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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Valerie Gets Hammered

 — His wife shows him her submissive side. by MarlinPerkins02/15/064.30

Valerie Hates Dan Ch. 01

 — She will do what he says. by julems9002/08/143.74

Valerie Hates Dan Ch. 02

 — Their shopping spree is almost over and the fun begins. by julems9002/09/144.00

Valerie Hates Dan Ch. 03

 — Valerie hates Dan. by julems9003/18/144.22

Valerie's Punishment

 — Valerie is bound, gagged, spanked, then fucked. by poisoned_monkey11/18/034.04

Valerie's Return

 — Valerie is taken in a movie theater. by poisoned_monkey08/12/053.81

Valerie’s Payment

 — Valerie is used to pay a debt. by poisoned_monkey12/15/034.03

Vampire Habit Gets Her in Trouble

 — Getting dirty with a patient at work. by Migtydep110/15/143.92


 — Woman wakes in the back of a van and struggles to survive. by KinkyCc7506/18/143.43

Vandalism Blackmail

 — Two girls are blackmailed into sex after being caught. by Wulfwinter11/21/064.16

Vanessa and the Boys

 — Black woman is forced in to submission at a road house. by mattwatt4301/07/104.09

Vanessa Ch. 01

 — Bitchy office boss gets what's coming to her. by arinbjorn03/01/094.22

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 01

 — An arrogant bitch becomes the office whore. by Cathartico01/14/074.50HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 03

 — Work at the office turns out harder than imagined. by Cathartico02/26/074.53HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 05

 — Vanessa is taken to an exclusive country club. by Cathartico08/24/084.56HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 06

 — Vanessa is shown her place. by Cathartico12/03/084.55HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 07

 — Vanessa’s day as a white trash whore goes on. by Cathartico12/04/084.52HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 12

 — Vanessa gets a surprise before her life as hooker begins. by Cathartico10/03/094.62HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 13

 — Vanessa's life as hooker turns out different than expected. by Cathartico01/19/104.60HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 14

 — Vanessa's first week as a hooker brings some new surprises. by Cathartico04/16/104.68HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 15

 — Vanessa has to do promotion for the 'Red Rose Club'. by Cathartico03/02/114.52HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 16

 — Vanessa returns to the law-office. by Cathartico03/05/114.57HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 17

 — Vanessa is part of the weekend show in the 'Red Rose Club'. by Cathartico08/17/114.67HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 18

 — Vanessa gets to know the security guard's rules. by Cathartico02/20/124.53HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 19

 — Vanessa is invited to an exclusive ball. by Cathartico02/29/124.56HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 20

 — Vanessa has a catfight with a rival during the ball. by Cathartico04/05/124.57HOT

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 21

 — Vanessa's journey comes to a surprising end. by Cathartico06/06/124.44

Vanessa's Group Sex Ordeal

 — Young Singaporean woman forced by group of men. by loveking12/07/134.52HOT

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 05

 — V. has pantyhose sex with sister's bf. by fanofpantyhose08/11/114.68HOT

Vanessa's Outing

 — A vacation turns dark, when Vanessa is kidnapped. by mattwatt4302/04/104.04

Vanessa's Slave Ch. 01

 — A notorious pirate is captured and meets her new Mistress. by HerKitten3206/02/154.29

Vanessa's Slave Ch. 02

 — Training and seduction begins. by HerKitten3206/17/154.48

Vanessa's Story

 — Kidnapping begins a wild adventure. by nilequeen2603/13/014.33


 — It can lead you into a perilous situation. by Ashson07/09/134.39

Vannessa Tails Ch. 01

 — Vanessa and four new "Friends" meet on the morning train. by Arkrhu05/07/124.20

Vatos Muertos Ch. 01

 — Cops and Chulas. by HaydenDLinder06/21/184.58HOT

Vaughn Takes Carol

 — Male nurse takes his patient's wife in front of him. by Venge01/16/054.12

Vegas in Kellie

 — Kellie visits Las Vegas after a breakup and gets used. by kellie_beth07/25/114.01

Vegas in Kellie

 — Kellie visits Las Vegas after a breakup and gets used. by cowboy10906/12/133.41

Velvet Chains 02 Ch. 01

 — Corporate worker gets more han she expected. by demonspet12/30/084.32

Velvet Chains Ch. 01

 — Mousy corporation worker gets more than she expected. by demonspet12/22/084.32

Velvet Chains Ch. 02

 — Mousy corporate worker gets more than she expected. by demonspet12/25/084.41

Velvet Ice Case No. 01

 — The Stripper Detective investigates a bank robbery! by ladyjane209909/11/144.34


 — Bad deeds require vengeance. by xstory_writer05/26/093.87

Vengeance Is Best Served Cold Ch. 1

 — Playboy hubby learns about consequences. by MaskedIntruder07/25/014.27

Vengeance Is Best Served Cold Ch. 2

 — Playboy hubby learns a lesson. by MaskedIntruder07/30/014.36

Vengeance is Bliss

 — A woman finds unexpected pleasure with her attacker. by SlightlyDisturbed05/19/123.90

Vengeance is Bliss Ch. 02

 — Her attacker finds her at work. by SlightlyDisturbed06/01/124.06

Vengeance is Bliss Ch. 03

 — She finds discovers more about her attacker. by SlightlyDisturbed06/05/123.91

Vengeance is Mine

 — Prison break, forced sex, revenge, with an all-female cast. by lustfuldesires01/22/114.15


 — A late night wrestling match. by molefe11/09/013.67


 — Runaway lady is discovered. by xelliebabex08/01/124.68HOT

Venturer Ch. 02

 — She is held captive while he makes plans. by xelliebabex09/06/124.77HOT

Vera's Contract

 — Vera learns how a typical day at Katyuska's new job goes. by rayne41610/01/174.57HOT


 — Two wives make a deal with traffic cops. by tony09090911/19/094.29


 —  Young woman is kidnapped and confused. by bunnydoll1512/03/134.12

Veronica in China

 — Veronica grins and bares it in China. by v3r0n1ca07/10/064.21

Veronica's Test Subject

 — Young man kidnapped by alluring college professor. by Dback6908/22/164.29

Verses of our Shadows

 — A girl takes duty and responsibility upon herself. by offload02/11/142.50

Very Close Protection

 — Busty FBI Agent is forced to pose as wife of accountant. by GeorgeTasker07/25/044.45

Very Exciting Evening

 — Young woman on a date finds herself in an odd situation. by Stabuiela03/13/17

Very Much Against My Will

 — Roughly used and abused by a stranger. by 21Hells_Angel6906/12/133.44

Very Rewarding Evening

 — Young woman gets more from a date then she expected. by Stabuiela03/11/173.91


 — An assassin becomes embroiled in a complex political war. by saturnaliat09/06/154.51HOT


 — Vesper meets some Nicoles. by saturnaliat09/12/154.45


 — Vesper does a job and learns some interesting skills. by saturnaliat03/26/164.39

Vestal; Magda's Story Pt. 01-04

 — Innocent girl blackmailed into prostitution. by alien_tetris07/20/133.93

Viagra Vendetta

 — Two women drug guys for revenge. by PAS07/07/074.29

Vic-Tori-a's Secret Ch. 01

 — Tori is put into some awkward situations how does she cope? by mrfallenangelxx03/01/15

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 02

 — Big older woman gets something new: cock! by dass445005/28/044.41

Vice Presidential Romp

 — Crystal's boss humiliates her. by rckplsky04/14/073.22

Vicious Circle

 — A king wreaks his vengeance on his enemies. by Harryasaboy01/15/173.81

Vicki and the Rooftop

 — A rough sex story. by Ongria09807/10/153.28

Vicky Ch. 01

 — Vicky challenges her step dad. by oly12oly5603/21/073.58

Vicky Ch. 02

 — Step dad shows Vicky who is in charge. by oly12oly5604/01/074.04

Vicky Ch. 03

 — Step dad can't resist taking her. by oly12oly5604/11/074.33

Vicky Ch. 03

 — Eager. Hesitant. Nervous. Willing. by TimRailing08/11/143.92

Victim of Fantasies Fulfilled

 — A dark fantasy becomes an unwelcome reality. by BlondieLamon12/04/084.19


 — You are kidnapped, ravished, and discover you know Me. by ArrowDel06/26/094.06

Victims Ch. 02

 — Cheating wife is humiliated. by LeoDavis02/22/054.40

Victims Ch. 03

 — Wife & cuckold seek revenge. by LeoDavis02/24/054.24

Victims of the Revolution

 — A married couple learn the truth about friendship and lust. by Catalingus200504/24/063.51

Victor Sylvester

 — Powerful CEO extorts sex from subordinates beautiful wife. by railroadlady01/04/134.23


 — She visits a new doctor in the 1920's. by capconman05/11/043.77

Victoria the Magnificent Pt. 04

 — Sara is sexually imprisoned inside the stranger's apartment. by LiteraryArt78907/18/183.75

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 01

 — Photos are discovered of a teacher, and used against her. by Ug10/05/114.26

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 02

 — Michael pays a visit to Victoria's home. by Ug10/18/114.37

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 03

 — Victoria's humiliation continues in the classroom. by Ug11/17/114.35

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 04

 — Victoria is made to perform for Michael. by Ug01/08/124.33

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 05

 — Victoria decides to get revenge. by Ug01/03/164.15

Victoria's Cell

 — Victoria is forced to submit to her captor. by Statsgirl11/16/104.16

Victoria's Secret the Banana Problem

 — Victoria's price check in the slave market continues. by Joe_Doe_Stories08/28/154.59HOT

Victoria's Secret: Hotel Hooker!

 — A roleplay goes sideways as she ends up hooking for real. by Joe_Doe_Stories06/08/154.38

Victoria's Secret: Price Check!

 — An English lady submits to a slave market "price check". by Joe_Doe_Stories06/19/154.53HOT

Victorian Seduction

 — A lady succumbs to unladylike desires. by Theauthoress10/15/154.24

Victorious Defeat

 — Defeated enemy takes sweet revenge on the beautiful captain. by MacDracor01/05/094.25

Victorious Pt. 03

 — Managing a Professional Liar. by BlknMild61102/01/114.19

Victory Is Mine

 — Super-heroine Victory challenges the might of the Centurion. by ladyjane209906/03/134.72HOT

Video Tape And A Joke Gone Wrong

 — Wife's video prank leads to sister's rape...or does it? by zeke8104/07/093.89

Video Whore

 — Girl pays for infidelity in arcade booth. by valkyrie5011/19/013.99

Vienetta Ice Cream

 — Breastfeeding mum is enjoyed by three men then her husband. by goddessofthesea02/19/133.51

Vierges Criards

 — He begins with première leçon. by vierge05/21/044.21

View From A Site Ch. 04

 — Mary Jane makes demands of Project Manager. by wizarddriver03/13/064.60HOT

View Of The City

 — A little trespassing has some unfortunate conseqences. by Ashson09/15/134.43


 — Sex come unexpectedly. by Ashson02/24/134.10

Vignettes Ch. 02

 — Sex come unexpectedly. by Ashson02/26/134.14

Viking Invasion

 — A village is raided by Vikings and a captive is taken. by borntolead32712/23/143.11

Viking Lord Ch. 01

 — Virgin wife is whipped and fucked. Repeatedly. by KissKitt04/20/103.77

Viking Raid

 — Non consent, fantasy. by ErlendThorstein06/08/184.03

Viking's Love

 — A historical fantasy. by Snugbug09/22/174.49

Vile Bitch & 1/2

 — Can ayone really be that big of a bitch? by imhapless02/14/144.54HOT

Villa "Please Don't!"

 — A quiet villa in the cretan countryside and a girl all alone. by Nymphomantic12/04/143.81

Village Woman Escapes from a Rogue

 — Escapades of my Indian maid in the village and on a train. by Mnhb12/05/154.09

Villain's Revenge

 — If you defeat him, he come after you. by Ashson11/06/134.28

Vinay's Conquest

 — Vinay always had an eye for Geeta. by PlowThrough09/09/173.94


 — A chance encounter on a lonely beach. by HarryOrwell06/13/113.88

Vindictive Impregnation

 — Woman stalks & traps mayor, forcing him to impregnate her. by Obsessive_john01/14/093.83


 — A young woman spends time at a remote cabin with her boss. by CleoRa09/27/144.34

Violated by Cops Ch. 01

 — Son forced to watch as mom and sisters are taken. by erotic_indian_3007/14/104.10

Violated by Cops Ch. 02

 — The violation of his Mother and Sisters continues. by erotic_indian_3007/18/104.42

Violated Cheryl

 — Awaiting a night of passion, Cheryl gets violated. by black saphire10/31/054.38

Violated Family

 — A family is held captive and forced into sex. by AStropirate02/19/124.24

Violated Family Ch. 02

 — A family is held captive and forced into sex. by AStropirate04/06/124.34

Violated Family Ch. 03

 — A family is held captive and forced into sex. by AStropirate04/18/124.42

Violated Valerie

 — She looked every bit as sexy in real life. by geronimo_appleby10/17/054.34


 — Collete's boss loses his gentlemanliness. by Radovain01/07/124.11

Violating the Waitress

 — Waitress gets violated. by PrevertedMe02/27/184.20


 — A woman's voyage into submission. by Caitlain09/29/073.69

Violations Continue

 — Her man gets some of her troubles with the law. by kspor08/22/073.75


 — Librarian and couple have a heated rules discussion. by bumpercars05/12/174.33

Violet vs Liz

 — Violet dominates Liz's face in a rigged wrestling match. by RavishedDoe04/05/134.37

Violet's Long Ride

 — Violet and her master on the long train home. by Littleblackrosegarden01/01/174.15

Virgin Buddy Can't Get Laid Ch. 02

 — Ed just wants a few pics to remember losing his virginity. by Comicshopbob04/06/174.39

Virgin Dancer

 — Tied, stripped, teased and fucked - thoroughly. by quimmaster12/04/074.04

Virgin Dancer Ch. 02

 — There are other holes to enjoy. by quimmaster12/12/074.15

Virgin Princess

 — Kidnapped right from her bed, Princess Mera learns about sex. by ElysiaLyn05/13/123.79

Virgin Sacrifice

 — 18-year-old virgin deflowered. by jackalpup07/11/023.74

Virgin Sacrifice

 — Imprisonment...and more. by Elenia2602/14/054.07

Virgin Sacrifice

 — Young woman has a rent problem. by Ashson05/28/164.18

Virginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 04

 — Margie asks Todd to ravish her on her birthday. by VoyeurSurf02/18/064.42

Virgo Ch. 01

 — Wicked lord conquers small village and rapes the rewards. by AoideDeity09/09/124.05

Virtual Play Becomes Real

 — An online Dom unexpectedly meets his sub in the real world. by Ldy_Sea08/16/153.95


 — A young woman is put in an unfortunate situation. by AcaciaBlossom12/09/113.62

Virtue Ch. 02

 — Virtue is taken north on the coach. by AcaciaBlossom12/15/114.16

Virtue Ch. 03

 — Virtue is taken to her master. by AcaciaBlossom12/23/113.94

Virus Buster

 — The wages of being an idiot. by bassbelly07/03/093.43

Visa Violation

 — Stranded abroad with no money for food, shelter or dope. by edrider7304/17/144.00

Vishal's Sex Adventure Ch. 03

 — Tanya joins in... by sexlover_9412/31/133.00

Visit To Pune

 — Trip by taxi leads to forced sex. by amitvinod02/05/073.81

Visiting Kin

 — Sisters intercepted by bandits en route to visiting family. by Stripemoff10/27/184.21

Visiting My Online Spanker Ch. 01

 — This is a story about visiting my online role-play spanker. by underyourcontrol08/22/153.71

Visiting the McIntoshs

 — Meet the McIntoshs, who've got nasty plans for each other. by ViperVenom08/09/133.67

Vitamin G Ch. 01

 — Conrad drugs his sister and has his way with her. by Profanity8909/27/184.29

Vitamin G Ch. 02

 — Conrad drugs his boss's wife, has his way with her. by Profanity8912/25/184.07

Vivian's Darkest Dream

 — A fat girl gets captured, abused and made into a sex slave. by Tolstushki09/06/104.15

Vixen's Epilogue

 — Some reflections about the dark side of my character. by Black_Lace_Vixen09/04/034.24

Vixens - Room 1567

 — An escort's night out. by Nellskitchen11/25/104.00

Voices Carry

 — Seven diners are forced to bridge the language gap. by Ameaner05/02/124.56HOT


 — Beach volleyball is a spectator sport. by Ashson07/22/164.36

Voyage of the Caribbean Siren

 — It's 1805, and the frigate Siren is looking for female slaves. by EricCalder07/25/094.34

Voyage of the Crimean Slaver Pt. 01

 — It's 1800 and he has his own private harem. by EricCalder12/15/094.49

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 01

 — It's 1799 and he has a sex crazed noblewoman in bondage. by EricCalder08/23/094.33

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 02

 — It's 1799 and he is taking her to serve in the harem. by EricCalder08/26/094.39

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 03

 — It's 1799 and he is leading a raid to capture slaves. by EricCalder08/27/094.39

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 04

 — It's 1799, his ship is chased to a port with slave brothels. by EricCalder08/30/094.51HOT

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 05

 — It's 1799 and he's trapped in the slave brothel. by EricCalder08/31/094.43

Voyage of the Istanbul Tigress Ch. 06

 — It's 1799, slaves are used, and the pirate faced at last. by EricCalder09/04/094.53HOT

Voyage of the Tunisian Rose

 — It's 1798, and his ship has a crew of beautiful sex slaves. by EricCalder08/05/094.39


 — She watched, but only for the best of motives. by Ashson09/09/174.25

Voyeurism in Paradise Ch. 02

 — John takes her back to his cabin. by littleginger05/21/053.67

Vulnerable Silence

 — A deaf guy gets a new job in a new town. by deafguy03/24/123.09

V_Squared Ch. 01

 — Orphan is wooed by a priest. by Orbmansuper03/30/173.57


 — She stalks a married man. by seducedHylas05/21/084.56HOT


 — A homewrecker's story. by seducedHylas09/06/084.70HOT


 — Sluts target a happy family. by seducedHylas01/21/094.40

WACFYM Ch. 04 Pt. 01

 — Slut daughter & friend watch her mom fuck a married man. by seducedHylas05/09/114.52HOT

WACFYM Ch. 04 Pt. 02

 — The daughter seduces another faithful man. by seducedHylas06/18/114.66HOT


 — A married man is led astray. by seducedHylas08/19/114.62HOT

WACFYM Ch. 05 Pt. 02

 — She tries to seduce the groom. by seducedHylas02/18/124.61HOT


 — A hot young dad meets a pricktease. by seducedHylas03/06/124.46

WACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 02

 — Teacher continues seducing a faithful young husband. by seducedHylas08/21/124.63HOT

WACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 03

 — Cute young dad gives into seduction. by seducedHylas11/30/124.69HOT

WACS - Weekend Correction Ch. 03

 — Edward enjoys the further humiliation of his teacher. by volescamper08/04/134.47

WACS - Weekend Correction Ch. 04

 — Miss Brown is once more humiliated and punished. by volescamper01/10/144.56HOT

WACS - Weekend Correction Ch. 05

 — Miss Brown comes to the end of her sentence. by volescamper05/10/154.61HOT

WACS - Weekend Correction Ch. 06

 — Edward introduction to Elizabeth. by volescamper03/29/174.65HOT

Wagon Train Payment

 — A woman is left as payment for passage. by MANORLORD2802/17/043.79

Wait For a Diamond

 — Man finds perfect love. by Softly10/10/004.50HOT


 — Her waiting has an unexpected end. by barra_cuda07/25/024.19


 — Runaway waits for salvation on alien planet. by cahab06/12/03HOTEditor's Pick


 — Patience is rewarded with a new sexual experience. by easycummings05/15/133.86

Waiting for the Train

 — Drunk girl gets knocked up by the station master. by tittany08/30/083.99

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