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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Stranger in the Night

 — Woman awakes to find man in her room. by Chocoholic12/01/003.72

Stranger in the Night

 — She thinks she knows who it is... but is it? by ivanna_b_yourslave06/24/024.37

Stranger in the Night

 — Her assailant's hidden identity only heightens her passion. by GothLord06/03/063.86

Stranger in the Night

 — They act out a pre-discussed fantasy. by lilgirlphoenix07/14/063.72

Stranger in the Night

 — Night attack - or is it? by SweetLenaAngel02/24/083.79

Stranger in the Night

 — A Case of Mistaken Identity. by MeredithEighty801/20/184.23

Stranger in the Park

 — He gave me pleasure against my will. by His_bitch09/01/083.68

Stranger in the Room

 — What a way to wake up. by Sehkmaa08/12/124.02

Stranger Things Have Happened

 — She sells her soul to an ancient God to cure a cock allergy. by funky_quill11/30/083.72

Stranger Things Have Happened Ch. 02

 — She's given a choice: affair in her mind, or in real life. by funky_quill12/01/083.93

Stranger Things Have Happened Ch. 03

 — Her fantasy comes to life. by funky_quill12/03/083.88

Stranger Things Have Happened Ch. 04

 — A bizarre twist in the fantasy. by funky_quill12/05/084.00

Stranger Things Have Happened Ch. 06

 — The Chase begins. by funky_quill12/08/084.00

Stranger... or Not?

 — Stranger takes her - or does she give him what she wants? by starsforlife01/03/083.91

Strangers Ch. 03

 — After Tom catches Jen with Mike, he lets her suffer. by fallondallon03/13/143.94

Strangers in a Hotel Bar

 — Drugging her drink makes sure the evening goes my way. by neruda06/26/154.13

Strangers in the Park

 — Surprises for a woman on her walk home after a night out. by BonnieNClyde10/25/084.00

Strangers on a Bus

 — He saw his chance and took it. by philosophette10/11/103.57

Strangers on a Tram

 — A hot, white wife has an unexpected encounter on an airport. by Cockhole02/08/174.56HOT

Strangers Things Pt. 01

 — Alice decides to meet a persistent stranger. by HandCuffsNHeels05/09/184.34

Strangers Things Pt. 02

 — Alice experiences both a home and dream invasion. by HandCuffsNHeels05/16/184.59HOTNEW

Straying Thoughts

 — What else does she get up to with that magic? by Salamando_Flames08/08/174.53HOT

Street Rats

 — Young sorceress entangled with gang of ruffians. by justtheone03/16/184.63HOT


 — Fighting it makes him harder. by culloden10/05/103.93

Stress Reliever Job

 — She thought she was a normal employee. by indianbarbie8603/23/064.04

Strictly Prohibited Ch. 01

 — 1920's: A notorious criminal and an agent posing as a whore. by Owned_by_09/17/144.36

Strictly Prohibited Ch. 03

 — 1920's: A notorious criminal and an agent posing as a whore. by Owned_by_10/13/144.53HOT

Strictly Prohibited Ch. 04

 — 1920's: A notorious criminal and an agent posing as a whore. by Owned_by_08/21/154.57HOT

Strip Club Hell

 — Couple is humiliated in front of an eager audience. by Alemahot01/01/084.09

Strip Her Teach Her

 — A teacher's summer job has consequences. by Domwoolf05/01/104.35

Strip Poke-her

 — Suzie loses more than her shirt at poker. by JustSuzie01/24/064.32

Strip Poke-him

 — Just one reason vodka and sadistic bitches don't mix! by MsKia10/07/094.17

Strip Pool

 — A game of pool between a brother and sister turns rough. by _RavenShade_10/05/133.48

Strip Search with Cassy

 — An airport strip search turns into much more. by photopro9912/09/113.81

Strip Searching Sister Girl

 — Two state troopers punished the girlfriend of a suspect. by Syncere6907/27/123.35


 — Chaste guy gets found out and exploited at a strip club. by superfry12/02/094.04

Stripped and Auctioned

 — A patient describes her fantasy of forced submission. by MidnightDream09/03/073.93

Stripped Shoplifter

 — White wife is caught red-handed by two Black security guards. by Rick_Olney05/17/11

Stripped, Thrashed, and Assfucked

 — Arrogant young executive stripped, thrashed, anally fucked. by FrankHarris112/17/174.09

Stripper Lessons

 — I break in a reluctant new girl at a strip club. by neruda04/02/124.29

Stripper: The Audition

 — College girl falls on hard times and has to strip for money. by neruda11/27/154.33

Stripping Steph

 — She's amBUSHed at home by friends and husband. by LitEroCat02/15/134.16

Stroking Midnight

 — A dirty tale of sexual revenge and new beginnings. by Dancing_Doll01/12/114.53HOT

Strolling The Mall

 — Locked away in an empty mall a young woman gets raped. by Saved Soul10/08/033.47

Strolling The Mall Ch. 02

 — A year passes, then the second rape. by Saved Soul08/03/044.10

Struck By Cupid's Arrow

 — The god falls for a mortal who doesn't share his feelings. by MechaBlade01/31/063.52

Struggle & Submission

 — Woman goes against her nature with a dominant man. by lovealot05/29/013.87

Struggle & Submission Ch. 2

 — Woman gets want she wanted all along. by lovealot06/15/013.76

Struggle to Dominate Ch. 01

 — Husband takes control of his wife... by secretsubmissive2312/05/164.04

Struggle to Dominate Ch. 02

 — Carter begins Phase Three of his plan... by secretsubmissive2312/10/164.20

Stubborn Struggles

 — Rare beauty tries to bite her pride to save her family. by flamekitten09/10/064.57HOT


 — What happens when you get stuck? by Ashson01/14/144.30

Stuck Ch. 01

 — An 18-year-old gets stuck half naked... in walks next door enemy. by MakeMeWine02/02/174.23

Stuck in the Wall

 — Cammie is caught. by rpault12/08/163.69

Stuck Streaking

 — Streaker misses his pickup. by Ashson03/11/134.04

Stuck Up Neighbor

 — Chris gets a good idea and uppity neighbor gets a surprise. by thanatos10705/07/143.92

Stuck-Up Bitch

 — A lady professor tries blackmail... and fails. by JimGrinsted10/08/144.17

Student Forces Neighbor to Submit

 — College guy seduces mom's friend. by Hot Italian Beef01/20/064.36

Student Rape

 — I raped my girlfriend. by goldcloak04/28/173.68

Student Teacher Ch. 01

 — Teacher loses her authority in class. by StoryTeller0702/27/114.15

Student Teacher Ch. 02

 — Dressed as a slut by a student. by StoryTeller0704/24/114.58HOT

Student Teacher Ch. 03

 — Humiliated in class. by StoryTeller0705/19/114.42

Student Teacher Ch. 04

 — A bully picks on teacher. by StoryTeller0707/22/114.43

Student Teacher Ch. 05

 — Teacher is humiliated into submission. by StoryTeller0703/04/124.40

Students Rule Ch. 02

 — The tables are turned on the Vice Principal. by linkznut10/25/044.60HOT

Students Rule Ch. 03

 — Young man continues his control game. by linkznut10/30/044.61HOT

Students Rule Ch. 04

 — She gets her revenge on the Vice-Principal. by linkznut11/06/044.66HOT

Students Rule Ch. 07

 — The Vice-Principal has one more fling in her. by linkznut11/25/044.64HOT

Students Rule II Ch. 07

 — Ms. Lee and the students are busted. by linkznut01/13/064.67HOT

Study Session

 — Bitchy teacher get taught a lesson about respect. by firebird6803/06/153.75

Studying Abroad

 — A young virgin gets more than she expected in Spain. by RaquelitaLaMala10/19/113.56

Stuffing An Unwilling Pornstar

 — Anal revenge is extracted on a coworker amidst an orgy. by rayne41603/14/184.52HOT

Stupid Mistake = Severe Penalty

 — He wrecks a car and has to pay. by Lone-Wolf09/24/033.64

Sub-Miss Ch. 03

 — Bad girl makes a mistake. by Fishnet04/09/034.24

Subliminal Seduction

 — He thought I was passed out. But I remember everything... by Aimlessness02/18/184.43


 — She faces her ultimate nightmare with obedience. by Hercules_unleashed02/11/064.20


 — Carol must please Gin to get her appointment information. by Ken65B07/22/143.51

Submission 101

 — Jessica befriends a schoolteacher. by BourbonScotchBeer02/22/134.20

Submission in the Woods

 — Sexy stranger gives a woman the sex of her life. by sexyfae03/13/093.89

Submission of Sandra

 — MILF surprised and taken by son's friend. by PAS09/20/124.23

Submission Over July 4th Weekend

 — Contract gives woman control of her girlfriend over July 4th. by MidnightDream07/14/054.42

Submission School Ch. 01

 — Actress learns to take direction. by Apache606/10/044.20

Submission through Bondage

 — Sharon learns a lesson in voyeurism. by WORSHIPNONE03/06/113.86

Submission to Lust

 — Forced by lust and dominance to cheat on her boyfriend. by unrepentant106/12/083.93

Submission's Demand

 — Ravishment, or an awakening? by kyrie159505/12/064.18

Submissive Girl is Displayed

 — Submissive girl puts on a show and tasting for truckers. by Carinapervosa10/09/154.36

Submissive Girl is Punished

 — Submissive girl is punished for taking control. by Carinapervosa09/30/153.98

Submissive Girl is Shared

 — Submissive girl is given to a stranger while her man watches. by Carinapervosa09/10/154.17

Submissive Girl Takes Control

 — Submissive girl returns the favor to her man. by Carinapervosa09/29/154.45

Submissive Siblings

 — My sister falls to her In Laws. by TheDarkCloud04/14/094.21


 — Frustrated virgin makes boring local slut do it his way. by Archer205001/08/084.39

Submitting to my Brother in Law

 — A crossdressing hubby is taken by his Brother in Law. by webbyhose04/08/103.83

Submitting to My Ex

 — Vengeful ex and her cousin humiliate me. by TheDarkCloud03/09/164.09

Submitting to the Billionaire

 — Billionaire proves to be alpha male, sexual dominant. by NancyIce11/10/153.73

Suborning Treason

 — Woman who inspired royal treason is humiliated. by Wifetheif01/26/164.11


 — It may not be wise to interrupt an intended sexual assault. by Ashson12/13/133.95

Substitute for Blindfolded Wife

 — Man tries to stall his brother's blindfolded wife. by stickyfate01/03/174.43

Substitute for Blindfolded Wife Ch. 02

 — Can Lacey ever get over the deception? by stickyfate03/17/174.58HOT

Suburban Payback Ch. 1

 — A story of suburban humiliation. by attorneylady03/27/024.10

Suburban Payback Ch. 2

 — Janice learns who's the new neighborhood boss. by attorneylady03/31/024.44

Suburban Payback Ch. 3

 — Janice gets a taste of what's to come. by attorneylady12/31/024.49

Suburban Payback Ch. 4

 — Renee expands Janice's horizons. by attorneylady09/12/054.47

Suburban Payback Ch. 5

 — Janice gets a new job. by attorneylady01/09/064.41


 — A young couple have an unusual ride underground. by BongoGal11/23/154.04


 — He loves copping a feel on his morning commute. by androgenius08/26/164.42

Subway Release

 — Innocent Chelsea is forced to submit on the subway. by Coto233206/04/094.12

Subway Ride

 — Magdalena is abused on the subway. by Powerone06/18/023.87

Subway Ride

 — Young woman has interesting train ride. by teachgirl198011/22/134.48

Subway Ride Home

 — Taken while on the subway. by panda18004/22/154.06

Subway Seduction Ch. 04

 — The final chapter? by shez06/01/044.00

Subway Slut Ch. 01: Kidnapped

 — Exhibitionist wife captured and displayed on internet. by LitEroCat12/09/114.07

Subway Slut Ch. 03: Punished

 — She pays for her crimes & learns a lesson with a gang bang. by LitEroCat12/11/113.89

Subway Submission

 — A high powered lawyers submits on the subway. by RUlookingup06/06/083.70

Subway Surprise

 — Wife gets taken in a NY subway. by Bindingwi08/07/124.29

Success Has It Own Price

 — She had to obey him to save her job. by sadhu21308/31/164.14

Successful Interview

 — John didn't get the job. At first. by Scot123406/21/154.52HOT

Successful Interview Ch. 02

 — Clair is used again. by Scot123406/29/154.51HOT

Succubus Rising Ch. 02

 — Sita finds trouble while searching for Adrian. by Charies8804/09/134.50HOT


 — Seeking her future MILs approval. by Foreboding07/06/113.94

Succumbing Ch. 01

 — Pleasing her future mother-in-law. by Foreboding01/24/113.98

Succumbing Ch. 02

 — Pleasing her future mother-in-law. by Foreboding05/22/114.34

Succumbing Ch. 03

 — Pleasing her future mother-in-law. by Foreboding06/04/113.97

Succumbing Ch. 04

 — Seeking her future MILs approval. by Foreboding06/19/114.26

Suck It

 — Alyssa's boyfriend is angry and teaches her a lesson. by sexymistress08/12/113.78

Suck your Demise Hard

 — Mind games in a midnight meeting. by HushDarlin01/11/054.10

Sucked into Obsession

 — The new girl gets a lesson from her stalker. by IvoryOrchid01/11/07

Suckin off my Boss

 — My boss teaches me to be a cocksucker. by DavidCreighton03/01/094.01

Sucking Cock for Carla Ch. 02

 — Carla makes married guy Tony suck more cock. by reddevil5806/19/104.52HOT

Sucking For Sales

 — Female sales rep really needs a sale. by TheDarkCloud05/28/073.83

Sucking to save

 — Slutty cheerleader sucks off boyfriend to save him. by gcrules06/04/032.36

Suddenly Everything Changed

 — Tiffany is fucked by her step-dad after a horrible day. by bigben10inches02/28/184.06

Sue Serves the Guys

 — Wife bartends stag party. by dogfood09/30/054.38

Sue The Reluctant Porn Star

 — Modeling audition is more than Sue bargained for. by If_U_Seek_Amy02/01/174.14

Sue The Reluctant Porn Star Ch. 02

 — Sue continues her casting couch interview with Paul by If_U_Seek_Amy02/06/174.32

Sue's Rough Awakening

 — Wife gets a rough surprise 3 way. by dogfood01/04/064.14

Suede Shoes

 — Woman gets more then a ticket after being caught speeding. by Serrya11/01/123.88

Sugar & Spice & Not So Nice Ch. 01

 — Billie's stepsister Kathy was his worse nightmare. by Omega1204/29/093.66

Sugar & Spice & Not So Nice Ch. 02

 — Billie's married life is no better. by Omega1204/30/093.60


 — You lend her more than she bargained for. by Jensatiable10/14/073.84

Suits and Ties

 — New employee faces discipline from her boss. by sweetsubmissions09/04/154.48

Suki & Toki's New Slave Dog Ch. 02

 — Their new slave dog starts it's training by assislave02/25/143.86

Sullivan's Power

 — A British lawyer becomes an evil executive's sex slave. by RamonaE10/14/134.24

Sultry Summer Sex

 — An Asian woman is ambushed with torrid sex on a summer night. by StealthBreeder02/13/184.39


 — A coming of age story. One girl and four boys. by TheTyke03/10/084.57HOT

Summer Breaks Begins

 — As promised, Lynne's captor returns for her. by sub_dezzie03/18/174.63HOT

Summer Camp

 — There is a camp for everyone, even the rape and pillage type. by cowboy10903/31/183.79

Summer Ch. 02

 — The summer continues. by TheTyke04/01/084.65HOT

Summer Ch. 03

 — The summer continues. by TheTyke04/26/084.66HOT

Summer Ch. 05

 — The story continues. by TheTyke06/13/084.68HOT

Summer Ch. 06

 — Jackie's Story 1: Alan begins his seduction of Jackie. by TheTyke10/27/084.26

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 02

 — The seduction of Jackie continues. Against her wishes? by TheTyke11/02/084.35

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 04

 — The party gets out of control for Jackie. by TheTyke11/06/084.35

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 05

 — Alan shows Jackie what he does in his shed. by TheTyke11/10/084.58HOT

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 06

 — Alan reinforces the fact that he takes what he wants. by TheTyke11/21/084.48

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 08

 — With Alan, there is no such thing as privacy. by TheTyke11/28/084.48

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 10

 — 'Out of season' friendly football match & Alan provides. by TheTyke12/07/084.34

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 11

 — Jackie and Sally and the story's end. by TheTyke12/19/084.54HOT

Summer Ch. 08

 — Family memories go a long way back. by TheTyke08/09/094.72HOT

Summer Ch. 09

 — On the understanding a ride home should be easier. by TheTyke12/26/094.64HOT

Summer Ch. 11

 — "So why do they call you Moby?" - Gwen's story. by TheTyke11/11/104.48

Summer Ch. 20

 — The Vicars Story Part 1. by TheTyke09/21/134.39

Summer Day's

 — Slacker girl pays her dues. by JOCA03/06/023.88

Summer Days

 — My cousin comes to stay with us for the summer by kinkboi05/17/164.15

Summer Days Ch. 02

 — My cousin raped me last night. What happens now? by kinkboi05/24/164.30

Summer Days Ch. 03

 — I become my cousin's bitch. by kinkboi08/17/163.95

Summer Days Ch. 04

 — Learning how to be owned. by kinkboi11/21/164.50HOT

Summer Days Ch. 05 - Mom Finds Out

 — Mom find's us and pays the price. by kinkboi03/22/184.15

Summer Heat

 — Rosy tries to cool off but she ends up red hot instead. by lilstickyfingers05/11/103.42

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