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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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How The Affair Started Ch. 02

 — Her submission continues. by DukeDakota03/10/043.64

How The Affair Started Ch. 03

 — Jerry introduces "his pets". by DukeDakota03/12/044.18

How to Break Up with Your Girl

 — This really works. by kgtony09/17/134.04

How to Deal with a Cheating Wife

 — A fictional case study. by TheDarkCloud03/31/073.50

How to Force Sex on a Man

 — Three women lure a man home. by midnightfalcon02/28/104.42

How to Get a Job at Fucking

 — A scheming slut aims to work under a hot married man. by TheTalkMan03/31/154.64HOT

How to Screw a Lawyer

 — Jilted husband puts the pieces together. by Altissimus01/18/093.63

How to Succeed in Business

 — A young sales woman discovers the secret. by Leezy08/29/124.50HOT

How Tonight Ends

 — A quick little fantasy for you as you walk home... by HonoursBoy11/16/163.84

How Two Women Wrecked My Celibate Life

 — An abstinent man, his step-sister, and her college professor. by JackTheCrackAttack10/16/144.52HOT

How You Become An Indian Sex Slave

 — The debauching of Mrs Dixon and daughter into sex slaves. by MrRusty200001/10/144.19

Howling in the Darkness

 — Werewolf Adventure. by BJPickle5411/02/153.64

HR Practices Ch. 01

 — Susan agrees to a job interview. by lynm3510/23/024.13

Hubby Allows Wife to be Forced Ch. 01

 — Wife says no to sex with cousin then finds she likes it. by Quietoldie08/20/164.33

Hubby Leaves, She Loses Herself

 — Two men turn her into their whore. by dave323202/10/034.06

Hubby's Away,Wife's Forced to Play

 — Andrea is forced sexually by two rapists. by luv2cum23mls02/13/033.31

Hubby's Debt

 — Linda got home from work ready to relax. by ilove2write4u03/08/123.83

Hubby's Story

 — Husband tells strange story to cops. by Albie11/12/002.86

Huff N Suck

 — College coeds make the grade. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter04/30/164.00

Huge Cock Teaches Sexy Little Bitch

 — She gets it from brutish plumber. by Slamdance07/31/034.19

Human Doll

 — Self-important business woman becomes a doll. by StoryTeller0706/25/114.13

Human Traffic

 — Anya was off to a new and better life - or so she thought. by J G Parkes11/15/064.20

Humble Pie

 — Naked humiliation leads to a wife’s naked revenge. by edrider7306/20/173.81

Humbled Hostage

 — Kidnapped and held for ransom. by FORCEfantasies209/30/034.10

Humbled in Sri Lanka Ch. 02

 — Humbling of arrogant white man by Sri Lankans continues. by slave4servants02/05/124.32


 — A man pays the price for his stupidity. by Horny-Fucker01/13/163.89

Humiliated by My Own Sister

 — Sister forces me to stroke myself in front of her. by SissyAnne04/06/184.11

Humiliated Ch. 01

 — A dare goes wrong. by StoryTeller0705/06/124.26

Humiliated Ch. 02

 — Her friend takes control of her. by StoryTeller0705/06/124.43

Humiliated Ch. 03

 — Forced into becoming a slut. by StoryTeller0705/17/124.44

Humiliated Ch. 04

 — Tracy is swopped for a painting. by StoryTeller0702/21/134.45

Humiliated Ch. 05

 — Tracy on Show in an Art Gallery. by StoryTeller0709/15/134.41

Humiliated for Charity

 — Lara volunteers at a wholesome fair, Marcel has other ideas. by Buzzmeagain09/12/153.15

Humiliating Hook-Up

 — An undercover sissy gets humiliatingly sharked in the park. by Alucarda02/21/183.91

Humiliating Ordeal of the Nude Model

 — She orgasms in front of five men. by Bethany-Anne01/26/044.37

Humiliating Vickie

 — The making of a slut. by ejzhnp06/14/113.49


 — She pushed him too far. He taught her a lesson. by Scorpio4412/06/074.45


 — If you dish it out, be prepared to take it. by Ashson01/11/144.25

Humiliation at Hubby's Workplace Ch. 01

 — Time to ramp up the humiliation for Fiona. by MILowner06/07/174.28

Humiliation at Mollie's Brothel

 — Mr. Sal really wants to humiliate somebody. by JimGrinsted10/28/143.50

Humiliation Fantasy

 — He is forced to please his wife and her lover. by Brutalhawk06/07/084.39

Humiliation Gone Wrong

 — Popular girl arranges a gangbang for her rival. by NapalmD11/09/05

Humiliation Gone Wrong Ch. 02

 — Brooke takes Ashley to the mall. by NapalmD11/15/05

Humiliation Gone Wrong Ch. 03

 — Ashley visits Jenny's house. by NapalmD11/30/05

Humiliations Galore

 — They submit her to exactly that. by Elenia2601/14/094.26

Hungry For Dori

 — Written at the request of a fan. by HungryGuy12/22/033.49

Hungry For Suzy

 — Jane gets her revenge against Suzy. by HungryGuy03/30/104.13

Hungry Jocks

 — Patsy is hunted down and ravished in locker room. by CharlotteGoya05/20/083.30

Hungrypet Meets Her Match

 — A meeting online turns into an abduction. by pet06/28/024.10


 — She is captured by a Bosnian sniper. by furrybert10/21/054.69HOT


 — The new coach had a hunted feeling. by Ashson05/15/174.41

Hunted AU: Strip Search

 — An alternate twist on the characters from my Hunted series. by furrybert06/30/064.55HOT

Hunted: Predator Versus Prey

 — Suzanne is held for some soldiers' amusement. by furrybert09/27/074.34

Hunter Ch. 01

 — The hunt is on; who will come out on top? by MartianMallows04/26/084.15

Hunter's Bet

 — Hunter and his friends make the bet they swore never to use. by TightWhiteHole02/06/163.14

Hunting For Bambi

 — Bikini girl waitresses get more than they bargained for. by patric05/23/044.39

Hunting for Prey

 — Looking for women to share between friends. by i_would10/25/123.48

Hunting Her Own Kind

 — A slave escaped. Now another slave must bring her back. by MasterErebus06/10/164.17

Hunting the Hunters Ch. 01

 — A vampire hunter turns the tables on a sadistic vampiress. by PoliTopSecret09/10/144.13

Hunting the Hunters Ch. 02

 — The vampiress needs a little more restraints. by PoliTopSecret09/11/144.38

Hunting with the Pack

 — First time male anal with a twist. by niteowl200307/11/073.51

Hunting-Close Confinement Sequel

 — Wife is used & abused by hunting party. by AlphaBeatHer09/01/113.78

Hurt Me Good

 — A young lesbian gets what she deserves from older coworker. by tubmilk11/10/034.04

Hurt Me Till I Feel You

 — Pain & pleasure, overcoming one to get to the other. by solitarys_one12/19/064.00

Husband & Wife Rape

 — They're taken separately by men and raped as revenge. by Gusher09/30/013.69

Husband Revenge

 — I get revenge on my cheating wife. by Tharrell07/15/163.79

Husband Sets Her Up

 — Wife enjoys being taken & is joined by husband. by goal3801/23/024.34

Husband Takes Advantage Ch. 01

 — He insists she fucks his two friends. by Quietoldie01/09/144.13

Husband Takes Advantage Ch. 02

 — Another adventure with three 18 year olds by Quietoldie02/16/144.29

Husband Training

 — Wife gets revenge on cheating husband. by Clausimotto09/12/014.09

Husband's Boss Ch. 01

 — Boss forces employee's wife. by spider00708/03/134.22

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 10

 — Tyrone makes Jen fuck Bob and Jeffrey again. by xleglover12/07/124.22

Husband's New Friend

 — It started long ago with very simple thoughts. by maxtoft02/13/123.76

Husband's Revenge

 — A wife is punished for a contract kill gone wrong. by guest611/12/144.00

Husband's Revenge

 — Wife cheats on husband. by TonyMA7003/06/183.71

Husband's Revenge Ch. 03

 — He gets even in a big way. by Headhuntertales11/17/044.28

Husband's Revenge Ch. 04

 — His revenge continues. by Headhuntertales11/21/044.16


 — Nerdy guy tricked by biker chick he went to school with. by ZTVFemdomtales05/11/173.99

Hyper Girl versus Mr Shadow

 — Superhero Erotica. by Tara2105/07/104.41

Hypnosis Ch. 03

 — The author finds out he has been taken advantage of. by velokev04/13/104.45

Hypnotherapy - Patient A

 — Bending his patients to his corrupt and vile will... by Secret_Passion201804/03/184.06

Hypnotherapy - Patient E

 — A hypnotherapist takes advantage of his patients. by Secret_Passion201803/31/184.22

Hypnotherapy - Patient L

 — A hypnotherapist abuses his position and women in his care. by Secret_Passion201803/26/184.03

Hypocrite prude

 — They teach a religious zealot lesson on hypocrisy. by hotpup09/04/084.06

I Am Not Gay, Really

 — Neighbor convinces wife her husband is gay. by edmead04/13/103.89

I Am Whom I Am and Why Pt. 01

 — Jenny's (aka genevieve's) extended life profile. by genevieve_04/16/154.00

I Am Whom I Am and Why Pt. 02

 — Jenny's (aka genevieve's) extended life profile. by genevieve_04/17/153.72

I Am Whom I Am and Why Pt. 03

 — Jenny's (aka genevieve's) extended life profile. by genevieve_04/18/154.53HOT

I Am Whom I Am and Why Pt. 04

 — Genevieve's (Jenny) extended profile of my life. by genevieve_04/21/154.67HOT

I Ate the Milk and Cookies

 — A magical tale of transformation. by DedeM12/05/074.22

I Awoke Tied...A Short Story

 — I was owned hard against my will, but I loved it by His_bitch11/02/093.68

I Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 01

 — A girl smashes the back of my car, I get even in her butt. by NobbySon03/08/184.33

I Bang the Girl who Banged My Car Ch. 02

 — Chloe wanted to be tied up. by NobbySon03/12/184.35

I Became a Gangbang Cock Whore

 — Sexually frustrated wife is coerced into gangbang. by fanatic28208/15/064.41

I Belong To You

 — Parking lot accident is repaid with punishment. by Lily10/08/044.40

I Bet Her Body

 — Gambling addict will even bet his daughter. by SexyGeek01/31/124.05

I Blackmailed Mrs. Greene

 — Never know who might be watching. by Freethoughts9909/15/174.15

I Break For No Man

 — Abused submissive plots revenge. by erinjamison06/05/134.00

I Call Her L. Ch. 01

 — My editor searches for a cure for my writer's block. by addictedtonylon04/28/134.24

I Call Her L. Ch. 02

 — My editor and her friends savor my Literotica rejection. by addictedtonylon05/24/134.22

I Can't Escape

 — She thought she had escaped her abusive boyfriend, until now. by bebuzzlightyear08/17/123.20

I Can't Help But Like It

 — She fights hard, but he fights harder. Her arousal mounts. by She_needs_force07/16/134.19

I Can't Stop Assraping

 — Who put all these sluts on my planet? by vicburress08/03/103.95

I Confess... Pt. 01

 — I bare my soul... confessing to my diary. by pennyd199202/09/184.20

I Confess... Pt. 02

 — Dan tracks Penny down. by pennyd199204/07/183.89

I Control This

 — He said he was done. She had other plans. by immoral_Leo08/16/093.71

I Couldn't Help Myself

 — He knew he shouldn't, but had no choice. by allsdude03/09/184.02

I Couldn't Lie Ch. 01

 — Her father's best friend takes advantage of her. by YoungHarpist04/28/054.45

I couldn't Unfasten Her Safety Belt

 — Girl is trapped in a car by a jammed belt. by Ashson09/17/134.23

I Deserve...

 — A detour on the way home. by BlythePower10/16/104.04

I Did What?

 — A sexy housewife wakes up to find a co-worker in her bed. by Sally Tart04/13/044.44

I Don't Want This... Or Do I?

 — I need release, but not like this. by LunaStone02/13/184.12

I Don't Want Your Wife

 — Jane watches John turn the tables on her husband. by twiztedstories09/08/134.37

I Drown, I Float

 — Seraphelle's recklessness got her into a sticky situation. by MallardGoodbody04/05/163.33

I Every Give Blowjobs

 — Cute guys know me better than I know myself sometimes. by mary_is_boy_crazy04/06/124.12

I Every Give Break-Ins

 — A stranger is just a friend you haven't sucked off yet. by mary_is_boy_crazy04/27/124.48

I Finally Got Him, Girls... Ch. 01

 — She plucked up the nerve and exploited him ruthlessly. by Anonanonymous04/12/124.36

I Find You by the Pool

 — Your body is so sexy, I can't resist taking you. by wdelander04/26/113.59

I Found You You're Mine

 — She picked a bad place to camp. by darkheart6910/01/03

I Fucked His Girlfriend

 — He shares time with sexy Indian woman. by fyodorroark12/13/063.12

I Get Taught a Lesson

 — Natasha gets taught a lesson by her sexy teacher Mr. Evans. by fms961202/26/174.09

I Get These Urges

 — Girl gets it good in her motel room. by Coroner61904/02/094.05

I Get What's Cumming

 — She finds out what her new boss is made of. by wordfucker06/18/054.34

I Got The Job

 — More about Jess. by Andella05/12/043.95

I Had It Coming Ch. 01

 — Crystal never thought her dirty fantasies would come true! by ChildOfAine06/05/143.88

I Had It Coming Ch. 02

 — BBW internet tease Crystal gets deeper in trouble. by ChildOfAine06/11/144.22

I Had It Coming Ch. 03

 — Things are looking grim for BBW tease Crystal... by ChildOfAine06/17/144.20

I Had It Coming Ch. 04

 — BBW tease Crystal gets stuffed! by ChildOfAine09/16/144.08

I Had It Coming Ch. 05

 — A surprise shopping trip for captured fat tease Crystal. by ChildOfAine03/09/154.14

I had Only Gone to the Charity Shop

 — A young man caught up by mature women in crossdressing. by bobberjob04/06/184.09

I Had the Best Intentions

 — Boosting my wife's confidence has unexpected consequences. by abob104/11/134.10

I Had the Best Intentions Ch. 02

 — The road to hell is thus paved - Sequel to ABob1 story by FinishTheDamnStory07/27/144.26

I Hate Everything about You

 — A non-consent story. by KazeNoSasayaki01/06/173.96

I Hate Him!

 — I run into a real jerk at a party. by ladyjane209909/08/134.35

I Hate Liars

 — A prison gaurd tests the honesty of the girls in his jail. by Sean Renaud02/17/093.83

I Hate My Brother

 — Sister is made to pay for her brother's debts. by JustALittleCrazy11/14/143.49

I Hate My Job

 — She steals from work and pays the price. by MakeMeWine02/24/174.04

I Hate Summer

 — Brother takes sister swim suit shopping and awakens desires. by shadow_mynx05/19/163.97

I Hate You

 — Angry spat develops into so much more. by Lady_Writing09/24/063.49

I Have a Dark Side

 — When the darkness engulfs you, strange things happen. by sahilbaxi1804/18/173.86

I Hope He Returns

 — He followed her home. by toniclisa06/06/073.91

I hope Urine a Meating

 — An obedient subordinate gets pissed on & fucked by her boss. by KateSingletary07/28/174.02

I Knew I Was in Trouble

 — He's forced by a man in the park. by kevdog14703/08/093.63

I Know I Should Call The Police

 — Assailant has his way with her and leaves her wanting more. by Madam_Butterfly06/16/104.34

I know That It Was You

 — Ex-con takes her in his truck. by lilmisssmartypants04/13/064.45

I Know Who U Are

 — You bring her fantasy to life. by notalez9910/05/064.68HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 01

 — Student blackmails his teacher. by qqnforyou609/14/024.64HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 02

 — Young student pays his teacher another visit. by qqnforyou611/24/024.67HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 03

 — Student takes his teacher to another level. by qqnforyou612/28/024.69HOTContest Winner

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 04

 — Mrs. Graph isn't real happy. by qqnforyou601/18/034.72HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 05

 — Teacher blackmailed into club and admits she belongs to him by qqnforyou601/26/034.74HOTContest Winner

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 06

 — Stephani didn't bring the money so now she really has to pay by qqnforyou601/31/034.70HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 07

 — Mrs. Graph submits for life. by qqnforyou602/28/034.75HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 08

 — Mrs. Graph tells all about who she did last summer. by qqnforyou603/27/034.69HOT

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 09

 — Stephani finally understands why she needs a Master. by qqnforyou604/09/034.74HOT

I Know You

 — Femdom intruder assaults a male stranger. by Ferns01/30/104.36

I Know You

 — Young lady meets someone she didn't expect to. by Ashson10/13/154.54HOT

I Learned More That Summer...

 — Mentor teaching the student how to please. by anythingtwice01/13/064.06

I Lose My Best Friend's Wife

 — Best friend lets me borrow his wife. I let him down. by jankyman05/16/173.17

I Love Her

 — It starts as it ends. by chaosincubus05/26/114.33

I Love Her

 — I love my sister and I'll fuck her period. by JettLioncourt09/26/162.28

I Love My Job!

 — This important job needs just the right candidate. by IrishHystyker08/24/064.24

I love My Job...

 — Beauty gets stopped and THROUGHLY searched at airport. by DougL0712/14/063.99

I Love You

 — Two sexy Arabs take their teacher home. by samson_edwy07/20/132.70

I Loved You

 — What he did wasn't love. by Slinky'sWench04/15/023.72

I Make My Coworker Bitch Crawl

 — How I converted her arrogance into submission. Sexy! by jimsharma8704/10/183.68

I Meet a very Pretty Girl

 — Narrator meets a beautiful blonde girl who insists on sex. by Swerve9110/16/173.48

I Meet the Perfect Young Lady

 — Beautiful Blonde stunner demands my close attention. by Swerve9110/19/173.42

I Need to Move

 — He watches as friend with big cock takes his wife. by abedrako11/11/084.30

I Never Do

 — I should have run. by greysequoia12/01/124.20

I Never Saw Her Do THAT Before

 — Wife is taken while husband is forced to watch. by Blodax06/16/114.04

I Pay the Price Ch. 01

 — Thieving secretary punished by sadistic boss. by Bibliophile10/31/034.56HOT

I Pay the Price Ch. 02

 — Secretary punished again for stealing. by Bibliophile11/09/034.57HOT

I Put a Spell on You

 — Meddling with magic can be a dangerous thing. by Munachi10/02/084.43

I Saw You Walking

 — A story about wrong place, rough time, for someone! by KrazieKat6904/13/184.17

I Sent Her A Letter

 — A promise of rape between teacher and foreign student. by candel05/20/12

I Should Have Listened!

 — My assistant wanted to become an employee with benefits. by edmead05/01/103.82

I Should Not Have Gone

 — A married woman finds herself in trouble. by neverdone10/20/094.02

I Spy, You Spy

 — Friend spies on wife's husband & gets caught. by spunknwagnels06/14/023.55

I Stole More Than Jewelry

 — A robbery goes wrong. Or does it? by fearthisss08/08/174.32

I Stop For Hot cops

 — Was it a fantasy or was it really happening? by Rattlesnake177509/17/054.36

I Surrender

 — Her past comes back to haunt her. by blueeyedsub01/16/044.38

I Survived

 — First time. by MissDXX05/03/153.26

I Take You in an Alley

 — He forces her into an alley to have his way with her. by LinksPast05/16/123.98

I Take You in an Alley Ch. 02

 — I take you on a ride, you little slut. by LinksPast05/23/124.32

I Thought I Was in Control

 — Crossdresser is taken for the first time. by gucciboy808/10/074.17

I Told Her to Lock the Door

 — She became careless and now rape is inevitable. by tinstar09/06/164.34

I Trust You

 — Some fantasies can only be shared in absolute trust. by crisdixon03/13/174.68HOT

I Waited In The Shadows...

 — Dragged in from the streets, her submission begins. by Slowmoan06/21/104.14

I Waited In The Shadows... Ch. 02

 — Gang fuck takes a very queer turn. by Slowmoan07/02/103.85

I Want To Feel Everything

 — Friend ditches her at a party. by Serpentize02/21/013.87

I Want to Watch

 — Curiosity about observing leads from duo to foursome. by EdDivers06/18/164.29

I Want your Heart, Body and Soul

 — Making a captured Princess give herself to him. by cumnchat07/07/163.96

I Wanted It

 — Someone pays him a visit. by Boyslut10106/11/153.58

I was a Teen-Age Ass Slut

 — Redneck cutie taught a hard lesson by family friend. by KilgoreTrout196705/11/154.29

I Was Bad

 — Help drunk co-worker home. by tonyishere08/06/093.93

I Was Caught

 —  by naughtycountrygirl06/18/144.05

I Was Cured

 — No one is perfect and we all have a dark side. by BesoinNormal6908/19/144.16

I was Put on Display

 — Where I dress so that everything can show. by JeanCFNM06/21/174.06

I was Raped

 — An unexpected encounter at night. by Ashson04/05/174.25

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