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Team Spirit Ch. 01

 — A hot cougar is taken care of by her son's friends. by DonAbdul11/26/084.17

Team Spirit Ch. 02

 — Hot, sexy cougar is taken care of by her son's friends. by DonAbdul11/26/084.11

Team Spirit Ch. 03

 — Hot, sexy cougar is taken care of by her son's friends. by DonAbdul11/27/084.40

Team Takes My Mom Pt. 01

 — Son is cuckolded by mom with his soccer team. by ChronicMedz03/13/193.72

Teardrop Tonya

 — He meets the baddest bitch in the neighborhood. by SecondCircle09/20/124.53HOT

Teardrop Tonya Ch. 02

 — She comes over for a swim, and too much more. by SecondCircle10/11/124.62HOT

Teasing Me

 — Housewife next door has fun with younger neighbor. by Webplaya11/28/014.18

Teasing Mr. Douglas

 — Flirtatious teen knew she had what the older neighbor liked. by Madabouthair12/11/134.36

Teasing Nurses

 — The young one was fresh out of school. by magmaman01/23/104.05

Teasing Nurses Ch. 02

 — A different way to healing? by magmaman01/27/104.48

Teasing Nurses Ch. 03

 — "Are you Magmaman?" she asked, by magmaman01/29/104.61HOT

Teasing Tuesdays Ch. 02

 — A boudoir photo shoot leads to something more. by ExoMani04/04/074.49

Tech Problems in Grand East

 — A female academic gets some tech support. by spinningwheels206/16/164.44

Tech Support

 — Shirley helps herself to her married neighbor's cock. by Leidenfrost10/21/154.31

Tech Support Favors

 — Computer geek gets lucky with sexy mature lady. by JMiller6910/11/114.16

Teddy Visits a Therapist

 — Lessons-26. by Charles Petersunn12/02/064.78HOT

Teen Age Gigolo

 — He satisfies older women's needs. by thongcladtommi10/23/084.19

Teen Age Gigolo Ch. 02

 — Fulfills a request. by thongcladtommi03/16/094.28

Teen Intern Tells Sexperience

 — 18 yr old taken to new heights by 3 older men. by shoguy02/27/144.39

Teen Slut Spreads For Married Men Ch. 02

 — Fallon seduces married dad at neighborhood pool. by NonStopFunGuy11/26/134.46

Teenage Sucks

 — 18-year-old hiker is seduced by elderly female stranger. by Pussyrider06/10/064.32

Telemarketing Turnabout

 — She calls to clean his furnace. He gets to clean her pipes. by ilikeithot630809/09/144.76HOT

Telemarketing Turnabout Pt. 02

 — Life with Becca is great, but her daughter is too. by ilikeithot630809/13/144.83HOT

Telemarketing Turnabout Pt. 08

 — Becca and Bobby are married, with benefits. by ilikeithot630808/26/154.79HOT

Temporary Home

 — The boss's wife sees to the employee's needs. by thornapple06/19/094.62HOT

Temptation at the Movies

 — Married woman gives in to younger man. by Lily09/03/054.23

Temptation of a Single Father Ch. 01

 — Kurt is tempted by babysitter. by Stardog Champion12/04/024.15

Temptation of a Single Father Ch. 02

 — A mutual lust is satiated. by Stardog Champion12/08/024.54HOT

Temptation's Curse Ch. 01

 — Erika's two year crush on a professor finally pays off. by RiannaTyler05/23/104.00

Temptation's Curse Ch. 02

 — Erika goes to Scott's office to apologize. by RiannaTyler05/24/104.18

Temptress Ch. 03

 — I didn't tell anyone about what happened to me that night. by sophiewilliams09/15/124.11

Ten-Year Reunion

 — Love comes to the lonely who wait. by komrad115608/05/164.78HOT

Tender Years

 — A young man loses his innocence to an older married woman. by darkoverlord608/30/184.63HOT

Tending The Garden

 — Student tends to an older womans garden. by byronbert03/23/104.45

Tennis Lessons

 — Getting to know her partner. by AlexPal02/06/164.33

Tennis Pro

 — Milf learsn more than tennis from pro. by EricJohns12/02/073.99

Tense Muscles

 — Fencing student meets older message therapist in training. by Nice_Guy_Done_Last11/30/014.09

Teresa's DVD Debut

 — Teresa's DVD debut turns into a lesbian love-fest. by LaceyDresser12/22/184.49

Teresa's Triple Delight

 — Teresa does anal three times consecutively. by LaceyDresser01/23/194.42

Teresa's Triple Delight Pt. 02

 — Teresa's gets her first cum-bath... by LaceyDresser01/31/194.51HOT

Terri from Tonopah

 — I find a wanderer in the desert. by BogartsBoss09/17/124.66HOT


 — Keeping a friend out of trouble. by TxRad03/18/114.58HOT

Terry Deever - a Very Lucky Man

 — A woman's belated exploration of her sexuality. by pandsal02/10/134.33

Terry's Slip

 — Fucking Terry in her silky slip. by spattjack02/27/114.34

Terry's Visit

 — A fictional account of a May-December affair. by D. Elbee05/03/064.41

Terry's Visit Ch. 02

 — The finale of an internet love affair between different ages. by D. Elbee06/22/064.22

Test Drive

 — Tom is going out with Pat, but her daughter thinks he might. by The Mouse07/05/114.49

Texas Tennis Match

 — A tennis match leads to more than she ever imagined. by shykittyme05/20/094.31

Texas Woman Livens His Evening

 — Boring party gets interesting when he meets older woman. by ArbyDam01/10/104.04


 — Three matures enjoy a very special massage session. by LaceyDresser10/11/184.44

Thank God for Older Women

 — Motel clerk meets aging stripper. by Kip Carson06/25/004.14

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

 — Divorced man at a Catholic Girls school. by ilikeithot630809/25/164.76HOT

Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pt. 02

 — The Principal continues to educate his girls. by ilikeithot630805/06/174.77HOT

Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pt. 03

 — The Principal meets his new girls. by ilikeithot630808/08/174.77HOT

Thank You for Saving Me Pt. 01

 — Man helps car crash victim, her family is grateful. Very. by CrazyDaveTrucker6002/26/194.43

Thank You for Your Service

 — Young woman gives an old veteran a special blowjob. by Brittni4u03/07/184.64HOT

Thank You, Dave

 — An e-mail friend does a favor. by hickoryfarmer02/16/084.20

Thank You, Evelyn!

 — An elegant, beautiful, charming, & lustful teacher. by DarthGator02/27/054.56HOT

Thank You, Janie

 — The perfect woman and a kick in the head. by HLD06/10/164.83HOT

Thank You, Janie Ch. 02

 — On to Nationals and a new life. by HLD06/12/164.84HOT

Thank You, Officer

 — Grateful mother thanks a young cop. by JerseyCop08/30/034.40

Thank You, Officer Ch. 02

 — Mother shows more support for law enforcement. by JerseyCop09/19/034.42

Thank You. Dr. DeHoff

 — The rewards of patience that summer of 1978. by Quietandyet08/28/094.39

Thankful for Getting Stuffed

 — My boyfriend's father gives me something to be thankful for. by Yesarub11/29/114.42

Thankful Thanksgiving

 — Mother-in-law fantasy becomes reality. by oglerupnorthxxx02/17/124.26

Thanks Delia

 — Tony is taught by Delia. by Moondrift05/15/034.43

Thanksgiving 5k

 — Sex with Wife's Best Friend. by jimmyd3111/12/124.18

Thanksgiving in Maui

 — Lonely man finds a nanny for his grandchild. by JackFlash195909/17/084.42

Thanksgiving Story Ch. 01

 — Beth spends Thanksgiving with a much younger lover. by DeadlyNyghtshayde01/13/064.44

Thanksgiving Story Ch. 02

 — Beth and Edward heat up the first hours together. by DeadlyNyghtshayde01/14/064.36

Thanksgiving Weekend

 — Chance encounter with a hot chick. by OldManLovesAllWomen11/24/164.45

That 70s Van

 — Young man helps an older woman get over a bad day. by SaraEricaXanderfield05/16/094.00

That Christmas Ch. 01

 — A young man paid to fuck. by lordchilworth10/05/084.36

That Christmas Ch. 02

 — Further sexual awakenings of young man paid for sex. by lordchilworth10/17/084.49

That Christmas Ch. 03

 — He juggles fucking for money with a new girlfriend. by lordchilworth10/28/084.56HOT

That Damn Website!

 — The Boss is captivated by his employee's pics on a website. by MisfitToy10/18/104.60HOT

That Damn Website! Ch. 02

 — The Boss has a devious plan for his lusty employee. by MisfitToy10/24/104.57HOT

That Damn Website! Ch. 03

 — The Boss implements Phase 2 of the plan with Vandon69. by MisfitToy10/29/104.72HOT

That New Guy Ch. 14

 — When Byron fucked Jake's mom. by Irish Moss07/14/184.40

That Old Friend

 — Two acquaintances find some truth. by hickoryfarmer04/28/104.07

That Old, Familiar Feeling Ch. 01

 — A reclusive older woman meets an unusual young man. by North20001/09/194.55HOT

That Old, Familiar Feeling Ch. 02

 — Monica is measured and left wanting... by North20001/14/194.66HOT

That Old, Familiar Feeling Ch. 03

 — Monica: Arousal and revelation. by North20001/19/194.78HOT

That Old, Familiar Feeling Ch. 04

 — A new Daemon brings new challenges for Monica. by North20001/27/194.62HOT

That One Summer to Always Remember

 — He sexually awakens with best friend's mother. by Silent_Quill08/16/054.39

That Special Summer

 — Shy teen comes of age with lonely widow. by jack_straw10/15/044.77HOT

That Summer

 — Bad Billy is sentenced to summer on the farm. by rgjohn06/22/014.79HOTContest Winner

That Summer

 — Young man learns a few things on the farm. by MugsyB05/30/084.75HOT

That Summer - Alice's Story

 — Alice's memories of that summer. by MugsyB07/06/084.77HOT

That Trip to Topchanchi Ch. 02

 — Young man impregnates mature lady in a secret forest grotto. by kaypee10/21/184.06

That was Then... and This is Now

 — A mature woman relives a previous encounter. by micjammusic11/04/174.53HOT

That Which I Feed 01

 — A housekeeper's job gets a little more interesting. by Lark_Dolan02/25/193.83

That's Not What I Ordered

 — Sexy waitress fucks young guy in a nearby closet. by Rmcbar08/08/184.04

The Ladies of the Mall

 — Mature business women tempt 18 year old Tom. by mangrove jack12/21/034.51HOT

The "Odd Job" Girl

 — A retired teacher gets help from a high school grad. by Baxter7207/12/094.49

The "One Night in XXX" Story Event - Story List

 — Enjoy the tales in this city-themed author-organized story challenge! by Literotica04/23/19

The (Female)Teacher

 — The difference between sex and passionate love. by Chocolatlover10/13/094.38

The (Very) Personal Trainer

 — An old couple hire his trainer to take care of all needs. by patrickt193708/25/133.71

The 17.38 From Oxted

 — Older woman has unexpected encounter on a train. by ChelseaBoy04/17/054.24

The 19th Hole

 — They played a round and then they played around! by rilysilywily06/22/164.55HOT

The 2019 Literotica Valentine's Day Contest

 — Read the V-Day tales! Enter your story for fame, fun, & a chance at $$$! by Literotica01/21/19

The 30 Year Crush

 — My crush on an older lady who becomes more than a friend. by Reminisce11/26/154.39

The 5th Anniversary

 — Two fish out of water find each other. by 1393295607/17/094.23

The 60-Year-Old Virgin

 — Mature lovers share with an inexperienced friend. by Silverstag09/06/054.39

The ABC Game Ch. 01

 — Exploring my fantasies with my daughter's best friend. by scorallover05/06/124.42

The ABC Game Ch. 02

 — Man keeps playing with daughter's best friend. by scorallover05/11/124.48

The ABC Game Ch. 03

 — My games with Jennifer take a kinky turn. by scorallover05/21/124.61HOT

The ABC Game Ch. 05

 — I test Jennifer's limits with Karen's help. by scorallover05/28/124.60HOT

The ABC Game Ch. 06

 — Jennifer and I have all night together. by scorallover05/30/124.73HOT

The ABC Game Ch. 07

 — This time Jennifer has a surprise for me. by scorallover06/04/124.76HOT

The ABC Game Ch. 08

 — My life takes a huge turn. by scorallover06/09/124.78HOT

The ABC Game Ch. 09

 — The final showdown. by scorallover07/09/124.55HOT

The Absence Ch. 05

 — In which Lokesh's Uncle Hires Laxmi for Mission Impossible. by misterwho10/28/174.49

The Absence Ch. 06

 — In which Uncle plunders Seema all the way to womanhood. by misterwho10/29/174.57HOT

The Accident

 — Young man checks into C.U.M. Hospital. by taste_tea01/06/024.25

The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 01

 — Terry's "accidental" conquest of his mother's friends. by MarshAlien02/27/074.76HOT

The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 02

 — Terry's accidental success continues. by MarshAlien04/11/074.79HOT

The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 03

 — Terry's mom - just dessert or just deserts? by MarshAlien05/22/074.76HOT

The Accidental Meeting

 — Fender bender turns out to be a good thing. by Deadhed12/11/064.39

The Admin

 — Her job is to satisfy his needs in the office. by emma57912/29/104.30

The Adventures of Anna Clarke

 — Mrs Clarke takes a liking to one of her students. by Prototype1102/20/114.11

The Adventures of Anna Clarke Ch. 03

 — Anna gets taken down an ally. by Prototype1105/26/114.28

The Adventures of G Ch. 01

 — How it all started. by garterbelt09/16/074.41

The Adventures of G Ch. 02

 — The shopping trip. by garterbelt10/12/074.53HOT

The Adventures of G Ch. 03

 — She helps a boy become a man. by garterbelt01/16/084.53HOT

The Adventures of G Ch. 04

 — He goes to new heights learning to concentrate. by garterbelt10/02/114.63HOT

The Adventures of G Ch. 05

 — The secret gets out. by garterbelt11/27/114.46

The Adventures of G Ch. 06

 — The Pleasure Valley. by garterbelt12/03/114.62HOT

The Adventures of G Ch. 07

 — The Dinner Party by garterbelt09/21/124.53HOT

The Adventures of John Ch. 01

 — A MILF pleasures her lover during a football game. by Nebic01/07/163.96

The Adventures of Mary

 — An older woman has a sexual awakening. by Nickoftime09/19/084.25

The Adventures of Randi Ch. 01

 — The Meat Man. by Eroticmania03/09/074.21

The Affair Continues

 — Mrs. Williams and I continue and get interrupted. by EKnowsHow05/20/154.46

The African Queen

 — Romance with an older white African when working in Tanzania. by S_Queen06/06/184.58HOT

The Allie-gator

 — Allie distracts her BFF's dad. by Midday_Crisis07/17/174.59HOT

The Alphabet Story

 — Sheila was 45, I was twenty-two, and she loved my cock. by velvet hammer02/14/134.38

The Alteration

 — He stumbles into a really full-service laundry. by jasonf10003/16/044.45

The Amazing Roommate

 — The perfect tenant. by c1992w03/07/14

The Amberdown Chronicles Pt. 01

 — Gina Harcourt meets Michael Anderson - the full story. by BarracudaSwordfish11/03/174.44

The Anniversary

 — Couple's love is still strong 35 years later. by SexyChele06/28/034.61HOT

The Anonymous Student

 — A happily married man, I end up seduced by a student. by dr_thom_french01/15/094.25

The Anonymous Student

 — A happily married man, I end up seduced by a student. by french_prof05/17/134.29

The Apartment Building Ch. 01

 — New tenant gets sexy older landlady. by bradreler04/16/034.36

The Apartment Complex

 — The new condo. by cuninglinguist6103/16/074.67HOT

The Apartment Complex Ch. 02

 — The Sunday School teacher. by cuninglinguist6108/21/074.63HOT

The Apocalypse

 — A young girl has to find safety from the sex-craving zombies. by SlyCooper05/26/163.48

The Approach

 — Talk to strangers, some of them are horny! by Von696911/07/153.37

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 01

 — An art model sees a handsome older man. by Mistress_Joli08/01/114.31

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 02

 — Lucy finally gets to meet Hugh. by Mistress_Joli08/04/114.27

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 03

 — Dinner, and a flirtatious one at that. by Mistress_Joli09/12/114.41

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 04

 — Wine, music and a lot of loving... by Mistress_Joli09/27/114.45

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 05

 — In the afterglow, Hugh draws Lucy the loves her again. by Mistress_Joli03/08/124.34

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 06

 — Lucy wakes and Hugh takes. by Mistress_Joli10/01/134.33

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 07

 — A glimpse into the moments of Lucy and Hugh's playful sex. by Mistress_Joli10/03/134.51HOT

The Architect Becomes Her Ch. 08

 — Lucy get's Hugh to like her music, erotic style. by Mistress_Joli10/05/134.34

The Arrangement

 — Bob helps a female student harvest semen samples by Grey Beard12/15/024.29

The Arrangement Pt. 02

 — Was it all too good to last for Alex and Mel. by sandy_rock04/05/104.78HOT

The Art of Seduction

 — A mature woman finds love (and sex) with a younger man. by RomanCEisdead212/08/094.17

The Art Teachers Education

 — Rookie teacher learns from experienced colleagues. by Rohmer12/15/114.40

The Artist And Her Horny Male Model

 — She wanted to paint him. by aelliott703/22/124.07

The Assignment

 — Young woman is taken by two older men. by AmandaGirl05/09/044.63HOT

The Assistant

 — An older businesswoman places an ad for a companion. by Evolution20XX01/11/054.50HOT

The Assistant Manager’s Story

 — Asst. Bank Manager - Taking her account. by kenya_tree12/10/124.35

The Au Pair's Boss

 — Emily gets some of what Charlotte's been getting. by Iwantmoar03/26/194.60HOT

The Auction

 — A little black dress helps raise money. by jamisonh21308/24/163.88

The Aunt Who Shaped Me! Ch. 02

 — Adventure of teen boy with aunty continues... by Oliver_Baker07/26/184.23

The Aunt Who Shaped Me! Ch. 04

 — The finale of a story of a young boy and his sex with Bindu! by Oliver_Baker08/12/184.57HOT

The Awakening of a Slut Ch. 01

 — Middle aged woman taken by her boss. by masterofnymphoslut03/03/154.59HOT

The Awakening of a Slut Ch. 02

 — Hank takes greater control of Jean. by masterofnymphoslut03/10/154.63HOT

The Awakening of a Slut Ch. 06

 — Hank shares Jean with an office intern. by masterofnymphoslut04/27/154.60HOT

The Awakening of Dr. Carol Ch. 01

 — An older college professor and a former student get together. by CLorenzo203/21/124.38

The Awakening of Dr. Carol Ch. 02

 — Kevin and Carol come together again and become more intimate. by CLorenzo204/03/124.48

The Awakening of Dr. Carol Ch. 03

 — Dr. Carol and Kevin continue their relationship. by CLorenzo204/19/124.25

The Awakening of Dr. Carol Ch. 04

 — Carol and Kevin enjoyed their last times together. by CLorenzo206/06/124.26

The Awakening of Eileen

 — Mature lady gets sexually awakened. by Eileen4809/11/084.27

The Awakening of Marsha

 — Mature woman in need begins a journey to happiness. by Wendysman10/23/074.04

The Awakening of Marsha Ch. 02

 — Eyewitness to a gang bang and loving it. by Wendysman11/03/074.00

The Awakening of Ms. Keys Ch. 01

 — Temptation strikes in the form of her son's friend. by OrdinaryGirl09/24/054.30

The Awakening of Ms. Keys Ch. 02

 — Caught on her hands and knees. by OrdinaryGirl09/27/054.47

The Awakening of Ms. Keys Ch. 03

 — A confession spurs things on. by OrdinaryGirl10/05/054.50HOT

The Awakening of Ms. Keys Ch. 04

 — Oh those breasts...May I slide between them? by OrdinaryGirl10/10/054.65HOT

The Awakening of Ms. Keys Ch. 05

 — The re-enacting of a longstanding fantasy. by OrdinaryGirl05/02/064.62HOT

The Baby-Sitter

 — A fortunate discovery leads to greater delights. by Ann Douglas09/01/174.73HOT

The Baby-Sitter Diaries Ch. 06

 — A student shows her appreciation. by OregonDavid07/15/074.63HOT

The Babysitter

 — Divorced man finds young woman irresistible. by MarcusWeatherby12/28/014.35

The Babysitter

 — Jack finally gets the babysitter. by nasty_dan04/25/054.45

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