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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Without Love

 — Do you really ever get what you want? by SteelAndSilk12/21/113.69

Without My Consent - 1974

 — Naive, stupid, or high: he took advantage of it. by kaye4u09/12/054.03

Woken To Rape

 — Awaken to an intruder... by eccy03/27/153.87

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend

 — Jean forced into being used. by Andi2305/19/124.30

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend Ch. 02

 — Jean attends a Dorm party. by Andi2305/26/124.38

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend Ch. 03

 — Jean is kidnapped. by Andi2305/26/124.25

Woman In Heat

 — She gets it whether she likes it or not. by a butterfly04/18/063.65

Woman's Day

 — The way turn wives into sluts. by Cherkasov02/17/073.76

Women Everywhere

 — Women kidnap young man in the parking lot. by jenny blyth06/08/013.84

Women of New York: Flora

 — A trip to New York changes Flora's life. by J G Parkes07/05/114.16

Women Prisoners Have Needs Too

 — Fresh out of prison, she forces a man to have sex. by midnightfalcon05/04/094.35

Women's Sexual Confessions: Wendy

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/23/093.78

Wonder Woman Duped

 — First Diana Prince, then Wonder Woman... by tryanythingtwice03/01/034.03

Wonderful Time

 — To get myself covered in cum. by lucyyrlav08/27/122.94

Wonderful Time with Boss

 — Hot secretary having fun with her boss. by lucyyrlav05/01/133.68

Wonderfully Wicked Things Ch. 01

 — Dandy and Dolly rule the alley so run, mousey run. by poisonbaby04/27/103.85

Wonderfully Wicked Things Ch. 02

 — Our eyes twinkle in each other's sights... by poisonbaby05/01/104.17

Wonderfully Wicked Things Ch. 03

 — Dandy and Dolly rule the alley so run, mousey run. by poisonbaby05/14/104.00

Woodland Walk: New Opportunities

 — Jill taken and gang-banged on woodland walk with hubby. by ambise09/06/144.04

Woodland Walk: New Opportunities Ch. 02

 — Jill is thoroughly used during gang bang. by ambise01/05/154.35


 — Visited by a stranger while camping. by Ashson05/07/164.18

Work For It

 — Secretary unexpectedly earns her next raise. by SykoSara10/02/053.69

Work Harder For It

 — New intern forced into pleasure after hours at the office. by SykoSara11/06/133.91

Work is Work Ch. 02

 — Anna-Maria is forced to make some hard decisions. by brian47331711/29/104.48

Work Study Ch. 01

 — Layla's new school turns out to surprise her. by kammakazi04/20/164.42

Work Study Ch. 02

 — The inspection continues. by kammakazi04/21/164.51HOT

Work Study Ch. 03

 — Layla learns the rules and witnesses a public humiliation. by kammakazi04/22/164.39

Work Study Ch. 04

 — Layla takes her first class - cunnilingus. by kammakazi04/23/164.58HOT

Work Study Ch. 05

 — Layla is prepared and attends another class. by kammakazi04/27/164.53HOT

Work Study Ch. 06

 — Layla explores anal penetration and is punished. by kammakazi04/28/164.43

Working at the Diner

 — Bikers order lunch and have dessert too. by alan5510/16/083.91

Working Away From Home

 — A chance encounter leads to fulfillment of a fantasy. by Born_to_play04/23/143.85

Working Brenda

 — Taking advantage of a situation pays off. by Graham12/15/003.90

Working for Ms. Jonas

 — Between shifts at the club. by melodytokis02/12/164.07

Working Girl

 — Taking a day off work has consequences. by Ashson06/26/133.95

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 01

 — Hot lady hires Melody for more than work. by SwtGrnApplCandy12/24/033.77

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 02

 — Melody gets the job. by SwtGrnApplCandy01/04/043.63

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 03

 — Melody gets that old feeling again about her new boss lady! by SwtGrnApplCandy10/03/063.93

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 04

 — Melissa gives Melody one on one training at work. by SwtGrnApplCandy03/20/133.90

Working Hard or Hardly... Ch. 05

 — Dan and Melissa teach Melody about special deliveries. by SwtGrnApplCandy03/23/134.27

Working It Off

 — She attempts to pay off her uncle's gambling debts. by allamagione05/07/144.32

Working Late

 — Rebecca works back late...and gets more than she expected. by popeoftheprint12/06/064.12

Working Late

 — She doesn't want to cheat, but can she help it? by cheatingwhore10/29/104.03

Working Late

 — A woman working late is gang banged several times. by Hugger_Mugger02/10/123.89

Working Late

 — Forced in a parking garage. by nawteagirl03/01/123.78

Working Late

 — A non-consent story. by Theakston5804/10/164.14

Working Late

 — Stuck working late, sexually assaulted after dark. by michie09/06/163.91

Working late or One Possible Explanation

 — Hapless Jenny strips herself. by stephenchapman01/06/143.39

Working Mary Over

 — Reluctant Mary's fantasy is fulfilled. by TexCoyote111/08/044.37

Working Nights

 — Rape in the office on camera. by CTrei09/21/044.06

Working on a Saturday

 — Frustration at working the weekend boils over. by Nomean_feet04/06/124.09

Working Overtime

 — An unexpected, but not unwelcomed, encounter. by Flurazepam04/05/034.07

Working Overtime

 — Dave & the Beaner are back. by redstang9805/21/044.29

Working Overtime

 — Young guy puts his female boss to sleep at the office. by Patrick709/18/123.98

Working the Cubicles Ch. 01

 — A young woman's first corporate job. by Tom_Lym10/29/114.00

Working the Cubicles Ch. 02

 — One door closes and another opens. by Tom_Lym11/22/114.24

Working the Frathouse

 — Judy's college career gets sidetracked. by Erotypist07/02/084.05

Working With Christina

 — A young secretary is taken by her coworkers. by juliecuntagious12/18/064.13

Workout Girls

 — Four men take over a women's gym. by pen_telme05/15/074.07


 — The things you learn at a writers' workshop. by SimonBrooke03/07/054.43

World Class 02

 — Under pressure, Tiffany has a revelation. by RipRespon06/25/134.19

World Turned Upside Down Ch. 01

 — What would you do to keep your loved ones safe? by SubWifeSlave04/15/133.73

World's Biggest

 — They couldn’t forget how he had humiliated them. by edrider7305/03/143.45


 — A backpacking vacation turns into slavery. by Mrfriskay12/14/163.41


 — Student becomes the instrument of worship. by jasliz01/08/104.02

Worst Case Ch. 01

 — A hot assassin is captured. by cckuay09/12/124.16

Worst Case Ch. 02

 — She is forced to blow two men. by cckuay09/12/124.19

Worst Case Ch. 03

 — She was taken from behind. by cckuay10/02/123.95


 — Woman struggles with her need to be taken. by 555Date11/27/084.38

Wrath of Ah Puch

 — Anthropologist is raped by tribe's idol and king. by Margin Walker01/18/043.95

Wrath's Instincts

 — The angel of wrath gives in to his violent instincts. by PTwrathwriter12/16/113.38

Wrestling Debbie's Friend

 — Mixed wrestling. by oldnavy5503/12/174.23

Wrestling Memories

 — Female CEO and a security guard remedy their pain. by randallangdon09/24/08

Wrestling Rape

 — Man-on-man match gets kinky. by Darkling01/08/013.63

Wrestling the Shrew

 — A man tames his sister-in law and takes her sub husband. by Lion2465503/16/124.37

Wrong Bet

 — Lesbian fighter loses bet to group of men. by Gamina07/11/113.98

Wrong Night Stand Ch. 01-02

 — A night of fun with a stranger, what could go wrong? by spank_me_red10/08/093.90

Wrong Number Goes Right

 — He thought he was calling Madison’s granddaughter. Oops by milfleglover05/09/164.34

Wrong Place, Right Time

 — Mika is mistakenly grabbed by two men. by PAS03/31/054.22

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

 — Forced. by beeman201212/21/113.28

Wrong Room, Hard Lesson

 — A cocktease learns the hard way. by ladyfreak06/17/103.99

Wrong Room, Right Key

 — He made the mistake; she pays the price. by Don Grampa08/22/034.37

Wrong Ship, New Life

 — Kia ends up on ship bound for new island colony. by Trapid09/09/104.06

Wrong Shower

 — Surprise in the change rooms. by Ashson09/12/144.44

Wrong Side of the Road

 — One white woman, 3 black men, & a windowless van. by floweringquince01/29/073.69

Wrong Turn

 — Woman in a strange city panics and pays the price. by DontScream07/27/104.42

Wrong Turn

 — Wife takes a wrong turn and pays the price. by spider00712/10/123.73

Wrong WIndow

 — A hot summer night and a mistake. by maggie200207/13/053.92

Wrongful Detention

 — Student Teacher assigns a malicious detention. by Ashson01/19/154.41

Wulfwinter Weight Loss Clinic

 — The menu is limited, but the results outstanding. by Wulfwinter08/19/074.48

Wyrd Dream Ch. 02

 — Captured male's adventures take an unexpected turn. by MrDeviant11/24/073.39

Xia Lin's Gambling Woes

 — Wife is forced by men who pay her debts. by writingn00b12/30/134.18

XXX-Mas Carol

 — Married man meets three slutty spirts on Christmas night. by TheTalkMan02/20/144.70HOT

XXXMas Fantasy Cums True

 — She gets lots of presents. by spyman12/07/034.24


 — He teaches his client's stuck-up daughter a lesson. by attero06/08/124.42

Yardwork Ch. 01

 — MILF wants her yard done, gets more. by Robbinglover06/28/133.99

Yardwork Ch. 02

 — Her attempt at revenge fails miserably. by attero06/19/124.59HOT

Yearly Exam

 — I'm late to my appt. My doctor gives me special treatment. by VenusButterflies10/15/124.30

Yearly Exam Ch. 02

 — Dr. Matheson calls me in and uses me roughly. by VenusButterflies10/16/124.30

Yearly Exam Ch. 03

 — The doctors use me as the subject for their meeting. by VenusButterflies10/17/124.44

Yearly Exam Ch. 04

 — I serve some friends of Kelly's. Later, I am humiliated. by VenusButterflies10/19/124.46

Yearly Exam Ch. 05

 — Mark uses me; I get punished for lateness; My boss finds out. by VenusButterflies10/21/124.50HOT

Yearly Exam Ch. 06

 — Mark visits the office. We discover how much I'm worth. by VenusButterflies10/25/124.38

Yearly Exam Ch. 07

 — I am driven to accept that I am a filthy, cum-hungry slut. by VenusButterflies11/19/124.43

Yellow Fever Ch. 01

 — A White intruder ambushes a vulnerable Asian girl. by StealthBreeder02/02/174.52HOT

Yellow Fever Ch. 02

 — The rapist returns for round 2. by StealthBreeder02/10/174.54HOT

Yellow Fever Ch. 03

 — New mother gets unorthodox revenge on her rapist. by StealthBreeder02/22/174.63HOT

Yes Miss Murphy Ch. 02

 — No jerking, just working. by PeterOmez08/14/144.09

Yes Miss Murphy Ch. 03

 — You can cum... but it'll cost ya. by PeterOmez08/16/144.04

Yes! Please Yes!

 — The Continuing Story of Caitlyn and Neil. by Pornprincesst12/01/104.53HOT

Yes, Officer!

 — Allyson gets pulled over and taken advantage of. by anallover2907/10/094.24

Yes, Sergeant Major

 — He crosses the line with his Chain of Command. by WilleZurMacht04/12/094.06

Yes, Sergeant Major

 — Cadet Sergeant Major takes advantage of a horny recruit. by Unannehmlichkeiten10/15/094.21

Yes, Sergeant Major Ch. 02

 — Recruit turns the tables on his CSM!? by Unannehmlichkeiten10/24/094.47

Yet another Las Vegas fantasy

 — Dream or reality, who can tell? by dnc_sl_ut01/02/102.96

Yin & Yang

 — A 'good-girl' and a slut taken against their will. by HaywoodJablome07/28/034.29

Ying Li and the Farm Boys

 — Ying Li is drugged at the farmer's market. by likebadfun02/01/083.88

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 01: Two Peas in a Pod

 — She discovered a side of him that disgusted and aroused her. by edrider7312/01/132.62

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Their expanding sex life became so overblown that it burst. by edrider7312/02/132.40

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 02-3 Ending

 — Payback Inc.: First Justice by FinishTheDamnStory07/23/144.15

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 03: Social Accessory

 — He was cool in demeaning the women; their revenge was hot. by edrider7312/27/133.33

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 04: Switch

 — They didn't know their victims would one day be their wives. by edrider7305/10/143.17

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 05: Adam and Eve

 — Seduced by a she-devil, he went through hell for his wife. by edrider7305/11/142.75

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 06: Maid Service

 — I learned about the etiquette of tipping the hard way. by edrider7305/11/143.87

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 07: Bump

 — Her two personalities were as different as bright light and utter darkness. by edrider7305/13/143.67

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 08: Grind

 — The stripper who shamed her has to face the music. by edrider7305/14/143.08

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 09: Pleasure Island

 — His wife had no idea he had a harem at work. by edrider7305/15/143.76

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 10: Hangover

 — There's no such thing as a bachelor party secret. by edrider7305/16/142.65

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 11: Premature

 — Sex therapy wasn't easy for her, but was mortifying for him. by edrider7305/17/143.38

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 12: Milkshake

 — She aggregated her revenge until it reached critical mass. by edrider7305/18/142.57


 — Lorain is accidentally trapped. by StoryTeller0703/27/094.22

Yoga Ch. 02

 — Lorain is carted away. by StoryTeller0705/10/094.15

Yoga Ch. 03

 — Lorain gives in after all she has little choice. by StoryTeller0712/14/094.44

Yoko Ch. 01

 — Yoko's boring life. by Taunus11/14/153.48

Yoko Ch. 02

 — Yoko gets away. by Taunus11/17/153.55

Yoko Ch. 03

 — Yoko and Rob escape. by Taunus11/20/153.40

You and Me

 — A day of relaxation turns into a day of exhaustion. by MrRager04/29/153.94

You Are What You Are

 — Wife is taken by rich man to be his own. by MeanDickGreen12/28/114.26

You Are What You Are Ch. 02

 — Wife is taken by rich man to be his own. by MeanDickGreen01/03/124.28

You Are What You Are Ch. 03

 — Wife is taken by rich man to be his own. by MeanDickGreen01/04/124.41

You Are What You Are Ch. 04

 — Wife is taken by rich man to be his own. by MeanDickGreen01/05/124.45

You Are What You Are Ch. 05

 — Wife is taken by rich man to be his own. by MeanDickGreen01/06/124.30

You Are What You Are Ch. 06

 — Wife is taken by rich man to be his own. by MeanDickGreen02/03/144.15

You Be The Judge

 — A young woman is asked to judge a contest between two men. by Ashson05/26/134.20

You Belong to Me

 — Her best friend forces her to realize he means more. by LansaraStar05/12/014.20

You Can Cry A River

 — Two junkies rob and rape a woman on her way home from work. by blackzilla9911/22/023.98

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 03

 — I watched her being abused by two men. by Blucher08/26/104.24

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 04

 — I watched her being abused by three black policemen. by Blucher09/05/104.25

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 05

 — Carol has her first gangbang. by Blucher10/15/104.26

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 06

 — Carol goes "dogging". by Blucher02/26/114.26

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 07

 — I watch as Carol is forced to satisfy two men. by Blucher03/07/114.21

You Can Have Her

 — Their Affair is found out, and consequences ensue. by toomuchinmyhead03/24/123.68

You Can Look But Not Touch

 — Richard & Bettina enjoy cam fun. by Pagon03/02/054.40

You Can Run but You Can't Hide

 — A bride to be finds her past catching up with her. by braindump08/31/144.12

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 01

 — A power struggle between a teacher and a new student. by DedeM08/05/104.43

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 02

 — The continued power struggle between teacher and student. by DedeM08/21/104.42

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 03

 — The struggle between teacher and student continues. by DedeM09/27/104.45

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 04

 — The teacher and student story gets even more intense. by DedeM10/11/104.44

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 05

 — Teacher struggling against her student continues. by DedeM01/22/113.99

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 06

 — The conclusion of the teacher/student power struggle! by DedeM05/28/114.12

You Can't Leave Me

 — He makes sure breaking up is VERY hard to do. by a_pearl_choker04/06/08

You Can’t Do That To Me!

 — Reluctant submissive enjoys her ravishment. by dirtyjoe6907/17/063.58

You Dare

 — Sylvia pushes him to the limit. by Lawless1201/17/024.01

You Dirty Whore

 — He has to punish his little angel. by teen_rookie10/13/023.19

You Dirty Whore Ch. 2

 — Little angel recieves more punishment. by teen_rookie10/15/023.41

You Have Drifted Off to Sleep...

 — Sexual Fantasy of pleasurable home invasion (female to male). by JPlayfully05/26/114.43

You Knew

 — Girl puts on exhibition for neighbor. by Ashson04/14/144.25

You Lied

 — Man lies about his immediate intentions. by Ashson11/05/144.32

You Must

 — He doesn't care what she want. He's going to take her. by Ashson03/29/133.84

You Must Remember This Pt. 01

 — Freddie Clegg's abduction business and World War II. by freddie_clegg11/30/073.92

You Must Remember This Pt. 02

 — Freddie finds out about a mission. by freddie_clegg12/14/073.89

You Must Remember This Pt. 03

 — Freddie's mission gets under way. by freddie_clegg01/02/084.38

You Must Remember This Pt. 04

 — Freddie's further adventures in Lisbon. by freddie_clegg01/26/084.50HOT

You Must Remember This Pt. 05

 — The conclusion to Freddie's 1940s adventures. by freddie_clegg02/11/084.12

You Only Learn Twice

 — Taken to keep their scandalous love a secret. by TheyCallMeDelly07/03/133.55

You Say Slut Like it's a Bad Thing

 — Laura's night takes a surprising turn. by fgoddess07/24/124.29

You Still Need Me

 — My ex fiancé shows up unannounced. by SouthenDaisyBelle02/22/173.74

You Teasing Bitch!

 — Well pleasured lady gets revenge. by Drippin Wet03/08/073.50

You Wanna Tap That? Go Tap That!

 — An odd law is introduced to save the California budget. by cowboy10901/29/103.41

You Want the Playboy Channel, Ma'am?

 — Cable guy ravishes new divorcée. by LoreLai09/11/064.59HOT

You Wanted This, Didn't You? Ch. 01

 — Online play becomes surprisingly real when visiting town. by Odyssean06/13/104.09

You Will Call Me Master Ch. 1

 — It started out as cyberfun. by sexyhellion05/19/024.14

You Will Not Deny Me

 — A young woman is forced into a marriage. by hot_gyal03/11/084.33

You Will Not Turn Me Away Again

 —  Peter tires of Shara's rejection. by Katyusha06/16/064.09

You're an Adult

 — Young wife is an erratic driver. by Ashson11/22/144.24

You're Eighteen Now

 — Today was Pamela's birthday. by Ashson09/19/134.03

You're Getting Paid

 — Babysitter expected to do more than just sit. by Ashson09/25/133.95

You're Hired Ch. 01

 — As a manager, Terry will be managing more than product. by 95_5Switch04/15/103.38

You're Hired Ch. 02

 — Terry's first special training assignment. by 95_5Switch05/04/103.56

You're Hired Ch. 03

 — Terry's first specialized training. by 95_5Switch05/05/103.88

You're Hired Ch. 04

 — Terry thinks he was set-up. by 95_5Switch05/05/103.28

You're Mine

 — She is rescued, but is she willing to face the consequences? by LaevusDiabolus05/16/09HOT

You're Mine

 — At a strip club, Elsie wins more than she bargained for. by redheadedslave11/19/103.45

You're Mine Ch. 02

 — Elsie finds out what she's won... and lost. by redheadedslave12/09/104.05

You're Mine Now

 — Teasing good girl gets it. by bluerose31102/23/124.11

You're Not In The House Alone

 — Redhead gets a surprise after work. by redhotandready01/20/024.20

You're Ours, Handsome

 — Taken captive by two bisexuals, and one lesbian. by ZexWizzard02/15/144.12

You've Got Sex Ed.

 — Teacher delegated to teach Sex Ed. by Ashson09/11/144.39

Young Taimie Makes a Movie Ch. 01

 — Aussie coed is blackmailed into porn stardom. by lapropdoc01/04/054.42

Young White Girl in Nigeria

 — A college girl tutors a black basketball player in Nigeria. by JonathanT11/08/124.19

Young Widow Ch. 06

 — Suzie's humiliation. by suzie3w07/31/084.35

Young Wife: Ruined

 — A man unwittenly helps ruin his wife with a wager. by CleoRa10/06/144.36

Young Woman Is Taken In Her Tent

 — A young woman is tied up and taken by two men. by AngieGS09/27/123.71

Younger, Tighter, Better

 — Woman brings in porn to spice up her marriage...bad idea! by TheTalkMan02/25/144.47

Your Apartment

 — Woman's date walks her home, and she cannot resist him. by Mythinos05/18/143.72

Your Fantasy, My Interpretation!

 — Husband discovers wife's rape fantasy & takes it further! by Lemonesque06/04/143.64

Your Kink

 — The knife and the mask only make it hotter. by LadyAnarchy12/10/064.12

Your Marathon Massage

 — You need a massage after your first marathon. by lollipopjoe04/12/023.65

Your Sex Toy

 — I enjoy a morning being used as your sex toy. by Tamara_Dane06/14/114.12

Your Suprise

 — You turn the tables and suprise her, too by moonstormer04/28/064.21

Your Tormentor Ch. 01

 — You're forced to obey his every command. by ciphera01/10/134.37

Your Tormentor Ch. 02

 — He takes a more hands-on approach to ownership. by ciphera01/15/134.27

Your Wife is Now Our Whore

 — Husband is made to turn his pretty wife over to his friends. by wifelvrman08/04/103.74


 — A little control never hurt anyone. by LittleMissDreamer03/25/074.05

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