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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Unexpected Satisfaction

 — Intruder in the night. by soncurious08/27/083.36

Unexpected Sex

 — A late night dog walk turns into an unexpected adventure. by Carnal_CowGirl11/01/163.99

Unexpected Situation 01

 — An unexpected situation leads to unexpected pleasures... by babyfaced9311/12/133.93

Unexpected Situation 02

 — Oh man...mmm, that feels good. by babyfaced9311/13/134.19

Unexpected Situation 03

 — "CJ... I think I love you..." by babyfaced9311/27/134.26

Unexpected Slut

 — Online fantasy becomes reality. by Ms_Flibble04/17/044.02

Unexpected Surprise

 — A blind date while travelling becomes a 2 for 1 deal. by GrumpySkates05/18/134.15

Unexpected Treasures

 — A cat burglar discovers some very unplanned pleasures. by TheBigandBaldGuy10/27/094.18

Unexpected Vacation

 — Trisha and friends get kidnapped, but does she like it? by gaggedKitty2308/27/144.46

Unexpected Vacation Ch. 02

 — A fiery sex slave and her friends decide to escape. by gaggedKitty2309/09/144.43

Unexpected Vacation Ch. 03

 — Jalena, Trisha and Cierra get sold into sex slavery. by gaggedKitty2310/02/144.31

Unexpected Visitor

 — Ex-lover Alex intrudes on Taylor's morning. by T1981Emilia11/19/043.67

Unexpected Visitor

 — He feeds off my fear of being alone at night. by annalisajax11/20/133.27

Unexpected Visitor

 — Tori is surprised by a home invader, in more ways than one. by jessfantasies05/19/164.12

Unexpected Visitor

 — Visiting his daughter but that's not her. by Ashson07/05/164.44

Unexpected Visitors

 — A night with friends turns into a nightmare. by jakkinmd12/12/01

Unexpected, Unwanted, Unprotected

 — A tired wife is caught off guard after a long night at work. by Followsmith01/10/184.02

Unfair Trade

 — Krysti has an unwelcome night visitor. by MarciaR02/12/044.16

Unforeseen Side Effects Ch. 01

 — Eugene has issues with his new prescription. by bigtripp1309/03/124.13


 — Pay Back. by mustanger7up10/21/043.96


 — She finds herself stranded. by Ashson04/25/154.13

Unfortunate Events

 — Female mercernary is kidnapped and gang banged. by TRIAX08/18/083.86

Unhappy Anniversary Ch. 1

 — Walter & Sheila don't have happy wedding anniversary. by Tatewaki06/12/024.28

Uni Girl In Moscow

 — how a well-off girl's dream crashed to pieces. by Cherkasov02/05/073.49

Unintentional Pt. 01

 — Cara plans to enjoy a day off until Julian stumbles upon her. by AHWilliam04/08/184.09

Unintentional Seduction of a Friend Ch. 02

 — Playful Dad pursues his adult babysitter. by KristaMorane06/14/113.89

Unintentional Seduction of a Friend Ch. 03

 — Playful Dad ravages his babysitter instead of his wife. by KristaMorane06/15/113.86

Uninvited Hotel Guest

 — She is forced to submit against her will. by doug67667606/06/114.18

Uninvited Night Guest

 — Solitary, old man is alone at home in the dark of the night. by cowboy10911/13/104.07Editor's Pick

Unique Service

 — Lost, she becomes a slave. by bluespoke04/20/043.57

University Stud... Ch. 01

 — It all started with an innocent game of basketball. by fallen_angel_m02/07/063.73

Unjustly Marked

 — You told her that women were only good for one thing. by litany06/06/064.15

Unknowingly Used By A Stranger

 — My hubby led a total stranger to our room. by ilovestrangers01/13/104.04

Unknown Encounter

 — He takes advantage of passed-out coworker. by addict106/16/014.09

Unknown Fantasy

 — You may never know you liked it until you try it. by 7reads05/04/153.82

Unknown Man

 — He waited for the right opportunity. by Darkness00710/14/103.59

Unknown Presence - The Vessel

 — She was the perfect girl but had one problem, nightmares. by stickivicki10/08/123.65

Unlawful Entry Ch. 1

 — Sara's taken unlawfully by the law. by redhotandready06/12/024.36

Unlawful Entry Ch. 2

 — Sara's capture by cops takes turn for worse. by redhotandready06/18/024.36


 — Part two of 'Teaching An Old Dog.' by JimBob4401/29/104.03


 — David drugs Rachael and takes her while unconscious. by proreader06/09/133.78


 — An intruder unlocks more than the door. by wickedtmptrss05/01/074.05

Unlocking the Wife Through Hypnosis Ch. 03

 — I listen as my hypnotized wife is taken without my consent. by wordartist05/05/164.57HOT

Unnatural Progression

 — A ride takes her further than she expected. by starrkers03/30/074.54HOT

Unplugged Tahitian Bank

 — Young woman pays her dues at the bank. by Ggodd77709/14/033.43


 — Gorgeous student seduced by sexy professor against her will. by spicy_diva_xxx02/25/084.38

Unrelenting Ch. 01

 — Sarah is taken against her will, introduced to a new world. by OdderThings03/15/163.90

Unrelenting Ch. 02

 — Sarah is taken against her will, introduced to a new world. by OdderThings03/15/164.02

Unreported Attack

 — When you know you shouldn't be there, don't be. by KayeRoiben06/09/043.08

Unreported Attack: Avenged

 — He didn't see it coming. by KayeRoiben04/07/064.09

Unrequited Lust

 — Ahren doesn't give a damn if Lena wants it or not. by saintlymaya04/18/073.98

Unrequited Lust Ch. 02

 — The aftermath. by saintlymaya08/24/124.29

Unresistable Opportunity

 — He impregnates beautiful passed out stranger. by sexxobject04/19/054.38

Unseen Succubus Ch. 01

 — A haunted house halloween event yeilds more than he expected. by Tired_Eyes12/20/074.36

Unshaded Windows

 — Viciously, angrily, victorious in your pursuit... by sleazyegg08/26/143.64

Unstoppable Force

 — She doesn't know she wants him, till her body tells her. by LilacWine12/09/074.46

Untie Me

 — Won't you set me free? by Peccato02/14/083.95

Until Nathan Found Her

 — A college girl is pursued by the man she thought she wanted. by sea21705/25/102.19

Until We're Both Satisfied

 — A husband's infidelity leads to his wife's revenge by thicktimber09/06/124.15


 — Rough and Tumble by MissAthena08/09/103.93

Untitled Ch 02

 — Another lightly forced sack session. by MissAthena08/10/104.24

Untitled Ch. 01

 — Part One. by CaseyScene05/11/103.68

Untitled Diary Ch. 01

 — Forced to produce for a cum-obsessed doc and her assistants. by phattie05/10/124.46

Untitled: A Tale of Redemption

 — Take a tired mechanic, add a buxom bitch, and stir. by Munky of the North11/02/034.61HOT

Unto Eternity

 — Reluctance with a twist. by NouveauLuneAttentes05/16/044.41

Unusual Job

 — She is dangerous, sexy, and kinky. by cckuay10/02/123.99

Unwanted Advances

 — Real force. A true straight man forced against his will. by lostinthepresent07/22/143.94

Unwanted Gamble Ch. 01

 — Lu is taken and must make difficult choices to survive. by madmaxine1701/15/154.22

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 01

 — Nonconsensual fantasy enthusiast meets serial-rapist. by ellynei04/10/08HOT

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 02

 — 'Joe' is definitely not a nice guy. by ellynei07/02/08HOT

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 03

 — Hopes, emeralds, and nightmares. by ellynei12/23/08HOT

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 04

 — "If you don't come, I won't beat you." by ellynei07/05/09

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 05

 — The After (not The End). by ellynei07/09/09HOT

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 06

 — Resourceful associates. A basement. Welcome home. by ellynei07/12/09

Unwanted Visitors

 — Four men have fun with Erin over a long weekend. by luvithard10/17/084.15

Unwanted Visitors Ch. 02

 — Erin's dilemma continues with the four men. by luvithard10/29/084.40

Unwanted Visitors Ch. 03

 — Erin learns to enjoy backdoor fun. by luvithard11/20/084.57HOT

Unwanted Visitors Ch. 04

 — Erin prepares for her special outing. by luvithard07/13/094.50HOT

Unwilling but Able Ch. 01

 — To keep his job, she says he must fuck her. by aussie_10111/13/094.25

Unwilling but Able Ch. 02

 — At the mercy of 'No-Vadge Valerie'. by aussie_10111/14/094.44

Unwilling but Able Ch. 03

 — Dangerous hijinx in the office. by aussie_10111/15/094.56HOT

Unwilling but Able Ch. 04

 — A new victim for Valerie. by aussie_10111/16/094.71HOT

Unwilling but Able Ch. 05

 — Tables turned - revenge and redemption. by aussie_10101/11/184.71HOT

Unwilling Model

 — Young woman is photographed against her will. by rachel_hirt04/17/114.09

Unwilling Witness

 — Marie is forced to watch John fuck another woman. by Calabama09/06/063.61

Unwinding After Work

 — Amy uses her roommate's throat to unwind after a long day. by JasonJHonz09/20/163.85

Up and Down In Two

 — She volunteers to improve his short game. by Anonanonymous03/21/123.91

Up Dawson's Creek Ch. 01

 — Corrupt duo take no prisoner, family or friends included. by TBA_UK05/14/074.47

Up The Ass With Force Ch. 01

 — The night goes wrong when he meets the guys. by PoorBoyMe10/08/034.14

Up The Stairs

 — Be careful not to slip on the stairs. by Ashson05/05/134.23


 — Love in the elevator. by MalePatternBoldness08/10/034.40

Upper Crust

 — She loses temper with builders. They get their revenge. by Mikro07/10/174.10

Urban Girl in a Village Ch. 01

 — Village men play with a wet college girl in crowded bus. by rosh2102/02/184.03

Urban Legend

 — Her boyfriend needs a grade, she is sold for a term paper. by yeswetstories11/08/084.62HOT

Urban Predator

 — A night through the eyes of the hunter. by ObsidianMan06/24/013.58


 — He uses her. by innocent_2111/17/023.96


 — Tempers flare when Frankie's devotion is questioned. by Myalyn08/03/052.77


 — She has a fantasy to be used. He MAKES it come true. by Tinolt01/29/104.23


 — Taken by her assistant. by kyrah_ndxe05/04/113.71


 — He had to pay a heavy price for her souvenir of their affair. by edrider7304/23/143.63


 — She uses him emotionally, He uses her physically. by roguelife608/12/153.92

Used & Abused

 — Married teacher is blackmailed by students. by Jessiebnh04/07/044.11

Used & Abused Ch. 02

 — The first meeting. by Jessiebnh04/29/044.39

Used & Abused Ch. 03

 — Jes decieves her husband. by Jessiebnh05/05/044.28

Used & Abused Ch. 04

 — She's on call. by Jessiebnh01/02/054.39

Used & Abused Ch. 05

 — Jessie is prepared to Entertain Glen's frat brothers. by Jessiebnh01/10/054.40

Used & Abused Ch. 06

 — She's a frat party slut. by Jessiebnh01/16/054.57HOT

Used & Abused Ch. 08

 — Married slut cums when called. by Jessiebnh02/05/064.44

Used & Abused Ch. 09

 — Can Marc tell what Jes has been up to? by Jessiebnh02/19/064.35

Used & Abused Ch. 10

 — Glen's after school surprise. by Jessiebnh03/15/064.48

Used & Abused Ch. 11

 — Jes becomes the Vice-Principal's slut. by Jessiebnh03/22/064.50HOT

Used & Abused Ch. 12

 — Double your pleasure. by Jessiebnh03/27/064.48

Used & Abused Ch. 14

 — An Amazing Discovery. by Jessiebnh05/09/074.54HOT

Used and Abused Wife

 — Wife is offered to strangers with the help of a drug. by mountainman00610/26/064.12

Used by a Married Couple

 — Couple want a 3sum. He wants FMF, She a MFM. They use me. by bklyn_4012/23/144.33

Used by Strangers

 — Things get out of hand on my morning commute. by Bun7903/22/114.10

Used for Their Pleasure

 — When the rent is due and the land lady is freaky.... by the_harmless10/29/134.07

Used Housemate

 — A random visitor helps himself to my high housemate. by NiceGuy009801/31/153.72

Used While Drunk

 — My best friend's bf uses me while I am drunk. by cindy_4u08/18/114.13

Useless wife

 — Useless wife given to all who want to use her. by dog081005/11/112.64

Using Amelia

 — Amelia comes back to her dorm to find Harlan inside. by leerae13407/13/123.69

Using Ashleigh

 — A young woman is tricked into trading her body for a favor. by AllenWoody04/16/184.42

Using Cassie

 — He uses his former employee. by bigcanuck01/25/084.36

Using His Sister

 — Susan is blackmail by her brother. by Dalejr10/01/044.33

Using His Sister Ch. 01

 — He turns her into a slut. by Dalejr92607/14/043.99

Using Jill

 — Gorgeous, young wife helps her husband. by GrantLee03/01/114.52HOT

Using Jill Ch. 02

 — Hubby leaves Town on Business. by GrantLee06/15/114.62HOT

Using Jill Ch. 03

 — Bo repays a debt. by GrantLee01/09/124.52HOT

Using Jill Ch. 04

 — Jill is badly used for a night. by GrantLee06/26/124.63HOT

Using Jill Ch. 05

 — Jill's memories return. by GrantLee09/07/124.46

Using Jill Ch. 06

 — Bo uses Jill to keep a client. by GrantLee12/05/124.60HOT

Using Jill Ch. 07

 — Jill submits to help her husband. by GrantLee03/01/134.74HOT

Using Jill Ch. 08

 — Jill has to satisfy Billy and his friends. by GrantLee05/27/134.59HOT

Using Jill Ch. 09

 — Her sins are discovered. by GrantLee11/29/134.66HOT

Using Jill Ch. 10

 — Tom seeks to use an unsuspecting woman. by GrantLee09/30/154.69HOT

Using Jill Ch. 11

 — Jill begins working for Jackson. by GrantLee04/16/174.75HOT

Using Jill Ch. 12

 — Billy's father pays a visit. by GrantLee03/02/184.70HOT

Using Laura Ch. 01

 — Laura is forced to become a slut by BM200512/20/053.72

Using Natalie

 — Taking advantage of my brother's ex-girlfriend. by DaftBrit10/30/034.06

Vacation at the Resort

 — Timmy and his mom go to accidentally go to a nudist resort. by Aungvoung08/08/14

Vacation Getaway

 — I thought I would just wake up and it was just a bad dream. by dustindoe0805/26/103.48

Vacation Gone Awry

 — Out of town girl has to serve and service her time. by alan5506/07/094.01

Vacation Night with My Cousin

 — A trick to be played on a sleeping cousin turns into more. by VaguelyErotic07/04/104.29

Vacation Photos

 — Traci leaves her camera at a Nassau restaurant. by eroslit08/19/054.33

Val - The Game Begins Ch. 01 - GOTM

 — Cultists capture Val & her friends at Halloween frat party. by valmcjames08/26/174.39

Val - The Game Begins Ch. 02 - GOTM

 — Cultists capture Val & her friends at Halloween frat party. by valmcjames08/28/174.43

Val - The Game Begins Ch. 03 - GOTM

 — Cultists capture Val & her friends at Halloween frat party. by valmcjames08/29/174.39

Val - The Game Begins Ch. 04 - GOTM

 — Cultists capture Val & her friends at Halloween frat party. by valmcjames08/30/174.45

Val's Agreement

 — Val agrees to do whatever Dennis wants. by Big Darrell05/24/034.48

Valentine's Day Gone Awry

 — It is a story about a master has planned for Heather. by Slave4Doody2nite02/21/123.63

Valentine's Day Present

 — High school spark rekindles – for at least one of them. by depman16002/06/064.18

Valentine's Day Viagra

 — Young wife and sedated father-in-law celebrate Valentine's. by erotowriter01/23/084.34

Valentine's Day: The Abduction

 — He kidnaps his wife and her best friend. by regularguy1302/21/074.50HOT

Valentines Day is for VD

 — It's Valentines Day and Josie's ex wants to celebrate. by JennaMonroe01/22/184.61HOT

Valentines Suprise

 — A young woman is taken and ravished. by Iniquus01/22/093.94

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