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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Room Service

 — Everyone gets a surprise. by PanCallsYou01/16/034.40

Room Service

 — Karin's hotel massage gets her taken by two men. by PAS04/28/084.15

Room Service

 — Diane gets more than she bargained for in her hotel room. by Scorp_Venom05/12/082.79

Room Service

 — She tries to be helpful but they have other plans... by Curioustolearn01/04/153.91


 — Bostons tied up at the moment. by MissDirected01/21/164.28

Roommate Obsession

 — Carrie gets her keister claimed. by QueEssAi05/30/163.74

Roommate Obsession Pt. 02

 — Carrie gets her keister claimed. by QueEssAi06/09/163.89

Roommate Sex Pranks CH. 1

 — Claire takes Trey for hostage and shows him her new toy. by wheterby03/01/064.29

Roommate's Early Exit

 — Roommate's drunk exit leaves horny girlfriend. by randallangdon09/20/084.25


 — She's living with a very odd couple... by Catisfaction10/13/004.11

Roped in the Woods

 — She's tricked into what she doesn't want. by Lupines_den06/13/043.86

Rosa's Dilemma

 — Maid taken advantage of by employer. by RCleo06/06/144.42

Rosaria Ch. 01

 — They keep her downstairs to sate their forbidden lust. by SexyShenanigans2103/04/143.30

Rose and the Beast

 — A dark adult version of the Beauty & the Beast fairytale. by SimoneLisbon05/18/134.38

Rose at College

 — Rose's teasing ways land her in trouble. by Nightdark05/31/093.97

Rose Cottage

 — Pissed off - a remake. by shaunreagh07/08/084.42

Rose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 01

 — Former friend seeks to humiliate blonde. by TheDarkCloud05/30/054.13

Rose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 02

 — Torrie's ordeal continues. by TheDarkCloud07/22/054.37

Rose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 03

 — Schoolgirl's revenge come to slutty fruition. by TheDarkCloud02/18/064.47

Rose's Wish

 — After meeting on craigslist, Rose gets her wish. by Hannah4you02/24/153.62


 — Raid his garden and get caught. by Ashson09/20/144.60HOT

Rosie's Body Betrays Her

 — Rosie gets fucked by ex boyfriend. by myhiddendesire276910/26/063.66

Ross's Revenge

 — A male escort turns the tables on his client, or does he? by miss_claremont08/31/094.30


 — Guy enjoys friend's hot, mute sister. by Lola7001/25/17

Rough Day at Work

 — Adam finally gets Hailey alone. by ditzgirl04/07/083.40

Rough Day At Work

 — Employee finds herself at the mercy of co-worker. by 4nt1g0n310/11/114.00

Rough Play

 — He pins her against the wall. by wingwagon05/15/034.10

Rough Reconnection

 — Years later and he still needs her, and WILL have her! by Peaches5Oh04/17/154.15

Rough, Tough & Tight

 — An act of revenge goes wrong when she gets caught. by secretwriter200606/14/074.00

Roughing It With Maggie

 — A fateful camping trip for couple. by dom5801/11/024.38

Roughly Ridden

 — Sexy barn tease gets what she wants the hard way. by cheeryorchid07/16/054.45


 — Taken violently. by WFEATHER12/16/083.47

Roulette Ch. 01

 — Slave and her playmate taken by her master and his friends. by juicyeroticlit02/11/114.02

Roxie & Erica: Blair's Victory Pt. 01

 — An alternate version of Prison Pet where Blair wins. by GayTripper07/25/154.61HOT

Roxie & Erica: Blair's Victory Pt. 02

 — Blair takes total control. by GayTripper08/06/154.32


 — Is she mad? Will she ever let him go? by littlesquirt04/30/074.02

Royal Conquest Ch. 01

 — The honeymoon. by The_Fractal_King05/22/143.99

Royal Flush

 — Gwen becomes Jade's cum dump after losing a game of cards. by JasonJHonz09/20/164.03

Royal Flush of Desire

 — Mr Slevin was a powerful man and always got what he wanted. by Brandybeebee03/02/154.42

Royal Sentence

 — Marriage is her punishment, taming her is his duty. by MProst03/31/174.21

Royal Violation

 — Engaged woman forced to tolerate a young prince. by litstorywriter07/03/104.16

Royally Screwed

 — Switch with servant leads to rough incestuous sex. by MagicWand07/21/024.28

Roz--Asleep Or Awake?

 — He can't tell if she's asleep or pretending. by Hornyman69WithU04/16/072.82

Rubbing Teacher the Wrong Way

 — An arrogant teacher confuses an ex-student for her masseuse! by JohnKnuckles08/12/154.24

Rude Awakening

 — Intruders give her a wild ride. by sage_moran06/09/053.78

Rude Awakening

 — Master finds slave sleeping and uses her. by VelvetDarkness01/11/084.11


 — On the highway to hell, you meet angels and demons. by edrider7306/06/143.67


 — You can break the rules, but they usually have a reason. by Ashson11/27/144.38

Rules of Speeding

 — A white couple dare to cross the Law by dsoul01/20/114.02

Rumours Ch. 01

 — Brother discovers rumours about his sister are true. by MzDeviancy04/02/064.49

Rumours Ch. 02

 — Their dirty little secret - exposed. by MzDeviancy07/12/064.49

Rumours Ch. 03

 — Colin and Davey force her into filthier acts of depravity. by MzDeviancy03/09/104.47

Run Away

 — On this island, you are the hunted. by EasilyExcited06/08/064.04

Run in with the Law

 — He was interested in more than license and registration. by EroticLitKitty03/03/114.63HOT

Run Realtor... Run!

 — Reality for a realtor in an abandoned mine. by lostinreligion04/16/073.72

Run-in Ch. 01

 — Jenny finds herself stranded. by StickmanLt08/08/033.94


 — She liked to run when the park was empty. by KarennaC05/28/083.26

Running a Red Light Ch. 01

 — She runs a red light, only to be pulled over by the town cop. by DarkFairie09/28/073.63

Running From You

 — I'm running from you... terrified. by MadisonBerlin01/17/113.86

Running From You Ch. 02

 — What you do, now that I'm caught. by MadisonBerlin01/27/113.87

Running into a Storm

 — A storm forces her to run to a stranger with hungry eyes. by hiddenshadows06/30/094.45

Running Into Trouble

 — Coed gets an unexpected workout. by Dannn!!!08/28/014.38

Running into Trouble

 — Professor punishes her for not keeping up. by TantalizingTwizel09/01/164.44

Running the Risk

 — Daughter and college room mate return from a party drunk. by The Freek10/25/094.31

Russell Stover: Candy's Statement

 — Candy tells the FBI about her sexual assault. by RussellStover212/15/103.56

Russian Tails

 — Russian girl gets what she deserves from an American. by tyler29203/12/074.04

Rusty's Sacrifice

 — Husband forced to watch man use his wife. by julybear703/23/134.15

Rusty’s Desire

 — She was his editor, then forced to become his subject. by R_Peterson10/04/053.93

Ruth's Journey Ch. 4

 — Ruth spends the day at school by Capstick11/16/013.94

Ryan, Paul, and Mary Ch. 01

 — An alter-ego brings release. by songnstory06/25/124.12

Ryan, Paul, and Mary Ch. 02

 — An alter-ego brings release by songnstory07/09/124.22

Ryan, Paul, and Mary Ch. 03

 — An alter-ego brings release. by songnstory07/26/124.33


 — A young man at a law firm finds the client of his dreams. by regnglad04/22/094.11

Sabine Get a New Job

 — Sabine was very happy, not knowing what was coming. by Sabineteas06/20/134.43


 — All she had to do was resist the urge to fail. by Phoenix Arrow01/30/063.21

Sabrina Does Hard Time

 — Sexy dominatrix gets what she deserves. by gaggedKitty2308/04/154.36

Sabrina Does Hard Time Ch. 02

 — Dominatrix descends into sex-slavery at the Warden's prison. by gaggedKitty2308/12/154.41

Sabrina Does Hard Time Ch. 03

 — Mieko is given to an inmate and Sabrina finds her salvation. by gaggedKitty2308/24/154.42

Sabrina Loses Virginity

 — Coed loses her virginity on a snowy night. by wcf02/23/053.92

Sabrina the Captain

 — A commanding woman faces a new challenge. by Dalamar_of_Gilean03/08/044.39

Sabrina the Teenage Bitch Ch. 01

 — The huge ass, big titted high school slut gets her karma. by AshantiHasALovelyBooty06/04/163.47

Sabrina the Teenage Bitch Ch. 02

 — Mike has the ultimate plan for the ultimate body of a girl. by AshantiHasALovelyBooty06/11/163.81

Sabrina the Teenage Bitch Ch. 03

 — Now all he has to do is fuck her brains out and not fuck up. by AshantiHasALovelyBooty06/23/163.34

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 01

 — The story of a woman's introduction to the life of a sub. by Cyberdiva6807/27/094.31

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 02

 — Sabrina's training continues. by Cyberdiva6807/30/094.25

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 03

 — Sabrina is irrevocably marked as her master's slave. by Cyberdiva6807/31/094.20

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 04

 — Sabrina starts to learn the rewards for control. by Cyberdiva6808/04/094.40

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 05

 — Sabrina's boundaries are expanded. by Cyberdiva6808/05/094.42

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 06

 — Sabrina's training continues. by Cyberdiva6808/06/094.39

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 07

 — Sabrina's grooming starts. by Cyberdiva6808/23/094.42


 — How far would you go to save your job? by Bakeboss03/27/103.67


 — Finding a victim to take your place. by Ashson03/19/164.16

Sacrificial Wife

 — Donnie's lady pays for his past mistakes. by blondefungirl201/09/053.89

Sadie's Panties

 — Sneaky panty play turns into humiliating servitude. by Quasimoto8705/14/164.08

Sadist Through Time

 — Sadism in two different forms (two stories). by viridia05/23/102.87

Sadistic Fantasy

 — What is your fantasy? by candren10/07/133.06

Safari Wife Ch. 02

 — Wail on a Safari a white housewife gets some. by Sally Tart06/10/074.65HOT

Safari Wife Ch. 03

 — His wife is starting to like this Safari stuff - a lot. by Sally Tart12/06/074.62HOT

Safari Wife Ch. 04

 — Little white housewife gets to see the real African men. by Sally Tart06/06/084.60HOT

Safe Passage

 — A woman hops a train and is discovered by the watchman... by 406mountaingirl01/10/174.38

Safe Word

 — A rape fantasy goes awry. by RexEatapuss12/01/164.29

Sahara Ch. 02

 — Hassan takes his frustrations out on his Mistress. by Karien347410/05/053.73

Said the Spider to the Fly

 — Female celebrity has x-rated past come back on her. by lustfuldesires04/25/134.27

Sail to Despair

 — Rescuers find their good deed has dire consequences. by Coops81212/31/134.52HOT

Sail to Despair Ch. 02

 — More torment for Angela after husband's forced confinement. by Coops81201/06/144.48

Sailing into the Unknown

 — Day of boating that changed their lives forever. by drakeme01/17/074.06

Salamanca Conquest

 — Genadi blows past Dana's inhibitions and reluctance. by legerdemer06/22/154.35

Salò Ch. 01

 — Professor Hume teaches Bunny why they call him headmaster. by Bunny1906/16/124.20


 — He blackmails a coworked for revenge. by attero06/30/124.43

Sales Ch. 02

 — He reinforces his domination. by attero07/02/124.56HOT

Sales with a Smile

 — Desperate salesman is given a new territory. by grgy5610/26/074.15


 — You should always be polite to your customers. by Ashson06/06/133.99


 — She gets a visit from her "dead" husband. by storyteller006903/21/073.78

Sally Goes To Church

 — Sally goes to church to lure Frank into sex. by oneofthetwelve01/10/083.76

Sally Takes Mo Home and...

 — A stranger demands. by mjar6501/21/074.38

Sally's Extra Load

 — After having sex with her boyfriend, Sally is stuffed again. by twistedgraygoat09/11/143.65

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 04

 — Sarah and Sally go with two guys to a beach house. by Susie_O10/30/103.54


 — Meeting an old friend in the woods. by Ashson11/07/154.35


 — Space mission goes awry. by justtheone02/18/154.29

Sam Takes Anne

 — Sam needs to be dominant: continuation of the Jenna series by Xvirgin02/11/154.48

SaM's Place Ch. 01 of 15

 — Evelyn is invited to join a very exclusive club. by The_Technician04/20/133.87

SaM's Place Ch. 02 of 15

 — Evelyn gets her first look at a very exclusive club. by The_Technician04/22/133.98

SaM's Place Ch. 03 of 15

 — Evelyn begins her meal at this very special S&M club. by The_Technician04/23/134.03

SaM's Place Ch. 04 of 15

 — Evelyn watches the unique punishment used at SaM’s Club. by The_Technician04/28/134.04

SaM's Place Ch. 05 of 15

 — Evelyn tells the first of ten tales to show her superiority. by The_Technician05/03/133.84

SaM's Place Ch. 06 of 15

 — Evelyn tells the second of ten tales to show her superiority. by The_Technician05/05/133.67

SaM's Place Ch. 07-09 of 15

 — Evelyn tells three more tales to show her superiority. by The_Technician05/12/134.02

SaM's Place Ch. 10-12 of 15

 — Evelyn tells an additional three tales to her "jury." by The_Technician05/16/134.01

SaM's Place Ch. 13-15 of 15

 — Evelyn receives the jury's judgement. by The_Technician05/23/134.42

Sam's Visitor

 — Sam has a surprise visitor after her shower, by LoveS1012/11/124.01

Samantha Wants to be a Model Ch. 01

 — ...and she is willing to do anything to be one. by singaporerotica01/14/134.27

Samantha's Plan Ch. 01

 — Wife takes control of him to improve their marriage. by Mrswitch06/29/164.45

Samantha's Plan Ch. 02

 — Sam continues her control. Richard turns the tables briefly. by Mrswitch07/30/164.60HOT

Same Time, Same Place, Next Week

 — Online Valentine first date doesn't go as planned. by SuperHeroRalph01/27/114.04

Sammie: Alone in the Hood

 — Danger lurks in the shadows after dark. by lusty Vamp07/31/094.15

Sampling the Porn Merchandise

 — She was just curious. by KissMyTattoo807/28/044.18

Samson and Delilah

 — It isn't hair cutting that makes him weak. by JOHN90002/24/054.47

Sana Violated by a Savage

 — Sana's internship takes turn for worst when she is ravaged. by skamerotic08/26/154.44


 — Rough sexual encounter in her place of solace. by SweetJesssica06/09/073.82


 — A husband and wife find that love isn't enough. by Joe Wordsworth08/07/074.30


 — Her start at the lodge. by sarge1307/06/084.07

Sandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 14

 — Cliff & Gerry (Nov 2008) by scribe1005/21/124.05

Sandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 19

 — Chapter 19. George/Kev. (August 2009) by scribe1005/31/123.80

Sandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 25

 — Chapter 25. George/Others. (October 2009) by scribe1006/16/124.32

Sandra is Searched

 — Middle-aged woman is accused of shoplifting. by MirageLM08/20/044.44

Sandra the Gangsta Girl

 — Home girl gets taken by homeboys. by Erica_Gasca09/26/074.06

Sandra's Night Out

 — Redhead gets driven while under the influence. by redhotandready05/30/024.32

Sandra's Tutor

 — Sandra finds out something new about her husband. by Elarian08/19/024.16

Sandra, My Love, My Whore

 — Guy uses nice catholic girl as his slut. by melsdad10/09/053.92

Sandrine's Bet Ch. 01

 — Sandrine and Danielle have a disagreement. by BONNIEBREA01/12/144.27

Sandrine's Bet Ch. 02

 — Sandrine and Danielle up the stakes. by BONNIEBREA01/17/144.42

Sandrine's Bet Ch. 03

 — Sandrine begins to pay off her obligation to Danielle. by BONNIEBREA01/23/144.38

Sandrine's Bet Ch. 04

 — Sandrine makes a choice. by BONNIEBREA01/29/144.48

Sandrine's Bet Ch. 05

 — Danielle continues her dominance of Sandrine. by BONNIEBREA02/02/144.37

Sandrine's Bet Ch. 06

 — Sandrine completes satisfying her bet. by BONNIEBREA02/07/144.46

Sandy's Honeymoon Adventure

 — New bride taken while husband forced to watch. by cuckholdhusband11/21/064.32

Sandy's Walk in the Park

 — Sandy gets taken by five black guys. by Bindingwi08/28/124.14


 — Young Indian Librarian loses sari and dignity with four men. by loveking02/03/114.41

Sanjukta: Indian Office Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Indian woman descends into murky world of criminal law. by TheDarkSwamy07/28/083.53

Santa Claus is Coming

 — She's been on the naughty list for too long. by Goldeniangel11/18/054.38

Santa's Helper

 — Santa's Helper needed help! by satinlvr_mwf12/24/113.90

Santa's Helper Ch. 02

 — Santa's helper is forced to help. by satinlvr_mwf01/21/124.41

Santa's Helper Ch. 03

 — The final chapter... or was it? by satinlvr_mwf06/02/124.21

Santa's Little Helpers

 — Christmas wishes come true, with a little help. by MarkRF11/28/083.92

Santa's Redemption

 — Santa Claus rediscovers his love for spreading joy. by CamilleCarter12/13/023.75

Santa's Reindeer Ch. 01

 — She teased by Santa at the Mall. by jstudio912/13/044.03

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