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My Husband's Camay Introduction

 — A mouthsoaping experience. by soapylisa11/21/073.61

My Husband's Catfight Fetish Ch. 01

 — She discovers new style of foreplay. by aviendha3305/21/04HOT

My Husband's Submission

 — My husband finds out how much he loves cock! by pamcd01/19/144.17

My Husband, My Slave

 — A night out with friends turns into a new path in life. by SubbyHubby2708/29/124.12

My Husband. My Love. My Sissy. Ch. 01

 — Kelly walks in on Tony with her panties. by RandomAuthor04/22/104.65HOT

My Instructions

 — A short snippet of the tasks assigned away from home. by Tess_PartySlut03/27/143.29

My Introduction

 — Transvestite gets blackmailed. by jamiesecret08/12/013.99

My Introduction to Rough Sex

 — Mel teaches him the passion possible. by Roses4U05/12/034.04

My Introduction to Water Sports

 — His fetish opened an exciting new world to her. by TopflightWife07/14/064.30

My John Has a Foot Fetish

 — Al has the perfect job to satisfy his foot fetish. by andtheend01/16/104.00

My Kinkiest Sexual Experience

 — Threesome with black couple and she seduces me for ws. by pussylove6906/19/034.43

My Lady Grotesque at her Toilet

 — intimacies beyond intimacy. by istanbulnoir06/29/074.55HOT

My Lady Grotesque's Fetish Evening

 — Lady, her friend and me: smoking, squirting & tattoos. by istanbulnoir06/21/074.61HOT

My Life

 — Wife came home early and found me compromised situation. by jimhaullis05/03/084.16

My Life Ch. 02

 — Things heat up as wife likes to dress him. by jimhaullis05/07/084.39

My Life with Marin Ch. 01

 — I say good-bye to Peter and date a Japanese fetish director. by MustangKathi03/26/144.41

My Little Fetish

 — College frosh caught with coed's panties, wins them over. by Paris Waterman10/14/124.64HOT

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 01

 — Timmy finds out about his dick size the hard way. by mceh50103/01/113.90

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

 — First time with Aunt Debby. by mceh50103/17/113.65

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 03

 — Jon transforms Timmy into a Slut. by mceh50104/24/113.95

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 04

 — Zoey and handjob confessions with Aunt Debby. by mceh50105/09/113.82

My Little Runaway

 — When he finds her, he spanks her for running away. by CaitlyCate05/20/124.22

My Little Slut

 — Sissy boy slut finally gets used by Mistress. by Sweetblood0307/26/124.26

My Little Slut Ch. 02

 — Sissy boy wants things to go further.... by Sweetblood0308/29/124.09

My Love For a Female Pro Wrestler

 — I hooked up with a sexy jobber from POWW. by fflint10003/19/094.31

My Lucky Night

 — An adventure in cream pie-eating. by cpluver05/11/064.40

My Madchen

 — Phone sex and mutual masturbation turns into reality. by UseMeUpLover09/01/133.50

My Maid, My Personal Toilet

 — Female maid eats her lady's feces. by girlloverrekha08/21/023.76

My Man-Whore

 — A femdom story. by slutfordomme09/17/114.39

My Master's Bitch

 — Sub slut gets dog and piss training. by dommanct02/16/093.95

My Master's Gift to Me Ch. 1

 — Slave's intimate areas are shaved. by Falcon10/09/003.29

My Medical Fantasy Came True

 — I visited a Dominatrix and we played doctor, at a new level. by RossBarnes09/08/134.41

My Meg Ch. 01

 — Wife happily becomes innocent teenager on erotic holiday. by Alfamann03/10/104.39

My Mind's Eye

 — A flashback turns into an entirely new experience. by DaltonWickham09/08/142.80

My Miss

 — He'll do anything to please her. by Alex Valentine10/10/003.74

My Mistresses, Their Strapon And Me

 — Both of my mIstresses use their giant strap ons on me. by pantysissyslave08/18/134.09

My Mom is a Sex Goddess Ch. 01

 —  A reluctant son watches his mom get sexier and sexier. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash04/17/113.80

My Name is Fred

 — Drama queen exposes graduate student's small penis. by gushogan03/30/133.61

My Name is Fred Ch. 02

 — Drama girl shows Fred's small cock to star girl athlete. by gushogan04/04/134.29

My Name is Fred Ch. 03

 — Small Fred and track star work out small cock issues. by gushogan04/09/133.33

My Naughty Afternoon

 — cumslut finds a different way to enjoy herself. by momma196811/06/074.18

My Neighbor

 — My neighbor gives me a great teasing orgasm. by jeffss4504/22/144.13

My Neighbor Molly

 — A man with a panty fetish gets caught. by SupremeDuplicitee07/21/034.51HOT

My Neighbor Vickie's Panties

 — Neighbor smells the panties his was after. by jackhungwell07/02/083.55

My Neighbor's Delight

 — She lures him into watching her get very wet. by Georgepat05/31/054.39

My Neighbour Sally's Panties

 — He finds a pair of her very dirty panties. by Harrowborg09/13/024.14

My Neighbour Sally's Panties Ch. 02

 — Sally and John seduce Will. by Harrowborg09/15/024.20

My Neighbour Sally's Panties Ch. 03

 — Will gets it by John with Sally watching. by Harrowborg09/27/024.33

My New Career

 — My new boss has some career changes for me and my girlfriend by thatguy576903/25/143.23

My New Executive Assistant

 — Industrialist likes assistants in stockings & heels. by Red_Writer06/27/024.63HOT

My New Friend Amber Ch. 04

 — Girl faces total humiliation at the beach by oddwon6901/12/034.10

My New Home Ch. 1

 — Kevin adores her lovely feet. by AdoreMyFeet05/06/024.42

My New Life

 — He came home an unemployed, cuckolded husband. by cuckytoher02/28/093.57

My New Life as a Cuckold

 — We turn from swingers to a full blown cuckold relationship! by CuckHubby105/25/094.24

My New Life as a Cuckold Ch. 02

 — My wife starts to really cuckold me. by CuckHubby107/14/094.32

My New Life Ch. 01

 — Dave's new life as a cuckold to his ex-gf and his mom. by sheldonlfc03/13/143.51

My New Life Ch. 03

 — Happily dressing up and submitting. by quietguyin_tn12/31/134.35

My New Maid And Assistant

 — I hire a new live-in maid and assistant. by HillRunner01/12/09

My New Masters Ch. 2

 — A transvestite's continuing degradation. by jamiesecret09/02/014.41

My New Masters Ch. 3

 — Transvestite is taken deeper into a world of perversion. by jamiesecret09/23/014.30

My New Neighbor

 — A man discovers a new fetish with a new neighbor. by eaplummer12/09/124.17

My New Neighbour Wearing Angora

 — Man with mohair/angora fetish fantasizes about new neighbour. by airoralover09/04/154.46

My New Panty Boy

 — Millie tells her side of Glenn's transformation. by garamel09/17/064.44

My New Panty Boy Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by garamel09/19/064.43

My New Piss Whore Simone

 — Simone finally indulges my need for golden showers. by peebudy07/05/104.55HOT

My Night in the Park

 — She describes the best night of her life. by bingochalice11/18/084.35

My Night Out Drinking

 — A girl learns to drink pee. by RichardLong09/05/054.06

My One (And Only) Squirter

 — I had never encountered this before. Or after. by MAWriter5006/24/133.97

My Panties

 — Girlfriend catches panty lover on 'wash night'. by iser2105/24/024.41

My Panty Fetish Ch. 02

 — Panty sex with a panty guy. by kinkyjill01/14/104.58HOT

My Panty Slave

 — She indulges her husband's panty fetish. by EzRyeter02/09/104.56HOT

My Pantyhose Mistress

 — He talks to a close friend about his sexy new secret. by legman67408/13/064.09

My Pee Problem

 — How Beth turned tragedy into triumph. by Pelios09/23/074.63HOT

My Pet

 — Her friend finally confesses to cunnilingus addiction. by LaFemmeNicole02/05/064.63HOT

My Pissing Asian Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — A pee story. by westvme02/14/133.80

My Playful Wife

 — Debbie teases my fellow hair loving friend. by Madabouthair05/02/114.49

My Plumber

 — Plumber plans to leave her pregnant. by sweetslut01/04/054.45

My Pooh Bear

 — Pooh comes alive for Mary's pleasure. by erotic_pen03/23/024.10

My Poor Brother

 — Will he ever learn? by Teresa71109/09/103.27

My Pregnancy Fetish

 — I fulfill my fantasy by fucking a pregnant woman. by bigcanuck01/26/084.06

My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 01

 — My new neighbor's wife was 8 months pregnant, and very horny. by pudman08/08/144.50HOT

My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 02

 — Shelly pays me a surprise visit the next day. by pudman08/25/144.61HOT

My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 03

 — Shelly and I finally have time to be alone together anf fuck by pudman09/01/144.61HOT

My Pregnant Neighbour

 — A chance to fulfill a fantasy. by Ozfetishguy10/27/064.39

My Pregnant Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Visiting a friend can have unexpected results. by Ozfetishguy01/09/084.49

My Pregnant Wife

 — Pregnant wife gets hornier. by Clansmansco12/15/054.08

My Punishment

 — Dominated by my daughter. by fadedgiant03/11/133.22

My Sacrifice to Womankind

 — My entry into extreme toilet slavery. by endof03/20/133.67

My Sarah Ann Ch. 04

 — A story of strap-on love and romance. by Volock07/21/094.54HOT

My Sarah Ann Ch. 05

 — A story of dominance and roleplaying. by Volock07/22/094.29

My Sarah Ann Ch. 08

 — A surprise in store for Sarah. by Volock07/30/095.00

My Satin Blouse

 — A woman fulfils her partner's fetish for her clothes. by darkangel00108/13/114.12

My Second Time Being Milked

 — A man enjoys being milked by girlfriend who adds another girl. by NTsarina12/29/144.68HOT

My Secret Desire Ch. 02

 — Linda, Sylvia, and Archie's story continues. by archieII11/07/064.27

My Secret Desire Ch. 03

 — Stocking fetish with Linda and Archie continues. by archieII11/08/064.20

My Secret Foot Fantasy

 — Young woman has him lick his cum from her feet. by fix8ion07/26/084.16

My Secret Life Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter stirs up some highly charged emotions. by TonyDowse01/08/074.51HOT

My Secret Life Ch. 02

 — Oh those headily wonderful days. by TonyDowse01/09/074.52HOT

My Secret Life Ch. 03

 — Alan and Vida meet again after a ten year separation. by TonyDowse02/18/074.58HOT

My Secret Life Ch. 04

 — Something new brings something wonderful. by TonyDowse04/01/074.52HOT

My Secretary

 — A boss and his secretary having fun but who's in charge. by JackStark01/24/153.75

My Sensitive Breasts

 — Woman loves to have her chest fondled. by fantasyboy08/16/014.42

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 4

 — She gets a piercing. by Barbara12/22/004.52HOT

My Sexy Girl and Naughty Man!

 — Hot fun with my sweet gurl and hot man all rolled into one! by sensualcouple52008/06/104.27

My Sister's Maid

 — Either mop the floor or hit the road. by Compliant101/04/13

My Sister's Panties

 — Brother can't resist sister's worn panties. by beenthere202/04/054.29

My Sister's Panties

 — Sister discovers I like panties. by MarvinS01/16/124.32

My Sister's Panties Ch. 02

 — Sister continues teasing her older brother. by beenthere202/05/054.50HOT

My Sister's Scent

 — Guy gets curious about his sister's underpants. by The_Bald_Clam09/17/013.80

My Slave Kayce

 — She makes friend Kayce into her latex slave. by latexcd6904/27/083.61

My Slut

 — True story detailing the dirtiest night of my life. by damonX03/16/104.51HOT

My Smoking Fetish Story

 — A female smoking fetish story. by sophiewilliams03/05/104.52HOT

My Special Recipe

 — Do you like the taste of your dinner? by ImaFantasy04/08/024.25

My Standup Creampie

 — Doris and her innovative approach. by rick_oh12/31/054.35

My Story

 — I finally find a man that shares the same fetish. by Missy11207/31/114.35

My Story, Making a Maid

 — Young man is transformed into a maid & sex slave. by Kary_M08/19/014.72HOT

My Submissive

 — Mistress gets a personal strip show by Jenny_C04/07/124.78HOT

My Sweet Clairette

 — When she drank my piss I enjoyed the sweet taste of success. by MrNiceguy77706/02/154.39

My Sweet Obsession

 — Female & boyfriend have amazing food sex. by Aphroderos6909/12/08

My Teacher and My Panties

 — Mr. Jay really likes my panties. by Big_Tit_Slut11/19/124.17

My Top 5 Lingerie Stories #1

 — Sarah discovers he's a lingerie lover. by John Seas02/13/013.20

My Toy Nancy Ch. 01

 — Cheating wife and the guy she cheats with gets caught. by NiceNastyMann09/01/134.29

My Toy Nancy Ch. 02

 — Nancy starts her new life. by NiceNastyMann09/02/134.28

My Toy Nancy Ch. 03

 — Mark submits to his new mistress and life as a plaything. by NiceNastyMann09/15/134.45

My Toy Nancy Ch. 04

 — Toys lactating twin sister makes three. by NiceNastyMann09/27/134.53HOT

My Toy Nancy Ch. 05

 — Milk Maid is spanked then Toy drinks her sisters pee. by NiceNastyMann01/10/144.35

My Treacherous Wife

 — My wife deceives me as I need her the most. by SockloverRico07/16/132.07

My TV Experience

 — A night of bisex and panties. by perter11111105/11/064.36

My Unusual Boss

 — Alyssa recalls the odd punishments she endures at work. by TyDye1410/14/144.00

My Unusual Experience...

 — I let a stranger masturbate over me while a friend films. by rosay06/01/144.45

My Victories

 — She escaped... but she's mine again. by Rickbull910/16/15

My Visit to the Sex Therapist

 — Who says real men don't go to the doctor? by keithdavis101007/06/074.44

My Visit with a Lady Shrink

 — As a three-time loser, he has to accept her demands. by Bakeboss11/19/113.92

My Walk on The Wide Side

 — College freshman discovers sex and himself. by dblife207/24/034.24

My Walker Friend

 — A country walk ends with a favour to be returned. by storyteller6611/29/143.93

My Week with Laurie

 — A co-worker discovers his secrets. by robbie301/03/104.29

My Wet Dreams

 — He dreams of woman who could satisfy his thirst. by enjoy_the_glow01/16/054.65HOT

My Wet Holiday Experience

 — He enjoyed wet play with a beautiful girl. by sushirat04/03/034.59HOT

My Wetsuited Fantasy

 — Wetsuited girl & guy have the shower by OzSteamer01/20/024.48

My Wife Enjoys a New Hobby

 — Hubby becomes her submissive strapon slut. by dixeenormous11/04/094.38

My Wife Erica And Our Friend Jack

 — He's feminized by his wife and her boyfriend. by Cute Little Thing08/02/024.58HOT

My Wife Finds a Load

 — My loving wife finds me the cum I crave. by Batcum200204/22/034.47

My Wife Loves My Panties

 — Couple enjoys sex while wearing panties. by DrLit03/03/134.29

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