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Dance of a Kiss

 — Tower of love & doom's annual Challenge is kissed. by My Erotic Tale02/06/054.78

Dance Of Delight Between Sir&Muse

 — A text turned into a story. by crimson_skye06/23/024.80

Dance of Seduction Ch. 01

 — Can Mike save Jennifer from abuse without falling in love. by Oupa9904/10/134.55HOT

Dance of Seduction Ch. 02

 — During attempts to kill her Jennifer and Mike fall in love. by Oupa9904/11/134.84HOT

Dance of Seduction Ch. 03

 — Mike and Jennifer give in to their all-consuming passion. by Oupa9904/12/134.80HOT

Dance of Seduction Ch. 04

 — Mike and Jennifer dodge more attempts on their lives. by Oupa9904/14/134.80HOT

Dance With Me

 — Nearly lovers spend an afternoon exploring what they want. by ~calypso~08/17/013.71


 — Georgio finally connects with his ballerina angel Theresa. by marcscotto06/06/133.86

Dancing for Matt

 — BBW bellydances for a new love interest. by cinful11/02/024.38

Dancing in the Moonlight

 — Dancing & romancing. by bitslinger02/21/044.64HOT

Dancing on Old Flames

 — A lover's karma that haunts her still. by omnigorn03/17/063.89

Dancing to the Moonlight Sonata

 — Shy music student is brought out of her shell. by AutumnWriter04/20/064.69HOT

Dancing Wildly: Wingman's Return

 — A long delayed visit creates questions between two lovers. by Belegon09/01/074.49

Dancing with Irene

 — After six years, Rob gets second chance with Irene. by MarciaR12/11/044.26


 — Older man encounters 18-year-old castaway. by ufpe08/27/044.53HOT

Dangerous Affairs

 — An Obsessed man, the Cop and the heroine. by cpm0904/03/134.42

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 02

 — Allegations of all sorts... by cpm0904/08/134.49

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 03

 — "We're here to see Miss Grayson." Damien stated. by cpm0904/09/134.57HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 04

 — Michael was furious. by cpm0904/11/134.51HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 05

 — The next day, Damien and Brian met up... by cpm0904/13/134.77HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 06

 — Brian had finally managed to get Lucy calm. by cpm0904/17/134.64HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 07

 — Damien was tired, physically and emotionally exhausted. by cpm0904/25/134.64HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 08

 — After a brief discussion... by cpm0905/07/134.75HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 09

 — Michael had been close to telling her everything before... by cpm0905/16/134.74HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 10

 — I am going to pretend you didn't say that. by cpm0905/22/134.71HOT

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 11

 — The final chapter. by cpm0905/31/134.65HOT

Dangerous Moves

 — A first meeting under fire, literally! by SecretlyRenee01/07/094.39

Dani and the Bull Ch. 01

 — The first meeting and the night that follows. by darkstone5707/23/104.44

Dani and the Bull Ch. 02

 — 1 down, 2 to to go; will this make it to the big day? by darkstone5708/06/104.57HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 03

 — A first kiss, a long night, and a start to a birthday party. by darkstone5708/10/104.69HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 04

 — A Party, a Puppy, and The Lady in Red. by darkstone5708/15/104.78HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 05

 — Bull discovers a secret, gets a blow job, and falls asleep. by darkstone5708/22/104.66HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 06

 — The end to a long night, confrontation, acceptance. by darkstone5709/06/104.76HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 07

 — Dani pregnant? Bull phones home, Nick causes destruction. by darkstone5709/15/104.64HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 08

 — Dani came awake and shivered. by darkstone5709/29/104.72HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 09

 — Secrets Revealed, Christmas in July, Moonshine Special. by darkstone5710/06/104.74HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 10

 — The journey home for Bull and Jack. by darkstone5710/17/104.70HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 11

 — A Death, An Old Friend, and Another Attack. by darkstone5711/02/104.82HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 12

 — Nick is up to no good, and time is not on their side. by darkstone5706/20/124.70HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 13

 — Dani is renewed and Bull goes home at last. by darkstone5706/25/124.72HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 14

 — Lies revealed, Dani and Bull take charge of their future. by darkstone5707/02/124.75HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 15

 — Bull makes a mistake and an old friend arrives. by darkstone5707/15/124.71HOT

Dani and the Bull Ch. 16

 — Dani sees a beloved relative, and Bull's future is settled. by darkstone5707/31/124.64HOT


 — A romance that begins where others end. by Mandy5702/17/124.75HOT

Daniel's Birthday Treat

 — Lisa stood back from the mirror... by Redrob4807/10/113.54

Daniel's Birthday Treat Ch. 02

 — Daniel offers more than coffee! by Redrob4807/29/113.86


 — An older man gets a second chance at love. by RenRomantic08/08/144.67HOT

Danielle and I

 — A story about a forbidden love. by Spotscat02/10/114.56HOT

Danielle Quarterback

 — Danielle finally finds love with Bryan. by hrshie4006/15/084.16

Danny Ch. 01

 — College boy meets girl. by A_DD09/02/074.32

Danny Ch. 02

 — The date. by A_DD09/06/074.70HOT

Danny Ch. 03

 — Guitar Hero II. by A_DD10/13/074.33

Danny Ch. 04

 — The continuation of the evening. by A_DD07/30/094.08

Dans le Tonnelle de Mebh

 — Rowan finds surprise from goddess of sexuality. by hotti12/09/054.88HOT

Dante's Debt

 — Detective who can't leave the help alone settles a debt. by brianshead11/15/064.30

Darcy, Come Home & Find a Bride

 — The ups and downs of a guy moving towards marriage. by Egmont Grigor07/20/084.72HOT

Dare Me

 — Chance meeting...will it lead to more? by honeywldcat06/19/104.68HOT

Dare Me Ch. 02

 — Stephanie walks away, but will she walk away completely? by honeywldcat07/15/104.65HOT

Dare Me Ch. 03

 — More than just plans are made. by honeywldcat07/23/104.73HOT

Dare Me Ch. 04

 — They get to her home and deal with underlying issues. by honeywldcat07/31/104.79HOT

Dare Me Ch. 05

 — Danger incites panic and passion between Stephanie & Daren. by honeywldcat10/08/104.66HOT

Daring Darcy

 — Ex military guy turns chauffer and performs heroically. by EgmontGrigor201104/30/114.42

Dark Blue

 — It could happen - kinda, sorta. by leapyearguy08/01/074.78HOT

Dark Kisses Pt. 01

 — Black Magic Woman. by calibeachgirl10/19/114.79HOTEditor's Pick

Dark Kisses Pt. 02

 — Black Magic Woman. by calibeachgirl10/20/114.84HOT

Dark Kisses Pt. 03

 — Black Magic Woman. by calibeachgirl10/21/114.88HOT

Dark Knight & The Lady

 — His accidental Power saved them both & overcame death. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_02/01/034.66HOT

Dark Passage

 — Love at the End of Time. by Adrian Leverkuhn07/17/07HOT

Dark Pleasure Ch. 00

 — What will she do to escape him? by thoros02/20/074.71HOT

Dark Queen

 — The Rebel prisoner quells the Queen's passions. by Electra04210/21/024.51HOT

Dark Redemption Ch. 01

 — Where has the love gone? by BarbraNovac12/06/064.11

Dark Redemption Ch. 02

 — When Anna and Peter first met. by BarbraNovac12/16/064.29

Dark Redemption Ch. 03

 — Anna remembers their first Date. by BarbraNovac04/25/074.11

Dark Redemption Ch. 04

 — Anticipation is the mother of desire. by BarbraNovac01/24/084.08

Dark Redemption Ch. 07

 — How the hot sex died. by BarbraNovac02/25/083.64

Dark Redemption Ch. 10

 — Peter takes Anna to a sex shop. by BarbraNovac06/17/084.25

Dark Redemption Ch. 12

 — Anna seduces Peter back through sensual lovemaking. by BarbraNovac06/22/084.50HOT

Dark Redemption Ch. 13

 — Anna seduces him back with porn. by BarbraNovac06/23/084.64HOT

Dark Redemption Ch. 14

 — Anna and Peter have a sex picnic. by BarbraNovac06/24/084.67HOT

Dark Redemption Ch. 15

 — Anna is so close to having him back for good. by BarbraNovac06/25/084.53HOT

Dark Redemption Ch. 16

 — Peter confesses, Anna confronts. by BarbraNovac06/26/084.50HOT

Darling Ramona

 — I was getting to be an old man and not yet married . . . by teddy2horse01/12/133.24

Date With Boyfriend

 — She goes out with a hot guy. by pooja12/19/023.65

Dating Divorcees

 — Dating divorcees was hard work, but then that all changed. by Egmont Grigor11/24/084.63HOT

Dating Dixie

 — A full-on guy and a more circumspect gal begin to gel. by Egmont Grigor04/21/094.63HOT

Daughter of Light

 — A fairy tale, based on the ballad of Tam Lin. by KierHardy08/08/144.24

Dave and Wal Show

 — Two unsophisticated guys score huge TV success. by EgmontGrigor201104/11/114.72HOT

David and Abi

 — On a stop over he unexpectedly finds his true love. by markelly06/14/094.49

David and Kate

 — A casual acquaintance develops into much more. by stikiniki05/29/104.57HOT

David and Kate Ch. 02

 — Their desire continues to develop. by stikiniki11/19/104.82HOT

David Dreamscape Ch. 01

 — Her dreams become her reality. by pagangirl06/14/074.50HOT

David Dreamscape Ch. 02

 — Where reality becomes a dream. by pagangirl06/24/074.70HOT

David Takes a Vacation

 — David meets a beautiful woman at a resort. by mstrhole12/12/114.59HOT

David's Story

 — David wants to tell Keli how he feels, but is it too late? by All Red05/28/034.53HOT


 — Fuck buddy becomes more. by jjcolejr05/02/144.58HOT

Day Dreamin'

 — Two internet friends finally meeting in person. by RainbowQueen02/01/064.67

Day for a Queen

 — Wheelchair-bound woman & hubby engage in roleplay. by obscured09/18/014.51HOT

Daydream Believer

 — Virgin thought she made it up, but it all came true. by Otzchiim04/17/013.87Editor's Pick


 — Food heats up passion. by Waiting10/20/004.25

Daydreams of a Knight's Wench

 — Dreams of a businessman, a knight, her Master. by CreativeUK07/15/033.64

Days Before Christmas

 — Do I stay home or go out? Do I give him space or try again? by NiCeallaigh12/14/143.98

Daystar Swimming

 — You try swimming passion at the seas edge. by Du Lac01/03/054.00

Dazzled by December: Lakeside Lover

 — December meets a former lover in a cabin, but who is it? by RedHairedandFriendly12/19/064.65HOT

Deal with the Devil

 — The payment for life is life, will Estevan give his beloved? by The_Technician10/02/134.34

Deal's and Decision's

 — A huge debt over Marie's head. by explorer90040806/25/124.58HOT

Dealership Darling

 — A BBW story; receptionist and customer fall in love. by stoneypoint11/29/074.19

Dean & Morgan

 — Dean & Morgan are inspired by sex & each other. by Orphic12/25/014.33

Dear Boyfriend

 — Some correspondence as a relationship flowers. by CamillaHumby03/18/134.00

Dear Cait Ch. 01

 — A romantic tale of true love in the most unlikely of forms by AskTheSpleen06/19/084.38

Dear Chris Ch. 02

 — A surprise throws her for a loop. by MJRoberts06/17/144.85HOT

Dear Diary

 — Entry with steamy details of sex with a married man. by TakeMe12/22/024.31

Dear Diary

 — His sexploitations documented. by rarebreed2111/18/074.17

Dear Diary Ch. 02

 — Even though she knows better, he comes over. by TakeMe01/10/034.35

Dear heart...

 — A masturbation fantasy put to paper for my girl. by oneshotwonder12/07/082.00

Dear John

 — Not your typical Dear John letter - or story. by SinsiousSiren01/20/104.44

Dear Johnny

 — She thanks lover for amazing lunch. by LUVNTHOTS10/02/003.73

Dear Will

 — A story about love separated but never truly apart. by Dhampie08/14/124.18

Dearest Friend

 — A romantic encounter between two old friends. by mongoose1212/10/144.44

Dearest Friend Ch. 02

 — Two old friends finally get there chance to be more. by mongoose1201/02/154.48

Death Brings Out Lover

 — Normal night at work turns into unforgettable lifetime. by wiccanluvr198801/18/084.30

Death By Fucking Ch. 01

 — A chemical attraction: his story. by thebullet08/07/034.62HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 02

 — The gallant reaction: her story. by thebullet08/08/034.70HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 03

 — A night of passion and romance. by thebullet08/18/034.78HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 04

 — Passion or Love? by thebullet08/31/034.79HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 05

 — Dinner for Three. by thebullet09/24/034.76HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 06

 — One of us. by thebullet09/26/034.80HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 07

 — The Next Generation. by thebullet09/25/034.73HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 08

 — Andrew gets a twofer. by thebullet09/27/034.81HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 09

 — The Breeders. by thebullet09/28/034.71HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 10

 — Preggers! by thebullet09/29/034.75HOTContest Winner

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