endure being captive of pirates. by dinomagick06/04/123.74

Just Jogging

 — Jogger meets some truckies. by Ashson06/19/134.28

Just Like You

 — Old man takes advantage of drunk young house guest. by sexxobject02/16/063.29

Just One Dance

 — Flirting leads to more than she wants, or does it. by nawty_angel8603/02/093.82

Just One Game

 — Accepting a challenge from a dark stranger. by AmandaSarah10/08/134.23

Just One Game Ch. 02

 — Just one dance... by AmandaSarah09/21/144.56HOT

Just One Hour Ch. 01

 — Teaser is kidnapped, bound & humiliated. by FINC03/30/044.33

Just One Hour Ch. 02

 — The Boss repays the favour with her best friend. by FINC04/06/044.43

Just One Hour Ch. 03

 — Blackmail for both, the final horrid truth. by FINC07/01/044.42

Just One Hour Ch. 04

 — Which babe is sold to the most extreme bordello possible? by FINC04/01/074.04

Just One Hour Ch. 05

 — Sister-in-law continues her servitude in the sex prison. by FINC03/03/094.33

Just One of My Many Fantasies

 — BBW taken in bar by two old perverts. by NYCbbwSUB09/10/104.08

Just One of the Gang

 — A ball-buster is busted. by sonofasailor06/16/074.18

Just Past Midnight

 — Stalker follows victim home and makes her beg for sex. by BrentCrude06/12/123.90

Just Say No

 — A fight with her beau leaves her frustrated. by MaddieJCarter07/19/124.34

Just Teasing

 — A slut gets a follow through from teasing her Master. by FredricaForever09/09/084.38

Just The Beginning

 — Surprise! by Matty_Walter08/05/063.85

Just The Right Push

 — He convinces her to take revenge. by toomuchinmyhead09/26/113.91

Just The Tip

 — Jake's first time didn't happen the way he expected. by wolfgang510/21/133.96

Just This Once

 — Aaron only wanted to have some fun. by undead_grrl02/14/154.43

Just What I Need Ch. 01

 — Francine finds someone to be in control. by EasilyExcited11/04/033.99

Just What I Need Ch. 02

 — Will Jeff come through for Francine? by EasilyExcited11/08/034.44

Just What She Always Wanted

 — She gets what she's been looking for from ex-lover. by joeyshade01/18/023.95

Just What She Wanted

 — Sexy stranger gives her what she wants. by blonde_bombshell02/12/034.12

Just What She Wanted

 — She's tied up for visitors to enjoy. by netsfan_4405/07/044.09

Just You and I

 — The man of my dreams invades my bedroom and my body. by CoventinaNyx04/16/124.51HOT

Just You and I Ch. 02

 — Twisted adventures of me and the man of my dreams. by CoventinaNyx06/06/124.35

Just You and I Ch. 03

 — My stranger is back with more demands for me. by CoventinaNyx11/27/124.56HOT

Just You and I Ch. 04

 — I finally tell the story of my first time. by CoventinaNyx09/29/134.53HOT


 — An aristocrat girl is captured and used by sea captain. by Kitschshaman11/01/084.04

Justice isn't Always Perfect

 — Making babies. by cindylynn3412/12/162.93


 — A woman's sins catches up with her. by hemo10105/02/083.05

Justin Ch. 01

 — The story of a first date and a first fuck. by fallenangel122410/21/103.73

Justin Down The Hall Ch. 01

 — Obsession with Watching. by parker352208/25/164.04

Justina Ch. 02

 — He goes back for seconds. by tommyrich02/28/033.93

Justine Pays

 — Young wife must pay a ransom for her kidnapped husband. by graymangazer03/24/144.17

Justine's Adornment

 — A trip to the bar begins a tale of control. by willfulbrat02/18/014.10

Kaitlin's Tale Ch. 2

 — Kaitlin is duped by assistant. by AerinThomas10/27/004.12

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