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Pussy In Boots

 — A fantasy shared is a fetish born. by Natalya02/06/024.26

Pussy In Boots Ch. 2

 — Phil decides to have some fun. by Natalya02/18/024.47

Pussy In Boots Ch. 3

 — Phil gets restrained. by Natalya02/26/024.35

Pussy In Boots Ch. 4

 — Phil instigates some office fun. by Natalya03/06/024.63HOT

Pussy In Boots Ch. 6

 — Butt plug, dildo & chastity belt = day of fun? by Natalya07/18/024.55HOT

Pussy In Boots Ch. 7

 — Kate gets her revenge on Phil and Helena. by Natalya04/12/044.59HOT

Pussy Licking, Ass Kissing Professor

 — Coed sitter turns tables on horny prof. by licksit02/27/084.40

Pussy Plan Ch. 01

 — Nothing but Rewards. by NastyPierre12/23/142.00

Pussy Pump...

 — She squirts into a pussy pump after tying him up. by Dostover07/02/014.07

Pussy Rules

 — BBW takes down loud mouthed author on live TV. by soflabbwlvr08/13/134.51HOT

Pussy Slave: A Fantasy

 — A man becomes a Pussy Slave. by redwolf55502/08/193.92

Pussy-Licker: Affectionate Vandals

 — Sex. Greed. Art. Death. Lies, and more sex in Barcelona. by tristantrotsky10/25/153.71

Pussy-Licker: Domestic Arrangement

 — Oral Sex: For Fun & Profit? The Full And Shocking Truth... by tristantrotsky10/30/153.93

Pussy-Licker: Volunteered Slavery

 — The sexual politics of love and lust. by tristantrotsky10/23/153.38

Put In Her Place

 — A guy punishes a posh tease. by wimpywelshwilly05/26/104.01

Put What? Where?

 — A handy story with a fistful of action. by RonnyJane04/08/034.52HOT


 — A daddy reclaims his little. by DoxyTrainer01/08/194.14

Quality Control

 — An American Woman participates in a Japanese Bukkake. by Pinocchio04/25/114.48

Quality Room Service

 — Indian girl captures lust of male traveler while on business. by photog4503/03/174.21

Quean for a Day Ch. 01

 — Cuckquean's humiliation is witnessed. by ClosetQuean08/06/114.18

Queans of Japan

 — She's a normal girl in a brand new world with too many girls. by Rallynoangels04/28/174.53HOT

Queen Catherine, The Lioness

 — A knight becomes the queen's slave. by JHunt07/10/173.68

Queen Katie

 — Will hotwife Katie choose chastity for her cuckold? by MikeyGee03/16/164.44

Queen Katie Ch. 02

 — Can Katie make her husband the Ultimate Cuckold? by MikeyGee09/03/164.07

Queen Kiera Ch. 05

 — Tyrants are people, too. by PeterOmez11/07/113.54

Queen Penelope's Memoirs

 — The leader of the rebellion looses more than his masculinity. by uppishcarrot07/03/103.47

Queening for a Day

 — His obsession with Black women's asses comes to a head. by AfroerotiK10/28/14

Quest For Urinary Adventure

 — Older lady looks for adventure before time runs out. by Francine-frcxa08/25/024.53HOT

Questions for Sioux

 — From an old customer and new widower. by grgor07/20/144.25

Questions of the Heart

 — Should I or shouldn't I? by who_me200306/16/033.23

Questions, Questions.

 — The answers will always be about her tiny waist. by Learningfast11/18/104.10

Quick Trip to the Barn

 — No one at the office knew she was a cow. by conroy3907/01/124.50HOT


 — A quick facesitting/anal experience. by uchihamax07/08/113.06

Quicky 01: Calling Nurse Pissy

 — An unexpected encounter with a kinky nurse. by PapaBear7606/20/194.13

Quicky Ch. 02

 — Quicky about anal & piss out behind the house at a party. by Jack_Love04/20/104.12

Quid Pro Quo

 — He tries his first cream pie. by here4you04/30/034.57HOT

Quiet as a Mouse

 — A man and his foot fetish. by sistahmar09/12/104.03

Quiet Seduction

 — Just me with you in a quiet room. by insidemyheart200503/27/064.35

Quite an Earful You've Given Me

 — Don't forget to eat your vegetables. by IamGnuHere04/19/153.13

R's Story

 — Feeldoe Strapon F-M from Her Viewpoint by lucky_guy_4902/25/144.22

Rabbit's Holes

 — My submissive pet. by bigdaddymackman08/13/094.00

Race to the Bottom

 — Athletic girls bet it all and one comes up short. by jujou200610/21/173.61

Rachael's Humiliation

 — She's sexually humiliated in public fight. by beaked_orchid12/27/043.49

Rachael's Humiliation Ch. 02

 — The story of Rachael’s second humiliation. by beaked_orchid01/08/054.04

Rachel and the Movers

 — Kinky movers tie Rachel and tickle her feet. by thefootprint06/19/123.93

Rachel and Victoria

 — Two new friends/lovers of mine come over for some fun! by LadyDaisy01/10/173.97

Rachel Foots the Bill

 — A man and a woman discover the pleasure of foot sex. by Cockhole10/03/174.77HOT

Rachel's Filthy Knickers Pt. 01

 — The start of a series about my finance's hot sister. by RachelandI05/05/154.33

Rachel's Filthy Knickers Pt. 02

 — Sister-in-law catches me with her dirty underwear. by RachelandI04/14/164.42

Rachel's Slumber Party

 — He's the maid at a party with a dozen rich brats. by noname33307/11/194.34

Rain Man

 — Mature woman realises she has married the wrong man. by Bob_602/10/154.43

Rain On A Hot Day

 — Panty and watersports action on a hot day. by mrsquelchy06/29/104.15

Rained Out Poker Game

 — Dutiful girlfriend indulges his secret kink at poker game. by UAlbanyGirl51805/03/19HOT

Rainy Day Ritual

 — Honeydew, anyone? by Sex_Junkie03/13/013.89

Rajani's Black Hole

 — Indian executive is humiliated in front of her colleagues. by hairysurfer10/28/143.46

Ramblings of a Die Hard Pussy Eater

 — Pussy Eating. by meba223303/07/184.18

Randi's Embarrassment

 — She's caught between back-ups and flows. by lesliejones01/14/083.77

Random Connections Ch. 01

 — Things happen when you least expect them. by Dreams of Desire07/09/054.26

Randy Old Folks' Home Ch. 01

 — Playing out a life long fetish and a lot of possibilities. by LaPatitMort05/02/094.65HOT

Randy's New Life

 — Man submits to coworker & her family. by Rich5Spot09/19/034.44

Randy's New Life Ch. 02

 — Randy gets in deeper. by Rich5Spot11/09/034.30

Ranger Betrayal

 — Blue knows what he should do... by Anonimihypothetical08/25/163.71

Ranger Rick to the Rescue!

 — Two girls need help in the woods. by TongueTyler01/12/044.23

Rani and Her Hidden Treasures

 — She reached high and Adam fell hard. by adamaxilla08/07/054.67HOT


 — Rapunzel was more than a long-haired blonde by oggbashan05/28/044.20


 — Not the fairy tail you learned growing up. by Longhair2101/10/114.08

Rapunzel Pt. 02

 — Sequel to my 2004 story about Rapunzel. by oggbashan01/25/174.28

Rapunzel's Gift

 — A fairytale with a twist and a perverse new use for hair. by Akito0111/14/034.44

Rare Fetish of Truck Horns

 — A very rare, strangest fetish truck horn sound vibrations. by ponnnponnn01/22/19

Rasheed's First Time

 — Rasheed badly wants to lose his virginity. by SmallPenisMo07/18/183.15

Ravaged Librarian

 — Librarian allows shoe shop owner to ravage her body. by ashley2610/22/084.14


 — Raven's indiscretion, with a twist. by rick_oh12/31/124.35

Ravished By Rapunzel

 — You are pleasured by a long-haired woman. by Dark_Adept06/14/144.57HOT

Ray Submits Ch.01

 — Request: Ray is enslaved by gassy college women. by Ubiquitous10104/03/063.69

Ray's Submission: A Foot Slut

 — Chronicles of your submission training. by SecretLoverGirl06/24/073.71

Raya's Quest

 — Raya is hypnotized by a local witch. by LittleFetishMiss08/04/184.57HOT

Raya's Quest Ch. 02

 — Raya is captured by cat and puppy girls. by LittleFetishMiss09/12/184.53HOT


 — Amber is shaven by her lover. by Mr James01/20/044.26


 — Rain finds a solution - not that he cares. by Edge2311/12/052.62

Read Me like a Book

 — Rosa's erotica novel has caught up with her. by feministpron02/17/194.25

Reader's OC Futa Ballbusting Pt. 01

 — Reader's created futanari fighters clash up in the Arena! by SwizzleRich06/12/184.50HOT

Readers Choice: What will Wife Do?

 — Sauna rimming and a strangers load... by devoutmalesub04/11/193.77

Ready and Rough

 — There's nothing loving or tender about this couple's fun. by Fit Like02/04/124.48

Ready to Play

 — After years of hesitation, Sophie is finally ready to play. by Robert_Anthony08/08/174.50HOT

Ready to Pop Ch. 01

 — A hospitalized pregnant woman is teased by nurse. by Dmnoid11/03/124.23

Real Life Adventure of a Cuckold

 — An adventure he had in San Francisco. by stevecraigslist05/11/063.79

Real Life Inc. Ch. 01-02

 — Models never know what the next gig will bring... by bracemaiden09/28/184.00

Real Life Kink

 — Niki gives a prostate massage and takes cum in mouth! by realityischoice11/23/094.20

Real Life or Fantasy?

 — Erotic dreams have never felt so real. by Donatello1909/16/103.60

Real Selfish Lover

 — Possibly the best lover I ever had. by realbigsid6901/31/104.39

Real Selfish Lover Ch. 02

 — Another wonderful ex lover. by realbigsid6903/01/103.94

Real Selfish Lover Ch. 03

 — Another true tale with a slightly selfish lover. by realbigsid6903/02/104.20

Real Selfish Lover Wendy Ch. 01

 — My first lover and a lover more than once. by realbigsid6903/16/104.54HOT

Real Selfless Lover

 — Janine loved sucking my cock and did anything to turn me on. by realbigsid6906/29/104.55HOT

Reality's Dream

 — Joyce's visitor tortures her into orgasm. by magiconnecticut11/15/064.10

Rear Ended

 — Neighbor man gets penetrated by horny slut-wife. by Anal Slave03/07/073.84

Rear Naked

 — An innocent sparring session heats up. by JusBlaze6902/10/194.15


 — A homemade video awakens desires in a mature wife. by erotiquill10/07/114.62HOT

Rebecca and I

 — Wet dream is really wet. by christy2006/23/064.40

Rebecca of Halstead Hall

 — A Georgian girl is dressed in 1780 fashions. by mshsrfc01/24/174.33

Rebecca Pt. 01

 — How it all began. by thepeopleschamp04/17/143.87

Rebecca Pt. 02

 — It continues. by thepeopleschamp04/25/144.19

Rebecca Pt. 03

 — More episodes between Rebecca and our main character. by thepeopleschamp05/03/143.95

Rebecca Pt. 04

 — Sorry for the long wait! The action and plot thicken. by thepeopleschamp11/28/144.25

Rebecca's Creampie

 — A wife's true creampie story. by 1984slut198406/17/104.48

Rebecca's Naked Interview

 — A reporter humiliates herself for an interview. by AnonymousPerv04/21/174.43

Rebecca's Story Pt. 01

 — Rebecca, of "The Pregnant Matchmaker" in her own adventures! by emptyhead42411/15/184.47

Rebecca's Story Pt. 02

 — Rebecca, of "The Pregnant Matchmaker" in her own adventures! by emptyhead42411/20/184.56HOT

Rebecca's Story Pt. 03

 — The further adventures of a very pregnant Rebecca! by emptyhead42401/06/194.57HOT

Rebecca's Story Pt. 04

 — The further adventures of a very pregnant Rebecca! by emptyhead42404/17/194.54HOT

Rebecca's Yummy Bung

 — A lurid anal encounter with 33-year-old Rebecca. by Paradiggler03/30/174.57HOT


 — Hot receptionist has guy service her oral needs. by realbigsid6905/22/104.13

Recession Ch. 01

 — A prelude: tied and used. by fishophile04/13/083.95

Recipe for Disaster Pt. 03

 — A strange monolith suddenly appears on campus. by Lost Boy04/30/164.77HOT

Reclaiming My Sex Life

 —  Building up the courage to test Woody again. by LaPatitMort10/16/064.65HOT


 — Molly's lack of legs mesmerizes Estelle, the housekeeper. by PeggyBuxton06/28/084.14

Record Deal

 — Recording manager gets taken advantage by her clients. by Phoenix Arrow11/30/024.58HOT

Recreational Purposes

 — Lactating wife starts weekend with a bang. by the lady k09/16/044.65HOT

Recruiting a Harem

 — Only the most filthy and depraved need apply. by fetishfanatic09/09/094.28

Recruitment Medical Examination

 — Faye needs to pass a humiliating medical exam. by fetishstoryteller06/04/194.26

Recycled Cum

 — Wife wants to share cum with husband. by Anal Slave05/23/024.31


 — Tom falls in love with a woman he can never have. by MaxwellSpanx05/23/153.92

Red Bull for the Wife Ch. 03

 — Cuckolding wife needs bull to seed her for breeding. by DenverJeepGuy08/10/183.94

Red Hair

 — He can only fuck red heads - but Sheryl's a blonde. by KarennaC01/25/094.13

Red Hair, Sir, in My Opinion...

 — "Red hair is great. It's rare, and therefore superior." by Gtheredheaddevil02/08/182.33

Red Handed

 — Husband caught masturbating, wife demands oral servitude. by WendysBoyToy05/06/104.53HOT

Red Leather Chair

 — Pussy Uncensored inspires a welcome-home present. by Rain_Lover07/30/133.79

Red Light Blowjob

 — Erotic Blowjob. by DarknessHasLife12/07/164.09

Red Light/Green Light

 — A child's game turns hot. by mrbaseballs0902/25/134.62HOT

Red Mustang

 — Elegant smoking woman fuels his desire. by lorad200006/04/054.62HOT

Red Nails

 — He finds red nails sexy by gentlelady12/20/024.29

Red Necklace

 — Man turns into a women. by bblover02/23/10

Red Night

 — Surprise gift is the object of a wild night. by MrVid03/28/024.33

Red or Black?

 — A friendship develops into a thirst for creampies. by bawdybloke08/19/144.64HOT

Red Ribbon Special

 — A burlesque dancer learns lessons in leaping before you look. by Sublissimal02/04/192.50

Red Ring

 — An unforgettable erotic encounter with a stranger. by CardioB03/01/193.75

Red Rock Country

 — Two experienced lovers make it again. by DesertFocks08/05/054.60HOT

Red Shoes

 — Her punishment for buying without permission. by lady_k204/15/063.98

Red Weekend

 — They have menstrual sex on a weekend away. by Ozfetishguy07/01/074.36

Red Wings

 — A scarlet tale of pure lust. by scarlet_letter8705/12/134.38


 — Two lost souls, with some aid from beyond, find themselves. by OneWhoAdores04/22/164.84HOT

Redheaded Stepchild

 — She gets her craving for a whuppin' fulfilled. by sexypony05/19/094.04

Reel Love's Lesson

 — Barbara's film making takes a new twist. by tdallyn11/05/144.79HOT

Reformatory Girls Ch. 01

 — A girl in Reformatory School is given a punishment enema. by escalus07/06/164.15

Reformatory Girls Ch. 02

 — Punishment in a girls Reform School. by escalus07/21/163.99

Reformatory Girls Ch. 03

 — Punishment in a girls Reform School. by escalus07/26/164.44

Reformatory Girls Ch. 04

 — Punishment in a girls' Reform School. by escalus07/28/164.41

Reformatory Girls Ch. 05

 — Punishment in a girl's Reform School. by escalus07/31/164.27

Reformatory Girls Ch. 06

 — Punishment and shaving in a girl's Reform School. by escalus08/05/164.52HOT

Reformatory Girls Ch. 07

 — Punishment and shaving in a girl's Reform School. by escalus08/10/164.40

Reformatory Girls Ch. 08

 — Punishment and shaving in a girls Reform School. by escalus08/14/164.39

Reformatory Girls Ch. 09

 — Punishment and shaving in a girl's Reform School. by escalus08/18/164.37

Reformatory Girls Ch. 10

 — Punishment in a girls Reform School. by escalus08/20/164.41

Reformatory Girls Ch. 11

 — Punishment and shaving in a girl's Reform School. by escalus08/24/164.34

Reformatory Girls Ch. 12

 — Punishment and shaving in a girl's Reform School. by escalus08/24/164.58HOT

Reformatory Girls Ch. 13

 — Punishment in a Girls Reform School. by escalus08/25/164.48

Reformatory Girls Ch. 14: Rebecca Lucie 01

 — Miss Lucie's early life. by escalus04/08/184.75

Reformatory Girls Ch. 15: Rebecca Lucie 02

 — Rebecca and George. by escalus04/13/184.20

Reformatory Girls Ch. 16: Rebecca Lucie 03

 — Rebecca starts earning. by escalus04/14/184.67

Reformatory Girls Ch. 17: Rebecca Lucie 05

 — Rebecca and Kim; Rebecca at Hazely. by escalus04/19/184.14

Refreshment Party

 — Wife & friends have special treats every Tuesday. by ZENDO_ARGOS03/13/072.97

Reid and Morgan Pt. 02

 — Reid reveals a secret and Morgan gets a blowjob. by MoltenPurple01/26/175.00HOT


 — Hard deepthroating, harder fucking, and a golden shower. by angrylittletsk08/03/034.16

Relax, My Love

 — A submissive doubts himself and his Mistress corrects him. by thegirlinthecrowd07/05/114.43

Release My Client

 — Attorney proves her client's innocence in opening arguments. by AnonymousPerv06/20/183.74

Relic Hunter: Elixir of Desire

 — The professor gets in dire straits to uncover a sexy secret. by ViridianQS08/17/154.18

Relief at 30,000 Feet

 — She needs relief, even up here. by lobalt09/30/164.25

Relief on the Beach

 — Lover accidentally pisses on partner during sex on the beach by mirrorman01/20/033.98

Reluctant Creampie Wife

 — Doris doesn'tlike the idea - at first. by rick_oh08/23/064.48

Reluctant Prisoner

 — 26 women inflict punishment on a man for a full day. by Francine-frcxa10/22/013.88

Remember That One Night

 — Sexy slave gets gang-banged by horny bikers! by venomlegions09/08/144.13

Remember That Time?

 — An odd gift brings perplexing but sexy results. by PhilippaMaQuente08/19/184.38


 — Erica searches for a doctor to amputate her leg. by PeggyBuxton07/23/084.49

Remembering Brit

 — Shai has a fling. by ShyShai06/12/164.00

Remembering My College Years!

 — Hazing goes too far. by cpluver09/24/074.39

Remembering My First Creampie

 — He eats his first creampie and it's her idea. by cpluver11/10/064.45

Remembrance of Greatest Foot Tease

 — Husband recollects wife's greatest foot tease. by RobertYork1212/22/184.29

Remembrance of Thighs Past

 — His mistress' thighs are nothing like the sun. by nemo_quill02/09/023.95

Remembrance of Thighs Past Ch. 2

 — Dreamers may act their dream with open eyes. by nemo_quill02/13/024.36

Remi and Anna

 — A late teen, her mother's friend love accepted and consumed. by cottonballs09/23/144.79HOT

Remote Control for Her Slave

 — She brings home a male masturbator to control him better. by ttiptoes01/02/143.88

Remote Control Pies

 — Our semi famous target girl is pied again. by RightButSexy11/15/183.75

Ren Ch. 01

 — Foot worship & Female Domination. by Apis_mellifera01/16/124.14

RendezView Ch. 01

 — Mr. Rye and the kinky scenes in suburbia. by Dreams of Desire03/06/054.38

Rent - June

 — Ben pays Maggie his June rent with his own milk. by philaenis05/07/193.96


 — Sister Victoria learns the pleasures of the flesh. by evol 106/28/044.34

Repent Ch. 02

 — Sister Victoria is caught by Mother Superior. by evol 107/07/044.54HOT

Repent Ch. 03

 — Sister Victoria learns new pleasures. by evol 109/22/044.51HOT

Replaced Ch. 01

 — A cuckold is demoted from husband/father to housemaid. by chas1983905/10/183.90

Replaced Ch. 02

 — Space needs to be made for Vince's things. by chas1983905/15/184.25

Replaced Ch. 03

 — Maid spends some time in the corner. by chas1983905/16/184.10

Replaced Ch. 04

 — Maid gets to watch. by chas1983905/21/184.34

Replaying the Old Magic Ch. 01

 — After many years celibacy, corsetry still excites. by Learningfast08/08/134.46

Replaying the Old Magic Ch. 02

 — The girdle rediscovery gets fully under way. by Learningfast08/16/134.73HOT

Republic Ch. 02

 — Teresa and John meet again at the restaurant. by odlum04/13/064.67HOT

Request to a Femdom Escort

 — Domination fantasy request to a pro femdom escort. by DrSpXmt07/20/173.67

Rescue Sex

 — I rescue women trapped in self-bondage. by ironicchef05/07/144.39

Rescue Sex Pt. 02

 — A woman handcuffed to the bed? All in a day's work. by ironicchef05/09/144.30

Rescue Sex Pt. 03

 — A nervous milf strikes a bargain. by ironicchef05/15/144.31

Rescue Sex Pt. 04

 — Two short tales of frequent fliers. by ironicchef05/21/144.40

Rescuing a Stranded Motorist

 — The benefits of being a Good Samaritan. by lorad200007/08/054.08

Residental Prisoner

 — A guy turned into his girlfriend's couch slave. by uchihamax07/15/113.09

Resort Day

 — Sandra and I share a special resort day at home. by tdallyn07/09/144.58HOT

Restaurant Ramming

 — Man helps chubby Asian manager fix tech & sex problems. by BashfulBaiter05/25/074.08

Restaurant Rewards

 — A motivational mess leads to more than anyone could expect. by tarred09/19/114.29

Restless Nights

 — Sleepless nights can be blessed, if you're up for it. by sisifo12/14/143.70

Restrained (A Natalya Story)

 — In rubber & restraints, Natalya handles a mechanical dildo! by Cherish_Desire02/07/144.05

Restrained and Cutting

 — Romantic and sensual bloodletting. by Savage Ron10/24/054.64HOT


 — She brought some a new level of excitement to their bedroom. by Salacious_Al12/13/184.27

Retribution, Oh So Bittersweet

 — Love and betrayal, spanking and anal sex. by analasis07/04/113.23

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 02

 — Marcia and Linda are embarrassed and humiliated. by cynthiablaine703/23/134.30

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 06

 — Laura's aunt disciplines the Head and is punished herself. by cynthiablaine703/14/164.46

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 08

 — Diana and Deirdre punish and play with each other. by cynthiablaine703/29/164.52HOT

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 09

 — Melody earns serious discipline but is soothed by Dee. by cynthiablaine710/13/174.24

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 11

 — Alfred is turned into a schoolgirl. by cynthiablaine705/23/184.20

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 12

 — Students are made to do their business in front of class. by cynthiablaine703/08/194.30

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 13

 — Three young women learn what discipline at school comprises. by cynthiablaine704/11/194.57HOT

Return to Funnel

 — Abby gets a job. by a real jrkoff07/17/044.45

Return to Funnel Ch. 02

 — More backyard shenanigans and Margaret rests her feet. by a real jrkoff07/22/044.28

Return to Podash

 — More fetish hijinx in Podash. by mlyn02/11/104.33

Return to the Bukkake Beauty Shop

 — This time, they want them both for the nasty video. by silenceup2nogood10/23/094.67HOT

Return Visit Ch. 01

 — Red and Carla obsessively deepen their love through scat. by lilactwist06/13/074.46

Return Visit Ch. 02

 — Red and Carla obsessively deepen their love through scat by lilactwist06/14/074.75HOT

Returning to the Cabin

 — A surprise awaits... by WFEATHER03/03/083.60

Reunion with Mom's Best Friend

 — Visit with my boyhood fantasy milf leads to debauchery. by Treated211/18/174.56HOT

Reunion, Workout (Female Version)

 — Her fitness impresses old friend. by curl4ever08/02/164.25


 — Unlikely circumstance unites divorced couple. by Deadwood11/28/063.80


 — I see her again and she makes demands. by dna27fog03/17/164.00

Reunited Ch. 02

 — Terence plans and executes his revenge on Todd. by NTRmaster03/21/102.86

Reunited with Panties

 — He has an unexpected encounter with a former lover. by Nomdeplumfutuo02/13/154.75HOT


 — Kadance gets a nice coffee shop surprise. Her old love, Ezra. by sex_and_candy_1102/24/103.57


 — Tess finds out exactly how small her boyfriend's cock is. by AlexBird2202912/20/154.43

Revealed in Dance Class

 — I learn a bit about myself, and a lot about panties. by luvsatn04/11/124.46

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 02

 — I am invited to the Cape, and arrive well pantied. by luvsatn02/08/134.57HOT

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 03

 — At the beach, in panties, with our hostess and her brother. by luvsatn02/12/134.34

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 04

 — We dress in lingerie, pose and get our photos taken. by luvsatn02/13/134.64HOT

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 05

 — The pantied photoshoot resumes, and we finally get hetero. by luvsatn02/13/134.56HOT

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 06

 — More pantied sex, and discovering a new tasty fetish. by luvsatn10/11/134.41

Revealing Rhidi

 — A beautiful Indian student is blackmailed into undressing. by hairysurfer05/14/124.16

Revealing Roni

 — Steve & Roni's marriage takes a new turn, thanks to Hazel. by Calandria207/21/094.59HOT

Revealing Roni Ch. 02

 — Steve, Roni and Hazel broaden their horizons. by Calandria210/25/104.59HOT

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