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Office Encounter

 — Panty lover all tied up at work. by Sanichi12/23/064.02

Office Humiliation

 — Boot licking at work to get her back. by subshag11/02/023.39

Office Management

 — How an older woman takes control of her younger boss. by Misslexia12/23/084.30

Office Possibilities

 — Who found him tied up in women's underwear? by Sanichi02/05/074.22

Office Remodel and Piss Sex

 — A couple lets their juices flow at the office. by curvy9304/01/144.18

Office Sex with Paula

 — An erotic meeting in the company attic. by leekeyone08/20/074.02

Office Spanking

 — Laura agrees to be spanked by boss for offending client. by TheHiddenPen11/18/144.37

Office Stud

 — Office stud helps wife cross the line. by donkey5205/14/094.02

Officer Joe

 — A policeman who spanks female offenders. by strictenglishvicar11/01/113.47

Oh Baby

 — Dominant male succeeds where hubby falls short. by katnip_21f07/29/104.48

Oh Fiona Ch. 03

 — As Tom's humiliation continues he remembers his past. by TheRainmaker04/08/134.21

Oh Fiona Ch. 04

 — Fiona confronts Tommy about his shortcomings. by TheRainmaker02/23/154.11

Oh God

 — When people tell me how innocent you are, I laugh now! by ohmaster08/01/123.44

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells

 — A man falls into depravity. by pdkdpdk10/09/084.33

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells Ch. 02

 — Kendra's mom. by pdkdpdk10/11/084.23

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells Ch. 03

 — His wife becomes a cum slut, Peter becomes a bitch. by pdkdpdk10/13/084.14

Oh Mrs Dillon

 — A guy screws his boss. by EgmontGrigor201111/08/114.32

Oh So Warm and Wonderful

 — First time for golden showers. by NYCbbwSUB01/04/074.21

Oh Tammy

 — They love with fruit and veggies. by Bill Smith02/21/084.06

Oh, Behave!

 — A wonderful day in the sun. by im_invisible6911/28/054.60

Oh, That Touch

 — Panty fetish makes me hot for what seams selfish. by Misschievous107/14/094.29

Old Flame In Hose

 — An old flame wears stockings. by sullivan9605/16/074.26

Old Friends - New Lovers

 — Old friends finially get around to pleasuring each other. by SlowlyWalkingWalter08/31/084.83HOT

Old Friends Ch. 01

 — He gets bound and gagged by an old school friend. by EmeraldSolitaire08/04/154.29

Old Friends Ch. 02

 — Still tied to the chair Jackie is further dominated. by EmeraldSolitaire08/16/154.38

Old Friends Ch. 03

 — Patrice and Jackie continue their interlude. by EmeraldSolitaire08/18/154.00

Old Joe

 — Woman befriends man involved in secret society. by clipperdreams11/17/154.03

Old Man's Tale Ch 04: Widow's Wish

 — James meets a lusty widow who has a kinky desire. by freeman6406/05/153.76

Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 02

 — Well-endowed older man mesmerises husband and wife. by tazsis109/23/104.39

Old Women Use Sandra

 — A tale of filth, fisting and facesitting. by CafeExtreme12/03/104.37

Older Sister's Nylons Ch. 01

 — Sharon discovers her younger brothers fetish. by BlkNYLONS11/25/034.68HOT

Older Sister's Nylons Ch. 02

 — My sister and her friend Sue continue the nylon tease. by fanofpantyhose08/25/124.12

Oler Men Turn Me On

 — He used from across the country. by NYCbbwSUB10/03/084.34

Olfactophiliac's Heaven

 — A beautiful woman meets a man who shares her fantasies. by stankylolwanky6912/12/153.62

Olga's Girdle Ordeal

 — Olga has a masturbatory bondage session in her new girdle. by GabbyLez10/28/064.21

Oligarchs Ch. 01.5

 — Deleted scat/femdom scene from Incestuous Oligarchs serial. by Eli is Coming03/08/064.68HOT

Oliver Fucks Michelle Pt. 01

 — Oliver finally gets to get that sweet pussy! by Redman_9009/10/154.45

Olivia Gets in Trouble

 — A misbehaving student gets her just desserts. by Soggysolutions09/16/154.15

Olivia Is Tied Up At The Moment

 — Bondage? Oh yes sensual experimentation. by Only_eyes_4_u07/18/073.00

Olivia On His Face

 — Sexy 'stepmum' calls the shots. by realbigsid6902/20/084.40

Olivia's Liberation

 — She pushes the boundaries while he's locked inside them by aweatherly02/12/144.25

On a Beautiful Summer Day

 — Beginner cuckold explores fantasy. by CuckyJimmy08/04/134.02

On a Beautiful Summer Day Ch. 02

 — My passive nature leads to more adventures. by CuckyJimmy08/08/154.09

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish

 — Michelle's boutique job leads to a transformation. by Chameleongirl01/20/134.18

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish Ch. 02

 — Michelle's transformation intensifies to the next level... by Chameleongirl03/18/134.33

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish Ch. 03

 — Nathan takes Michelle's mannequin-ization to a new level. by Chameleongirl05/15/134.55HOT

On Golden Wife

 — Wife gets wet in more ways than one. by dirtyjoe6907/13/064.26

On Her Terms Ch. 01: The Arrangement

 — His ex-girlfriend's lesbian lover turns him into a slut. by econut11/07/154.54HOT

On Making Love To You

 — Loving lady gives him his first pegging. by tiggers06/23/014.57HOT

On One Condition

 — A man unknowingly eats creampies. by cpluver05/29/064.38

On the Beach

 — A seaside encounter with a beautiful young femdom. by tazsis107/24/104.33

On The Couch

 — She had a fascination for semen. by HelenHall10/17/103.60

On the Rim of a Fantasy

 — An encounter featuring a Male Rimming a Female. by RayneDor05/09/154.69HOT

On the Wagon

 — He meets a girl who bites off exactly what she can chew. by NicoliEstovich05/17/094.67HOT

Once a Month? Ch. 02

 — Janie makes James a generous offer... by Robert_Anthony10/29/144.47

Once Upon a War Ch. 07

 — Nick runs across Lisa again in Saudi Arabia. by GhostHunterDude04/09/144.51HOT

Once You Go Jack...

 — A bully seduces his victim's sister. by TheObservant06/17/133.85

One Afternoon While Working

 — A gay sex encounter that happened by accident, sort of. by Dennie7504/30/164.00

One Click, Two Clicks

 — Oral sex training reaches a new level. by Richsap04/17/143.97

One Fine Day Ch. 01

 — A surprise foot job for the boss. by hisemerald09/26/044.44

One for the Road

 — One last exciting night for two lovers. by alcyon197706/23/114.28

One Girl, No Take-Home Cup

 — A waitress, a customer, and stomach pains lead to a big mess. by AlexST30111/03/154.40

One Good Deed Deserves Another

 — Young man drinks mature woman's milk. by Tin Man12/11/034.19

One Good Deed Deserves Another

 — Teacher does Kyle a favor; she asks for one in return. by johnnymindcrime06/01/074.30

One High Heel Dancing

 — Reality trumps her fantasy. by rrspence200205/06/094.40

One Hot Fuck Slut

 — Married woman gets the fuck she's been aching for. by ThatGirl1311/01/104.19

One Hundred & Three Steps

 — After disappointing her master, Suzanne is retrained. by superonefifty11/26/114.19

One Kentucky Day

 — Old conquest has learned some new tricks. by TwistedPlayr05/21/044.61HOT

One Kink At A Time Ch. 1

 — Older woman trains college guy to satisfy her kinky needs. by Tyjord03/25/024.35

One Kink At A Time Ch. 2

 — Young man's night of training continues. by Tyjord04/25/024.57HOT

One Last Time

 — Almost Divorced, But Not Yet. by lvs2lck06/13/114.30

One Little Piggy, Two Little...

 — Innocent foot massage turns erotic. by Stephen7Redo07/20/094.25

One Little Wish

 — A magic coin, a longterm crush & lactation. by PhaedraLovesKnives01/03/084.39

One Night at Vondelpark

 — A fetish-filled evening of debauchery. by vk603306/11/094.45

One Night Ch. 09

 — The fictional chronicle of life with the man I love. by TheDarkAngel1307/22/114.46

One Night in Baltimore

 — Whitman pays price for staring at another woman. by Whitman09/28/024.00

One of My Best Orgasms

 — Girl has great orgasm while having phone sex. by NymphoKitty05/18/013.66

One of The Hot Sisters Ch. I

 — Tim looses a bet & becomes Taryn. by juicylady03/13/013.87

One Off?

 — Visitor livens up the holiday, for a panty lover. by bill_p9902/02/063.71

One Rainy Night

 — A violent attack leads to a new life. by Rikki06/10/114.37

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 07

 — Steve must face Sarah - and Tiffany - about past events. by KarlMartinK09/28/104.62HOT

One Way or Another

 — First timer finds tranny irresistable. by footshrimper03/18/024.17

One Wild Night

 — Alice goes looking for satisfaction and finds much more. by egirl121206/29/134.52HOT

One Word Dirty...

 — Becca and David share a sexy secret... by CrypticT0xin08/31/134.22

One, Two, Three Mikes...and Kay!

 — Kay's three favorite footboys give her a hot day. by Bacomicfan06/28/044.67HOT

Online Goddess Ch. 01

 — A woman I met online becomes my full time Goddess. by subboy12904/08/133.86

Online to Real Time

 — Couple enjoys a crossdresser. by sandraCD01/29/014.46

Only In Panties . . .

 — Aren't you going to try them on? by Joie_de_Vivre07/31/104.30

Only Myself to Blame

 — Be careful what you wish for it may come true. by Ozcuckold10/14/094.42

Only Us

 — A woman's teasing goes too far, earning her a punishment. by Wildfire847003/22/123.95

Onsen Onna (Hot Spring Lady)

 — Japanese woman meets a stocking lover at an onsen. by dior1111/14/124.56HOT


 — Sarah's wet and wild discovery. by Darksyde07/12/064.46

Oops!! Ch. 02

 — Sarah continues her wet and wild discovery. by Darksyde10/07/064.54HOT

Ooze Ch. 01

 — An erotic story about a woman and things that grow. by eeeliborne66606/24/092.41

Open House for Panties

 — I fill Tammy's white bikini bottom and get a surprise, too. by Upskirt_fan08/21/104.40

Open Marriage 01

 — Priyanka decides to fullfil her husband's fantasy. by mumbai_cuckold07/03/124.07

Open Wide

 — Nan gets an unexpected invitation after eating at a diner. by nancyallen07/12/114.26

Opening Ch. 03

 — Ava's fantasy: to be opened at her doctor's visit. by RedTang07/04/124.51HOT

Opening Night

 — Working in a coat check can be quite wonderful. by Smother01/31/094.66HOT

Opening Night: Act 02

 — A night at the theatre goes off Broadway. by Smother01/07/104.96HOT

Opening Night: Act 03

 — Curtain Call: a night on the town becomes a night to remember. by Smother01/08/104.79HOT

Opening Night: Act 04

 — The After Party - Part 1. by Smother10/23/154.75HOT

Opening Night: Act 05

 — The After Party - Part 2. by Smother03/22/164.33


 — "A" or "B", it's a choice. by jlltec09/07/094.54HOT

OR 9

 — Stranger sex in surgery call room. by JesaTaylor09/27/144.10

Oral Arguments

 — The adventures of a (not very) reluctant fellatrice. by Pinocchio07/15/094.60HOT

Oral Self Satisfaction

 — He sucks his own cock for pleasure. by Anal Slave02/26/034.42

Oral Subjugation

 — He discovers the pleasures of a willing submissive. by Tashkent03/26/064.55HOT

Orally Fixated

 — Why I love to suck cock. by Sirs_babygirl05/30/134.08

Ordure Ordeal Or Toilet Trial

 — Sharing the crap - literally. by Learningfast06/06/123.87

Orgasm Control from His Perspective

 — A recount of how a grateful slave learns a lesson. by MsMorrigan04/09/163.32


 — Two people get all sorts of things on at an orgy. by quillian12/24/033.94

Oriental Angel

 — A restless walk becomes interesting. by Shadow Dancer03/03/062.94

Origin of a Pissmop

 — Busty Jessica's beginnings. by TheDarkCloud10/03/084.15

Our "Little" Paris Bath

 — Bathtub pays off with awesome erotic dividends. by Naxos05/08/073.38

Our Camping Becomes Golden

 — I get to try what the golden showers I've always wanted. by JeanneP02/23/154.56HOT

Our Camping Becomes Golden - Prequel

 — I'm answering questions-how did I get interested in pee play. by JeanneP04/29/164.49

Our Dirty Weekend Ch. 02

 — Our weekend gets dirtier. by indian_exec200005/13/084.21

Our Evolving Relationship

 — A man confesses to a crazy cuckold situation. by rnumbers12301/07/144.37

Our Fantasy

 — The ex-wife and me turning a fantasy into a reality. by herdad03/30/094.43

Our Favorite Sports Are Watersports

 — Roommates share very wet fetish. by libidinal11/06/024.40

Our Fetish, Our Pleasure

 — Belly button fetish. by hiddenurge12/30/114.76HOT

Our First Night

 — I imagine our first night together as nothing short of amazing. by luvinlicker11/26/133.86

Our First Pee Play Session

 — You reluctantly submit as I introduce you to my pee fetish. by PreviaWynne09/10/124.29

Our Girl at Spanky's

 — Our Girl's trip to a seedy bar's bathroom. by MadaamMeg05/05/104.08

Our Help Ch. 01

 — Company owner helps older women with their dreams. by thonglick6611/07/134.33

Our Help Ch. 02

 — The Story Continues... by thonglick6611/25/134.33

Our Holiday with the Pornstars

 — Husband watches wife film a porn scene. by Billshaw198208/01/124.09

Our Little Game

 — A first date with auto-erotic results. by PenanceS04/05/033.11

Our Little Secret

 — Sister-in-law comes to stay for a few days. by Nomean_feet12/04/104.65HOT

Our Milking Time

 — A prescription for milking. by BellaBelleRN11/02/074.08

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 03

 — Steven apologizes to, Mumsie. by Johnboy910/26/094.02

Our Stolen Hour

 — She waits nervously for Geoff to play. by Suzie Samuels11/05/004.10

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Older couple dominates a young woman. by DiggerDave03/09/054.49

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — They use a strap-on on Amy. by DiggerDave03/29/054.35

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

 — Amy's nipples are pierced. by DiggerDave03/30/054.28

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 04

 — Our subby slut spends the night. by DiggerDave04/04/054.46

Our True Marriage Life

 — Husband yearns to be sexually "locked up". by SlaveJ05/07/044.35

Our Two Year Panty Anniversary

 — Husband in panties returns the favor on a special night. by jennycnnn02/01/084.54HOT

Our Wet Camping Trip

 — A couple's adventure into pee enemas. by luvmywifesass01/18/074.56HOT

Our Wet-Nurse

 — What a young couple's nanny-cam reveals. by StrongMaster703/30/164.43

Out for a Stroll

 — Bound, she takes a stroll through the unsuspecting crowds. by deeplyAbnormal12/11/114.31

Out Of (And Back Into) The Kitchen

 — We visit a club and Mum comes for tea. by topcattopone08/01/124.50HOT

Out of Paper Ch. 01

 — Julie borrows Sam's restroom. by indieboy05/21/033.97

Out of Paper Ch. 02

 — Sam stops by Julie's place. by indieboy05/30/034.03

Out of Reach

 — Jessica cuffs herself, loses the key, and gets caught. by darktwin01/30/094.08

Out Pee Games

 — How couple's pee fetish started. by luvmywifesass01/06/074.31

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 01

 — A married couple play at an incestuous bondage game. by Parthenokinesis01/16/133.90

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 02

 — Our couple stops to meet a friend for some wet fun. by Parthenokinesis02/05/134.12

Out With The Girls...Ch. 02

 — His journey into fem heats up. by toontessa01/13/034.50HOT

Outfit Fantasy: Hotel Secretary

 — She teases electrical worker. by Stusion01/29/054.39

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