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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Brad's Road Trip Ch. 05

 — Brad is rewarded for offering a free ride. by SpotInTheSand07/28/084.75HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 07

 — Things get heated when Brad plays wingman for a friend. by SpotInTheSand02/17/114.72HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 09

 — A friend gives Brad his girlfriend to win a bet. by SpotInTheSand09/30/124.77HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 11

 — Kelly gets a little action of her own. by SpotInTheSand10/29/124.64HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 12

 — More drama, a new secret -- but still mind-blowing sex. by SpotInTheSand10/24/134.78HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 14

 — Brad gets personal with Kelly, and does a good deed. by SpotInTheSand09/22/154.76HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 15

 — Driving to Denver, and changing a waitress' outlook. by SpotInTheSand09/26/154.79HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 17

 — Before heading home, Brad takes care of old business. by SpotInTheSand07/13/164.83HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 19

 — A day before going home, Brad hits a huge roadblock. by SpotInTheSand11/30/164.85HOT

Braddock's Tavern

 — It's always good to have more than one fantasy. by johnnieblue4411/14/104.43

Brake Lights and Oral Punishment

 — Getting pulled over has never been so much fun! by woofy7811/24/164.14

Brake Tags

 —  Adventure in being married to a great woman. by iammetn04/25/074.45

Branching Out Ch. 01

 — Brad recalls how he met - and later married - his Jeana. by BrettJ07/22/154.41

Branded: Izac

 — Shopowner's escapades continue with new friend. by Nightshade_Angel01/11/024.75HOT

Brandi Gets a Facial Treatment

 — Girlfriend coerces friends' father into a beauty treatment. by stevenmaturin05/04/164.38

Brandi in Heat

 — A coed participates in a special clinical trial. by ArtyGee08/19/154.58HOT

Brandon and Megan

 — One steamy night...will it lead to more? by YesterdayOnceMore04/25/154.17


 — Curvy blonde fast food employee gets the business. by brooksbro03/10/164.30

Brandy Sterns

 — Brandy finally gets her man. by Foster_Kaizen10/18/092.80

Brandy's Cyber-Fucking

 — What is cyber-fucking? by Babee_girl11/28/034.00

Brandy's Oral Seduction

 — Engaged man is no match for young temptress. by QuietStorm197005/25/134.56HOT

Brashey Family Story Ch. 02

 — Time to see the lawyer. by BossySon21a08/28/084.47

Braving the Amazon

 — Fucking an old school friend is harder than you think... by Instacram08/03/174.03


 — Public school was never like this! by double_entendre08/24/114.61HOT


 — He seemed so modest-- so why is he nude before her? by historymajor05/24/073.77

Brazil Beach Girls

 — A visit to Rio's famous beaches. by mtaller03/26/074.30

Brazil Beach Girls Ch. 02

 — Second vacation day with Brazil's famous beaches and girls. by mtaller08/03/074.58HOT

Brazilian Hearts

 — Maria tells a Brazilian love story, Peter hears jungle drums. by Chagrined02/11/05HOT

Breach of Security

 — Female security guard has interesting night at work. by NatalieRose02/12/054.57HOT

Break Time

 — Bored woman at work finds entertainment. by penguinlust01/31/044.49

Break Time

 — Dominic hooks up with a sexy mature colleague. by JWilberforce03/15/184.09

Break Time at Work

 — A girl sees her man at work. by Bountytorag04/17/183.76

Break Time For the Senator

 — Senators take a break in their hectic day. by Rescue32508/12/024.38

Break Time!

 — A little sex makes a job a lot more fun. by PhaedrasGate06/12/074.29

Break Up

 — Divorce sex is bittersweet. by skinshifter05/08/084.17

Break Up, Make Up

 — Boyfriend has sex once more. by standingstones01/08/154.25


 — A woman breaks-out from years of frustration. by TonyDowse09/14/064.59HOT


 — Stranded motorist is saved, and bedded, by hunky stranger. by Sxxyangl10/09/004.38


 — Beth's car needs to be towed. by his_sweetheart04/09/094.54HOT


 — Broken down in the rain on a back road. by necouple69xxx12/06/113.87


 — The two of you wake up to more incredible sex. by noellesmith09/26/014.31


 — Honey & sex for breakfast. by miss TexAss02/21/044.48


 — A new way to have Breakfast in Bed. by ChazStorm06/24/034.40


 — Annie gives him something sweet to eat. by Barnaby03/17/054.36


 — Some things are better to eat than food. by Transitional_Man08/21/094.53HOT


 — You have breakfast after the dream. by bloom4u08/25/084.00


 — He wakes her up ever so sweetly. by the_sultry_vixen06/04/114.00


 — Breakfast became the best meal of the day. by Zrnko_Pisku12/28/124.50HOT


 — There's 10 minutes before room service arrives... by BigAngus07/28/143.82


 — Breakfast with extras at a lonely diner. by Ashson11/18/144.39

Breakfast at Eliana's

 — Two Lovers meet for breakfast tryst! by Eroscribe6709/04/164.02

Breakfast 'n Bed

 — A chance meeting of travellers. by m_dub07/10/134.30

Breakfast (Cereal) In Bed

 — Mr. Marcus attends the funeral of a former classmate by HarveyMarcus10/11/094.41

Breakfast at Britney's

 — Young woman gets a lesson in Internet dating. by apollo500005/24/063.79

Breakfast at Eliana's Pt. 02

 — The sexy morning tryst continues... by Eroscribe6709/08/164.00

Breakfast at Stephanie's

 — The morning after a late night hook-up. by damonX02/21/104.41

Breakfast at Sunnydale Farm

 — More breakfast than I had bargained for. by 4eyedbrit04/23/124.17

Breakfast at the Cabin

 — Cold mountain morning, with a little surprise. by sexysierra199602/05/184.17

Breakfast at the Manor

 — Claire fills the bed and breakfast with her moans. by Dodrick04/17/184.29

Breakfast At Tiffany's

 — Dylan meets a MILF, but who is it who gets used? by Blue Dolphin10/17/054.33

Breakfast Goodbye

 — The morning started bad but got much better. by gustavklimt03/31/084.23

Breakfast In Bed

 — Girlfriend's sister moves in and tries seduction. by Anders10/10/004.47Editor's Pick

Breakfast In Bed

 — Breakfast was more than he bargained for. by jester for her04/11/034.31

Breakfast in Bed

 — She spoils him and he spoils her. by themarquise07/09/064.67HOT

Breakfast in Bed

 — A new way of serving breakfast. by joiphulone05/16/044.39

Breakfast In Bed

 — A couple enjoy breakfast in bed and much more. by psg04/27/064.29

Breakfast in Bed

 — The sun rises in paradise. by islandpappy10/31/093.25

Breakfast in Bed

 — A romantic morning for two lovers. by fuckinhornychic08/19/114.21

Breakfast in Bed

 — Best cure for a hangover is a great fuck. by 69pat6910/14/114.12

Breakfast in Bed

 — I get an unexpected breakfast. by bluemono01/16/133.92

Breakfast in Bed

 — A Sunday morning romp in bed. by Inspirinious06/04/134.57HOT

Breakfast In Bed With Honey

 — A sweet beginning to your day. by connielynn11/07/044.36

Breakfast of Champions

 — An unknown man ravages her. by Looney07/26/034.43

Breakfast of Champions

 — Anji and William satisfy their hunger. by soft_satellite06/03/074.82HOT

Breakfast Quiche

 — Friends discuss recipes while making out. by tantricjim11/23/134.73HOT

Breakfast Stout

 — Rachael finds herself face-to-face with Jon Stewart. by LillyRae06/06/154.63HOT

Breakfast with Julie

 — A loving couple has breakfast with a stranger. by sweetgirlie04/26/043.70

Breakfast...with Everything

 — Man goes to cafe and gets more than he expected. by the_apocalypse10/02/094.10


 — Meal prep gets put on the back burner for something hotter. by SJZ7610/31/094.48

Breaking & Entering

 — Woman Police Constable likes the bad boys. by danielrogerashley01/20/114.03

Breaking a Sweat

 — Late night exercise at the gym. by rescatooor09/22/174.42

Breaking Back Out

 — Two strangers cross paths and use each other. by StevenWrytyr03/28/183.83

Breaking Boundaries

 — Amateur night at Club Juniper's is more than Ella expected. by bluemoon8607/09/154.39

Breaking Clichés Ch. 01

 — Meeting the young woman who would teach me so much. by MrIllusion09/08/164.77HOT

Breaking Clichés Ch. 03

 — Meeting Scarlett's best friend livens up a boring party. by MrIllusion10/06/164.70HOT

Breaking Clichés Ch. 04

 — Scarlett discovers the Bird, a very special restaurant. by MrIllusion11/04/164.78HOT

Breaking Clichés Ch. 05

 — A Halloween surprise for John, then Scarlett. by MrIllusion11/20/164.75HOT

Breaking Clichés Ch. 06

 — Darkest Fantasy - Scarlett goes off the deep end. by MrIllusion11/29/164.41

Breaking Clichés Ch. 07

 — A vampire fantasy for John and Scarlett. by MrIllusion12/09/164.47

Breaking Clichés Ch. 08

 — A trip to a snowy mountain, part 1. by MrIllusion10/29/174.81HOT

Breaking Clichés Ch. 10

 — Double dose of cosplay. by MrIllusion11/07/174.79HOT

Breaking Code

 — A guy, his best friend & his best friend's sister. by JimmySummers8512/31/134.39

Breaking Her In

 — Older man takes advantage of young stripper. by NCGuy8507/25/073.61

Breaking Her Spirit

 — An anxiety-ridden college student conquers her fears. by AnonymousPerv12/19/174.45

Breaking In a New Dress

 — She likes the Mad men look, so does he! by mysecretwithu07/31/104.07

Breaking In Anne

 — Anne makes a daring career choice. by Phantom_Master04/19/084.29

Breaking in the Boss

 — Frank knows what the boss wants, even before she does. by djrip12/31/154.25

Breaking in the House

 — A married couple's first night in the new home. by tylos05/18/093.75

Breaking in the Jacket

 — Improvisation excites her in the back room after hours. by worthsqueezing10/24/064.00

Breaking it Down

 — Some walls need to be broken down. by Lucy1970Harker05/25/134.66HOT

Breaking News

 — Reporter meets her editor for emergency press conference. by pandoras_choice05/12/06

Breaking the Bed

 — It couldn't take the pounding. by jreemis06/08/163.92

Breaking the Boundaries

 — They knew it was wrong. by Zas03/28/034.14

Breaking the Boy

 — Hello, moths. I'm the flame. by Wayward_Eve02/14/124.54HOT

Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 01

 — Young newlywed discovers wife's secret. by hotmann07/24/144.30

Breaking the Dry Spell

 — After 5 years of chastity, Jonathan finally gets lucky. by sexypseudonym01/16/124.13

Breaking the Fast

 — They shared erotic feast fueled by untamed desire. by Vampladydi09/20/044.54HOT

Breaking the Girl

 — Pride is more gullible than innocence. Don't you think? by Wayward_Eve02/17/164.41

Breaking the Ice

 — Older woman breaks the ice and fun ensures. by easygoinguy08/05/064.42

Breaking the Ice

 — Best fucking blind-date I ever had... by MsHenry05/22/084.23

Breaking the Law

 — Sometimes it pays to be bad. by blue_steel9009/09/104.35

Breaking the Loneliness

 — Friends get together to bust bordem in their own way. by hellsstraydog03/24/074.28

Breaking the News

 — They stumble upon a very hot story. by Lucy1970Harker09/05/104.57HOT

Breaking The Rules

 — Co-workers play at work. by Pretty_Little_Kitty02/14/034.25

Breaking The Rules

 — A man discovers breaking some rules is not always bad. by surober104/14/114.47

Breakups and Cumming Togethers Ch. 02

 — His fiancée's other flatmate helps him out. by milfocker02/24/064.35

Breakups and Cumming Togethers Ch. 03

 — Pregnant fiancée takes her revenge, but can she stop? by milfocker07/22/134.21

Breanna's Sexy Valentine

 — Tonight was a different story. by nkd4ugirl6912/27/044.67HOT

Breast Feeding Story

 — Adult Nursing Relationship. by tsar712/15/173.82

Breast Friend Ch. 01

 — Peter's Experiment - Sessions 1 and 2. by RockSteele11/03/163.81

Breast Friend Ch. 02

 — Sessions 3 and 4. by RockSteele11/04/164.04

Breast Friend Ch. 03

 — Sessions 5 and 6. by RockSteele11/07/164.14

Breast Friend Ch. 04

 — Sessions 7 and 8. by RockSteele11/08/164.02

Breast Friend Ch. 05

 — Sessions 9 and 10 - Peter's fantasies come true. by RockSteele11/09/164.27

Breast Man

 — Sometimes you just have to find what you are looking for. by DublinBen08/06/034.47

Breast Man Chronicles Ch. 01

 — I score with beautiful women by not following the rules. by Tomcatfive09/11/104.61HOT

Breast Play

 — Will she give in if he plays her right? by InstinctSonari09/03/143.93


 — A high school reunion brings back fond mammories. by Many Feathers06/28/094.69HOT


 — College swimmer works out with her old high school coach. by kimbelina06/30/084.35

Breath Holding Course

 — They learn breath holding = awesome underwater sex. by Naxos04/01/074.25

Breath of Life

 — Salvation can sometimes be found in strange arms. by the_shires09/02/164.56HOT


 — Young woman worried about a breathalyser test. by Ashson08/20/144.54HOT


 — A languid fantasy from her bed. by Alexis66101/02/054.35


 — I could barely catch my breath... by elledee03/04/114.45


 — You must catch your breath before falling asleep. by Off_Topic09/08/114.29


 — A private yoga session leads to a heated encounter. by l8lastnight07/03/154.40


 — A lunchtime rendezvous. by inthesea06/20/143.68

Breathless Masquerade

 — Lesley is late for her anonymous date at a masked ball. by dickmacd7709/04/114.26


 — A single word spoken results in steamy elevator sex. by sam123005/13/034.65HOT

Bree and Nick Ch. 01

 — Online friends meet for first time, she pleases him first. by Ember Faye06/27/094.30

Bree and Nick Ch. 02

 — Her turn for pleasure, she squirts for him. by Ember Faye06/30/094.49

Bree and Nick Ch. 03

 — Evening of pleasure continues. by Ember Faye07/03/094.65HOT

Bree Makes the Grade

 — Bree works hard with her teacher for extra credit. by victoria8407/19/084.20

Bree's Surprise

 — She surprises her love in the shower. by alonzo1412/31/034.24


 — Two friends meet to fulfill a fantasy. by LovingMan6004/11/104.43

Breezy Upstairs Room

 — She's on top. by DreamerKitty07/18/143.73

Brenda & I

 — He recalls a special time in his life. by LittleBigHorny01/25/053.25

Brenda! - Militia Wife

 — Brenda, a party in the woods. Along comes Rabbit! by militiahumper06/01/164.64HOT


 — Brenda became much more than just a sitter. by OldThunder11/29/104.53HOT

Brenda's Crop Top

 — A working guy's fantasy. by mac7576209/16/074.38

Brenda's Learns the Truth

 — Brenda starts to learn about herself at college. by SJ3512/18/094.60HOT

Brent's Folly

 — A typical sexual journey. by Alex Ledue10/25/044.27

Brett and Camilla Prologue

 — Introduction to Brett and Camilla. by KyaraMiller08/23/064.00

Brewing an Encounter

 — Cyber-cafe flirting leads to alley-way fun. by RovingPiper11/12/114.15

Brian & Rebecca

 — Brian and Rebecca hit it off. by Lord Naraku10/24/044.17

Brian and Crew Go Camping Ch. 01

 — A camping trip with unexpected pleasures. by rabidsmurfbite05/25/124.47

Brian and Laura's Chat

 — IM chat session about a massage rendezvous gets very hot! by Hookmeistr12/25/094.57HOT

Brian's Hot Sex Bonanza Enrollment

 — College is so much better than high school. by IAmTheDevil03/18/074.71HOT

Brian's Weekend

 — After his wife leaves, a best friend fills the void. by Tony15501/25/074.53HOT


 — Fate gave two strangers an exploding orgasm. by X_Child11/17/083.67

Brianna Gets Her Wish

 — Brianna's sexy boss finally notices her. by StarliteSky01/14/012.40

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