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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 10

 — Stephanie's life takes a change. by black saphire05/30/094.27

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 11

 — Stephanie tried to resist her Father in Law. by black saphire05/31/094.16

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 12

 — Stephanie is whored out by the Father In Law. by black saphire06/01/094.19

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 13

 — In-Laws gang up on Steph again. by black saphire06/15/094.18


 — A young man takes a friend by force. by writing_princess11/06/103.90

Fuck Authority ... Or Vice Versa

 — Her master claims her as his fuck toy. by loveliesandlullabies03/11/083.60

Fuck Hard

 — Hard brutal love. by sexnovella08/16/144.31

Fuck Me, Please!

 — Lady gets more than she wanted. by Girl Friend10/07/043.09

Fuck the United Nations

 — The punishment fits the crime. by JimGrinsted07/20/154.21

Fuckdolls Ch. 04

 — Laeticia's first contract. by pwr2502/11/134.27

Fucked Against My Will

 — She's taken by a stranger against my will. by justme198401/13/054.14

Fucked by a Friend

 — An old fuck buddy reappears and takes control. by suckprincess02/18/143.85

Fucked by a Friend Ch. 02

 — Shaun returns and uses me in more degrading ways. by suckprincess02/25/143.71

Fucked By Drugging

 — He decided to taste her by giving her a sleeping pill. by sam856406/16/043.81

Fucked Famous

 — Or how she learned to stop worrying and love cock. by CUrsulaMcKracken12/17/093.85

Fucked To Hell, Then Heaven

 — She tells husband how she was ravaged by a stranger. by English Lady06/19/054.12


 — 18-year-old forced on a high platform in a club. by forcemegood06/03/123.92

Fuckin' Poser

 — The perfect girl and her boyfriend cross the rejects. by Sean Renaud02/11/093.99

Fucking a Reluctant Sitter

 — Sexy 18-year-old is ravished by an older man. by KEVGOW07/04/084.00

Fucking Angry

 — Steve and Laurel 'discuss' Xmas shopping. by Edge2312/23/053.91

Fucking For Grades

 — Barbara is graded on sex with her Professor. by quimmaster08/06/044.52HOT

Fucking for Money

 — Josh kept fucking her. by idoit2myself02/19/064.13

Fucking Leasa

 — Leasa is forced into sex. by Henry6710/31/034.34

Fucking Mother

 — Deranged son & cabby teach Mother a lesson. by Tony King06/23/024.34

Fucking Ms. Miller

 — A high school teacher is used by her student. by babs10312/08/144.10

Fucking of Babysitter

 — Indian man takes Jigna. by Rusabhshah06/10/032.99

Fucking Sandra

 — He blackmails his daughter's best friend. by deepemerald02/05/064.24

Fucking the Bitch

 — Dominant guy takes advantage of a bitchy woman. by easygoinguy09/16/093.87

Fucking the Fatty

 — A fat girl gets fucked the way she deserves. by czarroot06/06/152.57

Fucking the Janitor and Her Man

 — Shy Latina is introduced to new perversions. by DkGy03/22/044.22

Fucking the Janitor and Her Man Ch. 02

 — Shy Latina is pleasured against her will. by DkGy12/09/143.85

Fucking the Maid of Honor

 — Groom gives in to seduction of maid of honor on wedding day by clarkville11/25/144.11

Fucking the Queen of Oral

 — A blowjob turns into something unexpected. by katienight07/13/093.70


 — You're his little fucktoy. by CordeAmare07/11/143.98

Fucktoy's Big Adventure Ch. 01

 — She's forced to perform for her captors. by lady_is_a_tramp7603/01/034.20

Fulfilling the Fantasy

 — Philip fulfills his step-sister's fantasy. by walkwolf209/10/064.47

Fulfilling the Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Philip acts out his stepsister's fantasy. by walkwolf202/08/084.55HOT

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 01

 — A college girl must submit to her TA. by abob106/29/124.29

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 02

 — Mokie's Situation Goes from Bad to Worse. by abob107/01/124.38

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 03

 — Mokie's humiliation goes public, then is used by Jenn. by abob107/04/124.30

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 04

 — The ground rules are laid out, and Mokie strays. by abob107/11/124.52HOT

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 05

 — Mokie is sold to Leonard, and gets new piercings. by abob107/12/124.25

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 06

 — Mokie performs her dance, and finds unexpected release. by abob107/18/124.56HOT

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 07

 — Mokie pays a high price for her disobedience. by abob107/19/124.52HOT

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 08

 — Mokie faces her mom and Panda. by abob111/23/124.71HOT

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 09

 — Mokie's night with Panda, Jenn and Jason continues. by abob112/19/124.39

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 10

 — The conclusion to Mokie's Odyssey. by abob102/23/134.73HOT

Full Assistant

 — A desperate woman is taken in and taken. by tonguelasher0112/12/143.26

Full Body Search

 — Airport customs worker uses authority. by MFLuder06/19/074.06

Full Circle

 — A man and wife come full circle in their emotions. by Shantia06/27/113.45

Full House

 — Mick and Karol go to Vegas. Things go wrong. by Pasifal11/26/093.77

Full of Surprises

 — Her boss is not what she'd expected... by OfficeLady10/28/113.87

Full of Surprises Ch. 02

 — She tries to avoid him and ends up pounded in a lift. by OfficeLady12/14/114.16

Full Service

 — Convenience-store clerk lets woman pay with her mouth. by slyc_willie10/13/064.49


 — Asian girl ends up living out her fantasy, and more. by MasterJemerson07/16/09

Fun and Games with Tina

 — After her shower she is taken by surprise. by tallguy220@hotm10/09/063.51

Fun At The Moon Walk

 — Molly gets caught unawares, & pleasure ensues. by a a a03/18/02

Fun Dialogues

 — Brief, intense, verbal exchanges of gendered violation. by switchboy25711/09/083.75

Fun in the Park

 — She is attacked on her way home from work. by Nox66111/04/094.00

Fun in the Shop

 — A young girl is fucked by two horny mechanics. by desirelady02/24/154.23

Fun on the Class Trip

 — Dumb slut gets taught a new type of lesson on the class trip. by firebird6803/05/154.00

Fun on the Class Trip Ch. 02

 — Using Emma's mouth on the bus. by firebird6806/02/154.28

Fun on the Class Trip Ch. 03

 — Hot sex in the hotel. by firebird6806/05/154.36

Fun with Cindy Ch. 01

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k04/16/133.88

Fun with Cindy Ch. 02

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k04/17/134.00

Fun with Cindy Ch. 03

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k04/18/133.98

Fun with Cindy Ch. 04

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuser her for his pleasure. by coyote3k05/02/133.78

Fun with Cindy Ch. 05

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k05/12/134.14

Fun with Cindy Ch. 06

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k05/21/133.83

Fun with Cindy Ch. 07

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k08/23/133.92

Fun with Cindy Ch. 08

 — Cindy is a slave. Her master abuses her for his pleasure. by coyote3k12/31/134.05

Fun with Film

 — Crystal gets blackmailed into amazing sex. by SmoochingSamantha12/11/054.30

Fun With Knives

 — Girl is suprised in her apartment by a dark stranger. by BeautyInDarkness08/19/013.80

Fun with Tourists

 — Two Asian girls get drugged and creampied. by Patrick710/22/153.52


 — New wife reluctantly helps hubby's career at fundraiser. by luciarochester09/06/074.10


 — Abby has a threesome whether she wants it or not. by ReneD08/27/073.77

Further Adventures of Susan Adams Ch. 05

 — Married sex slave. by SteveLee114602/15/144.44

Further Aggression

 — Continued encounter of older teacher & class tease. by jeeves.sounds.off09/17/043.66

Gabby Gets Taken in a Bathroom

 — 18 year old slut gets taken in a bathroom by three older men. by jennahale696907/09/14

Gabi's Afternoon

 — Gabi's reverie is disturbed by a knock on the door. by jack_ing6308/19/114.12

Gabriel's Property

 — New slave gets her first lesson. by Blulady08/11/044.47

Gadget Man

 — Can his gadgets help him find if Becky is slut or victim? by Scorpio4405/05/064.25

Gaining Control

 — He shows his girlfriend who wears the pants in the house. by ladysilverhorn06/25/092.63

Gallery Fuck

 — She gets taken at work. by Azuldrgon09/19/093.78

Gamble for One minute? Ch. 01

 — Carpenter visits & accepts the One minute stamina challenge. by happywriter00703/17/154.13

Gamble for One minute? Ch. 02

 — Carpenter visits & accepts the One minute stamina challenge. by happywriter00703/19/154.29

Gamble for One minute? Ch. 03

 — Tricked into confinement. by happywriter00703/26/154.40

Gamble for One minute? Ch. 04

 — Carpenter tries to turn the tables to win big. by happywriter00703/26/154.36

Gambling Debt Cuckold

 — Watching your spouse paying off the obligation. by edrider7312/19/133.52

Gambling, Sex and Alcohol

 — Older man is visited by 18-year-old female neighbor. by beerlovr8804/12/093.82

Gambling, Sex and Alcohol Ch. 02

 — Her therapist gives her more than she bargained for. by beerlovr8809/11/123.62

Game Change!

 — A young sports star goes after his object of desire. by Unknown36506/21/121.83

Game Day

 — The ultimate hostess for the ultimate game. by Deadwood02/02/063.89

Game Night

 — Online friends meet for the first time. by rantslilgirl06/07/104.05

Game, Set & Match

 — Tennis pro is taken. by Minxly07/03/083.92


 — Your sex game goes a little too far. by PenanceS08/17/032.59

Games of Deceit: Divine Revelations

 — Our antagonist manipulates a small town. by fgmntfmgnshn02/06/144.31

Games People Play

 — She is taken in a hotel while blindfolded and cuffed. by Brutalhawk11/13/144.03

Gameshow Ch. 01

 — Women risk it all on new game show. by mcfbridge02/16/044.01

Gameshow Ch. 02

 — The players arrive. by mcfbridge02/21/044.10

Gameshow Ch. 03

 — Let the game begin. by mcfbridge03/05/044.29

Gameshow Ch. 04

 — The game continues. by mcfbridge03/09/044.47

Gameshow Ch. 05

 — The penalties pick up. by mcfbridge03/14/044.33

Gameshow Ch. 06

 — His will be done. by mcfbridge03/19/044.39

Gameshow Ch. 07

 — Wave the flag and see if anyone salutes. by mcfbridge03/25/044.28

Gameshow Ch. 08

 — This sucks. by mcfbridge03/30/044.39

Gameshow Ch. 09

 — Howie finds heaven. by mcfbridge04/06/044.57HOT

Gameshow Ch. 10

 — What a pain in the ass! by mcfbridge04/10/044.45

Gameshow Ch. 11

 — And the Winner is.. by mcfbridge04/15/044.48

Gameshow Epilogue

 — The game is over. by mcfbridge04/20/044.57HOT

Gamma Delta Xi, 1942

 — Congressman's sister drinks too much at frat party. by eluckenbach12/17/063.65

Gang Bang Down Under

 — email by redeye05/08/013.35

Gang Bang Down Under

 — Wife & her cousin are taken while on vacation. by redeye05/11/013.43

Gang Bang Rendezvous

 — Sneaking out gets Kayla and her chaperone in trouble. by PAS02/15/144.40

Gang Bangs

 — Two gang members pick up hotties. by Goldeniangel12/31/054.21

Gang Girl

 — Not voluntary & not forced; she gives & gets pleasure. by Learningfast09/04/084.17

Gang Girl

 — When joining a gang you must pass the initiation. by Ashson12/18/133.88

Gang Rape of Cody's Mom

 — Sex-starved prisoners with an unlucky mom and her son. by bddphx07/27/133.86

Gang-Bang Fever

 — Tracy is run off the road & straight into trouble. by English Bob07/28/023.87

Gangbang Super Bowl Sunday

 — A jogger gets an interracial gangbang. by Erotica_X09/08/054.03

Gangbang Surprise Ch. 01

 — A sub's secret fantasy is given to her. by Lucis Lil princess06/17/043.97

Gangbanged At Home Ch. 01

 — Wife is taken in her own home. by hornycouplewaiting02/28/044.14

Gangbanged At Home Ch. 02

 — Wife tells him about her rape. by hornycouplewaiting02/29/044.43

Gangbanged By Black Men

 — She is surprised in her own home by three horny black men. by katidid2204/25/073.95


 — When an argument turns nasty, she's ravished. by aaron194402/02/073.59

Gangslut's Background

 — Why does she crave humiliation and rape? by Ildanach12/09/083.89

Gangster Captive Ch. 1

 — Dangerous killer turns a housewife into his slut. by Jigs05/02/014.44

Gangster Captive Ch. 2

 — Bart teaches Mae to be his willing slut. by Jigs06/04/014.54HOT

Gangster Captive Ch. 3

 — Gangster Bart trains Mae to be his slave slut. by Jigs06/14/014.60HOT

Gangster Captive Ch. 4

 — Bart finds new ways to test Mae's submission. by Jigs06/29/014.62HOT

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