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Create Your Fantasy

 — Let us write a story about your ultimate fantasy. by Smother10/23/084.81HOT

Creme Brulee

 — A woman's tits become dessert in a game of revenge. by DPMaster04/14/174.54HOT


 — Robbery fuels her fetish. by velvetpie01/16/054.35

Crimson Rain

 — It's as if spilling blood for the luxury of having it. by blood_inferno10/25/053.25

Cripple Fantasy

 — My fetish for fucking/dominating weak and disabled men. by kittycalamity02/13/174.08

Crossdresser's Rassling Dreams

 — Two Crossdresser's Fantasize about a Wrestling League. by footqueen9903/27/152.50

Crossing the Line

 — First person perspective of a woman's submission. by CopyCat1302/21/174.40

Crotch Rocket

 — Tommy teaches her a new way to ride. by DarlingNikki04/22/034.38

Crown of Thorns

 — Meditation on needle play. by TheVelvetEdge12/29/124.44

Cruel Asian Girlfriend Pt. 02

 — My sexy Asian mistress Evita comes to my office party. by tasx00706/29/174.51HOT

Cruel Bitches

 — Two young strippers cruelly torment older male pain slave by chatbug07/22/034.09

Cruel Master Hans

 — German Master whips tranny into shape! by justincbenedict01/18/164.15

Cruel School Ch. 01

 — A class on composure. by bound2burst09/17/174.12

Cruel to be Kind

 — Jackie allows husband Ben to stroke for her entertainment... by Robert_Anthony08/25/174.33

Cruising High in the Pit

 — Passionate underarm love on a cruise ship. by revol05/17/044.14

Cruising The Slums

 — A sick man solicits a hooker to fulfill his dark fantasy. by northwind03/13/05

Crust Lust

 — Sterile Darryl gets punished by a gutter punk gal. by bigsick11/21/163.89

Cub Reporter Becomes a Human Cow

 — Reporter gets too close to her story at a human dairy farm. by homeboundboy03/18/174.43


 — Leah learns he has one leg because he wanted it that way. by PeggyBuxton11/06/084.56HOT

Cubicle Dancing Ch. 01

 — She's spanked in the bathroom by a stranger by ticklechambers09/23/104.41

Cuck enlists me for he and GF

 — Cuck wants humiliation with his GF. I Dom with pleasure. by bidavy07/29/194.11

Cuck Journals: Mr. Kost's Request

 — A fictional writer's petition for stories of betrayal. by CharlieKonrad09/16/164.00

Cuck's Wife

 — A Cuckold shares his hotwife to make her happy. by Anal Slave12/12/093.84

Cuckbitch Pt. 01: Confession

 — A panty cuckold shares his dark secret with his best friend. by Satin_Dani06/17/194.38

Cuckbitch Pt. 02: All About Panties

 — Lucy buys me panties and we recap last night. by Satin_Dani06/20/194.54HOT

Cuckbitch Pt. 03: The Hotel Room

 — Lucy gets us a room and herself a lover; I get to listen in. by Satin_Dani07/02/194.04


 — A husband watches his wife taken by another man. by FunOnTheTown01/14/194.02

Cucked By Highschool Sweetheart

 — 15 years later she makes me her cuck. by eatmebeatmeguy10/29/124.06

Cucked the Boss

 — Teasing my employer. by oldandhorny10/07/143.53

Cucked... But No Regrets

 — Lexi finally gives into Carl's cuckold fantasy... by joetgm10/10/184.18

Cuckhold Love Ch. 01

 — Sylvia's and Jordan's New Experience. by Rocket101004/16/164.32

Cuckhold Love Ch. 02: The Confrontation

 — The Confrontation. by Rocket101005/12/163.66

Cuckold - An Unusual Start

 — How one couple entered 'the life' in an usual manner by Aladylover10/18/104.45

Cuckold - The Wive's Tale

 — Her first time cuckolding her husband. by Aladylover12/21/064.27

Cuckold CEO Ch. 01

 — CEO gives up sexual control to wife. by drdick6910/03/184.44

Cuckold CEO Ch. 02

 — CEO becomes wife's cuckold. by drdick6910/04/184.55HOT

Cuckold CEO Ch. 03

 — CEO becomes wife's cuckold. by drdick6910/05/184.44

Cuckold CEO Ch. 04

 — CEO becomes a wife's cuckold. by drdick6910/06/184.53HOT

Cuckold CEO Ch. 05

 — CEO continues journey to cuckold submission. by drdick6910/07/184.51HOT

Cuckold CEO Ch. 06

 — CEO totally submits to wife. by drdick6910/08/184.54HOT

Cuckold CEO Ch. 07

 — Cuckold CEO goes deeper into lifestyle. by drdick6910/09/184.32

Cuckold CEO Ch. 08

 — Cuckold CEO gets too deep into lifestyle. by drdick6910/10/183.87

Cuckold CEO Ch. 09

 — CEO is a total cuckold. by drdick6910/11/183.93

Cuckold CEO Ch. 10

 — CEO is a total cuckold. by drdick6910/12/183.64

Cuckold CEO Ch. 11

 — CEO is a total cuckold. by drdick6910/13/183.68

Cuckold CEO Ch. 12

 — Cuckolds wife finds new lover. by drdick6910/15/184.17

Cuckold CEO Ch. 13

 — Wife finds a new lover. by drdick6910/19/184.06

Cuckold Ch. 01

 — He prepares his mistress for a night out. by snugglepuss09/16/034.03

Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Cheating girlfriend is in for more punishment. by Coral_is_Far_More_Red03/18/134.00

Cuckold Colt

 — A colt is cuckolded by his loving mistress... by AmethystMare11/23/174.33

Cuckold Curiosity Ch. 01

 — Wife convinces husband to allow a cuckold boy toy. by Mrs_Cumming09/12/114.20

Cuckold Dinner

 — Fiction turns to fact and I wear the results. by rocket3201/15/143.95

Cuckold Fantasy

 — He awakes to serve his wife and her lover. by RodeoSexClown12/09/064.09

Cuckold Foot Slave Journey Ch. 01

 — A study session turns to foot worship for a foot perv. by EmpireOfFeet02/05/194.10

Cuckold Foot Slave Journey Ch. 02

 — A Goddess enjoys her Bull as Foot Bitch cleans their feet. by EmpireOfFeet02/12/193.77

Cuckold for Miss Crystal Ch. 01

 — She turns boyfriend into slave, but wants more. by SlaveMike08/20/053.74

Cuckold For My Wife & Her Sis Ch. 01

 — He's taught to obey. by Anal Slave04/20/034.22

Cuckold Gets An Eyeful And Mouthful

 — Cuckold steps up a level. by Aladylover06/30/094.08

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 01

 — My wife discovers my secret desire. by CallMePeePee04/29/114.40

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 02

 — My wife experiments with control. by CallMePeePee05/09/114.41

Cuckold Husband Ch. 04

 — Husband experiences his first taste of abuse. by lace_lover06/22/114.24

Cuckold Life

 — The daily lifestyle of a hardcore cuckold. by Anal Slave09/20/174.37

Cuckold Love Story Pt. 01

 — The adventures of a hardcore Cuckold couple. That love sex. by Anal Slave09/05/184.40

Cuckold New Year

 — She takes control of her wimpy husband. by cuckytoher02/28/093.53

Cuckold Nite Out

 — My name is Karen, I am the hot wife. by newstylewife10/27/113.94

Cuckold Paradise

 — One man's love for his wife's kinky adventures. by Anal Slave03/24/073.97

Cuckold Status: Active

 — My wife cheats for the first time. by LockedSissySubmissive01/25/174.42

Cuckold Striptease Game

 — Wife humiliates her cuckold husband with dirty game. by Iftheshoefits04/07/124.26

Cuckold Sucks Cock!

 — Cuckold sucks my boyfriend's cock! by depositdutchess11/15/173.93

Cuckold's Delight

 — A story about an adventure last weekend. by cuckytoher09/20/184.26

Cuckold's Nightmare

 — Will she come home or stay with HIM? by Bakeboss09/03/103.65

Cuckold, Again

 — The psychology of a cuckold. by CuckoldGuy04/07/114.20

Cuckold-Foot-Slave's Everyday Life

 — A day in the life of a cuckolded foot slave. by cuckold_footslave01/26/103.91

Cuckold: Mia and Greg's Story

 — Husband and wife's new life as cuckold and mistress. by glmike52312/25/113.86

Cuckold: Two For One

 — Young, affluent wife, cuckolds her weak husband. by BaronS03/20/074.02

Cuckolded Again!

 — An erotic journey into submission and humiliation. by H piltdown10/06/053.95

Cuckolded at the Christmas Party

 — She cuckolds her husband at the biggest party... by AmethystMare04/28/192.63

Cuckolded at the Club

 — My hot girlfriend cuckolds me with a handsome stranger. by cuck008810/19/183.43

Cuckolded at the Gym

 — She discovers his deep, dark secret. by cuckytoher02/27/093.99

Cuckolded by 18 Year Old Girlfriend

 — How a dominant man became a submissive cuckold. by aweatherly05/14/144.63HOT

Cuckolded by a Cougar

 — An older woman sweetly owns me. by IwantwhatIwrite12/07/144.19

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 01

 — Fyr dreams of her husband fucking her mother... by AmethystMare03/08/184.56HOT

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 02

 — Fyr becomes a CuckQuean to her "devoted" husband... by AmethystMare03/09/184.37

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 03

 — Fyr gets an interesting call out at the store... by AmethystMare03/10/184.31

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 04

 — Fyr finds a treat left especially for the cuckold wife... by AmethystMare03/14/184.53HOT

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 18

 — Fyr does something she may regret... by AmethystMare11/03/184.00

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 19

 — Fyr is led astray while her husband and mother fuck... by AmethystMare11/04/184.17

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 21

 — Fyr steals kisses where she should not... by AmethystMare11/09/183.86

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 22

 — A stoat is corrupted by a demonic family... by AmethystMare04/09/194.17

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 23

 — Fyr's "maybe" sweetheart gets hot and heavy with mom... by AmethystMare04/10/194.00

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 24

 — Fyr takes her leave of the madness to visit her brother... by AmethystMare04/11/193.88

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 25

 — Fyr seeks voyeuristic pleasure with her brother... by AmethystMare04/12/194.00

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 26

 — Fyr tries to keep her kinky secret private from her brother. by AmethystMare04/13/193.86

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 27

 — Scott is taught the ropes by the demon in charge... by AmethystMare04/14/194.00

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 28

 — The plot thickens as Kao's relationship is revealed... by AmethystMare04/15/194.00

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 30

 — Cheating never works out well for anyone... by AmethystMare06/14/195.00

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 31

 — The plot thickens as Kao's weakness is exposed... by AmethystMare06/15/194.20

Cuckolded in Krakow

 — A man finally gets what he asked for... by leathercuckold10/24/16

Cuckolded with a Coworker

 — Femdom Goddess decided to tease, deny, and Cuckold you. by NursePoundCake04/16/163.92

Cuckolding 101

 — Tutorial on how to make your man a true cuckold. by cuck2serveU04/05/173.93

Cuckolding was Me Totally Pt. 01

 — A husband adopts the life of a cuckold... by ACTDrew10/05/174.54HOT

Cuckolding was Me Totally Pt. 02

 — A Wife and her cuckold explore the lifestyle... by ACTDrew10/08/174.37

Cuckolding Wife Ch. 01

 — Introduction: woman empowered by her husband's infidelity. by aquavulva04/01/094.26

Cuckolding Wife Ch. 02

 — She's empowered by her husband's infidelity. by aquavulva07/11/094.06


 — What is a cuckquean? Perhaps this scenario will shed light by sirsemega10/08/123.88

Cuckquean - Ellen, the Honest

 — She craves to watch. He's willing. by QueanLeah02/05/154.60HOT


 — A dominant man uses a proper woman's jealousy against her. by PlayfulDude02/01/173.58

Cuckqueans: Lauren

 — Lauren learns about her biggest fantasy. by PrimalRoots07/07/174.01

Cucky Gets Lucky Ch. 02

 — Karen is tired of hiding her cuckold relationship. by Tosshhh_09/10/193.77NEW

Culra Bothy

 — She was rescued from the blizzard. by Scotsman6909/02/104.35

Cum & Tights

 — Erin follows orders otherwise she will be exposed publicly. by kiitykatt12/30/153.88

Cum Addiction

 — The ultimate cum fetish story. by k80s08/29/094.61HOT

Cum Conference

 — Visit to head office becomes a bukkake party. by cahab05/30/034.18

Cum Covered Chocolate Cake

 — A girl is turned on by a porno. by skitzo444200009/15/023.69

Cum Crazed Cuckold

 — Forced to suck her lover's cum from his wife. by Anal Slave03/12/034.39

Cum Crazy

 — He's loving the taste of cum. by Anal Slave02/26/034.38

Cum Dream with Me

 — Suzy tackles 100 men to become a cum-sucking centurian. by BJwriter05/26/183.69

Cum Eating Whore of a Boyfriend

 — Girlfriend helps her boy eat cum from a condom. by extasybliss01/10/114.28

Cum Fetish

 — He tells about his love for the fluid. by hotchat01/01/084.17

Cum Fetish

 — Mike & Brad enjoy meeting two women with a cum fetish. by Many Feathers04/19/084.29

Cum Filled Panties

 — A bizarre fetish to for some perhaps, you decide. by Many Feathers12/04/084.65HOT

Cum in a Cab

 — Hotwife done by husband and cabbie on hood of taxi. by marriedpervs04/18/074.08

Cum in Boots

 — Someone is cuming in Lisa's boots. One day she finds out who. by cumboots06/15/124.35

Cum Insemination Fascination

 — Cumming sperm inside every women I can. by bidavy09/05/193.50

Cum Junkies

 — Man shares cum with girlfriend & her younger sis. by Anal Slave06/20/024.28

Cum Lovers

 — Eating come from used condoms. by anything_goes_197106/06/084.52HOT

Cum Obsession

 — A craving is finally fulfilled. by k80s06/06/094.50HOT

Cum On Inn Ch. 01

 — A traditional bed and breakfast gets a transformation. by CheriSM06/17/104.32

Cum on Me

 — Denise's fetish becomes his own. by Many Feathers04/26/074.51HOT

Cum On Robyn

 — A fetish for semen. by RobynBanks06/20/144.60HOT

Cum On Robyn Pt. 02

 — More cum for Robyn. by RobynBanks07/05/144.56HOT

Cum Orgy

 — His lady has a cum eating mania. by jptune07/30/064.18

Cum Party

 — His girlfriend Lisa gets a cum bath. by jjdtx06/12/054.10

Cum Party

 — Sometimes being a substitute isn't half bad. by Many Feathers04/16/064.49

Cum Play Ch. 01

 — A couple loves to play in cum. by Anal Slave02/26/034.18

Cum Queen

 — Eight girls vie for the title of Cum Queen 2001. by rugbydrill07/30/014.06

Cum Slut

 — Annie dreams of being covered in hot cum. by GabbyLez10/12/063.82

Cum Slut

 — The girl next door proves to have a wild side. by Many Feathers05/15/094.59HOT

Cum Sluts Anonymous 1: Ralph

 — Fighting an addiction. by Just Plain Bob05/01/063.73

Cum Sluts Anonymous 2: Bob

 — An addiction he was trying to beat. by Just Plain Bob05/02/064.04

Cum Sluts Anonymous 3: Dave

 — Fighting an addiction. by Just Plain Bob05/03/063.99

Cum Sluts Anonymous 4: Mike

 — Fighting an addiction. by Just Plain Bob05/04/064.07

Cum Sluts Anonymous 5: Lisa

 — Fighting an addiction. by Just Plain Bob05/05/064.15

Cum Sluts Anonymous 6: Jerry

 — Fighting an addiction. by Just Plain Bob05/06/064.40

Cum Sponge

 — She answers ad to be cum-sponge for weekend. by HungryGuy03/07/034.17

Cum Sponge

 —  by Anal_Ally05/15/144.16

Cum Stained Nylons

 — A mature blond teasing with her nylon clad legs. by ualmech8809/11/164.51HOT

Cum Stained Nylons - Training

 — Young Jimmy learns to please his nylon clad mistress. by ualmech8809/21/164.60HOT

Cum Stained Nylons - Under Control

 — The boys continue to please and serve. by ualmech8810/22/164.62HOT

Cum Sweet Cum

 — She gets her first taste of my "sweet" cum. by thinktankwriter02/23/094.29

Cum Sweet Cum Ch. 02

 — A relationship built on cum. by thinktankwriter03/02/094.24

Cum Sweet Cum Ch. 03

 — Fulfilling both of our fantasies. by thinktankwriter03/02/094.25

Cum Taste Challange

 — The progression of a cum eating husband then wife. by Oralcreamlover01/13/144.33

Cum Tasting and Getting Caught!

 — A couple snowballs, eats creampies & so much more. by cpluver12/07/064.48

Cum Tea Discipline

 — My girlfriend finds a way to get more of my cum. by SissyPantySlut09/28/124.35

Cum Therapy

 — A sex dream of a train becomes reality with her Therapist. by eliasrotica306/13/134.27

Cum to Me

 — Cyber lover sends a special delivery. by robertjones04/04/114.31

Cum To The Mud-Wrestling With Me!

 — Pin & Fuck wrestling's a part of the show! by Jack Gates04/28/054.30

Cum Whores

 — How far will two people go for cum. by call_me_dana02/28/074.35

Cum World

 — One virile young man is getting sucked by too many ladies. by cumfountain03/24/033.72

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 07

 — My moment in white. by Giln10/12/074.36

Cum-mania at the Gloryhole

 — She loves to eat strangers' cum. by jptune08/03/084.26

Cumming Back For More

 — She lets her dirty side out once more. by e_dan01/23/114.03

Cumming For Dinner

 — Cum-loving girl finds what she needs. by Nemasis Enforcer05/14/044.27

Cumming Home

 — Bound anal cream pie. by Sodomite11/08/024.39

Cumming to Grips Ch. 01

 — Dave gets what he wanted. by doinkit102/14/084.47

Cumming to Grips Ch. 02

 — Collecting the Mother Load. by doinkit103/02/084.42

Cumming to Grips Ch. 03

 — Taming the Husband. by doinkit103/24/084.47

Cumming to Grips Ch. 04

 — Scheduling conflicts. by doinkit105/12/084.47


 — Introducing a woman to just how good it can be. by lovelicker9905/03/134.47

Cunnilingus Challenge

 — A different kind of taste test. by TongaFrank01/10/194.67HOT

Cunnilingus Challenge - Payback

 — Loser takes all: Man submits to 3 depraved sexual fantasies. by TongaFrank09/13/194.40NEW

Cunnilingus Challenge - Round 02

 — Man rises to a new challenge. by TongaFrank04/11/194.52HOT

Cunnilingus Challenge - Round 03

 — Climactic conclusion with a happy ending for all! by TongaFrank08/31/194.32

Cunnilingus, My Favorite Pastime

 — He discovers his love for cunnilingus and creampie. by limplizzard05/28/054.25


 — Leslie loses something very important. by cauchemar8006/27/134.32


 — An evening of baking. by msmilfmilk01/12/124.13

Cupid's Arrow

 — Bound at her whim, he must submit... by AmethystMare04/21/193.38

Cure for a Sore Throat

 — cure for hiccups leads to cure for sore throat by prickasso04/29/064.62HOT

Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 01

 — Stealing my girlfriend's Indian roommate's panties. by dansouthwest09/11/174.40

Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 02

 — Priya confronts Dan and surprises him with her request. by dansouthwest09/15/174.62HOT

Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 04

 — As Maria gets used to Dan's addiction, Priya raises the bar. by dansouthwest10/19/174.36

Curing Cynthia’s Monthly Misbehavior

 — Imposing periodic punishment. by lesliejones05/13/054.25

Curio Shoppe

 — The path to my first gay encounter was a bumpy one. by mindingutter07/04/134.11

Curious About Being a Girl

 — Jason becomes Jamie. by silkthongpanties09/13/024.30

Currents of Chastity

 — Vignettes of three frustrated females. by sweetsubmissions09/21/153.80


 — Sayra gets more milk than she bargained for! by crunchynachoes07/06/194.16

Curvy Size Queens at the Gym

 — A pair of curvy ladies catch the size they've dreamed of. by JagFarlane12/29/134.46

Customer Service

 — A light diversion at the shoe shop. by fishophile04/20/053.82

Customs Pantyhose

 — A man has twisted pantyhose encounter at the airport. by wrbxxx11/06/174.43

Cut Away

 — A man has his clothes cut off in a room full of strangers. by BobDogwood03/12/033.72

Cut-Uncut Swingers

 — First time swinging becomes a couples foreskin fetish. by ucsjm3810/28/134.03

Cute Couple

 — A lesbian couple aren't as innocent as they appear. by Hyperdebut05/11/154.07

Cyber Sensation

 — She loves her cyber sex, & he is left to wonder. by JadedInnocent10/31/01

Cyber Sissy Ch. 01

 — A sissy's wife discovers his penchant for feminization. by missvicky5310/28/114.44

Cyber Sissy Ch. 02

 — Sissy is used by his wife while bound. by missvicky5310/31/114.50HOT

Cyber Sissy Ch. 03

 — Megan prepares her sissy for his deflowering. by missvicky5311/01/114.58HOT

Cyber Sissy Ch. 04

 — She Finally uses her strapon to make him a girl. by missvicky5311/05/114.71HOT

Cyber Sissy Ch. 05

 — The final chapter! Our sissy and his lady face a challenge. by missvicky5311/06/114.73HOT

Cycling in the Rain

 — Pregnant woman needs some help. by rheineck111/19/094.18

Cynthia Learns to Moo

 — Cynthia learns that milking machines can be dangerous. by perchedontheloon08/07/194.08

Cynthia Sedair Conquers The World

 — The Introduction of your Future Ruler. by AmeriaLoire07/21/093.98

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 20

 — Returning from trip leads to further degradation. by GettingItDone01/27/164.72HOT

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 21

 — Things get golden for teacher. by GettingItDone02/13/164.64HOT

Cynthia's Toilet Tales

 — Cynthia Wright's dirty fantasies play out with a new lover. by Paradiggler03/30/174.58HOT

DAALS Invade the Krabber Pt. 01

 — The DAALS invade a city. by Dunn8106/14/194.40

Daddies and 'Little Girls'

 — Bad, Good, who remembers? by TitsFlannagen10/24/162.75

Daddy & Grandma

 — Daddy fucking my maternal grandmother. by JhMcKn06/18/194.06

Daddy and Babygirl - Foot Fun

 — Amazing things can be done with your feet. by daddysgirl8301/23/094.15

Daddy and Little's Wet Night Out

 — Daddy treats Little to a night at the club. A messy night. by manfrombritain05/23/193.67

Daddy Calls Me Little Girl

 — Daddy Dom/ little girl. by GregCoral07/22/144.36

Daddy Drop

 — Dropping off the alimony check leads to a hot reunion. by SEVERUSMAX10/18/174.15

Daddy Entries Pt. 01

 — When I don't follow instructions Daddy will punish me. by AnxiouslyWaiting08/08/144.16

Daddy for a Day

 — A DD/lg story. by tru2dagame03/02/163.82

Daddy Issues

 — College slut turns the tables on an older guy. by Vilify05/08/184.31

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