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Suzette & Norma Ch. 1

 — Suzy - a T-girl, sorta Domme - takes Norma. by norma_gg200111/26/01HOT

Suzette's Norma Ch. 6

 — Suzette takes Norma to see Samantha...who takes Norma. by norma_gg200112/05/01

Suzi - First Try at Denial

 — Suzi hints at female orgasm denial, he goes to the extreme. by Auryman10/30/093.97

Suzie and Her Big Dick

 — Suzie wanted a Big Dick, but she wanted it on her body. by Sensualady4712/18/103.52

Suzy Matron Ch. 01

 — Matron deflowers young college student. by robin3512/11/144.32

Suzy's Savior

 — A Queen & her lover get revenge. by taz_carlson04/30/043.44

Suzy's Socks Ch. 01

 — Caught jerking in his sister's socks. by dougsdadog03/13/074.36

Suzy's Socks Ch. 02

 — Suzy brings a friend home to play with big bro. by dougsdadog03/24/073.94

Swallowing Cum

 — Tasting wife's boyfriend's cum and loving it. by Anal Slave04/05/054.21

Swallowtail Ch. 05

 — He finds her at the piercing studio. by ktmccoll06/18/134.63HOT

Swallowtail Ch. 06

 — Turnaround is fair play. by ktmccoll06/25/134.66HOT

Swallowtail Ch. 09

 — Of desires and chastity devices. by ktmccoll07/08/134.77HOT

Swashbuckling Slaves - 01

 — A new slave hits the high seas. by velvetpie04/10/044.51HOT


 — He's enjoying the flavor. by Da_Imp04/09/024.46

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym

 — John has some fun with girl's shoes left out at the gym. by SluttyMallory09/20/114.26

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym

 — Hi, my name is Jack Daniels. I’m a recovering rent-a-cop. by cowboy10911/30/133.62

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym Ch. 02

 — John goes back to the gym and finds a lucky surprise. by SluttyMallory09/21/114.63HOT

Sweet Abomination Ch. 1

 — She's recruited as sex slave to leather-clad alien scientist. by Morgan7004/18/014.31

Sweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 01

 — Sweet armpit love knew no bounds. by revol04/06/064.64HOT

Sweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 02

 — Intense underarm caresses continue. by revol04/07/063.88

Sweet Child of Mine

 — Wife finds out her husband's fetishes. by ArthurianMorgaine07/16/044.18

Sweet Child of Mine Ch. 02

 — They relish in the joys of pregnant sex. by ArthurianMorgaine12/30/044.25

Sweet Delights

 — Couple share sticky, delicious food fun. by CherryLicker07/12/082.57

Sweet Feet

 — Happiness is two fetishists finding each other. by TonyDowse10/04/064.74HOT

Sweet Fruit

 — Sex with Elaine is just grape -- in fact, peachy. by powelldonovan04/22/084.10

Sweet Gushing Pussies

 — Two sisters share their special flavours. by NorthwestRain01/15/024.36

Sweet Melissa Ch. 01

 — Robert's introduction to the charms of Melissa. by bobdee122408/10/054.51HOT

Sweet Melissa Ch. 02

 — Robert and Melissa's adventures continue. by bobdee122408/25/054.61HOT

Sweet Pie

 — Adam spanks Becky on her bare bottom. by Totzman04/09/084.18

Sweet Pie Ch. 02

 — Adam spanks Becky with a spatula. by Totzman04/18/084.17

Sweet Smell of Sex-cess

 — Her fetid panties find admirers of both sexes. by lesliejones06/01/114.43

Sweet Strawberry Cream

 — They try a little strangulation & ice cream. by Alice Wells01/15/024.15

Sweet Submission Ch. 1

 — Wife trains husband to take on she-males. by Anal Slave05/17/024.02

Sweet Temptations

 — He and Jen started an affair a few months ago. by agentmom06/10/123.89


 — Wife ponders pursuing a second boyfriend. by Miguel5912/12/123.77

Sweetly Ruined

 — Girl destroys coworker with her feet. by FloatingPumice06/13/133.84


 — A special first kiss. by Nigel Debonnaire05/19/11

Swimmer Keiko's Lotus Goddess Lust

 — Japanese swimmer learns her sex is the key to winning. by gomorrah04/28/134.03

Swimsuit Shopping

 — A man with a micropenis shops for a swimsuit with mom. by Guy_Faux08/14/123.39

Swingers Torture

 — Boys show girls the pleasure of the slow tease. by StarCrossed06/24/023.71


 — What do you do if you are with the wrong one? by Bottom_up09/03/124.71HOT

Swords & Daggers

 — Girls experiment with sharp objects. by M_P02/13/043.36

Sycophant Ch. 01

 — He borders between indulging her and acting on his own want. by maeuve11/08/10

Sylvie Gets Her Way

 — Sylvie gets her husband to concentrate on licking her pussy. by BonViv01/04/104.12

Sylvie Gets Her Way Ch. 02

 — Sylvie's Games: Sylvie continues her domination games. by BonViv01/10/104.33

Sylvie Gets Her Way Ch. 03

 — Sylvie lets me fuck her after I eat her pussy. by BonViv01/14/104.22

Sylvie Humiliates Me

 — Sylvie tells her friend what she makes me do. by BonViv02/01/104.02

Sylvie Shares Me

 — Sylvie fucks me in the ass while I lick her friend's pussy. by BonViv02/06/104.10

Sylvie's Surprise

 — Sylvie takes my ass. by BonViv01/18/104.27

T is for Twirl

 — Fetish party is once again a twirling success. by Many Feathers07/02/054.26

T.I.T.S.O.M.A.Y Ch. 02

 — Reina wakes up. by Loup_Garou10/05/052.56

T.L.P. Sophomore Year Ch. 01

 — Tara Loves Panties - Prelude to Sophomore Year. by TaraJean08/09/114.42

T.L.P. Sophomore Year Ch. 02

 — Tara becomes a voyeur. by TaraJean02/26/134.44

Tables Turned Ch. 01

 — A journey through a fetish destiny. by mw021204/22/123.98

Tables Turned Ch. 02

 — A journey through a fetish destiny. by mw021205/18/124.11

Tables Turned Ch. 03

 — A journey through a fetish destiny. by mw021205/19/124.30

Tables Turned Ch. 04

 — A journey through fetish destiny. by mw021205/20/124.20

Tables Turned Ch. 05

 — The Discovery. by mw021205/21/124.56HOT

Tables Turned Ch. 06

 — A journey through fetish destiny. by mw021211/11/124.48

Tables Turned Ch. 07

 — A journey through fetish destiny. by mw021211/12/124.42

Tables Turned Ch. 08

 — A journey through fetish destiny. by mw021211/13/124.60HOT

Tables Turned Ch. 09

 — A journey through fetish destiny. by mw021211/14/124.63HOT

Tables Turned Ch. 10

 — A journey through fetish destiny. by mw021211/15/124.80HOT

Take A Walk With Me: The Beginning Ch. 03

 — We explore our relationship. by 69plus112/29/124.31

Take Back the Night

 — Forced foot worship and foot smelling. by byronbgeo04/05/142.50

Take it Like a Man

 — He's dominated by leather-clad girlfriend. by luvgoth02/20/043.84

Take Me on a Sea Cruise

 — He dresses for a show. by maninconn07/28/084.30

Take my Breath Away

 — She literally took my breath away. by AfroerotiK11/11/133.83


 — A player gets caught and transformed. by Badhansel07/01/133.42

Taken . . .

 — The ropes, the hood, your body exposed, everything. by mrflash22206/01/143.90

Taken by Surprise

 — When punishment becomes reward... by Sabrina Leigh09/10/034.44

Taken Her Fist

 — She fists her husband. by fistme05/03/034.25

Takeover Ch. 01

 — You start a new life as househusband to a corporate shark. by taiyakisoba12/17/144.56HOT

Takeover Ch. 02

 — Being married to 'the Barracuda' has both perks and perils. by taiyakisoba12/23/144.76HOT

Takeover Ch. 03

 — Drama at Quinn's party drives a wedge between you and Fia. by taiyakisoba12/31/144.62HOT

Takeover Ch. 04

 — The conclusion. Has Quinn driven you and Fia apart? by taiyakisoba01/09/154.72HOT

Taking a Chance Ch. 01

 — A moment of madness on holiday leads somewhere wonderful. by Nick_Mason01/07/144.21

Taking Cara's Business

 — Cara needs what she's afraid to get. by SWinters07/22/094.76HOT

Taking Care of Business

 — Three friends mix their unusual pleasure with business. by Poo-Bear05/16/054.33

Taking Care of Business Ch. 01

 — She'll to do anything to get the job. by CheriSM05/26/104.18

Taking Care of Business Ch. 02

 — The secretary gets an eyeful when she checks on her boss. by CheriSM05/27/104.47

Taking Care of Business Ch. 03

 — The foursome moves from the office floor to a hotel by CheriSM05/28/104.71HOT

Taking Care of Business Ch. 04

 — Marcy takes charge, teaching the men to love cock and cum. by CheriSM05/29/104.62HOT

Taking Fate's Advise

 — A friend finally turns into a lover after years apart. by MrManOFun04/18/113.27

Taking It

 — She takes her lover's entire hand. by Ronnie 194607/11/034.27

Taking Jane

 — A woman on holiday is abducted. by Lordsmythe09/08/133.88

Taking My Work Home

 — A special effects artist creates a pet. by coatnoise08/09/143.59

Taking Stock

 — Hosiery fetish goes crazy. by prettypolly10/11/104.13

Taking Stock Ch. 02

 — I catch Chris wearing tights. by prettypolly10/21/104.17

Taking Stock Ch. 03

 — Al and Chris find themselves intimately aroused in lingerie. by prettypolly05/28/134.41

Taking Stock Ch. 04

 — Chris and I explore some our hosiery wildest. by prettypolly09/06/154.31

Taking the Magician's Load

 — Grace has come up with a plan to make it big... by Namazuros12/17/144.30

Taking Turns

 — He adores her feet, then she worships his ass. by FizzEd07/03/074.51HOT

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 01

 — She learns about the dangers of hitch-hiking. by barefeet9911/17/093.87

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 02

 — She learns further about the dangers of hitch-hiking. by barefeet9911/18/093.35

Tales of a Knicker Thief

 — How my friend's sister Anna started my knicker fetish career. by teppictoo06/26/144.20

Tales of Pee & Perversion

 — In the Bowels of the Sister-Whores. by NorthwestRain03/25/044.12

Tales Of The Lap-Danced

 — A retrospective of erotic dance up close and personal. by slightly_distracted03/08/093.96Editor's Pick

Tall Beautiful Woman Made Me Cum

 — He gladly submits to a tall lady. by CuteBabyBoy10/19/073.30

Tallest Woman I've Ever Fucked

 — Canadian beauty, six-foot-five, agrees to be a dream fuck. by johnnieblue4408/20/104.56HOT

Talya and My Trunks

 — I am exposed and humiliated. by NotThatOtherGuy04/15/152.77

TAM: My First Sister-In-Law

 — Sister-in-law needs his help shaving. by maxxmann8108/14/054.45

Taming of the Stalker

 — He is stalking her, but she will have the power in the end. by QueenMarieXXX10/04/144.88

Taming the Trolls

 — Just a fantasy inspired by trolls comments. by Anal_Ally05/21/142.83


 — We break through the back door. by jjcole01/18/134.52HOT

Tammy & I Together Again

 — Two mesntruating women are stripped. by PLJ01/28/044.27

Tammy Is Exposed Again

 — She is shown of during her period. by PLJ01/28/044.48

Tammy Takes Me on a Tour

 — Going for a ride with a lovely ponygirl. by Boxlicker10109/15/074.41

Tammy's Panties

 — He's caught masturbating with friend's wife's panties. by pantyperv03/11/024.18

Tammy's Panties Ch. 2

 — Pete's panty play with friend's wife continues. by pantyperv03/15/024.37

Tammy's Panties Ch. 3

 — Panty games between Pete & Tammy reaches new level. by pantyperv03/17/024.39

Tammy's Panties Ch. 4

 — Pete & the gang play more panty games. by pantyperv04/09/024.31

Tammy's Visit to Her Doctor

 — 18 year old Tammy masturbates for her doctor. by TammySweet08/24/124.33

Tantalizing Teacher Ch. 01

 — Nick's teacher brings his fetish to life. by bootslave05/02/113.37

Tantric Underwater Sex Class

 — Submerge and relax. by Naxos04/14/074.10

Tanya's Pregnancy Treatment

 — Doctor prescribes a "medical orgasm". by imaginethis03/26/073.99

Tanya's Pregnancy Treatment Ch. 02

 — The doctor has more treatment. by imaginethis04/04/073.99

Tara Didn't Understand

 — Older Indian woman didn't know what a young boy wanted. by VeryDirtyMind12/19/144.49

Tara Likes Panties Ch. 01

 — Tara finds that she loves to smell her roommate's panties. by TaraJean02/04/114.56HOT

Tara Likes Panties Ch. 02

 — Tara becomes a panty thief with interesting ramifications. by TaraJean02/16/114.62HOT

Tara On My Mind

 — Girl flirts with guy & gets spanked. by Cicero603/29/033.76

Tara Squirts Her Husband

 — My wife squirts in my mouth for the first time. by ctarrantella11/01/124.49

Tara's First Squirt

 — Our first squirting experience. by ctarrantella02/15/114.21

Tara's Pregnancy - 1st Trimester

 — Tara and Erik enjoy her first trimester. by PrincessErin03/07/084.22

Tara's Pregnancy - 2nd Trimester

 — Tara and Erik enjoy her second trimester. by PrincessErin03/08/084.22

Tara's Pregnancy - 3rd Trimester

 — Tara and Erik enjoy her third trimester. by PrincessErin03/09/084.21

Tara's Search

 — Tara was obsessed with her own feet. by nunya_damnbidnezzz06/28/053.11


 — Neglected pregnant wife finds herself a young stud. by Von Hauffen02/02/064.73HOT

Tasha Ch. 01

 — My friends get a rise out of me. by futafanatic10/10/143.94

Taste And Smell, Just No Looking!

 — Tease and denial bondage with a naughty blonde minx. by Cookie512/11/134.04

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 01

 — Frumpy Wanda takes her glory hole obsession to new heights. by Benny_Blank02/04/094.00

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 02

 — Frumpy Wanda gets her turn doing a porn shoot. by Benny_Blank02/05/094.44

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 03

 — She works through the rest of the porno shoot. by Benny_Blank02/06/094.57HOT

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 04

 — Wanda gets a lesson from Kim and DeDe. by Benny_Blank02/12/094.50HOT

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 05

 — Frumpy Wanda hits her stride & finds true love. by Benny_Blank02/16/094.88

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 06

 — Wanda gets to know about Tanya. by Benny_Blank02/20/094.67

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 07

 — Wanda finds out more about Tanya, Danillo & Tatiana. by Benny_Blank02/22/094.33

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 09

 — Dan-Tanya & Dana deal with their relationship. by Benny_Blank02/25/094.73HOT

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 10

 — Dan took a week off. by Benny_Blank03/04/094.75

Taste Test

 — Trying to convince her to swallow leads to a new kink. by Jamie_in_dresses09/10/124.42

Tattoo Fetish

 — A girl gets turned on when the needle hits her skin. by girlwithadirtymind06/10/093.77

Tattoo Me

 — An erotic account of being tattooed. by Gothica_Exotica09/05/06

Taught to Eat Cum by My Ex-Wife

 — Older woman teachers him to eat cum. by Anal Slave04/02/054.39

Taught to Like Foot Sniffing

 — Stranded traveler forced into foot slavery by two women. by stryker5304/09/114.44

Taught to Love Cum

 — Girlfriend teaches him to love cum. by fun4all696901/05/054.45

Tavern Scenes

 — A fallen evil Angel and a skull helm'd man meet in a tavern. by RabeaUmbra11/04/144.00

Tax Time

 — Two women make man a slave to take the edge off. by Brian109/07/094.39

Taxi Cab Confession

 — Driver violated by an old friend. by ehough07/15/093.70

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Taylar's feet get treated by her best friend's mom. by sexualrelief719106/16/124.56HOT

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 02

 — A little best friend shopping turns into toe sucking fun. by sexualrelief719106/20/124.30

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 03

 — Taylar experiences Angela's magic hands late at night. by sexualrelief719106/22/124.50HOT

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 04

 — Taylar's last day proves to be the best. by sexualrelief719110/03/124.61HOT

Taylor Makes Me Work Gabi's Asshole

 — In 1000 years, I would not have predicted this! by sharingissogood10/18/103.33

Taylor, Gabi, Creampies, and Me!

 — Hot young couple uses business exec as a personal slave! by sharingissogood08/18/104.12

Tea Time

 — Carla, Diane and Red experience an unusual anal threesome. by lilactwist11/23/144.08

Teach Me Professor

 — A professor is schooled by her kinky boss. by janey1610/15/144.72HOT

Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 04

 — Nancy's is brought deeper into Leah's Domination. by JoannePare09/23/074.57HOT

Teacher Fails the Class

 — Anne disciplines with report cards and spanking. by lesliejones10/23/063.69

Teacher In Heels

 — His dreams of a sexy, stilettoed teacher come to life. by JACasper10/02/054.37

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 01

 — Teacher develops a close relationship with her student. by Emmcee2004/01/124.37

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 02

 — Teacher receives an education for a student. by Emmcee2004/02/124.37

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 03

 — The continuing escapades of a student and his teacher. by Emmcee2004/12/124.48

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 02

 — Domestic Discipline of my step-daughter. by tom643205/16/134.12

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 04

 — Discipline of a School Principal by a parent. by tom643205/30/134.32

Teacher's New Pet

 — Older teacher seduces, then ravishes young male student. by AlexHolman06/23/104.42

Teacher's Own Punishment

 — Naughty girls made to pay by teacher for insolent behaviour by Debtor4205/20/143.77

Teacher's Panties

 — High school senior gets caught with teacher's panties. by pantyperv08/02/034.28

Teacher's Pet

 — Married couple relive the early days of their wet sex. by peebudy07/16/104.56HOT

Teacher's Pet

 — I am passionate about teaching... by midnightwerenight12/24/114.03

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