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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Girls Night Out

 — Did you lust? Or did you love? by BamaRock11/18/034.03

Girls Together

 — A woman humiliates a young girl. by realtacuttita02/10/103.84

Girls' Fight Club Ch. 01

 — Catfighting women stripped naked give guys a good show. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/05/074.12

Girls' Fight Club Ch. 02

 — Naked cat fighting women naked give guys a show. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/08/074.10

Girls' Fight Club Ch. 03

 — Cat fighting women reluctantly stripped naked. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/10/073.89

Girls' Nightmare Out Pt. 01

 — Two women's weekly night away leads to... by RogueAlan07/11/164.45

Girls' Weekend

 — Story telling goes only so far. by happywriter00711/14/154.06

Give and Take

 — Rachel sacrifices herself for the good of the environment. by PrincessErin04/11/094.11

Give It a Shot

 — Holly takes a trip to a local dyke bar. by tinasbuttfanfiction08/28/164.01

Give it Up

 — She accepts a backrub, he takes advantage of her lust. by Layla_ODaamn04/10/154.29

Give Me All Your Love - or I Will...

 — It had to be Marley - or no one else. by dsoul11/14/093.56

Give Me Mo'

 — A professional finds herself desiring off-limited things. by chatchatchuckles08/16/083.58

Give Me What I Want

 — Making the secretary happy can lead to hot steamy sex. by AmberRoseThompson09/05/113.81

Given to a Stranger

 — Fantasy with a stranger takes a stranger turn. by vampanya11/16/074.51HOT

Giving Directions (And Taking Them)

 — An offer to give directions turns into a test of endurance. by wannabyour12/04/044.09

Giving Her The Grade

 — She really needs an A. by dapperdan401/09/093.40

Giving Her What She Wanted

 — Horny woman gets the shock of her life. by Kikilvs2611/30/064.14

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 01

 — He gives her what she wanted & more. by Just_for_me09/07/074.17

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 02

 — More join in. by Just_for_me09/21/074.09

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 03

 — They continue to use her. by Just_for_me09/22/074.15

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 04

 — Annie finds out the truth. by Just_for_me09/23/074.35

Giving Him a Ride

 — They picked up a hitchhiker. by Ashson05/21/174.26

Giving In

 — Jacob shows Morgan why it's not good to tease a man. by literaryvixen11/23/083.98

Giving In

 — Reluctantly giving in to my base desires. by KateymyAmy01/04/134.38

Giving In Ch. 01

 — A college student dominates mom's best friend. by linkznut09/16/034.39

Giving in to Temptation

 — A policewoman visits a sex club. by StoryTeller0708/18/074.35

Giving in to the Cock

 — Awoken by an intruder and giving in to his cock. by RStanson06/01/144.25

Giving It Up

 — Chronicle of a black woman. by BlackSnake05/16/063.89

Gladys and Leslie

 — Gladys helps Nick get Leslie. by kkma202412/07/053.89

Glamour Model

 — Her credit card was maxed out, and she was desperate. by edrider7304/12/144.27


 — He breaks in. by girlnon02/07/07

Glass Desk

 — Some job interviews are more in-depth. by Monocle08/29/034.46

Gloria and the Motorcycle Cop

 — Violated for a moving violation. by ElderDirt11/27/174.19

Gloria's Trailer Park Trials

 — Overprotective mother confronts son's bully. by TheDarkCloud07/30/174.31

Gloria's Transformation - Second Rape

 — Gloria endures another forced gangbang to entertain Terrill. by Captain102108/09/173.67

Gloria's Transformation - the Rape

 — Gloria submits to a gang rape to entertain Terrill. by Captain102103/11/173.23

Glory Hole Gone Wrong

 — Guy visits glory hole & is forced to the wrong side. by skip523605/22/064.20

Go On, Ignore Me Now...

 — Skylar tires of Magdalena's mind games and captures her. by kinkybiitchx05/13/114.23


 — A little mothering gets way out of hand. by N_Deavours01/13/184.51HOT

God of Mischief and Lies

 — He will fill her with dark flame. by firefaery11/17/134.77HOT

God Save The Devil Ch. 01

 — A story based on revenge, humiliation and much more... by strtlr6908/31/124.27

God Save The Devil Ch. 02

 — Financial breakdown of the devil. by strtlr6909/10/124.48

God Save The Devil Ch. 03

 — And the game begins... by strtlr6909/26/124.44

God Save The Devil Ch. 04

 — The humiliation continues. by strtlr6910/08/124.47

God Save The Devil Ch. 05

 — Devil's elder daughter is blackmailed and "taken". by strtlr6910/28/124.48

God Save The Devil Ch. 06

 — Devil ripped apart. by strtlr6911/30/124.63HOT

Going Down?

 — An urban huntress stalks and takes her prey. by da_scribe11/26/084.14

Going Home

 — Lana finds that not everyone is as they seem. by Scorpius194506/24/143.67

Going Hungry

 — She finds herself in a new room. by thijssx10/10/153.77

Going Swimming

 — She decided to flash some skinny-dippers. by Ashson05/24/174.06

Going to the Movies

 — A show she wasn't expecting. by Kum_Kitten11/03/064.10

Going Up

 — This is not love in an elevator. by brian47331710/04/094.43

Gold Chains Ch. 01

 — The daughter of a duke is captured by a prince. by venus_in_leather04/26/163.95

Gold Chains Ch. 02

 — The daughter of a duke is captured by a prince. by venus_in_leather04/28/164.31

Golddigger Turned Slave Ch. 01

 — Golddigger gets what she deserves... by stupidworthlesscunt06/22/143.62

Golden Archer

 — A Superheroine is captured in her own home. by Feehan05/24/152.83

Golden Opportunity

 — Eighteen-year-old Goldie is kept and used by three strangers. by Yogakay10/15/154.57HOT

Golden Silence

 — It's just a hot fantasy of rape. by wyldechylde06/28/044.16


 — Who was in her bed? by ccbelle12/19/123.81


 — She was asked to make up a foursome. by Ashson04/11/174.07

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 01

 — Her husband left her out in the cold. by satinlvr_mwf10/18/034.22

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 02

 — A different tale of being taken on the links. by satinlvr_mwf10/25/034.32

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 03

 — Hubby got a promotion, she got an award. by satinlvr_mwf10/31/034.27

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 04

 — She's over-exposed on the links. by satinlvr_mwf11/16/034.28

Golf Player

 — He meets a woman during a game of golf. by Ashson04/03/164.14

Good & Bad Holiday Experiences

 — Sexual experimentation can be good & bad. by babswalker07/11/034.38

Good Fucking Morning Baby Girl

 — A Sub wakes her Daddy with a surprise, but gets one herself. by Permissive_Submissive07/19/174.16

Good Girl

 — In the car. by romaerotica09/23/053.43

Good Girl

 — Brother dominates younger sister. by SubtleCoercion10/06/153.62

Good Girl

 — A guy uses his girlfriend. by yuuum9912/30/173.51

Good Girl Ch. 01

 — One girl's journey of reluctance. by dirtysombrero06/16/173.99

Good Girl Ch. 02

 — Brother dominates younger sister. by SubtleCoercion10/20/154.13

Good Girl Gets It Good

 — She's captured, bound, spanked, fisted & invaded. by cock whore11/22/053.98

Good Girl Goes a Little Bad

 — Justin discovers his dominance as Andi is forced to give in. by dirtylittlejo09/06/104.39

Good Girl Gone Bad

 — Isabelle was an angel, but now... by for_my_master10/06/113.71

Good Girl Heidi

 — She tries to be a good girl. by heidismaster01/06/124.05

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 03

 — Trisha is forced into some more extra credit. by HiddenDevil_09/01/084.55HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 05

 — Oh no! She got caught! Now what? by HiddenDevil_09/13/084.31

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 06

 — Britney pays the principal a visit. by HiddenDevil_09/30/084.56HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 10

 — Trisha tries to save a friend from danger. by HiddenDevil_11/28/084.47

Good Girl, Bad Cop

 — Officer Dan is having a bad day. by NaughtiGrl10/02/053.68

Good Girl, Bad Cops

 — I get pulled over by the cops... by pushmethru2211/02/083.82

Good Helper

 — Indian guy gets aid from dorm assistant and forces her. by journeyman2104/17/093.17

Good Idea

 — David decides to act out is young roommate's fantasy. by JennaMonroe02/06/174.69HOT

Good Little Christian Girl

 — Innocent Lilly gets tricked into becoming a cumslut. by jacobmerriweather09/30/154.54HOT

Good Mornings: A Sequel

 — Christopher discovers all new slave labours of lust. by Jo2106/14/093.53

Good Old Salem

 — Accused witch exchanges sex for life. by Ada LeFay11/28/043.89

Good Puppy

 — Ryan teaches Katie how to bark like a dog. by zomgpuppy05/16/074.06

Good Riddance

 — He was tired of his wife. by Quikpeek02/01/113.50

Good Slut

 — Being used as a good slut after the club. by jjbbkw09/04/153.66

Good Spanking

 — Teacher takes out frustrations on star pupil. by DeepInsideYou10/08/084.25

Good Things Cum in Threes

 — Captive women finds orgasmic bliss. by DollarBill09/19/013.96

Good Wife Pt. 01

 — Carlos is forcefully seduced by his boss' hot wife. by Maria2407/02/173.89

Good Wife Pt. 02

 — Connie gets gangbanged by a large group of hard men. by Maria2407/12/174.08

Goodnight Grace

 — Victorian girl is chloroformed and used by a band of theives. by Brie_de_Jour07/22/174.21

Goodnight Princess

 — Captor enjoys gentle sex with his drugged captive. by Althena01/07/094.05

Goodnight, My Princess!

 — Watch out on the way home, boys! by glspade07/30/033.25


 — Kat is used and abused... all on camera. by memorable_exp04/23/154.00


 — Young woman spreads gossip. by Ashson08/10/144.50HOT

Got ItAgain

 — He blackmails cousin into more sex. by Jae_one_0106/30/013.35

Got to Go

 — Surprise acts of force. by babylondementia02/25/133.97

Government Dog Pt. 01

 — A secret agent bites off more than she can chew. by Plaidpajamas02/15/174.31

Grabbing Janet

 — The lady boss has teased for too long. by StalkingLadies08/17/124.12

Grace Goes to Church

 — A mega church pastor helps Grace cum to God. by Jemma_Jane12/28/113.99

Grace Sold For Cash

 — Tom makes Grace service others for money. by dreamweaver553909/22/154.25


 — Obsession leads to abduction, violent education... and love. by silkysilhouette05/12/084.58HOT

Grading the Family Ch. 01

 — Chloe begins to ensnare Xavier. by FinalStand06/25/124.46

Grading the Family Ch. 02

 — Xavier falls deeper into Chloe’s web. by FinalStand06/27/124.43

Grading the Family Ch. 03

 — Not everyone wants Chloe to triumph over Xavier. by FinalStand06/29/124.44

Graduation Gang Bang

 — Michelle's mistake is costly for her friends and her by PAS01/28/034.31


 — Young women graffiti a man's house. by Ashson02/03/154.41

Grand Departure

 — Step daughter provides better entertainment. by JOCA07/09/023.98

Granddaughter's Treatment Ch. 02

 — The doctor enlists help to treat Rachel. by oolala10/10/094.34

Granny and Her Upskirt Stalker

 — Sexy GILF confronts - and controls - upskirt boy. by milfleglover05/26/154.04

Grappling with a Challenge

 — She knew he'd hate it, but she did it anyway. by edrider7302/06/143.42

Graverly Place

 — Gwen is found guilty; what punishment awaits? by WantonTease10/08/074.29

Greek Holiday

 — Summer in the islands turns into a wild group sex experience. by petitmort10/11/094.30

Green Eyes Ch. 01

 — Tami is seduced & transformed by Eva's amazing milk. by SugarDaddy1907/26/134.57HOT

Green Hell

 — Korean journalist and her husband end up enslaved. by Wifetheif12/01/154.10


 — Protesters chain themselves across a path. by Ashson04/21/144.25

Greenwood Academy Ch. 01

 — Georgiana is sent to Greenwood Academy and meets Mr. Jordan. by kiradarkwinter05/02/154.53HOT

Greg's Family Dinner

 — A long night for Greg's sons. by Vernon7707/03/174.41

Greta Von Yurt's Gestapo Ordeal

 — German wife's ordeal at hands of Oberfürer Otto Stemp. by Arhur Kay07/12/034.44

Greywolfe Strikes Ch. 01-02

 — Girl used as revenge. Andrea fights her captive. by DreamMaker1208/26/114.42

Greywolfe Strikes Ch. 03-04

 — Andrea's decision costs her dearly. by DreamMaker1208/29/114.45

Grocery Store Thief

 — Stealing is a rush, but the punishment is the real thrill. by WarmMilk02/05/104.40

Groped at the Company Party Ch. 03

 — Busty young girl is blackmailed. by ret12304/24/154.31

Groped at the Company Party Ch. 04

 — Blackmailed girl is embarrassed and humiliated. by ret12305/29/154.33

Groped at the Company Party Ch. 05

 — Blackmailed girl asks her mother for help. by ret12306/18/154.33

Groped in the Hot Tub

 — Wife is sexually groped in the hot tub, and liked it. by stlimanika11/01/174.23

Guard Fucks Sexy Female Prisoner

 — Guard gives beautiful prisoner mindblowing sex. by elena03/24/023.35

Guardian Angel Ch. 02

 — A young slut needs somebody to look after her. by Powerofthepen12/31/124.09

Guardian Angel Ch. 03

 — The adventure with Donna continues. by Powerofthepen01/23/134.05

Guardians of the Last Jungle Ch. 01

 — A jungle girl story. by justtheone12/19/174.20

Guardians of the Last Jungle Ch. 03

 — Jace fills in the backstory... by justtheone12/21/174.22

Guardians of the Last Jungle Ch. 04

 — Jungle Girl imprisoned in Bone Tower. by justtheone02/03/184.25

Guerdons of War

 — Three short incidents of ravishment. by Nakod Apa04/13/063.97

Guess: The Ultimate Sex Game

 — A sexy game may be too intense for Danielle. by bobrobertson02/10/144.50HOT

Guess: The Ultimate Sex Game Ch. 02

 — A sexy game may be too intense for Danielle. by bobrobertson02/17/144.57HOT

Guess: The Ultimate Sex Game Ch. 03

 — Danielle submits to Peter. by abob111/09/144.43

Guess: The Ultimate Sex Game Ch. 04

 — Peter continues to use Danielle for his amusement. by abob101/23/154.65HOT

Guess: The Ultimate Sex Game Ch. 05

 — Danielle and Peter spend some quality time together. by abob104/15/154.49

Guess: The Ultimate Sex Game Ch. 06

 — The game resumes and concludes. by abob105/06/164.52HOT


 — Fantasy rape-PLAY. by bleedingred10/19/143.63


 — Caleb and Cali have an agreement. by Noxicity09/12/134.44

Guilt-Free Impossible Dilemma

 — Forced at hostage gunpoint to strip naked; have public sex. by sp9rks04/18/133.59

Guilty Pleasure

 — Taking chances can be scary yet pleasurable. by cheeryorchid04/10/044.40

Guilty Pleasures

 — Sex & blackmail in a grocery store backroom. by JasonX08/27/013.99

Guilty Pleasures

 — Confessions of an addicted woman. by MydnytRayn06/16/034.39

Guilty Pleasures: Preyed Upon

 — He takes what he wants. by May_I05/16/154.59HOT

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

 — She's trapped in an elevator with a convicted rapist. by sexygirl7604/11/083.93

Gulity Pleasures

 — I should've said no...but I love him. by sexywrites2211/21/113.86

Gullible Joe

 — Why me? by MasterGunzen06/14/133.90


 — Attack changes her perspective on sex. by Patchwork08/03/044.43

Gunboats & Gloryholes

 — Prim Christian ladies are corrupted by the new regime. by FazilKotuk06/30/073.57

Gushing Greta Ch. 01

 — "Break In Case of Slut", or, Greta's great awakening. by brandedbrain10/20/154.38

Gushing Greta Ch. 02

 — "Leak of Faith", or, Greta stumbles upon a prayer meeting. by brandedbrain10/23/154.40

Gushing Greta Ch. 03

 — "A Fist, Some Dicks, and a Deal", or, Greta gets a pass. by brandedbrain10/27/154.50HOT

Gushing Greta Ch. 04

 — "Life of the Party", or, celebrating break with a bang. by brandedbrain11/14/154.44

Gushing Greta Ch. 05

 — "Transfer of Property", or, Greta gets black-owned. by brandedbrain12/30/154.51HOT

Gushing Greta Ch. 06

 — "Family Matters", or, Greta learns a lesson. by brandedbrain03/31/164.08

Gushing Greta Ch. 07

 — "Going Away to College", or, trains run on the bus, too. by brandedbrain12/28/174.20

Gwen's Abduction

 — Gwen wakes up bound and naked and surrounded by 3 strangers. by JoleneX06/25/124.20

Gwen's Abduction Ch. 02

 — Gwen lets go and enjoys being used by 3 men. by JoleneX11/28/124.19

Gwen's Journey Ch. 06

 — Collateral damages. by LitRiter09/12/094.46

Gwen's Journey Ch. 07

 — Falling Down. by LitRiter09/16/094.37

Gwendolyn's Story

 — A lady as to pay with her body for her husband's debts. by ladyellen01/22/104.00


 — The shower is hotter than the workout. by Muse Amour05/26/054.13

Gym Ball

 — Young woman learns how not to use a gym ball. by Ashson08/05/154.12

Gym Class

 — Lucy is dreading going to gym class. by luciemaerose07/22/103.48

Gym Class Zero

 — Caught skipping class, Carly gives in to a couple's demands. by hootenanny08/09/164.01

Gym Membership Ch. 01

 — A personal trainer gets a little too hands on. by crystal_clear100006/29/104.15

Gym Membership Ch. 02

 — Will Crystal be able to escape? by crystal_clear100008/20/104.23


 — An unusual photographic session. by Ashson11/30/124.17

Gypsy Rhapsody

 — A Scottish girl finds herself in an erotic situation. by kellieklein09/14/124.61HOT

Had Enough Of Her Leading Me On

 — A naughty tease discovers her friend's darker side. by Shroud2103/18/123.72

Had to have Indi

 — A daddy just has to have his little girl. by RavavaFaezira01/05/183.75

Haiko the Sex Slave

 — Young chinese girl is sold, used and abused. by alcibiade09/21/033.62

Hailey's Story Ch. 02

 — Pain, pleasure, humiliation, and obeying. by xckid7707/09/144.32

Haley and Max Pt. 01

 — Haley loathes Max, but they are actors... by Topdognyc03/02/163.62

Haley is Owned

 — A coke dealer's younger sister pays for his mistake. by Horati0Baccus04/24/094.01

Hali Makes Them Feel Better

 — Cheerleader is taken by the losing team in every hole. by redlippedsub12/11/144.38

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