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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Eric's Theater Suprise Ch. 02

 — Eric's humiliation takes a new turn. by doctor_devon07/27/094.14


 — A co-ed forces him to perform on other guys for her. by justmakeme11/20/054.20

Erica and the Prviate Detective

 — Erica goes to the police for help and meets Mr Parker. by claire201002/07/104.38

Erica Makes a House Call

 — Erica demands an ever more degrading show. by justmakeme12/10/054.24

Erica Meets Her Neighbour Ch. 03

 — Mr Wood and his friends make Erica do as she's told. by claire201006/03/104.39

Erica Meets Her Neighbour Ch. 04

 — Erica is fucked in her ass and taken home, unconscious. by claire201006/24/104.43

Erica Versus The House

 — A girl tries to endure through a brutal sorority initiation. by Smokey12510/22/143.73

Erica's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Erica is kidnapped by a gang and her life changes. by Oupa9912/30/124.24

Erica's Downfall

 — Stuffy socialite falls from grace. by Lion2465512/02/064.36

Erica's First Date

 — Erica goes on her first date with Peter and meets his father. by claire201001/28/104.19

Erin Visits the Adult Book Store

 — All Erin wanted was a little pleasure when she skipped work. by Master_Exploder01/04/144.16

Erin's Black Forced Seduction

 — Led her to her own son. by qualitywheat11/18/124.46

Erin's Discovery

 — Erin is caught having sex and then spanked by daddy. by JonTorLang12/02/103.74

Eros Academy

 — Young man learns a lot. by StanislawKaslowski201/28/094.01

Erotic Compromise

 — Playing keeps couple out of trouble. by longlegs03/10/012.99

Erotic Enchantment- Sleeping Beauty

 — Carter has to save Princess Rose from her impending doom by thewhitedragon08/16/133.78

Erotic Furry Tale

 — A prehistory metaphor. by FurLove10/04/054.33

Erotic Inc

 — A place that gauarantees satisfaction, but is it real? by rangitamoe07/29/144.25

Erotic Thrill

 — Your disappointment turns to pleasure. by Imaginatrix09/04/034.32


 — His fantasy about his teacher falls into her hands. by Gabriel_Lee12/02/01

Erotica Island Ch. 01

 — She's blackmailed into experiencing her unknown desires. by elusive_buttrfly06/09/074.11

Erotica Island Ch. 02

 — She explores a night of rough sex and bondage. by elusive_buttrfly06/16/074.07

Erotica Island Ch. 03

 — A purrrfect morning in the arms of a new lover. by elusive_buttrfly09/14/074.17

Erotica Island Ch. 04

 — Josie surrenders to her Master and is rewarded. by elusive_buttrfly10/08/074.32

Erotica Island Ch. 05

 — Josie experiences group sex. by elusive_buttrfly01/19/084.11

Error Reduction

 — Improving the bottom line through humiliation. by edrider7301/12/143.48

Escape for the Holiday

 — Woman flees town for the holiday and gets trapped. by 1000dreams12/07/083.93

Escape from Sex Island Pt. 01

 — Natalia and Zachary make a grand escape. by gallifreyfalls07/08/14

Escape to Nowhere

 — Trying to escape from slavery is not advisable. by DominicaPotestas03/13/093.71

Escape to Nowhere Ch. 02

 — The runaway slave is chased across the desert. by DominicaPotestas06/18/094.04

Escape to Nowhere Ch. 03

 — Can the runaway slave escape justice for much longer? by DominicaPotestas10/22/094.11


 — 12 Black convicts use sexy women captives all night. by Loansum03/20/094.22

Escaped Ch. 02

 — Women are sold into sex slavery. by Loansum10/18/094.35

Escaped Ch. 03

 — The women arrive to meet their new Owner. by Loansum09/18/104.29

Escort Meets Family Friend

 — My first time as a prostitute is with dad's best friend. by jessica199209/28/164.12

Estrella War XVIIII: Mollo's Story

 — The Mollo is taken. by Joseki Ko06/18/043.97


 — Clubbing has its hazards. by powersptr04/16/133.64

European Vacation Ch. 01

 — Melissa and Cathy are stranded in Germany. by RodSamson4203/11/093.88

European Vacation Ch. 02

 — Melissa and Cathy meet an American businessman. by RodSamson4207/14/094.05

Eva and Her Debt

 — Latina beauty goes to humilating extremes to pay her debt. by syrettVII12/03/13

Eva's Awakening

 — She discovers herself ... with some help. by Sunriser09/02/094.33

Eva's Awakening

 — Drugged and tied, Eva is used. by FluteMaster07/13/154.33

Eva's Education

 — Two guy like the same college student. by Zilchie04/08/144.04

Evaline May in Africa

 — Evie joins in the annual native fertility festival. by abroadsword02/26/113.92


 — She checks Evangelina for her husband. by vrosej1005/25/093.98

Eve's Extraordinary Experiments Ch. 01

 — Mage Eve loves to experiment! But things go wrong... by chaostranquility06/02/164.20

Eve's Love Nest Pt. 01

 — Newlyweds go to island resort for special honeymoon. by Dr. Dusti Lee10/04/034.11

Eve's Love Nest Pt. 02

 — Cindy & Rich's 2nd day of honeymoon bliss. by Dr. Dusti Lee10/07/034.24

Eve's New Job

 — A job with strict demands. by davine01/23/144.60HOT

Eve's New Job Ch. 02

 — Training. by davine02/14/144.56HOT

Eve's New Job Ch. 03

 — Eve learns more about her role. by davine02/28/144.50HOT

Eve's New Job Ch. 04

 — Eve moves up. by davine04/09/144.62HOT

Eve, Modern Cave Girl

 — Husband and wife investigate a tribe of modern primitives. by Wifetheif08/11/154.32

Evelyn Elects to Remain a Slut

 — Evelyn has a choice. by SplendidSpunk01/14/104.51HOT

Evelyn's Debt

 — A college student learns how parents paid her tuition. by SplendidSpunk10/12/084.27

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 02

 — College student learns price of rebellion. by SplendidSpunk10/14/084.27

Evelyn's Final Rose

 — Evelyn learns who kidnapped her and more. by SplendidSpunk10/29/114.05

Evelyn's Life Changes Again

 — Evelyn' latest exposure. by SplendidSpunk12/29/094.66HOT

Evelyn's New Mistress

 — Evelyn's new life. by SplendidSpunk12/13/094.38

Even A Dom Has An Off Day

 — Learning my own lesson. by OntarioCavegirl05/02/114.18

Even Ponygirls Sometimes Get The Blues Ch. 01

 — The Bunny Camp. by Aurelius_PG11/05/143.97

Even Ponygirls Sometimes Get The Blues Ch. 02

 — The Ponygirl Trap. by Aurelius_PG11/12/144.22

Even Ponygirls Sometimes Get The Blues Ch. 03

 — The Transport Cage by Aurelius_PG11/18/144.14

Evening Run

 — She is dragged into the bush during an evening jog. by oziguy12/22/113.49

Evening With My Roommate

 — Home invasion leads to rough treatment. by UnrealizedMistress06/09/133.50

Evening Woods

 — Teens have their fantasies fulfilled. (Trespassers # 2) by KenJames09/09/034.43

Every Dick Has Its Day Ch. 03

 — Al is kidnapped. Can Mary rescue him? by regularguy1312/12/174.00

Every Night

 — She learns to love getting pregnant. by Iole12/08/143.75

Every Woman's Darkest Fantasy

 — Being raped never felt so good. by ErroticWhispers02/05/044.08

Everybody's Got a Price

 — Cute cop makes a porno. by TheDarkCloud02/01/054.10

Everyone Has An Achilles Heel Ch. 01

 — What a wife will do to save her man. by taken1307/25/044.13

Everyone Has An Achilles Heel Ch. 02

 — She does it all to save husband. by taken1307/27/044.22

Everyone is Invited

 — Mistress disgraces popular guy at HS reunion. by Storiest02/18/133.79

Everyone, But Me

 — A reluctant coed has a lesbian encounter on a train. by YourGirlGracie04/01/164.23


 — He leaves everything behind. by Chosen_Ascendant05/14/073.85


 — A Fantasy of Control and Submission. by sfo1sjb02/01/184.08

Everything Was Set

 — You are kidnapped. by adie_e09/30/033.93

Everything Will Change Ch. 02

 — Jasmine meets all the people of her new world. by DreamMaker1205/20/114.44


 — How we first met. by new_lothario07/04/094.14

Eviction Notice

 — Man must pay his Landlady. by XStorytellerX11/21/114.26


 — An obsessed man uses a heartsick woman as his slave. by KnottLynnHardey07/06/124.32

Evil Ch. 01

 — A step-mom's plans to rid herself of her step-daughters. by Whinston07/07/094.24

Evil Ch. 02

 — Felicia's torment continues. by Whinston08/20/094.27

Evil Ch. 03

 — Felicia's body is winning over her mind. by Whinston02/26/104.35

Evil Ch. 04

 — Just one more before home? by Whinston02/27/104.31

Evil Secretary Ch. 01

 — Amy goes after her married boss. by SylviaG04/12/093.95

Evil Secretary Ch. 02

 — Amy has a rival, and goes to see Mrs Silver. by SylviaG04/14/094.50HOT

Evil Secretary Ch. 03

 — Amy is attacked by Mandy after getting the contract. by SylviaG04/16/094.41

Evil Secretary Ch. 04

 — Harris makes his move on Amy, and she visits her sick mother. by SylviaG04/18/094.38

Evil Secretary Ch. 05

 — Amy moves in with Harris, and starts work on his sons. by SylviaG04/20/094.53HOT

Evil Secretary Ch. 06

 — Amy's plans come together, but Freddie is being difficult. by SylviaG04/22/094.60HOT

Evil Secretary Ch. 07

 — Two endings for Amy the evil secretary. by SylviaG04/23/094.45

Evil Tennis Pro

 — Hot female tennis pro targets her rival's hubby. by OnlyaFantasy08/22/084.28

Evil Twins

 — He's dominated and humiliated. by Omega1203/15/053.32


 — Breaking my sobriety, breaking all the rules. by VoluptuousCara01/04/153.37

Evolution of Laurie Ch. 01

 — Sexual evolution of Laurie Mays. by tbucky11/19/083.97


 — Finding her ex-husbands DVD of my girlfriend. by Puppygirl07/24/173.96

Ex-Girlfriend was in a Bind

 — Ex has bondage mishap, so I help - but have some fun first. by WhiteGuy1212/10/134.60HOT

Exam Results

 — An entrepreneur in the school has things for sale. by Ashson04/11/174.29

Exam Turnaround

 — Medical exam goes all wrong, or all right? by valmet09/10/024.09

Excerpt from a Diary

 — Maid describes her day. by Ashson10/24/164.14

Exchange Student

 — Young man pressures a reluctant exchange student for sex. by justanotherjoe09/04/094.18

Exchange Student

 — Her new family loves her. by snaillover6911/13/143.99

Exchanging Favors

 — A wife tries to help her husband. by mr_sexybeast12/24/123.74

Exclusive Club Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife learn that contest was rigged. by Kippy18908/19/114.31

Exclusive Club Ch. 02

 — The final act. by Kippy18908/21/114.48

Exclusive Club Ch. 03

 — 3rd installment in series. by Kippy18911/01/114.25

Exclusive Club Remembered Ch. 01

 — Melody remembers back. by Kippy18905/01/134.17

Exclusive Club Remembered Ch. 02

 — Melody has been prepared. by Kippy18905/14/134.15

Exclusive Club Remembered Ch. 03

 — The evening's final act. by Kippy18905/15/134.05

Excursion Gone Wrong

 — Vacationing couple endures interrogation and trial. by hazel4305/03/053.77


 — The leaker of company secrets gets caught. by kc_crozetti03/17/174.12

Executive Decisions, Ch. 01

 — How far will she go to keep her job? by ashejenn09/21/054.18

Exhausted Enlightenment

 — No one can decide when they have an epiphany. by RichardSchwarz6903/18/114.31

Exhibitionists Encounter

 — Exhibitionist's plans go awry when bikers show up. by PAS09/21/124.37


 — She is waiting for his return and what it will entail. by obsidiandescent04/06/114.26

Exotic Lands and Strange Customs

 — Couple runs afoul of small country's strict dress code. by Chastebob01/11/173.82

Expect the Unexpected

 — Christina learns to expect the unexpected. by TX_Fun_Dr07/11/084.45


 — Sophie is raped. Part 2 of The House of Sophie De Frontenac. by Jack T. Ladd08/14/034.35

Experience Ch. 01

 — Young model learns what it takes to make it in the industry. by Tegan0Kennedy03/04/104.01


 — Could she stop her husband's cheating scientifically? by edrider7304/23/143.36

Experiment with Hypnotism

 — Husband hypnotizes wife and helps her to relax, and more... by sammysx11/06/164.20

Experimental Biology Ch. 01

 — Two young scientists fall victim to an experiment gone awry. by PhDwriting03/15/174.13

Experimental Biology Ch. 02

 — Trisha is helpless as Aria experiences biological changes. by PhDwriting03/21/174.35

Expliotation of Erica

 — She re-enters his life, & suffers the consequences. by falcon608/04/014.11

Exploitation of a Housewife

 — Wife is blackmailed and reveals her true self. by A Cracker Slut09/14/024.38

Exploitation of a Housewife Ch. 2

 — Fay's submission to her Master is complete. by A Cracker Slut09/26/024.50HOT


 — She won't give up on her dream of humiliating him. by edrider7303/07/142.88

Exploring Laura

 — What do you expect when you pass out in a fraternity house? by ThatGuy2710/27/073.87

Exploring the Body Politic

 — One more hurdle before graduation. by ChandrasekharLimit01/30/144.42


 — Linda is humilated in front of the whole bar. by bigbreastfan08/21/053.27


 — Dressed as a man Rose thought she was safe. by Vlinder_Fawn06/16/114.21

Exposed Again!

 — Linda is publicly humiliated again. by bigbreastfan08/28/053.54

Exposed by His Parent

 — Caught in the act by her boyfriend's dad, Angel is exposed. by AngelBell03/13/124.27

Exposed in Zumbala

 — Humiliation in public. by justins96103/27/163.72


 — Fear of loudly moaning and giving herself away. by RunningJib11/24/114.08

Exposing My Fantasy

 — I make my fantasy come true at my girlfriend's expense. by surrealerotic02/03/154.10

Exposing the Caregiver Ch. 01

 — A group home caregiver finds herself on a path to debauchery by YummyTiger08/31/144.13

Exposing the Caregiver Ch. 02

 — Clare continues to grow bolder, leading to trouble. by YummyTiger09/04/144.52HOT

Exposing the Caregiver Ch. 03

 — Clare learns giving an old man a bath can be challenging. by YummyTiger09/05/144.65HOT

Express Train, Express Rape

 — Newlywed Indian wife gets forced on overnight train journey. by OnlineSlut12/12/133.87

Extorting the English Teacher

 — A story based on a plot by zurustru. by tangentjoker03/09/144.36

Extra Cash

 — Young couple short of money agree to make a porno film. by loveking09/27/114.47

Extra Credit

 — Alison needs the extra credit to graduate. by lynne118611/04/043.80

Extra Credit

 — How can Jennifer save her chance to graduate this time? by TerraIncognita09/08/093.81

Extra Credit

 — Ellise gets a detention but it turns out to be more sinister. by EvelynEden07/25/154.12

Extra Credit Ch. 01

 — Will Cassie pass or will she fail? by Always_want_more03/07/053.90

Extra Credit Ch. 05

 — The Conclusion. by lakesailer_mi03/05/104.18

Extra Credit: The Tease Ch. 01

 — She takes control, until her teacher takes it from her. by bluegasoverredart05/11/054.32

Extra Money

 — Mandy agrees to pose nude to earn some cash. by lynm3503/19/033.51


 — A college student gets caught red-handed in men's room. by LadyCypris10/23/114.20

Extreme Fantasies Fullfilled

 — Take a Ride on the Wild Side. by Smitty490010/08/094.06

Extreme Pleasures

 — A study in masochism. by Julie2008/14/114.34

Extreme Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Tara unravels. by Julie2008/25/114.07

Extreme Shopper

 — Jilted wife gets a surprise at the store. by Todd-'o'-Vision01/02/022.93

EXXXtreme Wrestling

 — American wrestler in Japan puts on show. by JBanks11/12/004.01

Eye Candy, Deflowering Stephannie

 — First rule of business, customer satisfaction. by theslutmaster10/07/024.13

Eyes at the Diner

 — Black girl learns her place in the back of a diner. by subwryter02/26/153.68

Facesitting Fun with My Roommate

 — Vivian wants another form of payment for next month's rent. by RavishedDoe03/22/134.19

Fact And Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Harry blackmails me. by SylviaG09/05/134.16

Facts of Life

 — Caught alone while camping. by Ashson03/27/164.13


 — Cheating, non-consent, cuckold. by Rocketspeedfish07/17/144.04

Failed Nurse

 — A home nurse falls to victim to her depravity. by CleoRa10/30/144.19

Failing Maths

 — Ruth is called to her Maths teacher for failing her test. by Irid04/16/083.72


 — Audrey's birthday gift appears to develop a mind of its own. by mindventure02/07/144.53HOT

Fair's Fair

 — Woman seduces a man's son. by Ashson11/05/134.24

Fairy Tales Ch. 02

 — Ella comes home from the ball. by peaches0703/21/134.18

Fairy Tales Ch. 03

 — Sleeping Beauty at the Dentist. by peaches0702/22/154.15

Fairy Tales Ch. 04

 — Little Red meets the Big Bad. by peaches0702/25/154.15

Fairy Ties

 — An abducted newlywed must face the fairy king. by OliviaLaVue07/27/144.20

Fairytale: Beauty and the Beast

 — She is given in exchange for her greedy father's life. by medievalfantasywriter08/08/134.16

Faith and Lust

 — A man attempts to seduce a nun. by Writer68912/17/142.37

Faith Heals The Frustration Ch. 01

 — Wife's best friend helps me out. by badtobadone07/25/103.69

Faith Heals The Frustration Ch. 02

 — Her healing continues or does it. by badtobadone08/02/103.80

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