Listed below are the stories entered in the 2023 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2023 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
A Halloween Tail

by Altissimus

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):

by Jackie.Hikaru

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Darkling Tower

by SimonDoom

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2023 Halloween Submissions
The Halloween Costumecreativeboyinspring
The Greatest Witch HunterJorunn
Dangerous Dongs - A Halloween ParodyRodofrohit
Witches in Bikinischerrypie314
Black Catlexstroker
Sarah of Salem - Sarah's Storychymera
The Prince's BrotherBellie444
In Darkness DwellsSage_of_the_Forlorn_Path
The Washing Woman - Halloween StoryThe_Technician
The Scream ParkDevinter
Ex ExorcismDuleigh
Blushing, Blue Jeans, and BloomersA_Little_Show_Too
For Sale - Haunted House!Dreamer971
Alone Together in the Darknesskinkybunny123
Grandfather ClockJimBob44
Mad Monk's PrioryRogueAlan
Devil's Thicketyembrose
Tricks and No Treatscookingwithgas
I Found a VampireChiisii
From The Twilight Zonecreativeboyinspring
The Wide Receiver ScoresMeaghansstories
Ghost in My ClosetEisengrim
A Strange RevengeSilverFoxMullet
Role PlayOffNSFW
Peals Of MidnightJimBob44
Pumpkin SpiceSouthernCrossfire
Sacrificial Lamb: Sacrifice TalestheWollstonecraftWoman
A Mother's Cure for HeartacheJimyfoxx
Tricks and Treats of a Sex DemonessNeoGatekeeper
Ding Dong WitchDTales
Book Club Orgy - Illustratedsilkstockingslover
MMM Autumn Night CampingSummerSammy
The Summoningsamhasstories
A Young Goth Russian Witchgranoldad
House CallEmilyMiller
Love Without Magic Can Be MagicalCali_Love
Haunted Mindchloehunt
Ghost Riders in the Halloween SkyThe_Technician
Lesbian Blushing in BloomersA_Little_Show_Too
Black Opal MagicBelleCanzuto
A Voyage on an Ethereal CloudMillieDynamite
Oz Beach Boy & Odessa Try AnalMyBareTorso
Twink or Dareallsexstories
Shianne the WitchSuspicious_Quail
Amorous Goods: The Mobile PhoneAnton25
Strange Webdionysosaulos
Witch, Cruel Mermaids, Talking DeadNorway_1705
Halloween Kindness Changed his Lifebelted and teased
No Halloween This YearJimBob44
The Tenth Performance_in_bloom
Ricky and the Vampire MILFTheBard1982
A Trick and A Treatbumonk
Can I Watch?DreamerRedeemer
Blood Sacrifice, Sacrifice TalestheWollstonecraftWoman
The Adult Haunted Housebuckshots6
The Lone Ranger and the HoTrionyx
A Wife of the SeaMelancholy033
Reacquainted on HalloweenTheBard1982
The Long Island Anti-MediumPhilippaMaQuente
Moby Quimyowser
Eight Dates with the DeadSyleusSnow
Halloween Gangbang Double Featureaimingtomisbehave33
Amorous Goods: Scar TissueSmall_Island
The Alpha's AlphaOmegaman56
Assholes and Our SoulsP_J_Trousers
The Ghost of Ouderburg CastleKarob
Sarah of Salemchymera
The Green Lady - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
The Legend of The Great Pump-Kinlovecraft68
A Viking, a Valkyrie, and a LWJorunn
Pressed Together with MomHeyAll
Unholy BeautyGeneralUrsus
The Batt HouseAlTend
A Night of Firstssloannnicholstheauthor
My Vampire WifeABigCat
Halloween SpectreLitEroCat
A Lonely Witchamandamagik
Baptism in BloodMillieDynamite
Magic ProblemsTxRad
Virgin Mary No MoreSoazoldman
Pirate's ParadoxShelbyDawn57
Darkling TowerSimonDoom
Family 'Adult' Halloween PartyJaxonHill
I Hate Miles BonnTrionyx
The House is QuietFeralSmile
Phantom FlingsBazzle
Son of a WitchDawnR
Neither Blood Nor SeedVoboy
The Ghost of the Hourluv2custrip
Halloween GiftLClaudius
Ursula, Nazi Were-Bitch of the SSniniku18
One Hell of a Halloweenmpeters
Canon in D on Wednesday's SetNorway_1705
The Princess, The Pirate, The WitchTruthwithaTwist
Mom's Superpower -- Illustrated!HeyAll
The Rivalsthezinger
Going DownKeithD
Gone To SeedUnsung Muse
I'll Be There For Youcarrteun
Survive the RitualtheWriterInTheNude
Just a Friendly Trick & TreatMillieDynamite
Sarah of Salem - The Tribunalchymera
The Pumpkin Patchpantywriter
About That NightSmuttyandfun
Night of the SatyrMelancholy033
A Snip In TimeMrStill
The Haunted Halloween CostumeWalterTheBelligerent
Be Careful Where You SleepNewEroticaWriter
Our Wild HuntNoTalentHack
Amorous Goods: The Rockabilly Travelling PantsRustyoznail
A Memorable Halloween 2023 PartyJBEdwards
He Built It and They CameOnePaige
Carnevil Originsroguefx
Lair of the Succubusthegreat_pretender
The Huntkamalw1
A Gift for the WolfmenJohannesTEvans
Leader of the Pack!kinkybunny123
Emma & Lily's HalloweenEmilyMiller
Lavender and Creambblovergirl
Drive-in Blowjobs with my SisterBuckyDuckman
Costume Party Mix-UpWriter242
A Ghostly AffairLadyStillwater
Possession is 9/10 of the LawFeralSmile
The Backroomscreativeboyinspring
Teacher Surprisesilkstockingslover
Bounty of Fleshmightyishmo
Some Like It WarmPerfessorYessir
The Halloween Partycreativeboyinspring
Oz Beach Boy & Odessa...Trapped!MyBareTorso
By Voice and By CandleStillStunned
The Screaming Tree - Halloween StoryThe_Technician
My Costume - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
The Coven on Maple StreetKelliezgirl
Lust Demon's OrgyStillStunned
Wonderful CostumeIamTranSam
Dark Bushpink_silk_glove
The Haunted House of DesireVilHaMer
Halloween Bouncy HouseLadyStillwater
Pizza DeliveryJoyeuseTyrfing
The Haunted Houseronde
The Devil Didn't Make You Do ItA_Little_Show_Too
The Nameless ThingDeLaFaye
The Red Riding Hood ClubSexDemoness666
Christine's DP Halloween PartyCygnus2020
The Ancestral HomeAntarctica77
In the Momentoneidlehand
Fuckin ZombiesBluntforcedrama1958
Stoners vs. Demonsregularguy13
Justin, Women, & What He DoesJuanSeiszFitzHall
The Lesbian, Witch and the WardrobeNellymcboatface
Fright NightBlackrockRiver
The Spirit of HalloweenCristal_di_Canta
Oz Beach Boy Nude At Halloween FestMyBareTorso
It's Raining MEN!Norway_1705
The Dress Up Party SlutRichard_Hunter
The StrandedEStaccato
Finding Hoseasr71plt
Dave's Best Week EverDaveMustStaintTheSheets
Great Aunt Mildred's Undying GiftgingerEllenP
Pumpkin Patch Spells - HalloweenThe_Technician
Night of the BeastTamLin01
Board GamesJimyfoxx
My Uncle is a Mad ScientistPoisonousPineapple
Taken by the Halloween PartyApophenia
Oyeur, a Duppy StoryLargoKitt
Tommy Boy Gets Tricked On Halloweenemme8
The Halloween Hurricanecreativeboyinspring
Ghost In The MansionJaxRhapsody
My Mom’s Best Friendsilkstockingslover
Anal Princess of the AutumnDevinter
Witch Out of Timechloehunt
Blithe Little Spiritde_Vere
Halloween Pumpkins...Frankenstein1962
The Witching HourSirDigbyChickenCaesar
Finding Her Kittie - Twice4DDthemuse
Banquet of ChestnutsComeDancing
The Immaculate Exorcism of Alice Germainekopaf12686
Fresh Meat At The PrisonSummerSammy
Mum-mmy's The WordBry1977
End of the NightJulianDelacourt
The Young Man and The SeaMrStill
I Married a Witch - Locktoberbelted and teased
Shadows in the DarkMtkla
The Costume that Revealed it AllAimEnigmaClick
Payback is a BitchSmuttyandfun
The Sleep Paralysis ExperienceKittyOfSteele
A Chance Meetingjustine_1692
The Possession of Her Dead Husbandquizzy02
A Trapped Witchmikej4
Look Before You Eatrandomoldlech
Being of Ashen HollowtheWriterInTheNude
A Halloween TailAltissimus
A Ghost of a ChancePMDlite
Office Gangbangsilkstockingslover

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