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Nigel's Pet Ch. 03

 — Steve does chores. by SDcowboy12/31/024.55HOT

Nigel's Pet Ch. 04

 — Jen comes to the farm. by SDcowboy03/03/034.38

Nigel's Pet Ch. 05

 — Jen & Ali are caught. by SDcowboy03/09/034.51HOT

Nigel's Pet Ch. 07

 — Sorry Mr. Shanhan, your daughter is a whore. by SDcowboy04/02/034.51HOT

Night at the Monuments

 — She tries being a big girl, but can't quite control herself. by WetMyself04/08/084.13

Night Jogger

 — Kayla meets a stranger on her nightly run. by Mason_Hess12/08/153.88

Night Nurse

 — Night nurse fulfills college guy's fantasy. by hooters05/11/023.28

Night Nurse

 — A New Nurse gets the dirty jobs. by zaaz10/16/03

Night Nurse

 — Hero gets a pantie sniffing treat. by thelimeyfromhell06/05/084.23

Night Nurse Ch. 02

 — A hero gets a BJ as well as panties this time. by thelimeyfromhell06/12/084.33

Night Nurse Ch. 03

 — Our hero meets Mary. by thelimeyfromhell06/22/084.69HOT

Night of Pissing

 — Full evening of pissing with my wife. by wetguy4205/24/164.51HOT

Night Out

 — The morning after and she not sure about it by Kinkykiff03/03/033.86

Night Out

 — Young couples first steps into cuckolding. by fantasycuck01/01/143.67

Night Shift Pt. 02

 — Night Shift girl anticipates the next shift. by Peethagoras07/29/074.44

Night Shift Pt. 05

 — A new girl joins the shift, will she fit in? by Peethagoras02/15/124.46

Night Stalkers

 — Sequel to Time for bed. by zed_man02/03/154.75HOT

Night to Remember Ch. 01

 — All his wildest fantasies come true in one night. by spawnofdavey05/22/093.91

Nightclub Escapades Ch. 01

 — Jennie's encounter with two cocks in a nightclub restroom. by Maria2409/14/174.47


 — The adventures of a prostitute, or is it? by Mushrom06/08/013.96


 — After 2 weeks of denial, he puts himself into her hands. by ChristianDeNeuvillet05/28/094.74HOT

Nightly Agenda

 — As you open the front door for me... by Badrabbit01/08/094.00


 — A kind young British woman has a terrible thing done to her. by Smokey12502/24/143.65

Nights at J-Mart

 — A college student gets a little flirty with her co-worker. by Arwing11/21/184.50HOT

Nights in White Satin

 — A doctor, a pharmacist, a guy & some heroin. by jjsharshaw11/23/013.96

Nightshade becomes Nightslut

 — A mature super-heroine defeated by a younger woman. by thorprovoni05/05/112.92

Nighttime Adventure

 — 'babydoll' gets night of wet fun by kinky_n_cali07/04/034.08

Niharika and the Harness

 — Niarika starts using a harness. by nihadeep05/31/163.62

Niharika Calls a Friend

 — Niharika calls a friend. by nihadeep06/02/163.90

Niharika's Friend Joins Us

 — They try the copper harness. by nihadeep06/07/164.21


 — She pushes her cuckold's limits. by cuckytoher02/28/094.07

Nikki's Doctor Visit Ch. 01

 — A sub it taken to her first pelvic exam. by submissivelittleme11/17/103.41

Nikki's Shoes Ch. 02

 — In which Nikki seduces a grieving widower. by DreamerIncolore05/15/103.88

Nikki's Watersports

 — Nikki discovers the joys of playing with piss. by SEANACHIE08/31/074.41

Nilda and her Money Machine

 — A submissive man and a women who likes money. by mlooking5308/17/093.77


 — Panty fetish leads to sexual heaven. by tonyatll10/07/054.47

Nina Gets Sick

 — Another puke story; Nina copes with her phobia of vomiting by CJPorter01/28/144.24

Nina Watches Wendy... Ch. 1

 — Part one of a mad cross-dressing fantasy. by missnina12/28/014.26

Nina's New Suit

 — A sub goes for wild ride in latex catsuit. by fetisha_4402/19/024.12

Nipple Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Annie's nipples want what they want, inside his cock head. by Hemingwood06/21/184.59HOT


 — A long night of nipple torture for the pleasure of both. by call_me_dana08/26/134.31

No Boundaries

 — An affair of the kinkiest, wettest kind. by fitasfook10/08/034.25

No Circus Clown

 — Cuckold finds Bulls for Mistress. by MistyMorgan12/22/044.27

No Control

 — Couple experiments with diapers and embarrassment. by paddedembarrassment10/20/113.81

No Do-Overs

 — Recently-divorced man embraces his love of BBWs. by Eosphorus12/30/124.52HOT

No Escape

 — A man gets something he doesn't expect. by hithere22202/26/162.90

No Facilities

 — Kay gives a lesson in water sports. by Orac10/12/014.40

No Faire: A Tale of Public Humiliation

 — A couple has a humiliating experience at a Renaissance Faire. by nohbdy8808/29/143.49

No Mercy!

 — Luscious cocktease dishes out the humiliation in the office. by hobrigef03/23/163.84

No More Secrets

 — A couple get to confess their adultery to each other. by dsoul10/03/18

No Other Option

 — In a search for chastity he finds something better. by Bruno102712/14/054.59HOT

No Other Place To Go

 — First golden shower for the volunteer plumber. by 4eyedbrit12/13/094.53HOT

No Pressure

 — An encounter with her ex-roommate's ex. by Alibug13691609/13/044.35

No Really, How Do You Like It?

 — A much needed continuation to how do you like it? by blackstallion2101/22/183.82

No Regrets Ch. 02

 — Sally needs to be spanked. by NurseSally05/09/114.52HOT

No Regrets Ch. 03

 — Shock and Confusion. Is Sally betrayed? by NurseSally05/11/114.64HOT

No Resistance

 — She was becoming a powerful narcotic for him. by gr8_4play06/24/034.00

No Way!

 — Girlfriend finds me a job in film. by crobeson9601/17/184.02

Nocturnal Anal Stimulation. A Study

 — Experiments with denied males. by suppleWriter05/13/123.68

Nora Ch. 01

 — Out of the Bra and Into the Fire by YoBiteMe08/31/174.01

Nora Ch. 02

 — Scott and Nora's Intimate Playdate by YoBiteMe09/01/174.20

Nora Ch. 03

 — Nora the Explorer by YoBiteMe09/02/174.38

Nora Ch. 04

 — Rumspringa Revisited by YoBiteMe09/03/174.36

Nora Ch. 05

 — Postpartum Aggression by YoBiteMe09/04/174.09

Nora Ch. 06

 — The Naked Ruth by YoBiteMe09/05/174.37

Noriko's Bang

 — Fetish to the extreme. by mcfreeman12/10/084.23

Norma, Eskimos Have it Right Ch. 01

 — Shared wife--from reluctant, to willing, to eager. by MilkFountain01/25/074.30

Normal Nurse or Nude Waitress?

 — 40+ nurse answers ad to work at bachelor party. by Hot37yrgal06/25/054.36

Norman Conquest

 — How I lost a wife, gained a wife and a pet. by fencer24a11/28/154.36

Norwegian Apron

 — It's a large apron useful for bondage. by oggbashan06/29/164.00

Norwegian Petticoat

 — She traps men in a petticoat so she's in control. by oggbashan05/07/034.33

Not Just a Fetish

 — Rick's journey into an esoteric sisterhood of sex. by rick_oh10/13/054.54HOT

Not Kyle Ch. 03: Emily's Dilemma

 — Emily follows Sarah. by Ferax09/19/173.29

Not Pissed Off to be Pissed On

 — Jasmine and I take watersports to the next level. by Metrocurious02/20/084.55HOT

Not Quite a Regular Guy

 — Finding a doctor who understands everything. by owengreybeard07/05/094.46

Not Quite What He'd Planned For

 — Filming on a full bladder leads to fun. by Adrian6970200606/30/163.57

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 01

 — A new med turns Betty from frigid to hot wife. by ElliottEden02/23/174.35

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 02

 — Betty goes shopping and brings home some surprises. by ElliottEden02/28/174.44

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 03

 — A day of edging ends with Betty getting her favorite meal. by ElliottEden03/14/174.51HOT

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 04

 — I like it rough Mr. Elliott... don't be gentle. by ElliottEden05/29/184.67HOT

Not So Gentle Way - Kagami Biraki

 — Celebrating the New Years Judo style. by grgy5601/03/134.11

Not So Gentle Way Ni Dan

 — MILF gets a Judo lesson. by grgy5607/09/114.12

Not So Gentle Way San Dan

 — Promotions has it benefits. by grgy5611/18/124.07

Not So Sweet Dreams

 — Husband locked in chastity dreams of fucking his wife. by Switch9006/17/174.21

Not Strangers, No

 — You spend a night in with "daddy". by leezard12/22/043.93

Not The First Time He Imagined

 — He loses a surprising virginity. by super_chicken02/12/044.32

Not What I was Expecting

 — Man meets dominant woman and is controlled. by gbr200403/06/174.47

Not What Rob Had In Mind

 — He's demeaned by two girls. by super_chicken02/27/044.06

Not Your Average Girl

 — Slutty Becky loves hairy armpits and the smell of sweat. by fetishfanatic08/31/094.42

Not Your Average Groupie

 — After the show she showed me a few things in the tour bus. by checker09/18/154.52HOT

Not Your Every Day Crudite

 — Josephina learns just how erotic appetizers can be. by HeraHestia07/05/164.52HOT


 — A trip to Wally-World opens new doors in their relationship. by runningtears01/18/104.50

Nothing Else Matters

 — By pleasing him, she'll be well taken care of. by GuiltlessMiss07/27/123.96

Nothing More Gratifying

 — He serves his wife in many ways, particularly at her feet. by MarthaD07/22/084.64HOT

Nothing Nicer than a Hairy Woman

 — Tales of encounters with hairy women. by hrardasarock3410406/04/094.46

Nothing to Declare

 — An embarrassing encounter leads to so much more. by Milliemoon08/20/084.61HOT

Nourishing My Nieces

 — In this GLK spinoff, twins enjoy their young aunt's milk. by RedHatter7609/30/164.45

Nourishing My Nieces Ch. 02

 — Michelle continues feeding the twins and teases Rick. by RedHatter7601/10/174.49

Nourishing My Nieces Ch. 03

 — In college, Michelle nurses her niece and her boyfriend. by RedHatter7612/10/174.52HOT

Now Eat It

 — Wife is obsessed with watching her husband eating cum! by Livelycouple08/06/124.53HOT

Now Get Out of That

 — Revenge is a knotty, messy problem. by tarred09/19/113.72

Now I Can

 — Cum covered panties. Yum! by hylyfe10/04/124.10

Now I Can Ch. 02

 — Now I splash the cash on bdsm. by hylyfe10/08/124.31

Now I Can Ch. 03

 — BDSM gives way to wet and dirty depravity. by hylyfe10/23/123.39

Now I'm Their Slave

 — How I became a couples sex slave. by GeminiMoon6608/20/113.78

Now I'm Their Slave Ch. 02

 — The second part of 'Now I'm Their Slave'. by GeminiMoon6608/25/114.26

Now or Never

 — Tim and Sue indulge their fantasies. by naughtybessparker06/28/134.24

Now That's A Fine Cigar

 — Ladies who smoke cigars & the men who love them. by cigartradercc04/10/014.63HOT

Now You're Ready

 — A willing fuck toy pleasures two cocks. by HaloOfDarkness05/08/154.41

Nude Adultery

 — I am to be punished for a crime I didn't commit. by oggbashan07/10/103.71

Nude Beach Horror

 — Trip to the beach turns into a nightmare for a 'small' guy. by uppishcarrot07/02/104.02

Nude Beach Photoshoot

 — She gives a tourist photographer a shoot to remember. by jackflynn705/21/093.98

Nude Day Texas Hold 'Em Ch. 03

 — Who's Rockin' the Boat? by alexxxis11/04/084.52HOT

Nude Day, A Celebration of Flashing

 — Married couple spends Nude Day flashing for reactions. by SuperHeroRalph07/06/113.27

Nude Model

 — He is used as a prop in a sexual anatomy class. by robertcleve10/27/024.14

Nude to Seal the Deal Ch. 01

 — Nudity is required to win a lucrative contract. by Wifetheif12/27/144.36

Nude to Seal the Deal Ch. 03

 — Tina submits to Wilbur's razor. by Wifetheif01/05/154.48


 — An 18th birthday is celebrated in a very special way. by AlphaBeatHer03/07/094.22


 — A beautiful girl helps him feel better. by jarod18701/21/063.94

Nurse Diva's Standard Party Bitch Script

 — Nurse Diva programs white girls to accept their roles. by NickVegas01/06/153.12

Nurse Dominique

 — A private nurse takes charge. by darhove02/18/124.15

Nurse Janyps Pt. 01

 — Huge-breasted nurse tends to a kindly old man - or is he? by Fenugreek11/17/184.00

Nurse Jenny Lends a Hand

 — ER visit leads to him learning to be a small cocked sissy. by Emmcee2005/01/194.61HOT

Nurse Karyn

 — A butch looking home health aide surprises me. by Madabouthair12/05/124.35

Nurse Me Home

 — Staff at a Rehab facility take care of some patients needs. by meathead9612/17/104.42

Nurse's Antidote

 — Mr. Harrison finds a physical ain't half bad. by SINGODWAY7609/02/084.05

Nurse's Confession

 — How to enjoy your daily work! by mdt12302/02/163.62


 — Matronly woman rescues an injured man. by Ilbfita04/06/054.20

Nurses in Rubber

 — Tina discovers lesbian love and latex. by Slika05/06/044.67HOT

Nurses Julia and Cindy: Semen Study

 — Greg volunteers for a DNA fragmentation study, nurse antics. by JohntheRapturist04/14/184.15

Nursing My Old Male Friend

 — A tale of erotic breast feeding on a sunny afternoon. by rosie1972uk09/29/134.53HOT

Nursing School Model

 — My physician ex-wife and her student nurses. by StandardPatient03/29/094.31

Nylon Awakenings

 — A harem costume fantasy comes true. by sheerpeter06/17/124.61HOT

Nylon Enclosure

 — MILF finds new pleasure in old fetish with surprise visitor. by baubleheadz08/01/184.45

Nylon Femdom

 — Sisters deal with David's nylon stocking fetish. by BlkNYLONS04/28/064.45

Nylon Fetish

 — I meet a girl who loves nylons as much as I do. by jf1943uk02/24/174.36

Nylon Lover Ch. 1

 — How a nylon lover became one. by ninja-mon06/27/024.44

Nylon Overall

 — Nylon is strong; can I tear an overall while wearing it? by oggbashan09/29/083.95

Nylon Punishment at 35,000 feet

 — Business man gets humiliated by Korean flight attendants. by fanofpantyhose11/21/094.34

Nylon Sex With Susan & Bob

 — He visits for 'Nylon Sex' with unintended result. by nylonphil10/28/074.46

Nylon Temptation

 — It gets steamy when he notices wife's sexy nylons. by Bacomicfan02/18/024.68HOT

Nylon Temptation Ch. 02

 — Kelly gives hubby a hosiery show that gets him hot. by Bacomicfan07/03/034.70HOT

Nylons, Viagra, & Neckties, Oh My Ch. 01

 — Lucky boyfriend gets kinky surprise from girlfriend. by squirty6905/28/094.26

Nylons, Viagra, & Neckties, Oh My Ch. 02

 — Lucky boyfriend gets kinky surprise from girlfriend. by squirty6906/07/094.61HOT


 — Will tonight's mistress be kind or cruel? by Nymphix04/05/133.69

O'Malleys Bar

 — A college girl needs to take a pee and meets another girl by electricblue6605/13/144.54HOT

Object of Her Desire

 — She has a fetish for her dildo, ahh, true love! by DireLilith03/31/07


 — She sells herself into slavery, for free. by onion_man08/12/173.82

Obsessed with the Pussies

 — We all have our little weaknesses. by JJPoland11/08/183.91

Obsession and Submission

 — Young man lusts after voluptuous blonde and submits. by readyforprimetime05/12/184.58HOT

Obsession Ch. 01

 — Judy gets charged with Public Indecency. by Amyfriend05/19/064.43

Obsession Ch. 02

 — Is the psychiatrist eyeing Judy? by Amyfriend05/20/064.25

Obsession Ch. 03

 — Judy starts to make her Psychiatrist sweat. by Amyfriend05/21/064.47

Obsession Ch. 04

 — Judy finally gets her way with her Psychiatrist. by Amyfriend05/29/064.47

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Dr. Saza treats Chris and his small penis. by k4d0h102/26/104.28

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 02

 — Ex-girlfriend is back, but now has BIG experience. by k4d0h102/28/104.26

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 03

 — Rachel reveals more of her sexual past in detail. by k4d0h108/07/104.44

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 04

 — Rachel is drunk and reminiscing of big dicked ex lovers. by k4d0h108/08/104.28

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 05

 — Truth or dare game enables Chris to compare to previous b/fs. by k4d0h108/09/104.15

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 06

 — Chris hides under the bed as his g/f calls over an ex lover. by k4d0h108/11/104.30

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 07

 — The insanity ensues. Chris' girl is not shy towards her pref by k4d0h108/12/104.42

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 08

 — Long addition featuring secret big dick exploits. by k4d0h108/13/104.43

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 01

 — Erotic tale of virgin sis, innocent teasing, voyeur peeps. by k4d0h112/19/104.23

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 02

 — Sexy sis teases him about size and shows more of herself by k4d0h102/02/124.26

Obsessions Ch. 01

 — Happily young married woman becomes obsessed with neighbor. by RCleo06/06/144.62HOT


 — She agrees to fulfill his exam fantasy, but didn't expect this. by Doppler_effect05/17/123.55

Odd Party

 — One couple's mind-blowing adventure. by need2havelessons08/23/033.60

Ode to a Stripper

 — A special dancer makes his visit more special. by SamFrench11/14/074.33

Ode to Domina Scorpio: Anal

 — Black male writer seduces his number one fan! by Samuelx04/02/122.83

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Owner

 — Aquarius King dominates and breaks down Scorpio lady. by Samuelx05/06/123.00

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Punish

 — Black writer punishes his sexy female fan! by Samuelx04/16/121.82

Ode to Domina Scorpio: Queen

 — Black male writer is dominated by sexy female fan. by Samuelx03/24/123.60

Ode to The Aquarius King

 — My tribute to The Dreamer. by Kandy564703/29/124.20

Ode To The Aquarius King: Broken

 — The Scorpio Queen has broken her King. by Kandy564709/30/124.45

Ode to The Aquarius King: Dethroned

 — The Scorpio Queen dethrones her king. by Kandy564705/17/124.33

Ode to The Aquarius King: Owned

 — She introduces him to her mechanical friends. by Kandy564705/01/124.25

Ode to The Aquarius King: Revenge

 — She gets sweet revenge on her King. by Kandy564704/17/124.22

Of Cocks & Clits Ch. 01

 — Lauren's cum-drenched medical examination by sexotics200610/25/074.55HOT

Of Cocks & Clits Ch. 02

 — Cum-soaked hermaphroditic bedroom secrets revealed. by sexotics200601/31/084.62HOT

Of Coffee and Cream

 — A lactation story. by LookingGlassLicker12/05/174.73HOT

Of Demons and Dragoness' Pt. 01

 — A husband cheats with a dragon... by AmethystMare11/23/174.00

Of Demons and Dragoness' Pt. 02

 — A demon husband cheats with a dragoness... by AmethystMare11/24/175.00

Of Friends

 — Gender swapping friendly frolics. by corylus03/26/064.14

Of Toffee Bites and Copperheads

 — Annie finally meets up with her exotic online lover. by BrownVisual05/07/144.65HOT

Offering Me Claire Ch. 01

 — A submissive wife offers her husband another woman. by komrad115610/24/154.41

Offering to the Muck Gods

 — A charity event gets a bit messy... by tarred09/19/114.14

Offering up The Wife

 — A wife gets off getting dominated in a wrestling ring. by StoneKidman10/12/164.11

Office Bathroom Breaks

 — Unaware of the newly remodeled office bathroom. by Hollow_Eyes10/26/063.95

Office Cow

 — Married woman used as office milk cow and sex toy. by craigool02/22/154.11

Office Cuckold Ch. 02

 — The cuckolding starts. by Cuckjosht07/01/144.15

Office Deals Cum and Go

 — Business deals take on a new dimension for Yana. by MisterE2707/18/103.96

Office Discipline

 — When she makes a mistake on the job, she gets punished. by satisfy01/24/144.05

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