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Living Out Linda's Fantasy

 — She dresses him for a hot date. by joeuser69109/25/024.56HOT

Living the Fantasy

 — Kinky getaway, exploring boundaries. by DarkHorse198009/22/184.43

Living With My Plug: First Week

 — Lauren helps her and Dr Baxter checks her. by margaret_jenkins05/09/074.29

Liz and John Solve Their Problem

 — John can't impregnate Liz. Another man has a go. by Quietoldie02/07/174.33

Liz's Fling

 — Liz has someone to occupy her while I'm gone. by jx8809/09/173.83

Liza's in Control

 — Ally teaches Liza how to pee. by shyones02/08/044.25


 — Colleagues help each other out. by SamFrench07/11/074.70HOT

Lizzie Ch. 02

 — Sam's special bond with Lizzie. by SamFrench08/01/074.62HOT

Lizzie Ch. 03

 — Continuing encounters of Sam and Lizzie. by SamFrench09/29/074.61HOT

Lizzie Is a Big Girl

 — BBW is overused. by ofloveandlust09/19/104.21

Lizzy P.

 — Lizzy's DaddyDom helps her through a doctor's appointment. by Alice_in_Pervland07/02/164.42

Lizzy’s Men: Graham

 — Tom lives a doublie life. by Lizzy05/07/014.57HOT

Loaned Out

 — An account of my Lady loaning me out to a friend. by Valsslut03/25/153.39

Local Hero's Room With A View

 — Hospital stay turns into erotic adventure. by deputy duffy07/04/023.98

Lock And Key

 — He sinks deeper and deeper into chastity. by ksu32810/02/063.81

Locked at Her Feet

 — A cuckoldress flaunts her new locking leather ankle boots. by Kinky Writer08/03/134.22

Locked Away

 — A true account of how I hope to spend the next 5 years. by johnlocke112311/17/143.69

Locked Up

 — A cuckold husband gets more than he bargained for... by cuckytoher08/01/183.82

Locker Room Speedo Humiliation

 — College senior humiliated by hung freshman in Speedos. by swimfan209/08/184.57HOT

Lockeroom Raid

 — Battle of the sexes goes viral. by MissKateKees10/27/164.38

Log 01: Truth

 — The Truth about desires. by immoral_Leo08/17/09


 — Hot looking older lady gets a different kind of lesson. by shoeslayer05/12/153.90

Lois & Me

 — Lois likes men with anteater cocks. by JhMcKn08/02/194.40

Lolita Livingstone Ch. 01

 — Lolita and Athena use magic to alter their bodies. by shiveringgirl12306/18/114.15

Lon Operates: A Justine Story

 — Some old dogs have all the new tricks. by SizeQueenSupreme07/05/164.65HOT


 — We're going to meet, and get wet, in London. by motacilla09/10/084.27

London Bra Falling Down

 — Meeting a very buxom woman while on vacation. by gregor6912/11/133.92

Lone Time

 — A masturbational quickie. by G_Low02/20/034.29

Lonely and Pregnant

 — Rejected by her husband she needs love. by amorone02/28/104.32

Lonely Night

 — A hot summer night, a lone woman, dreamlike debauchery. by cow_dina04/14/134.17

Long Awaited Release

 — A couple finds each other in an explosion of pleasure. by olijohn04/18/103.79

Long Dark Nights - Kai's Story

 — An exotically beautiful man with a confusing body. by XXNoraJeanXX08/25/134.49

Long Dark Nights - Kai's Story Ch. 02

 — Another night by the lake with the doctor's wife. by XXNoraJeanXX08/25/134.45

Long Dark Nights - Kai's Story Ch. 03

 — Discoveries and devastation. by XXNoraJeanXX09/01/134.20

Long Days, Long Nights

 — A footfetish encounter between friends. by Reggad09/22/044.14

Long Distance Tease

 — On a business trip, a man has hot sex with his absent wife. by Philforen03/25/154.09

Long Haired Lucy Submits to Nicky

 — Long haired Lucy and Nicky have hardcore sex. by Maverick71001/07/134.36

Long Night Ch. 01

 — Wife shows husband what a real man can do. by tieddown05/16/103.77

Long Night Ch. 02

 — Wife shows husband the meaning of a real man. by tieddown05/17/103.94

Long Night with Officer Sadie

 — Drinking and fun leads to arrest and foot worship. by MargeauxDeLaCroix05/05/163.00

Long Stemmed Beauties

 — Lovely secretaries in high heels and nylons. by Chevalier12/15/023.87

Long Way Home

 — A woman discovers her hidden desires. by SensuouSnz12/06/17

Longest Penis Ever

 — One man's obsession with penis length. by lindseyD12/07/173.07

Look At My Tits

 — He wakes up as a woman. by yankeedog03/08/044.33

Look At My Tits Ch. 02

 — He's further transformed into she. by yankeedog03/20/044.40

Look At My Tits Ch. 03

 — Laura's chance to shop. by yankeedog04/17/044.49

Look At My Tits Ch. 04

 — Laura's getting closer. by yankeedog05/17/044.57HOT

Look At My Tits Ch. 05

 — Laura finds her man. by yankeedog07/03/044.74HOT

Look At My Tits Ch. 06

 — Laura learns that it can be tough being a woman. by yankeedog11/21/044.56HOT

Look At My Tits Ch. 07

 — Laura can't control her sexual needs. by yankeedog12/04/054.58HOT

Look What I Can Do

 — One man's discovery of self serving. by R.T.McCants09/25/074.29

Looking for the One

 — Julia cucks her husband with a new man, could he be the one? by Robert_Anthony07/11/174.41

Looking for Trouble in the Big City

 — I find more than expected. by DutchAlex10/19/184.68HOT


 — A devotee comes to the rescue. by rmlooker01/08/154.03


 — On-going, slightly romantic, light fetish narrative. by ZoftigLady10/21/074.20

Lori Ch. 01

 — Lori is home from college, and needs release. by mjmurra04/01/134.28

Lori Gives In

 — Lori lets herself go with a friend. by carl_a06/01/043.93

Lose Your Inhibitions Ch. 01

 — Mia's piss fantasy. by baelish8511/22/164.57HOT

Losing all Control

 — Desperate to pee on a plane. Seatbelt light lit. by moonlight5807/16/104.11

Losing My Panties

 — A girl keeps mysteriously losing her panties. by Back2egg08/07/194.31

Losing the Super Bowl 2019

 — There is a surprise winner to a bet on Super Bowl LII. by The_Technician02/07/194.16

Lost Bet

 — Losing at strip poker has unforeseen results. by Pippa11/02/014.17

Lost Bet Ch. 2

 — Pippa dresses as a French Maid. by Pippa11/04/014.23

Lost Bet Ch. 3

 — He turns she. by Pippa11/05/014.19

Lost Bet Ch. 4

 — Pippa is taken out in public. by Pippa11/22/014.15

Lost Cell Phone: Monday

 — Stranger uses cell phone videos as blackmail. by Pearls_Inside05/29/144.38

Lost Cell Phone: Thursday

 — The Blackmail continues... by Pearls_Inside05/09/174.52HOT

Lost Cell Phone: Tuesday

 — Shelly's clit is teased and tortured all day. by Pearls_Inside06/01/144.51HOT

Lost Cell Phone: Wednesday

 — Shelly must punish herself. by Pearls_Inside06/12/144.42

Lost Luggage

 — Lost luggage ends up in first time cross dressing. by mrgin1812/18/184.25

Lotion and Lucy

 — Fucking my wife's friend with whatever's on hand. by Church3305/31/123.62

Lottery Surprise

 — Brittni4u writes about our hotel tryst. by legsfeettoes02/09/184.54HOT

Lou Ciphers Tale

 — A Halloween tale. by sissymissyct10/24/173.90

Louise and Emma

 — Two women having pee fun. by steve2580501/02/143.71

Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 01

 — Louise sets up a special clinic. by margaret_jenkins10/06/053.90

Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 02

 — Louise examines a timid bachelor. by margaret_jenkins10/07/054.35

Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 03

 — Former sportswoman seeks therapy at Louise's clinic. by margaret_jenkins10/14/054.47

Louise Sexploration Ch. 01

 — Louise has long black hair and deep brown eyes. by doverKink3705801/03/123.82

Louise Sexploration Ch. 02

 — I had never anticipated such an explosive orgasm... by doverKink3705801/21/123.73

Louise Sexploration Ch. 03

 — James is trained to love cum. by doverKink3705801/22/123.84

Louise Sexploration Ch. 04

 — Three-way madness. by doverKink3705801/23/123.96

Love and Cuck

 — Wife takes control of sissy husband. by cuckoldmojo03/31/133.95

Love and Death in a Time of Guano

 — Work in the mines. by fertiegladwyn05/15/082.91

Love and Death in the Nursing Home

 — An old man takes advantage of an old woman. by fertiegladwyn05/15/083.15

Love and Marriage

 — Short vignettes exploring my gay/cuckold BBC fantasies by TheOriginalAnonymous04/25/164.38

Love and Trust Betrayed Ch. 02

 — Bryce loves her new man, but not necessarily his fetish. by MeredithEighty804/07/164.49

Love and Trust Betrayed Ch. 03

 — All Bryce wanted was security and a little happiness. by MeredithEighty805/14/164.20

Love and Trust Ch. 01

 — Wife makes husband's fantasy come true. by simplyme09/12/074.29

Love At First Light

 — A holiday romance in heaven. by sandy_rock04/24/064.27

Love at First Piss Ch. 01

 — Gary's full bladder gets Tam's juices flowing. by naughtybessparker01/31/144.62HOT

Love at First Piss Ch. 02

 — Jake's jealousy leads to more wet adventures. by naughtybessparker02/22/144.70HOT

Love at First Piss Ch. 03

 — Gary and Tam have an intimate shower. by naughtybessparker03/31/144.73HOT

Love at First Piss Ch. 04

 — ...and then Lola joined in. by naughtybessparker04/19/144.61HOT

Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 01

 — Sex Magic, cute overfrustrated boy, shy crush, evil roommate. by CuteAndLovelyYetHorny07/10/184.00

Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 02

 — Teasing me or protecting me? Is that worth choosing? by CuteAndLovelyYetHorny07/20/182.86

Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 03

 — Training her magic on me gets us closer... boyboarding too! by CuteAndLovelyYetHorny07/28/184.20

Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 04

 — Love gets deeper, magic gets stronger, balls get fuller! by CuteAndLovelyYetHorny01/29/194.80

Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 05

 — Love gets stronger, magic gets deeper, balls always fuller! by CuteAndLovelyYetHorny08/12/194.00

Love Hand

 — He gives her something special. by jasmine196910/13/014.44

Love in a Glass Dome

 — A letter to a boyfriend. by Bea2003UK04/06/033.91

Love in the Psyche Ward

 — Nurse Wilson finds herself in trouble in the Psyche Ward. by barefeet9912/01/093.65

Love Letter

 — One of her first letters to her first lesbian lover. by CyberErica08/01/013.96

Love Rekindled

 — After years apart my true love and I reignite our passion. by HerLittlePiggy06/04/144.61HOT

Love Spanking!

 — He gives his lover a very thorough paddling. by SpankerSam06/15/014.29

Love the Doll

 — A woman brings a sexdoll fantasy to life. by Nate_Walis10/07/114.29

Love Thy Neighbor's Pussy & Ass

 — A cock-sucking pussy-eating cum-tasting good time. by Anal Slave06/10/024.10

Love Thy Neighbor?

 — Couples compete for real estate & sexual dominance. by cffreak07/31/074.56HOT

Love What You Eat, Eat What You Love

 — He's introduced to being a full time suck slave. by curious47605/26/104.43

Love Yourself

 — Zoe Learns to Love Herself. by neolim01/27/194.72HOT

Love, A Required Taste

 — The erotic pleasures of golden showers. by solitarys_one12/11/064.39

Love, Respect, & Trust

 — Mike submits to his wife's strap-on love. by the lady k12/25/044.69HOTContest Winner

Lovely in Latex

 — Isn't she... by Luna_lit09/18/044.29

Lovely, Lacy Lingerie

 — On v day a woman blends two passions, her guy and panties by yanagirosencratz02/07/124.17

Lover on a Leash

 — She likes to take orders in a special way. by Boxlicker10112/03/084.45

Lover's Spat

 — Linda learns a lesson in patience. by Dalamar_of_Gilean04/18/043.68

Lovin Mouthful

 — He enjoys a new experience: tasting his own cum. by Benny_Blank01/14/094.45

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 02

 — He wants to try more than cum eating. by Benny_Blank01/20/094.60HOT

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 03

 — I find something interesting among our videos. by Benny_Blank01/26/094.31

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 04

 — Kinky foursome provides pleasure for all. by Benny_Blank01/27/094.55HOT

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 05

 — Finale and Epilogue. by Benny_Blank02/01/094.54HOT

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 06

 — Marco/Marcia & Lurecia have a night out. by Benny_Blank02/14/094.14

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 07

 — Marco/Marcia & Lurecia finish their night out. by Benny_Blank02/17/094.71HOT

Loving The Kinky Side Of Life

 — The day-to-day life of a kink-loving man. by Anal Slave05/30/024.34

Loving the Tutor's Feet

 — Young man discovers he has a foot fetish. by licksit02/28/084.04

Loving Thyself and a Creampie Too!

 — He enjoys her creampies and explores himself. by cpluver10/20/064.41

Low Batter

 — A Mistress teases Her boy long distance. by calstevens02/10/184.39

Lowest of the Low

 — Woman learns the joy of being a ponygirl. by bracemaiden08/05/174.63HOT


 — Adult mother fetish. by LeRoiMStokes11/17/092.61

Lu & Cindy

 — Sexy lovers spend the evening. by rmlooker08/29/144.08


 — Bringing out your innermost desires, lucid dreams go further. by alias_the_archangel05/09/184.52HOT

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 01

 — An unusual relationship. by MaryGrangerx09/19/154.52HOT

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 02

 — Bruce visits Mrs Miller. by MaryGrangerx09/21/154.71HOT

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 03

 — Lucille talks to Mrs. Miller. by MaryGrangerx09/23/154.77HOT

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 04

 — The Next Day. by MaryGrangerx10/01/154.76HOT

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 05

 — The 'Accidental' Fuck. by MaryGrangerx10/09/154.77HOT

Lucinda Finally Gives It Up

 — Seeking another cocksucker. by hisigorness08/26/103.88

Lucinda's Golden Love

 — Steamy Latin tenant satisfies landlord's wet fetish. by SpankerSam08/22/014.39

Lucky Christmas Bitch

 — Husband's fetish is realized & shared. by learsdaughter12/07/114.03

Lucky Me!

 — Blow job fun in a motel room. by Giln10/29/074.16


 — I can't stop thinking about those pretty feet! by Chaingun11/24/094.00

Lucy 01

 — He's not gay. He hates cum. I want him to swallow every drop. by Gullos10/31/114.49

Lucy May Gets Pissed Ch. 01

 — Ryan get's real pissed with Lucy May. by angiefuch12/08/094.31

Lucy's Dirty Panties

 — I pleasured myself with a lovely woman's soiled panties. by Blucher03/13/134.08

Lucy's Foot Job

 — Lucy gives him a hot foot job. by Kessler09/16/034.72HOT

Lucy's Three Day Physical

 — A mandatory medical exam proves extensive. by Katalanta03/19/174.47

Luna Mission

 — A man's quest to screw his pregnant friend. by bawdybloke08/07/144.16

Lunch Break

 — A meeting at the park that -wasn't- on the schedule. by dreamboatanni01/13/183.67

Lunch in the Chair

 — Bondage & lunch brighten dreary winter day. by Trubbycat02/26/054.16

Lunch Piss

 — How to impress a girl? Pee on her. by wyldechylde03/16/064.40

Lunch Piss Ch. 02

 — Janine springs a leak and gets her man. by wyldechylde06/28/064.56HOT

Lunch With Alexis

 — An ad leads to a satisying oral lunch encounter. by crushedice06/30/084.25

Lunch with Connie Lark

 — A top Political Aide of 5 years submits to his Mayor. by CaspianTern10/31/154.43

Lunch with Connie Lark Ch. 02

 — Size 11 feet, oral sex, footjobs & surprise at City Hall. by CaspianTern11/15/154.52HOT

Lunch With Max

 — New teacher desires instruction from Faculty head. by Riven11/07/004.68HOT

Lunch with My Wife

 — I visit my wife and her feet at work for lunch. by mugs10112/23/134.31

Luscious Little Monster!

 — Gorgeous oriental secretary conquers the whole office. by hobrigef10/08/163.85

Lust Controlled by His Magic Gloves

 — When his gloves come to life, he must obey their kinky call. by AmethystMare04/13/194.20

Lust Spells Us Ch. 02

 — What goes around cums around. by YoungLust512/28/124.55HOT

Lusting My Sister-in-law...Secretly

 — The lengths I've gone to in my lust for her. by Crotchhound02/11/113.14

Luxuriate In Dick

 — She loved having guys cum in her mouth. by hisigorness08/17/103.98

Lydia - A Dirty Weekend

 — My African Friend Lydia comes to stay for the weekend. by YorkshireDalesman10/05/174.49

Lydia: A Prologue

 — An entitled woman buys some new heels. by MissKaneda09/05/154.63HOT

Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 01

 — Submissive man's wife starts dating a dominant man. by hotmetalman09/03/124.24

Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 02

 — Wifes tells her husband about her night with her new lover. by hotmetalman04/16/134.42

Lynn Finds a Boyfriend

 — Submissive husband experiences wife's new romance. by hotmetalman01/03/144.39

Lynne's Unhappy Lesson

 — An erotic spanking story. by JillS03/17/024.28

M.I.L.F. Adventures Ch. 01

 — A lost weekend with a trashy smoking woman. by GeorgeGordon06/21/05

Ma'am Loves Rohini's Ripped Abs

 — High school teacher admires Rohini's ripped muscular body. by mboy6903/20/184.50HOT

Mackenzie's Accident

 — My student has an accident in class. I get excited. by SubtleDeviance07/13/184.61HOT

Mad Modification

 — A teaching in piercing, Slavery, bisexuality and lebianism. by wilding_mouse03/13/062.30

Madam Renee

 — A mr gets a naught surprise and experience from the madam. by Roxorboxor08/07/183.95

Madam! I Am Sorry!

 — Student adopts new strategy to seduce his teacher. by sunnyboyz05/29/053.83

Madame Jolene

 — Jolene toys with an old plaything. by erekose68602/25/164.20

Madame's (Milked) Dry Bar

 — A bound boy, milked for the tastes and amusement of dommes by dashielldash05/14/144.43

Maddeline's Revenge

 — After one year unshowered, Maddeline is forced to get clean. by Smellypig11/08/184.29

Maddie's Time Alone

 — Maddie has some dirty fun in the creek near her house. by sxesock05/25/174.32


 — High school girl toys with new neighbor. by DevlinCarnate02/10/193.70

Maddy in Silicone

 — With a silicone bodysuit, Maddy turns into Phuong by DieterSchaumer08/04/14

Made Over Ch. 03

 — Young man's submission & transformation continues. by gbr200412/31/074.56HOT

Made to Love Food

 — Sara is taken and made to love food. by Piggie03/16/194.62


 — The making of the king's pleasure trinket. by Treeangel11/28/08

Madison Turns a New Leaf

 — Enemy turned into lover, at the touch of her milk. by GusBus7703/14/154.53HOT

Madison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 02

 — Madison allows her sexy younger sister come into play. by GusBus7704/23/154.55HOT

Madison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 03

 — Madison, Megan and I reach a new level of heat. by GusBus7705/20/154.55HOT

Madison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 01

 — Madison is back, and her milk takes on a new lover. by GusBus7702/12/164.60HOT

Madison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 02

 — Madison and Matt discover more fun to their milky adventures. by GusBus7705/30/174.57HOT

Maggie Ch. 03

 — Justin fucks his pregnant Maggie. by smiles127707/28/064.32

Maggie's Collection

 — A surprise visit by Maggie; her collection grows. by Dak208/01/064.19

Maggie's Little Kink

 — Maggie's wet kink had some dangers. by joulie06/03/124.59HOT

Maggie's Panties

 — Alan finds himself drawn to Maggie's panties. by alexjackson01/03/104.40

Magic Fantasy Unicorn Baby Ch. 01

 — David gets massively impregnated by a unicorn. by bigpreggoman09/05/133.86

Magic Hands

 — Sloan jerks off the school custodian. by Frozenhero01/08/094.44

Magic Hands Ch. 02

 — Mr. Anderson becomes Sloan's pimp. by Frozenhero01/09/094.69HOT

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