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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Cyber Lover

 — Lady decides to meet online his place. by V.Rich05/31/024.27

Cyborg War

 — Future war will change the human race. by missdreamer03/29/093.31

Cynful Enticement Ch. 02

 — Brie gets taken by Cyn08/12/034.11


 — Two white jocks teach an uptight black girl a lesson. by rocketgirl201104/10/074.31

Cynthia Didn't Ask Me Ch. 01

 — His encounter with uptight female roommate. by OttawaLateNite03/28/033.75

Cynthia Didn't Ask Me Ch. 02

 — Cynthia isn't so uptight anymore. by OttawaLateNite04/02/034.06

Czech Adventure

 — Two girls planned to rob him. He took revenge. by Danman4512/11/084.07


 — She discovers the joys of big and black. by JamesxPendergrass09/07/133.87

D.O. Wilson Ch. 02: Recalcitrant Wife

 — D.O. Wilson punishes a cheating wife. by maddiebarry04/27/184.31

D.O. Wilson Ch. 03: The Prostitutes

 — A public punishment for accused prostitutes. by maddiebarry08/14/184.00NEW

Dabney Hunter Ch. 1

 — College professor takes virginity from unwilling freshman. by gushogan06/17/023.80

Dabney Hunter Ch. 2

 — Dabney's version of what happened. by gushogan06/20/023.49

Dad and Son Get Maria

 — Horny dad gets daughter with son's help. by spider00704/08/123.55

Dad Gets Teen Cheerleader Rebound

 — Son's buddy misses at Halloween party, but dad scores by ratdog10/26/014.26

Dad's Conundrum

 — Son-in-law helps father-in-law get laid. by C_FRISKY01/25/054.05

Daddy Across the Hall

 — Kara's fiance uses her and then so does Benjamin. by TastySnack2110/05/174.14

Daddy and Babygirl - A New Girl

 — She gives him a virgin. by daddysgirl8306/24/092.94

Daddy and Babygirl - A New Girl Ch. 02

 — Amy comes back over and is surprised at the video playing. by daddysgirl8306/26/093.87

Daddy and Babygirl and More

 — Daddy's dessert. by daddysgirl8311/01/093.95

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 02

 — A Dream of us. by cwm170111/03/164.06

Daddy Don't Be Mad At Me

 — Her virginity is taken by 3 strangers. by 75corner04/26/064.22

Daddy Fuck Me Ch. 01

 — Daddy bends me over on my 18th birthday. by fuckmedaddy668807/27/183.83

Daddy Takes Beth on Vacation Pt. 01

 — Daddy takes his virgin teen daughter on a church trip. by bittykitty86907/22/174.03

Daddy Takes Beth on Vacation Pt. 02

 — Beth's church seminar continues with Father and some help. by bittykitty86904/12/184.10

Daddy Takes Over

 — Horny daddy realizes his little girl is now a woman. by lollipopslut07/06/074.07

Daddy's Baby

 — A young woman is taken by force by Daddy. by cerulean1008/06/123.90

Daddy's Birthday Gift to Baby Girl

 — 18 year old girl is woken on her birthday by her Daddy. by xnichole_lynnx01/04/183.97

Daddy's Cruise

 — I had been looking forward to this for some time. by love2play101909/01/103.18

Daddy's Darlin' Ch. 05

 — Darlin' goes to 'school'. by FuckDoll04/27/034.33

Daddy's Darlin' Ch. 06

 — Sarah's first day at her new school is a long one. by FuckDoll04/29/034.37

Daddy's Darlin' Ch. 07

 — She finds out what Summerland Academy is all about. by FuckDoll08/15/034.31

Daddy's Darlin' Ch. 08

 — Darlin' meets someone new. by FuckDoll12/13/034.38

Daddy's Darlin' Ch. 10

 — Not a dream at all, a nightmare. by FuckDoll04/05/054.36

Daddy's Dilemma Ch. 01

 — He becomes the slave of the day. by Glenda10002/16/044.01

Daddy's Favourite

 — Always stretch before a work out. by FraserNZ06/03/163.84

Daddy's Fertile Princess

 — A short story about making his princess all his. by Hellsbelles04/19/164.02

Daddy's Girl

 — Her shame is revealed. by SexySadie42003/21/133.81

Daddy's Guilt

 — A true story of how my breeding began. by nyophine12/02/143.22

Daddy's Lesson

 — Daddy teaches his daughter a lesson for not obeying. by AdonaisFan06/26/184.05

Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 02

 — He takes His little girl once again. by melini06/18/094.12

Daddy's Little Test Subject Ch. 01

 — Submissive coed must meet Dean & Professor with Daddy. by DesertLust01/23/094.22

Daddy's Plan

 — Daddy and his little girl show her ex about control. by SnowAngelWhite03/26/154.11

Daddy's Slave

 — Her dad catches get in the act and forces her to orgasm. by __Bold__02/08/153.41

Daddy's Stray Puppy Ch. 01

 — She leaves her husband, and enters a strange new life. by christiewett12/04/133.54

Daddy's Sugar is Back in Town

 — My Suga-Daddy meets me, eats me and beats me. by TrendyTrinityK03/30/163.84

Daddy's Sweet Sissy Pt. 01

 — A young man is forced into a new relationship with his daddy. by SluttySissySil01/20/184.14

Daddy's Whore

 — Amy gets caught on tape by daddy. by honeyspirit1302/10/134.05

Daddy's Whore

 — Daddy realizes his daughter is a whore and punishes her. by NaughtyStorytellerforyou9804/25/183.88

Daddy, Mommy, and Me

 — Ray gets a bday gift she'll never forget from dad and mom. by Touchme1912/05/123.21

Daddy, No Please?

 — A sub's punishment and first water sports experience. by darkitude11/29/093.48

Daddy, Sitter and his Friends

 — Daddy makes me stay with a handsome babysitter. by WynterIsComing12/27/174.05

Daemon Days Ch. 01

 — She's abducted by Daemon. by Erana04/30/074.23

Daemon Days Ch. 02

 — The Daemon continues to hold her captive. by Erana06/26/074.14

Daisy's Changed

 — "No" means "Yes", if you search deep enough. by Guy Montag01/06/063.69

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 25

 — Nate takes advantage. by basicbitch09/16/174.52HOT

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 36

 — Daisy takes a wrong turn. by basicbitch01/23/184.41

Dakota is Repossessed

 — Dakota doesn't know why she has this appointment. by ironquill11/04/174.10

Dameon Claims His Birthright

 — In an imperial society stepmother and daughter are conquered. by bitchbuster09/07/164.28

Dameon Claims His Birthright Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Dameon's enslavement of his mother/sister. by bitchbuster09/12/164.24

Dameon Claims His Birthright Ch. 03

 — Continuation of Dameon's enslavement of his mother/sister. by bitchbuster09/15/164.28

Dameon Claims His Birthright Ch. 04

 — Continuation of Dameon's enslavement of his mother/sister. by bitchbuster11/09/164.17


 — A man is mistaken for a thief and receives punishment. by creativeboyinspring01/28/133.96

Damn That Game

 — A game of truth & dare got him a sexy new girlfriend: ME! by DesiDog01/24/094.07

Damsel in Distress

 — He took reenacting a civil war soldier a little too far... by VeronicaLocke07/12/152.74

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 06

 — No - please no. by Joseki Ko03/08/043.49

Dan's XXX Dream

 — Dan takes possession of Rachel. by graydave03/30/114.32

Dan's XXX Dream Ch. 04

 — Dan sends Rachel to a specialist. by graydave05/10/113.76

Dana Gets Her Wish

 — Dana's two friends help her get pregnant from her guy friend. by wildp04/25/123.51

Dana Gets Screwed

 — New girl has worst possible time at the strip club. by apieceofwork02/04/152.95

Danah's Demise: Office Invasion

 — Tough boss gets special treatment during office robbery. by MsZona08/07/174.57HOT

Dance Me Outside

 — Her flirting gets out of hand & into her mouth. by joeysmallhands02/18/063.94

Dancing for Money

 — No choice but to dance for money. by my_reverie02/06/144.15

Dancing for Money Ch. 02

 — Identity revealed. by my_reverie04/09/144.46

Dancing Lessons

 — She caught him cheating and choreographed her revenge. by edrider7304/18/143.16

Dancing with Debbie

 — Drinks and dancing lead to Debbie's pussy destruction by Sunset9908/12/103.51

Danger Lurks

 — She gets dangerous, yet exciting, surprise after lunch. by savvykatt12/10/043.98

Danger Lurks In Unexpected Places

 — Sara gets a surprise after lunch. by savvykatt12/12/043.89

Danger Viking Territory

 — She likes her lovemaking gentle, or does she? by KinkyByNatureRu09/12/034.16

Dangerous Dame

 — A loggers widow changes the rules. by Deadwood04/18/074.32

Dangerous Encounter

 — He expected something in return for a few drinks. by RoughAndTumbleKitty05/25/083.56

Dangerous Game

 — Woman is taken at bar as husband watches. by Adman05/14/014.10

Dangerous Games Ch. 01

 — Lone woman deals with four men in a bar. by cckuay02/19/144.33

Dangerous Games Ch. 02

 — She kills and then is captured in the Caribbean. by cckuay06/04/144.18

Dangerous Glance

 — Therapist's stray glance gets him in trouble. by PrivatePractice09/10/084.05

Dangerous Liaisons Ch. 1

 — Chubby nymphomaniac invites rough sex. by Barbara08/07/024.10

Dangerous Liaisons. Pt. 2

 — [ Overweight nymphomaniac’s day of reckoning.] by Barbara08/10/024.28

Dangerous Liason

 — Bored wife is taken at a company party. by Loansum12/20/104.32

Dangerous Professions: Porn Star

 — Kayla's agent takes a 'hands on' approach to directing her. by LBGrant05/09/154.72HOT

Dangerous Virtuality

 — He learns the consequences of his actions. by Link Aller10/16/034.07

Dangers of Chat

 — Jamie needs to learn about the rules of chat. by J759704/30/023.64

Dangers of Drinking

 — Woman's first time cheating on her husband. by ncsoccermom08/25/073.84


 — I thought I was hidden, I thought he gave up. by lillibeth306/17/144.10

Daniel's Ch. 02

 — My head was pounding as I stared up into nothing. by lillibeth312/01/144.13

Daniel's Ch. 03

 — Taking a mate. by lillibeth304/16/154.50HOT

Daniel's School Physical

 — 18 year old Daniel gets an unexpected physical at school. by Daniel_Pereira03/08/184.07

Danielle is Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — Danielle's ordeal only gets more complicated. by LadyAurora3901/15/124.26

Danielle Meets a Guy Online Ch. 02

 — Danielle meets her blackmailers. by abob102/06/124.32

Danielle Meets a Guy Online Ch. 03

 — Danielle's first full day at the hands of her blackmailers. by abob102/15/124.44

Danielle Meets a Guy Online Ch. 04

 — Danielle falls into the wrong hands. by abob102/24/124.45

Danielle Meets a Guy Online Ch. 05

 — Danielle exacts some measure of revenge. by abob103/20/124.51HOT

Danielle Meets a Guy Online Ch. 06

 — Danielle is humiliated again and prepared for auction. by abob104/01/124.35

Danielle Meets a Guy Online Ch. 07

 — The auction is completed, but Russell saves the day. by abob104/17/124.39

Danielle's Story

 — Danielle has an out of body experience. by Lord Ranger07/02/053.70

Danielle: Bonus Ch. 01

 — Danielle and Russell make a deal. by abob107/15/134.43

Danielle: Bonus Ch. 02

 — Things escalate quickly when Jeff gives Danielle to the guys. by abob107/30/134.22

Danielle: Bonus Ch. 03

 — The next morning: a reward, & reason for more punishment. by abob111/03/134.28

Danielle: Bonus Ch. 05

 — Danielle's roughest night yet, at the hands of two women. by abob106/27/144.29

Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 03

 — Danielle Takes Command. by SplendidSpunk04/27/104.22


 — Woman finds the man of her dreams is really her nightmare. by ropebound07/01/123.61


 — Daphne and I Trapped in a Cabin. by GoddamnitJenna04/02/163.24

Daphne's Huge Mistake

 — Daphne invites in the delivery man and well...Read on :) by Andi_20062102/25/132.86

Daphne's Lesson in French Creme

 — Girl attends an all-futanari college with expected results. by FourDodos08/23/174.18


 — A stranger in the bushes forces her to surrender. by Jonesinforsugar12/11/034.13

Dare #01

 — Sisters three dare each other. by carmen_has3608/08/103.38

Dare 03

 — Julie's adventure in a biker bar. by TheDarkCloud05/03/084.08

Dare Me Not Ch. 05

 — Brad's command has Janine fantasizing in class. by vexcave09/13/094.19

Daremo Shiranai (Nobody Knows)

 — Be careful what you conjure. by OliviaTwiste10/07/134.32

Darii Ch. 1

 — Young village girl encounters enemy soldiers. by Serpentize11/12/003.21


 — Sometimes the dark is scary. by jess2031911/24/084.24

Dark Alley Hardcore Strap-on Femdom

 — The reason you need to always be alert.. by WhoKnows22510/07/133.85

Dark Clouds Of Lust

 — A white man breaks in and rapes a young Asian girl. by blackzilla9911/22/023.89

Dark Coercion#1: Grade A Pussy

 — Professor coerces a sexy coed. by Jaz10/29/014.30

Dark Dealings

 — Girl is blackmailed by her father's co-worker. by JasonX08/27/013.97

Dark Deeds for Love

 — Becoming a whore to save her husband. by C-Whyte04/09/064.17

Dark Desires

 — She's ravaged by two men in a video booth. by midnightmozart02/09/054.08

Dark Discovery Ch. 1

 — Lesbian love was only first of my dark discoveries. by margo_x_x04/24/024.37

Dark Discovery Ch. 2

 — Tables turn & Pat becomes her plaything. by margo_x_x04/28/023.97

Dark Dragon

 — Jade's purity is taken from her. by My Erotic Tail06/03/043.88

Dark Encounter

 — Remember to do everything the Officer tells you. by Sensuous Storyteller06/06/014.26

Dark Horse Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by AwkwardMD09/26/144.49

Dark Horse Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by AwkwardMD09/28/144.33

Dark Horse Ch. 03

 — Epilogue. by AwkwardMD09/30/144.49

Dark Intentions

 — A dark elf threesome that she has no choice but to take. by DireLilith03/01/07

Dark Justice

 — Lexi crosses the line. by Slinky'sWench02/03/023.90

Dark Karma

 — An evening out, turns into so much more. by Dark_Guardian09/13/093.23

Dark Moon Ch. 02

 — Will she escape? by ninabby02/26/154.42

Dark Pathways

 — Trapped with a man she doesn't even like. by UnderAssumedName09/19/124.14

Dark Rose

 — A troubled man and a mysterious woman. by Dark_Guardian09/19/094.28

Dark Seduction Ch. 01

 — An Indian girl is being stalked perhaps with a sexual intent. by Indian_Princess03/20/154.00

Dark Seduction Ch. 02

 — Pankhudi's torment intensifies. by Indian_Princess03/23/154.24

Dark Seduction Ch. 03

 — Pankhudi gets to know her darkness better. by Indian_Princess04/03/154.27

Dark Seduction Ch. 04

 — Just when things get darker, she finds a ray of hope. by Indian_Princess04/07/154.66HOT

Dark That Follows

 — An open window, a stranger, and a life changed by nkniemi01/04/093.20

Dark Whispers

 — Husband takes what his wife is unwilling to give - or is she? by desertkat07/29/064.16

Darker Conventions

 — A Dark Magician Girl cosplayer gets caught around a corner. by Kodoro10/18/164.16

Darkest Days

 — Revenge must be cruel to be sweet. by deathlynx11/26/113.45

Darkest Night

 — An independent woman meets her new master. by L00KING4aTHUG11/26/034.39

Darkest Night Ch. 02

 — Accepting a date may have been a mistake. by L00KING4aTHUG12/07/034.64HOT

Darkest Night Ch. 03

 — Another mistake? by L00KING4aTHUG09/23/054.51HOT

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