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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Overnight Stay

 — The motel offers better service than she realizes. by FINC12/30/034.34

Overpowered at the Office

 — One night at work, Simon takes Sandra by surprise. by Bellie44402/05/154.10

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 02

 — Simon gives Sandra an ultimatum. by Bellie44402/07/154.24

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 03

 — Sandra gives Simon what he wants. by Bellie44402/08/154.31

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 04

 — Simon commits break & enter. by Bellie44402/11/154.38

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 05

 — Sandra gets tied down. by Bellie44402/12/154.43

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 06

 — Following an act of rebellion, Simon loses patience. by Bellie44402/14/154.41

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 07

 — A new arrangement. by Bellie44402/17/154.58HOT

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 08

 — Sandra pushes Simon too far. by Bellie44402/20/154.49

Overpowered at the Office Ch. 09

 — They finally get to it. by Bellie44402/24/154.48


 — She's accosted by angry customers after work. by Chicklet05/08/024.27

Overtime Ch. 01

 — He forces his coworker to submit. by Vessira09/13/064.38

Owed Ch. 01

 — She learns what she is. by Lissa s05/23/064.21

Owed Ch. 02

 — She starts to settle into her role. by Lissa s07/28/064.26

Owed Ch. 03

 — She goes shopping. by Lissa s11/30/064.38

Owing Fat Tony

 — Gambler takes a bet to win his wife. by pervinplainpackage12/21/104.00


 — A casual meeting on the jogging path leads to more. by lindiana01/24/053.81


 — Nathan has no idea what I've got in store for him. by Untouchables03/08/103.45

Ownership Has Its Privileges

 — Man takes ownership of His soon to be Mother-in-Law. by Writor11/24/064.34

Owning Elaine Pt. 01

 — Elaine has a new home. by beygaze105/16/154.51HOT

Owning Elaine Pt. 02

 — Elaine starts to make some changes. by beygaze108/26/154.60HOT

Owning Elaine Pt. 03

 — Things keep changing... by beygaze109/06/154.60HOT

Owning Elaine Pt. 04

 — End of the series. by beygaze109/28/154.75HOT

Owning My Favorite Cam Girl Ch. 01

 — A chance meeting turns into the opportunity of a lifetime. by SaveFerrisBueller12/29/174.69HOT

Owning My Favorite Cam Girl Ch. 02

 — My adventure with "Teresa" continues. by SaveFerrisBueller01/07/184.60HOT

Owning My Favorite Cam Girl Ch. 03

 — Sarah Williams finds out that teasing has consequences. by SaveFerrisBueller01/13/184.22

Owning My Friend's Mom

 — 18-year-old guy has the power over his best friend's mom. by Mr Creator03/24/104.50HOT

Owning My Neighbor

 — A desperate neighbor needs my help. by yellowscar11/05/172.88

Owning Professor Ballard Pt. 08

 — Daphne's Desires. by Wifeowner10/11/164.46

Owning Sofia

 — Sofia is taken and sold at auction. by LucaPuca05/19/144.17

Ӕgir's Captive

 — A Viking claims his prize. by Tara_Neale12/11/124.60HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 02

 — One man's perspective... by Tara_Neale01/19/154.47

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 03

 — Another brother...another story. by Tara_Neale02/04/154.50HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 04

 — Youngest... and wisest? by Tara_Neale02/07/154.59HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 05

 — Waking up to a new reality. by Tara_Neale02/20/154.68HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 06

 — Mikael's Demons. by Tara_Neale03/04/154.56HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 07

 — Kirsty's pain. by Tara_Neale03/14/154.64HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 08

 — Still waters run deep...Bjorn's story by Tara_Neale04/14/154.73HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 09

 — Things get...intense... by Tara_Neale04/21/154.74HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 10

 — It all 'comes' together. by Tara_Neale04/22/154.75HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 11

 — Reality check time... by Tara_Neale04/23/154.76HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 12

 — New lessons... by Tara_Neale04/25/154.73HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 13

 — A new dawn... a new life? by Tara_Neale04/28/154.75HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 14

 — The facts of life... by Tara_Neale04/29/154.81HOT

P02_Charley's First Night with Poindexter

 — Charley's first night doesn't go as planned. by Geeky_lover08/05/153.56


 — Package was a neighbor's so he took it over. by Ashson12/05/174.34

Package Delivery

 — This delivery he brought more than just a package. by countrycal02/05/064.18

Paddo Revisited Ch. 01

 — Garth looked out on the car park. by Rolph3510/22/094.27

Paging Dr. Marcus - Second Episode

 — Mr. Marcus plays doctor for the second time. by HarveyMarcus02/19/064.07

Paid in Full

 — Hitchiking couple pay for a ride. by robertjohn04/03/133.71

Paid in Full

 — Young woman gets more than she bargained for. by MeredithEighty808/12/154.26

Pain Relocation

 — Sexy MILF dentist had alternative for flirtatious patient. by milfleglover04/02/143.74

Painful Hostile Arrest

 — Cops arrest and abuse girl on her eighteenth birthday. by shayshaymcdumblehousin05/23/133.25

Painful Hotel Surprise

 — Blonde in miniskirt gets more than she bargained for. by shayshaymcdumblehousin05/11/133.76

Painful Pleasure

 — Carol gets punished for trying to flee Henry. by purringlady06/04/093.16

Painful Wishes

 — She goes out for the evening with brutal consequences. by JavaJoy232109/30/113.92

Painting the Roses Red

 — A man falls in love with his housekeeper/maid. by beagle969001/20/094.32

Pakistani Bride Group Fuck Pt. 02

 — Pakistani bride has first group sex. by Nobodyfamous06/02/164.33

Palace Life Ch. 01

 — Life in the Palace. by abroadsword03/31/083.48

Palace Life Ch. 02

 — Sex in a service station, then she becomes a Horsewoman. by abroadsword04/26/084.00

Palace Life Ch. 03

 — King & HRH take turns with the 'pony'. by abroadsword05/01/083.92

Palace Life Ch. 04

 — The King samples a new Chambermaid. by abroadsword05/05/083.16

Palace Life Ch. 05

 — A news reader serves the King, Adelaide chooses a Princess. by abroadsword09/01/083.81

Pam Continues To Pay

 — The tables slowly get turned. by heybaddaddy03/20/064.32

Pam Gives in to Lust Ch. 01

 — Teacher is seduced by her dominant female friend. by millieteases10/14/104.37

Pam Gives in to Lust Ch. 02

 — Pam goes back to Maureen's and meets four new friends. by millieteases10/17/104.38

Pam Pays a New Price

 — Wife discovers she was never in control. by heybaddaddy03/28/064.42

Pam Pays The Price

 — He teaches his wife it's not nice to tease his friend. by heybaddaddy03/02/064.43

Pam's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Wife humiliated by next door and his friend. by tiedandteased06/30/164.23

Pam's Adventures Ch. 03

 — Wife humiliated and used as cum dump. by tiedandteased08/16/164.24

Pam's Adventures Ch. 05

 — Relief on the way home from doctors. by tiedandteased12/09/164.26

Pam's Adventures Ch. 06

 — Used at the builders yard. by tiedandteased12/15/164.13

Pamela And The Wardclerk

 — Bossy nurse gets put in her place. by applescrush09/14/063.68

Pandora's Box Pt. 01

 — A voyeur kidnaps the woman that caught his eye. by Ramina11/06/114.40

Pandora's Box Pt. 02

 — He begins to build her trust. by Ramina01/17/124.41


 — She had panic attacks when a man got too friendly. by Ashson08/16/164.54HOT

Panther Rising

 — The wildness in a girl takes over. by Rhiannon_Nyx11/22/083.90

Panty Control

 — A woman's boss crosses the line and then some. by FantasyXY03/15/174.32

Panty Raid Gone Bad

 — A hazing stunt for a Frat Pledge goes terribly awry. by Gaius866606/22/164.14

Pantyhose Rapist Gets His Start Pt. 01

 — Pantyhose rapist takes his teacher/friend's mom. by skygod60009/04/154.08

Pantyhose Rapist Gets His Start Pt. 02

 — Pantyhose rapist continues to take his teacher/friend's mom. by skygod60009/06/154.24

Papaver Pilosum - A Gardener's Nightmare!

 — Some may think this is cheating. by hansbwl02/08/114.26

Paperback Writer

 — Stuart's creative writing course leads him up dark alleys. by freddie_clegg02/18/113.20


 — We all hve our own definition of Paradise. by deputy duffy04/09/034.43

Paradise Found

 — Sometimes you don't want to go home. by sharpchick04/02/054.41

Paradise Turns Hell Ch. 01

 — Young doctor forced to become a slut to terrorists. by cumwhore_lisa05/28/114.28

Paradise Turns Hell Ch. 02

 — Lisa's tortures continue. Will she ever escape? by cumwhore_lisa06/08/114.44

Paralegal's Punishment

 — Rachael's mistake might cost her more than just her job... by SecretSecretary02/12/164.41

Parallel Universe Ch. 01

 — Crew forced to travel to parallel universe. by tryanythingtwice02/05/033.93

Parallel Universe Ch. 02

 — New Universe has some surprises for female crew by tryanythingtwice02/07/034.04

Parallel Universe Ch. 03

 — Deana left all alone - or is she ? by tryanythingtwice02/16/034.28

Parallel Universe Final Chapter

 — Tasha's rage gets her into trouble. by tryanythingtwice02/26/034.43

Paramour Rights

 — Interracial love, sex and unspoken rights. by MeredithEighty801/03/154.20

Pardoner's Slave Ch. 02

 — She's further used and degraded by an old man. by DominateHer04/08/124.15

Pardoner's Slave Ch. 03

 — The girls get caught. by DominateHer09/25/124.35

Parent-Teacher Conference

 — She gets more than expected from student's father. by walterio01/28/054.27

Parent-Teacher Conferences

 — A buxom blonde helps her stepson avoid expulsion. by GeorgeTasker01/29/134.48


 — Norman makes her happy but Travis makes her wet. by LipstickSmudges05/24/183.59NEW

Parents Evening Ch. 01

 — A Literotica author is recognised; the fun begins. by Teachgirl_Menderman05/13/074.50HOT

Parents Evening Ch. 02

 — Control of Miss Simpson invades her home life. by Teachgirl_Menderman06/15/074.50HOT

Parents Evening Ch. 03

 — He wakes with a raging hardon. by Teachgirl_Menderman09/22/074.32

Parisian Dreams Pt. 01

 — A young secretarial candidate is waylaid in NYC. by Dutchboy5104/27/173.88

Parisian Dreams Pt. 02

 — Sharon Adams attends her employer's gala. by Dutchboy5104/28/174.11

Park Ranger

 — A young woman gets lost while hiking. by Ashson12/19/124.29

Park Watcher

 — I see odd things happen over there. by Ashson01/24/144.27

Parking Lot

 — She gets more than she bargains for a Taco Bell. by Anopheles09/14/043.98

Parking Lot Assault

 — Wrong place for his right time. by DJ-Khan11/19/043.87

Parking Lot Quickie

 — Pantyhose rapist has a quickie in the parking lot. by skygod60009/09/153.80

Parking With Leigh

 — Policeman interrupts a couple, wants a piece. by Hornyman69WithU04/16/073.82

Parks and Gardens

 — Newby initiated. by starova12/07/133.70

Parole Officer

 — Nick is not a nice person. by charter21710/02/093.91

Part-Time Job

 — A new look at job satisfaction. by Reali_See07/21/132.45

Parties Bore Her

 — She prick teased and got pricked. by aussie_sin03/24/064.32

Parting Gifts

 — When she gives up, he goes in. by ardenlowe04/08/073.91

Party Affairs

 — She sought seclusion for a while and found surprise company. by Ashson05/11/184.39

Party at the Park

 — Young wife attends a party. by Ashson11/26/144.19

Party Boy

 — At a compulsory party and he starts flirting. by Ashson03/03/164.13

Party Ends With A "Bang"

 — Maid of Honor takes matters into her own hands. by VeraNaomi102/16/143.70

Party Favor

 — One Drunk Night leads to a fantasy night of sex. by nonono6904/27/10

Party Favor

 — Mr. Miller makes Shane service his male guests at his party. by Tarash10/15/174.61HOT

Party Favor Pt. 02

 — A few months after the party, Mr. Miller visits Shane. by Tarash11/28/174.43

Party Favor Pt. 03

 — Mr. Miller takes Shane with him for an entire weekend. by Tarash02/01/184.70HOT

Party in the Hills

 — Monique finds out what men in the Industry really want. by mmebutterfly322310/16/114.17

Party Poker

 — Guy is humiliated by vengeful girl. by daltexguy6905/24/033.55

Party Sex

 — She wan't an invited guest. by satinlvr_mwf12/08/063.91

Party Slave

 — A furture world of Slavery and Partying in the Kuiper Belt. by bradley_stoke02/19/023.68

Party Slut Sara: Her Perspective

 — There are two sides to every experience, this one is hers. by Rifraff12305/07/133.87

Party Teaser

 — He teaches her the perils of teasing. by Trapper ak Bobby11/23/05

Party Time

 — Office gossips get more than they bargained for on a night. by AStropirate09/26/124.34

Passed out Black Babe

 — Taking advantage of passed out booty. by birch040212/29/073.80

Passed out Black Babe Ch. 02

 — Taking advantage of passed out babe. by birch040201/05/084.06

Passing Grade

 — 18-year-old virgin is desperate to pass math. by vcard2110/26/103.97

Passing Lane

 — Reluctantly giving a BJ, with payback. by interrobang12/26/064.42

Passing the Course

 — Math's teacher preys on his desperate little student Louisa. by OcherryO08/22/174.30


 — She slapped him, he carried her off. by nina101602/22/043.91

Passion and Promotions Ch. 01

 — Wife is forced to take the hard road to earn promotion. by BeastMan6908/27/124.43

Passion in the Workplace

 — She doesn't have any passion left for her job; he does by Chicklet06/09/033.35

Passion of the Night

 — Is it a dream or reality...does it matter? by KC_DarkFire03/08/104.17

Passport Control Ch. 01

 — Maggie must bargain with customs when caught smuggling. by smagma12/08/154.21

Passport to Pleasure

 — Jim & Judy have trouble entering an African state. by Tony King08/11/014.26

Pastor's Peter

 — Minister finds his own way to heaven with parishoner. by ebunny1509/01/10

Pati Wreaks A Terrible Revenge

 — Attacked and abused, Pati enacts retribution. by At0mica12/27/104.11

Patience is a Virtue

 — Good things come to those who wait. by aworldofstrings03/31/063.36

Patrice and the Wolf

 — Patrice learns why you shouldn't cry wolf... by cedarlooman12/29/124.15

Patricia's Sexual Adventures Ch. 09

 — The dangers of hitchhiking. by cumn2xtc02/06/034.33

Paul Solves a Problem

 — College virgin who's horny all the time, so he solves it. by Underwater212/27/134.00

Paula's Story

 — Middle-class housewife experiences an unexpected change. by Starlight07/14/014.29

Paula's Story Pt. 01

 — A story about first love, reluctance and submission. by Carole_n_Nice08/20/144.55HOT

Paula's Story Pt. 02

 — Paula continues down the wrong path because of love. by Carole_n_Nice08/31/144.51HOT

Paula: Inside Story

 — Trapped. nowhere to hide. by Wyatt04/05/054.12

Paula: The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 2

 — Paula has the screws turned. by Wyatt09/20/014.36

Paula: The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 3

 — She is forced into public humiliation. by Wyatt08/08/024.39

Pauline - Past, Present and Future

 — A Married woman falls under the control of a young man. by Diana195701/17/184.14

Pauline - Past, Present and Future Ch. 02

 — A married woman falls under the control of a young man. by Diana195702/17/184.16

Pauline Bowles

 — Another Pauline twist. by kayce 6911/08/044.37

Pauline Delmar

 — Another peril of Pauline twist. by kayce 6908/03/044.19

Pauline Drax-Summerby

 — Another Peril of Pauline twist. by kayce 6907/17/044.07

Pauline Jones

 — Another Peril story with a twist. by kayce 6901/08/053.95

Pauline Lile

 — Another Pauline with a twist. by kayce 6902/03/054.21

Pauline Parker

 — Another Pauline with a twist. by kayce 6910/14/044.41

Pauline Swift

 — Cheats never prosper. by kayce 6905/04/044.37

Pauline White

 — Another peril, with a twist. by kayce 6901/02/054.12

Pawn Pt. 01

 — Forced into porn, Kacey finds herself as she seeks escape. by KnottLynnHardey05/15/154.26

Pay Back

 — Wife is used to pay back a friend's debt. by SubBabs06/29/104.25

Pay First

 — College couple's plan to rob drug dealer goes bad. by Margin Walker04/12/044.31

Pay For Your Actions

 — Girl is faced with sex or jail. by MasterJack07/07/023.79

Pay For Your Actions Ch. 2

 — She has an accident and has to pay. by MasterJack07/30/024.26

Pay Me In Kind

 — Nubile girl is saved only to fall prey to the savior. by kaama6903/01/154.09

Pay Up, Put Out, or Get Out

 — Coed Tara has no choice with difficult landlord. by bbw4youngercocks106/06/064.28

Pay Your Way

 — Rachel must submit to a stranger after wrecking his car. by Ug02/04/044.38

Payal ki Jhankar Ch. 06

 — Payal Returns to Pakistan via Malaysia. by mughalpunjabi06/02/134.16


 — She learns her lesson about fighting with her neighbors. by bella2611/25/023.53


 — Barry gets a taste of his own medicine. by Lia Monde02/09/054.49


 — What should you do when your ex shows up on the doorstep? by MaaddMaaxx11/17/054.28


 — She's forced to fuck them to pay off her debts. by SpicySweet02/03/074.10


 — Former athlete gets revenge on former teacher. by boogieman1046902/17/123.84

Payback can be Brutal

 — Ruthless, pompous female employee is taken down a notch. by walterio11/07/174.18

Payback Ch. 01

 — Busty girl was betrayed by friends and now it's payback. by jinette05/29/123.48

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